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Full text of "The colonial laws of New York from the year 1664 to the revolution, including the charters to the Duke of York, the commission and instructions to colonial governors, the Dukes laws, the laws of the Donagan and Leisler assemblies, the charters of Albany and New York and the acts of the colonial legislatures from 1691 to 1775 inclusive .."

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noLuDiNa Tin 

STRacnONS to colonial governors. THE DUKE'S LAWS, 

Volume; IV. 





^^5. as 


Sevenlh Seisioru 

(B^M Dflo. t, 17BB, 29 George U, Sir Charles Hardy, aoT«nior.| 

[CHAPTER 902.] 

ICteytar fOS, of Ton Scluuirk. and rbapter 71 froL S> of LlTlOKBtoo ft 
Ml^ wbCTB tb« atl« oalj I> printed. EspIrMl Jtumarj I, IT&T.] 

ftn 'Act to Rppnlale the CoUeclinc the Dafr 
of Excise OD Strong Llqnorr retailed la thin 

IPaascd, December S3, 17&9.) 

BB rr ENACTED by his Excellcncj the GoTernor the Conncll 
nd the General Auembl; and It is hcrcbj Euncti^d l}7 the 
Aatlkoritj of the Same That ConK^Iiua Clopper junior Shall be 
■id herebj la appointed Commiiuioncr for Collectiog the Duty 
«( BxdM of osd from the Several ICctailera of Btronff Liquora 
■itfalo the City and County of New Yorli from the first day of 
Jaaoary Oav thousand Seven Hundrcl and Fifty Six to the 
Arst day; of January One thousand Seven huudn:d and Fifty 

A1»'D be It farther Enarfcd by the AnthorUy Arorrsatd that 
0» Bald Comnii»;ionpr Slmll as Sonn After the publication of 
tUa Act aa be Shnll jodRe Convenient, \npolnt the Several 
Brt^Iers ntihin the Ka'd TEty imd dlnct uBd ascertain what e^ch 
Sptallej* Bhali pay for the t^;iid Duty from the first day of 
JuiauT One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Six to the first 
day of January One thouicinii Seven hundred and fifty Seven 
IMVATS PKOVLDED that the nliole Sum to he Inid oa the 
Sereral Betiillera In the Said City and County Sbnll be the fnll 
Ud entire sum of Nine hundred and forty four pounds, with the 
aMttooal Bam of One hundred rounds for his Commissions 
which Is to be at the Bate of Five pounds per Cent, and for 
•tfaer Inefdental Charges For which Said Sum of One hundred 
fMBda be Shall Account on Oath Aad if it exceeds hia Com- 
■faafaMia and IncidentJil Charges, the Surplus thereof Shall be 
^fOed io ease uf the Next Veard Exercise And Ihe Said tum of 
ToL IV. i 



Kioc huDdrcd and Forfy four pounds Sbnll bv llie Snid Con^ 
misaioner be paid unto the Trr«»un-r or tbis Colon; on or before 
the first da; of Jaottaty One tbouBand Seven Hundred and 
fifty SeTes. 

AND be it further Enacted bj the Anthorlty Aforesaid That 
the iJereral and Respecttre persons hereafter Named &haU be 
and herebj are appointed Cwnmissiouero for Collecting the Said 
I>uty of Esciae of and from the Several and Hespective Be- 
tailers within the Several aud Respective Counties of thU Colonv 
and the Uarbours Bay's and Rivera thereoato Rcspcctivel, 
Adjoining or beltmRlng \7Z't — 

For the City ind County of Albany the Mayor Recorder anj 
Alderman of the Said City 
For Kings County Abralmni Bluome Esquire 
For Queens County Samuel Itnrdpr & William Phintp* 
For SufTollc County Richard Fluyd, Hugh Gilstnn and Sumac 
Laodon Esquires 

For Weetcht'ster County Edward Stephenson Esquire 
, For Dutchess County Clcre Evcret and Lecndcrt Van KIc 
For Ulster Connty Jacob Turk and Johannes J, Janseo 
For Oraneo Couuly >Iosca Gale and David Rlaawvelt 
And for Richmond County Jacob Reseau aud Ueu-klali Vfrii 

AND be It further Enacted by the authority AToresaltf {ha( 
the Aforesaid Several and Respective CommisHioucrs, or the 
Uajor part of them Respectively Shall aa Soon as they Con- 
Teoicnlly can After the pnbllcntion of this Act meet at the 
Connty Halls of their Several and Rc8[iective Counties or at 
Boch other place or places aa they the Said Commissioners Shall 
respectively appoint for pulling In Execullon the powers and 
Anthorllles giyen by this Act. At which time or at such other 
llinc or times as they Shall Judge NeceBsarj the Said Com- 
misBlooeiB or the major part of them Respectively Shall for 
their own Counties severally and Respectively flx the Numi>er 
And appoint the scvurnl Rclnilers within Iboir several and 
Respective Counties and direct and Ascertain what each Re- 
tailer Shall pay for tlie Said Duty of Esclse from the first day 
of January one Tbousum) Seven hnmlred and fifty ^Ix to the 
first day of January One thoasand seven hundred and fifty Sevei 
ALWAYS PROVIDED That the sum to be laid on the sever 

icaiDw4 aoaK»iiio«aa am. 

1 £3 




In tfae Cit.T and Connty erf Albno? Slmll be tbe full 
ud Entire sum of One biindred aad ^reoteen pouada, with the 
6ma of Tliii-tPi-Q poaads lu addilioD tbcrcto for the Charges of 
VuuglDg (hf same. 

On the Several Re^tailops In King* Countj the fnil and Entlr* 
Boa of Tbirtv Ei^ht poacids three Hhillmgn witb the i>um ol 
Five poands m Additioo thereto for the Charges of Muuagiog 
the saioe 

On the Bewral Belallera in Qoeens Connly the foil and Entire 
6wD of one huodied and tbirtv Nine jrouiidx Nine Shillings wtth 
the luin of Teo poands io addition thereto for the Charges of 
Uaoagiog the Same. 

Oo the Several Betaflers In BafToJU Coontj the full and En- 
lli» 8om of Seventy Kight pounds fourteen ShillingB. wllh the 
(Cam of Xine ponods In Additioo thereto for the chaises of 
■uina):iug tlie same. 

On tbe Se^-pnil Ketallers In Wcstrhester Connt.r the fiilt and 
Katlre Bum of Sixty Six ponnds with the Rom of Ten poands 
la Addllion Ibcrelo for the Chur(;es of managing the eanie. 

On tbe Several Retailers in Datcbeiw Connty the full anil 
Ebtire Horn of Thirty Eijrtit pouodR ttiree sbllllngit, with the 
■mo of Eight poands in addition thereto for the Charges of 
Banaelnp the same. 

Od the Several Iletatlers In TTIster Connty tbe foil and Entire 
sam of Thirty Elgbt ponndi three shillingB witb the snm of 
Etfht pounds ia Addition thereto for the Charges of inanaglng 
the same. 

Od ibe Fevpral Retailers in Orange Connty the fnlT and En- 
tire Sum of NioftCfn poimd!' fonrli-en shUllnps. with tho 8nm 
of three poands in addiliun thereto for the Charges of Managing 
the Same. And 

On the Sovpral "Retailers In Rli^bmond Conntr the falT and 
Entire Som of Twenty Kight poiitidtt Seventeen Sliillings, with 
tbe Sam of One pound Teo shillings in addition thereto for the 
Charges of Mnnaslng the Same. 

A>'D bt? it fnrtbvr Enncted by the Authority Aforewiid that 
tbe Aforesaid Several and Respective Commissioners Shall be- 
fore they enter on tbe Execntlon of the Towers and An'horltjes 
l^ren by this Act enter Into the following Retogniitances onto 
wr SoTcrdan Lord the King his Utirs and Successors before 
toy Judge of the Sopreme &>urt or of tbe Inferior Courts That 
li to Ba/ 


The Fald CorneHus Clopper jnn'r In the pcnaj Sam of one 
thousand Eight iiuuJrvd and Eiglilj Eight pounds 

The Said Samoel Burdeo and William I'btlllps lo th« penal 
Som of Two handred Sevenfj Eight pounds and clffliteen 

The Said Ahraham Oloome in the penal Soni of Sevent; Sl^ 
pounds Six shillings, ■ 

The Said Kichard Floyd Ilngh Gilaton and Samuel Landon 
in the penal Sum of One hundred forlj' one pounds, Eighteen 

The Said Edward Stephenson In the penal Som of One hun- 
dred and Tliir.!j two pounds fl 
The Said Olere Everet and T,eendert Van Elceek In the penafl 
Sum of Seventj Six pounds and Six Shillitiffa 

The Said Jacob Turk and Jolinnnis J JtinM^a In the penal 
Sum of Serenty Six pounds and Six Shilifngs 

The Said Moses Gale aad Darld BlHawvelt In the penal 
Bum of Thirty Nine pounds and two Shillings 

And the Said Jacob Rcsean and nezekiah Wright la the 
penal Sum of Fifty Beren pound* and Seventeen shillings 

CONDITIONED That they Shall well and truly pay to the 
Tri.>asurcr of this Colony oo or before the trat day of January 
which will be In the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hun- 
dred and fifty Seven the Several and Respective sums to be laid 
In Manner Aforesaid on the Several and Respective Retailers 
within their Several and Respeolive Counties exclosWe of (he 
Several and RpRpecUve sums by this Act Allowed for the Charges 
of JIanagement j 

AKD be it further Enacted by the Anthority Aforesaid tbatfl 
the Aforesaid Sci-eral and Re»t>ectlve R<-tallpra Shall pay the^ 
Aforesaid Several and Respective sums laid or to be laid on them 
onto Ihe Aforesaid Severn! and RESI'tlCTIVE Conimisslouops on 
or before the first Day of December One thousand Seven hundred 
and Fifty Six For Securing which payment the Said Commta- 
slooers Shall Respectively Oblige the Said Several and Respec- 
tive retailers to give snch Becmlly as they the Bald Commis- 
sioners HiaJl Judge Necessary ALWAYS PRO^^DED that 
Such Retailers in (he City of New York as Shall be rated three 
pounds and under Bhall Not be pomillled or have any liberty to 
Retail nnlcsB they immedlalely pay the Several and respective 
Bams they Shall be Rated nl to Ihe Aforesaid rommlssloner any m 
thing bereiD before contained to Lho Contrary Notwltbalandins fl 



ILKD tc it further Enacted Lj tlie Authority Aforcsalil that 
le acj rereou or I'cnsooa Wliatsot'ver other than Such as 
the Said CoBimUsiooers Shall permit Shall presume to Sc-Il 
aaj Btroog Liquor by Retail directly or indirectly he She or 
the; So otTfiidiD]; Shall for each Such orTeac? forfeit the sum 
of Six PoQDds to be recovered by the Said Commissioner or Com- 
minioDera Beapectirely on the Oath of any one Cn?dil.'ilkle Wit- 
MM in a Sommary Way Id the Cities of ^■ew York and Albany 
before the Uayor or IEc«order and one or more Aldemiea of 
the Said Cities respectively. And in the Several Counties be- 
iai« any Justice of the peace withis the Said Couatiea Kespec- 
^Brcly And if upon Coiivictloo the Said Forfeiture be Not paid 
^HM fiaiaa sbaJl be levied on the Goods and Chanties of the 
^Hbffrader or oa^nders by Warrants onder tbe bands nnd Seals 
of Uie persons before whom Such Conrlctfon Sboll happen 
And If no Coods or Chattlc» arc found on wbldi to dei^aJn It 
Shall bi* Lawtull (o tbe p<Tfons who bL'^urd and deloruiincd tlie 
Cause to commit the Offender or Offenders to Ooal without 
Ball or iliilnprlzc for the S[Kice of thn'c Monllut unleits the 
Said penaitics are sooner discharged And tbe Said nes})cclive 
Magistrates Shall he and liervby are fully impowcred directed 
and Required to bear and determine thoae mutters in tbe man- 
ner aforeuild and to gire Judgment and if Need be to Award 
Ebi^eatioQ thereon and to Issue a Warrant or Warrants for the 
OommiUnent of Offenders aa the Case may require One third 
of which Forfeitures Shall be to the luformer or Informers 
One tlilrrl (o the Said Comml»Kionpra And one tbird to the 
poor of the Town Manor or Precinct wIktc tbe offenre Sball 
be Committed To be paid Into the hands of the Church Wardens 
oe Orerseer* of the poor of tin- Said Itcspeclive place or places 
by the officer or ofHcers by whom Ihc* Same simll be levied Any 
thing in any of the Acts of thla Colony to the Contrary Not 
^■rit hstandio s. 

^" AN!) l<e It further Enacted by (he Authority Aforesaid that 
tbe Hereral Ketaik-rs who Sball be permitted and allowed to 
Retail by the Said Commissioner or Conimissionciv Shall before 
Ibey do So Retail any Strong Liquor enter into Re^jojjniwinceB 
That Is to Say in the City's of New York and Albany before THB 
respectire flavors thereof and in the Several Counties of this 
Odoay before Two Justices of the ppac<> In the penal Sum of 
Twenty poanda with solBcicnt Kureties in the like Sum COM* 
DinONED to keep an Orderly Hooae according to Law darios 



the time thej FHialt be permitted to Rctnll ns AforcFald and 
{tiereupos tie Said Respective Mavor8 .or the Said Ju8tii-(.-« 
Shall grant to the person or iVrsons who have L-utered Uilo 
Snch Ret-ognlzances a Licence under his or tlielr hands and Sea'a 
to Retail Strong Ll<iuor« In snvh House or ptai-e as Shall le 
mcnlioned ther«n duritii; the Contlniiaace ot this Act Which 
Rocogiil^aDcefl are to be lodged by .'he IVrson or Pci-sons tw-fore 
whom the Bame Shall be taJien \''lZt In the Citj's of New York 
and Albany with the Town Olert: And in the SeremI Counties 
with the Ro8pective Clerks Lhcrouf And upon Complaint Of (he 
breach of the Said Condition U Shall be lawfal for the Said 
Majrors and Aldermen of New York and Albany or the greater 
noaibor of them and in the Counties for the Justices of the 
Qe&eral or Special Sessions of the peace to Suppress the Licencs. 
or Licences of Such Offender or Offenders 

AND be it further Enacted by the authority Aforesjild Tliat' 
la case any of the persons who Shall be permitted to Rt-tail 
Strong Liquors as aforesaid by iite Bald Coinmimiouers or Cuoi- 
mlssloners Shall presume to Retail before he She or they have 
Obtained a Licence and entered into Recognizances to ke<"p 
ao Orderly Iloase as Aforesaid be She or they Bo Offending 
Shall Respectively forfeit the Rum of Six pounds for each 
offence to he recovered in a Summary Way in thv manner befure 
directed One half thereof to the Informer or lofonners And the 
other half to the poor of i'he Towa ilanor or Precinct where tbc 
Said Forfeiture Shall Arise 

AND that the expence OF belnc Qualified to Retail may Le 
M'llhin the bounds of Moderation liK IT ENACTED by the 
Authority Aforesaid that No More Shall be iakvn for a Licence 
and Rec<^ni7.ance in the City's of New York and Albany tha 
the nsual and Accustomed Fees And Id tke respective Counlii* 
than the Sum of three Shillings. 

AND be It further Enarteti by the Authority Aforesaid that 
Each IVrsons permitted to Retail as Aforr-wiid by the Said 
Commissioner or Conimissiuoers who retail Strong Litiuors Not 
to be drank In their own Houses but Carried elsewhere Shall 
not be obliged to Miter into RecofnilMnoes and take Licences 
aa Aforesaid Anything contained In this Act to the Contrary 

AND be II Enacted by tlie> AnJhorlty Afnrewild That In cane 
■11 the ScTerul Sums for which tlio Ktclse Shall be let In the 
Bereral and RespecUra City's and Countiea of ihia Colony 





Gktll fall Kbort of the Sums Lerclu before Rated on tLe Said 
Bereral and Respective Cities aad CoiUities witli tbe ^XiorcKOid 
btntlcotal Charges of lyeltiog aad CollecllnR the Saaie Then 
« CommissiuQer or Commissi uaLTs Aloicsuid Where Sucli 
Hcii^Dciea Sbajl happen Shall be and are herebj' Imi>uwered to 
CaII the Ileluilen! before them and Atuse^s and ftute Saub &uai 
and Sums upon them as t^hall be Su01ci>-'a!: to luuke up Such 
>3i.-Scieucjr Which 88td Additional Hums r^liiill be Collecti'd and 
paid in the Same Uanuer wiUi the Several and Ueapective sums 
Lnt laid. 

AXO be It further Enacted by the Anthority AforosaW that 
In case of the DenAb of any of the Aforesaid l[eft|>ective Com* 
mlwioocrs tlie Surviving C«>n]inl88lODer or ComiuiitgioutTs wliei'« 
Socb Death may Iia[i[H.-D HhatI be and hereby in and aj'e in* 
tlluled to the ^\Tio!e Reward And Vested with the Same powers 
and Authorities to Kxccate this Act as if no Such Dea-th bad 
happened And in case of the Death of all tbt; Conimissi»iii>nt of 
any of the Said Respective Cily'a or County's .then the Sheriff 
or Sheriffs for the time being of the City's County or County's 
where Such Death may happen 8iinll be and hereby i» aud aro 
ested with all the powers and Authoritiea given to the Coca- 
Ifieiooera by this Act be under the Same Regulaliona und in- 
tied to the Banie Reward to aJl Intents Constructions and 
pvrpoaes \Vb«liM>ever as If they had been particularly KoJiied 
and appointed Id this Act Any thing In this Act lo the Con- 
trary Notwithstanding 

AND be It fnrlher Knnnted by the Authority Aforesaid Tliat 
all the Money's to be paid to the Treasurer of this Colony by 
Vtrtoe of thia Act Shall be employed for and towards Cancelling 
the Bills of Credit Struck and Issued upon the said Duty of 
Excise at the times and in the Manner directed In and by an 
Act Entfinled "An Act for the more effectaal Cancelling the 
Bills of Credit of this Colony" priKSi-d In the Twenty first Year 
of his Majesties Rei;;n And to and for No other Use or Purpose 
Whalsoerer Except Ho much thereof as Is otherways Applied by 
so Act Entltuled "An Act further to Continue (he Duty of 
Excise and the Currency of the Bills of Credit Emitted thereon 
for the pnrpoaes in the former Act and herein mentioned" 
pasft^ In the Twenty Seventh Year of liia MujeatleK Reign. 
AND hf It Also Enacted That the Itetailerd In theT'Jty of New 
ock Pball pny the Excise in three Sk'teral payments or Sooner 
the Comtnissiooer and they Shall Agree. PROVIDED AL- 


WATS ttat nothing Id this Act Shall bo CONSTRUED to maEe 
void Abridge or in any way k-s^ion tin; StrvcTal Rights and 
PrirlledgtMi Granted unto the City's of New York and Albany by 
their Be8];>ectl7e Charters Any thing Co&taIa«d in this Act 
the CoDtmry thereof In any vise NotwIthstaQdlng 

[CHAPTER 093.] 

[Cliapter 993, of Tan S<'Iiiuiok. vrbcrc tbo tlUc unl; Is i>rititwl. Ghnpter 
ia (ToL 2} at UvinsstoD & SoiIUi. wbi-r« tlie act Is prlulnl Ui fulLl 

An Act to enable bis Excelfeucy the GoTCr- 
oor or Comtnnnder Id ch«ir for the time being 
to make detnchmt'DtB from the Militia of the 
Sevenil Counties therein mentioned for protect' 
)ng and securing the Frontiera of this Colony 
[Paaaed, December 23, ITOS.] 



BE IT ENACTED by hia Excellency the Governor the Council 
and the Genera) Aexumbly and it is hereby Enacted by the 
AutJiorlly of the Same That his Excellency the Governor o 
Commander in cheif for the time being Shall be and hereby Is 
impowered and enabled in rose Volunieera cannot be procured 
to detach from the Ullltia of the County of Orange Thirty 
effective &len and from tht* Klilitia of the County of Ulster 
lliirty efTectlve wen lo he fomicd Into one Hody under a Captain ^ 
and Ueutenant to Serve as a OomiMiny of Unngcrs on tJie West-fl 
ern Frontiers of thin Colony for the Space of One hundred Days 
to be Computed from tbo ttine of tlioir KiitL-riug on ttte Said 
Service according to Such Orders directions and Instructloni 
as they Sliall from time to time Reci-Ivc from his Excellency 
the Governor or Com 111.1 nder In cheif for the tlrae being 

AMD be It further Enacted by the AuthoHiy Aforesaid That 
If any I'cnwo or Persons So detached Shall reftise the Said 
Service he or they So It^'fuBlng Shall be deemed Deserters and 
Shall be proceeded against and punished in the Manner herein 
After directed 

AND be it further Enacted by the Aothorily Aforevald That 
In COM a SofBci«?nt Number of Volunteers cannot be procured 
to furnish tlie full Quota of this Colony for Garrisoning Port 
Edward and Fort William Henry on the Northern Parts of this _, 
Colony Accortiing to an Agreement entered Into by Comnilfl-fl 
■loner* from the Colony's of itassachnHctis V.ay Connecticut tad ^ 




C0I007 touching Uic «aiac, It Shall and may he lawful! for 
I ExcdlcQCf Ilie Qovemor or Comraander In cbelf for the liQU 
Moe and be Is kect-hy itupowerud uutl Enabled to detach from 
ibe UitiUa of the County's of Alban; or Dutcbeaa or from both 
u Shall api>ear moat for hla Maje«tic9 Service Such Number of 
cffectirc meo u» maj- be Sufficient to cotupleat the full Quota of 
Uis Colooy accordio;; to the Aforesaid Agreemcot and In case 
any penou or I'crsoug So detached Shall refuec the Said Service 
bo or tlicj So retusiuK Shall he dc'^nied DeBCrters and Shall be 
proceeded A^lust and punished Accordingly 

ASD be It further Enaclcd by the Authority Aforesaid That 
la ease any I'ersoD or PerKon« engaged ia the aforesaid Service 
Hther OS Kanpcrs or in GarriHon either olScf^rs or Soldlern Shall 
at any tiiae during the Said Sen'ice dci^ert ihurvfrom or Shall 
begin excite cause or join in any Mutiny or Sedition In the 
Coapany to which ho dulb beluug or in any other Company 
eagaged In the Said Service or Sball bold Correspondence with 
aay Rebel or Enemy of his Uajesty or give them advice or Intel* 
Ugeooe by Letters Mes»agea Si^nis or Tokens or any Manner of 
Way Whatsoever or Shall Strike or uso any Violonoe aj^innt his 
Saperior Officer being In the Execution of his office or Bball 
B«f>ae to Obey Any Lawfull Ciwnmand of his Su[iorlor OfDcer 
they shall Respeclively Suffer Deatli or Such other pnnisbment 
as Shall be Inflicted by a Court Martial Which Court Martial 
Ehall be CooBtltutcd Appointed axid held by Commission from 
the Goreroor or Commander in Cheif for the ttmo being under 
I Great Seal of this Province. 

tCHAPTEa 994.] 

of Tsit S<-h*i''V, wbcrt Hie title only is priDted. Chapter 
n tnL 2) of IJvlni^iton & Sniltli. wbcre the net Is printed la IQU. &•• 
05S. CootlQUcd b7 cbsptcr lOQT.l 

'Ad Act fnrOier to Continoe an Act Enti* 
tuled An Act for granting to his Majesty the 
Several Duties and impositions on Goods 
Wares and Merchandises imported into this 
Colony lUcrcIn Mentioned. 

[rasBod. December S, ITSS.] 
^TITEREAa the Act Entllnird "an Act for Rrantinf: to his 
'lifjfftj tlxe Several Duties and Impositions on Goods .Warv* and 





STcrdiandliiea Imported Into this Colony therein Mentlonea" 
Passed in the Twenty Seventh Tear of his Majesties Bctgn hath 
b«en by a SubH.-qucnt Act continued to the first day of Jannary 
next And the General Assembly being Willing turUicr to pro- 
Tide for liis MajesUea Service 

BE IT TnKltKFOKE Knuctc'd by his Excellency th* Got- 
emor the Council and the General Assemhly And it Is hereby 
Enacted by the Authority of the Same Tbat the Suid Act Enli- 
tuled "An Act for gnrntlne to his Majesty the Sereral Duties 
and impositions on Goods Waxca and Hcrcbandizes imported Into 
this Colony tbervin Muutionod " Shall be and hereby la further 
Continued and every Clause Matter and thing tiierein contained 
Enacted to be and Remain of full force to all Intents Constmo- 
tiona & purposes Whatsoever from the Said first day of Jannary 
>'ext antlll tlie first day of January which will be In the Tear of 
Onr Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Seven in' 

(CHArXER 995.1 

[Obnptw OOS. of Tm Scbaack, and etiapter 'i (voL 2) of Uvlncrtoa A 
Smitfa, wfacra th« tit]» onif is printed.] ^M 

An Act for the T^^Itef of TnsoTvfnt Debt- 
ors with Respect to the Imprisonment of their 
persons in tlic City's of New York and Albany. 

(Fused. December 23. 175S.1 

fWriEREAS many persons by Losses and other Miefortuaes 
are rendered Incapable of Tiiving ihi-lp whole Delns nnd tho' 
they are willlns to make the utmost Satisfaction they can are 
Nevertheless dt<taiaed prisoners by their Crpdlrors and 
WHEKE.VS 8urh unhappy Urbtor* hare nlwRvs be^^n flr-emr^d the 
proper Objects of pnblick Compassion Therefore for the Relief 
of Such Prisoners within the City's of New York and Albany 
■who Shall be wllliug to balisfy ihclr Creditors aa far as they 
ore Able ■ 

PE IT ENACTEO by his Kxeplleney the Oowmor tEe Toundl ^ 
and the General Aascmbly and It Is herel»y Enscted by the An- 
tJiority of the Same That If ony person or persons wiihln Hther 
of tlie Raid City's now Clmrped In Exeenllon or having been 
Commlttfil for tlte Spare of three Miuitlis or lonper upon a Ca- 
pias be-fore the poblli-atUm of this Art whose debt or debts do 
not exceed In the whole lh« sum of Fifty pounds or that U 


or Person* wlihlo ©tUier of tlie Said City's Charcftd op 
tted ai Afowsaid for tlio Space of Two Slonlh* ^\'l]o»e 
Debt or Debts do Xoi exceed Tweinj Five pounds op that if 
a«y person or I't-rsona within eiUier of the Said Cl(j'» charged 
^^r Oommttted as aturrsiud for the Space of T«-entj Dajs whose 
Hhtebt or DebtB do Xot exceed Ttn pounds Current itone.v of tills 
■BoI«i>- Shall be miniltd to deliver op to bis her or their Credit- 
^tes all Li» her or their ERects tow ards the Satisfaction of Such 
Debts it Sliall anil may be Ltwfall for Such Prisoner or Prison- 
ers to exhibit a Petition to any of the Courts oS Law within 
ritber of the Said Citys of Kew Vorii or Albany from wht-ncc the 
process Issued upon which he She or they was or were taken in 
SXMVtIoo or other process as Aforesaid Certtf,vint; the Caiim> or 
Chnsea of his her or tlielr Imprieonmeut and an Accotmt of his 
ber or their niiole Estate both Beai and personal with the 
Dsteaof the Securities wherein any part of It Consists And the 
Deeds and Notes relalinf; thereto with the Names of the 
iltBcaacs to the Same So far as his her or their Knowledge 
thereto and upon Such petition the Court May and are 
<y reqnlml by l£ul« of Court to cause the Pri»oncr to b* 
hraii^I before them and llie Several Creditors at whose Suit or 
SdIIb be She or they Stand Charired and all other his or her 
Oredilors that are or can be known to the Court to be Sum- 
moned to appear personally or by their Attorney's at a Day to 
be sppolnted for ilint piirpoee And Upon tlie Day of Such Ap- 
pMnnc« If any of their Creditors Summoned refuse or Ne};lect 
TO Appear Upcui afltdavit made of the due Serrioe of Sach 
Rule or Ordfr or upon A flTulaf It made that the Creditor or Cred- 
Jlora are not to be found the Court ShtUl in a summary Waj 
nine Into the Mniters at the Haiti petitions and bear what 
or Bhalt be alledged ON either Side for or sgainst tbc dl«- 
snre of j»ufh Prisoner And npon Such iheir Examination the 
rt may and are hereby required to administer or Tender the 
ner an Oslh or Affirmation to the effect following Which 
ith or Affirmation the Said Court are hereby Impowered to 
Administer — I A, B do Solemnly Swear In the presence of 
Almlchty God Tm* beint; of the People called Quakers Sincerely 
sod tmly declare and Affirm) That the account of me delivered 
hi ny Petition doth contain n full and true acconut of all m; 
Seal sod Penooal Estate Debts Credits and eHeets Whats* 
ncr Which I or any in trust for me bare or at the time of mj, 



PcHHon had or am op wns in tmj Respect Entltlpd to [n pwwe»- 
Bion Rt'DiainJer or Revepsion exwpt my personal Wearing Ap- 
parel and Beddlns not exc(H_-diug Five Pounds in Valne In the 
whole and the Necessary Tools and Instruments of my Trade 
and caJliBg not exceeding Five Poonds tn Value In 
the Whole And that I bare not at any time since my 
Imprisonment or before directly or Indirectly Sold 
Leased Assigned or otherwise dlftposed of made otct In trust 
for ray Self or otherwise other thao U Mentioned In Snch 
Account any part of my I.aiida Estate or Goods Stocfe Money 
Debta or other Real and Pergonal Estate Wherehy to hare or 
expect any benefit or profit to my Self or to defraud any of my 
Creditors fo whom I am IndeMed. And lo caae the Prisoner 
ebsll Id Open Court take the Said Oath or Afflrmatlon and upon 
Snch Examination and his or her taking the Oath or Afflrmntton 
the Crpditors shall be Batisficd with the Troth thereof The 
Court may immediately order the Lands Qoods and effects con- 
tained in such occaont or 80 mnch of then as may he Bntflcient 
to Satisfy the Debts wherewith he or She la or Shall be Charged 
togeOter with the Cost of Suit nnd the Fees doe to the keeper 
of the Goal or Prison of the City's of New Tork or Albany to be 
by a Short Indorsement on the Back of Sudi Petitions assigned 
by the Prisoner to the Said Creditors or one or more tA tbeo) 
In Tmst-for the Rest of tliem or to Forae proper person to be by 
the Paid Court Apfmlnted In Tnint for all the Creditora And by 
Snch AsEl^nunent the Estate Interest and properly of the Lands 
Goods Debts and effecta So Assigned Shall be Vested in the 
Person or Pfranns to whom Bach AfMlRumf^nt Is or Shall be made 
who may take Possession of vr Sue fur the Same In his or their 
own Name or Names In like Manner as Assignees of Commis- 
sioners of Panfcnipts To whleh Suit no Release of the Prisoner 
Ills or ber Executors or admin is! ralors or any Trustee for bim 
or her FbaJl bo any Bar And Immediately upon Such Assign- 
ment executed the Said prisoner Shall he discharged oot of 
CuAtfldy by order of the Court and Such order Shall be a 
SnOicient Warrant to llie Plu-rifT Ooalcr or keeper of Soch 
Prison to discharge Such Prisoner If dftalned for tte Caa»es 
mentioned In Snch Petition and no oUier and he (s hereby re- 
(jnired to discharjre and Set hiro at llhertT forthwith wlthmit Fee 
nop Shall Rich Sheriff or GobIpp he liable to any Action of 
Escape or other Suit or InfortnaiioD upon that account And the 


>r rer»0M to whom tbc Snid cTmU Sliall be A'adpiea 
the Feo to the Goaler or Keeper of the rrisou of Uio 
Oty'i of New York or Albany 8hall DE and are hereby re- 
quired to DlTlde the Effects So ABBigned ainoog the Creditort 
ftul all the Fenraa for whom tlicy Shall bv intruEteiJ in pro- 
porfloo to their RetFpfcUro D^bts But in case the Person or 
Pirvoos at whose Suit Such PriHoner van Charged In Exi-catloa 
or SBj other proceea, or an/ olht-r Creditors Shall not be Satla- 
6ed with the Truth of Such Oath or Affirmallon but Sliall dc«lre 
farther time to iDform bimsolf of the Mutters contaSned therein 
ths Bald Court may and Shall R^siand the ^ald Prifloni^r and 
ffirect the Bald Prisoner and the Person or Persons disuttsllod 
<rilh Such Oath or AEBrmatlon to Appear at another Day to be 
appointed by the Bald Court And if at Such Second Dny So to be 
■pp<rfnted the Creditor or Creditors So dlHatisfled with Such Oath 
or ABrmatlon Shall Make default In appcarioK or In ca!»e be or 
tkey Shall aK'ear bat shall be unable to discover any Estate or 
Effects of the PrUoner Omitted In Such his or her Petition or 
Shew any probability of his or her KiiTing bei>n forsworn or to 
hate declared falfiely in the Said Oath or Afflnnation then the 
Said Court Shall immediately canse the Said Prisuner to bo 
dlscharRed upon Such Afalgnm«'nt of h!s or her EfTecta In Manner 
•s Aforesaid Unless Such Creditor or Creditors do insist uiKjn 
Ua or her belnK detained tu Prison And do aj^ree by Writinjc 
OBderbls hand to Pay and Allow any Sum of Money that SbaJl 
be AsKiwed by the Court not cxcci'ding Three shillings per 
Week onto the Bald Prisoner to be paid the Monday of every 
Week 60 \<mg as he or She Shall conlluuc In Prison at his her or 
thdr BuiU ofl failure of the Payment of Whidi Weekly Btnn at 
any time the Said Prisoner Shall forthwith upon Application 
to the Court be discharged by Such Order As Aforesaid But in 
Oase Ihe Prisoner Shall Refuse to take the Raid Oath or AlHrma. 
tfon or bareinc taken the Same Shall be detected of FaUlt;f 
tberefn be or they Shall be prpsently remanded. 

A?!D be It further Enacted by the Aotborlty Aforewild That 
ao person to be dischari^-d SIihII at any time hereafter bu liu- 
JirbODed by Rt-aion of any Judsment or decree Obtained for 
payment of Money only or for any Debt Cost Sum or Sums of 
Voary Cootraeied Oeeasioned owine or growlnc; due before the 
tine of hl<" or her diseharce but that upon every Arrest every 
Bach Jodsmcft or decree for Such Debts Cost Sum or Sums oC 


jlfODCj It Shall and may be lawfull for an; Jadgc of tLe OoiirC 
»Lere ttie Procew Usued upoo Sbewiug tlie Duplicate of Such 
TriiiODt^rs discbarge or disduu-{;os To Release and dlsi-liarse oat 
of Custod; Such PriiKtiK^r or Prisoners aa Afotuiiaid aod UiO 
Judge Is hcrcbj lupowered So to do So as ever; Such Piisoaer 
or PrlsoDers Arrvstud or detained iu ExecuUuo or otbcr Proceo* 
na AforcMid do give a A^'arrant of Attornc; to Appear to erurx 
Such Action and Plead Uiereunto 

AND be it fnnJicr Enacted by the Aathorily Aforesaid Tbat 

If any ACTION of Escajie or any Suit or Action be brought 

Qgainat xdj Sheriff Goaler or Keeper of aoy Prison of th« 

I City's of New York or Albany for performiuj; their OfDce in 

pursuance of this Act tboy may plead the Ovni^ral Issue and 

gire this Act in ETldence and If the piaiotitC be NouBuited or 

ditfcootlnae hia Action or Vei-dlct pO*a Aj^alnst lilm or JuJg- 

tncut QpOn Demurrer the Defendant shall have Treble Cust» ^ 

PROVIDED that the dittcharf^e of any Perton by Virtue of this 

Act SluUl not acquit any other person from Such nebts Sum or, 

Buma of Money or any part thereof but that all others ShitU 

he Answerable for the Same In Such manner as before the 

iPOfang of this Act AND PROVIDED That this Act Shall not 

'extend to discharge any person out of Prison who Shall Stand 

charKi-d at the Suit of the Crown Only 

P^O\^DED always and be it fiirtlier Enacted by the Author- 
ity Aforwmld Thjit Notwithstanding the discharge of the Per- 
son or Persons of Such Prisoner or Prisoners as Aforesaid all 
and erery Debt or Debts due and owing from the Said Prisoner 
or Prlsouem and all and everr Judgment and Judgments had 
and taken and Decree Obtuinrd against him or her Shall Stand 
and be good and effectual In taw to all Intents and purpose* 
•saiDst the lAnds Tonoments TTeredltamenta Goods and Chat- 
tlsa of the Said Prisoner So dlschargiNl ojt Aforesaid wlilcb he 
•he or thfy or any person or Persons In Trust for him her or 
them at tiie time of surb dlschnrxe hath or hare or at any 
time hereafter Shall or may l»e In nny wlso Sel*e-1 or possessed 
of Intcroi'tod Id or Intllulrd to either in Ijiw or Equity except j 
his her or IhHr Wearing Apparel PeddlBf for his her or their 
Famlliea and Working Tools mid Iinph'ni'-nts Nei-essnry for his 
her or their OcrupallM not exitsillng the VbUk- of Ten pounds 1 
In the whole And It Shall and may 1ms lAvifnll to and for Such 
Creditor or rredllors of Such PrUimer or PrIsiinerB So dis- ] 
charged aa Afurauld bis bur or their Excoulors or Admlal» 




ttttors to tate ont s yew Execution Against snch I.nnd« Tcne- 
meBU Hereditamenu Goods and Chatties ol Such Priaoner or 
rriaonira (except as before cxcoptvd) for the Satisfacltoo of his 
her or their Debts to Sach Sort Maimer and Fonn as he She or 
^ty might have done tf the PersoD or Persons of Such Prisoner 
■r IVlaooer* bad Xt-Ter hcen taken In Execution or other pro* 
o(*» aa Aforesaid Any Act Vsage Law or Custou to the Con- 
trary Id anr vise Notwichslnndtng. 
PBOVTOED Blito and lie it further Enncted bj the Aulhorlly 
kforeaald thnt If 6ach Person who Shall take i^ucb Outh or 
Dnnalion aa Aforesaid GhaJI upon any Indictment of Perjury 
In any Uatter or particular contained In the Said Oath or Affirm- 
aticm be Convicted by liis or ihvlr own CoufcRsion or by the 
Verdict of Twelve Mmi aa be or Sl»e may be by force of this AcS 
The Person Ro Convicted shall RnfTer ALL the pains and For- 
fdtiire^ which may by Liiw lie Inflicted on any Person Convicted 
of Wilfall Perjury and Shall likewise be liable to be taken on 
any rrttcem De Novo and Charged In Execution for the Said 
Debt in tbe Fame Manner as If ho or She had Never been dls- 
dtarged or taken In Execution b«fore and Siudl Xercr After 
imn any boneflt of this An* 
^a PROVIDED also and be it fnrtber Enncted by the Authority 
H&fDr^^aid That If the KITects So AsBijpied Shall not extend to 
^■Batlftfy tbe whole Debts due to Jfae Creditors of the person or 
^Pfrtons So discharged and the Fees Doe to the Goaler there 
Gkall be an Abatement in proportion and Such Goaler Shall 
rame In as a Cn-ditor for what Shall then be due to him for 
Us Peen in proportion with other Creditors.^ 

AND be It farther Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid That 
wbcre there are any Slutnal Df-tits between Such Debtor or 
D«>blor« and bis her or their Creditor* or If eUher party Sue or 
be Soed as Rxeeutora or Adminiatrators where there are any 
SIgtaal Debts between the Tenfator or Tnteatate and eltln-r 
party one Debit Shall be Set Against the otlier and Such Matter 
■UT bv glfen In Rrldence upon the General Issos or Pleading 
Is Bar as the Nature of the Case Shall require So aa at the time 
Bf pleading; the General Issue when any Such Debts of the 
plalBtUr bis Te!ttator or Intestate is Intended fo be insisted on 
to Erldenee Notice Shall be piven of the particular Sum or Debts 
Ro Inti^ded to be inj({»<tpd on and upon what Acconnt it tiename 
dse Otberwlne Such SJopter Shnll not be Allowed In Eviitenoe 
I «pw tbe General Issue PBOVIDKD that where any Bent Shall 



tw due from an; Prisoner or Prtsonere at Uie time of hit 
or tLeir Ke-spcvtlve dUcbarges do Goods or Chatties tben Ijring 
or being in or opoo tlie Respective Tenements or LuadB So In 
lease or liable to be destrained Shall be removed or dUposed d 
n^ihoot Consent of the I,*uidIord or Person to whom the Eeul 
is due antill the Same t>e paid or Satiafied, Au& that the Land- 
lord maj^ use all LaivfuU Wava for bariny and recorei-lDg bit 
Rmt So aa that the Same exceed Not one Yearn Uent bj distresa 
or otberwiBe as be might have had or could have done Before 
the making of this Act ADjfhlng herein Contained to the Oon- 
trarr In anxwine Notwithstanding AN'D PROVIDED AI.SO 
That this Act Shall Not Barr any Absent or distant Creditor* 
ivho had Not Notice of the L'tisouera Applica£ioo to the Coort 
aa Aforesaid. 

AND be it Enacted by the Anthorltr Aforesaid that this 'Act 
Fhall be in Fori:e from the publication thereof until! the first 
Day of Janoary which will be in ^e Year of onr Lord One thou- 
sand Seven hundred and fifty Seven. 


tCHAPTER 996.] 

[Chapter 098. of Tan Scbaack. where the Utle only ta priDtod. Cbaptv' 
TS (T^ a of UTiDsstaa A Smltb. wtura th« mn la printed la falL 
cbapUC i>i2. CominueJ bj cbaptv lOBL] 

An Act to Continue an Act EntltulctI An 
Act for Besulatlnc the Militia of the Colony ot 
Kew York with Some Additions theretck 

(Pnjued, Febmorr 19. ITSD.] 
WHEREAS an Act Etitltuled "An Act for Regulating the 
"Milhla of the Colony of New York" paaaed in the Twenty 
Eighth Year of hla Majesties Reign will eiplre by its own Limita^ 
tioQ on the Nini>teenib day of February Hexti And Che Bame 
having been found liiifhly iisel ill. 

BE IT ENACJTED by his Escellency the Qoremor the Conndl 
and the General Aaaembly and H Ib hori-by Enacted by the 
Aothorlty of the Same That the &ilU Art Eolitnled "An Act for 
Jtegulating the Militia of Ibe Colony of New Yorit " Sbail be 
and hereby Is continued and every Clause Article Matter and 
thing therein contained Eiiattcd to be and Remain Iq full forw 
and Virtue to all intents CcmntrucHona and pnrposca Whatso- 
ever from the Baid Nineteenth day of February Next nntlll tha 




(nt daj of Janoary wlilch will b« in the Tear Oae thootana 
fievEQ hondrrd and fiftr i^crco. 

AND WUfinEAS lo'and b; tbe Aforeaald Act It U prortdcd 
■ad Enacted that llic Scvctul Sums of Uoocj to be paid by the 
people called Quakers and those of the Cougrcgatlotis ot the 
United Bt«tlireo for on ExcaipUon from Military Scrvioc Should 
be levied nithia throe Months after the publication of the said 
Act Aod nian.T of the said Sums not baring bi>oa leried withia 
the said timp It is now become doubtfiill whether the Kutne can 
be now levied by Vlitue of the «i]d Act for clearing which 
doobC BE IT ENACTED by the Authority Aforesaid That the 
SercT*] County Trcasarors for the time being shall Im* acl hereby 
spo Aathorizcd impowered and Strictly required within one 
Uimth After the piiMlimtloD of this Act to levy all the Bald 
Ssms porsuant to the directions of the said Act and in case any 
of the nid County Treasurers shall Neglect or omit to do the 
^uty hereby required of thi-ni they shall Hcspectivcly for each 
Offence forfeit and pay the suin of Twenty Pounds (o be Mie't 
for and reeorered by tht- Trc;isiirer of this Colony and applied 
for poicbaBtog Arras and AmmuDitlon for the use of the County 
vUcre the Bald Forfeiture Shall ariee nnder the BesoiationB 
eoatalned and provldod in nni by the Aforesaid Act, anything 
la the said Act to the Contrary NotwithHtanding 

AXO be It farther Enacted by the authority Aforesnid that 
Ao feereral Ccnifloatt^ of the aforesaid Peopip which are 
ntcred la the Clerks Offloe IS any of the City's or Counties of 
this Colony pnntitaDt to the nror««aid Act shall continue to each 
af the Persons therein Xamed the several Exemptions Contained 
h the aald Act and the Sk^veral and Respective County Ti-easiirers 
Ehall within three months After the publication of Ibis Act Lery 
Uwr forther Bum of Twenty Shillings of and from each of the 
Bid Pono&s arconling to tbf Directions and under the IVnaltics 
Contained la the preceding Clause aniese any of the said Persona 
•hall desire to wlthdmw their CerliAcatea in which C^se the 
■Id Bevpertire Clerks Shall Erase the Name of 8ucb person or 
Penosis and tliey shall be no longer Entitled to the said Ex- 
mptloa And the said Clerk shall immediately acquaint the 
Captains ot the districts to whom tbo said persona belong of 
(bdr withdrawing their Certificates that the Said Captains may 
•plo call opoR them for the performance of Military Senrice 
■ad Id an cases when Certificates Bhall be Entered in any of 
tVol.IV. 3 


the Clerlis Offices of (Ms Colony during tlie conftnnance of thit 
Act to Entitle any of Uie Said People to the Excmptlona of the 
aforesaid Act the said Clerks shall tnthin One Munlh After 
everj Bach Entry give the Treasurer of the County wli^re Soch 
Entry Bball be so mnde an account thi^reof and the iaid Trcasa 
rer shall vrithin one Month after Such account (Iclirered to hi 
cause the said Several Sums to he levied In manner AforeFal 
and every County Clerk or Treiifiurer who Shall Omit to do the! 
Kespective Duties hereby enjoyned them shall Respectively for- 
feit the Bam of Fire pounds to be recovered and Applied as <B 
herein before providr-d with Resrpeft to Such County Treasurers 
OS shall neglect the Duty enjoyned them by thia Act- 

'And whereas the County of Albany Is more exposed to tlifl 
Attempt of an Enemy from Canada than any other part of this 
Colony and in case any Attack on that quarter ahoald succeed. 
It might occasion the Detection of llie f\x Naliontt of Indi:ins Be 
it therefore enacted by the Authority aforesaid that the rolonel, 
or Id Ills absence the next Commanding Officer of the Milttta of 
the County of Albany eball be and he ia hereby empowered and 
required from time to time' to send out such Detachments of 
Men In tbeir tnmn as he nhall concelre necessary to be employed 
as Oubtcoutj or Rangers, the better to guard ajni'nst hiding sur- 
prized by an Enemy, and to enable him to defeat tlieir DesijcasL 
And the Person neglecting or refusing to perform snch Duty 
shall forfeit the sum of five Pounds to be levied by M'nrrant 
from the said Colonel or next Commanding ofDcer, and applyeil 
towards purchasing of Amia for the use of the Regiment Pro- 
Tided that no such Detachments shall bo employed at any on 
time longer Uian six days. 


(Chapter 607, of Van Sctiaacfc. nnd cluiptcf TG (vol. S) of Llvlasstoa &' 
Bmlth, when Ui« act Is prlutcd In (uIL) 

An Act to Enable Creditors more easily 
lb Recover th<Hr Debts from joint partners 

[rsssed, rebrusi? 19. ITSOLl 
WnERRAS Creditors ore oftCD pnt to great Trouble aa< 
difficulty In Recovering Debts doe from Join I- Partners the pro- 
ceeding to outlawry agslust renxms who cannot be taken by 
jpn>c«M not being ia use in this Colony and Doubts have arisen 



viefber any one Joint partner Is now conipellnble to AiiHwer 
tec the partuerstiip Debts qdIcrs all are bi-oiight Into Court 
vUch many Ume« coanot h« doae for itemed^ Wber«ot: 

BE IT ENACTED b; his Excelle&cj the aorernor the Council 
uul the Qeneral As8ctnbl.v and it is bercb; KDuctcd by ibo 
Aalhority of the flame Tbat aJi Persons tbat now are or bere- 
afler shall be Jointlj tndobted to anv olbt-r Person or Persoua 
Whatsoerer for nnj Joint Contrott Obligation Matter or thing 
vbataoerer for which Bemed; could or Might be bad at Law 
Asaiut Soch Debtors in cnae all were or oonid be taken b; 
Vnena Inoed out of the Courts of this Colony Shall be an- 
nretable to their Ci-odKors Bcperately for Sueh Dcbta that U to 
Bay Such Creditor or Creditors Shall and may Ibsue Proceas 
against Such Joint Debtors in tbo rnannor now in a«e And in 
cue any or either of Bach Joint Debtors Shall be taken and 
broofht into Court by Vlrtne of Bucb Proiviia tic 8b» or they 
fio taken and brought into Court Shall Answt^r to the PlaiRtiCT 
or PlaintiCTa and in case the Judjnnent pass for the plaintiff or 
PUIntlff OE or they Rbal) have his or their Jadgmcnt and 
EEcentloo agultist them that are broii)*ht Into Conrc and 
apUnst the other Joint Debtors Kaincd In the Process in tbo 
■oe Manner aa if tbey bad been all taken and brought Into 
Cvort by Virtue of sucb Pn>c«*8. ProTlded always that it ahall 
ast be lawful by Tirtne of tbis Act to execute such Esccntion 
ttala«t the Body or Idnds or Oooda the sole Property of any 
htfOD DOt brought Into Court. 

tCHAPTEB 908-1 

fdhplv tOS. at Taa Sckosrlc. and cbaplcr 77 (roL 2) of Llvlnsstoo tt 
M^ wbtftt tbe UUe onl; Is prLated. Beiicnlril b]r diapMr 114&) 

An Act to enable the assignees of Iuso1t> 
ent Debtors more effectuallr to dispose of the 
Estates of such Debtors for the benefit of tlielr 

tPMscd. PobnuTT 10, 175A.I 

WHEBEAS In and by an Act Entitulcd "An Act to enable the 
0«4itor« of InsolreDt Debtors who are willing to give np their 
Effects to dispoee of the same for the benefit of llioir Credttora 
Ai to Release the said Debtors from Iniprisonincnt " made 
nd passed io the Tveniy Ninth Year of his pn-scnt Majesties 
IdfB It U therein and thereby among other things declared 



id Fnjwfed That the Assignee op Asslfniee* of fte Estate of 
ich Debtor or Debtors (who bj the said act is are and Shall 
be intiHed to the benefit thereof on bis or their Coinpljanc* 
with the terma and Conditions In the said Act Mentioned and 
expressed nhall have full power and Authority to Sell and dis- 
pose of all the Estate of such Debtor or Debtors and to execote 
Eood and Sumciont Deeds for the Pame AND WHEHEAP Such 
TK-btor or Debtors ia are Shall or may be Seized of one or more 
Meaaaaftes or Dwellinir bouses and Letts of Gronod or of Loindfi 
Tenements and Hereditaments In Fee Tall In Possetision Rerer- 
sioa OP Remainder which EVftate or Estates onlew* the Entail be 
Cut off by a Common Recovery won!d x>rove of TCry small \''aJae 
to the Creditors of Siich Person or Persona To tbe end Iherefore 
that the aJtsifrnee or assi^niees of the Estate of tnch Debtor or 
Debtors who fs are or sboll be Inlllled to the benefit of fbe 
Raid Art mny hnro fnll pnwer to sell and dUposc of such En- 
tailed Estates in Fee Simple 

BR TT ENACTEIi by hi« ExeellencT the novemnr the Coun- 
ell and the General Assembly and it is hereby Enacted by the 
'Actborfty of the Pame tliat Such assignee or aw!jniee» After a 
legal Grant Conxeyance and Assijjnment of Such Debtor or 
Dilitors Estate Phall be mnde pursuant to the Said Act Shall 
have and are hereby declared to have foil power by Virtue of 
this Act by Indentures of T-eaae and Relenite Deed Poll or 
Deed of Feofment or by either of the snld ways or means tn 
frrant BarRain Sell Release Enfeof and Conrey all and evwy 
the Hemages or dwelllni; Houses and Lots of Gronnd I^Aiids 
Tenements and Heredilaments whereof any such Debtor 
Delitrtps were in any wise Pelted of any Esfate in Tail In Pc 
bIod Reversion or Remainder and \Vbereof No Reversion 
Remainder is or Phnll l)e in the Kinirs Malesti- hi* Heirs or 
eessors of the Gift or Provision of his Majesty his ProBenitora 
Beirs or Succewwrs to any Person or Persons bis and their Helre 
imd aBtdfma for Ever for the bonefll of all and every tie Credit- 
or* of such Debtor or Debtors and that all and erery Sncb 
gmrts BARGAINS Sales Iteionswi Conveyani'es or assurances 
Shall be Rood Pufllcient and Arnilabte In the Law to pass an 
Estate of Inheritance In Fee Simple to Such Person or Persotts 
and iheir Heirs against Such Dcblop or Dettlora and a;:ainst all 
and every the Issues of the Body of such Debtor or Debtor* 
and asainst all and ever; IVrsoo & Persoos cUioiing any Estate 


tor ogi 

ion M 
tr snW 



ttfbt Title or Tater«t bj from or under the Said Debtor or 
Dcblon After tlie a^signmctit made of f^uKh Debtor or I)<<'l}toni 
Eitate as io and b; the said Act Is directed and Agntnst all and 
tnry other Per»oo or rerions Wbatsoevor whom the Baid 
Debtor or Debtors bv common Recovery or olliorwiive or laenns 
■igllt cut off or dcbaiT froco any Remainder Reversion Rest 
floflt Title or PonibSlilj into or out of unj- (he Ruld UcsKoaKes 
IT Dwelltng bonaea Ix>tta of Ground Lands Tenements and 


lOaptor 9B9. or Vtu) Schaack, an<I cbnptcr 73 (toL S] ot Urinfstoa & 
wbso tbe act 1> printed la tolL] 

An act to oblige all persona that come to 
Inhabit or Reside in the City of Albany and 
Township of Scht-ncctady in the County of Al- 
bany in order to expose any Goods Wares or 
Mercliondiios to Sole at any time after Qie 
annual AssesMmpnts made for the JJeocasary 
and Contingent Charces of the Said City and 
Township to pay their just proportions towarda 
the 6am& 

[Psssc<l. Fcbniary 10, ITSO.] 

WnEBEAS many Persons havine conBiderahle personal Es- 
tstes frequently come to Reside In the City of AIlwinT and TowD* 
ikip of Schenectady in the County of Albany After the Assess- 
OMBts made and Compleated for pnyin;^ tbe Nec<>»-«ary andCon- 
Ibgeat Charges of the said City and Townflhip Who Contribate 
aathlnK towards Paying the Same for Remedy Whereof 

BE rr ENACTED by his Excellency the OoTernor the Conn* 
efl and the General Assembly and It la hereby Enacted by tlio 
Atrthorit; of the Same that tlie Several and respective Assessors 
•f the City of Albany and Township of Schenectady Aforesalrl 
f>r the time being Sball and they ore hereby Required once Id 
tnry Month After the Said Assessments Made and Compleatert 
Btill the Month of December then Next foUowhig to mate 
Clisent enquiry in the respectWe Wards in the Said City or 
TtwQship for which they Shall be Chosen Assessors for all 
WraoDS who ehall come to InhabU or Reside in their Biiiil Wards 
•r IbwoaUp In order to expose any Goods Wares or Merchaa< 


d'lzes to Sale and tbut have not been Assessed ta tLe sold At 
mi^ats and ^ball demand of Such J'ei-soa or I'ersons So comisg to' 
luliabit or Beside therein a Just and inie account opou the Oftlii 
or AQlrniatloD of Such Person or Persona of the nhole umoont 
or Value of ail the Goods Wares and Uerchundizes wiuili Bocit 
Person or Persons f^hall bripg into Buch Ward or To\vnshl[i and 
that tliereui>ou the Said Assessors o( Such Ward or Tou-nship 
Bhall Rate Such Person or Persons So coming into Sucli Word 
or Township in the same manner and proportion as the other 
Inhnbilants were Itatcd and tliAt thereupon Such AsseBsors Shall 
deliver in Writing under their hands to the Collectors of their 
Itespective Ward or Tonnshlp vho Shall be appointed and im* 
powered to Collect the said Charges the Xumo und Sir Name ot 
Such Person or Persons 80 coming Into their Respective Wards 
or Township with the whole amount of the Goods Wares and 
Merchandizes so b; them brought Into Such Ward or Ton-n- 
ship and sworn or Affirmed as Aforesaid AXD the Sum Such 
Person or Persons ShaU be Itated at Which Sum or Sums of 
Monej Snch Collectors are hercbj? respectively AnlborizeO and 
directed forthwith to Collect and pajr the some onto the Treas> 
urer of the Said City or Township respectively to be by him^ 
B|>pl,n>d towards Pajing the Neceiwary and Coi>tlugt>ul ctiarge 
of thv said City or Township Hcipeetlrely PROVIDED 
WAYS that none of the Persons before Mt-ntioued Shall be llabl 
to Pay towards Uie charges aforesaid aity more or oftener tlioo 
ODce within the Space of one Year anything hei-eio to the coa^U 
trary Notwithstanding ^ 

AND be It Knucled by the Authority Aforesaid Ihnt every 
Pi-rson ant) PcrBooa who Shall oom« to iubabit or Beside in any 
of the Wards or Towunhlp Afore.iald In order to expose any 
Oonils Wares and llcrrhuudlrjcs to Sale as aforv)<aid after tbt 
said AsseKsmcnl made us Aforesaid and lUiall refuse Neglect 
delay to Deliver in the assessors of Such Ward or Towo«lil 
when tliert-unto by them required a just and Irne ae^oant nj 
bis or her Oath or AfllrmATion of the whole Amouni or Valu< 
of oil the Goods Wares and Merehuodizo* So by htm or her 
brought Into Such Ward or Township Shall forfi*it and Pay 
to the Treasurer of the City or Treasurer of Uie Township re- 
spectively for the use of Iho Said Clly or Townslilp respect- 
ively the Sum of Five Pounds Cnmnil Money of this Ool'my and 
U not paid within Six Dsja oilur dvmuud made to be recuvc 



It 0^— 




ij AcboD of DpM Bill plaint or InformivMiMi within any Cooft 
«t Bword witbln this Colonj" Wherein No Essoin Protection 
Viger of t>aw or more tban one Impnrlance ahall be nlloweJ 

A2fD be It Enacted bjp tbo autborlt; AforcsaM Tbat e^-ery 
Phvod who shall bereafter be GhoRen Asa(>s8on In tbe Sold 
Otj or Townsblp and nhall JJoglect or rofuso to do what is 
rp*;nlred of them by tliis Act Shall forfeit and Pay tbe Sum of 
PItc poonds current money of ibis Colony to be Kecovered Paid 
ttd Applied a» Aforeioid. 

' [CHAPTER 1000.] 

fCfeipter 1004. of Tnn Scfaaack. and cbapMr TO (vol. S) of T.rrlnrtton & 
wbor* tbe net b printed la foIL Expltcd iaaaarf 1, ITTa Pf- 
tar br cbspur lui.] 

An Act to egfablUh the Rates to be tnkea 
for Wharfage of Ships and other VcMeU nsing 
the Wharfs therein menlJOQed and the Rates 
to he mkcn for Cranac'' within the <_,'ity of Now 
York and for Iteiwaliug the act therein Uen- 


[F^raed, Fcbnur; IS, I7S6L] 

WllEBEAS It bath been found by experience that tbe Several 
XfiartM called Bumets Key the wharf between the great Slip 
lad Coenties Dock and the wharf between the gmitlis Fly (jlip 
nd nnrllngs Slip All fronting to the East River or Harbour •( 
tke CiQ- of New Vork have been greatly Serviceable and very 
•nd Condaced io the eaae benefit Increase and advantage o( 
Ttade aad Navljratlon to and from the raid City In the I^dln^ 
nd onlading of Ships and other Vessels And foraiunuch aa the 
Owsert and ProprietorB thereof have been at a very great er- 
praoe not only In the making Erecting and Building but also In 
Ualntklnlng and keeping tbe same from time to lime in good 
«ad Safflcie'nt Repair to Answer the purposes Aforesaid nnV 
that tbe Same as well as all other Free Wharfs within the Said 
City tending to the advaucement of Trade ought to tm-ct with 
tee asd proper Incounigetuent for llielr iiaintienance and Sup- 
part AXD WHEREAS the Laws heretofore made for establish- 
tig the Ralea to be taken for the Wharfage of Ships and uther 
Pfftflj Dslag the Bufd Wtiaifs have not so fully answered all 
Ike good parposes thereby intended Id Securing to tbe i^ro- 
ftkiitn of the said Wharfs tbe free use and Enjoyment thereot 



aad of the pro&ts that mfgUt aod Ought to arise thereby Ed m 
teneflml a Uanaer as the same might he done nor huth tuy 
profisioo t>«eD heretofore made tor aetdiog and Estahlidiing 
the Kates of Cranage within the said Cil^- AND WHEREAS the 
owners and Proprietors of oae other free Wharf io Moot- 
(;oiiimei-,r Ward of the said CUy alw froodDg the Said East 
liiver or Harbour of the said Cit; extending io leogtli from the 
Lot of Robert Llvinsstou Enquire to the Ea-st end of the Lot of 
James Desbrossea as also the owoere and Proprietors of one 
other Free Whurf Ijetween She Slips Called RodmiuiB Slip sad 
Uarlinge Slip in Ihc said Moutgommvr; Ward hy their Several 
PetiticoB prescDtcd to the Genera] Assembly bare bomUT} 
Prayed that they may be Intitled to Uie ^ame and the like fees 
for wbarfat^c as any oiher Ki-ys or \\harfB in the said City atm 
are or may be Intitled to and ha.Te moreorer prayed that the 
Ttides for Cranage might be also Settled and estabUshod vluch 
being cont-rived Reasonable 

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by his Excellency the OoT- 
4^mur the Oooncll and the Gcnfrnl Assembly and it Is hereby 
Enacted by the Authority of the Same that It Shall and may be 
Lawful) to and for the pre8<->nt owners AJ/iD Proprietors of the 
eatd Five before mentioned Several Wharfs or the owners or 
Proprietors tbereof for the time being so far as the same do 
Front the East River to ask demand take and Receive to and (or 
their Several and rc«pe<-tlrc use and nses for all Ships and 
Vessels uRlng or that shall ase the same ffom and Immediately 
After the PubUcnllon of ihla Act the Wharfage and Rates fol- 
lowing that is to Soy for each Slilp Brtgantiue Schooner or other 
Vfssel of Sixty Tiidb or opwanis whilst Careening, LoadiiiR und 
unloading at cHher of the said Wharfs every Day the Bum of 
Six Shlllioi^ Current Money of this Colony For each Such 
Vessel not l4>adtug unloading or CareenlDg but lying fast to 
either of the eaid Wharfs leas Uiau one Week After the Rate 
^i'wo Shillings for each Day For every Day more than a Wee 
One shilling and «lx ponce for each Day 

BE IT FUItrnEH I-:NACT1:I> That Lv.-ry Ship or other Vi-ssel 
which at any time Aftt>r (be puhltL-iUlou of this Act SIiull only 
lie faitt to any or either of the said Wharfs shall be obliged to 
tnove oH from thcnw In order Io Make Raom for and Suffer any 
other Ship or Vessel to Imh\ utiUuid or Can?en thereat and on 
Befuaal or failure so to do after Notice and Beiiueat thereof to 




& Hufvr or Commander or to any one of tlie owner or o'wneTa 
If BDch Ship or othfT Ve&sGl or either of them he or the; shall 
fST ror U>e ote of the said niiarfs from the time of aacb notice 
ud request tiie came aud Ihe like ItalCB ss inch Ship or Vensel 
■sold hare paid Tbicb was rcall/ and bonafide Intended to bc 
Loaden onloa^eQ or Oarecuod thirre. 

BE IT Ft'RTHEU Enacted that all and every Bhip or other 
Tenel that Shnll make fast to an^ other ship or Vessel ttuit la 
at* or ahall l>c faatncd to any or either of tbe Wharfs aforesaid 
aad alall contlniie so to lie fastned or shall so T.ond onload or 
CkrecB Bhall be Subject and liable to pa; and shall pa; the one 
faftU part of the Rates tbat such Ship or other Vessel so tastncd 
•hoQld mod would hare been iyubte to pa; In case she were 
batned to an; or either of the said .Wluu-fs and there Loaded 
Balxaded or Careened. 

AXD be It further Enacted by Ihe aathorlt; Aforeanld that 
at! Rblps and other Vessels under the Burthen of eixt; Tons and 
of Twenty fire Tons and upwarda Bhall pay for Ijint; fast and 
for IrfH^Ds onloadlng and Careening cme half part of the Rates 
for the purposes herein beforementiooed and all Vessels ander 
Tweaty Qtc Tons for lying fast or Loading unloading or Careen- 
Ins *»e fourth Part of the Rates for the purposes herein before 

AKD be it further prodded and Knncted that all Ooastlni; 
Vasaels Ijing fast at any or either of the eaid Wharfs and not 
brine Actnally Loading UNI.OADIXO or Careening Shall on 
Bei)ne«t make loose and more off to Make Room for and suffer 
wmj sea Vessel or Vessels paying a higher Rate to come In her 
ud tbelr Place and plaees and tbat on Nrgloct or Refuxal so to 
ds the Itaater Oommander or owner of every such Coasting 
Veaoel or Vessels shall pay Riich Rate and Rates as the sea 
Vessel or Vessels would have been liable to pay which Real; 
aad bona tide vas or vere intended to be loaded unloaded or 
Care«ied there. 

AM> be it further Enacted by the authority Aforesaid iKat 
It Sball and may be lawful to and for the Owner and owners 
BeapeetiTHy of every Crane that now Is or are or hereafter 
AalJ be Iffsde Erceted and Built on an; or either nf the wharfs 
sfsTf as ld or on an; part thereof fronting to the En^t River or 
Eartwur of the said Cil; to Ask demand take and receive to 
tsd for his her and their Several and Respective use and uses 



frOtD fhe TUflsfer Commatider or owncTB of all Rlilpa and otli« 
Vessfla iLat Shall Dse or employ Buch Craue or Cranes il 
Iluteu following; that is to Say For taltiog out and pntdng in tie 
Mast of anjr Ship or other A'esael Uie Sura of Thirty BLillinc* 
For takiDg out or putliuj; io thi.- Mast of any eliip or other 
Vessel the Sum of Twenty five Bhillinga Current Money Afore- 

AXD imEREAS it may he difflcult as well as Inconvenient 
for the owners and Proprietors of the several Wharfs ofor^Miid 
Tersonally to Attend Collect and Receive the Eutoa due and to 
crow due for wharfage of Ships and other Vesacla BE JT 
THEREFORE EXACTED by (he Authority Aforesaid that U 
Bhall and may he lawfull to and for the owners and PropHetorK 
of the said Wharfs for the time beiag or the Major part of them 
Respectively from time to time to depute ood appoint either one 
of their own Number or some other proper and fit Person to be 
the Wharfinger or Overseer thereof for and during thsir will 
and plcnsure oud shall and may at their like Will and PI<.'iiKure 
displace and Remove such person or Persons so to be Chosen 
and Appointed other and othem In his and their Room and 
fitpfld when and as often as to llicm shall seem Meet to .tpp<»iut 
And Such rerson so to be appclnted Wharfinger Shall white 
he continues in that office hare the power of ordering and 
Regulating of tlie Wharf he shall be so Appointed for as afore- 
said and of the Rlrths of all Such Sliips and other Vessels ns 
Shall Load unload Careen or fasten to the same And moreover 
Shall have full power and Authority either In his own Name 
or in the Names of the owviein and Prnprielors of the iuld 
niiarfa to ash Sa« for demand and receive the nrharfage 
tlit-reof as it Shall hecome dne, 

A>'D WHEREAS the Wliarfa Aforementioned ore often » 
Incumbered by Lumber MilMones or other Morchaiidixe that 
by means thereof the Loading and nnloadins of Vessels Is 
Tery mm-h incommiHlcd and the passing and RepOMtln^ of 
Carts and Carriajres is very Much impeded retaided and hindered 
HE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the Aulliority Aforesaid 
that if any or either of the said Wharfs Shall at anytime or 
times hereafter be so Incuniltered as to Subject the some to any 
or either of those Inconvenienciea the Wharfinger of Sneh WTiarf 
nnd Wharfs Respectively for the time being Shall either I'er- 
sonslly Warn or by Kotlce In Writing tn be left at the place of 
Residence of the owner or Owoers of sucU Lumber or otlici 


Goods flidr Factor or Factors require him or thorn to Beraora 
Ikt Mme from thence withiD a RfMisonable timo antl If tbo 
one than not be removed accordintrly The WtiarflnRpp Is hereby 
bnpoKfTPd to Remove the same and keep them in tiLs Custody 
fin lie whole Charges attending the Removal be paid by the 
o«a«r or Clalmer of such Goods And in cn.«e the owner or 
Factor Ui not to hf found the Wharfinger shnll and may at his 
4tS(!r«tloo moove the said Goods a» before directed 

rEO\'IDi;r> alw and be it Enactpd by the same Anthorlty 
flat Xothing herein contained gbnll impair the RiRht which 
the UoTor Aldcrmeo snd Cominonaliy of the City of Xew York 
have to thi* l>ock and the Several Slips herein lK?fore mentioned 
bat the nme shall Iw RnvwJ to Ihc-m ajid tlielr suocfssora as 
fully as if tliia Act had not paeseil 

ASD BE IT Enacted by tlie Anthori.*T Aforesaid that the 
Aet Entituled "An act to estahllsb the Rates to be taken for 
Wharfage of Ships and other Vessels aHloj; the three ^Mtarfs 
Oeretn mentioned" And one other Aet Entitaled "An Act to 
Oiatlnae ao act Fiifltuled "An Act to Oontinne nn art Entimled 
Ab Art to establish the Rates to be taken fur Wharfage of 
Ships and other Vc«»els nsing the three Wiinrfs therein Men- 
tlooed * And erery Clause and Article therein contained shaU 
l«aad the t^ame is and are hereby repcali.-d Anulled and made 
vM to all latenlfl and pnrpottes Whatsoerer anything to the 
0BBtraf7 hereof In any wise Nolwithstiindlng 

this act lo be and Continue of force from and after the pnhll- 
atiim onill thp First day of Jannarv which will be In (he Tear 
Ok thoosaod Seven hundred and Scrcnty 

[CHAPTER 1001.] 

(CteatM- lOOl. of Van Scbaack. wlipni> th* title only la printed. Chapter 
• tnl I> Ot Llvlni-sicn * Smith, wln-ro Uic «fl l« printed lafoiL 
bybcd JsBuary 1. liiW. rrovldcd for 1)7 cbaptor 12ST.J 

%n Aet for the better clearing mending 
and further laying out publick high Roads and 
others in the County of deter 

irasnetl, Febrtwur 10, ITM.) 

ALTHOUCn all or most of the pablick Iligbways are already 
Wd <wt and Ascenaliied In ihv County of l.'lster it may Npver- 
Aden be Necessary to lay out other High Roads in the Said 
CoimlT for the Convenicncy of Carriage and Traveller*: 


BE IT THEREPORE Enacted by fal. Excellency the Gmv, 
Uie Council and tlie GeneraJ AssemWy and it Is hereby Ena. 
bj the Authority of the Same That the potnona herein A. 
Kamed Shall be and hereby are Appoinfed Comraiwioncw 
Kegulale the Highwayii and lay out Suoh otlier publick Itoada _ 
tuar Kiill be Nece8HU7 with in the SaJd Cwnntyof Ulster And tboj 
and each of them are hOTeby fully Aothorlt,Nl and impowered 
to pot to Execution the Several Services intooded by this Act in 
Such Towns and preclnctu only (or which they Bholl be respew- 
Irely Named and Appoiminl Tliat ia io K«y 

Pot the Township of the Corporation of Kingston Mr. Chwlca 
Broadhead ComeHug Van Beuruu and Johannes Snyder junior 

For the Township nf lIiiHey Dink Wyokoop Eaquit* M^ 
Anthony Crespel and Mr. UfaKhlan Lafever ^H 

For the Township of Marbletown Mr. I'etor Caatioc Captain 
Daniel Brondhead and i!r. JohanncB De Witt 

For the Township of Rochester Egbert De Witt Esquire Mr 
Jacobus De Pue and Mr Jacob Iloornbecck 

For Ujf Township of the New Paltz and the JfelRhbonrhood 
thereunto belonging Mr. Daolel Haasbroeck Mr. Abraham Dejo 
and Corneliua Du itois KsquU-e 

For the Precinct of Shawangoock Mr. Jacobas Broyn C^L 
Benjamin Smedee and Mr. Isaac Haafibroeclc 

For the Precinct of the Wulkill Mr. Johannes UlMer Cop't 
Johnnnca Kewkerck and Mr. Andrew Greamea 

For the Precinct of the Hlj^hlaods Captain Thomea Ellison 
Oapt Jonathan Haaslwowk and Mr. Patrick McCloghry 

For the Prts-lnct of iliunekating Mr. Daniel Qonaatoa Dnkr 
Mr. Peter Olemare and Hr. Philip Swarfwout 

AND be ft Enacted by the Authority Afor<«aid That the 
Commissioners or the Major part of tli^n In tlie Beapective 
places for which they are Named and Appointed Commlsaloners 
are hereby impowered and Authorised to Resnlate ibe ROADS 
nlready laid out and lay out 8uch other pabllck high Ronda Id 
Ihe sevf^raJ places for which they are appointed Comroleafonen 
aa to them or the Major part of them Shalt Bccm NeccaBary 
and Convenient And If NclhI be to take a Review of the Roatlfi 
already laJd out and Such of them aa Shall Appear to bo reaJlr 
Inconvenient the Said CommlsHlonera Shall and May Alter 1h<^ 
Same PHcniDED all (he Coroml«<donerfl Appointed for Uie 
place Judge it Abeolutely Neceaaary And lay out Such other 



p«bQd[ Ways oc Booda ns iW-j or Uie Major part of tLom 
tkiok Host Conreoient as Vi'vU tor Travellers as for £bc lulial>it- 
uU ot the Xext Adjacent Towns Precincts Villages or 2Idsh< 
tearboods PBOVIDKD That nothing In LhU Act coutunvd 
Gkall extend or be Constmed to Impowcr tbe Coaiiuiesioikt-i'a 
Aforesaid to aUer an; Ilood that is already Commodious ^'or 
lo laj oat anv Coads tLro' ioclottied or improved Lands without 
nueot of Uie owner or ownors thereof or ixijing to tliea* tbe 
iroe Valne of the Liinds so laid Into on Uigbwajr And if tuf 
Aspote Eliall Arise by tbat Means <tbe Same Sball be dcter- 
■laed and tbe true Valu» tvt and AppraiMrJ by two Juflilced of 
VkB PCMV and bj tbe Oaths of Six of tlie principal Fretboldt-rs 
t1 tbe Nei^'blfuurhood Kot having any Interest in the Lands 
About Wliicb Sucb diitpuli; may A.ri»e The 8aiil Freeholders to 
bt MUiiinaDed by the Constable of tbe Town Manor or Precinct 
vbere 8ocb dispute Sball Arise by Virtue of a Warrant to be 
bncd by the said Two Justicos for that puri)0^ And tf said 
Soads by the Cominissioneni So laid oat Stiatl be pnbllck It<ia(la 
a»d of poblick and General ReneQt tlieu the value of Such 
deatcd and improved Lands liirougb Which the Said Boada 
8ball be laid out Rhall be a poblick Coiioty Charge and the 
Sapcrrison of said County are hereby directed to Allow the 
ome tofetbcr with the Charges of Calling a Jury their Ver- 
dict and the whole prociN^llngs tJiereon bad But If Roads So 
laid oat Shall be I'rivatc Souds and for ^e particular Con- 
leoiency of one or more DiRiricta Township or Nelj^bboarhood 
Sncb privale Persons Towtisliips Districts or Nelgbbonr- 
requiring the Kame Slmll defray tlie nbole Oliargo of the 
Value of the aaid Cleared or improved Lands to be paid to the 
feraoo or I'ersons Injured And thnyugh whose cleared Lands a 
pcirate Itoad shall be laid together wi.<h the Wagca of the 
OMBOiissionei-s ihe (charge of Calling the Jnry and of their Ver- 
Het nad of the Whole proceedings theroiMi had. 

AAD BK IT farther Knacted by the same Authority That If 
uy Person or Persons within the Said County do iff ber«nf.'.er 
SiMii wllhont the CunMent of the Comniissioncrs or the Major 
Rirt of them for the Town or Place fcH- which they are by this 
Alt appt^ted Commissioners Alter Stop up or lo»i4en any High- 
vny or Boad £hat baa l>eeo heretofure laid out by former Com- 
■IssioDefS accordkig to Law or shall hereafter be laid oat by 
tke Commissioners Najiied in Ibis Act Sucb pentoD er Persons 
So Oflftndlog contnuj to the Meaning of this Act Siiall for everj] 



•acb OFFENCE forfeit Uie Sum of Forfy Shniinga to h 
covered before any jusUoe of the peace upon the Oath of cny 
one Witness and levied by Warrant from nn; Justice of the 
peace directed to the Constable of tlie Town or plac* where 
Such offence is Committed by dialrainiog the Goods and 
Chatties of the Offenders Ajid tbe mid ConHlable After 81 
Day« Publick Notice la ^ven by him of Selling the Said dis- 
ii-ess Shall mahe Sale thereof and out of the prodace pay the 
Said Forfeiture and Charges and Return th« Overplus If any 
there be to the Owner or Owners which Said forffitare of Forty 
BhiUlnga Shall be applied by Site Surreyor of lh« nigtiwayn for 
and towards Repairing the publick Roads and Bridges wltlila 
the Town or Precinct where Such Forfeiture Shall Arise. 

AND be It Enacted by the Same Authority that all publick 
Roods that Shall be laid out by the Commissioners Shall be of 
the Breadth of Four Roda except through Ueadow or Improved 

AND be It further Enacte<I by the Authority Aforesaid That 
If any Common publick Road or Highway Shall be laid throagh 
nny meiulows Improred Ground or Cornfields the Ureodlh o 
the Said Road Shall bo left to the discretion of the Commls- 
sioneraor the Major part of themfor thcTowo orProolnct wh<»re 
Such Road Shall run as Aforesaid PROVIDED Tbe Breadth of 
such Road shall Not exceed twenty feet 

AND be it further Enacted by tbe snld Authority Ibat tbe 
Inhabitants of tbe WespectSve TownsorPreclnctshy and through 
which any common publick Tlishways or Roads have or Stuill 
Run or be horcaftvr AsocrtaJned or laid out Shall be and hereby 
are obliged to Clear and Maintain the Same by Cutting and 
Stubbing op tbe Brush and lopping ofT the Limbs of the Tree* 
that bang over Ibc Said Roads the Bn?ai)ih of Two Rods and 
palling Dp the Stooea that can be Moved and to Carry them oat 
of the Roads at Iwirt the breadth of one Rod And Bo often aa 
they or any of them Shall hare Notice from nny of the Re- 
spective Commlarfonera Sunrcyora or Overseers of the tligbwaya 
for the time being they sbaJI iti tbplr Turns either by them- 
selves or by Able Slaves or Borvnnts Clear level and Amend 
the Highways not exceeding Six Days In the Year onder the 
penalty of three Shillings for each Day evpry Person or Persona 
Shall Nej:Iect or Refuse Such Service to be levied by the Coo- 
stable In each Town or Precinct by dlstross and Sale of such 
OCteaden Goods and Chatties by Warrant from the Overseers 



ejors of the nigliwajs for tlie time T>etog Id each Be- 
e Towo or I'reiJncI wbere BucU Offence slinli be com* 
■Itted retarnlDg (be Overplus of sncfa sale (If any be) to tb« 
Owner or Owners the Consiable betcg Qnt paid for tils paiiiA 
ud Trouble out of the ULSTKX':t^S and Sale m is usual in oOier 
euct PROVIDED that nothing lu ttiU Att Contained Shall be 
Oaatroed to impower the Heapective Coramisulouera Surveyors 
or Orcraeers of ihe Ilinhways for the tlnif being dnring the 
•>iDtiBtuuic« of this Act to Compell the Inbabitants of the 
TovDs and Precincts tbroiijih which part of a Koad is laid out 
b/ Vlnae of aa Act of Assembly Emilulcd ''An Act lop the bet- 
^Bler pcrfeciine and Ccnipb-nting a pnblick Comnmn Highway 
^^^nugb ibc Conntyof UI»tiT"pussc-diulhe&ec<^nd Yuaa-of his 
^ff^Mles Bei<^ That Is to ftay From JulTrouws Hook So on to 
tbe Kortbwanl as for us the Uoundont-Cnek or common Land- 
iog otlun-wise than Making tUat part of the Bald Road flt for 
TniTi'IIens od Ilorwbnck and Marking the Trees whore Necessary 
PROVIDED ALWAYS aid It Is heieby further Enacsed by the 
Anthiirlvy Aforesaid That all Trees StandlDg or lying In any 
Persons Load, through which aoy common pnblldc Higliway or 
Boad is or ^hall bc laid out be for the proper use of the Owner 
or Owtten of the Same But the owners Shall Not binder the 
Surveyor or Snn-erors oC the High Ways from Making ose of 
•0 murh Timber Standing or lying on that Koad as will Amend 
Ibe said Liif^hway or Bridges leuding through that T^aud 

AND be It fortlier Enacted by the authority aforesaid That 
ff the Orerseers of the Ill;.-hwaji-8 and Roads Shall think flt and 
hare occacdon of any Team Cart or Wuggou a.nd aman tomaii- 
tge the ewae Tlie Said Tf«m Cai-t or Waggon Shall be esteemed 
to be for in lien nod instead of Two Days Work of One Man 
•ad ibe Fioe 10 be pmjiarllonable That is double to the Fine 
to be bniiosc'd for the Neglect of one Pen«Qn And every Working 
Uao Shall Im? obliged to bring Such Tools as Spiides Axes Crows 
Pick Axes orotber Uten»Il»iis Sliull be directed by the orerseers 
of the Highways. 

AND be it furlhcr Enactod by the Said Authority That if any 
of the CommisBioners herein Apitoiuted Shall Neglect Refuse 
or delttjr to put the Several Clauses in Execution wbicb are 
Ventiooed and expressed as their Doty In this Act if thereunto 
iT^oIrvd or Shall happen to Die Ri-move out of the Town or 
Fryftnct for which he or they is or are appointed Oommissiouera 



It ihall and May then be tawfiiH for tlie Frechoiaers ai 
Uabilanta of any Such Towu or Precinct where It may happea' 
to Cliuse and Elect at thjetr annual Election ly plarallty 
of Voices tn bl« or Ibeir SteacI aaoLlier Cotnmis.sioucr or Cojn- 
miBaioners Id Such place or places where Such Refusal Neglfct 
l>eath or Removal Shall So happen atid the Name or Names 
Shall be TraDsmilled by the Constable of Such Town or Precinct 
Where (t Shall so happen to the Clerk of the Peace tor SAID 
County And the Comniiasioner or Commissioners So Elected 
Shall be under tlie same Restriolious and have the same powet^^ 
And Antbority's as those Named and Appointed by this Act. fl 

AND be it Enacted by the Authority AforeRsld That th» 
CommlBKionerfl of each Reapectire Town or Precinct for whidi 
they are Respectively Appoiutcd Shall from lime to time during 
the Continnance of this Act enter in Writing all highways or 
Roads by them laid out Altered or Stopp'd up and Sign the 
Same by putting their Names thereto and cause the Same to 
be entered tn the County Record by the Cterk of the Peace who 
is hereby directed and Required to Record the wune And whata*- 
eTcr the 9ftld Commi««ioner» sliall do according to the powers 
t'Uen them by this Act beina so entered in the County Record* 
Hhatl be deemed Valid und good to all Inteata and purposes^ 

AND be It Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid That eael 
Commis«oner appointed op hereafter to he Elected by Virta* 
of this Act Shall have and Receive a Bum not exceeijinc Sii 
ShilUnga each Day as a Reward for hts or thL-ir care and trouble" 
In laying out or Resulatlng- the nighways in the Resiicotlv* 
Towns or Precincts for whinh they are Severally appointed I 

AND he It Knaotfsl by the same Authority That npon Ih* 
ordering of any one or more of the Jnstict-s of the Peace or any 
one or more of tiie Commlwiooers within the Town or Precinct 
for which he or they are appointed as Aforesaid The Surveyor 
OP Bun-eyora of the Town or Precinct Shall within Four Day* 
tlicreafter Warn nnd set to work the Reiipfctlve Inhabitants to 
mend and Rc^r the Kings Ronds and Ilridip^s which by law 
and cusfotn they are obliped to repair And If any of the sar- 
veyoTS alinll Negleet or Refnw to Warn and Set to Work tb« 
Inhabitants as Aforemid nnd See the said Roads Bridges and 
Highways Amended and Repaired Such Surveyor or Surveyors 
shall for ctmj Sndi Keglect or Refusal forfeit and po; a flu 



•f Pony Shillings to h^ adjddced by act] Recovered before any- 
•we (rf hia Majeetiw Jiinticcw of ilie Vnicv fwr Said County upon 
the Oath of any «nie Witness or tm tlie View of any one of the 
CommiB^inn-n within hts or Oitir District In the common and 
Vwtul Mfthod Which Fine Sliall he apiilled towards rcpuiring 
tt* aald Highways in Such Town or Precinct wherein the Same 
aid arise 

I AXD be U furlher Enacted bv the Authorily Aforwaid Thatt 
all Wacgon« which Shall be u*ed In any of the Ilighwaya in the 
CooBty of lister Sliall be m made that the Rpare between the 
Bur of Traclc which they Shall Make Hholl ho from the Outside 
of the one Wheel to tlie «iil>ide of the olhcr Wheel 7And the 
KAIT* \Vhp..-ls niii)«t Slimd Abreast on the Axel Yrc^') four foot 
bk(1 Ten Inches Encltsh Afeasure and do more or less tipoa 
f«&ally of Twenty Khillin^ Current Jlonpy of this Ooiony to he 
f^eorered before any of his Majestit-a Jiiallces of tlie (teace 
wber? the Fact Shall tiapiicn to be eomniH^ed at the Snit and to 
\hr I'roillt of I'im or them that Shall inform and Sne (n- ij.e 
Game PROVIDED Ihal all Persons Sulijeclpd by iliis At ta 
any of the penalty's or Forfeitures on defau!.; IhtTi'in mentioned 
shall be legally Summoned to appear and be heard before 
3uil|iein«>ot tiivoo 

PHONTDED ALWAYS and it is hereby farther Enaetea by 
ih^ Aathorlty Aforesaid Tbat where the Inhnbltanis of a Rmall 
>-->jbbDarhood or Plantalioti Hhall desire to hare a publick 
tli«d laid ont the Commisaioners Aforpi-aid shall not be 
ftlluwe^ In Iny out such and so many Roads as the Said Inliahlt- 
ants may be desirous to have but only one publick Way leading 
froiD sacb Xeii^hbonrhood or Plantation to the nearest Piiblicli 
Jtt'ay or I-anding I'laee from Wbi-nce they can travel or trans- 
fitrt Goods to other Towns or Landing places And Where It 
Fboll be ■\eoex3arT to lay out a Reed fi-om one District as Ihey 
air In this Act joined to anolhiT lUstrlt-t The Commissioners of 
tetb Towns or Precincts or plaren nre to Meet together and 
ObbsoU Where snch Road can be laid in *he best and Slreightest 
Manner and lo lay out the tcame iii-i-or<lln);lT to the end sneh 
Bnsds may Not only Correspond with each other but be laid ont 
■id Carried on In the nioAt Conrenient and shortest ^fanner 
tfcenatnre of .ihe louid will Allow. 

' A\D b* It further Enacted by the Siiine Anthorlty Tliat II 
ttall and may b« Lawfull for any person or Persons to hang 
ft'oL IV. & 



goofl easy Swinging Gatofl In th'e Bald Connty'on ^uch blgS 
Kouds and private Wa,vs an the Comaiisttionprs or the grculer 
>'uii)ber of ^cm Shall tliink fitting Sucb I'crson or PersoDft 
Eoc-piug the same ia good aod Sufllcleiit Kc^ir at thc-ir own^ 
Costs and Chnrges. ^ 

AXD be It furllier Enacted by the AatlioritT Aforeaaid Tliat 
the CoramisBionera appointed by Virto« of this Act for the 
Towosliip of (he Xew Pultz arc hereby fully Impowfrcd to take 
a Review of the Bwiiiging Gates on tlie publiok Ronclfl thai lead 
through any of the improved Lands or Comlields of £he 
(Freeholders and Iiitiabilants of said Towiiatilp of the KeW 
ViiMr, And if th(.' Said Cmumiosi oners or thv Major p»rt of tltem 
BboJI jndge it Necessary to Remove any or all the said Gntca to 
any otlier place or places on the Said RoAds Where the Mid 
Gates may be more Conveniently placed as well for Traveilera 
aa for the Makinj; of thur Circular Fcnce» the Said Commla- 
■loners are hereby impowcred and Authorize to Remove the 
■ame Aci-ordingly And if any person or Porsons tliat at any 
linjc during TUK ConUnnaneeof .Uiis Act pas* or Repa«s tliroucb 
any Swinging Oate or Oalcs that Shall be allowed by the said 
Commissioners and shall not shut the Same Shall for every Such 
Neglect or offence forfeit the Sum of Twenty Shillings to be 
reeovepod before any one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace 
for Said County lu the Kanie Manner aa other Ones arc directed 
to be Recovered by this Act, 

AND be It Enacted by the Authority Afoi-esaid that this Act 
■hall l>e and Remain of Force from liie Qrat Day of January Oae 
tbouaand Seven hundred and fifty Six to the lirct Day o( Jnaa- 
AT^ One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty Six 

[CnAPTER 1002.1 

[CTiaptfF IOCS, of Van Schnnck. noil eliMpicr SI (vol. 2) of Llrlnprtoa 
fiulUi* Wbei* tbe act la printed ia full, l lie uct iviifiUtsl U ctispier 75 

'An Act to enable the Inbabltaats of I 
tter County to Elect and Chuse Surveyors 
the Highways in the said County and to Re> 
peal a certain Section of an Act therein Hen 

[ras3«d. Fetiroarj ID, 175ai 

'BE IT ENACTED by bis Ecellency the Governor the CoancB 
Ud the General Assembly and It la herebj^ Eaacted by, the 



cadi Bcspectlve Town rrm-inct or Divisioa witliiii the Couotj 
of FIku' Kfaoll be and berc-by are aurJioHu^l and Impowered al 
Iktir AoDtiiil Mwtincd for Eici-tinc Trtwn oniooni (o Clinw nnd 
Sltct at the aaiiiL* lime iw mmij I'ltsodh to be Survr-yors of the 
Blj^WBjs in each Respective Town Precinct or DiriBlon as the 
U^^eritT of the Frot-lioldcrs and fabiibitanta of eacb Respective 
I«wa rreeiuct or Divlaioo of the said Cuuiity then Met shall 
]«dge Ke9Mai7 for the Orereecing Meiidiug and Kct>pSng la 
Brpftlr the several hiyliu-avR In the Kospective Towing Pr<'*rincta 
nr DivlsioiM for t»hicli they Shall be Elected and Chosen ia 
lUnner Aforesaid 

AND be It further Enacted by tte Antliorlly Aforesaid that 
tf any dUpaie h1i.i11 Arisv between the Itespective StirveyoM 
Afxr^mid concerning which nishway or pnrt of any niRhway 
cy or any of Ihetn «re to Mend and keep in Repair and how 
Men they are to direct to amend or Repair nny Hiich TTlRh- 
way or part thereof the naune ihnll be determined by the Com- 
^aatioaen appointed by Law to lay out Pli^h Ways In each re> 
qwetirc Town Precinct or Division In the County nforesnid and 
1^ two JiwUee* of the Peace living In Oio Next Town Precinct 
DlrUtAa wbere the dispute Shall happen who are hereby Im- 
bwer«d and dirtrtod to determine the name and to f^lve or 
Tm4f an order ander their hands and b^eals to the Surveyor or 
eBrreyon of their reniiective Towns Precincta or nirisions whicli 
Blchway or part thereof he or they shall Amend luid Repair 
t«e«ther with the number of Pernons Rnch Rnrveyor or Survey- 
VI of (be Uigh Ways are to diretrl for keeping snch Highway, 
■r part then^f in Repair 

A>'D be it Enacted by the authority Afore«a!d that the spr- 
Weenth or lout Section of one Certain Act Entiluled "An Act 
•to dlride the Soothem part of the County of Ulster into Pre- 
■dneta and to enable the Cflrporation of KInjpilon nnd the 
'Manor at Foxball to chupe and Elect one Snpcrvizor more and 
'fnr BepalalinK the Pupervlzora and As8e«!wrs within the nald 
Cmmtr" Paused in the Keventeuth Year of his Majesties Relcn 
nail be And hereby is Repealed and every Matter nnd tlilns in 
Oe PiM SccUoD contained rendered void and of Koae effect 



(CHAPTER 1003.] 
[Cliapter 1003, at \%n Scbiuick, ani] chapter 82 (voL 3) of Uttnuaton fc 
Smith, whiTo th* acl U prluud In TulL S*c cftapiw 3rt and HB. Tbe 
mci redled as pa«HfU In i!ie nftb year of WUIIom and Uarj iras enacted 
in Ui« aiitb year of Uint tvi^a. Tbo tints for coUnaon to pay la tb» 
UXM In lacreued bj cbapler 1338 

'Ad Act for the fnrthpr Rxplalntngf sn 
rendering more effvctiinl the two Act iliercin 
MentioBoJ So far as they relate to the City 
^'ew York 

" [Foascd. Pobmarr 19, 1TQQ.1 


WHEREAS In anti br an Art made and paused In (he fiftlH 
Tear of Ihe Iteign of King WilUain and Qucvu Mary Entitole^^ 
"An Act for PeitMng a Miuistrr cJid raUint; a Maintenance for 
"them [n the City of New York County of Uiclimond Wwt- 
" Chester and Qneenn County " it is provided and Enacted Anumg 
otlier tbintra that a Roll of the Tax to be ralaed for the Purpows 
in the &»iA recited Act Menlioned Hliull be delivered into the 
hands of the Reapective Co&stables of the 8aid City Counties 
Parisbea and Precincts therein mentioned and Bigned by any 
two Justicvii of the Peace iinpowering him or them to Levy Ibe 
said Tax and upon refusing to destrain and sell by Pabilc 
octcry and Pay the name inio the hands of the Church Warden 
And it is therein and lliervby further provided and Enat-te. 
that if the said Constables or any of them fail of their Out, 
herein Ihey Shall respeetively forfeit Fire Pounds Current Mone 
of Xew York AND WIIEKEAP in and by Another Act made and 
passed in the fourth Ymr of the Iteign nf Queen Anne Inlltiilei 
"An Act for the tietter explaining and More Effectually puttin, 
"in Execution an Act of the ncnoral Assembly Eotituled An' 
" Act for Bettling a Ministry and Riiiainii a Mainienanee for them 
" in the City of New York County of Kiohmond Westchester an 
•• Qneens Coonty " It is Enacted that all and Rin^rnlar the Fine: 
Penalties and Forfeitures menlioned in (he i«ime Act shall 
reeoTered before any of lils Majesties Justices of the Peace for 
the respective Counties for the lime being 'Where such penalties 
SbaJI be incurred NotwilliBtanding which no parilcolar Pro- 
Tision la made nor power given or Method prescribed In case 
where the Constables havinp had the Tax Roll delivered nnto 
them and hare been Reniis« In tJolleuting or luvUig Collected 




tfie lain^ tave refas^d or delayed (o pay tli** Monlct by ihfva 
Collccled luto die Imods of thi- CliurcLt Wui-di-ait us by Itiv first 
above Recited Act U directed IN order therefore the more 
etTi'Ctuany to prevent tiie Neglect or ReniiNneisIn CoastablcH for 
the future in tbc C\ij of New York and to Compell tbem to 
ColK-ct and Pay siich Sum sod Sums of Money as 8hnll here- 
after be laid and aMtewrd on the iaid City itud CouDly for (he 
tiM-B Ends and purpoara In the Aforesuid Beclted Acts or either 
of them Mentlani-d and oxprewed 

BE IT ENACTED by his Excellency the Governor the Council 
and the General Aasemhly and It la lit-rehy Enacted by the 
authority of the l^ame That if any Constable or ConBtiibte* of 
the Raid City and County of New York to whom tlie Boll for 
Collrrtlni; the Tuxeie in Virtne of the above Beciti.-d Acta or 
I'ither of them 8HALL not Collect or baviuf; Collected the 
Uouies in such Koll or Kolla AaKc-uwd or 8vt down aad BhaJl 
Neglect n-fuee or delay to I'ay the amount or Total Sum in Sucb 
Boll or R<illa ineutiooed except n'tulolnt; in hlK or their handa 
to much Money aa in the above Bccitvd Act or Actit for his and 
their Collectioff Rerelvinp; and Payinf; Is Allowed and Also ao 
roarh as by a Committee of the Justices and Vestrymen Stuill be 
Allowed for Poor uud lusotvcnt Deblon and that on or t>pton; 
the Twenty fifth day of Uurcb Next Ensvfng the Publication 
hereof and so on or bcTofv evf-ry Twenty fifth day of Maroh for 
ever hereafter Then and In either of auch Case it Slull and may 
be Lttwfull and the Church Wardens of the City and County of 
Kew York afoi-fwiid are hon-by Slriolly Comniuuded and Be- 
quired to Apply to the Mayor or Recorder and one or More 
Aldermen Who are hereby respoctively Authoriiced and Im- 
powered in a Riiiiimiiry Way 1o hear Try and determine the Same 
and Cpon Comitlioii the turn so unpaid by sui-b Constable or 
ConatublrB respectively shall be raised and levied on the Goods 
and Chatties of tbt' otTeiider or offenders by Warrant under the 
hands and Kenla of the JlaBiBtralca bffore whom Smh offender 
or ofTeoderv Hball be Convicted and if no goods or Chuttlea 8hall 
be found on which to destraiii It Shall and may be Lawful! to 
the MaRistrutcs who beard and determined the Cause to Commit 
the ofTender or offenders to the Common Goal without Ball or 
Ifalnprlze there to remain anllll the Hum of money found to be 
In arrear by the Ua(ri«t™ipa before whom the Tryal and Con- 
rlcdon was bad together with the Coats Attending the Same 




be laii ADd Satisfied and llie Said Magistrates Sliall be ^ 
hereby are fully inipo»-^r«l directed and Retjuiri-d to hear Try 
and detemiloe these Matters to the Manner Aforesaid and to 
Klve Judgment and If Deed l)e to Award Exeeotlou thereon and 
to Issue a Warrant or Warrants for Couimituient of SotU 
Offender or Offender* as the Case luaj require W^bicb Sum or 
tiums of Money Ho to be recovered by vjrtne hereof Shall be paid 
into the hands of the Churcb Warden of the wiid City an 
County of New Yorli (0 be by tbem Applied and disponed a: 
In the Serera! Acta Above redlod or other acts respecting the 
Maiutennnce of (lie Minister and Poor are directed and required 
Any thing in Any Act or Arts touching (he Settling a Ministry 
or Malnlnining the I*oor to the Contrary hereof in anywUe Not- 

[CHAI'TER 1004.] 

TCfaapIcr loot, of Vnn Soliuiii.-k. iiml chut'tcr 83 (vol. S) of Uvlnsstoo A 
EuiiUi, vLetc tbt tltlo only [a prlndd.) 

Ad Act to impower the Freeholders and 
Inliabitanlii of Richmond County to RaJae by 
way of Lottery a Sum not exa-eding the Sum 
of One hundred and Fifty rounds to Purchase 
Arms and AivoutrcuK'ntK for the use of sacb 
Persons in the aaid County as are unable to 
provide themselvea therewith. 

ie&a»eii. Fcbrnary 19, 1760.1 

~^*nEREA8 the Inhabitants of Richmond County by their' 
hunihle Petilion prcfen-ed to the GeutTUi Aswnibly Setting 
forth the inability of Numbers of them to Provide themselves with 
Anus and Accoutrements ncc-ordiug to t.nw Whereby they are 
not only liable to Such FinesaH the Law in that casv directs bat j 
bUo unable In case of Emergency to make a proper defence have fl 
therefore prayed to have leave to mise by way of Lottery a Sum 
not exceeding ihe sum of One liuudrrd and fifty Pounds to por- k 
chase arms and Accoutrements for the use of Such as arc unable ■ 
to Provide themselves therewith " 

BE IT THEREFOItE Enacted by his Excellency the Qorernor 

the Cooncil and the General Assembly and It is hereby Enacted 

rby the Authorlly of Ihe same That It shall and may be Lawfull 

' to and for the Freeholder* and Inhabitants of Richmond County 

and they are hereby permitted and allowed to Batoe by way ol 



terj a Sum not exceeding tbe Aum of On? Iiundred and '&lij, 
■ds for jjtirciiaMiiii; Arms and Aci-outrctiiL-iitu for ibe OW 
Sueh of Uie INUAIilTANTS wttliln the said County as are 
Boablc to provide tbvtuscivcs tlicrewitti uccording to Law arul 
for BO oElifrr DM.' or purpttse \Vliac»oevi>r Any tiling ConUilned la 
on* Act of tills Colon/ E»titul«] "An Act to prerent Pritate 
"Lotier/'s in this Colony" Passed in the Twenty first ;ear of 
lib Majesties Beigo to the Contrary Kotnithstandiug. 


ICnAPTEB 1005.J 

|Cbi|itcr IWa, or Van Setuack, at>d cliapUf 61 (tdI. 2> of Llvln^iton ft 
took, wbc-re tbe act la (dnicd Id tnlL Coatintud b>- iliuiiiera llUi iumI 
XBL Amcndnl and Uto reward Increased by cbap(«r 1003.) 

^^^H 'An Act to encourage the taking and de- 

^^H Ctroying of Wild CaU in the County of Kuflollc 

^^^' [fnawd. Ffbruary 10. ITM.J 

' BE IT ENACTED by hta Excellency llie Governor the Council 
ud thv Qeocral Amembly and it is hereby Enmetvd t>y the 
l&otltority of ttie eome That from and after the FublicatioQ of 
thli Act Wlialfvcr Pfi-sou or Persona Fn-encin or Slave iSbuJI 
take Kill and deatroy any Wildcat or Wildcat* their Catling op 
Catiings in the Couuty of t^ulTolk tSIiall biLve and receive as a 
I cewar«l for each Wild Cat so taiien kilM and destroyed the Sum 
I of Eight ShilllDpi And for every such Catling under a Year old 
■» taken killed and desuoyed the suin of Four Sblilinga Current 
mooer of ihia Colony 

AJND to tlie end the Reward AboTeroontloned may be truly 
paid and dlKcharfied ItE IT ENACTED by the authiH-ily Afore- 
■ald That the Person or Persons taking killing and destroying 
any Wild Cat or Wild Cats their Catling or CatllnRs In llie 
Coanty Aforesaid and Carrying tbe bead or heads thereof wilh 
tke entire Skin thereon to any one Justice of the Peace of the 
Bid County (who upon view thereof and Examination of tbe 
Party and ClrcuuisranrcD flodlnt; the Mine to hare t>ecn taken 
kllkd and destroyed in the County Aforesaid) is hereby obliged 
tkereapon to give a Certificate ttipreof Gratis and to Mcuttoa 
therelD the name or names of the Person or Persons that hud 
6o taken Killed and destroyed Such Wild Cat or WUd Cats Cut- 
Sag or Catlings the tiuie nhen and to distiDgiii^tb which are full 
inwii *nd vbich are under tbe age of one year After which 


tbe'Rarn of Sodi Wild Cat of Wild Cti\* Cutlinp or CatlinKS So 
Copliat-d are to be cut off In the prpwnce of ttie mid Justice 
tind Such Certiflcate being product^ to the Suporviiors of the J 
Biiid Connlj tlie snid Sapcrrlzora Shall nnd bert'by are obliged ■ 
at Ihi-ir Annual Mpptin^a lo order the Trwisurer of the said " 
Couniy to Pay unto the parfy or Pail.v's So pi<«lii<-ing suth Cer- 
tiflcatc or to bis or their assigns the reward allowed and e«tab- 
lished by this Act And the eaid Reward Khali be dwiiiod a 
County CharBeand raistd k-ried aiweitsed iind rolIccU-d loRether 
w^ith Ihe other Kccessary and Contingent Charg^-g of the County: 
Afoimaid. Tliii* act lo Continue remain and be of Force untill 
the First day of Janoary whieh will be in the Vear ot out Lot4_ 
Ooe thousaad Seven hundred and SixtjQ 

(CHAPTER 1000.] 

rChnptM- 10M. of Van ScUnnck. nnd chapter fiS frol. SV Of T.lvInffftlMi . 
Emitti, wbere ilic tlil« oulj I* prlnlnl Si* chaplcr 06*. ExplrcO Jantt 
try 1, I'Ca FroTklud for by clmplcr UOai ' 

Ad Aq£ lo Rcrire an 'A'ct KnIMuled 'A'o 
Act to prevent Damages by «n-ine in thd 
County of Oninge and Some parts of lM»lcr 
County and for Repealing all other Acts coo- 
ccrnlng the Same wllhio tho Said County i^ 
Onugc wiih some Addition 

(raMwl. Fi-lwttary 18, 1TM.I 

'WHEREAS an act Kutituled "AN Act to prevent DamaKca 
"by Swine in the Coonty of Orange and some parts of Ulaler 
"County nnd for Repealing all other Acts ronecrning Ibe Mune 
"within the Said County of <lrange" Passed in tlie Eleventh 
Year of his majesties Ri-ipu was Dy n SubseipieDt Act con- 
dinned to the flntl duy of Novomher ln«t nnd no longer, And the 
Said Act by Experience baring been found to be very beneQdal 
to the Raid (Viiinllesi, 

BE IT TUKIlKFiHtK Knacted by liifi Excellency the Governor 
the Council and tbe OeneraJ Assembly and it is hereby Enacted 
by Ihe Atilhoiify of the Same That the Above Menlioned Aci 
Gutituled "An Act to ptx-i'ent damages by Swine in Our County 
•■ of Orange and Some parts of fl«tep County and for Repealing 
" all other Act* conc<-nil»B the Same within the said County of 
■* Orange " Shall be and hereby l» Revived and every, Article 


ler and Clause thei^In contained Enacted to bo Bnd 
»«"aiD in full force from the pultiicalion Uoreof uuUl the first 
Axs "f .latiuurj On<» Uii>u»uid Seven Imiidnd and Sistir. 

A>.'D be U furtlicr Enack-d Uy ihe Amliorily Aforesaid Tliat 
tbe Owner or Owners of Every Hwine Above twelve month* old 
«rbich Pliall be lin[Kiiinded slmll i>iiy excluaife of tlie damap'-s 
|he ram of Tliree ShilJinfH am! for everj- Swine above Six 
llooUis old and under Twelve the Rum of Two Shillings .And 
for every Swfne under the Ape of »ix SIontliB the Suurof One 
^hilling Any ibinp in ihe before mentioned Act to ilie ContjiuX 

[CRAPTEB 1007.] 

rCtapter 1007. of T»n (!<-linfl.-k. ami cboptcr Sfi (rftL 2) of UrlngBtOO ft 
CKllh, vbers Ifao tct Is prt^lcd la full.] 

iVn Act to Enable tlie Ppoprktors or 
owners of that part of liie great pluins in 
QueeJis Connty wlik-ti lies wLtbin the Town- 
ships of Tli'mpstoad and OystL-rttav and Is iiM-d 
W» a common of rasturc to hang Sw inRiug Onti-8 
oo tlie hishwa.vB running thro" the Said Plains 
and to establish Prudential orders and Itales 
with respect to the Alanagcnieut of the Said 

[Fused, rebroary 19, ITTML] 

W UK RE AS the rroprlefors or owners of (hat part of the 
Great I'lalnn In Qiieen*t Owiiity which lies within the Townships 
of Bempatead and (lyBlerbay have by their humfile Petition Set 
Forth tlmt the Said Plain is n»ed by them an a Common I'Hsttire 
Hiat the Hnid Comtnon lyin^ open and not Inclosed gront Kum- 
IxTn of Cattle of all Kinds from the NeighltourinK Towna and 
PUDtat!oui» having no rlRht therein do enter and Craze on Ihe 
nid Commoa to the great dnmagt^ of the Proprietors or ownerit 
(bcreof That for prevenling Puch Injury for dhe fntnre they 
pwipeae to Inelotte the Said Common in a Cirenlar Fence but 
that Bereral High Ways running thro* the Said Common which 
b of large extent they cannot inclow the wimo without a very 
emi expencc unless .they may be permitted to hang easy Swing. 
Ill Gaten oa the Bald Highways .\nd have therefore htimbly 
ftmjti that they may lie Enabled by an Act to haag Swinda^ 



Oafea on tlit Saia Hlgliways ainl to make proflcntral OrJenima 
Eiiles for the llanageint-Dt of the Said CoiDiuon Wliich Petition 
t>eing conoelred bighl; reasonable _ M 

HE IT EXACTED hy his Kxcolleney'j'&^'GoTernor'lhe Coon-B) 
eil and (he OeDcral Aseembty and It U herebjr Enactwi by the 
AvtliorSly or the Same Tliat Ihe IVorirk-tom or Owuers of that 
part of the Great plains la Queens Couulj Wbirh lit-n within tJie 
Townships of Ilempsiend and Oj-sterbaj Shall be and hereby are 
peruiilled and allowed to hang Good easy Pwinnlng Ontea on 

' the Highways running tliro" tlie Paid I'lainR Always provided 
that no more than three Gates ^hall be placed on tbe Hijrhway 
or Koad tha.^ ia nov commonly nM'd ttiro' the Said Plain 
from the ITonsc of Gilbert Cli-racnm at the West cnfl of the 
Baid Plain to and along by the Uoane of Jonas Valentine at the 
Kaat end of the snid Plain and PROVNtED Ibat the Bald jhr«e 
nates and nil other Gales Placed on any other HighWny Rua- 
ninc thro' the Said Plain lie left open from the firot day of No- 
■vrmber to the first Day of ApHI Yearly Any thing In any of h 
ihe ActB of this Colony to the Contrary Kotnithstandini? | 

AND he it fnrtlier Enacted by the anlborlty aforesaid that 
where any Pei-son or Persons have already Inelosed Iheir Bbarea 
or part thereof of the SAID Plain In a Particniar Inclosure for 
their Bole benefit ihey Shall make and maintain the whole 
Fence of Such I'arllcalar Inclosnre at their own Kxpence, 
AKD be It forther Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid that i 

[ where the WateHog plane* tn which the Catile feeding on (he 
Baid l*lain do usually Rt^^ort He at Some Small dlslnnce from the 
Baid Plains it Shall and may be lawful) for the Proprietors or] 

. owners of the Bald Plnlns tn plaee Ibeir Gates In Such Manner as 

.Ibat the Cultle fec-diug on the Said I'laius may go to and Ketiiru 
from the Bald Watering Places without any Otwlmction | 

AND be 11 ftirtlier Enacted liy the authority Aforesaid Tliat 
the Proprietor* or Owners of the ttforo«aid I'lalos Shall he and 
hereby are enabled and impowered respectively to make Saeh 
prndential ordeni Rules and Regulations for the Management 
of the Said Common and to lmpo«c Bucb Pennlly's on the of- 

ifeiiders against the Said Orders Rnlea and Kegiilaliona not 
eseeeding Twenty Shillings for each offence as the Majority 
of the Said Proprietors or owners respectively Shall from time 
to time jndKp neeewiary Which Sjiid orders Itides and llegJila- 
tlons lM.-ing Entenil In Hooka to be provided by the Snid Pro- . 
prietors or Ov neis n-K[nM-tlrcly and lodged to the hands of tlietr j 


Itc Clerks Pball bu ROod and Valid to all Tntents Con- 
icHous and Parposes unlill they Bliall be alicrwl or dfclaied 
Void bjr Ibe Majority o( tlie Bald Proprietors op ownetB r*- 
■pc-ctlrelj any iliju'^ in iiu; of the Acts uf this Colouy to the 
^CoDtrnrr Kotwithstanding 

~ AND be It further Enacted by (lie anthorlty Aforesaid That 
lie rroprietora or owners of the said Plains respectively Shall 
_be and hereliy are eiialik-d and iniiwwt-reiJ by Majority of Vwtces 
Elect and make (lioice of one or more Pcmoa or Persons to 
f-mand 8ne for and receive all the penalty's and rorftntiire* 
l-hicb shall be incurw-d by the brosich of the Said Orders Rules 
aod Regulations Wbirb Kaid penalties and Forfeitures So re- 
corered Pball be applii-d to Piich nses as the Sfajority of the 
fitid l>roprietors or Uwacrs re^pectivdy Bhult order aod direct 

fcnApTETt mos-i 

ICtaptM- lOOa, of Van Sfbuack. ntifre the title ooty Is prtnti>d. Chnpttr 
ST IvoL 7i of Llvlos»toD & Sinltb. nticre tlw latlvr portlDU ot tlic act 
li prist vd.J 

An Act for the payment of the Dehls dne 
from this Colonj and other purposes thereEa 

[TaBaeil. April 1. ITnC] 

: IT ENACTED by bt« Excellency the Governor the Council 
tbe Qenc-ral Assembly and it is herpby Enacted by the 
nrtI:orit.'rof I he Same that the Treamircr of this Colony Bhall [>ay 
and he is hereby din.-cted out of thc> IntLTi-xl money ariMuii hy 
Virtue of an Act Rolltiiled "Ao Act for Emitting Bills of Credit 
' for ibv paymi-nt of Ihi- lH'bi:!» nnd for rlie belter Siip(>«irt of Ilia 
'Oorefumeut Of this Colony and otlicr purpo«es thtTt-in men- 
' tinted " iwiftsed In the Elerenlh Year of his Majesties Reijto 
id oat of the moneys arisen by the Dutifs and Itnpowtions 
Ertnled by an Act Enlimkd "An Act for grautinf; to his JIajesty 
'the Several diillea and impositions on floods Wares and Mer< 
'ehaadlzes import*^ Into ihlK Colony therein Metilioned" And 
'ooi of the nicmies Ariwn by Virtue of an Act Entiliiled "An Act 
"(o Restrain Hawkers and Pedlara within this Colony from 
"Relllnir wilboal Licence" To pay the Several allowances (ol- 
loviog ia the manner herein After directed, that is to Say 
TO the Uonoanhle Qeorge CliDton Enquire late Governor of 


tliis Colony for what la Still due to Iilm from thU Colony 
Bum of One liundred ant) St-veuty one ruuDils 

TO Ibe Honoiiniblp Janips I>e Laneey Esquire Licotenant Qot- 
criior of tills Colony for his St^rvioes doni- this Colony from tlie 
first day of Sepli-mber one thowMind Seven huudriMl and fifty 
three to the Second day of Si-plember One thousand Som 
humlrpd and fifty five iDciudve the Sum of three thoDsand Seven 
liundi-ed Eighty Seren pounds and Sixteen Shltlin;;a. 

TO John Chamher* Esquire for Iiis Service* done this Colony 
from the first day of Septcmher One ihniisand Siven hundnd and 
fifty three to the first day of Si-ptt-mher One thousand Seven 
liundn-d and fifty five the sum of Fonr hundred PoundB. 

To Daniel norfttii.inden Kw|iiirf for his Servlrr-s done this 
Colony from the Twenty Eiglilh Pay ofJuly Onetliou»ianii Seven 
hundred and fifty three to the firftt Day of September One 
thousand Seven hundred and fifty fire the Sam of Two hundred 
end Nine pounds twelve slkillinus 

TO John Van ReDsselaer for proridini; Fire wood and Candles 
for the aeveral Oarrlsona in the City and County of Albnny from 
the first day of Seplemtter One IhouMind Seven hundred and 
flfry three to the first day of September One thoosand Seven 
bundri-d and fifty five the aunt Of Fire hundred and Fifty 

TO Arent Slevene for hie »erv!eea Done this Colony from the 
first day of September One ihouennd Seven hundred and fifty 
three to the first day of September One thonsand Seven hundred 
find fifty five the sum of one hundred and Ki^ihty Poond». 

To George Clarke junior Ksquire for his Si>rviees done th 
Colony from the first Day of September One thonwind Seven 
hundred and fifty three to the first day of September One 
tiioasjind Seven hundn-d nnd fifry five the anm nf Sixty Pounds 

To Ooldabron- Itanyer for bis Services done this Colony from 
the first day of S<*pteml)er One thonaand Seven hundred and 
fifty three to the first day of September One thounund Scn-n 
liiirdred and fifty five the awm of sixty pounds 

To Bflbert Yotmp for his Pervli-ei* d<tne this Colony from th*' 
first day of September One thouHind Seven hundred and fifty 
thre^* to the first day of September One rhonsand Seven hundred 
and fifty five the sum of Forty Pounds 

To James Parker for his Servires done this Colony from the 
Brst day of September One thousand Seven hundred ond Fifty 


... ^1 





thnc to the flret day oJ Svi-fi-mGcr One thoiiBand Bctcd hanircO 
aail atiT five the sum of One huotlivd I'uuDtls 

To Joim Kip for hlii .S<'rviiH-s done tUia Colony from the flrrt 

J of s}<>|tt(.-mt>cr One (hoUBand Seven liuiida-d aod flftytlitve 
In ihe flrat dii.v of Sei>lciiilHT one tbousuad Sevvu hundivd and 
tft,r fire the eum of Hixrj rounds. 

To Lawn-nce Itoome for Iiia yervlcea done till* Colony from 
first day of tiepteiuber One Iliousatid Hwva hundred and 

ty three to the lirst day of Boptember Onp tliousnud tjCTCD 
ifaaodrtrd and fifty Arc ihv 8uiu of i^Uty rounds 

Xte Captain John Waldron for his Kei'^lces done this Colonji 
from the llrsi day of tj^-ptt-mber One tbousoBd Seven hundred 
and fifty three to ibe llritL day of Ki-pteiulH-r one thousand tSwoit 
kondrcd luid fifly five the sum of Forty PoundB 

To IJohert Cliai'les Riqutn.- fw his Done thin Colony 
frooi the Hnsl day of Ijepleniber One tboosand Seven hnndred 
mud llftT three to the first day of September One tbomuuid Seven 
hoodred and fifty five the Sum of Four hundred I'onndflL 

To Abraliain \mU junior for his Services done tliis Colony 
fran the first day of Si-ptember Ooe thousand Seven bnndred 
auil fifty ihrt-e to the lirsl day of Si-pieuiber One thousand 
iVtrn linndivil and fifry five the ttum of One hundred and fort/ 
Pooods Twelve Shillings 

To Alexuniler I--»iiib for lib Services done tlila Colony from 
the first day of September One thousand Seven hundred ujid 
fifty three to the first day of September One thousand SevBD 
hundred and fifty five the aam of Sixty two Foundu and fifteen 


To Abraham D^ Peysfer Kstintre for hia Sen-ire* dMie this 
'olony from the Br*t day of Srjm'mbi'r One thousand Seven 
nodrt-d and fifty three to the first day of September One thou- 

nd Seven hundred and fifty five the sum of Five hundred 

OTIOdfl ' 

To the Jate Commisaiotvrs of Indian 'Affaire a^ Albany for 
■oney by them adi-nnced for the fienice of thia Colony nnd iD 
di»rharKf- of Ilieir (JrtiiTnl aecompt the Sam of ONE hundred 
Tktrty Elsht pounds Sixttn-n Shillingo and three pence halC 

To Arent Stevens Indian Interpreter for the Extrnordlnnry 
eipenr«« that he Iuih been put to for Entertaining Indians at 
Schenectady at his House in their way and return from tho 



CommlsatoDers of iDOtao AETalrs at AlbAo; tlio Sum of Twen 

AND be it further Tnaclet! by the Anthority Aforeaaia Thnt 
for and towartU Facing and disoharging tlie fc^uveral Alluwuiic-ta 
Uvroin After m«oiioucd tlicro Sliall l^e 8s)u.>c^:i4^d raised and levied 
tbe Sum of Tfn ttmugund Ponndft iii>or the Estulvs Kval aid 
personal of all nud ptmv tbe rrtolioldpra Inbabitanin and Ut^U 
dcDts within thia Colony And Blintl be Collected and paid in 
manner following that i» to Hn.v The Sum of One thoiixand g&d 
■four hundred pounds on or before the first Tuesday In November 
Next The Sum of One thoUKaud and four huudrod pound» on or 
before the first Tuesday la November whiuh will be in the Year 
One tbonsaind Seven hundred and Qfiy Seven The Sum of One 
Ihousuud and four hundred t'ounds un or before the first Tiie» 
day in Noreniber wliicU will be in the Year One tbousand 
Scrcu hundred and Fifty Eight The Sum of one thousand and 
four hundred I'ouuda ou or iMrfore the first Tueuday in Norem- 
ber which will be in ihe Year One tkonnand Seven hundred and 
Fifty Nine And The Sum of Uue thuuNHBd and foor huudn^I 
Pounds on or before the first Tuesday In November which vlll 
be in the Year One thousand Seven hundred and Sixly And 
the sum of Three Ihounand pounds on or before the firitt Tuet<day 
Id NuveintMM* which will be in the Year One thousand Seven 
hundred aJid Sixty one Which Said Sum of One thousand and 
four hundred I'uuuds liereby Appointed to be Annually i'uid on 
the days and times before mentiuued Shall l>c yearly raisedi 
levjed and paid hy the Fi-ei'holders Inhabitants and Rt-«ideiiis Id 
the several and Kespeclive City's and Coiiniy'8 williiu this Ch>I- 
ony during the Ave Tears beforementioned according to the 
Quota's and proportions following l]int Is to Say 

In the Ciiy and County of New York Jlie Sum of Four hoiv-' 
drH Sixty Six pounds Twelve Shillings and flve pence TcatI; 
and every Year during the Said Fi\x> Yean*. 

In the City and County of Albany the Sum of two hnadred 
Thirty three pounds Sis ShUitngs and three {wnoc Yearly and 
every Year dnrlnR the said Five Year» 

In Kings County the sum of Sixty rounds Six Shillings an 
Nine pence Yearly and every Year during the Said fire Years 

In t}oeeni County iho Som of One hundred twentj- four 
rooDda Seventeen Shillings Yearly and cverr Year durUijc the 
the said Five Years 









Ib Soffollc CouoIt the sum of od^ hiincln-il and Seven T^ottn^s 
ft^aa HhiUlDgs Yearly* and evcrj' Year ilutiDg tlio isuid flvO 

IB Blchmcmd rsunty Uie Sam of Thirty Scvtn pound* Eight 
<n iShtlUDgs and Hnvva pvacu Yearlj' aad fverjr Year duiiag 
lie said five Yeara 

IN \Vestclu.-«lor Couniy the fium ot Odo hundred .twenty foar 
ponnds Sevealet'O ^hilHtiKft and Seven pcuce Ycarl; oDd ererj 
Yar durin][ the said tire Ycnra. 

1b oUtiT Counlj the sum of one handred ana Sevt^n pounds 
Seven Sfaillinjcs and Seven pence Yearly and every Year dudug 
ibe said Ffre Years. 

1b DatdicMS County the Bnm of 'NlcetT Nine PonndR Sixteen 
RhllUng* ftod Six IVuve Yearly and every Year durlns ilie said 
Five Years 

And Id Orange County the Rum of Thirty Seven poundu Ten 
Sbilltngs and four i>CDtic YL-arly snd every year during the 
Said nre Yfans. 

And Wblcli Said Sura of three .••hOHRand rounds hereby «p- 
ptdnled to In.' paid on (be Day and time- before nieiitioni^l Shall 
bf railed lovyed aud paid by the Freeboldeni Inhabitants and 
Kc"!!!?!!!* in Ihe S*;v«?r.*l and lte»iK.'ctive Cily*« and Couniy'c 
«lihiD this Colony Id the Year One fboutmnd seven hundred 
ud Sixty one Afon-«aid According to the Quota's and pro- 
pTtloBS following that is to Siiy 

la th(* City d: County of New York the Sum of One Uioueand 

1b the City and County of Albany the Sum of Five hundred 

lo Kings County the aam of One hundred and Twenty Nine 
pounds Nine shillincii. 

Ib Qui^ns Couoiy the Sum of Two hundred Sixty Seven 
paoods Ti'n xhillUi):!*. 

Ib Suffolk County the Sum of Tvto hundred and Ttiirty 

In Richmond County the eum of Eighty one Pounds Sii 

In \Xcfirhp*f^T County the sum of Two hundred Sixty Seven 
[i«-.Bda Ten Shlliloiri 

Ib Ulrter Connty the Sum of Two hundred and Thirty Pounds 

In Dutehess Coonty the Sum of Two hundred and Thirteen 
fwtindx Eighteen Shllltngs 



And Id Orange Ooiint7 tbe Snm of Eighty Poands Sere 

AND to tbe End the full Sum infondi-d (o be ralsTd b;r Uii 
Act may be eHectire and C'ompleat ItE IT EXACTED by tl« 
Autboritf Aforoaatd Tbat ovlt and aborts tfao B^'vcrnt Quoti' 
«I>ovetJuentioned tbere Bbalt be raised aKseasi'd levied and CjI 
lected tin* U»-»i>i*i-l ivp Hums fullowiug Uiai in lo t^ay on tbe Qtiata, 
for the City and County of New York the Sura of >'ine pel 
over nnd alwve i-vory I'oiind to bo rolatned in the hgtids of the 
Several Collectors as a Reward for ih^ir trouble in Collecting 
and paying the ttanie to the Treaiturer of lbE» Colony And on tb 
QuoLa'n for the City and Coinily of AUwuiy and all the o'Jiei 
County'K Id this Colony the Swin of One sbilling over and AbOTfl 
every pound out of which the several CoIIeetora may retain in 
their hnnds the Riim of ^■lne pence on earh pound for Collettln 
and paying the same lo the Several County Treasurers And 
remaining three pcaee the Oonniy Trea.-(urer» respectively ma, 
retain in their bunds as a Reward for tbt-ir trouble and Kerrie 
in. recHving nnd l>ayin(; the monies nrislng by tbta Act to tb 
Treasurer of Ihli* Colony. 

AND to tbe end the aBoeoRinenta mny be made In anoh Con 
Tenient time by the uflsesaors that the sudib intended to be raise 
by this Act may be Collected and paid at the time* herein Aflei 
mejitioned nnd Appointed and that asiu^raments mny be tmel 
equally and impartiuily nindo aa of Right they Ongbt to be B 
IT ENACTED by the Authority Aforesaid that the Slayor or 
Ili'iortVr and AMem « n of t'n City & Ci» inty o! V-'w V^r!: '>r 
tbe greater part of them for the time being stuill Meet and 
Amembie at the City Hall of the said City on the Brat TiietMjay 
in June in every Yvar during (lie Raid Six Yeara and then an 
there i«sue their WarranlB to the Several and ReHpective A 
aors of the said <"ity and Connty to take a true and exact nccoun 
of nil the Eittates Real and personal of all tbe Kreehulde 
InfaabitaDts and Realdents within the Several ^Va^dR of tbe 
said City and (.'onnty for which they at the lime of IXKuing Such 
Warrants Shall be awewor or aHseaimra and a true etgual ani 
luipartia) asaeasment to make aud ibe Same at a Day In 
Said Warranta to be prefixed by the Mayor or Recorder an 
Aldenni-n or the major part of them then Met (o exhibit on 
When the Said AaneaRmentn are by tlie Said AaseRaora coni' 
plealed and a fnll aeconnt of the came fully caat up acponling 
to tbe pound Value of tbe Said Eatales So tbat tbe Quota with 






tip alknrance for the City and Coonty of Xew York be apparent 
toil lladfr Utiuvra Thm (liv Said Muyor Itecordcr nnd Alderman 
or Ute ina|or part of them Shall issue their Warrants to the 
aeteral and R<«|>ect[Te Co)leL-toi-« Within (he wild CItv and 
Coooty to collect the Quota with the allowanfe by Uii« A«t 
direclMl and the ftaine be paid unto the Trcasurar of thin 
Colony on or l>i'forc the llnrt Tocsday in November Vearly und 
Srvry Year during the raid Term of Six Yeiira, 

AifT> In onli-r that th* A«»i-»*m«.i]ts nmv lie tnily eqnally ami 
Impartially made and done BE IT EXACTED by the authority 
Aforeaaid that every ni>!U>ssor that Rlinll I>e CtiOM>n and Elected 
Vttliin the Cilv and Coonty of New York dtirint; the lenn of Pii 
year* Aforesaid Shall N'fore he Enters upon the peifonnanee of 
the Doty and serricc required of bim hy 'hin Act take an Oath 
■pon the Holy Ecan^ellhts of AlmtRlity Ood in the Words fol- 
lowlnj* to wil I A B do nweai- thai I will well and trulv eqiially 
utd {mparUallr and in due proportion aceordine to the beat of 
nj skill bnowledKe and undprvtandlnt: atiiwttB nml rate all the 
h«ebo1der« inlitUill.'uiti* nnd resitliti tij of llie ward for whii-h I 
Bin rhosen assessor Which OatH the 8aid Mayor Recorder and 
A Idermen or the Major part of them So met are hcrel\v impower'cl 
tv<|iiin-d and directed to administer 

AXD for the elTectual asHeafiin t; rolle<>1tnjr and Paylnp th.* 
n«pecti»e QUOTA 'i* for the City nnd Coonty of Albany and nil 
the other Counties in ibis Colony together with the before 
mentioned allowanre lo the rolleetorn and Couiiiy Treasurers 
the Boperrizors of the Raid City and County and all the other 
RspecliTe Connlicfl In thi* Colony or the major part of them 
respectively Khali meet on the first Tuesday in June every Year 
during the Raid Term of Rlx Years Where the Majority of ibt 
SBp«rrizors tlieu Met Shall caiiw (he respective Quota'ti and 
allowances aforesaid of each County to be raisi d Asees*ed Levied 
and Collected In the aame mnnner aa the other Necesaery nnd 
Contlnfrent char(»ea thrreof are Ami the n'xpeetive C«llccrori» 
vr hereby required and enjoyned to pay the respective Quota's 
to be by tbem Colleeted unto the reapectire County Treasurers 
on or before the Orst Tuesday hi October Yearly and every 
Tear during the Said term of Six Years and each of tlic Raid 
Oxuty Treoiurerw are fierehy enjoyned and required to Pay 
Ue fvapccliTe Qoota'a of their Couutj-'a to the Treasurer of tbhi 
yollV. 7 




Colony on or before the flret Tucsd^.r Id Norember then DGxt 
followisg durinfT the 8ald term of Hix Years 

AN'l) 1)c it tuillicr Enacted by the Autborlty Aforesaid fliat 
In case any of Ihe Colleciora Shall Neglect or delay to make 
their respective pafiuentx to the respective Counlj Treasurer* 
for (be Si«ice of three mnntlifl next after the times appointed by 
thia Act the Said County TreasurtTB Shall bt.- and lioreby An 
enabled directed and required to commence Actlooa in tbeir own 
Numcfl respf-ctlvety for Ihe Said Sum or Sums or Rtich pan 
thereof as Shall then be unpaid in the County Court where Such ^j 
default Bhall happen and prosecute the same to effect And iB^| 
Cane any of the respective County TpeaKurera Phall neglect Ihcir^^ 
respective duliea herein all Such Sum or Sums of money Shall t>e 
deemed taken and esteemed A«»i-tB in their linnds respectively 
and they Shall be cbarjjed therewith aa having received the 
Same by the Treaaurer of thin Colony who ShiiU be and hereby 
U enabled directed and required in hia own Name to commenco 
Actions for the Same In the Supreme Court of this Colony within 
one month ufter Such dvfuult made by any of the County Treas- 
urers respectively and prosociite the Same to effect And in ease 
the Treasurer of ihls Coltmy Sluill Xejjlect his duly herein all 
Bucb Rum and Sums of Money So being unpaid Shall be 
deetncd taken and pxleenied assets In his liaudti and he Sluill bo 
Cliar^able therewith as if he had Actually received the same^J 
And in cjute any of the Collector^) In the City and Connty of ^| 
Kew York Shall Neglect or delay making their payment* of the 
Aforesaid Tax for one Month after the times directed by this 
'Act the Raid Trenaurer shall be and hereby Is enabled directed! 
and required in his own NMint- m commence Attloiis Agninst Such 
defaulter or defaulters and I'rosciiile the Same to effect and la 
default of Such pro»eeutinn Ihe money So unpaid Shall be 
df-<*raed taken and esteemed Amiets In hin hamlK as if he had 
Actually n^oeived the Same any Law usage or Custom to tbej 
contrary Notwithstanding 

AND be It enacteil by thp anthority Aforesaid That Ruch 
Mayor Recorder AUlenneo Supervisors AsNouiinrs C<illecti>rs or 
County Treasurers within llils ri>lQny as Shall deny reftiae 

, Keglect or delay to do |>erform and PIxecute all or any of the; 

'Powers Duties nad Authority's by (his Act required of him or' 
them to t»o done and Shall be thereof fjiwfully convicted in any 
of bl« Majesties Courts of Record b« or they Shall finlfer Badi 




pilas l)T finr or Impriiirttitncnt lis by the D!«crt'tlon of Suci Court 
or Cuarts Bball be adjudged 

AND be It farther Enacted by tlie aiitlmrlt.T aforesaid That 
TreuQivr of Uii« Colony Sball ont of ibc moDOy's rai8i-<) a« 
id Pay llie following Sunia to Wit 

tJNTO hla Excellency (tie Governor for tb« Extraorclinnry 
expmce li*' baa b<-PD put to In alu-ndlD;; the pnbllnk Senice at 
Albany after tbe laic- Engatji-iui-ut at Luki- George the Sum of 
Pli# hundred pounds 

ITSTO his Said Excellency the Oorernop for proridiog Sun- 
irj- Articlra Necessary for i'resenta to be made to Ihe Indino 
Vatioas Rt the oosiiing Interview at Albany the tium of Four 
kUDdr«d and fifty Sis Poundv^ 

Unto his Kiiid Kxrr-lleucy Ihe Gotemor for the exiienc of 
Tmn«iK»rtinf; to Albany the Pres*>ats to be made to the Indian 
Narioos and Supplying thi- i«uid Indiims with Proviflous wlion 
Ihoy coiEe to met't his Excellency at Albany at the enstiUig In- 
terview the Sum of Two bumlri'd pounds 

I'XTO his K«ld Kxcellency the Governor for the expenee of 
his Voynee to Alliany when be frnett to meet Ihe Said JadlHO 
Kations ihc earn of One hundred and Hfty Pounda 

Tnlo Major General .Iobni«>a an (>>mniniider in chief on Ihe 
Expt^ition against Crown Point from the Sixteenth day of 
April One ihouKiind f*<>ven hundr<>d nnd fifty five to the fk-cond 
Day of December following after the Kate of Kine Pounds 
five Hhillingit jier Alouib Ifc-inc one fifth part of the pay due to 
Wm and the Just proportion of tbin Colony the Sum of Sixty nine 
Poonds Porcn PhiliiriEa and bIx pence 

Tnio the Said Major General Johnson for his expencea OD 
fab rommii'Kion to treat with Ibe Six N'lilions at Onondago in the 
Vear One tbousand Keren hundred and tlfly three in discharge 
iif hi* account ntmlnst thla Colony the Sum of Seventy two 
^■onnds Nine Fhillinga 

^H rnto Robert Chailes Esqnire for Sundry extraordinary Sor- 

^Mtra and di»bnrsemenlK made for the utie of this Colony for Six 

^HTfar* ending the Eipbih i\u\ of Mny One thnnmuid Revon Imn- 

Vrvd and fifty tour the Sum of Nine huudix-d and fifty four 

Pounda Seventeen ShillincES 

Cnto George Duncan for money'8 advanced by hUn for the 
«tt of thin Colony the twentv Second of .hily One thounand 
eieren hundred and fifty one the Sum of Three pound* Sevea 
SUlliDga and ten pence 



T;.d(o John T>e Po^pofcr for Trnnnporlinc rannou snd fttfepr 
SloM'B of War to Oswego I» llie Vear One thousaiid Sovcn hun- 
dred snd art; four Id discharge of his accooni the Hntu of 
Ki-K-ntT Rfvoii I'ormds (welv*- Shillinjra and Six [H^na- 

T'nto Mc'.vndert Wcmp for his SorvUN-g ns Smilh iu the flener-fl 
Country and for Sundrj dt«biir»i-meot8 in that Service io tbc 
Tear One thousand Scv«-n hundiod iiud HfiT llirt-c rlio Sum 
Ono hiindrtMl and Seven PoiindK three ShilliDgB and Ten ppnr 

Unto Jacob N'* ^^.'hauirlc junior for Triuisporting an olBwr 
and Company- of Holdiera In the yottr Ono thuuwuid Sfvei* hun- 
dn>d and fifty four from New York to Albany by ordtT of hlft 
Honour Ihe Livuleniuit Gorei-nor the Sum of Five pouuds Two 

t'nlo Peter Wione EB»i'r for his Extraordlnarr expences (n 
Kepairing Fort Frederiik io the City of Albany lu ilie year 
One Ihoiurand Seven hundred and ftfly three over nnd At>ove the 
Snm that wax allowed unto him Peter Douw and John It. Van 
Tti-l)}it<iolaer Enquires for (he Kftid ServW the Sum of Forty five 
poundg Thirteen BhiDings and Seven penee halfpenny And for 
their care and trouble In the di«tpo<iirion of the Said Money tlie 
Sum <ft Seven Pounds and Ten shillinga 

Unto Jacob Owlet for Sundry Services done by order of the 
Committee and rommldslonerB for Inspecting into the Ea»tern 
boundaries of this Province and for Tninnliiling Sundry Papers 
and Heeordit the Sum of Thirty three Pounds Eight KUilllugKaDd. 
Xiae Pence \ 

Unto Itererly noWncon for money Adranced by hira for Trana- 
porting a Number of Sheep to Albany for the use of Uic Army 
under the Command of Major Ocneral Joiuison the Sum of 
Fifty Seven pounds Six Shlllincs and Seven peace. 

Unto Killian TV Rider for his Service as a (tuide to Major 
Oeneral Johnson in the late Exi>edition agalniit Crown Point 
the S«m of Eight Ponnda 

Unto Tuuia Jiieobn for worfe done on the Governors Tlonse in 
Fort Oeorge in the City of New York the Sum of Seventeen 
Poundi Two Shillings and Eight pence 

Pnto Gilbert Forbes for Sundry Matcrinlx Supplied by him 
for the Said Serrico the Sum of Two Pounds and Seven pence 
half i>ennT 

UntVi lllchard Ayaroogh for Medicbiea Top the Sick and 
.Vonuded men belonging unto Colonel Cockerofts Regiment 




iluriered at Jolm Moradt'ii In llie CMr of Albany tl»e Sum of 
SetCBtct-a pounds Niue Shillingii und 8ix pc-uee 

l*Dto thv Said Bkbard AtscoukIi for Medicinef) for tlie RIclE 
ted Wounil<^l 'Siva b>-loTif;iug to Colonel CockcroftH Hepmcnt 
Quartctx-d lU tlie tlosititAl in the L'ilj of Albany tlie 8um of 
Tbirt; four (louods 

Unli) Svtinuidt O. Van Prhaiot and Volcfcert P. Poow'for 
their Bervicen as ConuoliwionfrB In Ri-ttling the Quota of Men 
lo GarriMon Fort Edward and Port Willium Ilenr^ and din- 
ckarslni; th(> Rofft of the Troops in the Pay of tUia Goverumcatl 
Ike Sum of Tw^'utjr Pounds. 

Unto Ollrer De Lancpv Enquire for Sorpral extraordinary 
IHsbancmctilii to tlio lDdiau» I15 order of bin Rxi'i'llciu-r tlie 
GotiTnor after tlie late EDgagenieiit at I^ke Gt-orgo the SUM 
of One bandred and iwent; one pounds Eleven tfhillings and 
onf pCDDT half iwuDjf 

fXTO Frederick Fort for his Services ns an Ootscoot froni 
tbr flfiemtb day of Oeloher One (housand Beven hundred and 
fortx flvB to the Sixteeuih clay of £tOTcmber following the Hvm 
of i'ix pounds twelve SliilliriKS 

Tnto Syhrandt O Van Sebaick for Us expences on iwo Jonr- 
B4>t's Amonp the TudlnnR the one in April loft by order of the 
Lfealenaint Gorenior the other io September fullowinfr by order 
«r his Exeellenoy Sir Charles Hoi-dy the Sum of Eighty fire 
Pouoda Nine Hhilliogs 

I'nio Cap'' Peter Winne for Rundrydltiburfiemenfs fotHeSiiId 
Pyhraodt Q Van Rcbwick relatiiijr to the Said Serrii'e In Sep- 
teraticr Ust the Sum of Five Pounds Five Sbilliug; & Nine 

I'nto the Paid Peter Winne for Sundry dl^burMMOCnts to the 
Baid Hylirandl G Van Bcbaick relating to the Aforettaid Seniee 
In April la«l the Som of Thirteen Pounds Eleven Shillings luid 
Six pence 

Cnto John Van Sloe Vokkert Von Veghti? and ITendriefc 
WfadiJI for their Berviop oe Soiilbs lu the Seneca's Country 
and for Sundry presents by them made lo the Indiantt from the 
twelfth day of Oetober One Ibousaud Reren hundi-ed amd tlfly 
foor tu the twelfth day of April One thouMind Seven wundri-d 
and flftj five the Suni of One hundred and twelve Pounds Six 
SkillInK" and (en petire. 

ITnto Hendrick Wemp John Oten junior and OooAe Van 
Schaicfc jtinlor for their Service aa Smiths Among the Cajuga 




Indies from Noreraber One lliousnnd Serpn bundrcd iini 
fifty four to ilay One tliouiuuid Seven bundrcd and lifiv fl\ 
KDd for Sundry dUburseniontfl to the Bald ludiana in diiicbare 
of tlieir accouut tlie Hum of Kinetj' Fouudu Kigtitecn 6liilllDg«~ 
and five p»mce 

Unto Uicbael Damet Jolin J Bleeclicr and narmooas Cuflcr 
for tlii'ir Service as t^iuillu) at Onmidajra from tJie ivfuir 
Second day of October One (lionttuud St-v^-n hundnnl and lifty 
four to the latter end of April foHowioj; and for sundry iliv 
borsements (ii Ihat Scrvtre in di»cbar;;r of their account ihf 
Sum of Sevi-aly four I'oumlH Eigbttt-n sbiliiuga aad three peuc 

Uuto Laycaa Van Vegtite for transiporiinK Ninety Six Mi 
In the Service of this Colony on the laic Expeflitlon ng:iinftl! 
Crown point from New York to Albany and for Sundry dis- 
burfcmeuLs in tlic Suld Service the Suai of Thirty one poiuii]^| 
and Ten Sbiliingn. ^^ 

I^uio John Tlmmaa Esqairc for moneys advanced by Itini for 
Billeting Captain Isaac Corsa'ti Company before their Imbarka- 
tion to Albany ihe Sum of Sixteen Pounds four RblltiugH 

Onto Henry Filkin Es<)uire for Billeting Captain I'eter Van 
Pen Jiurgb'a Cnimpany before their Imbarkaiion for Albany 
the Slim of Twenty tJiree pounds Thirteen Shillings 

I'nlo Doctor I'der MSddlelon for the Ballance of his ncrount, 
over and above the fifty Seven Pounds paid him by the Coii^H 
-miKficners at Albany, for IiIh Service aa Doctor in tbe lal^B 
Kx|-ed!(iQn againat Crown point the Sum "of One hundred uud 
twenty five Pound* 

Unto the Said Peter Mlddletoo for Medicines and Sandr^^ 
other ne<'esiuiry DlsbunteinentB in the Aforesaid Service ('>^| 
Bun of Tweke Pounds Tvu ShlllinKS and Seven pfm^e. ^ 

UNTO Doctor John llard for bl« MeTliclues and attendln^y 
the Sick and Wounded Prenrh Primuers taken in the lali^| 
Kn.-dgenient at Lake Oeorge Ibo Sum of Forty Nine Pountl^ 
Fourteen ShilllnBa 

t>TO the Said .John llard for (he Expence of Lodging Nnrs 
in:* Vichialling and other nen-K*i»ry» for the Saiil Fr*'ncli Priso 
era the Sun of Sixty one twuudit Twvlvu shillLu^ & Eleri 


Vnto Doetor Rlt-hnrd Ayaconirli for Medicines and Cosefl 
Surgery for the Snid Prisoners when at AHiany Bent tUtlier 
by JUajor Ueaeml Johnson the Bum of Fourteen Pounds 





UdIo ihe Said BlrhMrd Ayscoufih for niMltclDC« and iakins 
|>N of JuhQ the Indi:)!! wounded iu tlie late EngaR^^ment at 
Ukc Qcorcp tlie Sum of Firp Pounds TliirtM^n Sliitlings 

Vtito OHvw De Lanccy Esquire for truus;>orting Twenty 

FVwich PrisonerR from lAk« Oforge to Albany and from thf-m-e 

'■'-w York and for other extraordinary dlshuriecmcDtM for tUo 

-• 11^ of tills Colony tbt- Hum of BcTCUljr One pounds three 

fiUfllogs and two pence half lieooy 

Cn:. * ii C Ten T,yck for Kundrys fumiBhefl Bybrandt O 
Vao .- on liin Journey to the Six Satiooa by order of bia 

Itoooar the Lieutenant Governor la the Year ono tliouiiKDd 
turret! liundm-d and fifty five the Sum ot Twenty four Pounds 
R^teea Shilling and El>:hi pence 

tJnlu Jarobns Clement for the Services performed by !iim 
u Indian Interpreter by order of Ills Ilouour the Lleuteoaot 
tiorpmor (he Sum of Thirty I'ouiids. 

Cnto Oliver De Lancy Esquire for the Itallance of his ac- 
ntanta respeciln^ sundry goo<lH provided for the Crown Point 
EipeditfoD and for TranFjwriing the Troopa under the Com- 
■a&d uf Col'o Ilunliar to Albany <flie amount of ihe one Ihlrd 
I*rt of the Provisions grsimcd by the Colony of Pensylvania 
[«r the use of Uie Force I-:n);:ugi-d iu the 8aid Expedition .md 
fiuld by Mm liana Hansen and John Cuyler Esquires, pun-unnt 
la Act bt^ng fin<t deducted) the sum of Tlii-ee hundred and Six 
paonds Two Shilliugs and fuur pence hulf penny. 

roto Ja«per Farmar and John Dies for the pay and Expence 
of Hix Matrottses t<«.>Dt up to I^ke 0«-orge iu di»ebnrge of their 
uroant the Hum of One huudrvd and Thirleca Pounds one 
Shilling and five I'ence 

UNTO Charlefl Cbandine for furnishing Materials and Build- 
la]t a Kitcbin In Fori Oeorge the Snm of Five hundred Pounda, 

I'nIO John Robcrla Esquire bi;:h Hls-rill of llie City of New 
lofk foe VictuaJling and Ix>dgii:g Eleven French Trisonera 
iBken in tbv late Enj^agement at I^ake tieorge In diacharj^c ot 
kia accouni the Sum of Fifty t*ix Poumln, 

Uito Jnhnn Joowi IVIrle for Supplying the Oarri son of Oswego 
vfth BIx Months I'rovleions ending the first day of May la«l the 
B«m of Four hundred and fifty Sis pounds 

Uoto the Captuin Commanding the Sixty Rangers Imployed OD 
fit Western Frontier of this Colony the Sum of Six ShiiliogB per 
Dtem for the lime that hf> Rhall be engaged in the Said Service 
mt exMediog One hundred Uaysj Unto the Two LIEUTENANTS 


Commnndlng nnder tb« Suid Captflin fire RhlllintTS pa 
each for the time they iiball be etiga);*^ tti ihv Suid Sen 
t'xir<x*diiiE one haudrcd i)a.v8 And unto Sixty pffuclivi? private Mm" 
three Shillings per Diem each for the t'jae ihey SlinJI li' 
eniCTRed In Ihi- Said St-rvioe oot ezcenling one bnndrcd Vayn t 
be SBCprfaineci h_r Oprti flea tea from the RespflctlTe Culonels from 
irho9e Ri-^iini-iit:( tticy hiive bvon takeo 

Unto Abratiam Lott juoior Oerlc to the Ooneral Anseinbly for 
his Extraordinary Servici-B in that Station from the flrat day of 
Supicmlwr Onp thousand Seven hiindn-i] luid fifly ihrep to lUe 
first day of Sopteuiber One ttioaaand tk.-veii hundred and lifly five 
the Sum of Fourteen Pounda 

Unto Ah-xfiiidi-r Lamb Doorkcpper to (lie Qencral AsiUrnblT 
for proTidio}; firewood and Sundry (,iher dishnmements for the 
U8C of thi- Oenvml Astwuibly the hiiui of Twenty pounds 

Unio Janiefi Parker Printer for PrtntiPR the Hills of Credit 
emltlt^ by Virtue of an Act Entituk»d "An Act for ralsint; t 
" Sum of EiRht thousand poundti to be Contributed to the Tolon; 
" of Counectfeut towards the exi>eaee of u IWnffiw-nient of T 
" thouaand efftn-tive men now levying in the Said Colony for th« 
"Aruiy dt^'Stlned a(;uiu8t Crown Point under Major general 
" JohnHon nod for omitting Ttllls of Ci-edit to the amount of the 
"Said Eight thousand pounds for making immiMiate Payment 
And for Pi-lniing the ttiltg of Credit herein After directed 
Sum of Xine Pounds Ten Shillings 

Unto Philip Srhnyler ami John Re Peyster Esquires Coin- 
■nisarfes for Paying the Forees of this Colony on the late Ex- 
p«>d[tlon against Crown Point for the IlATIaoce of their accounts 
to the Thirty first day of lHT<'niher liist the Sum of Two thousand 
Two hundred and Ten pounda Eighlern SUillinKs and three peom 

Unto the Said Commisarlcs the 8um of One thousand four 
hundred and Xlnity Nine Pounds four Sliillin;:** and thn'e penre 
half i»enny to be hy them iuiployed In payinR the I-'orees of thi 
Colony now In Oarrison at Furt William Ilpnry and Fort Edwa 
on the Norttii-rn Pmntier of this Colony after the like K.tti's aU' 
tn the Same Manner in all n^pecta aa the Forces provided by th 
CN>Iony on the Late Expedition i^piinot Crown Point were paid 
of the dis[MxH(ion of which Sum the Said Cominisga Hew Shall kevp 
exact Uooks and render trui' mid just accounts On Oath to the 
Ooremor or Commander in chclf for the time being the Council 
or General Aasvmbly when by them or aajr of Uiua thereonto 


dit , 




t \7 




AXD be Ji EnaclM by llio niilhorit.v Afoppsnld that w!iPn Ihe 
Tmaurer HUulI liurvimid tbe K^^verul StiiUH by itiis Art direi-t^ 
to be luid All tbe Kt-siOiie of Ilic MuUf.r lo be ralKed by Ihia 
Art i*bal) n-Riafu in tlio Tn^asury to be dUpooed of by Act or 
Aas iKTcnfler to be pauM'd for that l*iir|M>iie 

AXD bo It EiinclPd by tbe Autliorily Afi>reMiid thnt tbe 
Tteunrvr Shall beep Exact Books of all Ihe Receipfs anil Pay- 
meatu by Virtue of llil» Act and A true unil just arcount Shall 
t«>dcr ibertof apoo Oath to tbe Governor or Commander la 
theif for the linie t>eIiiK the Coiiiicil «nd Ihe fletifnil At»i«eiiilily 
TbpD by tbein or any of them tbereuclo required. 

AXD be ft farther Enacted by tlK> authority Afnreoald Tliat 
for makltifc ImmtHlinte ruyiuent for ilu> Rerrlfe* Aforemaid liilU 
nf Credit lo the amount of the Aforetuiid Hum of Tt^'U thoiinand 
I'aands ^buU b« forthwith Printed made and jHMied and lodged 
m ibe Treasury for Ihe unes directed by tbia Act That is to 
Kay One thoiisnod RiIId o( Tt-n pontida each T'pon each and 
pfery of whii-Ji Itillit Shall be impre«i»(-d on tbe Hjtbt Side thereof 
Ibe Artnn of the City of New Varb and under the armD in 
fiffervnt I'hararters iIk-w Words ITH UEATII TO COfNTEU- 
PEIT TUie DII-L Which Rilln Shall be in the form following 
Ihat U to Ray. By a Law of the Colony of Now York this Rill 
fihall paMi Current for Ten ronnda New York the Siiteenlh Day 
tf Feliruary One thouMind Seven bnndi-eil and Fifty Six. Which 
ftiid Bills Shall be Hifined by Paul Kiihard Henry Oniger Wll- 
fam Walton and .lohn Watts Fnqulrea or any three of Ihcra 
Did numbt'red by one of them and in case of the Dealh of any 
•r tbe Kaid Perrons Ibe Raid Bills Bball be Bigoed by the 
Majority of the Purvivora of (hem 

ANI» l>e it Enacri'd by the authority aforesaid That Abraham 
D* PeyatiT the Prewnl Treasurer of Ibis Colony in whow 
kaods the Btam[« of the Anns of the City of New York and 
t^ other Plalea are deposited Rliall in the presence of the 
Bifiarra afon-sald or the Major part of them deliver unto James 
Parker Trinter the Paid stamp*! and plate* who is hereby ap- 
pointed to Pritit Ihe Said Bills and on ihem to inipn'ss the 
8aid Anus and Plales which when done the Said .Iamr« I'arli<T 
Sfeall r«delirer to the Said Tn-aaurer tbe Said Btnmps and 
Plate* in the pn-senee of tbe Sicners Aforesaid or the Major 
fvt of thpni and the Receipt of Ihe Bald Treanrer Shall be 
l» 1^ 8aid PrlDier a Sufficient discharge for the Kome aod the 


Said Pi-inter Is hereby required and directed to Deliver to too 
Signers berel)y Appoiiiltd to i^ig^ the Baid Bills every Bill of 
Credit by liim Printed and Shall upon his delivery of ttia 
S^d Bills take «a Oath in the Words following 

I A. B. do declare tliat from the time that the Leflert wer* 
Bet and fit to be put into the I'reM for Printing th« BUIs nf 
Credit now by uie dtlivered to yon nntill the BilU were Printe 
and the Letters artt-rwardK dixtritnilHl Into tJie Itoxi-e I wci 
at 00 time out ot the Boom in which the Suid Letters wvr 
without Locking thc-ni up so lliat ibey could not he come «i 
without Violence a false l^t-y or other Art iLeu unkuowu to iii 
Bud therefore to the best of my Knowledge no Copys we 
printed off but in my prerifui-e and tliat uH tlie Btotteis an 
other Papers Whatsoever Imprest by the Said Letter* whilst 
Set for priming the Said Uiils 1o the best of my Knowled;:o 
are here delivered unto you together WlTIl the Htanqis and 
all things Rvlaiitig to this Affair I hare well and truly demean 
my Belf aceording to the true intent and meuniug of tiie I-a 
in that Case Uude to the best of my Knowlcd^- and uudv 

Wmcil oath all or any of the Raid Signers are licrcby Ini" 
powered directed and Itet|iiired to AdmiuiHlor 

ANU be ft Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid tluit'tliO 
Persons heroin Apjwinted to Sign the said Bills of Credit sbalt 
take an oath before a llagisirate of the City of New Ywrl 
Each of them well and truly to perform what by this Act lb' 
are enjoyncd as their Duty and will Knowingly Sign no moi 
Bills of Credit than as by this act is directed and if it Shall' 
happen that any Kupernumi-rury Bills Shall be left after the 
said number shall be delivered to the said Tn-u»npep in inaiiRcr 
Aforeiwiid all Such SuiHTOorocry Bills Sliall be Burnt and de- 
stroyed by the said Signem or the Major part of them or !*/ 
the Majority of llie SurviTora of them in Uie Presence of the 
Treasurer of this Colony 

AND be it Enacted by the anUiorSIr ■Aforesaid fliat the 
Bills of Credit F.niicted and Appointed by lliis Act to be Currant 
Shall be rvctlvcd by the Treasurer of lUtii Colony In all publick 
Payments and for any fund at any time in the Treasury and 
by any Person within ibis Colony In nil Cases whatsoever dtir. 
log the time they are Enacted lo Coulinue and be as effectually. 
Current as any other Dills of Credit made Current lo this 



Wooy bj aaj "Act of Uie Governor Cotmcil and Genera) 'AV 

AXD be {t Eoaclwl by the autlioritj BforesaW Tbat If any 
hrMD or I'orwu* Wliatsoi'vtr sboJI CouuterfHt ftn.y of lit* 
Bllli of CrMit made Current hy tbis Act or shall Alter any 
•f the said Bills miide Current an Aforesaid so tbat they hlinll 
ippeKr to be of creuter Value than by ihiH Act the ratue Bill 
w Bills so Altered were KnaL-li-d si{^fd und Numbered to pa^s 
CttrrvBt for or ehali knowingly pnsn or give in l*ayment nuy of 
lie lUIlg afon#4Ud 80 Countcrli-ilod or Allored Every Person 
pllt/ of Coonterf citing or Altering any of the said Bills a* 
ftfbresaid or of Knowiu>;ly paxsing or i:nvin^ In rurinrut auy 
laeh Connlerfcit or Altered Bill Shall be guilty of Felony and 
tons thereof ConviL-ted tfbail FufTer the painn of Deatli without 
bmeflt of Clergy And tho' such CuuDU-rfuitin^ Alti-ring or 
KDowin^ly passin^f Counterfeit or altered Bills tfball be done 
nt of this Colony Vet any Grand Jury within the City and 
C^nntj of New York i» hereby iuijwwered to present the Same 
•ad to set forth in tbe Inilictim-iit the plai.-e where by their 
BrideDce it appeared that tbe Fact nus Committed which In- 
dtrtment is beieby dechired ^ood notnithslauding that the place 
Allnli^vd t>c oot of this Colony and the Tetty Jury on tbe Tryall 
if all Such issnes Hhull be returned from the body of the Ciiy 
Ud County of Xew York any Law Usage or Cutitom to the 
Contrary >'olwiihMandiug 

AND be it F.aacted by tbe authority aforesaid that the RIII* 
■C Cr«d)t made Ktrurk and Issned by Virtue of this Act Bhall 
W and remain Current uutill the lirst Tuesday in NoTerotwr 
vhicb will be In the Year of our Lord One Ihousaud Seruo 
knndred and Sixty one Inclusive 

AUD be It Enacted by the autliorlty nforexald that as tho 
■oney to be robwd I-evied and Collected by Virtue of tbia Act 
Shall t>e i>aid into the Treasury (Le Treasurer of this Colony 
fW tbe time l>eiDf; Shall be and be is hereby directed and He- 
fairvd to use bis utnioHt endeavours to Exehange the same for 
Mils of Oedit made Curnint by tills Act Which Raid liills Ho 
procnred Khali be kept in the Treasury Iteady to be Cancelled 
is Manner as Is directed In and by an Act Kntituk-d "An Act 
"ivr the mor« ellecluaJ Cancelling tbe Bills of Credit of this 
'Colooy" pasved In the Twentr first Year of his Majestic-s 


CCHArTER 1009.] 

tChnpter 1009. rf Via Scbaack. whw* lb* illle only la prlotrf. ChajrtiT 
88 1vol. 3) of UvUi4^taii A Sukitb. wtim Ui« laitcr ptMUoii of the act 
!■ (triutedj 


An Act for Ratglng Pajlng and Rubsu 
tntr One IhmisiiDd Seven Hundred and Ilfli-i;! 
eflective Men ofllcers lucltided to Im> implovt-* 
to Conjunction wltli tlie Npiglibourins CoIob.v'b 
on ao Expt-ditioD for Reducing Uitf Frcm-li 
Fort at ("rowp I'oiut and Carrying on an Of- 
fcasire War AgaioBt the Indianii who iutext 
the WeBtPi-n Proaifers of lltiH Colony and oUier 
purpo«H;ii (LcrctQ Mcutiuucd. 

[r«.-w«d. April 1, iTSO.) 
WUEREAS tip Subji-cts of the Prencti Kinn have Krvcttrd 
a Fort at Crown Point within hia MaJi-i'lieK Undoubti'd Domin- 
ions and mad*^- miiny uthi-r Incroachments on his Muj^iilii-s 
l^nda to the K^nt Anno.vunce of Ills good Subjects For Re- 
ducing the wid Fort and removing Uw iucroacbmc&ts Afore- 

BE IT ENACTEP by bin Esocltpncj the Governop tb** Counr-ll 
and the General Aswiubly and It is hereby Kuact^Ml by ilie 
Antborily of the Hume Ibat there slinll be given and (IrunitMl 
unto hla Uajeitty bis Heirs and Sui-«eii»on to and for iJie uaea 
and purposes aforesaid and to no oIIkt itse or purpose the siiin 
of Fifty Iwo Thoiituind l^oitDdii Whirb shall be asecssi-d it^tiKod 
and l/eried npoD the Kslutea iU-ul and IV-rsoniil of all and ef-t-r^H 
(he Frf«-hotderB Inhabitanls xnd Kesidents within this Cohin^' 
and Hfaall be Co1lecli>d and I'uid In luauner following That is 
lo Say The Bum of Thirte«.>n tbuusund Pounds On or befor^f 
the first Tuexdwy In November which will he in Ibe Year o^^ 
our L«rd One thousand t$4*vcn hundred and Sixty Two The 
Ube Sum of llilrteeu ihousiiDd Pounds on or before the Itmt 
Tuesday in Xovenit>er whicti will tie lo the year of our Lord 
One thousand tieven hundred and Sixty three Tbe tilie Sum ui 
Thirteen Thousand Pouud* ou or before the first Tuesday in" 
November which will l>e in the Vi-ar of our l^rd Une tbousanu 
Seven hundred and Sixty four And the like guin of Thirtv 
thousand Pounds on or before the (Lrst Tuesday la November' 






wUcli wni be (d the year of our I/»pd One ttousand Sevca 
k«Hlr<K) sDd fiixtj five Wlilch Said Sevpral Soma ol Tlilrtwa 
(huimtid ronnds lierebj Appointed to be paid on tlie Day* 
lad Y(>ars aforesaid Shall be jcarl.v Rnlsed Levied and Paid 
bj Ibe Proetiolders Inbabitanls and Kc-sideola in the Sereml 
MoA Respective Cirvs ft Connliea wilbin thla Colnnj during the 
four Tears Aforevnid Accordiog to tbc Quota's and Proportions 
IoIIomIds That la to 8aj 

1b (be City and County of Xew York t>ie Rum of Four 
ihoDsTJid three Hundred aud thirty three Pouads t^ix Shillings 
Yearly and every Year durint; the Said Four Years. 

la the City and CoinUy of Albany tiic Sum of Two thousAnd 
one Hundred and Kixty fire Pounds Eigbt eibillings Yearly and 
■erery Year durlnjc llie Said Fonr Years 

Df Kings Connty the Sum of Five humlrH and Sixty Ponnds 
Kx AlillllDga Yearly and every Y'ear during the Baid Four 

tS Qneen* County the Rnm of One thousand one hundrt-d 
aad Fifty Sine Pounds Twelve Shillings Yearly and every Ytnr 
daring the Said Four Years 

Vi Suffolk County the Sum of Nine liiindred and Ninety 
Seven Pounds Two Shillings Yearly aud every Year during the 
Said Fonr Yeara. , 

Of Rii-hmnnd Connty the Sum of Three bnndred and Fir'ty 
Two I'imndfl Six Shillings Yt-aily and every Year during the 
Said Four Y^'ars. 

nf We«tehesler Connty the Sum of Eleven bnndred and 
ty Nine Pounds Twelve Shillings Yearly and every Year 
dorinjf the Said Four Years. 

a olster Connty the Sum of Nine hnndred and Ninety Seven 
Posnds Two Shillings Yearly and every Year during Lbe Said 
Fanr Years. 

Dt Polrhe** County the Sum of Nine htindred and Twenty 
6U Ptmndfl Eisbteen Sblllings Yearly and every Year during 
the said Four Years 

AXn In Orange County the Sum of Three hundred and Forty 
EUhi Pounds Eight Shillings Yearly and every Year during the 
Bid Foar Years. 

AND to the End the fall Bum lolended by this Act may be 
efeetJve and Conipieat BE IT ENACTED by the Authority, 
Aforesaid tliat over and Above the Several Quota's AI>ore Men- 
tieaed there shall be Baisc-d Aiseiacd Levied and Col> 





lected tbe Respectire Sums following Uiat Is to Say On the QuoT« V 
fop the City and Couiii? of New York Ibe Rnm of Nine Peace 
over nnd ahore every ronnd to be retained in the hnnds of the 
Bereral Colleciora &» a Reward for ihelr Trouble io Collectins 
and Paying the same to Ibe Treaaiirer of thU Colony and od Ibe 
Qnotn'i* for the CHy and Cflunty of Allmny nnd ail the olher 
Counties in this Colony tbe 8uni of One ShilHag over ami Above 
every Pound out of which the (k'vcra) Collectors may retain in 
their Hands the Rum of Nine Pence on ejicli Pound fur ColleotinjH 
and paying to the Several County Treaaurera And tbe Jiemaln-ll 
Ing three Pence tbe County Treasurer* UexpecUrely mfty retain 
In their hands as a Reward for their Trunble and Service in 
Reveivinj; iiud Paying tbe Uoaiea Arising by this Act lo tbe 
Treasurer of this Colony. 

AND to the End that the ARScssments may be madeiii Such 
Convenient time by tlie Assessora thai the 8ums intended (o be 
raised by thU Act may be Collected and Paid at the Timea 
herein After inentione<t and Appointed and tl>at A»sewtments 
may be truly equully and impartially made as ttf Right they 
ought to be RE Vr ENACTED by the Authority Afon^Miid that 
the Mayor Recorder and Aldermen of the City and County of 
New York or the greater part of tbein FOR the Ilrae heia^ 
Bbnll meet and Assemble at the City Ball of tbe Kaid City on 
the first Tuesday In .I'ine In every Ye:ir diidnK the Raid Ponr ■ 
Y4'ars and rhen and there Issue their Warrants to the Several" 
and Respective Assessom of tbe Said City and County to take 
ft '.rue and vTHft ^iccouut of all tht Eetatcs Real and Personal 
of all the Freeholders lahabitaaJs and Iteaidents within the 
Several Wards of the Said City and County for which they 
Ibe time of l»«iilnK such Warrants Shall be Assessor or Assea- 
Kora And a true Etjuai and impartial Assowmeot to Make antf 
the Same at a l>ay in the Paid Warrants to be prefixed by Ih* 
Mayor or Recorder and Aldermi-o or the major pari of them tbea, 
Mel to Exhibit And when the Paid A^sessnienla are by the Sal 
AssMsors Cooipiealed and a full ai-co*int of the Same fully C 
op nccwdlnc to the Pound Value of the Said Estates Ro.-hnr tb« 
Quota with tbe Allowance for the City ana r^iinty of New 
Yorit be Apparent and Mode Known then the Siiid Mayor Re- 
corder and Aldermen or the Xliijor part of tliom Shall Uauc their 
(Warrants to the nevenii an*! Respective Collectors within the 
Said City and Connty to Collect the Quota with the allowanca 



VfftU Art dlrivte^ And Uiat the RairiL' be paid unto the Treat- 
orer of this CoIodj on or b^ort- the fli-at Tuesday in November 
Yea/ly and every y«tr during the Said Term of Four Year*. 

AKD that the AsfiPiienienH) lutiy b* truly Etiuully and iuipar- 
tially made and d(.iie BE IT EXACTED by the Authority 
AforeMid that every A(H»ejt«rir that Shall be chosen and Elected 
witUo the City and County of Now York during the Term 
Afonnsid Hhall before lie Ei tiT« upon the performance of tbe 
Doty and Service required of him by thin Act take an Oatb 
apon the Holy Ei-angolist* of Almighty God In the Words fol- 
lovlng to Wit I A, B, do Swear that I will W'^-ll and truly 
equally and Inipartially and in due proportion according to 
beat of my Skill Knowledge and 1'ndcrst.indlnK AwieftH and Uatff 
■II the Freeholders lubnbituDt); and itfsidcn Is of the Wnrd fop 
which I am Chonen AjMessor Which Oath the Said Mayor Be* 
eorder and Aldermen or thi> Major part of them 60 Uet ue 
hetvby Inipowered required and dU'ecied to Administer. 

AKD for the Efleclive A«*«-»t»iiitf rollwling nnd Paying the 
n*p«Ht{Te Qnola'a for the City and County of Albany and all 
the otbL-r County's In t^i« Colony together with the before- 
int^tluned Allowance to the Collectors and C-oiinty TreaHiiren 
BK IT EXACTED by the Authority Aforewld that the Super. 
Tiaora of the SaJd City and County and all the other reapcclivtf 
CoiPlyV in Ihid Colony or llie Major part of them Beapectlvely 
Shall meet on the first Tuesday in June every Year during the 
Bsld Term Wh^re the Miijorlty of the Bupervizora then Met 
Shall Cacae the respective Qoolsi's and .Allowances AFORE- 
S.\ID of each County to be raised Aftsiiwed Levied & Collected 
In the Same manner as the other Kecensary and Contingent 
Charjca thereof are and the rewpi-ctive CollectorB are hereby 
re«i>ilred and Enjoyned to Pay the reapeclive Quota's to be by 
th«n Collected uWo the respective Connty Treaaur<T» on op 
before ibe flr«t Tuesday in Oitfilter Yearly and every Ycjir during 
the Said Ti-rm anil each of the Snid County Treasurers arc 
hen-by Enjoyned and Ki-qolred to Pay the rettpet-tive Quola'a ol 
their Counlles to the TrcuKurer of llii« Colony on or before Ihe 
Sral Tuesday In November then next following during the Said 

AVD be It further Enaced by the Authority Aforesaid (haJ 
!■ Caae any of the Collector* Shall Neglect nr delay (o mako 
their respective Payments to Ihe resiwctlve Connty Treasorera 
for tlae Space of three Uooths Next after the timea Appointed 




tiy Oiia Act The Said Coooty Trea«iipe™ Shall be and liereby 
are Eiiabl«>d directed and rciitilpt'd (o Comim-ni-e ActionB in ibelr 
own Xain« «»poctively for the Said Bum or Sums or Sucb part 
tbercof aa Shall be then unpaid in the Connty Court where Sorb 
dffanlt ehail hai)peii and Prosecute the earoe to effect And In 
Cane any of the respective County Trca«uriTB Slmll Neplect their 
Respective duties herein All Buch Hum or Sums Of AIuu<^v Bhall ' 
be deemed taken and Esteemed A»«eta In their hands Ro«peet'^ 
Ively and they shall he charjjed therewith a« ImvlnR remved 
the Banie by the Treasurer of this Colony Who ^htill be and 
hereby is enabled Directed and H«|ulrc<l in Ids own Name to 
Commence Actions for the Same in Ilie Puiiream Cuurt of llda 
Ooiouy witliln one Month After Such default made by any of 
the County Treasurer* Ke»pectiTely and ProBecule the Pame to 
effect And in Case the Trf^surer of tWa Colony Shall Nejilect 
LIb Duty herfrin all 8uch Butii or Sitins of Money Bo being un- 
paid Bhall be deemed taken and Esteemed Asaeta in hia lumda 
and he Shall be Charpable therewith as if be had Actually 
rei^eii-ed the Banie And in Caw un.r of the Cellectors of the City 
nnd County of New York Shall Neglect or delay making tbrir 
3'"ient8 of the Aforewald Tax for one Month After the limes 
direeltxl by this Act Ttie said Trt^'osurcr shall be and hereby la 
Enabled Directed and Re<{uirrd In his own Name to Commence 
Actions AgalDitt Such DefyiiUer or IX-faullera and Prosecute 
the same to Effect And in default of Bueh Prosecution the 
moneys So unpaid Shall be deemed taken and Esteemed Asseta 
in hla hand as If Iw hod At^nally received the Some Any Law 
ranee Custom to the Coutmry NotwithBtanding 

AND be it Enacted by tbe autboHty nforexald That Sueb 
IMnyor Recorder Aldermen i«u):ier\-ixor8 Assessore Collwtora or 
County Treaaurera nilliin this Colony aa Shall Deny Refuse 
Neglect or Delay to do Perform and fCxecule all or ANY of the 
I'owera Dutiea and Authority's by Ibis Act requireil of him or 
them to be dnne and Shall tw thereof Lawfully t^onricted In any 
of hlx MaJi-stieK Courts of Record he or they Shall Suffer Such 
Pnins by Eiue or iDipiiNonmeut as by the dutcretion of Such 
Conrt or Courta Sliali be adjudged 

AND bo it Enacted by the Authority Afor-sald That the 
Treasurer of this Colony Shall out of the Iklouey's to be raised 
liy Virtue of this Act Pay unto Oliver De Lancey Beverly 
Bobiosoa aotl John Cruger Eaquirca Whom bU Excellency Ibi 


OovMTior haa been Pleased (o Appoint Pftj-tna«tcrs ftnd'Coin- 
klMAriesio the Forces of this Colony tbePumof EiiihtThoo^ind 
taH 8eTvn Hundred Pounds to be by tbcm AppUfd [n the Pay- 
tti-nt of Thirteen Hundred und fifteen Effective Men Offlferg 
bcluded who are to be imployed in Conjunction witli the Nelsh- 
buurin^ Colonys In Reduoini; the French Fort at Crown Point 
ind nemorlnj; the Krenrh from their Incrouchnumts there After 
the fi.ltowinir Hiiles V'IZt; To one Colonel at the Rate of Six- 
t«!0 ShUHnRS per iJiem To one Llentcnant Colonel Fourteea 
IFIilIltngs pcp Diom To one Major Twelve Rhtllinss per Diem To 
tUrtMS Captains Eijiht Philllnfrs per Dlom Raoh Tn Tivt-iitf 
Hz UeatenaDts 8lx 6hillio.(;:H per DIcm Each To one Qunrtcr 
Mart«T Poor Sfaillhies per Diem, To one ComraUwirr of r'tores 
ud PpQvisionfi Fonr f^hilllnps per Diem To fifty two Serpeanta 
at the Rate of One Shilling and Eight penrc per DEcm each To 
nirteoD Drnmmera at the Rale of One Kbitlini; and Bix penee 
Faeh per Oletn To thirty Nine CorpMTils nt the Rate of One 
■billing and Bix pence Each per Diem and Unto One thousand 
Ob* handred and Sixty Nine private Sfen at the Rate of One 
niilling and tliree pi^nre jkt Dirm Eiieh Dednclion to be made 
tor any d<»fiHeu'^.v in that Nrmilier by Death or otlierwlse WliiHi 
farces they are hereby directed to Pay according to the Knmlwr 
fliat Shall he In Actual Service and not otherwise which Shall 
b» Aaeertnined by the Muster Rolls of the Several Coinpanlea 
Monthly deliv(>Ted to the Baid Payniast¥>ra npon the Oath of the 
S< veral faptain? of eacli roinpanv or ttie oath of the Commrniiini 
Offlrer thereof at the time of «iicb Muster Which Oath the Said 
ra^moJiteni or either of them are hereby impovrered and Re- 
^nin'd to Adminitler In the Wordii folowinc Vijt't I A. B: do 
Bwrar that the muster Roll here produced by me Is Jurt and 
Truf and Conlainn Xo more nor otiier perBons names than 
ftjch ^Mio are really and truly Inlls«led in ray Company, and 
»t» Now acfnaliy and Really in the Service on the Present 
r " n AcaiDKl Crown point, Kn hplp me God. And the wild 

IV-...,..-;-r« are hereby further reiinired and directed to Pay 
ta on«> Doctor prarldlng three Able Ami»tants to attend the 
Bald Porcea the Sum of Twenty Bix Shillings per Diem And 
hho to provide him with a proper Cho«>t of MedicineH of the 
TbIiw of one hundred and Fifty Ponndx To one Armourer Six 
noUn^ per r^irm And to Encli At-le Rodled Man Xow in Oar- 
I at Fort Edward St Fort \ViIli«m Denry in the Pay of this 
,Vol. IV. a 


Colony (Commission ofBcers excepted) who will Engage to con- 
tinue in the Service on the Expedition now intended against 
Ciown Point the sum of Five Pounds. 

AND he it further Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid That 
the Treasurer Shall out of the Monej'a aforesaid Pay unto Each 
of the Said Captains or other officers Properly Anthoi'ized to 
Ittiise the Forces the sum of Twenty Shillings For each Able 
Itodicd Man whom he or they Respectively Shall Engage to 
Inlist Voluntarily in THE Said Service and to Each of the 
Paid Captains as and for an Encouragement to the Men who 
Pliall inlist under him or them Respectively the Sura of Fire 
Pounds to be paid by him or them respectively to each and 
every Able Bodied man who Shall Voluntarily inlist ander 
liim or tliem on the aforesaid Service Which Said Respective 
Slims Shall be paid by the Treasurer on Warrants issued by 
the Governor or Commander in Chief for'tho Lime being in 
Council According to Such Certificates as are herein after men- 
tioned Signed by the Person or Persons Impowei'd to give the 

AND to the End Musters may he duely and Roprulariy Made 
and no deceit or Fraud practised therein BE IT ENACTED by 
the Authority Aforesaid That They Shall be made before Per- 
Bons Appointed by his Excellency the Governor or Commander 
in Chief for the time being for that purpose Which PersonB 
npon any Muster being Made before them shall Strictly Examine 
Whether all the Men there produced in order to be Mustered 
are Able Bodied Men And whether they are Really and Truly 
inlisted under the C.nptain or other officer producing them to 
go in Conjunction with the Men raised in the Neighbouring 
Colonys for the Service Aforesaid and finding them upon Such 
Examination to be able Bodied Men and that they ai-e Really 
and truly InliFted under Such Captain or other ofiicer to go 
upon the Said Service they shall give the said Captain or other 
officer a Certificate or Ceiiificates thereof And in Case any 
Captain or other oflicer Slinll produce any CcHif^cate of a 
greater Number of able Bodied ^Icn than are Really and truly 
Mustered by or under him or tliem as Aforesaid Or that any 
Person or Persons Appointed to (jive the Same Shall Sign any 
Such False Certificate they Shall Respectively forfeit the Sum 
of One hundred pounds One half thereof to be to his Majesty 
His Heirs and successors towards Carrying on the ServiceH 
Aforesaid the other to any Person who v,iU Sue for the Same 



b «B,T Court of Record witliln tbis Colony wherein No EiuboId 
Frattrcllon WaRer of Law ot anj mori; tliau one liu[>arlaiice 
.1 be allowed 
l> Th«t none of hts JtajextiM Subjects wlio are incHaed 
upon Uie Hervice Aforesaid Should be liniK-df.-d or l>e- 
from EntLTuiB Volimtjirily tboreiu BE IT' ENACTED 
Aothority Aforesaid Thai no rcrson who Ir InliHU-d or 
I iDliflt and EiittT hinisi-lf a Volunteer tn the Kuld StTvIce 
1 during the Same be liable TO be taken therefrom by lay 
II*row« or ExecoHon Wlmtsoevor other than for Some Criiiiliial 
QUltif Fnleirs for a Debt or other jnst cause of Anion oad 
Imlpsa before the Taking out of Such lYocetm of Execulioo 
iSot being for a Criminal Jlattor) llie Plaintiff or plaintirTs 
dwrfin or Some other Person or Persons on Ills or their behalf 
I Slake Anidarit U-fore one or more Judge or Judges of 
COURT of Kceord or other Court oat of vhlch Such 
or Exeentinn Shall Issue or before Some Person Aullior- 
to take AflldaTlts In Such CourtH that to his or their 
owlrdce the Oripinal Sum justly due 4 owing to the Plaintiff 
laiaillTs from the Defendant or Defendants tn the Aetioa 
of Action on which Such I*roce88 Shall Issue or the 
I>ebt for which Such Execntlon Shall be Issued out 
to the Value of Twenty Pouudii Current Money of 
!olony of New York over and Above all Costs of Suit in 
Hane Action or In any other Action on which tlie Same 
been or Shall be grounded A Memorandum of which Oalh 
^ftuM tvc Uftrked on llie liack of Such Process or Wrltt for 
vfclcb UetDomndiim or oath No l->e Shall be taken And if any 
ftrtoa Shall Nevertheless he Arrested contrary to the Intent 
'•( this Act U Shall and may be l^wfull (or one or more Judge 
W ilndges of Snch Court upon (_'um]>Iaint umde thereof by the 
party himself or by any of bis Superior OtBcers to examine 
loto the Some by the Oath of the Parties or othervi-ise And 
l^f Warrant under his or their hauOs and Seals to dlMi-li<ir!;e 
'SwA Soldier So Arrested or detained Contrary to the Inleut 
!«f this Act without PayloR any Fee or Fees upon due proof 
bade before Mm or Ihi-iu that Such Soldier So Arn-sled or 
iHlllll i1 waa lejtally Inlisted for the Service aforesaid and wiiB 
■msiei) and iletaJoed Contrary to the Intent of this Act 
<D be It Enacied by the authority aforesaid That no Pec-ion 
OS WhatsoevtT who Shall Voluntarily lnll»t for the 
aforesaid Shall be liable to be Impressed or dfuined 
any future Sertice for the Ti-mi of Two Y'ears thereafter 


"AXn be It Enaceed by the authoritr Aforwalfl Tliat ary 
Pepdon OP PorsoDS who are Willing to inlisl and lUiail accord- 
ingly intist for the Sctrfce Aforesaid who are now detained lo 
GoaJ upon Execution op any Process in any Civil action Wliercin 
the Original Cause of Action did not amount to the Suui of 
Twenty Poutids Shall upon producing a Ceniftcate of S^uch lila 
w (heir Intistmeot to any Judge or Judges of tiie Court from 
whence Buch Proce«» Issued be disoTiarKed from ImprlflontneotJ 
wiUiout Paying Fees PROVIDED XEVERTllKLEtift that Suc^| 
diwhapge Shall Not be deemed an Extinpiiahment of any BOch^ 
Debt liut that any Plaintifr or PlalutilTs may be at Liberty 
to proceed to Judgment aud Execution against the Goods of 
any such Defeudaut and also against their Person or Persona 
Six Uontha aftep he or they Shall be discharged from the Said 

AKD be It further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that 
In Case any Person or Persons whatsoever Engaged la the 
Aforesaid Service either m officer* or Soldk-rf Shall at any time 
during the Said Service I>e*ert therefrom or Shall begin Excite 
Cause or Join in any mutiny or Stallion l« the Coiupnny TO 
wtich he doth belong or in any other Company '^ngagifd in tfa« 
Said Ser%-i(e or Shall hold Correspondence with any Rebel or 
Enemy of Ids Mujiisty or g've thcin advice or Intelligence by 
Letters Uetsag^fl Signs or Tokens or any manner of way what- 
soever Or Shall Strike or nw; any Violenct- against his Superior 
officer being In the Execution of his Offlt-e Or Shall refuse to 
Obey any Lawfull Command of his Superior officer they Shall 
respectively Suffer Peath or Snob other Punishment ac Shall be 
inflicted by a Court Martini Which Court Martial Shall be held 
CoQstilulL-d and appoloied by Commission from the Ocwmti tr or 
Commander in cieif for th« time being tinder the Ureat Seal 
of this Province. ' 

AND be It further Enacted by the antliorlty aforesaid That 
the aforeeald CotnmlMarii-a Shall l>e and hereby are fully Im- 
powert4 and Aothoriied to take into iheir Care ajid Custody aJI 
the Provisiona Cloalhing Arma AmmMniti«r>n o»d all other 
Articles ^TiaUoerer That Still remain of what was provided bj|d| 
this Colony and what has Ijeeii Contributed by the Colony o^^ 
Pennsylvania for the use of the Forces imployed on the late Ex- 
pedition Against Crown Point together with all the Gun pvwiler 



■liidi h&s lioon pnrrbascd hy Vlriac of gerpral 'Acts of tBe t^ 
bUlnre of this Colony and lodged lu the Magazine of the City, 
of New York wbtcti has not yet been drawn ont and Imi>IoT«l 
by Virtue of any Sobseqiient Acts All wliicJi Several Articles 
Uoodi utd ESvvts of erery Kind or 80 niuob thereof ns f^tiall 
be foQQd Neccfwary tliey tbo Said CVmmiwarics Shall imploy 
for the use of the Forces now Intended to be Engaged on the 
P»rt of tbli Colony lu another Eipeditign Against Crown I'oinC 

AND be it fnrlher Enactf^ by the sanie aulliority Tliut Oio 
TV«a«ur«r of this Colony SiuUl out of the Uoney's to be Raised 
by Virtoe of Ibis Act Pay onto the Said Commiitsarics the Sara 
of Fifteen Thoasand Eire hondred Pountin to be by them Im- 
ployed In rnreharing Such further Quantity of rroviBioaa 
Doatbing Blankets Arms Ammunition and All otlicr Xeccflftary'i 
of all kind* Wbataocvcp Which Sliali be found further >'eecs- 
•try to be provided 00 the part of this Colony for Vigorously; 
prowealing the present intended Expeditioa Against Cnywn 
Point Itie Charges of Transportation by Land and Water In- 
doded, of the due disposition of uii which Aforfsaid Sums of 
Uooex they the Said Paymaxters Shall Render Just and True 
arconnls on Oath to his Eicellency the Garprnor or Commander 
bi Cbelf fur the time being the Cuunvll and OcucnU AjtiieuibJjg 
Mlien by them or of them thereunto required 

AND to the End that the Aforesaid Commissaries may be 
Ent-ooraged TO du aud p^^form the Several and i-eBpecUve Ser- 
vices by this Act Required 10 be done and pcrfurmcd by them r^ 
IfMtively BE IT ENACTED by the Authority Aforc«aid thafl 
theBBid Commltsarlefi Shall be allowed to retain In their hunds 
tbe Stun of Two pounds on every hundred Pounds they Shall 
iBpIcry by Virtue of this Act and in that proportion for a greater 
or lesier sum aa a Reward for tlieir Care and Trouble in the 
SfTenU and lEctipecUve Services hereby Itequlred be doue and 
performed by them 

AND be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid that the 
Sahl CwnmlMHirie* before they Receive any part of the Moni-j-"! 
benby directed to be paid onto theta Sliall Enter into Flecog- 
■fusees to oar Sovereign iMrd the King his Ueirs and Sufr 
(ttwrs before one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of this 
Odooy ia the Sum of Twenty four lhoui«aud Two hundi-ed 
Pnads wiOi Two Sufficient sureties each in half tliat Sum Cun- 
AUoaed that they will well and Truly imploy and Apply the 


Monloa to be received by fhem as 'Aforesaid to and for tlie 
Several and Respective asea and Purposes directed by this 
Act and well and Truly to observe Do and perform all the 
Directions Lereby required to be Observed done and jyefformed 
by tliem Accordinfr to (lie True Intent and Meaning of ibia 
'Act Which Recognizances are to be filed and Recorded in tlie 
Sup ream Court 

AKD be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid That if either 
of the before named Commissaries Shall fail of Imploying and 
applving the Money bo to be received by them in Manner and for 
the Respective uses directed by this act or Omit to Observe 
do and perform what ia hereby Required to be observed done 
and Perfonnod by them in Such Case or Cases the Said Recog- 
nizances Pball be proceeded upon in Due form of Law Against 
Such offender or oiTeudera or his or their Sureties la the Sii- 
pream Court of this Colony Wherein No Essoin Protection 
iWaffer of Law or more than one Imparlance Shall be allowed 
And the Money to be recovered in Consequence thereof Shall 
be paid into the Treasury of this Colony and be applied to and 
for Such Uses as Sliali hereafter be directed by Act or Acts 
to bo passed for that purpose 

AND be it Enacted liy the aathority aforesaid That If either 
of the S:)id Commissaries shall happen to Die remote OHt of 
this Colony or Refuse to Act According to the Several and re- 
Bjiective powers and Autliorities hereby directed and Required 
it Shalt and may be Lawfull to and for the Governor or Com- 
mander in Cheif for the time being by and with the Advice 
and Consent of his Majesties Council to Nominate and appoint 
Some otluT lit I'craon or Persons in the place and Stead of 
him or them So Dying Removing or refusing TO act as Afore- 
said Any tiling herein Contained to (he Contrary Notwithstand- 
ing PRO^'i^^ED that the Pereon or Persona who Shall be ap- 
pointed Hliall be obliged to Knlcr into the like Recognizances 
with the like Siirelles as herein is directed to be done by the 
Said CommisHaries before he or they be Inlitled to receive any 
part of the Mom-y lieroin uientioued And in all Respects be 
o^ Subject to Observe do and perform the Several DirectiouB 
of this Act as if he or lliey had been Named or appointed in it 

AND Whereas it is apjueliendod that the Owners of Certain 
Species of Provisions may Endeavour to exact Exorbitant pricea 
for the Same HE IT ENACTED by the Authority Aforesaid 
That the said Couimissarics Shall Not give more or any lUghL-r 



B<fe ter Pork thnn Thrw* potmda Fifteen eiiiDinsfl per Barrel 
lor more Ibao 8lx Bhlllings per Bushel for Tease And if any 
PenOD or P(^^fIons bnvjt))* Bnch proviitloDs to Sell Shull refuse 
to Sell the Ramp to (Lp ^Naid Commts^iriea at Rur>b Rales It 
Otall nod isaj be I^wfull for tbe xaid Cniiuiii^arles and tbr.r 
«re ben^by Aullioriicd aad linpowcrvd to take and Seize Ho 
Uaeli of Ibe Batd rrOTUions as Ibo; shall Rtnnd In Need of for 
fkr me of the Aforeiwid Forces Iiiinicdialelv Pujing for tbe 
tUme a( tlie Said Rates in Bead; mooey And in Case any Per- 
Hin or Persons Wlialsoever Shall offer to obstruct hlndov or 
prevent the ^'aid CwiimisKarics or their Agents pro;>erly Author- 
bed froin Taking and Carrying Away Any such provisions for 
Ow o»e« afoppsaid he slie or rhey f« Ollendlnsr Plmll forfeit and 
Pay the Hrini of One hundred Pounda to be Sued for and recov- 
ered by the Baid CommiBnarles or nny one of them In any of 
Us UaJestJes Courts of RcH'ord Id this Cottony and iodnred In 
fbe IVeaanry to be di!<i>0fied of by Act or Acts hereafter to bc 
pawfd for Ihfit pnrpmct*. 

AND be it Enacted by the Aofhority Aforesaid that In Case 
tbe Fortes Kalw^l on lht> Aforesaid Serylce Shall happen to be 
dUhaoded or dli«nil»«*M from the Raid Sorvioe bt>fore the Pro- 
Tirfona and other articles as afort^aid be espi-nded Ihon and in 
Rneb Cave the Paid ConimtnKiries Respectively and In rase of 
the Dentil or Removal of any of Ihcm Such por«on or Per^^oDX 
as SbAll be apiMiiatcd In lil!> or their Stead Shall lie and hereby 
•re Impowcrt-d and Required to Sell on account and for the 
bmeflt of this Colony all suHi of the AforeKiiid Provisions and 
ofber srtiok-ii as shall al the Time of i^uoh disthnndin;; and 
DlnnlBslon Remain Pnoxpended And all the Money Arising by 
wttit Bale They Shall Pay into the Ti'-amiry of this Cnlony 
Ibefe to f>*[iiain uiitill the Same shall be disposed of by Act or 
arts bereafler to lie pay^t.'d for (hat Purp<*>!e 

AND be it further Knacted by the Authority Aftfresaid That 
(be Treiwurer Shall pay nnto James Parker for PrlntlnE the 
nill» of Credit directe*) to be made Current by this Act the 
Puir nt Twenty four Pounds 

,\Nn be If further Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid that 
the Aforesaid Several Bums of Money direcled to be paid to (he 
Mr^rv Mentioned Comniixwirici! Shall be paid by the Trenaui"** 
»f tliU Cnlony at Such times and in Such pro[K>rtioiis aa shail 
bt thitojiht Necessary and EsppiIipTit by his Emelleney the 
Qotcrnor or Commander In vhc-lt for the Time being by and 



with tbe adrlro and ronspnt nt Ms >ff>j.^R^Ie!^ rounrll 
CoI"ii.v for performinp the Sevoral and Itv^pective Seniifji tU-, 
rectctl by ihis Act 

AND as It la impmcfltaWp to hnre (he aforesaid Riimfl nf 
MoD(7 Collpclfvl So Poon a.i Hip pifPPiH F.xl^iPmles Re'i'iiie_ 
BF. IT RNACTED by the A-nthorlty Aforewiid lliat for mrikin|" 
fmmodiati? Pflyment for the Porvicos Afofsaid Billa of Credif 
to the Valtn' of Flftj two Ihoiisatid roiiiidR Iw- forltnrnh rrinU>d_ 
Made and Ixnuod upon the Credit of the money to be liuind 
and Ivpvied by Virtue of this Act and lodged {n the Treatnr 
for thftt nurpow That is to ftiy Two thoti^tnd and Two bnndr 
BiUs of Ten Pounds Each Four tbonxflnd llilla of Vive Pound 
Each Two lliouKtind Hills of Tliree |>oand9 Each One thou»an| 
Itilh of Two pounds Eitoh and Two TbouKind HIIIk of Oal 
Pound Each And upon every and Each of Winch IliUa Stiall 
be luiprcwu'd on tlie Iti^ht Side thereof the Amis of the (,'it^_ 
of New Yortt And under the Anna In different Chnmetei^^ 
th<se Words TT'S PKATIl TO COl!NTKItV[:iT TUTS IIH.I. 
Which Hills PhaJI be in the Fonn followins ttiat is to Rav By a 

FIFTY SIX Which Pillt! Shall be Signed by Robert R Lirlne- 
Klon, John Crnger. -lohn Van Der Spiefrel and Wililnin P Pmith 
Esriuiros or any three of them and Nuuihereil by odp of th( 
and in rnue of the Oealh of any of the Said Persoua the 
Bills Ptiall tie Slj-ned by the SI.iJorHy of the Rurvivorn of rhe 

AND be it Enatted by the aulhority Aforesaid ThftI Abroha 
De Peystjpr the prenent Treasiiper of lliis Colony in whose bands 
the Stampfi of the Amm of the City of New York and the othc 
Plates are depositeil ahall in the Presence of the sicne™ afot 
said or the major pnrt of them deliver unto .lames Parker 1} 
i>ald RtampK and Pla-les who is hereby Appointed to Print THl 
Paid Bills and on them to Impreaa the said Arms and Plates 
AMilch when ^one the said James Parker Rhall Redeliver to 
the Paid Trf'^nnrr-r the Paid Ptnmps and Plnles In the present 
of the sij:""'"' Aforesaid or the Slajor part of Ihem And ll 
Receipt of Ilie said Treasurer shall he to the Paid Printer 
Rafflcient Discharge for the same And Ihc Said Printer is hercbj 
rwjtilred and directed to deliver to the fiignera hereby appointe( 
to Plgn the Raid HIIU every IHH of Credit by hira printed and 
Bball upon his delivery of the said Bills take an oath ta ll 




n'ords following VlZt; I A. B do declare (hut from tlie time the 
IctterB w^re set nnd fit to be put into ttie VKt* for PrlstiRff 
ti* Bills of Cr\-ijii now by me deiirered to you ontill the Uills 
»er* p-tbii-'l sad the Leltera afterwards dlittributi^d Into Ih? 
Boxes 1 wpcr ill no ttm*- out o( the Itooin in wliicli the aa'd 
Lcttcni -Kvrv withont Locking them ap bo that thvy Could not 
be c«Tine at nithoot Violence a false Key or other art tbun 
ITaknows to mc And thei^-forv to thv bMt of Mv Kiiowl<^d;{u 
BO Ct^Ic* were Printed oQ but in my PreseuLtr and thut all the 
BhrHccs and other Papeir* wfao80eT<^r Impneeaed by the Bjild 
Lrlier* whilst 8t.-t for [•riutiiig the suid Dills to the best uf my 
KaowlMjge are hert? dfliven?d onto yon tog<^(ier with the 
ffumrw and In all thlng» rel&tlDg to this affair I hare well and 
truly dvmoaDc-d my S^At acconliog to th<^ true Intent auJ 
Ueanlng of the Law In that Cam?- made to tbe beat of my 
GoQwIedfre and Uoderstonding. Whkb oath all and every 
ti the Ri^:Dera are hereby Impowercd d{re<:ted and Required 
to administer 

AND he It Eoa<?tod by the Authority Aforewii'l that thi! 
fervnos herein ap]M>iQted to Bifoi tbe said Hills of Credit Bhnll 
take an Oath N-fore a magistrate of the City of New York 
Each of them Well and Truly to Pcrfonu what By this Act 
tbry ar^ Enjoyned an their Duty And Will Knowingly ^len no 
■ere Bills of Cni^it than at by thiii Act i» directed And if it 
Shall happen that any Bnpemumery Bills shall be left after 
the Said Nunil>er Shall be dellTered to the said Treasurer la 
■aiBi<r aformaid aJI 8uch Kupemumery Itills Bball be Uumt 
wad destroyed by the said Bijiners or the major part of them 
« by the majority of tbe Bun'lvors of them in the presence of 
the TVeaflarer of this Colony 

AKD be it Knacted by the authority aforesaid that the Bills 
«f Oredll Enactrd and appointed by this Act to be Current 
fshall be received by the Tn-amirer of this Colony fn all PuMick 
Pajncota and for any Fund at any time in the Treasnry an<) by 
«ar Pe«Km within this Colony in all Cases Wbatsoerer during 
tbe (ime they are Enacted to Continue And be as efrecliially 
nPRBKN'T aa any other Bills of Credit made Com-nt in tliia 
CbIooj by any Act of the Qovemor Council and General 

AXD be It Knacted by the Anthorify Aforewtid That If any 
PtnvD or Persona whatsoever 8haJI Counterfeit any of the 




Bills of Credit made Current by tbif Act or HUall alter nn] 
ot the nuts made Curn-m as Aforesaid Ro (hat they Shall 
A]j|K-ur to b(.- of gi-euter Value tJiau by this AvL llic Same UUIl 
or Bills So Altered were Enacted Sipiod or oambered to Pass 
Onrrent for or Shall Ktionlii^'Ij- pMSB or give iu Pavmeni any 
the BUU Afoi-esaitl So Counierfeited or alteri'd Every I'ersfl 
guilty of Count i-rfi'ilinj; or Altering any of the Raid TiiiU 
afor<.'!*«id or of Knowingly I'assing or giving in Pajinent vrny" 
Biicb Coontprfeit or Altered BUI Shall be Ruilty of Felony nnJ 
being thereof CoQvlcted Shall Suffer the rain* of Denth williout 
benefit of Clergy And Ihougb Such Coimterfeititig Altering or 
Knowingly pasfilng Connterfett or Altcrod ItilU Shall lie done 
ont of this Colony Yet any Grand Jur.v within tiic City and 
County of New York \a hew-by Impowered to present the Same 
and to Set forth iu tlw In«ll(7linent the plai>e where by their 
EvWeoce it Appeared that the Fact was Committed Which 
IiMltctment la hereby declared good KotwithKtaudlng that the 
place Alledged be out of thin Colony And the Petty Jnriea on 
the Tryal of all Such Issues Shall be retnmed from the Body of 
the nty and Comity of New York Any I-aw Daage or Custou^j 
to the Contrary Notwithstanding H 

AND he It Ena^-tfd by the Authocity Aforewid that the 
Bills of Credit niiide struck and iMued by Virtue of this At 
Shall be and Remain Cnrront uutlll the Ursi Tuesday io V< 
rcinlKT which will be In Ihc Year of our Lord One tbo'taan^ 
Ft-Ten hundred and Sixty Six. 

ANI> b« It Enacted by the Authority Aforcxnid tlint as the 
money to be nJsed Levied and Collecleil by Virtue of tliia Ac 
Shall be Paid into the Treasury the Treasurer of thisi Colon 
for the time being Shall be and be is hereby dirertcd And It 
qnired to u»e his uttnont En<lpflTours to Exrhanpe the Same fol 
Bllla of Credit made Current by this Act VCUWh Said ItilU So 
procured ShaJI be kept in the Treasury read'v to be CanD-lled 
In Manner ss (s directed in and by an Act Entltuled "An Act 
for the more effectual Canrellln? the Bllla of Credit of •his 
Colony " Pafiwd in the Twenty lintt Year of his M;ije!«ties Reij 

AND Whereas It is proponed to make an offensive \Vi 
Agalnat the Indians who are Enemy's to his Majesty In Coi 
Jtincllon with the Colony's Of Now Jersey nnd Pei- i Bl 

IT ENACTED by the Aothority Aforos;ild that ^i r hi 

Rxeellency the Governor or Commmider in cheil for the 
beiog by a&d with the Advice of his Majeetles Council 





it Expodient to ^nfrace In an Expoditfon A^tnsT the 

iDdians lo Conjnnction with the Afopfuald Two ColonjB 

It Phall and may be Lawfnll for bis Excellency the (loyerurtr 

to CSkte VoluntMCB cannot be prociired to Detach from the 

'ountr'« of rtstcr and Oranffe Siirh DiimhcT of able Bodipi) 

eo for the Said h>rvM.' as Shall be tinfflcteut to Complojit 

(be fall Quota of tbU Colony of Rnrh Number of Effertire 

Hon Not ficeed<nf; One thonwind is the Whole as Shall he 

Judgitl NirceswLrjr for the Said Expedilioo to Act In Conjimc- 

tioD with the Force* of the Aforesaid Two Colony'*, Alwnya 

k^mi\1I>KI> Ibo: the whole Ntimber to bv furnlniied by ihlfi 

^Bnlooy exceed not four hundred elTecliTe men liioludlnft Com- 

^blijilon olBcers. 

^^ A>'D be it further Enacted by -ttie Anthorlty Afor«tiild Tliat 

la Cate any IVrnon or Persons who SbaM be detiiohwl a» Atore- 

■>ld HIimII Refuse the Said Service he or tbey So RefuHtng 

Shall be dt-emt-d DeMrtern and be proceeded Aj^inat UDd puD- 

lal)«(t Accordingly ; 

A3»D be it further Enacted by the Anihnrlly Aforesntil that 

the Afor<-8iitd Forces So Engaged Ag:iint(t Ibe Indians Sltiill io 

J aJI K<'«pe*t« be under the lilit? Kulea and K<?iiiil»lio"a and he 

^^nhje^t to the like pcn.ilty's nnd Puntnliment ns those who 

^Khall be Eni^sod on the Expedition asniinst Crown Toint Con- 

^^ilned Id the Clnnso or Claiises of thin Act provided agaiast 

Matiny and Pcaortion 

AM» t>.- It fnrtber Enacted by the anthority nforefmtd that 
the Aforesaid CommiwKirieR Shall out of the Moneys lodged in 
^^^ir hondH by this Act provide for and Purainh the said 
^Vorce* wtih a SuRiclcnt Quantity of I'rorii«loiis Suitable for 
^Kieh an Enterprise tofiether with Powder and Ball and Pay 
^«nto earb Able bodied Man Entering Voluntarily Into the 
d Bervicc the Sum of One Poond & fiftwu Shillings on a 
rii0'-»ie from the offlrer under whom he or th^ be inlisted 
Kaid Volunlf'Cr* iirovidtn); their own Anns nnd Blnrikf-ts, 
thing btfore Contained in this Act to the Contrary Sot- 

ASD be It Enacted by the AuOioHty Aforc«ald tbat the 
fore««id Foices lexcept Commission oCiceni) tjhall each ot 
them bare and recelre two Sfaillinfrs per Day and the Com- 
mtssloii officers the Ffime Pay an Ihoiw Engaged on the Expodt- 
Odd Agaln«l Crown Point for the lime they shall b^ In AC1 IJaO 
KTTlce OQ the Aforesaid Enterprlze Which Money the Treasurer 



Is Jjci-eby din-ctcd to Pot oat of flio Money'* to bo ralwd By 
thi« Act a(-cnrdin;t to proppr CwtiUcnEos Signed by lie prin- 
fipjU Coromaudep of the Raid Forces ContaininK the cxnr.t Num- 
!'«■ of Dav« each rerswn has been Actoally itnploywl in the 
Said Fervlce, oti WarraBts Tasiied by bin r-;x<;pllpncy tbf Gov- 
fi'iiop OP ConmiaBder Id Clicif for the timp being by and with 
the advice and Oonfpnt of bis Majesties Connei]. 

AXli be It fuptlier Enacted by tlie ftutborit? affireRaid That 
vfhen llie Treunurer Sliali (mvc paid ull the tievfral Siuna dl- 
re«tpd to be paid hv this Act all the Renidne of the Mcmey to 
be pfllsed by this Act Bhall remain In the TpeaBnPT to be dli- 
posed of by Act or Acts bepeaflcr to be p(iti*>ed for that purpose. 

AND be It further Eoacted by the authority uforeaold thai 
the Treiwarer nball keep exact TtookH of ali his Keceipts and 
PaytnentB by Virtue of this Act and a tme And Ju«t Aocoant 
thereof Shall peoder on Oath to the Governor or Oominander 
la ChHf for the time beinR thf Council and r.eneral Aasenibly 
when by them or any of them thereunto Itequlred. 

[cnAPTER imo.i 

ICbaplM- 1010. of Tftii Sctiauck. aad cb*)>t«' 89 (rol. S) of LMnvrtmi It 
f>niltb wb»rv tbMltk oQlj Li|>rlnied. Be« chap1«re 073 and 990. Elxplt«d 
januarj 1, 175& Provided for bj diopter 1061.] 


An Act to continue im Act Entllnled "An 
'Act to prevent infectloas Distt^mpopB being 
bronf;bt Into tltls Colony and to hinder the 
Spreading thepeot" ivUh an addition thereto. 

tPBwwi. April 1. 1756.1 

WHEREAS the 'Act Entituled ''An Act to prerent lufeetloni 
"niHtempera beinc bponght Into this Colony and to hinder the 
Bppeading thereof " will expire by its own Liniilatioo on the 
third Day of May Next and the Batne being C-onoeiced Nccea- 

BE IT ENACTED by hit Ercelleney the Ooremop the Council 

and the GenenU Aa»etnbly And It ta hereby Enacted by the 

lauthorlly of the nme Tliat the Said act Enlitule«l "An Act to 

rpperent InfecHona Wateinper* bcInR bPOWRht info thU Colony 

and to hinder the Spreading thereof" And also the Act Enll- 

.tilled "An Act to explain an Act EntHuled An Act to pperent 

ilnfe<-tlou« PiftemiMT* Lcltijr bronght Into thia Colony anil to 

Under the Sprt^dtnti (hereof** poned the Elerenth day of Sep- 





ffinber lanf Shall both bo and Iierebj" are Conlioutd and prc>"y 
Claow Uatter and Mag to the said two Acta contained Enacted 
U be and remain in fall force and Virtue to all tntents Con- 
■tmctloiM aBd purposes wlmtsorver from the said Third Day 
tl May yext unillt the first day of Jannnry which will Ije In 
the Year of oar Lord One thousand Sereo hundred and Flfi; 

A-KD te (t farther Enacted that the Parc^on or rbysitlnn Ap- 
polnled by the Govprnor or the Coinmandop In cheif for the 
time being to Viitir and Inspect any Vessell Saspf^oted of having 
OD Roan] any fr.ftH-tiotis Dtstempor Bhnll have for hU ^id 
Visitation or Iniipeoiion the Bum of one pound Eifiht Bhtllingt, 
ILay tbioR in the bcforetnentionpil Acts to the Contrary Not- 

fCHAPTEB ion.] 

rCkaptrr lOII, of Van ecbaack. where IS* li'Jc only la printed. Tbapier 
M troL a of LkiiKMoii A Smith. wb«re tbc Act is printed In fall, Sm 
ttapiBB 673, C8II. TOO and SS3. ContlDn«4 br cba]>lcr 1268.] 

An Act to It«Tivv ths Several Acts therein 

[F«as«<1, AprU I, ITSfi.] 

BE TT ENACTED by bia Eic«Ilpncy the Governor the Conn- 
ell aod the Gen<^ral Asspoibly and it la hereby Enacted by the 
Aathority of the Banie That the Act Entlluied "An Act for 
"the brUer <Jk-uriug lU-j,'ululiD}; and furthi-r iu.v>ng oat Fub- 
"Ucb HiRhWaya Id the County of Suffolk" Paiwd in the 
Siitli Year of his Pres'^nt Maj'sties ReiKi) And the Act Entl- 
tslod "An Act to continue An Act EoUtuIed An Act tor 
the belter Chft.'ing Regulating and farther laying Pnb- 
lick bigbwnys in the County of HufToilt with ^me AddttionB 
thereto'' r.i!<£ed in the Thirteenth Year of bla Said Maiea- 
tk« Oeiga And also the Act Eutlttiled ".\n Act to amend 
*aa act Eotitnled an act for the l>et:L-r Clearing Kegnlaling 
"and further laying ont Publlck HiRbways in the County 
*of b'ctToIk'' passed in the Nineteenth Year of his tsatd Majcs- 
tlea Belgn shall be and hereby are Revived and Every the 
ClftBaea Artirlea Matters and th'ntus in the Bame Three Acta 
OODUUoed Hhail be and Rfmnin in full force and Virtue to 
an Inirats CoKetructioRa and Purposea Whatsoever from the 
^bllrallon hoeof nnfill the Qph^ Usy of January Which will 
be [a the Year of Our tord One Thousand Seren hundred and 
6Uty Fire. 



tCDArTER 1012.1 

tCbaptcT 10121 of Vpd Schnack, wbere tbe tlUe onlj U prtnt^J. Cbrii 
01 (voi. 2) or LlTioiratoD & Smllb, yrbvn tlw act la pMntcil la full, 
ebaplcn 801 uH 905. CoqUuiimI by chapter 1391.] 

!&D Act to lierive ao act Entitaled *'Ab 
"Act (ot the betiei- Clearing Itegulallng aad 
"further Ift.viDi; uut fublick highwayii io tlM 
** Couoty oE .Westchester" with Home allera- 

IPaaadl, April ]. 1T36J 

■\\'HKREAS an act Entiluled "An Act (or the better Cleartog 
" Reik;utalius and further la.viug out Publlclc llighwa^-ti in the 
"County of WeHlchester" pawed io the Nlneteooth Year of 
his MiijesHea Rei^n Expired by Its own liuiit»iioD od the dnX 
Day of December last Aud tbe same bavlag bccii found tiigbl] 

KB IT ENACTEn by his Kxccllonpy the Governor the Councir 
and thE> General AKseiublj and It la hereby Kcajoted by the 
Anthority of the 8aine that the above mentioned Act Entltulcd 
"An Act for the better CU«irIug Hi'gulaling and lurthw laying 
"out I'libiick h'Rh Ways in the County of Westclieaier" Shall 
be and hereby is Rcvi»cd and every Article matter and CIaa« 
thp'\*in contained Enacted to be and remain in full force from 
the rublioation hfr«of nniill (he flril clay of jARuary which 
will be io tbe Year One thousand Seven hundred and Sisty 8ii 

AXD be it fnrlher Ennctc'd by the anthority aforesaid That 
tbe Si-veral I'ersons heroin After NjuikkI to Wit 

For Westchester and Fordham Edward KlyyeoisoD ANTUONY 
BARTOW and James Ferris Esqnirea 

For l^^aiticltoster Charles Vincent Edward Burling and JoliD 
Townsend Ei<')iiires 

For New Rgchelle and Pelham Col'o Anthony Llspenard JohM" 
Poll and Joeeph Rodman Estjuires 

For Rye and White I'lalna Colonel Wlllfatn Wiliei Jonathan 
Brown and Oabricl Lynch Esfjulres 

For liliimaroneclc James Uelauoey Jobo Oidoey and Beoja- 
min OriOtn Exqiiires 

For Bedford John IIolDic* 'Abraham Ulller and Uarcaa Uose^ 
man Esquires ^ 

For North Caatle George DenoU Joseitb Fowler and Moaes 
Quimbly Esqnirea 



For Salem Joslah ODbbH Jamn Bnywn aad Peter Beoedlcl 

For the Manrf of Cortlandt Philip Verplanck Joh» Hjul 
and Pierv Van CorUund ERiiiii-os 

F«e the lower part of the Manor oP PhUipsbupgh Predriclc 
PliIMpst^ Kftlhanicl TTndprhill and Jammi Van Cortlandt Esq'ra 

For the nppn- part of sHid Manor Wiltiaiu Darls Iftonc Deane 
•iid GUb«rt Drake EatinircB 

And for the East Patfat and old Ponnd R!d|*e T{ael>oQ Loch- 
wood John Crawford and IlezekiiUi Wood R^uitib-cx 8ti:UI b< 
■Dd hereby are appoint^ CommiwiioDera to RegtilaJtc and la; 
ool hlRhwttT* In the Said Coimly for the plawa for which they 
uv IL-upcclivply Appointed And Shall be and h>.-ifby are 
Vested with oa full power and Authority for that end to all 
lateala Comttructions am] pMrposcs whatvocrer a» If ihvy had 
btes Actvally named and Appotntcij IN and hj the aforesaid 
Act Any thins ia the Aforesaid Act lO the Contrary Notwith- 

[CnAPTER 1013.] 

(Chapter 1013, of Tan Bcbaack, and rtiapter 92 (xcL 2) Of liTlnsstoa & 
wb«r« th« UUa ont7 Is prtnitid.] 

'An Act for ihe more Ppecdy and effeclual 
^^^^^^^ rafnns the l-'urc^s to be fumishcd by thii) 

^^^^^y Colony on the Expedition a^Initt Crown Point 

^V tPa««d. liar 1. tT3a] 

WHEREAS it may so happen that a Sudlek-nt Nninljfir of 
Volonleera may not be timely procured to compleat the Niim- 
ber of Poree to be fumi&hed by this Colony on an Expeditiun 
■i;nln«t Crown Poinf by which mean» the BaJd Service may bO 
Rtarded . 

BE IT E5JACTED by hid Excellency the Oovernor the ConncII 
and Geiwnil Amemblj and It la hereby Enaclcd by the Author* 
llj of tho Same that in cuvu the full Ntinib(.T of One tbonsand 
three hundred and fifteen effectWf^ men ollloere loclnded do not 
enter Voluntarily lH*f'ip«» the pnbTlcation of this Act it Shall 
and may l<c lawfnll for bis Excellcnry the QoTemor and he is 
baeby Enabled and Impowered to Supply the deficiency by 
Detachments to be made from the Militia of the Sercral and 
Becpcctire City's and County's of this Colony where SnoE 
Dtfidencjr may happen AXWAVSt PROVIDED that 00 more 



Sleii Bball be Detached from tlie Baid Several Cit.T8 and 
Couiiil/'s ttian accordiog to the following proportioas VlZT. 
From the Clt; and Coootjr of New York One hundred uad 
Seventy Nine effective Men From Richmond Countj Thirty twc 
elTevtire Ucn From Kings County Thirty Bc-veo olTectlve Mei 

'^Trom Qneens Connty One bniidred and Fifly five effective MeK 
From SulTolk County One hundred and Fifty Six clToctiTf 
lllvn from Weatcheeter County One hundred and Scvi-nljr 
Eifiht effectiTe men From Dutchess County One hundred ai4 
&-itnty fire effective Men And From the Cily tiod County of 
Libaoy Two hundred and Eleven effective Men All exclueive nl 

' ODlcer*. 

A>'U be it farther Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid thai 
4he Several and ResjiwliTe People and I*er»on» who arc- «• 
euiiilt-d from Military Servla? In and by one Act of tbia Colony 
Eutituled "An Act to Reguifite the Si)!il!a of (lie Colony of 
Kew York" Paftsted In tlie Twenty Eighth Year ot bis Majestiea 
Beijpi (The Several KrAni;b,'3 of the Legislature and their 
Neceasary ofBcera His Uajesty's Attorney General The Colony 
Trt-aRtirer nigh Sherlffa cnJ Clerka of City'a and County's 
Blagii'irates and Ministers of the Gospel only excepted Shall 
be and hereby are made Subjovt and liable to be Detached on 
the Aforesaid Service Any tiling la the Said Aot to the Ooft- 
trury NotwiUiMtiuidSug. 
AXD be it further Enacted by the Authority AforeeaJd thai 

Ltlie SerrnU and Respective Colonels or Ni-zt GommaDdlat; oO- 

Peers of the Several and Respective Regimenta of Militia nilhin 
this Colony where Such deficiency Shall happen Shall forthwith 
afl-ir receiving his Excellency's Orders for Detaching the num- 
ber of Men wanting from the said Several and rewpei.-! '. ve Couutyt 
according to the aforesaid proportions Send for all the Cap- 
tains or nest Commanding officers of all the Several Company's 
as well R<?K)mented as un-Itegimcnted Troops of Horse included 
of the said Several and reapectJre Couisty's to attend them at 
such time and place as the Said Colonels or next Commandhig 
officeTs Shall vVppolut with the Several and rifspcctive List* of 
their t^»m[MinyB' to which are to be added Lists of the aforesaid 
People and Pci*«i» exempted by the aforessld Aft From which 
ListJS the several and Respective Coioaelc or next Commajidlng 
uffi'ers together with the other Field ofHcers SUuil proportion 
tlut dumber of Men to be furnished by each Company Bespecb 






inly aceortllnfT to' tlic Xiimbers eontaincil (q tlie Baii hisla and 
the Said SevenI and re^>e€tire Captains or next Commandiog 
•Seers for Ihe respective County's Atid lUv Bov<:-tul mi<) Re> 
spectife Captaina or Hext Commaoding OflicerB with the aa.yBt- 
■><« of a Field officer for the Cit/ of >'vw YurL Shull forUiwith 
Utcrcftfler take the proper Ueasuren' for Detaching the Naaiber 
Alloied to fstcb OoDipaii; respectively b; lacb time M Blmll be 
Appoiotnl bj his Excellency for that parpoee Bach able bodied 
lUo who bail already or Khnll before the said DetachnientH be 
made enter Volaoturilj into the SaJd Rerrice out of any of the 
Bold OompaDT'B to be allowed part of the Quota of such Com- 
IISI17 aod if any dispate iball arise among any of the Said Com- 
pui7*B coDcemlDj; the Nunib<^r of Voluutc<T8 CD'or ed luto the eald 
■ervire oat of the said Company's the Same Shall be examined 
Into aod finally Settled by the ResipecUve CoIoucIr or oLher Field 
officers of the Coiioty where the dispute may Arise 

AXD be it farther f^acted by tbe Authority Aforesaid that 
■hea any of the Bald Captalna or next Commanding ofHcers 
SboJl ot^er their Company's to meet in order to raise the Quota 
of Ueo allotted to them KespectJvely or soch port thereof as 
oiay then be Wanting every Person doely Warned to appear 
either Petwmally or by Notice left ut his place of Uc«idcncc not 
only those be1on(^n^ to the mid respective Company's but Such 
also of Ibe Aforesaid exempted Persons who dwell and rciiidc 
within the Beats or Dblricts of any of the Said C^ptaiaa who 
Shall not attend at Sach lime and Place oa Shall be api>uinted 
by the aaid Captain or next Comroandiug officer res|>ectivcly 
Shall Forfeit and Pay the Sum of Ten Pound& 

AND be It further Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid thaA 
If any PersMi or Peraons so Detached Shall refuse the Said Ser- 
vice he or they so rcfiuuof; shall be deemed Desertei-B and shall 
be proceeded against and I'unished accordingly, ALWAYS PRO- 
VIDEO that it Shall and may be I^awfiill for any Person So de- 
aehcd as aforesaid to procure an able bodied Uan to go in bis 
Boom or Stead and on his producing Such oflloer or onii.-ern ap- 
foiated to Command the Company in which the Said Dctnclicd 
PerMO was to go he the Said detached Person shall be dis- 
charged from the Said Serrtce ■ ' 

A>*I> be it forther Enacted by the Anthority Aforemid that M 
toy Person or Persons within this Colony Shall after the order* 
for Uaklsg the Said Detachmeul;) Shall be issacd and before the 
iVol. IV. 11 




Said Detacbmenlfl be Complcatcd Glrall be ttmai in any 
this Colony to which they do not belong and Shall Not be alilc 
to ni'iidcraSatisfactoTy account of himself or themselresaud the 
BDFiinc-s9 lie or Uicy are opoo to llie Captain of the DiEtlrlc^y 
wltliiu whose Limits tJioy shall he foaod It Shall and mny \^M 
lawful] for Such Captain or next Commanding officer to Detath" 
Such Person or Pfrsous on the aforesaid Senice as pai-t of 
Kuniher which he is to fiimiPh out of his Company. 

'A'STi be It further Enacted by the Anthoritv 'AforesaiJ tba' 
In Case any rersos or Pr-rsons Whatsoever Shall [Tarbour Seen 
or Conceal any Persia detached (Or inlitttcd) as Alorcratd And 
absenting hiuLv-ir frotn the said Service he She or they So Of- 
fending Shall forfeit tbe Sum of Twenty Pounds. 

AXr» be It further Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid that, 
if any I'erson or Persons ^^Tiatsoerer Shall directly or Indi- 
rectly obsinict tlie Said Detachmenls belna Made or Shall difr 
courage or hinder any Person from Inlisting Voluntarily in th^f 
Aforesaid Serrice or Shall under any pretence whatitoever Other-" 
wise than by due process of Law detain any Such Person %>ho 
either baa already or Shall hereafter tnlist Voluntarily or 
Detached Info the Said Service tho' the Said Person b? Serran 
or Apprentice He fho or they so odeudiog Shall respectlTcly 
forfeit the Sum of Fifty Pounds 

And be it further Enacted by the aulhority aforesaid thn 
If any Captain or neit Commanding officer of a Company 
Uilitia or any Person properly Authorized to Inlist Vol'inlce 
on the afori'Suid Service Sliall be prosecuted by any Master o 
MiKlress of a Servant or Apprentice for detadilog or InliHlin 
his her or Itieir Servant or Apprcnitre Into the Aforesaid Ser- 
vice or for relnining tbem in the said Service it Shall ind nui 
be Lawfuli for Such otBcer So detaching or Such Person 
inlisting or n>tainlnE Sneh Servant or Apprentice to plead llie' 
fieceral Issue and give this A<t In Evidence and the I'hiialilT 
or Plainliffs in Such Suit or Suits Shall Not rccoTcr on Sacb 
Soits but Pny all Costa. 

AND be it further Knactcd by the Authority Aforesaid that 
oo More than one Person otit of a Family Sliall be detsohe 
and where anyone of a Familv has already or Shall heforft Ibe' 
Said Detachments be compleati>d enter Voluntarily into tbe 
Said Service no one Phafl he Detached oat of Such Family, 
(Lodgers to be accounted no i>art of Such Family 

ho I 






i>*I> be It further Enacted by the Autbodly AforcMtJ tbat 
any Colunel or Fivld OOIrer 8I1.1II ficjtlevt or Omit to do 
t U cujornt.-d liiiu or tLem by llim Act U.i-j sliall reiiiH-cliTeljr 
feil Uic Kam of One baodred PoiindH And any Captniu or 
lialt^rn oflirer or officers wbo ttliall Neglect to do what U 
ijtnud liim or tbwn by this Act he or tbcy Shall Reapect- 
Ir forfeit the Soni of Fifty rounds And CTery Non Conimla- 
oafd offiivr who Shall Omit or Ncglcvt ihe Service required 
I him by his Ca|ttiiia or NeM Cominjindin^ officer in executing 
tbiB Act Bhnll rf«i>ec(ively forfeit the shio of Twenty Ave 
omida All wliirb Forfciturea and nil other forfeitures laid 
y this Act Shall l>e imni<Mliiiti-ly levied on the Hoods aod Chat- 
tlev of the Defaulters respet'tirely or on Uie goods aod Chaltli'S 
of tbcir Panmts Masters or llisu-esscB by Warrant <x Warriints 
Issttfd by one of the .Indges of t]ie InfeiHor Conrt of Comtnon 
Pbsa of the reBpeetiTc County or County's where the nld 
Forfcilore Shall Arise or by one of the Jadfjes of the Stipreiun 
Ooort Id the City of New York on due proof thereof 
Ifade before him Wbicb Warrants Shall be direrled to and 
teenled by the Sheriff or SherlUa of the Several 
iiys and County's rexpeetirely The Said PorfeHarea when 
tie<l Bhall be paid into the hands of tliS SnperviKors of 
e Said RMpeclive County's or the City Treasurer of the 
ty of New York rtMipeclively nud be by them Applied in the 
payment of Sueh Sum or Sums of Money as the people of 
'tte Said City or County's respectively eltlier have or Shall 
nlse by Voluntary ContribntionB Among (henisclvcs for «n- 
eourafnof! Able bodied Men to iolist Voluntarily into the Afore 
id Sett Ire In Eoeh manner as they the Said Suporvixors or 
tajor and Aldenueo of the City of Kew York rcupectlvely 
Jod^e Equitable And where no floods or Chatties are 
fonnd the Defaulter or DefatiUers Shall be committed 
Goal there to remain withoat Bail or UalnpHze for the 
of Six Months or until Mie Said Forfeitures witli all Costs 
Charges AltendinK the Same Shall he fully Paid. 
AND be U fortber Enarted by the Authority aforesaid that 
800D as the Wt«torn Frontiers are Secure from the RaTnjp-'S 
of the Enemy And the proposed Expedition In Conjuaetloo with 
the Colony's of Kew Jersey and Pensllvania at an end It Shall 
nd may be Lawfoll for his Excellency the Governor or the 
Ooimnaoder In Cheif for the time being to AoKinent the Forcet 
nlsed \>j tliia Colony on the Expedition Against Crown Point 



with Font liondrH effective Men VoInntwrH oflicewi Includefl 
And In case Volunteers do not offer fmiiicdiatclj^ then to 8upp1j 
the dt'flcieocj by I>etarliiiiF-nl8 id the following proportions from 
the Several Cilj-s & Conntr'a VKT. From IHster County One 
hundred and Twelve efff^ilvc Jlen From Orange Connly Eiyhly 
four effectire Men FROM the Ci(.v and Connty of New York 
Thirty three effective men From DtitcheMi County Thirty two 
efTective Men From Wentcliestcr County Thirty three effective 
Men From KiugB Connty Seven effective Men From Queens 
County Twenty Eight effective Men From Bnffollj County 
Twenty ElRht effective Sion From Hichmond County Six ef- 
fective Men und from Albany Thirty Seven effective Men WWcb 
Detachments shail be made In lilte Manner and nnder the tike 
Realrli'tlons Itutca Regulations jad Forfeitures ai are before 
Contained in this Act And Ihe Comniinwirics for paytng and 
Victualling the Forces of this Colony on the Expedition Against 
Crown Point arc hereby imi>owered out of the Money's In their 
hands to provide for and I'ay the Raid Four hnndrcd Men In 
like Manner in all respects with the other Forces of tliis CoIout 
Tnclnding the respective Bonnfyn of Five Poonds for each Able 
bodied Volnntcer and the Bum of Tn-enty Shillings to each 
officer for raising the Said ^"oluntee^». 

And Be It Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid that all Ibe 
Forces detached or raltte^ by Virtue of this Act Shall be Sub- 
ject in all Cases to the like Pains and Penalties as the other 
Forces raised in this Colony to be employed on an Expedition 
for reducing the French Fort at Crown Point are Subject aut 
lyable to. 


[Cliaptpr lOK. of Tan Scbsaclc. and chapter OCt (vol. 2> of Llvincston ft 
SmKb. wtiere Uic title oolr te printed. Sec cbapier 068. Mvlnpstoa A 
8mltli and Vao SdiuclL. state Ibat tbls aet wai enperMded t>y an art 
of iMrllam«it pno^d, Decemtwr 2. ITSil. commoatr caU«() tlie prorlBloa 
act, whicb catanded to aU tlie countli-a In Amnlcs-I 

An Act to Rertre an Act EntKuled An 
Act more effectually to Restrain the exporta- 
tion of ProTifeloua and Warlike Stores from 
the Colony of New York with an Alteration 

[PaKuM. Mb7 *. 17M.1 

WHEBBA8 an Act Fnlilaled "An Act more effectually tb 
rettrsln the Exportation of Provisions nud Warlike Stores from 



Colony of New York" pawed in the Twenty Ninth Year 
of hU pr^'jMTit Slajcst r> Itpl;:n did Expire by Its own l.lmltaHoa 
oa the EIoL-ath day of October last and It Appearing NeecMary 
It tbls Critical aud Kztraordinary Conjancture that the Satae 

be IltfTiTtd 

BE n* THEREFOnE Eaarted by bia Excellency the Ootw 
crnor the Council and the General Asfiembly And It is hereby 
Enacted by the AnthoHty of tbe same that the mU Act Enti- 
lal«l "An Act more effectually to Itestrain the Exportation of 
ProTiaJotui and Warlike Stores from tbe Colony of New York" 
81uUI bt and hereby i« Rfvivetl und every Article and Clause 
tberefai contained Except the fourth enariinf; clnuHe therein 
relattop to ihe tuipplying Spanish Onrltmns with Provisions 
Enacted to be of Force from the Publication hereof lor the 
trim of twenty one da.Mi, and after the Expiration of the said 
terai of twenty one days from the time that the L^alatnre of 
the Colony's of New Jeraey and Pensltvania ShaJl rewpectlvely 
pna Laws for the like purposes and Shall be of equaJ Contioa- 
aace and Dnration with tbe Said Iaws provided they exceed 
M< the Space of three Moolba. 

[CHAPTER 1015.) 

>ter lOtS^ of Van Srhnnolc. niid oJiaptrr 01 (toI. 5) of Llvlnsstoa 4K 
wtMT* lbs set ts Trtutod In tuU. AmcodMl bj chapter UtTS.] 

'Ad Act to Enable the InhnbllaatH of the 
Manor of Cortland In the County of Weat- 
cbcster to Elect two additional Constables. 

WIIEBEAS the Inhabitants of Ibe Manor of Cortland liaring 
by Art of this Oniony a power to Elect only One Onni«riit>le andl 
the Said Manor Unng ^iiice Considerably incn-aned in Nuintn>r 
«t labaUtants and tiettlctncntit a greater Kuml>er Appears nom 
Secg su ary 

BE IT THEREFORE Enacted by hts Excellejncy the GoverooP 
tbe Council and lite General Aititenibly and il \» hereby Enot'ted 
by tbe Authority of the Kame that from and After the publica- 
ttaa of tbls Act it Sball and may be lawfiill to and for the 
latabltaots of Ihe Manor of Cortland Aforesaid at their Annual 
Veetloea for tbe Election of Manor officers to Elect iind Chuse 
two additional Utmsbables One of which Cousl^ibles to be 


Elected and Chosen from and out of Sacb of tfie Ib£abi£aii7s as 
bave habitations at or near Hudnxas Biver And the other 
from and omt of Buch of the Inhabitants as bave habltatiomi 
on the Eastern parts of the Said Manor Any Law Usage as 
Custom to the Oootrary in anj wise Motwithsfaading 

[CHAPTER 1016.J 

(Cbapter 1016, of Tan Scbaack, and chapter 96 (toL 2) of LlrlngstoD * 
Smltli. when the Utl« 0DI7 1b printed. See cbaptef 97& Amended bjj 
«luipter UMC Aepealed t>f diapter lOSl] 

^n Act to limit and ascertain the Ratea 
to he taken for Carriages imployed or im- 
pressed into hia MajestleB Berrice in Hda 

IPoased, Uoy 8, 1TG6.] 

iWHEBEAS grea* difficulty's have and do dayly Arise few 
imnt of having the Rates to be taken for Carriages made use 
of in hla Majesties Bervice in tluB Colony limited and Ascef 

I?E IT ENACTED by bis Excellency the aovemor the CoancU 
and the General Assembly and it is hereby Enacted by the 
Authority of the Same that from and after the publication of 
this Act no more or higher Kate or Rates Shall be taken by 
any perscoi or Persons whatsoever either implojed or impressed 
Into bis Majesties Service with a Waggon and Two Horses Pro- 
riding Provender for Uis own Horses than aa follows VIZT. 

Going fr<Mn the place from whence they shall be taken And 
returning to the Same Nine Shillinga for every Thirty Miles 
and in that proportion for a greater or leaser Number of Miles. 

From the City of Albany to Fort Edward Northward Ten 
Shillings per Day. 

From the Bald City to Schenectady Westward Nine Shillings 
per Day. 

For every Day they shall be imployed beyond Port Edward 
Northward Twelve shillings per Day. And for every Day thej 
shall be Imployed beyond Schenectady Westward Ten Shillings 
per Day Any Law Usage or Custom to the Contrary Notwitlk- 




ICHAPTER 1017.] 

tCbsptar 1017, of Tao gehaact. and cUarter M (toL 2) of UdDKston & 
SMttb. wliOTi C^ UU9 «Dtf la printed. B«vlTcd and ezlvndcd by cha^ 

'An Act for the l»cttor apprphmdinf; and 
Securing Deaertera from his Majesties Forcea 
ia America. 

tPassea. Jolr 9. ITM.} 

WnERGAS ScTcml Soldiers aaO others boiog duely Listed of 
In the Actual I'aj and Service of llie Ein{^ MaJCf-t; hi .^meiica 
do aftenft'ards Oc^rt and are oflou found Wandering or otbcr- 
wine At>«T-i)(ing themselves i11e;;all; from hiv Majesties B r* 
Tice aad Somoiimea In Body's with their Anna to the gi' 
'vrroe of th« MagislriUea Civil olDcws nod other tlie luhahlt* 
nta of this Colony who ore thereby detered from eudeoToaring 
o apt>retiend or Soourc Such Deaertcr or Dosenlcra WIlEttE- 
FOIIK for the better Appi-eht-nding and Securing Suoh De- 
■rrler or Ucaertera to the end the; tuay he proceeded against 
arconling to Iav 

BE IT ENACTED by his Enrr-IIpncy the GovomAr tho Cooo* 
eil and the Gfn4'nil Awsembly unil it ia hereby Enacted by the 
athorlty of the ^me That if any Pernon or Peraons who may 
'aaonably l>e susiHiTtcd of IH-si^i-lion from his Mnjetill;.s Ser- 
■foresuid Khnll ttc found iu any t-lty or County of this 
iloojr Wandering or otherwise Absenting from his Maje^dUea 
rvlce llinl all and evrry of hia Mftjosiif-s Ji)sl;rf> or Juittiee« of 
^)he Peace SbcrilTa t^iMtubics and oilier Civil officers arc hereby 
in-cted and Keqoired to use their best and Ultnostdiligcnee and 
vourii lo appriMiond or cause to be appn-hendod Siiuli per- 
or Persona So Ku.ii>t'<v!*'d of Desertion from bis Majt^-stiea 
rrlce as afore«aid And in Case Such pcrsoa or Persona So 
•{K*''(ed of Petterlion Hhall be found Willi .\nn8 or t>y rim-')On 
r ibelr Number or otherwise U May Justly be fean-il lo be 
ogeroos to attempt ^o apprcbond bim or tliem without an 
AnDffd Foroe Tliat then .Mie Next Commanding Oflicer & 
Officers of the Militia of tbe County where any such Person or 
Prrsooa Shall be found Suspected of L>ewrIion as aforesaid 
r[toii Applimlioa to him or them by any the Said Justice or 
Justices of Ibtt Peace SberlCTs OoDstables or other OItII officers 



or any of tbeio for ibaX Purpofte Sltall immediately npoD 8adi 

ApiilicatioQ to him or them made as Afor««aii] Summon sod 

call (Dgctlit-r So many of the Militia under bia or their Cuni' 

maiid well armed as by hXa r>liall be tliougbt Neceasar; and 

CoDveuteiit for the apprebeoding Bach Person or persona So 

Suapoded of IX-sei'tiOD a» uf'Orcsald And »liall togetb<>-r with 

^be Bald UUlUa well armed aa aforesaid apun such Application 

or Applications to btm or theni made as Aforesaid witb all dili- 

>£(>Dc« proceed to the Aid and AMlxtance of tbc «ii(I Jusliix* or 

[justices iberilTg Constables or otbcr Peace Officers aforesaid 

160 ealling for and r<S]ulring Uic Aswlstance of the Bald UUilia 

I Id Older to appiflicnd and Secure Such Penion or IVrsonn So 

Gui^pected of 1-teser.lioa a» aforesaid And If Such Person or 

I'ersona 60 Suspected of DesertloQ shall rcfmo to Surn-nder 

and deliver np biuisclf or themselves together with their Arms 

to Such Commanding OOloer of tlie Mllil'ta an aforesaid l>eing 

first Re(|nired 80 to do hy auch COAIMANDINQ oQtcer of the 

Militia or by any of bis Majeaties Justices of Jhe Peace SlieriCa 

Constables or other peace oOlcera but Shall Resist or offer to 

Itefist and Stand upon his or their defence lliat then it Shall 

and may be LawfuU for the Said Officer of tlie Militia and 

thuM; under bis Command a« Aforesaid by otxlcr of Such their 

Cuiuiniindlug Odicer who is hereby impowt^'tvd and RequUi^ If 

Xecessary to ^re Such Orders to fire upon ICIU and destroy 

Such SuK|)eti(ed Dccertcr and n^-serters that StuUl refuse to 

Surrender up himself or tbeinselvcs as aforoaaid 

AXD be it further Enacted by the nuthoi-lty aforesaid that 
Such Person or Persons and every of Ibem that shall be Appre- 
hended as a Dei»er!er or L><'i?frlers as aforesaid Shall forthwith 
be conveyed by Ihe I'eiwon or Persona So apprehending htm or j 
them before any Jii&'.lce or Justices of tbc Peace of the Oonotyfl 
Where such Persoo or Persons Shall be bo Apprehended which " 
Bald JuHtice or Justices Shall examine the Person or Persons So 
Apprehended and if by bis or their own Confession or by tta 
Tt'stlmi^my of one or more WUneas or Witncaaca upon Outh or 
by the Knowledge of Such Justice or Juslloes it Stiall appear to 
Such Justice or Justices or be found that Such Person or Per^ 
ton* Is or are a Deserter or Dt-wrlers from his Majesties Service 
the Said Justice or Juslices of .'he Peace Shall forHiwlth canst 
Such Deserter or Deserters together with his or their Ann» 
and &.coou(rementi if any such there be to be conveyed and de- 





Cfcred te the Care &na Curtoay ©f the Jteopw of the CoSTnwm 
a*ftl at the aty or Countj where saeh Deserter or Deoprti^rs 
Shall be Apprehended and Transmit an AccvMint thereof to ttio 
Oominancler in c hief for tJ*e lime being ofliis Majeat/B Forces 
la Aataica, or To tb* Comouuider in chelf of thU Colony, to the 
C tiomti pt the Regiment or to the Captain or other Saperioar 
oOeer of the Company to which Such Deserter or Deworlers b^ 
looc And the Keeper of the Raid Goal Is hereby reqnircd SaJc-iy 
to ki-ep the said Amu* and Accootrementa 80 to him delivered 
la his care and Cnatody and aim llie 8aid Oetierter nad Denert- 
«n Ib ika uld Coaimon Goal And them Shall dpllTer apon de- 
Boad togetheir with the Arms and Aecmitrementa aforesaid to 
the Colonel or chief Officer of the Itegimcnt or to tlic Captain «w 
other Commanding Officer of the C-omp«ny to which Saofa De- 
•erler or DewertfTa Bball reapeetlrely belong Or to any party 
of Mi'n by him tliem or any of them Commissioned or impow- 
ered lo Receive Snch Deaerter or Deaertora Upon being paid 
the fan SobiMeaee of Snch Deserter or Deaertei-m doiHnjf the 
tiine that he or they Shail continue in hia Costody Whi'.'h 
BabdiKaBrtt the Reeper of aach OoaI Shall receive for the 
Uafnlcnanre of Such Deserter or Detortem whilst in his Otix- 
lody but Shan not l>e inlitlcd to any Pee or Reward on account 
•f the ImprisoMneat of Snch l>caer(er or Deserters Any Idw 
Dsaje or Oiatom to the Cfntmrr Notwithstanding 

rROVIPED Always and t>e It Rnaoted by the anthorlty 
■foresaid That IK any Justice of the Peace The ComioaBding 
•■rer ot the Militia the Sheriff of the City or County where 
9oA Penoa or Persona 80 Ruupecte*! of I>eaerllon as Aforesaid 
Shall be fonnd the Keeper of the City or County Goal or any 
of then Khali refoae or neglect any of the dotiea and BerTic«>B 
ripcctively required of them by this Act tliat then each und 
wreej of them 80 Kefamos or Neglecting Mall for each and 
errfT t4 their reapectire offences forfeit and Pay the Bum of 
Twentj Potinds Which Said Penalty sliall and may be recovered 
together with fnll Conta of Ruit by Action of Debt Rill PUlnt 
or lalonnatloii in hia Majesties Supreme Court of Jndlrature 
for thJa Colony to which No Essoign Priviledge Protection op 
VftftT of Law or more than one Imparlance Shall be allowed 
«ie Uoiety of which Said Penalty shall be Paid to the Treftattrer 
rf the City OP Connty where the same Shall happen for the 
■M W the Said City or County And the other Moiety thereof 




to the ose of Tiim her w tliem who Shall npspectlrely Soe fpr 
tlie Same Anil In caec any Conntablc or Constables or other 
Civil or Peace officer Shall refuse or Kflslwt his Duty or Scr- 
Tice by this Act required or luiy of the Militia of IhU Colony 
SbnM refuse or Neglect to obey bis SuperitH" Offlcw in BniJi 
Dnty and Service by this Act Ri-qulred of the Said Mllltln fverj 
Person and Person* So otTending Shall for every of bis ami their 
respective ulleoce or offence* forfeit and Pay the suta of Ten 
Pounds and upon Conviction of hU or tbelr ofTcuce or olTomvi 
herein by tbe Oath of one or More Credible Witni-M or Wit- 
nesses before any of hla Majesties Justices of the Peace far 
this Colony the Said Justice shall by Warrant under hU ildnd 
and seal cause the Said Penally and IVnally's to be k-vit-d hy 
dtstreas and Sale of the Goods and Chatties of the offender or 
ofTcnders One Moiety tberirot to be paid lo the lnf(>rraer und 
the other Moiety to the Treasurer of the City or County where 
the Siime Bhal) happen (or the use of the said City or County 
And In ntice Such olTendcr So Convicted us aforesaid Shall not 
hare Sufflrieot Goods and Chatties Whereon Distreaa may lo 
Made as aforeiiald to the Vtilue of rhe Penalty or 
recovered againat him for sacb his offence or offences or Shall 
\ot Pay Siirh Penalty or Penalty's within Four Days after such 
his CoDvictiou then and In Sach Cane Such JukMcc of the Pe^K-c 
Shall and may by Warrant under bis Band and Seal either 
oORUuit Such offender to the common Goal there to remain 
without Ball or Mainprtze for the Space of three Months or 
Cause Such oflTender to be Publickly Whipt at the Uiscretion 
of Such Justice. * 

AND PROVIDED ALSO and be it further Enacted by the 
Snlhority Aforesaid That if any Person tihall harbour Cumeal 
or assist any Deserter from bis Majesties Service as Aforraaid 
kooving him to be such the Person So OfTeodlng Mnill forfeit 
for every such olTent-e the Sum of Twenty five Pounds or if any 
Pei*>n Shall fcnowlncly detain Buy or Kxchange or otht*m-iso 
receive any Arms Clothes Uatta Caps or other Fomiture be- 
lonjfinK lo the King or fuminbed and provided by this Colony or 
any other of his Majesty's Colony's In America from any Boldio 
or Deserter opwi any pit^tcnee Whatsoever or CAUSR iha 
colonr of Such CInlhes lo be ehnn^rd the Person so ofTcnding 
herein Shall forfeit for etery socb ofren<-e the sum if Five 
Pounds and upon Conflctlon by the Oath of one or &Iore Credible 





Itneaa or 'WKiiPwv^ liofopp any JtiMIci? or Jnirtlco* of Ibc 
sfT- for this Colnnjr tlit Haid rwtpcctivt' Penalty and PenaJtj'a 
TweotT Atp Poondfl and Five Poandn Blmll be Icvlod by 
rnrrant under the Hand nnd Hen] or liimdH and Soalx of llie 
^-Jostirr or Ja»tic(v of the Pea<"p by distretis and Sale of llie 
and CbaMlcs of Ihe olT(Tider One Moiety of llip said 
Utsitlnned Pituiltr of Twenty five pounds to be paid To the 
of the City or Coonty where the ftanie nhall happen 
the o»e of the tald Otty or Coonty The other Moiety to Ihe 
afofTner by whose tnoonn such DestTter fihall be Apprehended 
nd ooe Uoiety of the laat mentioned penalty of Plrc Pounds to 
lald to the Informer of the Offence for which the mid last 
IrallBoed Penalty U inflicted And the other Moiety to be paid 
the Oflleer to whom any Such DeKerier or Poldler did belong 
Lnd ia cone any 8aeh OITender wbo Ahall be convicted as afore- 
t»f hiirbouring or assinHnc any anrh Deserter or Deserters 
ivfap knowingly re'M*iv('d any Armii riolhos IliUta Caps or 
her fomitiire belon^ni; to the Klnf; or fnruishcd or PrOTlded 
ihl« Colony or by any other of bis Iklajeflties Coloay'a In 
n-rira or luiviti;; rjinsed the Oolonr of Such riothes to lie 
VanfTCd contrary to the Intent of this Act Shall not have 
Unf^rif-nt Oooild and f'hattleo whereon distress may be made to 
Vntoe of the Penalty or Penally'* recoyered Agninut him 
■ f<w snch otTenre or Offenrea or shall not pay snch Penalty's 
Fonr Days after such Conviction then and In snch case 
tteh Jnstiee of the Peace shall and May by Warrant nndrr 
U< hand and 8eftl titlier commit Bach offender to the common 
i'nial ihere to remain williotit Hall or Mainprize for the Space 
•f thrte Monlhfi or canae Snch Offender to be publickly ^^Tiipt 
It the discretion of siieh Justice, 

AVD be it fnrtlier Knacied by the anthority aforenaid That 
<r any Action RIU Plaint or Suit flhall be brought againitt tiny 
Pfftnn or Persons for any Act Slaltor or thine to be ActM or 
dooe In purmiuice of tliis Act that It Shall and may be t.awf ill 
toud for all and any Person or PeitMras Sned as Afon-anid To 
pfaad thereunto the Oeoeral Issnc that he or tliey arc not );ijilly 
■ad lo (rffe snch KjH-eial Matter in Kridence to the Jnry which 
thall try the lasae ^^'ht^h Bpeelal matter beinR pleaded had been 
t food and Snltirienf Matter in l^w to have discharsed the sold 
Drfeadaot or Defendants of ihe Matter laid to his or their 
ckuxr And If the Verdict Bhall Pass with the Defendant or De- 



fenduta In aaj Bucb Actioo the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs tlipreln 
become Nousuit or Suffer maj discontitmance tliert-of tbat in 
every S«ch Case the Justice or Justices or Such other Judge 
before whom the Said Matt<'r shall beTrjed Shall by Force ai.d 
Virtue of this Act allow uuto the Defendant or Defeudants bfs 
or their Ti'fble Costs which he or they Shall have onstained by 
KfiMQ of their Wrongful Wxation in defence of the Said Action 
or Suit fo<- which the Snid Doffuduiit or Defenduuts, shall have 
the like Keniedy as io other wuies where Coats by the Laws are 
given 10 DofeodaDts. 

AXD be it further Enacted by the antbority oforewiid That j 
this Act shall be of Force from the Publication hereof untill tbefl 
first Day of .laniiary Which will be io the Year of our Lord One 
tbousaud Seveu hundred niid Sftv Seven 

rChnptn- lOifl. of Tan Scbaack. and compter tl7 (toL 2) of LlTlnsBtOD * 
Baltb, wbwe tbs a<t Is |>riDted Id tnlL] 

An Act more effectnally to Suppress and 
prevent the Connterfeltlag of the Paper Cur 
rency of thia Colouy. 

[Pass«d. Jnlr 9. 179G.) 





WHEREAS It appears by the Confession of Owen Sullivan 
lately Executed for Counterfeiting the Bills of Credit of tbls 
Colony that there are sundry Plates Eugi-aved in Imitaiiou and 
Semblance of the Plates of this Colony and many other Imple- 
ments and Materials concealed by his acconipHce« In order to 
carry on that pernicious Practice with which they have already 
Counterfeited many Bills of Credit of this Colony particularly 
the Emission of the Twenty fifth of March One tlionnnnd Seven 
bundred and Bfty live which lie yet Coneenlcd AND WUERKA8 
the well-beiDg and preservation of this Colony does in a (Treat 
tn«a«ure depend on the good Credit and Reputation of Its Paper _ 
Emisriona f 

BE IT THEREFORE F.imcted by his Excellency the Gtrvcmor 
the Council and tbe General Assembly and It is hereby Enacted 
by tlie Authority of the same that If Any person or Persona 
Shall be detected In Cown-nliniror uidin^ to Cor.ceal Pnrh I'l»l*4t 
Blllt Uaterlala or Implements or any of tliem ShiJI be found 



ilili hep or (!iHr posscjuion and CuBtodv or aay r«non or Per- 
' HBi beiT«fLer Shall Engrave or ottitrwisc Cootrirf any sucb: 
Plate or Plates Slutvrials or Itnplf^ments or Id anj wise aid or 
aaaist io CoaDterfeJling the paper Currenc; of this Coloor Sach 
>D or PersoDS Bhull for anv soch Offence (being thereof Oon- 
ileted) Suffer the pains OF Death wltlioat benefit of CIcrgj as 
In Caws of FcIoDj any Law usage or Custom to the Contrarj] 
Not iritiuiliuicli ng 

fCnAPTEE 1019.) 

' fChiiitw tots, of TsB Bcbasck. and chapter OS (vol. 2) ot LlTtfifstan Si 
■Hh. WD^re ibc iiil« only m pnatril. Svv cboptet &T9. £si>lT«d Julx 
i^ 173T. rroTldw] (Of bj ebapier 10S0.1 

'An Act to CoB«nue an 'A>t Endtuled "An 
%.ct to Prohibit the Kale of Rum or any olhcp 
Strong Liquors to Any lodiaa or Indiana 
Trithln the City or County of Albany Excepting 
at tbe Trading House at 0»wego and to pre- 
vent tbt Buying Ez<;banglDg or Taking Id 
Pawn of or from any of tbe Bald Indians anj; 
'Arms Ammunilioo or Clothing 

(Pourd. July 9, ITSa] 

RVHEREAS an Act Entituled "An Act to Prohibit tbe Sale 
of Bam or any othfr Strong Liquors to any tndian or Inilinng 
within the City or County of Albany excepting at the Trading 
Boase at Oswego And to preveat the Bnying Exchanging or 
taking io Pawn of or from any of tbe Said Indians any Arms 
AlBtDunitlon or Cloatbint; " passed in tbe Twenty Ninth Year 
of bis Majesties Reign will expire by itn own Hmltalloa on the 
Fifth day of tbU Instant July And tbe Said Act being feuail 
greatly for bis Majesties Service 

BE IT TDEKEFORE Enacted by bis Excellency the Oot- 
er»or the Council and the General Assembly And it Is hereby 
Enacted by tbe Authority of the t^aaiv that tbe Abore Mentioned 
Act Shall be and hereby Is Continued And every Clause Article 
Hatter ant) thing tbercio Contained Enacted to be and Remain 
U) foil Force and Virtue to all intt^nts Constrnctions & purpow* 
miatwwver from the Mid Fifth Day of this Instant July tintill 
tbe dfib day of July which wilt t>e Id tbe Year One tboueaod 
6eica hundred and fifty Seven 



fCHAPTEn 1020.] ■ 

(CIiarI«r loax ftf Van Sehnaelt, wh«« tho Htl<' only \f printed. Chai 
BQ (TOL 2t oC UrlDgius & Smitb, vhere Ui« scl to printed In fuQ-J 

Kn Act to Impower the JubHcm of W«t* 
Chester Biifrollc Queens Kin^a and Bicbmond 
Cooiity'« resfx^itirelj' to bind ont Such oT tiis 
■Mnjestlet Subjects coinmoDljr called ^Nftttrul 
Frt'in'li as have hepn removed from Norn 
Bcolia to this Colony aod distrlUuted loto the 
Said County's. 

[Passed, JdIj- 0, 1TS4.] 

WnKREAS It Ims been Judged Necessary for Uls Majestlet 
Service.- to remove bis Subjects of Nora Scotia commonl.r called 
Neutral Freorh from tlience to Some other of lii« Slnjr-stiei 
Colon.v's and in Consequence thereof a certain Dumber baa bevo 
received into this Cotnnv Toor K«I«><1 and destilnte of every 
convenience and Supi>ort of Life To the End that Ibej tnaj 
not continue as they now really are uselesa to his Uajenly 
theniKt'lve« and a llurthcn to this Colony 

RE IT ENACTED by his Excollency the Gorernor the Coim. 
cil and Ibe General AiiseniMy and it is hereby Enacted by the 
antbority o( the Bame That bis Mnjeaties Josticea of the pence 
of Che wild Fovenil and renfn'ctlve County's or any livo of them 
one ttliereof to be of the <iuorum BhatI be and hereby are 
impowered and Bequired to bind out tuto Bepntable rnmllies 
Buili of tbem as arc not arrived to the age of Twenty one Years 
for such a space of time as the said Jastlcea shall .lud^ proper 
not exceeding (he time Ihey »haM re«pevliTcly nttaia Ihe BCtt 
of Twenty One Years during which t'.me they shall be Obli^-^d 
failhrully and liidu^triouitly to discharge their Service as other 
Indented Persons within this Colony are 

Person or Persons within the ago of TWENTY one Yeura 
already become osefnll Subjects and are able to Maintain Iheu- 
aelves by their laboor without ContinuinR a Burthen to the 
pablick then the respectire Jostices Shall by this Act bare 
no power to bind out any Such Person or Persons bat are 
directed and Required to leave them to Support themselves bx 
tbelr ova Industry & Labour. 




ier , 


^L^D be it fnrtlier Enactea by the Autliorlty Aforfsald (Iiat 
^^|Baid Jasllce* arc bcrvby directed & Rofjiiii-uil to treat iIir 
Old People commuted lo tbdr Care with aJI the Jtutlce In tbclr 
foirer Otwerririg to make the most faroiirable Contracta for 
Ibeai both aa to lime of Service and (he Considei-atiou to be 
f«fd Ibem when llieir time of Berrlce BhatI be Expired 'Wliethcr 
it be In Implemvnts cf Trade Cloathlng or other Gratait;. 

(CnAPTEn 1021.] 
rtCfcaptM- 1i>2t. of Van Srliacck, and chapter 100 (toL 21 ot LIvlugstoD 
lib, wbera Uie act la (itlDtcA Ic tun, Sc« cbsplw <1C.] 

An Act to RDforoe and Render more Ef- 
fectual aa Act Eutitaled "Aa Act lo prevent 
.Vasranc and Idle Teraons from bcioi; a Cbuige 
tnd Expenc*- to any the Countv's City's Towoa 
ilauora or rreciacis nithla this Frovlnce 

[ruMod, Joty 9. 1T30.I 

WnEREAB In and b,y tbe aforeaald Act Kniiiiiled "An Act 
'lo prereot Viigrani hikI idle I'eraons from bt-iii^ a charge and 
" Espcncc to any the Counly'a Cities Towns ilanops or I'rucincts 
«itli[D tliia Province " paused in the Seventh Year of ihe Rcinn 
*[ bis late Mnjr«iy King Gcoi^ the Firat It Is provldi-d and 
r.cacied that every MaHter of any 8hip or VeMcIl that Hliouid 
[inter In bin Maj«'»itleH Cti»(om n«iif*e within the City of New 
Vort Should within Twenty four liourH after hi« arrival maliw 
Bepart to (be Mayor of tlie said City (or the time beioK of all 
aad erery Pemoo or Persons (hat he sboidd bring tn bis fi^Uip 
or Veuel not t>hippe<I aa a Sailor on Board of his Said Ship or 
Vetael under the penally & Korfeitnre of Five Pounds Curtent 
Hooey of New York Wbicb penalty being conceived loo Small 

BE IT ENACTED by hia Exccller-cy the OoTernor the Council 

aad Ihe General Assembly and it is hereby Enacted by Ihe 

Anlkority of the Same Ihiil every Mjmter of nny Ship or Veaaell 

. vbo Shall omer In his MaJMHiPs Custom House in the Cily of 

^klew York and Khali not Mal^e Report as directed by the Afor«- 

^|yd Act vball respectively forfeil and Pay Uiu sum of Ten 

^Bfbd* and if any Persoo ao neglected to b^ He|>orted to the 

Mayor of the said City as dlriH-fi-d by the Act nrorei^:tid bIirII 

be a Foreigner Ihe Master of any Ship or Vesue! so neglecting 

ta make Itet>ort a« afor«««id of such Foreigner shall forfeit the 



turn of tlifrty potinda And an^ Honwholder who ahati CTIte^^BIo 
In bin House or Family any such For<.-igner und not make tbe 
Bamo l!;iown to ttii» Mayor of Ihe said Tity within twenty foor 
hours after he shall recHre Bach ForH^n-iT into his House or 
Pnintly «hall forfeit the wim of Are pounds the wild respe»-ti«s 
forfeitnres, to be rccorered and applied ns Is directed in the fiaifl 
Aot Anv thiDf In the Baid Act to the Contrary NotwithstaudiDg. 

[CHAPTEB 1022.1 

fChapter 1022, of T«n Sclmaeh. «im1 flmpUT 101 fTi>l. 2l at Llrlnsstoa 
& Kmliti, whtre th« tttl« o&ljr Is printed. 3«« cbapl«r 9S3. Exptttd 
Januarj 1. 179T.1 

Ad Act to Continue an act Entiliiled ib 
act to prevent the ExporTation of Pmnsions 
NaruJ and Warlike f^toreu from tbe Colony of 
New York to Cape Breton or to any other Ihe 
Dominion* of thp French King or p1a'-e« at 
present in possesaioa of any of his Subjects 

IPuucd. Jntr 9. 1TS6.1 

WHrRRAS nn Act Enlifnled "An Aot to prerent the Esportn. 
tloB of Pru^'isions Naval and Warlike Stores from the Culuuy of, 
New Yorif to Cape Breton or to any other the Dominions of th* 
Fn-nt-h Ring or pln<x-« at pn-icent In poR!t(-9i<ion of any of bli' 
Subjects" poBsed in the Twenty Ninth Year of his Majeatlei 
Ttt'iga will expire by Its own Umitntlon on the flflh day of tbif 
Inht-jnt -Tilly and the said Act being foaad greatly for bis Majes- 
ties SerTice, 

RE IT TIIEREPOBE Enacted by bis Exeellency the Govemop 
the t'onncil and the Reneral A8»Mn'ily and it is hereby Enacted^ 
by Ihe anthority of the Rame that tbe aforesaid Act Enl>ln)»IS 
"An Act to prevent the Esportatton of I'rorisiona Navid and 
Warlike store* from the Colony of New York to Cape Hn.'tOB 
or to any Other the Dominlt^ns of the French King or places 
at present In posKosition of any of his Subjects" Shall be andfl 
hi-n-hy l« ponlinned. And every Olausf- Matter and thing therein 
Contained Enacted tn be and Remain of full Foree and Virtne 
to all Intents fonstrnctJonit and parposes whatsoever untlll the 
first nay of Jannary which will be In the Year of Our Lord Om 
Ihonaand Beren handreil aod fifty Seven, 

ei ■ 



tCHAPTETl 1023.] 

IChipter 1023. ftnil chnpt^r 102 (voi. 2> of I.lvlniritoD & Smltb, whcrs 
tkr Utl« cslj- la priutML IJvIuiMlon A Smllb and Vuo Sdtaock Mato 
Ihit lUs act mu conllnaud by tuo kiniij 

^n Act for EnaWin- the finrvlvrnp Kxeon- 
ton of the Iftst Will and T^ttament of Pliilip 
Van Cortlandt Esquire (o S«M nod dlffpose of 
So much of llie Rtnl Estiiile whereof lie Died 
Beixod OS will be Suffii-lent to Pay bU l>fbt8. 

IPasso-l. Jnlj tl. ITSaj 

WHEREAS the E^id Philip Vac Corlliiudt lu hia life time 
lod at the time of his T>eath was Selml in hU Dorat^xDV as of 
Of Mid in a Very Considemltle reiJ EMatu Kcltoate lying 
beine in "the SLinor of rm-lland in ihe County of Wcst- 
tkrfltcr and Colony of New York conslRtlns of a Rrcai Number 
•( FanoB or Plantations as aliw of otbor lU'al Eiftate of a Con- 
•idenUtle Value wllliin the ('ily «nd Provinre of New Yoric 
'Asd by his la!>t Will and Ti-slnnionl In Writing hy him Made 
and Executed in his Life time la the presence of three Credible 
RVHimaes parsnnnr to the directions of the Statute in that 
b-half made and prorided and bearing darte tlic Twenty first 
Day of Anpjst One thoniwind Keren hundred and Forty Six d!d 
after the Twynient of his IV-k's and Funeral Charges Gire De- 
vise and dispose of bis Real K^tnte to and Amonj* biii Four 
ft>B« therein Named (to Wil) One part (hereof to his Son 
f>(rphen for Life llemiiinder to hia Eldest and ereri' other Hoa 
aad Eons in Tail Male with Itemaimk-rs Over Oflier part 
Otrtot to his Pon Almiliam fnr Life Keniainder to bis Eldt^t 
and prery oiltcr ^n in Tail Male with lEeniniuders wer Other 
part thereof to bis Son John for Life Remainder to his first 
aad erery other Son or Sons Stiw-eashvly in Tail Male with 
Bnsaioder ot«t And other part {hereof to his Son Pierre fot 
his LIfu Remainder to his first and every other Pon and Pon« 
and their Uelrs Id Tail Male with Ri'tuaiiider)> over And Made 
fch fiaid 8ons Exeentnrs thereof AND after making the BninC 
4id Die without revntiios or alterini: the Said Will as by the 
StM Will Appears AND WIIKREAS Abraham Vna Cortlandt 
.VoL IV. 13 


anil John Vnn Oortlnndt two of Hie Sons and i>ev!»«*B of the 
Bald I'hllip Van Oortlnndt arc «l8o Dead withont I«8ue Male 
and the Estate of Inhpritnn*^ Land* IVnwiicnW nnd HeM-diUi- 
ments wheix-of the Suld Pliillp Van Conlandt Uk-d tSeliK'd and 
whti-b are Do^-iaed in and by bU said lairt Will are now Vorted 
in Steplw^n Van Corttandt and Pierre Van Cortlandt for and 
duiiog .the Terms of tbcir >'Htaral Lives onlj bo that tlif Free- 
hold and IciieritanoD thereof cannot be aold or dl»|>o«ed of b; 
tliein or cither of th^^i for and towards the Paj*m*-nt of Ihc 
DeUs or of any part thereof whirh wcrt- due and OwinK hy and 
Jrom the Said' Philip Van Cortlandt the Toslator In Ma IWe 
time and at the Hine of his Death AND WHEREAS the Said 
Stephen Van Cortlandt and Pierre Van Cai-tlaiidt by th*-ir 
Humble Pe-titlon presented to the fleaeraJ Assembly Kefiting 
the Said laat Will and Testament of tbc Said Philip Van Cort- 
landt And therein Also getting forth tliat he the Said PbilSp 
■Van r«rilandt in hi» life time was greatly Indebred to Snndry 
PEK80XS in diverse and large Knms of Money which remained 
dne and unpaid at the lime of hl» Death as Ity o 8dii-»Iule or 
IPTeutory of the said Dcbta together with the Names of Ihe 
pcraons to whom ihe Same were due and tlie Datefl tlieteof and 
the Intitest incurred and due on and for tbe Kiuue 80 far as 
the Said I>ebt8 had then co*ne to their Knowledge Annexed to 
their SoUd Petition And which In the whole doth Amount '0 
the Sam of Foor thouNind two hundred and fifty three poonda 
four Slillllnsrs and Nine penre One farthing SMchl appear AND 
further Selling forth ibat they were onuble to pay the Suld 
Debts for want of I'ersonal Aa»ct« of their Said Testatrw And 
that they or one i*f them had frem time to ilme i^iid tbe ln.-'ei-e«t 
Money due on Some of the tsiid Seeiirities and entraged n fon- 
alderable part of their own Private Fortnnes for Se<-nring other 
pni'ts tliereof and dci'lnring thenim^lves willing to dtscb»rt;e 'he 
whole Iheri-of if they bad asaa-ts Suflici(>nt for tba.( purpr-se 
And further that they had been threatened by Sundry of 
the Creditors wl^fa Suit* both In I^w and Etiuliy for 
BffOTery of their Re»pectire Debta and aa tbey had no 
Meana or poaaibility whatsoever of PayinR the Same without a 
Sale of Such part of Ihe Ri?al Kafate whereof the Said I'hllif 
Xaa Cortlandt Died Seized ua Aforesaid as would be SuOioieal 



for that parpow llicj- lliorcfore prnyfJ tljo General ABBcmWy 
10 pass a Bill Tor tbe Bale of »o miicti of tlio naid Real Kstaie 
1^8 in the Raid Manor of Oortlnndt an would be SnRlcieat for 
liar purjitwif AND WHEUKAS upon due Exiiminiilion of tbe 
nuilers Se[ fnrtti and Conliiined tn tlu- fr=ald ri-iJilou It full.T 
spp(«n thnt tbe AllrgatioDa tlieri'in 8et fortb are true and 
that tbe Said accouniH of IM>Is So delivered In by (he ppllllon- 
era with ibeir 8uid IVUtiou is a just and true account of (tit 
Itfbts whicb were due and Owin|> b; and from tbe Said I'hilip 
Van Coctlundt In bis life time to llie SoTi-ml Ppraous tben-in 
Namtl and ibc eaaiv were rtiuuiniDf:: due ituii Uwing froui aoii 
Cbarftfable oa bis Estate at the time of his Death AND 
WUEUKAS it Is Con!«onnnt to Juwtiee nnd Equity lliat the 
Efiiate whereof tbe said rii)!ip Viin Cortlaudt Died KeiMN) and 
pMansnl KhouUI be liable to & Charceabte wltb tbe Tayment 
af tiia Debbi And for a* much ax no [Mirt of tbe said B<^l 
Kstate ran be sold or diHposed of l»y tbe Heir ExeruiorB or 
DfriM'va in the Said Will Named for Payn^^nt tbereof by means 
vfaercot the Creditors of the Said Philip Van Cortlaudt miw 
tlrlni^ and the Reprt-seiitativen oi tbone wlio are Dead nlll and 
mnrt bt> greallj and anniiiwinalily delayed and be enforced to 
(■"mtneoce Sundry Expensive Ruits for tbe Keeovery of tb.-lr 
Bald Debta wbirb would not onl; be very ineotiveolenl to the 
Said Cr<:dltorfi but fn-eatly prejudicial to the Inlcrest of the 
Drriaee^ of tbe Paid Real Eftate bj Incumbcrlnt; llie «ime wllh 
I Terr hp«vy Load of Conts & Expences and thereby lesseniu); 
their InliTest tber<'ln for preventinj; of nil which lnconvenb'nel'*8 
tnd In order that such Part only of the Suid Real Estiite whereof 
HE the Said Philip Van Cortlandt Died Reized aa will be lenxt 
loronreiiient to the Inli-rfwt of tin- Deviwtt* in the «iid Will 
>*amed ani] for the more Speedy I'liyiueut of hia Debts may 
be aold for thftt pur|vo)M> 

HE It therefore Enacted by Ms Esi'elleney the Gm-emor the 
Conndl and the General Astw-niMy and it is hereby Enact>-d 
by the Aathority of the S«me That It Shall and May Ite I^wfull 
la and for the said Stephen and I'ierre Van Corilandt and the 
Barvlror of tliem and they and the Sur^-ivo^ of tliem are and 
b lierebT fnllr Aatborized and Inipowered to make Seal and 
ErwTite Rood and Snfflcient Dei-d» in the lav and thereby to 
Orant Iturgaia tk'll and ConTey the Fee tiimple and InUerlUace 



of Bncli n part and So mtirh of the Real Estate vthcnot be Iti 
said Piiilip Van ConlnmJi Died Heiwd Hcituale and beini; in 
Uie Batd Slanop of Cortlandt an will amonnt lo the 8iira of Foot 
thousand Two hundred Titty Wire* I'ounds Four Sliilllnss ajid 
JJioe pence One FarthiBg As litewUe to the amount of the sum 
of Eight hundred rounds to defray the ExpenccR of Solicitations 
and mulic good the Intpre*t that must im-vitiibl.T bcconie due 
before money's cau be raispd from the said Estate Buffieient 
to dtBplinrgc the Said Di^bis And no more hy way of Fobliek 
Vendue to the niglient Bidder for Iteady money or Otherwise 
To be by ihem or ttie Surrivor of them applied for and toward; 
the Tuymeot & f^atisfartlou of the Debts 80 remaining dti 
aa aforesaid Which Deed or Deeds So to be made and Execui 
In pumuanee of and by Virtue of this act Shalt be good effecttinl 
and Availahl4> In the Law lo the Purchnner or Porchuwi 
thereof his her and their Heirs and assigns forerer And h< 
she or they and their TIe1r« 8hall forever thereafter hold an 
enjoy the Riinie Airainst the Devisees of the wtid Philip Van 
Corlhindt nud against nil and every other Person and Persons 
claiming or to claim by from or nnder the last Will and Te«t« 
meat of the said Philip Van Cortlandt or any ranttep claut 
Devise or IJmitnliun or any other Matter or thing (herein eon 
taimi] to the contrary In any wise notwithstanding, aaring 
neterthelesn the IClght of hl« Majesty his heira and Succeanors 
all Hodiea politick or Corporare and of all other persons), except 
such as are mentioned Ip thU net and those claiming by trota 
or under them, 

PItOVlDED ALWAYS and he It further Enaeted that before 
any mch rale tthall he SInde they the Said Stepliea and Pier 
Van Cortlandt or tbe survivor of them Shall cause the Day 
bo fixed tor the sale thereof to be adverliied In the Public. 
NewB Pap«'r8 of this Colony at least Thirty Days tw-fore the' 
■nnie shall be exposed to sale as Aforesaid PROVIDED LIKE 
WISE That this Act nor anything tberein contained aball 
of FoKi antill his moat t«aered Majesty shall be GracioaHl 
pleued to |[ive his Itoyal assent thereunto 






Tighth Session, 

(E*gon Pepl 21, 17DG, 80 George II, Sip Charles ILirdj', 


[CrTArTEH 1021.] 

(Ctaptar ICC*, of Van SrluiBrL. wbern tbir tllU odIj- Is rrlolcd. Cbap- 
kr 108 (ToL Z) of Lirla(»tOD & Smltb. wliere lL« act la printed In full. 
8m cliip^ik 9U and GdO, 1012 Bcd lot&] 

Kn At-t furthor to Conlinnc an Act Eutt- 
faled Aa Act for Regulaliag the Uilitia of tlie 
Colonv of New York ond for CoDtiuuIng An 
Act Entituled An Act tocontiDueao Act End- 
taled ao Act for Ref;ulii.tiD^ tiic Mill'ia of Die 
Culonv of Kcw York wiLli Some AdditioDS 

[Passed, Noremfaer 27, 17S6.1 

UK IT ENACTED bj bis Excelleiicy llie Governor the Counotl 
ind the Geseral Asacmbly and It ia herab; Euaoted b; the 
Authurltj of the Baue ihnt ouo Act EniUuled "A a 
'Act for Begulating the Militia of Colony of "Sew 
■ York " TaBded In the Twtny Eiglilh Year of his 
MaJestSee ilKign aa olao one other Act Ealitaled *'Ad A?t 
"tn eontlDDP an Act EntltiilpJ Ad Act for RcRUlatlnjt the 
'Militia of the Culon; of New Yoric with Some udditlutis 
"tliereto" pasaed in the Twenty Ninth Year of hia M«j<'stlea 
Reign 8faall hv and h(^n>by are conlinui-d and every Clauite 
Anicle Hatter and thing therein contained Enacted to be and 
Bnaain in full force and Tirlue to all Inlont Constructtuua and 
porpoaea whatsoever from the first Day of January \ext uotill 
tbe Arst Day of Jonoury which will bo in the Year of our Lord 
I thooMLod Seven hundred and Fifty Eight ' ~ 



[CHAPTER 1025.) 

ICIuipter 1025. of Vac Sduiad^ aod cbaptec M (roL 2) of LlTlngatoii 
& SidIU), where tbG tltJo onljr Is prioted. , 

'Aa Act to Enable Homphry XTory of the 
Conalj' of Suffolk to B«U and Ui»po»c of lii: 
Beal Estate In \h(f said CoDDty by Wa; 
X^tci7 tor Uic Taymcnt of liis nebts 


IPaiwoU, NoTcmbcr ST, JT56J 

WHEREAS namiibnr '.^vott- of tho Counlj- of Suffolk in lii« 
bnmhle Felltion preat-iylod uuto the Genira] Assembly Set 
Forth that as well hy Fire qs by Remarkable long Sickni^wcs 
wblrh his Family ba^ boen AfllletPd wltb for Ibeae five Teor*^ 
past be bad biH-n obliged Itliro" mere Ni-ctssityi to Contractfl 
matiT Debts wbtcli nene Still due from him 1o bis Respective 
<l'r«Hli(or8 And that in order to Vay off and dlBcliarsn- lbi>W) 
Debts be bad Attenipled to Sell and dispose of a Considerable 
Real Estate (of wbicb he is seixcd In his Demettne aa of Fee) 
Si-itnale lying and being in tlie County Aforesaid but without 
Buccesa Xo prrson liavinK offered Nt-ar the one half of llie Iteal 
and Inie Value of the afowaold I^nd And therefore hnmblj; 
Prayed that he might have leave to bHng In a Itlll to Ennbls 
blui to St-ll Hiid di«t|i<M«e of his t^uld Real Estate by way of Lot- 
tery in order to raise a (?ufflnent Sura of Money to I'ay off 
and discharge his Bald Debts Which Petition being adjudged 

HE IT THEREFOR Enacted by hia Exeellency (he Governor 
the Connell and the General Assembly and tt U hen^b^B 
Enacted by the Anthority of the Same That it Shnll and Maff 
be lawful! for him the said Oiimphry Atott either by himself 
OP his Tniste<-« to Sell and dis{)OS4.- of his said Ileal EstaJe lying 
and beiiiE within the County Aforesaid by Way of Liritery to 
raise a Sum of Money mjnal to the Vahie of Ihe Said Lands for 
the peyment of bts Debts as Aforesaid Any thintr in one certaia 
'An of this Colony passed in the Twenty Brat Year of Ins Maje«- 
ties Itt-i;^ Entituled "An act to prevent private I.otler>''H la 
"this Colony" to the contmrj thereof in anjr Wise ^votwith-^ 


tCHAPTEB 1020.] 

ipter 1026^ aC Vsd Schiuck. and cbnpKFr I03 <t*L 2), of Ltrtnctton 
* 8«Iik. wbere Uw UUe only li priatcd. B«e cbainci- 809. EiplrMl 

'Aa Act to extend An Act EntUiiled {Ab 
Aot for tbt" Rell«r of Insolrmt debton witb 
respect to the Imprinonmcnt of tUeir persoos 
1b tlie Cillen of New York and AU-iiuy) to 
debtori now under conflDemeDt witiiin tbij 

[rassM, Noreinber 27, 1750.1 

WHEREAS ihcrt arc man; rrrsonit now in Ooal wltliiu thia 
OolonT anable to pay their witoic debta Yet wUliiig .to deliver 
■p Ihrtr vlTeotB to b» a]ipli«d towurds lh« Satltifui-liou of thrll 
Crrditors. And as aucli Debtors are proper objects of Com- 
ptmitra and tbeir Reliff ma^ be more purttniliii-ly luicrull at 
tUs Jttnctare, when the Pnblick from tbe disli-ewK^ of War 
BBf itasd In need of tbe Aasifttanre of ever; individual of it» 
Uembers BE IT TU£KKI''OKE ENACTED b; his ExcellcDcy 
the GuTi-mor (bo Couui-il nod the Ck-neral As^nibl.v And it la 
herebj Enacted b; the Authoritv of the same thai the abore 
Bt^aliuoed Art Eulilulcd [An Act for tho Ik-licf of loHuivvnt 
Drbtora with resikect to Ihe ImprLionment of their Persont* to 
the citi«-s of New Vorit and Albany] passed in the twcDlj* Diotli 
fe*r of bis SJajefit.r's Reign, shall extend aud is hereby ex- 
leoded i.0 all uid every I'crsou and Penwitx within all and 
et«f]r Ihe respective Cities and Counties of lliis Colon,r now 
tlmr^-d in Execution or wbo bare been Cominltied on a. Cajalt 
far the space of three Months or longer before the Publicati"n 
•f this Ai:I. wboM* debt or debts do nw (ii tbe whole exrevd the 
Sam of Qlty pounds; or now charged in Execution, or who hare 
been coniuiittt^ for Uie space of two Months as aforesaid whose 
dvbt or debts do not cxn'ctl twenty live pounds: or now charged 
Eb Eiecuiion or who have been committed for the apace of 
twtoty d«jrs a« aforcMiid who»e debt or debts do not exceed 
te*i pounds current money of Uils Colony. And the res[:eetive 
CowlB of Law from whence tlu^ l'roi.<ess issued upon which the 
nid Perxoo or Persons was or were taken tn Execution or 
Coaimiued as aforesaid, are hereby empuwered and required to 
noelTe petitions to taakt the like Ituies and orders ihereDpoo, 



and Id all other respetts'to p^o('e(^d In tCe Bome maimer for tluR 
OiRchargi' of Ibe de)>loi-s now in Goal ok aforc«aJd, aa Ibe Courti 
of Lav in the Giiea of Now York and Albany were cmiiowci 
luid rtijulreJ lo do by ibe Act fimi above mcnrirnii'd, In The' 
cases of the i>crsons for wliuiio bvaclit aiid Kclicf die Baid Aci 
va9 made or Intended. 

AXD UK IT EXACTED hj the AutUority aforeeaid that 
E&.ct first above mentioned shaJI be and ia lierebv continued and 
ti4:ctlter wUh tliia Act aliall rvtnain in force until tlie Qntt day 
of Angniit which will be in the Year of onr Lord One thoosaod 
•cTea btuidKd and Uttj aeven. 


n ofl 

[CDAPTEB 1027.] 

(Obftpter 1027, or Tan Sdiaac^, and chapter lOS (roL S>, of I.lTlncftUM 
A South, vli<To tbe UUtt wly b printed. Sc« clupU^n S40, SGQ, 938^ 

An Act 10 R^'peal jxirt of Uie aeveraJ" Ac 
thccvin Uuatiutu.-d 

[PsKwd, NoTM&bcr 2", 1TS1L1 

BE IT ENACTED by his Extelloncj the Governor the Cound 
and the General Asavmblj and it is Lerel>.v CnacliM bv 
anthority of tiie same that the foarteenth Claose or Section 
an Act Entituled "An Act fur raiidng the anm of Two tlioumnd 
•■iwo hundred and Fifty Pounds bv a Publick LoUltj for tJiIi 
"Colony for the ndvancement of k'anilng and lowarda rrt«iniling 
"a College within the same " passed in the Twenlit-th Year ot 
his Maietttlea RMru The foortecntli Clause or sei-tion of an Aot 
Entltiilod "An Ai-I for raising the Sum of One thousand Kiclifi 
" hundred I'ounds by a poblitk Lottery for a further provisios 
" towards fouiidint; a Colk-^< fur (tie adranc^inent of Learning 
within this Colony " passed In the T^vcnty first Year of hif 
ii.njestiea Heign The fonrt«THih CUiuwe or section of an A 
Entllulnl "An Act for raising the aura of One thuuMUid 
"hundred and TwmiIt Five p^winds by a public Lottery for 
** further provlxton towards foundmg a Collejire for tlie advan 
ment of learning within this Colony" paaaed Id the Twenty 
•creofh Year of his Maj»9tlfH HfljiTn And tlie foarteeoth Clna 
or MctloB of an Act Knlilulcd "An Ai-t for rai»iD^ the 8nm 
One thonnnd One bnndm] and Twenty five p«>nnda by a pa' 
lick Lottery for this Colony for a further proriaiaD tati 





ftnaiiDg a CoDene irlthia Qie same" pawe^ Id the siiicl TwcDty 
Serentb Tear of hE« Maje&!i«« Ilolgn tfb&\\ be aad hereb; ure 
i»t«aJcd and all and every the aaid Clauses or Sfctionn declared 
to be yuU and Void to all Ipteaiit Coiislruc lions AND purpOKi'9 
•tat^oever aa U the same had Hcver been inwrled in tbe before 
uentiooi-d several Acta Any thing In the said 8«ycm] Aota to 
tha Contrary Notwithata&Uiug 

[CHAPTER 1028.1 

|f]taptsr loss, of VoD Scbaack. anil chapter 107 (vol. 2), vt LIvlDsstoo 
% Soiltb. wborv th« Ull« onlj U pnnb^L Cootluu«d bj diaplcr ItUO.) 

An Act for laying an ExcUe upon aJl Tea 
of foreign GrOKtL reUiiled within this Colony. 
[FaiMd December 1, 1750.] 

VUtREAS the Present Exisencj of Affairs requires the 
{sUing ot large sums of Moiii-y to promote the services of ttie 
Oulonjr ood TaxfS upon all Kinds ol Luxury bving of Publkk 

JJE IT THEUEFOBE ENACTED by Dia Excellency the Got- 
VBor tbe Council and the OeDerat Aiisenibly and it i» hereby 
Bsacled by thi? Aulburity of tlu> Hame Tbal there shall be laid 
for his Uujestics use from the first Day of January Next fop 
U»d DnruiK the Term of one whole Year an Excl»e upon ell 
IVa of forelRO Orrtwth retailed throii^liout this Colony under 
the Quantity of Une hundred pounds weight to wit for and 
■poD eTvry pound of Such Tea sold and diRpoaed of by way 
of Retail the sum of Six Pence Current Money of this Colony 
lad BO in propurtion for every greater or lesser Quantity re- 
tailed aa Aforemid PROVIDED tbe Quantity bo sold and lie- 
tailed does Not Amount tn One hundred pounds an aforesaid 

ANO for llie due and Regular Collecting the Aforuaaid Ex- 
cise BE IT ENACTED by tbe Authority Aforesaid that Abra- 
htm Leyn»«> of the City of New York whom bis Excellency tbe 
Goremor batJi been pleased to appoint for that purpose shall 
be and la hereby impon-ered and AutboriKed to ^ant and give 
aato all and every Person or rersons residing wtibin tbia 
Oolooy ((excepting wtthin tbe City and County of Albany) who 
Aall Af^l/ to him for that purpose a Licence or Licences 
14 " 




Antbrn-izinj; him Iicr of them so appl.rin*; for th? same toltetalt 
8Ui'h "iVa apon tin? Payment of Rii Pence an Aforesaid npon 
the sale of every Pound of such Tea by tht-m sold and Ifa-tailed 
and so Id proportion for aoy greater or lesaer Quantity so bj 
them Retailed 

AXD be Et farther Enftcted by the anthority aforwiald Tliat 
Hermanua Wendell of the Cliy of AJhtiii.v whom hiit Extelleicy 
the Ouvemor biilli boen pleuised to Appoint for that purpose 
shall be and hereby is impowercd and Anrhorixed lo Grant «uch 
Liuences n« Aforexaid lo all and evory Person or Persons Ap- 
plying for the snme who do or shall Beaide with in the City i 
and County of Albany fl 

AXD be it furlber Enacted by the Anthority Aforesaid that™ 
tbe several and Respective Persona who are by tlila Act author- 
ized and impowered to grant Llivncvs to the several and 
respective Retailera of such Tea nithln their Reveral and Re* 
•pci!tive Dlxt Hctit are hereby Aluo Appolnti-d MuuugtTs for Col 
lecting and Uatbcrtng in the said l>uty so as aforesaid laid 
upon all snch Ten »o aa aforesaid Hold and difpoaed of by Way 
of Relail within this Colony which Munagerv befoif they Entor 
upon the performnure of the Bervices retiuired of tbean by this 
Act SHALL each of them take the following Oalb (lo Wit) 
I A. D. will well Inily and faithfully according to tiie atmoiit of 
my Power and Ability execute t>erform and do nil and everyfl 
the dutie« and Hervicee required of me by an Act Kntltoled^ 
"An Act for laying ud Exelne ui«on alt Tea of foreign Growth 
retailed within this Colony" SO UELP ME (JOD Which Oath 
it Khull and may b« lawfull for either of the Judges of tbe 
Bupreme Court or either of the Judges of the Inferior Courts 
of Common pleas of the several and Retipeclive City's to jd 
minister to tbe aforesaid several and respective Manag°r», 
hereby Nominated and appointed as nforewild And Ihey thi 
said .Sfnnagers Shall also enter into Recogniwiuee unto our 
Sovereign Irfird the King bis IJetrs and succcBsors in the aum 
of Rve hundred Pounds with two suflicieni Sureties each in 
half Ihnt sum for Ihc faithfull discharge of their Trust anil 
that ihey will Pay into tbe Treasury all Such sums of mosipy 
as they shall Receive by virtue of this Act porauaut to the 
Ilirections tben-of. 

AXD be it further Enarted by iSe anthority aforesaid IhAt it 
SLall and may be Lawfull for the said Several and Respective 







aforesaid or any or eltlier of thpm npon ttie Granting 
•f eTcry Licence or Licences a» urorowi-id lo nernand and receive 
•r thp R^tallM- Of JM«n<*r« of anch Tea as iiforvsaid to wUom 
iir they shall grant Such IJccnce or Licfaces tlie aoin of 
e ■billlnK and six pence Current money of tMs C0I0117 for 
ch Lirrnc* so granted 

AND be it further Enactrd by the nuthoritr afori*«aid that 
Afon>«3ld P^^rsons who are hereby Appointed Munagt*rs 
lall and £bey are hereby reqaired and direct^ to Qualify 
ib^mse^lfwi as suon jw may bo aftur the riibUcalioii of this Art 
On pain of forfeiting the sum of One bnndred Ponnda Currt-nt 
Uonej of this Colony to be reeovwod with full Co«bi of mlt 
bj Action of r>i-bt or Otherwise (n the Popreme Count by the 
urer of this Colony nnd applied (o and for the support of 
U«J(wties Oorerunieiit In this Colony by Act or Acts bere< 
after to be pav»>d for thut purpose 

AND be i.' further Enacted l>y the anthority aforesaid that if 
IDT Person or PemotM whumsoever shall prexume to Sell 
dlrwllr or Indirectly any such Tea by way of lb-tail from and 
afler the Raid first day of January Nest (Exeepl he she or thoy 
BO selling and Retailing do first apply for and Obtain a Ucence 
Llci-nce* for llisit purpose In the manner as ts herein before 
rtf tedl he she or ^hey so Offendiug shall forfeit and li>ose the 
»iiui of Five pMiadn for ev^rr offence to be Recovered In a 
Kummary wuy bvfore any of his Mnjeniies .TuKtlcex of the Pence 
with fnll Costs of Suit by the afarv^aid Managers respectively 
And shall also forfeit all such Tea'a as shall be then found 
in bis ber or thoir pomesslon. 

ANI> tw It farther Enacted by the authority aforesaid that 
aU and eT(Ty I'erson or Persona « ho shall npply for and Oblnin 
Licenre or Licences to Si-Il and dir'pwsc of 8uch Tea by way of 
tail as Aforesaid Shall and he she or tbey are hereby r&- 
fjnired and dtni-fetl to l(*'<'p an Exact Account of all sni'h Tea 
which he she Or they SILVU. retail from the Mid fir»t Oay of 
January Nezf uutill the flrst Day of January Wliich will be 
la the Y<*nr of our Ix>rd One thousand Bpvpn hundred and fifty 
And he she or they shall upon the Paymvnt of the Money 
this Act laid apoD aJl snch retailed Tea produce the said 
M'onnt to the Manairers Aforesaid by whom tbey wei-e 
cdrclj. Licenced with whom he she or they shall aetilc 



tlioSr s(N!ODtits and the Said resppotive Managers are K« 
directed and ICe<|ulrcd l»eforc tlie Belilement of any Acootmt or 
Accounts wE(h Any or cither of the said Itetailer or B«-taiIer8 of 
Ktuh Tea to admioUter io Prjoh Retailer or Retailera an oath of 
afUrmatioQ as the Caoe mav huppoo to be to rJie foUoivlnf; efTect 
VIZt. That the account so ppodoced by him her or them Is ft 
jnwt foil and perfect aocouDt of all (he Tea of foreign Ormrth 
sold bj rpi'.ail bj liim her or them from the first day of Jannary 
to the Day on which sucJi settiement In So Made which Oath or 
affimiation it to hereby decJarwl lawfiiil for the aforesaid 
{Managers Reupcctively to AdminNter. 

PROVIDED always and be it Enacted by Ihe aothorUy afov^ 
eald thai whenever the Rotalleni of Tea a« Aforesaid nliall 
Aliike up and iM-ltlc their accounts witl) Ihe aforesaid respective 
Mnnaecra If the^ can ^Iai:e It appear to the Sati»fajction of the 
Baid Manaff^rs Respef-lively that (he Exclw of any of the Tea 
retailed by them has already been paid or secured to Ite paid l>y 
!Any Other person or Persons unch Retailer or Retailers shall 
l>e allowed 80 much Id hi« tivr or their Acconnts ae he «lie or 
they shall »o Mal^e A|>t«ear to have been before paid or sccored 
to be paid 

AKD be It farther Enacted by the anthorily aforesaid thi 
If any or either of .'be Raid RetaJTer or Retallera of audi Tt^ 
eliall NeglccI or Refuw to keep such account and the same to 
produce to the said Managers respectiTely he hhe or they eo 
offeniling shall respectively forfeit and loose the Sam of Fifty 

AND be It further 'Knnct(»d by the nulhorlty aforenald fha| 
«arh and erery of Ihe Retailers of snch Tea as aforefiald shall 
Pay Hie said Excise nnto the aforosiud MaiiaRers Respectively" 
Id half Yearly Payments WHiirh Sums when Received by the, 
aald Manager idiall forthwith itierenfter be paid Into the Trea« 
nry of this Oolony together witb alt tho Money's arising by tLe' 
Grnntine of I.ii-enre<t an afomaaid 

A\n be It further Knncte<1 by the anthoHly aforesaid thftt tf 
from and after tbe PnbticflXion of llii« Act any Pcrfwn or Pet^^ 
mns Whatsoever shall Oppose Molest hinder nr Ob«tmct any o(^| 
either of Ihe said Manairers In the Dne Esccntton of the Powers 
and authorities given and Granted to them by this Act Every 
Biie-h Person or renwins so doinir shall forfeit and loosn for 
erery Sach Offence the sura of FIFTY Ponnda. 






'AXD be It farthw Eiuwfwl bj Iho mitliorilT' aforMiaid that 
■everaJ befftn* mentioned Forfeitures (except forfvihiroe by 
lb«? Monseers themtielreH) shnll be wied for and recovered hj 
the Aforenoid Munugrni Kespcctivol.v in any Court whetvio snch 
CAusf* ore pniprfly CoRiiizjibte and when recovered paid into 
(he TreasnrT lopettier with the l*ro»liu'e of tbe «ile of all Boch 
Te:i as Rliall hapjion to be forfrited by any such RetiUler as 
Afmv*aid and sliail Remain there nntit the pame be disposed 
9t by Act or Arts horenfter (o be [laMcd for (lint purpose 

AND be it fwrlher Enacted by the authority afoi-ewiid that 
til the Money's Artalne and to t)e pflld to the Troasurer by 
VIrtiiP of iliia Act Slinll Iti'iiiain in thi- Tn-nmiry tintlll the R.imc 
diaii be ni>;po»ed of by Act or Acta hereafter to be Made and 
Famed for that piirpoite. 

And Nr It further Enncled by tlie antbority aforesaid that It 
dull and may be Umfiill for the aforetuiid Mttnagrrs ro Re- 
Iffllu In thefr o^'n lland* oni of tli^ MoneyH to Arise by tliii Act 
ihv folloirini; Puma VIZt. The said Abraiinm teyn?pn the Bam 
of F.lsht^ PoiiDiifl And the Ktid Ilamianua Wendell the sum of 
TVenly TowmU af> a Rcwanl for tliHr care and trouble in per- 
formlnfT the several sernces re^guircd of them by this Act 

And bo it Kuaeleil by the Aulhorify aforesaid That if either of 
the Mid Jlanafiers shall happen to Die Remove out of this Colony 
or RefnKe to Art It ohall and may be T^wfull to and for the Oot- 
emor or Commander in chief for the lime belnj; by and wiUi the 
■ilvire and Consent of his MajcKticft Conncil to appoint some 
otiier fit Perw)D or Personn in l3ie place and frtend of him or them 
•a nylnc Renjovine or lU-tnsio« to act PIIOVIDED that tlie Per- 
■on or PerMins who shall be appointed shiJI l>e obllf^ed 1o enter 

to the liLe It«^'Oi:nl«lnce with the like Sureties tut hm-ln is di- 
led to be done by tlie Paid Sranagers and in alt RcBpects 
anbject to observe do and perform the several direcUonii ol 

U Act 

ANP be It fnrilier Enacted bv the anthorify aforesaid That (he 
Treannref dhnll Veep and he Is hereby Rei|nired directed and 
Ordered to iieep exact Books of nil his Receipts by Virtue of 
tbU act And a troe and joi»t Account thereof shall render npon 
rath nnto the fiovernor or Commander \m Chief for the lime 
belne the Conncil or Oeneral Assembly when by them or any 
•f them b« thall be thereunto re<inircd 



[CHAPTEK 1029.1 

[Cliaptrr 1020. of Van Kduiiii-b, and cti.ipM- lOS (toI. 2^ of Urlarxoa 
* SmlUi wli«r« Um UU« outr is printed. CouUnaed bj Cbaptor IMd.] 

An Act for Ereclbg and EtitabUihin? a 
Stamp Office in tbia Colon.r for S'ampinp iiJl 
Velliiin Pan-bment and I'ap^r cliarged witli 
the Bevvi-al l>uLic-ft th«-n-iQ AICDiion«<l 

LP«mcd Dcc«o>b«r l, ITSO.) 

WHEKEAiJ thP prcscDt Exigt>ncie8 of tbU Colony minirn 
lurge Buma of Mone; for defraying tlie Xe-crasary expen::e« 
tliorpuf And it bting couci-ivod {ba£ ConiiidcrnMe sums tnar be 
raised by a Stamp Duty witbout be\us oTcr burlbensome to the 
InliabllantR of this Colony 

BE IT TUEKEFOKE Enarted by bi8 ExpeHnicy the Qortr- 
nor tbp Coundl and llie Gfiicra] AHKt^iiMy and it lit hereby 
Enuc^f-d by the authority of tlio Miuif That from and afti-r the 
first Day of January Xcxt lli<Te shall be Ihrougboat thU Hia 
Miij(>«tJo« Colony Ituisied Collected and paid iuto Ibe Treiuiury 
for IiU JlajpslicB iiw dtirinK the Tenn of one whole Year for 
th': Bovernl and Iti-spiTtive tUinga hftrCBfUT MiMitioucd Wlitch 
BbdII lie Printed or Wriften or both printed and Written during 
tlif T<^rm Aforesaid the wveral and Re»'[«v;tive Rat<?t> Imposi- 
tions Duties Chargea and bucds of Money bei-oin after Mco* 
tioned In Uanner and form following, tbat la to Say 

For ercry Skin or peii-o of Vi-IIiira or Parchment nbei-t or 
peice of I'appr opon whidi any Capnis or other process of 
Whatever Denomination the came May be Tba>* ahall l8«iN> out 
fr<)m the Clcrkx olUre or [kuw tlic hojI of any t-otirt of Judicaliin- 
within tbia Colony Pliail l>e Written or Printed or both Printed 
and Writleo the aum of tbn-e pence. 

For every akin or peice of Vellum, Pai^imett? or Bbeet or 
pelce of Paper upon which Any Declaration Plea Itcpliculloo 
K'*;otndiT Drmwrrer or other pleading Whatever in any Coort 
•f Law shall be Written or Printed or both the aum of Twopence 

For every akin or peloe of Velloiu. Pan-hinent or Kheet or 
peice of Paper on which any Capais Summona or Exei^ution 
from any Juatire of the Peice ahall be Wrltteo «T Printed or 
^Qih one Penny 




»Fnr erery «ktt) or i.k*ce of Wllam Parchincnt or iilii?et or 
ir« of I'a|M>r un nliidi any Kule or order made or ^U'«ii Id 
.-r Coort ut Law Of EqiiiiT sball be Written or Priutetl or 
botb the mm of Ttin.-o ]MMico 

For rTerjr SLin or peice of Vellom Parrbment or theft or 
pfU-f of Paper on whicb any Rill nniiwer {{(^plication R<^j(iindi>r 
lnl*-rof^tarIe« DepoftitioDM takro by Comininsion or othcrwiBC 
or any other Pk*ndin<rB Whatever in the Court of Cliaiicery 
fiball be WrincD or IMntMl or tmth the mim of three pi-tioe 

For every t^klo or pclce of VeJIam Parchment or «hwt or 
peice of Paper on which any Bail peices sUall be Written or 
prinlM) or barb the eiirn of three penre 

For every skin or pcice of Vi^llurn Parchment or Rheet or 
pelce of I'aiier on which any Probate of Willn iind Topy'ii of 
Wilia and Le^lers of Administration shall bt' Written or 

■Inted or l»oih the Bum of Ki»«r pence. 

For evi^ry Kkin or peice of Vellum Parchment or Sheet op 
Vw of Paper on wliJch an> Llt-ence for Mnrriage shall be 

ritren or Printed or twrth the snm of Fotir [tcnce 

For erery Skin or peice of Vellom Parchment or Sheet T 

ice of Paper on which any civil op Military rommiBsion ohall 
written or Printed or both Written and printed llic Sum of 
Punr pence 

For every Pktn or p<'Ice of Vellnm Parchment or *lieet or petee 

Paper on which any l^arter party Policy of aseumnce or Pro- 
levt •ball be wrillen or Primed or bnih the t<nm of three pence 

For every skin op [telce of Vellum I'lipchnient or sheet or pelc* 
Paper on which any Pill of Iodine or Keceipt for tnoney or 

y kind of Wares op Merchandize that shall be laden on BoAn! 

ly ship or Venaell Hhall be written or Printed or both One 

For rrePT Plctn op peice of Vellnm Parchment or (Sheet or 
Pf'nv of paper on which any C<itlilcate under ihe Colony Si-al 
•p the »eol of any Notary Poblick shall be Prbted or WriUen 
or both the *nm of Four i)ence. 

For e^ery Skin or peice of Vollnm Parehnient or sheet or 
prtre of Paper on which any Register of a ditp or other VeHsell 
^11 be prtntwi or Wrillen or both the sum of P"our peace 

Par t^ery Skin or peice of Vellum Parchment or sheet or peico 
tf Paper on which any Libel Warrant Monition Deposition An- 
fier loveniory or laterrogatory or Deeree of the Court of Vice 



'Admlmlty diall be printed or Written or both tbe anm of Foar 

For every »);(n or peice of Vellum Parchment or shwt or 
peice of Paper on which any Det^l or M<)rt];af;e of any Ik-al 
Estute (mortpifieH Id the efyerel Loan olliceii excepted) eXiaiX 
be Writfeu or Printed or bolh the sum of Four jwDce ^H 

For every skin or peice of Vellum rarcliment or sheet op H 
peice of paper on which any Bond or ObU^nitlon op other treated 
Instriimenl (OriglDnl Wills eseepled) shall be Written or IMotcd 
or both tlie Bum of Three p^'nce 

For every Skin or peice of Vellum Parchment or Sheet or 
peice of Paper on wbicb an; Kews Paper abail be Printed One 
bjilf penny 

Pop every Pkin op peice of Vellum Parchment or Slieet or 
poicc of Paper on which any Hill of Sale for any ship or VesKel 
or any part of one shall be WiiUeo or Printed or both the Sum 
of Four pence. 

For every Skin or peice of Vellum Parchment or Sheet or 
peice of Paper on which Any Indenture or Kill of sale for ser- 
vants of uny sort shall be WrittvQ or Printed or boll) tbe Saw 
of three pence. 

AND be it further Ennctet] by the authority aforesaid That 
for the l>eiier and more efTei'Mial Levying ('olleclin-^ and Pa>-io:i 
the Mcvetal and respective l»uiie» hereby laid Tluit Abraham 
Lott jnniop and Isaac Low vLoui his Exci-llency the Governor bns. 
been pleated to appoint for (bat purpose shall be Managers of 
the Stamps fwr this Colony who *hall keep an Office in the 
City of New York and by the first Day of January Next Eomi* 
Ing provide Five dllTcteut Murks or Stamps iTHAT is to Sayl 
one Stamp or Mark with whuh hII VelUjnt Parclmii-ut or Paper 
herein I)tfore Charged with the Payment of Four pence shall 
be Marked or Stamped AND one other Stamp or Mark with 
which all Vellum Parchment or I'aiKT herein before charRfd 
with ihe Payment of three pence shall be Marki-d or Btaraprd 
AND one other Stamp or Mark with which all Vellam Parch- 
ment and Paper hctx-in iK-fore charg*-d with the payment of 
Two pence shall be Marked or stamped AND one other stamp 
OP Mark with which all Vellum Parchment and Pa(>er hereia 
beforr* charged with Ihe Payment of one Penny shall be Marked 
or Stamped AND one other Stamp or Mark with which all 
tVcUuu Parchment and i'aper herein before Charged with the 





fVnent of one lialf ponny shall he Marked or Slaiuped Wli!i;b 
said MTeraJ ilarka and tjtaiii[)» sliull he I'ubiisbed by Pi-oclaiua- 
Hoc to be Issac^ bj Iht" (loTernor or Commander Id chief for 
the timt- being with the advice of bis M:iji-stiiMi Cuuncil a Con- 
itLli-nt time Uiore the suid first Vay of January Xext To the 
End that all Fereona may have dae Notice Uiereof And tlio 
kaid U&tia{;erA In providlii); the- euid Miirks or E^tmups shall take 
tare lLi*y btf w> Contrived ihat ihe Liuprfssioo ibt-reof mav be 
dunblo and bo ai Uie same Maj be least liable to be forgtd 
or CouDterf cited. 

A3.P hv it farther Enacted by tlie aotiiority nforcsaid That 
tb« Hid Uanaget-« Khali from time to time provide and be Biif- 
Ic^etitly farniflhed uitb Vellum Parchmeni and Pa[ier Stamped 
•r Harked as aforeciald »o an ii\» ii»'ivativs tmbjectis may bave 
It in tbeir Kk-ction (o Day the Same without Any advance 
made tbereoa Except Ibt- l>uly afor««aid or to bring Velliim 
Pori-hmcnt or Caper to be 31arkf%i or Stamped for tlie use of 
thrmtc-lTes or Olbc-n* and all Vellum I'arcbmfnt aod Paper w> 
WuUfrbt shall be Marked or t>tiiiD|>«d without any delay on 
Paymont of the Rntes or Pnnm Cliarged by thU Act 

ANl> be It further Emifted by tiiv authority aforesaid That 
Ibe said Alanaiiers before ibey vbalt be deem<-d Qunlitied for 
Ukrir OfBce eball each of tlu-m tai^e the following Outb VlZt. 
I A, B, do Kwcar that 1 will failhfuHy execute Ihe Truirt repowd 
Id mc pursuant to an Aot of tliix Colony Eiitituled "An Act for 
Srectine a Stamp office in this Colony for Stamping ail Vellum 
Patcbment or Paper cbarjed with the several Duties therein 
Uentiuned" without fraud or Coucealuieut aod that 1 will from 
time to time true account Malce of my duiugii therein acconllnjc 
to Ihe direction* of wii.l Act SO TTKLP ME OOD— And the 
Mid Uanai^rs shall aluo enter into iiecogtiizaoce nnto nnr 
Savif«igii Lord the King Ills Heirs aod fmecestoni in the nam 
•f Five bundrwl PoumlM with Two Sii(flcieijt snrctieft eiich in 
balf that sum for the faithful! discharpe of their Trust and that 
tbry will Pay Into the Treaitury all such Sums of Money as they 
■kail Receive by Virtue of this Aot pursuant to the directions 
Ibrreof And in Case such OOirer or OtBcens be Convicted of 
t'nfaitbfa!ne« In bis or their Office he or they ithnll for ever 
tfier he debarred of holding any Post of Honour or Profit lo 
tkia Colon; 

IVol IV. X5 



AXi5 be It fnrtLer Enacted by Uie aiitliorJtr aforesaltl tliat 
If unjf Person or I't^raoim shall iluriiig the CouiinuunfO of tlila 
Acl Counterfeit or Forjn? an.r Stump or Marl; to re»emblB any 
8tanip or Mark wbich Shall be provided or MadL* in pMrsuance 
of rlils Acl or sbaJl with a fraudnli-ril dfwlgo rountcrfeit or 
ItMDmble tbe ItnptTHsion of tiie same apon any Vi-lliini I'arub- 
incnt or Paper or chall l"tUT V<*nd or Sell nnv Vdlum Parch- 
ment or PapcT with Marii or Inijiressiou' thereon knowing the 
Sume to be Counterfeit Every such Person (w offeudioB und 
being thereof Convicted in due form of Law 8hail be iSne^ at 
the dlBCPPtlon of the Court AIho be set upon the fiallowjs with 
a Kopc about bis or ber Xcck for tbe Bpace of one Hour add 
lootie hU or her Ears ' ^J 

A\t> l>e it furtlicr Enacted by the aathorlly nroresnld that If H 
any Person or Persons sh.ill dtirintl t*'^ Continuance of tUi« 
Ai-t Write or Cuuee to be Written or I'rinted on any Vellam 
Parchment or Paper or both Write and Print on either or «ell 
any of the InictrumentK News PHper* or WrlthiKS charsed by 
this Act with the Payment of a Duty with a Fmiidulent Intunt 
before iueh Vellum Parchment or Paper be dnely Stiunped or 
JIarked arconlinff to the direelions of Ihis act erery person so 
OUending idmll for eut:h oUeuce Forfiit & Fuy the sum of FU-e 

AND lie It forlher Enacted by the anthnrily nforeiwld (hat 
in Caae any I'erwn or Persona whalHoever dui-inK the Con- 
tlnnnnce of thli Act shall Rxe^ule any Deed Instrument or 
Wrilind whflher writttu or Printed or both written and Printed 
t^'harced with the Payment of a T>iity ra aforesaid on Vellum 
Pan-hmeiit or Puper not Marked or stamped AecordiOfi to the dl 
rection* of this Act or shall suffer any such Peed InBtrmnent 
or Writinc to be Exocuteil unto him lier or tlu-m he jilie or lliey 
Ro OiTendinK shall for ench offence ru«i>eolivcly forfeit and Paj- 
the sum of Twenty Sbillini;s 

AND be It fuMber F.n:tctt-d by the authority aforpMLld That 
If any Deed Inslnmienl or Writing WhatHoerer cliarRetl by 
this Act with the l*iiyincnt of a Pnty as aforeaald fiball Conlrary 
to tbe troe Intent and Meaning thereof be written or Printed 
by any Person or Persons wliatsoerer upnn Veltnm Parchment 
Or Paper not Unrked or Stamped accordinj: to this Act or n\ioa 
Vellum Parchment or Paper Marked or Stamped for a lower 
Duty than is by this act directed that thea and ia every Sncb 





Cue there »faa]l be paid over and atiove the Duty AforeRiud for 
ererr »acl) D««d iDStruuicul or \\iitiu}; the sum v( Five Hound* 
!Aad 00 Such necord Deed Inslrunieot or Wrilina tliail be good 
Valid or Available in I.nw or Ei]uity Uiitill as well thL- 8i»ld 
Duty as tbe Bald Hum or Five Pounds shall bt.- Oi-nX ptUd unto 
the taanatp-rs Afunwaid and a l{ecel(>t produred for lltt- Karue 
and nDtill the Velluiu I'luclitaent OK Pap^^r on wbicb Buch 
bir«d ItiBlniment or WriituK shall b4> written or rHtiKNj shall tte 
>isrfc«I or Stain[H^ with a I^wfull Mark or Stamp and lh« 
afot«aiJd Maniigers are hereby required mid Kujoynt-d upon 
Paymcat of the said Duly and 8ald sum of Five Pounds imto 
then to Rive a Itecelpl for Iliv wiine and to Mark or Bt-unp (tie 
8aid VHIum Parchm<itt or Paper widi tbe Mitrk or staanp tttat 
ahall be proper for such Deed Instrument or Writing BesiMC- 

AND be it further Enacted by the authority (^for<^sald That 
all the forfeitures n-bicb Klinll aritu- by this not ithall be sued for 
ud ll*'<-on-rt'd witb fuH Costn of auit by the Aforcisaid MnnaiffrR 
ia any Court of Record nltbln tills Colony by Action to be 
broQitht In their o^n Nam*' or Niimf-S One half whereof when 
Berovered shall be to the proper nse of Snch Msnapers and the 
«lhor hair xhnll be by theui pmld into the TreoKury wllh the 
Money** ari«ns by the aforesaid Duties. 

A>T» bf It further Enad.'d by the authority aforpsaid That 
the aforewiid Mmiitiri-rs »hull nfcount witli the Ti-euKiirer and 
F»y an the Money's arlKini; by this Act into the Treasury in 
half Tenrly Paytitcnts nbich Mum-y so Paid Ui shall rr-mnln In 
Ike IVedaury nnltll Ibe same be diK|ioi)L-d of by A<.'t or Ada here- 
iftef to be i>aB»ed for that Purpose 

AND be It further Enacti'd by the authorttt- nforeMiId Tliat 
tike Treasorer Phall and he is heroby directed and require! to 
b>«p exart Books of All his Receipts by Virtae of this act And 
tCBd<n- Ime and just Accounts thereof on Oath to the <Iov- 
(rBoar or Commander in chief for the time beinp the Council or 
Cfni-rsl Aaaembly when by them or any of tlieui thereunto ro- 

A\D be It farther Enacted by the authority aforettald tbat It 
Bhall and May be lawfull for the said Mnnafcers to Retain in 
Qtfjr own Ilands out of the Mouev's to arise by this Act the 
Saai of Fifty Pounds to each of Ibem a« a reward for their care 
lad trouble In Execntins and performing the several serrlces 
feqnlrTd of them by ihU Act 


* 'A'nd Ve it Enactci3 by llio Xulhoritj aforpsnid Uiat If ■?! 
of the Bail] Managers kIi^II Iin[>p€u to Die Remove out trf tbii 
C0I0D7 or Refuse to Act It shall and may be Lawfull to and for 
the GoTcnior or Commuudi^r In ohit-f for tlie lime belns by and 
with the advice and Consent of his Maje«tie« Ci>uiicil to ap-, 
point some other fit Person or TermnB in the place and 
of him or Ihem So Rylns Rpmovin-; or Rofuaing to Aft Proviilt 
that the I'erson or Tori^otm who Shall be appointed Slial! be 
obliged to ester into the like Beeo^izanco with the like surelicB 
as h<-r<^n 1« direi-li'd to be done bv Ihe satd ManacTs and In all 
EeHpecta be subject to observe do and Perform the several 
rectioiu of this Act. 

[CHAPTER 1030.] 


(Ouptffr 1000. of Vim Srtinarl:, luul diaptvr 100 (roL S> of Uvln^lM 
A Smith. wb«re Ibe tJUe 011I7 la printed. Kiplred Janaarr 1. 1T58J 

' 'An Act to Regulate the Colleetlns th'i 
Dniy of Kxclse on Strong Tjqnora retailed Id 
this Colony from the first of Jiinuary One Tbou* 
Band seven hundred and Fifty seven to tb' 
lirst of Jumiary One tbouMind acvcn bundr 
and Hfty Eight 

[raasn] December I. I738J 

BK IT ENACTED bv his Excellency the Oovcrnor the Coonel 
QDd the General Assembly and It I9 hereby Enacted by t 
Autboiit.v of tho same TImt Cornelius Cl»pp«* jiinlrvr Shal 
be and hereby is Appointed (,'oromissioner for Collecting tho 
Duty of Exdw of and from (he sevt^al Retailers of stronjc 
I.i'|iiort wilhin the Cily and County of New York from the 
flr**t I»«y of .laniiary One thousand weven hnndred and dtty 
•even to the first Day of Janoary One thousand seven hundred 
and Fifty Eight. 

A>'I> be it further Enacted by tlio Anthority Aforesaid That 
the said Commissioner shall ns soon after (be Pnblication of 
tbh Act as he shall Judge convenient Appoint the several 
taikrs wilbln llu- said CJIy and direct and Ascertain whai 
each retailer shall Pay for the said Duty from the first l>aT 
of JiiM-ary One Ihousand sevt-n hnndretl and Ufiy seven to 
first Day of January One tlionsand seven hundred and Fif 
£l:ht ALWAYS PROVIDED That the whole sum to be Iftl 





6a llip sereral Rctaflers In tlie unid Cllj iind Count.r fihaJI b* 
Ib^ fui: aiiO i'olire sum of Nine Ilunilred ami Flflj four pnnnds 
miib tbe Addhional Bam of One tiuodied Pounds for his Com- 
ml«a)0Dv wliivh Is (o be nt the liaie of Tive PoandH per Ct.-ut 
BuA fur otb^r ineideotal Cliarses For nlilch naid Siim of Ooe 
nindreil pounds )ii> shall acfouut uu Oath and if it exceeds his 
■ 'nnimi^inns and incidpntal t^harspa tlip snrplus thereof thall 
be Applied <a ease of the Next Years CxcImr And tlio said sum 
of >m< bundrt-d and Fifty four Puuuds shall by the said C'uiu- 
■Inioaer be paid unto )he Treasurer of Ihia Colony on or 
before ibe first Ua; of Jauusr; Uac tliousuad scvca bundred 
lod Of (y Eight. 

AND be h further Enacted by tbe AulliorKy Aforesaid That 
the stti-rai and Respective Persons hereafter Named shall be 
and hf-ieby are appointed CnmniiacilcHiers for Coi)e«iin)! the R»id 
[hitT of Excise of and from the several and Respective lletaih.'rs 
Wirliin the several and Respective Coiinliea of this Colony and 
ih) Ifflrboar Uays and Rivers thereunto rcR[)e<:lively Adjoining 
or bcIonciuE VIZL 

yijf the City A County of Albany tlie Mayor Beeorder and 
AlUerroeD of tbe said C^ty 

Vne Kinps Tonnty Ahniliam Rloom rsqnire 
For Qae«iis County Valentine Unlet Peters Esquiro 
Vor Suffolk <>)iinfy Richard Floyd, Uugb UelaloD and Samuel 
lanedon Enquires 
For Weati'healer Coonty Edward Stephenson Esquiris 
For I>ulcbess County Clere Everit and l>eeudert Van Kleeck 
Fi>r L" later Connty Johannes J. Jannen 
FWr Orange County JoJin Car|>enter and Johannes Tloogorf 
And For Richmond County Jacob iteseuu and ilexeliiah 
Wripht Es(|ulre« 

ANI> be it further Enacted by tbe Authority Aforesaid That 
th^ Aloreaaid several and Reai>ectire Commisjsioners or \1'£ 
Major part of lliera Respectively shall aa aoon aa they Coa- 
t*'Oleolly can After the Publication of .Ihis Act Meet at the 
Onnty Halls of their fteveral aud res|i«i:tive Counties or at 
nrh oifaer place or places as they ihe said Commisaionera abaR 
rrspectircly Appoint for pullin); in Kxccnttna the powers and 
Aathoritiea given by this Act At which time or at such Ulhcr 
tiaie or Times as tbcy shiM judge Necessary tbe said Ccuumis- 



»\oTU"-g or tlip Major part of iLem fespeptivelj Shall for th; 
own Coooliea severally and rcspectivi-lj- Ox tlic Number and 
'A [riidtnt ibe iM'Tcr.i] netaitem n-ilhin (beir several and respecllva 
CuiiDtv'H and direct and Asoertiiin what cnrh Uflnik-r i>hallj 
pnir for ibe itald Dulj of Excise from (be first Day of Januar] 
Ooi* tbousnod seven liundrcd and Piftj M^vcn to the first Day of 
J;itm«r.v One tbouRaud BCven hundred and fifty Eight ALWAYS 
I'KO\Il)ED Ibut the sum to be laid, 

On the Several Ttetallers In the Cifr and Counj; of A1ban| 
Btiall be the full nod entire etiui of One hundred nod Twenij 
seven pounds Wilb the ^ntn of Tliirteen Pounds in addit 
thereto for the CbarBea of ilunaging the Same. 

On the several Reiallera in Kio]^ County 4lie fufl and en! 
sum of Furty Pounds with the Sam of Five Pounds in addilluD 
thereto for the Charges of MaunpInK the same fl 

On the sevenil Itetailcrs in (Jueens Counly the fn!) and en-™ 
tire sum of One bundivd and Twenty Five Pounds with the Buni_ 
of Ten pounds in Addition tbcrcto for the Charges of Mauagli 
the some. 

On the several RoAiilers In Suffolk County the full and entire 
fum of tiiixly Pounds with the sum of Nine Pounds in Addition 
thereto for the Cbiirpe* of Managing the Same "w 

On the Several Itetnilei-s in Westrbester County the full ttai 
entire sum of seventy Pounds with 4lie sum of Ten pounds 
Addition thereto for the charges of Managing the same. 

On the Eeveral Ketailers tn Dutehess Counly the full snd 
entire sum of Forty Two pounds with the sum of Ei^^ht 
Founds In udditioa thereto for the charges of Managing the 

On the several Retailers In T'Isfer County tlie full find entire 
sum c4 Tliirty Eight Pounds wilb the sum of tJigbt Pounds ii^^ 
addition thereto for tbe charges of Mnnajiing the same ^| 

On tbe several Retailers in Orange Coun.'y the full and entire 
sum of Nineteen Pounds with the sum of Three pounds la addl^ 
tion thereto for the charges of Managing the same. 

And Oa tbe several Ret»llers In Rirhinond County the full 
and entire sum of Twenty five Pounds With the sum of Thipty 
sbillinga in addition thereto for the charges oi Uoaaging the 

AND be It further Enacted by the aulliorlty 'Aforesaid "Hial 
the Aforesaid several and Respective CommiaaioDers shall be- 










fihey Enter oo tlie Exprntlon of the Powers anil Aotlior- 
gircQ tij this Ai;t enter itilo RiH^o^QluiDoei* unto Our 
•uTereiicn LORD the King HU Heirs and Bucit-»!«or8 before 
any Jmlgv of Uic Ktipreme Court or of tUe Inferior Ourto iu th« 
fvUowiBg auiDB Tliat is to Say 

Tlio Bald Oorn<-niis Clopper Jiiolnr In the Penal sam <rf One 
tbuaMBd NiDV bnodred and Eicbt Pounds 

Tbe raid Valeuiioe nule£ Peters Id the Penal Aam of Two 
k'nidrrd und Fifty Pounds 

Tbe said AbmJiam Uloom In the Penal sum of Eightj 


"n^ said Richard Floyd. Ilueli Oelston and Samuel LangdoD 
fl the Pi'iial Kum of One linndved and Twenty Pounds 

Tbe Kiid Edward .Sii.'pbt.-usun in the penal turn ot One liuD- 
dr«d and Forty Pounds 

The said C\trrf Evcret and I-ccndert Van Klwck In the Penal 
aOB of El;;Uiy Four Poniula 

Tbr Said Johannes J. Janeen in die Penal sum of seTentj dx 

Tbe aald John Carpenter and Johannes Boc^eit In .the Penal 
tmm of Thirty Eight Pounds ) 

n« «aJd Jacob Rexeau and nczcklab Wrl(;lit Id the Penal 
tarn ttt Fifty Pounds^ 

OONDITIOXED that they ahall well and Truly Pay to the 
Tn^nttrer of rlils Colony on or before tlie lirnt I>uy of Janu^iry 
«hicfa will be in tbe year of Our Lord Une thousand seven Iinu- 
(fred and fifty Ei;^ The aeTeral and Respective nnniH to be 
bid In Manner AfoneMild on tbe sereraJ and Iles]>ecttvo Re* 
taitera within their se%-erai and Reapetlive Counties exrlnnire of 
the Bereral and reapective sums by this Act Alloned for Ihe 
chargm of Management 

AXn be it further Enaeted by the Xnthorily Aforenatd That 
tbe Aforenald Beveral and respective Retailors aliall Pay the 
Afor^caid nerenil and n>«|tective sums laid or to be laid on them 
nn(o the Aforesaid SeveraJ and I{eii|>ective Commissioners on 
nr before tbe first Day of nett'inber One tboaxnnd Keven hun- 
dred and Fifty seven For SecHrinu which Payment the Raid 
0«ninb«ioDent Shall reMpertively Obllgo the said Several and 
■evpectice Rr(iitli^n« to give sucti security as Ifaey tlie said Com- 
*MonMll "hall judge Necessary ALWAYS PROVIDED Ibat 
fiwh Retailers In the City of New York as tbail be rated Three 
fmmda and nnder shall not be i>ormitted or tmve any libertj 


(o Retail nnlpRB (httj immr^lntcl? Pay the several nn^l res 
tin* KuniH Uit.7' stiall he rated at ti> ttic Afure«aid ikiiDiuia- 
sloner Anr thing herein before contained to the Cootrarjr >'ot- 

AND Ix! It fnrther Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid That 
tn case any Person or Pereonit whatsoever oilier than snch a» 
the said ConiinlMiioners ohnll pennit shall {irpsume to eell Any 
strong Liquor by Ketiiil directly or indinx-lly be nhe or they » 
Offending shall for eai:b niich offence forfeit the sum nf S 
Pounds to be recovered by the said Commissioner or Comml 
(doners respertively On the 0«(h of any one Credible WitDCtf' 
iu a sammory Way fn the City's of New York & Albany before 
the Mayor or Reeorder and one or more Aldvmien of the said 
Cities reapecllvely .\iid In th<*»eveml CountvH lw>fore any JuMtioe 
of the Peace within the snid CVmnty'a re»|*ctively And if upon 
Collection the Kaid ForTMtnre be not paid tlie same shall be 
lerled on the Good* and Cbattlee of the offender or offender*, 
by Warrants undta* the Hands and SeaJs of tlie Persona before 
whom such Conrictinn uliull happen And if No goods or Cbnttles 
are fonnd on WHICH to dcstrain it shall be lavrfull to the 
PcrRons who heard and del<*ruiined the Cause to Commit Ih* 
offender or offenders to Goal without Hall or Mainprise for the 
space of Thrre Monltid nnlexN the «Ud I'l-uahl*-*" are sooner dhl 
charju-d And (he twiid Kesikei-tire Masistrates shall be and b<-re! 
are fully Impowered direrted and >T(|iiirod to hear and detenni 
tliose Malter« in the Manner Aforesaid and to give Judgment 
And if Need l>e to Award Exeention thereon and to T-wne n War 
rant or WarrantR for the Coinmilincnt of Offenders as the Ca 
nay reijaire One third of which Forfeitarea shall be to thi 
Informer or Informers One third to the said ComniifMionejfl' 
And one third to the Poor of the Town Manor or Preriuct 
where the offence shall be Committed to t>e paid Into the Hands 
of the Chnrch Wardens or Overneers of the Poor of the said 
Rf'Kpectlve Place or I'larea by ilie affieer tir oflii-ers by whom lUe 
same sbaJl be levied any thing In any of the acts of tbia Colony 
to the rontrary Notnithstandlng 

AX1> tH' It further Enacted by the authority aforemid That 
the several Retailers who shall be permitted and allowed to 
Retail by the said Commissioner or Commlnstoners shall beforo 
(hey do So retail any strong Liquor Enter Into Reeognliuincea 
that Is to aay In the Clly's of New YnrW & Albany before th« 
rcepective Mayors thereof And in the scTeral County* of this 






Oelonj before two Justices of the Peace in the Penal mim of 
Twenty Poaiids with sufBcient Burdies iu tlic like Sum CON- 
IitnoNKD to keep an Orderly Uuu«*^ According to Loiw during 
itettme Ihey sluill be jHTniilti'd to lletnil as aforesaiii And there- 
vpiitt the i4aid re!«i>o<jljve Mayors or the siJd Juslices shult 
pant lo the Person 01* Per»oa8 -who hare entervd Sato mich 
Seco^Unnt-cs a Livcnce under his and their hands and bwiIb 
to rotail strong Liquors la sucb ITouHe or [>lai:-4> us ^hull be 
llpniioaed therein dnring the CoDtlnudnce of this Act Which 
Breocnltaaces arc to be lod^d by the Person or Personn before 
«b«B tbe same sIliII be taken \17A. In tlio Oity'tt of New York 
k AlbviT with the Town Clerk And in tbe sevonil County's with 
tbe respective Clerks therr-of And upon Complaint of the 
Itrraeb of the said CondiUun it shall lie Lawfull for the wild 
SUyora and Aldermen ef New York and Albany or tbe Rreater 
>'flraber of them And In the Counllen lor the JuStioes of tbe 
• i'-tii-rat or Bpec-ial SeMsions of the peace to Sup|>rcBii tho Licence 
or IJcences of such offender or olfendera, 

-\>'i> he It further Knaeted by the Authority Aforesaid That 
ia caw any of the I'ersonti who sball be [>ermitted to Retail 
MfQDff Ll'iuors as AforeKild by (he said Commissioner or Com- 
■itskiiiers shall presame to retail before he she or they have 
ohniicd n Licence and entered Into Recofrnlzances to keep 
t9 Orderly Ilouice i;s aforeHuid lie (the or they so otTendlng 
•tall Br«pectiTely forfeit the sum of six Pounds for each offence 
lo l<* recoTored In a summary way la the Manner before directed 
the half tbi^reof to the Informer or Informers and the other 
talf to the Poor of the Town Manor or Precinct Where the 
r<i«fcitDr« shall Arise. 

And that tbe espenee of being Qualified to retail may be 
«ttLio tbe l>oundf> of .Modi-rarioa UK IT ENACTED by the 
aathority Aforesaid That no more shall be taken for u. Licence 
and Rtf-oj^nlsance in the Citys of New York and Albany tlian 
tke OFcal and Accustonutl l-Ves And in the respective Counties 
thsa the som of Three shillings 

AM) be It further Enacted by the aulhority aforesaid That 
Hth Persons permitted to retail as Aforesaid by the said Com- 
■iasioper or Commissioners who retail strong Liquors Not to 
be drank in their own Houses bnt carried etsewlierc shall not 
be ohliifed to enter into Recognisances and take Licences at 
sfon-i^id Any thing Contained in this Act to tlie Contrary 






■ AXD be It Enacfed by the nndiupit.r aforesaid That to Cm 
ell thv several tmnis for wUicli ilie ExriHe aliall be let io *b4 
Kvcrul and Respective C^tjra and County's of this CO'lony ehull 
fall short of (he »ums herein before Bated on ibe said aeveral 
anil lUnpettive Citv's and Couul.v's with Ihe AforeBald Iml- 
deauU Charge of Letting and Collecting the same then the 
Coumfi^ouer or Coinmlsslonerg Aforetuild where sm-h de- 
flciei-cie^ shall hapfieQ shall be and are hereby impowered to 
Call the Betnilent bt-fore them And aoHeHs and Rate suoh sum 
or sums upon them as shall be ttaOlcieot to Make up stich 
deiiciencr Which said Additional Bums Bball be Collected ntid 
paid in the sume Manner with the several and Bespeclire suras 
flret laid 

AND be it farther Enacted by the authority afore!>ald That 
In Cu»e of the Death of any of Ihe aforesaid respective CrOi 
miHKior.era the surviving Comniissinoer or CotnmiMKioners wher 
Bueh l>eath tuay happen aliall be and hereby is and arc TnliUed 
to lite Whole Iteward And Vei^U-d with the siiiiic powers and 
authM-itlea to execute this Act as if no such r>eaiii bad hapf 
And iu Case of the l>e8th of all the Couiiuisisionerit uf any of llr 
said Respective City's or C«Min1ies then the sheriff or nherifTl 
for the lime being of the City's County or Counties where sacbl 
I>eji>!i may happen shall be And hereby is and are Vested w*tb 
all tic powers and Authority's giren to the Conimlnsioners by 
this Act be under Ihc Mime Regulations and lotitled to tbe 
aamc Reward to all Intents Cunstruclions and Pnrposea What- 
BOi'ver as if they bad been parlicularly named and appointet 
In llii^ Act Any thJug In this Act to the Cuulrury Xot^itl, 

ANT hp It farther Enactod by the authority Aforesaid Thai 
all the monies to be paid to Ibe Treasurer of this Colony by 
Virtue of this Act shall be iiuployed for and towards Caneelling 
the Bills of Credit Slruck and Issued upon Ihe said Duty of 
Kiciee at (he times and In the tnauuer directed in and by Ap _, 
Act Kititulcd "An Act for the more efi-etuall Cancelling Ih^^ 
mils uf Credit of this Colony " passed In the Twenty first Veii^^ 
of HIS Mujesties Reign and to and for no other nae or purpose 
\VliHtRoever except Ho Much thenHif as Is etherways Applied 
by an Act Kntltaled "An Act furtlier to Continue the Duly 
" Excise and tlie Currency of tlie Bills of Credit Emitted ih* 
•'for the purposes in the ftrrmer Act and herein Sd-nltoacd' 
pomed in the Twenty aeventh Yvtur of his Majenties Reign 




IND be It att4o Knactcd Tha( Ihe notnllcrs Id the Citj- of 
Vurk aliatl pay the Excise ip ihree aevcrsJ payiueD(a or 
fiooDer as the CoinuiUxloui-r and Ihi-y xtmll AgrL-c PltUVlf'En 
ALWAYS lliat Xolliiug In this Act sliall be Coiwtrup^l to make 
Void Abridge or in any Wine Iriuw-n tlie oevenil Ui|;lil» unj 
rririlcgts graoled unto the Ally's €>f New York and Albany by 
iWr BeajMH-ltTc Cliarlors Auy thing cmitaint-d Id IhU Act to 
lite Coatrary Ib«'r«i( in aoy wise NolnithhtaiidinK 

AKD be It further Enacted by the Authority Aforo^iaM That 
tbe Treasorer of tbia Colony shall be and hereby is din-ctuil 
aad ivqalrtH] wKtiiD thni- months Afli-r tlio I'uMu-aliori of ihig 
At* to put Id Suit the Reco;nii7-anrCH of all arch PcnHnifi n-ho 
•tv Eb anvar on nrcoaot of the Exc1i<v fanned by fomivr Ac'a of 
Ikb CVjkmy Firsi Rivinj: Two MonttiB noUce of this Direction 
fey Adrertin-Difota to bt> inrerlcti In ail the ptiblErk Xewa 
Ptpen io this Colony And where no Reoo)n>i»uiceB are to be 
favad tlie raid Tn-wxurer iihnti l:c and ln-ivby ii» Enabled im- 
f nrered And AuUim-ized to bring Suits in bis own Name Ajra'n^t 
■Hand erery Much IVn<oti and IVmons whoHbal) Appear to be io 
Amar oo Account of the Bald Excise or Against their Heirs 
Executors or Admiiifsti-ators And all tl>o monoT rt-covered Id 
(te»e«|ni'Dre of Rucb Suit or Hults HhiiU be ap^illed to the Stnk- 
bc and Cancelling the Hills of Credit Emitted on the Cn-dit of 
tW Duty of Excise at the Times and in the Planner bcTein 
before directeO And in Cn«e the TreanurtT Hhull Neglect or 
Omit to brinj; or Cnnete such Ruits to be bronght within the 
tine liraitted by this Act all mich *»m or f<iinHt of money Ru la 
AiTtar Ofo the Duty of Excise which he Rball so Neglect or Omit 
to Roe for or Caii«p to be »ui-d for ahall be deemi-d Ait^ets iu hhi 
kudi and b? nhall be charged therewith as having Actually 
iNdnd the Rame. 

ICUAITER 1031.1 

(CUtrtvr l<Vtl. or Var Sobsnrk. wbcre the iltl^ ontjr n prtMHl rhnpter 
114 itbL 7» of l.lTlDr>tao ft Bmltb, wliere tti« act Is printed In full. Coa- 
ttowd br dupt«r ia>2.] 

An Act for Billeting and Qnartoring Ilis 
Uojesly's Forces within this Colony 

irosMd Dtoember t. 175C| 

WOEBEAR hli Majosty halb bern graciously plouHed to send 
■ad raUe a confldenibte Itody of Forces to be eui]doyed for the 
Dffncc and I'roleetlon of this and niber lib Coloulefl in North 



Amerlce; ani] a greater number of the said Ttoo^b i 
acluallr. and mav tui|)|*co to bt. eiaplutvd in this Coloii.v, thiin 
can be qaanei-L-cl in the Barracks erected tliereiD. For billelinft 
QDd ijuurtt^ring of Whom It In Di-«e«sarj- rrorisloa should h 

JUE IT THEKEFORE Enact<-d by hl« Exccllt'nry ttw" Oovemo: 
the Coancil <kiid tlie Ut-Deral AsM-utbly aud it is favn^'hy Enactei 
by the Anlhorily of the same Ttmt when and an often us aii, 
of bis MHJe»tie« Fortvs Rball be ordered to Murcti Into or throup 
this Colony and shall coaie Into any City Itiirroui;b Town AIouoi 
or Precinct In the »utne tbut it ahall and mny be lawful! f 
the Uuyor IJ^'piity Mayor or Itecowler and any two of the Aid* 
men of Buch City ind llurrougb and for any Two Justices of 1 
Peace of the County in which such Town or Precinct (diall Lyi 
To Quarter and Ulllf-t the Oljicvrn and Soldl<-n« In hia Sl!tjp«ti<-8 
fierrit-v in 8uch Inns Livery stabler AU'-Houscb Vicluulltn 
Honsps and all Ilouaefi selltnic liuni Itnmdy Cyder or any otbri 
Kplritous l.i(|ui>rs by ret-aJl to i*e drank in xaid llnaoeft and in' 
Ca«e there sball not he a wilhclenl Number of auch UouHeii in. 
the City Rnrroufih Town Manor or Precinct into which Sue 
Pojvea shall conte for Con^fnienlly EntertainiOK such OIBcc: 
and wldicrs ibiti and in ttutt Cafe in Rucb prifale IIouNet* In euc. 
City or llarroiich m the Mayor Deputy Mayor or Recorder and 
Two Ald'-mien in tbeipdiwretSon Bhsill foe fit and In diirh jiriv 
nouses in tlic geveml Towns or I'n^-incis In the aercral Counli 
as the said Two Jastlces shiill Jodee miffit Conr<-iiienl for f 
parpo»e PROVII>EI> ALWAYS tliat there shall be Xo Mo; 
Billets at any time Ordered than there arc effective Soldiers to 
be QuartenMl Nor any Rrrater Numlier of soldiers Kilk-teO 
Qtinrtentl in any one IIouao tlion Pour unless by the Con: 
of the ^laAler of sncfa Houiit? 

ANP be It fni-ther Enacred hy the Anthority Aforesaid That 
if any I'erwin or Per»on» In whiwe Floaw any ofliri-r or a-ildii-i 
>ha1l be Quartered and Rilleted in pureunnee of Tbi>> A<-r fba 
refuse to ndnili or take such officer or ftoldlers fto Ilillefed tb 
Pereon or Pertain* so r\-f«stinir Klinii forfeit the sara of Viv 
pounds for erery Officer or Midler so refused to be adniitt 
which forfeiture npoo compbilnt iind jiroof ihet>-of made by oni 
or more credible Witne«« w Wltm-tisea to any one Justice of th 
Peaee shall be leried by Warnuit of Snch Justice by IHstre 
and sale of the offendera n<X>r>S rendi-rins the orerplns to thff 
Purtj after deduction of Retuonable charces in takine the aami 



Tl to 



TVe wM Fine to be paid to the Cily or Counly Treasurer wliers 
tbe BOtnc Ma; Ariite to be hy tlicm Ajtpliod tonnrd tUe ooo* 
tUi^fnit rliarges of tbe said City or Couuty renpeclWely. ^ -^ 

PROVIDED ALSO and Iw It further Enaited by tlic Anlhor- 
Ity Aforv»ald That Nuttiing in this Act bercia before meitliom'4 
tlttll be Constmed to impon-er or autborlxe tlie llilleting ov 
Qnartfrine any n(15ror« or soldiers In tbe City's of New Yorlo 
tDd Albany And Towoship of Schenectady in wtilch Itfti'ractEft 
ire Built for the n««[dence of soldiers Unless Quarters are 
WHulfnif for a gr^ntpr Number of ORlcera nnd Boldicra than can 
CouTPniontly be pl.nxil In (tiieb Uarrai'ks 

AND WUEItEAfi great Abuses may be rommiUed by OfficerB 
ud soIdi(M-a by briuRlns their Wires Children aud Maid scr- 
*aDls luto Ihfir Qoiirters under Ciitnnr of Ihis Act coulrury to 
the tme meaninu thereof BE IT ENACTED by the Aathorlty 
Afort^iuiid Tliat Xothing herein conlained shjill be Construed to 
Authorize or impower the Qunrtcriuc or Ilillcting tho Wife 
Child or Maid servant of any ofBcer or Soldier on any preicnco 
whaterer Nor sbull nny IVrson or Pcnmns npou whoin or In 
whose noose any Officer or soldier shall be Quartered or TSn* 
iMcd In pursnanoe of this Act bo obliged to Entortulu the 
Wife Child or Maid Servant of any OfDeer or soldier so Qourtercd 
•r Killeted without the consent and Agreement of the PcnioD 
or PprsoQS upon nlium aucli officer or soldier sbull be so 
Qnartered or Uillefed. . 

And to the End the fioldlcm so to be billeted may not b« 
bupoeed npon nor the subJL-ct oppressed BE it Enacted by ths 
Aatliorlty aforesaid th:it tlio Riites to be r.llnn-ed and taken fou 
ervry ofliccf' or soldier billeted by VSpdie of this Act siinll ba 
lx«d and ascertained by the respective Mnpislrates by whom 
ncli Billets shall )^e crnntcd: And the Cnmniimdinz Oftiivr of 
the Compciuy to which the soldier or soldiers so billeted slmU 
r '\fty beionK ubiiil ntip^'i-iively be accountable for tho 

i ._ Money due Uw the Men belonginp to their reai>ecfive 

CompitnleaL The Soldiers Bedding to Ite of Straw or Chaff in* 
closed lo a proper Cover Where Flock Tteds cnnnot be had 
Asd the Allowance for Rilleting or Quartering to be piiid Weekly, 
at farthest if demanded. , 

AS1» be it Enacted by the 'Anthority 'Aforesaid That thla 
Art iiball be and remain In force from the publlealton thereot 
SBiill the first Day of January which will be in ttie Year of OuB 
Lord Oao thousand seven hundred and Fifty Eii^bL J 



[CHAPTEB 1032.] 

ICliitrt«T 1682. at Van Schnnck, and cliar'cr 111 (toL 2) of LWIneMOB 
ft S-aitfa, where tUe dUc only is printed. 

• ' 'An Act for raising hy a PuMIck tiotttr, 
for this CuIoD,r fhe Sum of One tlioutuuiO (<d9' 
hundred and Twenty five pounds towards 
Erecting a &'cw Goal io ibe City of :Ncw York 

[Faflsed December 1, 175«.] 

' IXAPMCCn 08 it will greatly fond Io llie Welfare ami Bp|>«- 
laltoa of the Colony that a pro;)cr and ConimodiuuB Uoal be 
En'cied for tlie K^eptlon of such I'rlsonera of IVar as shall 
be brought in this Colony 

BE IT EXACTED by bis Exoellpncy the GoTernowp the Conn 
cU and the Geoeral Awtc-mbly and it in hemby t:ouvted by lb 
Authority of the sume That a Lottery tie Erected within tUi 
Cnloiiy And that for and towards ralaing the Hum of One 
thonKiod one hundred and Twenty five Pounds it t^huU an 
may l>e iawfnll for any Pertton or I'erHOna Nafivea of Forelgrn' 
ItiKlies Politic or Corporate to Contribute by paying at or Itefnre 
Ihu Kfcpectiye times by this Act Limited in that behalf to any 
Pcrvon or Persons hereinuftL*r Io t>e Ai^rainled for that purpose 
th>t f^vai of One I'oand Ten HhillinRB or diverite entire Bum 
of One pound Ten t^hillinir* upon tbl« Art And thai every Co 
trlbiiter or adventurer for erery such Sum of One Pound Ta 
ihilliDgH which be she or they Klial) no adranre shall be tnt 
estt-d in Such Lot or Share of and in the Said lottery M 
llsbed by this Act as ts herein After directed and Appoint 
And the same entiiv Hums of One pound Ten Hhilllnvr^ •■'»• 
a-e hereby Appointed to be paid unto Such Person or Personi 
Affteiwiid On or U-fore the flriit Tuesday In April Next 

AND be it further Enacted by the Aulborify Aforettaitl Tha 
Mesnieurs EtM-neiar (.nint and Theodores Van Wyck shall I* 
Mupn(.-ers for preparinn; anil dpIiverLng Out Tickets reeeiviof; 
the Money for the said Tickets and to Oversee the drawing of 
Lotts And to order do and perform such Other Aladers nod 
tblnf^ ns are hereufler in and by this Act direvteil and Ap- 
pointed by such Sfanagers to be done and performed And lUst 
Buch Uana;:ers shall meet lofiether from lime to time at sorao 
pnblick place ua to them SUelU Seem most Convenient fur the 




Circiitloo of the powers and Trust la them rppospd \>j tliSs 
Act Aji() that Itie said Manajccrtt sball riiu8C Ituvks to tio ;>re- 
|«r«d Id which ev«rv leaf shall be divided or dUtiii;;uished iulo 
three Coiumns Aud u|»oa llio innt^nio^l of the said tbri-v Col- 
amos there shall be piiDlf^'d Axe thousand Tickets Niimher One 
Two three and so on onwards in Arithmetical progn-iMioa where 
the ComDion execi>« is to be one until! the; riiie to the Number 
«f Ptve Ihouaand And npon the Middle (roluinn fa every the 
8^ Uooki there nhull be print<^ Fire thou«and Tickets oC 
the same Breadth and Form and NumtHTed in like Manner 
And Id the extreme Column of Ihi; said Ituoks there tthall he 
Prioted s third Ilank or series of Ticket* of the some Number 
vjib those of tlie other Colnmns which Tickets shall severallf 
b* of an obloD); tigure and in the said Books tthall he joined with 
Obllqaf Knea Flourishes or Devicea in Such MAKKER as the 
aald Manageni shall think moxt Siife and Convenient And that 
ererj Ticket (n ibe esli-eme or third Column of tlie said Books 
ahali h«Te f'ribted thereon beftldcs the Xumher tb« following 
Words VIUELICET The posM'KKor of this Ticket if drawn a 
I'rlt^ t^ball he intiiled to the I'rize So drawn Kubjeel. to Kuch 
iteduclion as is directed by an Act of this Colony in that hehnlf 
ANIt be 1( further Enacted by the Authority Aforesaid That 
titp said Managers sbull curefully examine all the >wid Books 
«iib the Tickets therein and that the same be contrired ouni- 
bered nod made accordin]; to the True intent and meauin;; of 
tii(» Atl Aud all and every Such Manufier or Managers rcsp"-'ct- 
Ireljr la and are hereby directed and rectaired upon his or th«>ir 
tet^lvinp of every or any entire sum of One I'ouud Ten Shil- 
lia|;s io full payment for a Ticket from any I'crson or Persons 
Contrilinting or vVdvenluriuR as Aforesaid to cut out of the 
Siaiil l>(M)k or Ttuoks through the said ohli<]ue lines Flourish -^s 
or Deric^a Indentwlw a Ticket of the Tickets in the Said er* 
treme Column which one of the wiid Mauagi-rs shall sign with 
bl« own Name ANO he or they shall permit the Contrihuler or 
Adtentorer [It it be desired) to Write his or her Name or Mark 
OB the Two Correufwudins Tickt\!s in the i^ame Book And at 
llw same time the said Mauagerti or one of them shall deliver 
onto (be said Contributer or Adventurer the Ticket so cut off 
which he Hhe or they are to keep and nse for the better Asoer- 
lainlng; and securing the Inten-st which be She or they his hef 
or their Kxeculora Administrators or Amiguit shall or may liava 


in the Eaid Lotfi-ry for the Monies 80 b; btm her or them CoD' 
iribuU-d uf advii'Eitiii-til tiDiiU the Said Adventuri? b; ttie Di-aw- 
iug of Lots iui<l the Puymeol of tiucb Tickets a» sbali be for- 
tutate iiliiiJl be full; determined 

AND be It furtlicf Emitted ThfiX the Said Manasera at a^ 
SleetlDg a£ aforesaid sliall cause alt the Tickets of the Middle^f 
Coluiuu Id the Books to be cue ludi-ittwlse ttu'ough the saiJ^ 
Obliqae Lines i'luuristies or Devices uiid Cdrefullj^ rolU*d ui) as 
Riueb alike or ma; l>e and made fani wilh thread /lul Id the 
pivsvDce of such CoDtributer or Adveuturcni as will hv tber 
present cause all the said Tickets which are to be Rolli>d u[ 
niid mode fa»t as Afon^AHld (o be {lut in'o a Itox prc[>ared for 
(hat purpose and to be Marked with the Letter (A) which is 
presently' to be put into Anotlier strong Box and (u be locked 
up with two different Locks and K^-ya to be kept by as Mnn.r 
Matugers and sealed with tbi>lr &e:ils untlll the said Tickeu 
are to be drawn em is herolu aftLT M'.-ntiotR-d And tliat tho 
Tit-ketB In the flnst and inQermust Column of the said Books 
Shall remain HttU in £he Hooks for discovering aoj- Mistake or 
Fraud if any such should huppco to be ComiuitUid Cootmry to 
the true Intent & Meaning of this Act 

AND be it further Kunclc-d bj" the same Aoihorlty That 
Manage!^ BEFORE MENTIONED ahall ciuisc to be prvpA»d 
uilief IttKiks In which every leaf »li»ll be Divided or diaiii^H 
giiiKhed in Two Columns ttnri upon the innermost of tiieao tw^l 
CoIuntDs there shall be Trlnled Five thousiuid Tieket* And upon 
Ibe Oulennost of the said two Columns thtre shall be 
Printed Fire Thousand All which shall be of equal 
len^h and Breadth as ucor as may ' be Which tw^ 
Columns iu the aald Books shall be Joln&l with Romf! Flounshe 
or Deviix-s ttiroii>(h wlilch the Outenuowt Ticket may be cut ol 
Ipdcntwit-e And that One Ihuusand and Ninety four Tickets 
part of those io be contaim>d in the tlutermotit Oilumn of the 
Books Inst Menlloncd sJiall be called forlunste Tickets to which^ 
bcootitH ehuli tK-long as hereinuflur nicniiouod And the sal^Hj 
Managers shall cause the said I-'orlanace TickHa ti» be Wril-le^^ 
upon or otlierwlwe Espreswd as well In figure* ns in Words at 
length in MaumT fullunint;. tbnl Is to &iy. V\mn One of thea^H 
Five hundred Pounds L'poa one other of them Two hundred' 
pounds upon two oilier of lliem Severally One hundred pounds 
L'poo Ten o£her of them sc'venilly Fitly pounds I'pon thirty 

y to 



iXktT of them ScrersUr Twenty pcniiKls Upon Fifty other of 
Aem ■ererall; Ten pouods and Upon One tboaeand ctf Uiom 
•rn.-rallT' F1t(» rounds Which Rums* no (o bo WvIUpd or olher- 
«fse expmscd apon the said Forlanate Ticheta will amount in 
the whole to th(> Bum of f^rcn tlionifAnd Five hundred Poiinda 
which is the produce of Five thoufiand 'ilcketB According to 
the ValaaOoD of One pound Ten ihlUlDgs for each Ticket as 
before Menlioned 

A^D be it further Enarfed hy the Authority 'Aforesaid thnt 
the Uanagers bt-fore mentioned shall Cause all the said Tk-kelB 
owlaiaed in the Ootermnitr Column of the Inst Metv'ioned 
Hcoks In the prepuce of such Cmilributers or adrcutun-rs aa 
will then be there pref>ent to be cot out Tndoiitwlite throasb 
the Mid Fluiirishcs or Devises nud carefallv rolled up an near 
u am/ be alike and fastened with thread and put into Another 
Box to be proporod for that purpose and to be Marked with the 
l«fler (11) which Box Khali presenllj ho put Into Another Strong 
B*x and locked up and Sealed In the Manner an the Box Lellen-d 
(A> Qtitill Iheae Tickets shall alt>o be drawn In the manner and 
Fbmt hereafkT Mentloninl And that no mone.v shall be received 
ttmm an.v Contributer or Adventurei- towards this Adventure aa 
iforeMdd after the first Tue»da,T in April NVsl And the whole 
B«slDem of KnlUni; tip and Outtin;; off and putting In the said 
Bern the Raid Tickets and loekirs up and settliu;i 1h« i<nld 
Boxea Shall be performed by the Said Managers on or before 
the nld First TueAdav io April ^'ext And to (he end every 
rn«m concerned may be well Acsured that the Counterpart of 
the aame Number with bis or her Ticket Is put into tiie IJox 
Marked with the letter (A) from whence the Same may be 
drawn and that other matters are done as hereby directed some 
{Mtbllrk Noriflcalion in Print Shall be given of the prori-ie lime 
Mtlmrs of Outline the said Tickets and pullinK tbein Into the 
Boxes ti> the end that such Advt-nlures as shall be minded TO 
He the same done may be present at the dointf thereof 

ANO hv It further Enacted by the AnIhority Aforesaid That 
« «r before the first Toeaday In April Next the said Manapera 
ihall eanse the «aid Several! Hohi'h with all the Tickets ther<'in 
ts be broMRht into the City Hall of the City of New York by 
Sine of the Clock In the forenoon of the aime Fiay And ahnll 
(ben mod there Attend the Serviop in order tor rtriiwlnj; with 
Two Clerks with Books prepnred for (hat purpose to cuter 

Vol. IV. n 


Down all the fortiinafe TIclicis Anil tlie s^ltl IJana^M bi"! 
pifjwtrtil for Drawing »hall pause Ihe Two Boxes containing II 
ssid Ti<-bet9 f be soveral); taken ont of flio oilier two Itoxe* 
wblrb UiOj sL.nll bave been locked np and th<» Tickets or I^ita in 
the reapeclive innerniOBt Boxes being In tbe presence of the 
tald managers nod of Such Adventurers as will l>e there picwiat 
for the ftaiiBfaclioQ of themiiclTeB well shaken gmd M(n;;l<?d In 
each Uox disiinctly And some one indifferent and Fit person 
to be appointed and directed b; the said mnnaf^erA shall lake 
out and Draw oni- Tkkol from the Itox whi^rc the said Xuioa 
tk-red Ticketa shnll be as aforesaid pnt And one other [ud.fTfrfn^l 
and fit person to tvc appointed and Directed in like Manner Hh«ll 
Immediately draw a Tlfkot or Lot froui tlie Fox where the OnOH 
Ihuusand and Nioetr four forrunate and three thouximd Nin^^ 
hundred and Six Ithink Tickets shall be promlacnouslj pol as 
aforesaid And imnii-d lately both the Tickets so drawn Bhall be 
opened and tlie Number as well of the fortunate as bhuik Titrkets 
shall be Named Aloud And If the Ticket taken or Drawo frooi 
the Hox couliiinin^ the Fortunate and Blank I-otts Sball npiH-nr 
to be blank llieu the Numbered TickL-l »o drawn with Ihe said 
Itlank at the same time drawn ttliall be wrote tipou lllnnk And 
ahull hoMi he put nn one Pile And if the Ticket ho drawn or taken 
onl of the Hoe Containing the foTtnnale and blank Totx shall 
npiifur to be one of the fortunate Tickets then tbe Sum Written 
upon itiich fortunate Ticket (tt'batsoever It nay h"» ahati be 
entered by the Clerk no appointed Into Ihe Hooks prepared for 
that pnrpose together with the NtinilN>r coming up with the said 
Forlumite Ticket And one uf the K;iid Mann;i<-rs iihult Set their 
Kamc as a Witness to every anch Entry And the Said Fortunate 
and Numbered Tickets so drawn tc^elher shall be ]>ut upon 
nnolher Itlc And so the fahl DrawinR of the TleketB Khali Con* 
tltiue by tnkins one ticket at a Time out of Each Box and wttlk , 
Opening; Naming Aloud and filing the same nnd by Enterlni; Ih^l 
fortunate Lots in Raoh Manner as Is tn-fore Mentioned tintill th^* 
whole NumlH-r of One thousand and Ninety four ftu-tnnate 
Tickets shall be compleatly drawn And If the same rantiot be 
performed in one Day's timen the said MansRers shall cause Ihe 
Boxes to be locked up and scaJed in the Manner as Aforesaid 
and adjourn till the Next Pay and so from Day to Day nud 
every Day (except Sunday) nod then o|>en the Kame md pro- 
ceed as atMJve 1)11 the Said Whole Namber of fortunate Ticketa 
shall be Complcally drana us AfortsatdL 



AXD to the End tlmt the adTcnturt-s may tave all possible 
BtUfucIion ID ti'.c due regular and jnst Maua^^emeut of Uie aaid 
Ibtterj BE IT EXACTED by llie Authority Aforesaid That tUo 
Kat(«r Recorder Ald^rmeQ and Cominoaalty ot the Cit.» of N«w 
Tork ma; aod are Ui.Teby iinpowervd to Appointevury D,ijt durUig 
Ifee wliule coarse of the Lottery tno ol^ more of tJietr Buiiy to hi> 
ipect all and every TraiiKictioa of tlie said Lottery hereby 
liivcted and tvqaired And that each County in the Colony; 
m^ and arc hereby Impowc-rL-d if Uio-y >c« cause to depute two 
Jttstices ot the peace or ether Kcputiible Freeholders or Inliabit- 
uta for the Aforesaid luspecliun with the i>roper Ccridlcale* 
«f their being so Deputed from the Kext or any Bubseqaent 
Generml Sessions ot the Vva.ce and Lhe said Maoagt-n nro hereby 
directed and required to admit tliem and the said McmberB ot 
tte aald Corporation to the aforesaid Inspection Accordingly. 

AUD Xtc it fiirlher Eua.teJ by (he ainhorlty aforesaid that 
tamediately After the Urawing be tlnisLed the «aid Uanagert 
■R hereby required to Publiidi in tbe Nev York Gazette the 
KtnDben Drawn Against the Fortunjile Lots with the Prizes or 
Sons drawn by or tn.-longiii]{ to eiM:h of them reapcctlvely And 
u soon a« the dratvtnK shall 1>e over shall pay the said sums 
to each Person who stiall'produco Tickets with the ^timbers 
drawn A^]n»t f<uch fonnnate LottH they the said Manage*!) flriit 
Otadoctini; fifteen per Cent out of the said Fortunate Lou to b« 
applied ashen'in after directed 

AND be It further Enacted by the authority Aforesaid That 
It any t'erroo or Perwjna shall forge or Coniitertelt any Ticket 
«r Tickets to be made forth on this Act or alter any of the Num- 
U*s thereof tT bring any furged or Counterfeited Tickets or 
a^ Ticket Whereof the Kumber is altered linowing the same to 
W i-neh to the said Manaecrs or ell her of them to the Inteut to 
Dpfmad the Coloay or any Contrili liters or Adventurer or the 
Execotors Admioistrators or Amtlgns of any Cootributer or 
arfrentnrer upon this Act That then every Ruch Person or Per- 
■Mu (belnc thereof ConTlcled In due fcrm of Law) shall be 
tdjudeed a Felon and Shall Suffer Death aa In Case of Felony 
•tthouC l»enefit ot Clergy Aud Ihp said managers or either of 
fton are hereby Anthoriitcd required and impowered to cause 
at* p«>r»on OP Persons briopng such altered forged or Coun- 
Inflated Ticket or Tfcliets ax aforesaid to be apprehended and 
te Cotnmit blm her or them to his Majesties Goal of the t^ty of 



New Tort to be procwMliil against for tbo isoid Fclonj accord- 
ing to Luw. 

A.N1> hv it furUior Enacted by the Aatboritjr AforesaiJ that 
every of llie Muuuk<-'>'i* iu-rvby Ap[>t>iiit<.tl for puitint: this Act 
tn CxecutiuD bvfure Lis Avtini; ia 8uuti CotumissioD bliuH Uika _ 
tbe Uutb foltoning Ibnt is to 8ay I, A. U do swc-ur that I will ■ 
(aitUrully execute tbe Trust n;-|>oi»ed la Me and THAT I will 
not usv any iudint-t Art or Means or i>eriiiit or dirt-ct any 
I'vrsoa to ute any ludit-eet art or Mi-aim to Obtain a I'rixe oI^| 
fortunule Lot for my self or uny Person Whalsoevtrr And ibiit I 
will iisv the utuioKt of my Hndciivont to iif-'*'*'"' "".''■ undue or 
sinister Pntctice to be done by luty Person nniataoerer And 
tliat I will to tbe bi-»t of my JudjfmfUt dwliire to whom any 
prize Lot or Ticket of Uigfat does beloug according to tbe true 
Intent lud menulng of tbe Act of GoTemor Cotincil and Oeneralnj 
Assembly pjimed in tbe Vt«r of oar Lord One thoasund serei 
t]uudr«d and Bfiy idx ia that Ix-half. Which Oath Bbail b«1 
admiaistrvd by one of tbe Jtuiicea of the su|»r«»ne Coart of this 

PiiUVIDED Always and be it Enacted by the authority Afore- 
said That the Managers hereby a)ipointed before they take the 
Oath pre8crib<'d by this Act or Perform or Exeeule any thing 
therein coutaiu<-d fball int Enter Into the following Kecog- 
Dtiancea to our sovereifni Lord the King bis Heirs and Sue- 
c«SBora That is to ^y Each of them before one at tbe .liit«ticea 
of th« Su[ireaie Court la the sum of Two thousaad Five hundred 
pounds with two Sufficient »urelies each in half that aum 
OUNDITIONKD That (hey shall and will well and traty nek 
far bla fmrx Eieeute tbe Ttmm reposed in them by tbia Act 
KDd well and truly obMTve do and perfurra all the directional 
tiieeeby rv«|uired lo be d(«ie aad jierfortued by them Aceording^^ 
to tbe True Intent and Mmuinx thereof Whieh several Itecog^ 
nltancea ar%« to be delivered to the Trv«»ort-r by the Jnslice 
before whom the same shall be su taken ilmviag first Caused the 
aaMO to be Keewnled In the Ulaules uf the tSupremu Court) In 
order to be tod|^^ in the Treasury 

AND be it fttrther Kuaetvd by the Aothodty Aforeaaid tt 
ihc seieral deducthHU at Fifteen pouDda per Cent upon 
whide Number uf Eiutonale Tiekels ehali retuain in tbe tliinds 
the Afimwitd Muu^i>ym And b» by them i>aid uuto such 
« at auch lintes and La Such pr\>p^)etioBS as ikaU b.' direeted 

I) tn 




the Mayor Recordc-r and AtdcnneD of the City of New York 
tfav Major pari of ilu-ui or the lime being fur uDd towucis 
trwtfng a New Goal in iJie Citj of Sew Yorl; in Ix-iii of 'hat 
■ hlcfa In now the Ciiy nail of ilie »iid CUy ntiil fur no oth>-r 
nmt or parpuse \Vhat»w-VLT Out of which Keverthcleas the said 
U«Dagerfi shall Retain In Iheir onn Uonds tin caeu the LutUrjr 
be Actantlv druwo) the suin of Fifty I'ouudu to each of them 
fur each of the Tno (Mi-rk!* t^lx Hliillinpi per Diem fur 
rerjr Vay [ht-y shall be ui-luuily imployed in said Dniwing For 
lefa of ibe two Persona who shall draw the TlcketH three tShU* 
Ilo^ piT lJl«-ni- for ev^^ry Dhv tbt-y sball he «o implored And 
nicb farthcf Sum aa sbaii be Requisite for Payint; all Keason- 
iible charged for Printing Kooks Tickets nnd Ad vortlxeiai-nta 
tnd Foch other Incidents a» may Nccesaarilj' be required in the 
AXU he it farther Enncted by the vVuthontr Aforesaid That 
I Fee or Qratiiily WnA'rsoi-:VrR Shall or may be deaiaiidi^d 
taken of any Perxou or I'cr^ouM CoiitribulurM or Adventurera 
to the Lottery Aforesaid by any Manager or ilanagers or any 
other offlccr or ofUcers Api-oliited by tbls Act for any thluy 
that Khali be done Piirtmatit to this Act upon Pain ttiat iiuy 
officer or Person offcudiug by Inktu^ any I-'ee or Gratuity Con- 
trary to this Act 8)iaU forfeit the ^um of Fifty Pounds to ihe 
Party erieved to be recovered with full On*ti» in uuy o( hi» 
llajc«I(e* Courts of Record within tbia Colony 

AXP be it Knacled tiy the Authority Afon'sald Tliat tu Case 
all ihe Kild Five tliuudund Tickets Khali not be sold uud din- 
posed of before the »aid first Ttie'sday in April Nest thai then 
Ihe money that liim bi-cn recelviJ for any Ticket or Tickcla by 
Virtce of this act Kball be by the said Muiia^cra repaid to the 
IVnon or Perw)wa of whom the Same sball bave been retrtvt^ 
hi* her or their Exorutoi-x Adiuiniatratora or axxigus be She 
•r they first producing the Several Tickets for which Such 
Payment shall be rei|uired And the Lottery hereby Kr^-cted and 
shall from tlieuce forth bttouie Void Any ibiug in this 
id contained to tbe Contrary bei-eof NotwitlistandiDg And la 
icb Case the afor^-iiiiil Scv^'ral Incidenta Shall l>e i>aid for 
It of any Money's which Shall be Appi-upriuled for Erecting 
a new Goal in the City of New York On proper Certificates 
Gienc^ by the Paid Managers. 

PHtjViPED and be it Enacted That in Case the nald Five 
{hoQcand Tickets aforesaid be sold and disposed of in Manner 



Uforosald before tbc First Tncstlaj Id A^pril yext that th>n tSe 

Lftlanngcra sha\l [tciKwii to Drawini; tlie Lotts in Maum-r Atore- 

^Baid .first giving Publick Notice tlii-ruof In iLc New Voik Post 

Boy at Icflitt Fourteen before tbc Drawinf; tbe Eamo Adj 

thi n g In tLU Act lo tb« Conlrarj- NotwilbstaDiHng 

AND be it lurlber E^aclwl by tbe AuUiorilj AforoMiid That 
If either of tbe before nK-utiooed Manascrs Shall bapi>eo lo Die 
Xteuorc out of this Colonr or refuse to Act According to tbe 
BevcfuJ anJ Resiirctive ro-aer* «nd Anthorlties herelty directed 
and Iteqnlri'd it Bball and may be lanfull to and for the Got* 
emor or Commaoder la chief for the time belnc by and vrlth 
the advice and Ccust-nt of bis aiajesties Council to Nominate 
sod appoiut some o:bcr (it person or rcrsons to be Manager or 
[Uaiui^ers in tbc place and Stead of tbe Uanagcr or Manners 
Dyins RcmovlDK oi refusing to Act an Aforesaid Any tbln^ 
bcrela Conlaiutd to tbe Coutrary Notwitti«taoding PROVIDKD 
That tbc Peraon or Pervontt who may l>e RO appointed ehall be 
obliged to take the like Oalb entci- into the like Itccogul unices 
Land Sureties as Is horein dlrerinl to be done by tbe Managers 
iKamcd in this Act And be in all Be«i»cct8 as Subject to Obserr* 
and perform the Sovcral direi-llotis of Uds Act a» if be or tbej 
liad been Kamcd or appointed in It 


(CnAPTER 1033.] 
[Ctuipler in.t,t, of Tnii ^(li«mck, nnd chnpter 112 (voL 3) ol UrlOEtlOB 
ft Smlib, wkcra Um tlUo oalr Is printed. 

!Aii Act to apply several fiums of ^foney 
for the Payment and Clotblns of the Foroi*a 
in the Pay of thiK Colony nnd for disdiari;iog 
the Several pablick Debts therein Mentioned 

tPusffl December L iT3a.l 

BE IT ENACTED by bis Excellency ibe Governor the Conncll 
and the Geoeral Assembly and it Is lieret»y Enncled by (be 
autliorily of tbc Kame That Ibo Treasurer Shall nnd he Is hereby 
[ditected and required out of the Residue of (he Money in bis 
[liniidii by Virtue of an Act Entilnlrd "Au Act (or Baisinf; p^y- 
' injr and Sub^sting one 'rbotmand eeven hundred and Fifieeo 
■effective Men offlcers included lo be euploycd In Conjunction 
• with the NciiilihonrlnB Colrwiy's on nn E-tpediiJon for Reducing 
*tbe French Port at Cronn point and Carrying on aa offiHulte 






"War AtnilMt the Indinns wlio infest the Wtsf'-rn Frontier 
"of llii< (Vlon.v ami olln-r (luripostnt tticii-In ML-nlloiied" To 
Pty UdIo Oliver De I^ncey John Crugor and Bercrly RobinMm 
EMj'lres tlio Kum of Klevon tlit>u»aRd Fire bundred ponods 
ii> tt' Ap{>ii>.-d by ihoin in llie Vuy of tlie Fort-L-n furaixliL-d Ut 
tliis Coloo; on the &i-€ond Eli>edittoii Against Crown PDtnt to 
(be Sixt.-t^tili l>ay of yori'mln-r In the Vi-ar of our I-onI One 
tbousund Seven biindrf-d and fifty Six AND unto the said Com- 
mluafies for the I'ay of Kiglit Utiudn-d and tliree eftecllTe 
Sl'-n of lln- Said Fortes ofUeiTs Included to the Tbirly flrit 
Day of March Xest the fnrffaer Rum of Eight thnuKiiid Nine 
Hondreil and nri.y pounds and for providing Warm CloRthing 
for Seren hundred and Pevcntj Plx effeetlve Mi'n of the said 
Forces llie furlhcr Sum of Two thousand and Four Uundri'd 
Pounds of the due di»iio>dt)on of nil niilch aforcAald numa of 
Hooey ihfj the Raid Oliver I)i? Ijinrej John Cnitier and BeTcrly 
ttobiotton sliall Bender just and true Aceouuls on Oiilh to hia 
Exeefltiier the Oovirnur or rtiniin;iai!fr In ehvif for the lime 
bring the Council or Ihe tJeneraJ Astutably when by them or any 
of tftcfli thereunto required 

A\D be it fiirilicr Kiuirled hr tlie anthnrity iifon-»:>id that 
thii* aforf^ald Several Sums of Money dircctfd to !};> paid to the 
bpforp Mentioned ConinilMiaries shall be paid by the Trenxurer 
St Such ttmeM and in Such proi>ortion)> as Kliall be tliougbt 
TteresBary and Ex[>fdicnt ly his Exct-llcncy tie Governor or 
Commander lo elieif for the lime twine hy and with tlie adrice 
•nil ( iiriwMf ijf liis Maj<'»'ti<_-s Conncil of this On'ony for (>^r- 
tonnicg il;*.* Several and respective Services directed by this 

AVD be it Enacted by the antiioritr aforesaid tliat the na'd 
OHrer He I^ut-ey John CruRi^ and Ilevcrly Robinson before 
they Beeeive any part of the MiMiey's hereby directed to be 
paid onto them sliall ICnier into Keeogiiizancea to our Sov«>ret(ni 
Lord the Kinu hi« Heir* and Snrt-i-ssors tn.-foi« one of the 
Jndites OF ihe Supreme Court of thix Colony in flie Sum cf 
Twenty two thousand Eight Hnndred and Fifty ponndit with 
tw" i^nfllt-icnt Surclje* '-noh In lialf tlial Rum Oondltlonwl Miat 
they will well and truly employ luid apply the Moneys to he 
nrelved by thetn a« nforr-«mid to and for the Several and Re- 
•pertive uses and purpovte* directed by this Act and well and 
tnily to obaerve do and perform all the directions hereby re> 



tqntred to be observed done ami performed br tliein Aecnrdin| 
to .'lie true Inieat and Meaning of lliis Act Which Recogtiizniiwi 
ix« lo bt' Recorded and flipd in the Supreme l^ourt of ihis Coloiiyl 

AND be it further Enacted by ite nutborUy aforesaid lUaM 
lie Tre««urr>r »huJI and he i« hereby required and direttt-d mit 
of the Funds aforesaid to pa; ^be iSeveral follvwiitg Bnnw ol 
UoDej- \YLi 

I Unto Lieutenant Daniel Ayres of OranRC Cowntj- Commamipr 
«f a DetactiiiK-nt of Alilitla >>i>ut iti November lai^t to f^uard tlie 
n'esteni Frontiers of this Colonv Aguiuat .the Incnrslons of the 
Indians for biouvlf and thirty four men for four V>oy% at 
Bhilliiigs |>er Dtcm for htmi«elf and one i^hiDini; and t 
pence per Diem for Each private man the fe>um of t^ight I'c 
and Eighteen Shillings 

I'nto the Siiid Lieutenant 'Ayros Peat in December larf 00 
the like Service for himoelf aud Twenty two Men for bctcii 
Days at the like Rate as aforcMaid the sum of Ten pounds six 
BblilingM and ^ix pence 

I'nto the Bald LieoiCTiant Attm Sent In Jaiuiai? Lost on the 
like Service for himself and Sixteen lien for twenty two Duj^f 
«t the like Rate £he Sum of Twenty foar pounds and four 

Unto Capt James ftniith of OraniK Coanty Sent In i>;orem.<4 
bcr last on the like Service for bimM>)f and five Men for Si| 
iHivH at three SUiIlin-:s per Diem for biinitelf and one shillinj 
and Ihrec pence p«T Ulem for enrh priv&le Man the Sam of Twd 
I'onnds fifteen Shiilin)^ and Six pence 

I'nto the Said Capi Smith Sent In Norembcr laat oo the like 
Perrlce with fifteen Men three l>a\-* at the like Rale the Sam of 
Elbree poaods dve Shillinga and thre^ pence 

Vnto t'apl John Wieoier of Orange Conn It Sent In November 
latt with his UeatenanI George Ittuoui and fon-y Bve privat^fll 
Wen on the like Service for three Days at lhr«e gbJIIinm pei^^ 
Oteni for himself two ShllUnf*» per Diem for his LicDleonot and 
one SbilliDc and three pi-no- |wr Diem {"k each private Man the 
■uu of Nine Poanda tluee 8hilling« and Nlni- peoee 

Cuto ibe Said Capt Wiuier S«si£ In DiH-rniber last with Mb 
l.!eatectaat Riebard Clark and twenty nine prii-ale men on ih( 
like Sorrlw dx Daya at the like Rate the Sum of Fifteei 
ponads cciea abilllngs and wXx. peooft 


Ualo tlie Said Capt Wlaner ^fot in Docombor Ittftt with 
TWrtv one private 31 KN ou the like Service for nincltM-'Q Day* 
■t tbu like Bate the sum of Tliirty Sereo Pounds one aiiilliu^ 
«*4 thrvc pence 

Toto Liouk-tumt nariii Marnn *of OrnHRe Couuly Kcot In 
J»oifml".T last with \u» Eii«ijrn IhiuiW TrUliill and forty tire 
l>ri*ate men tlirc* iMys on the like Service at the Rate of Two 
SbilHtiiTs |>er Diem for hiniRcir niid Fniticn and one SliillinK 
and tiiree pence per Mem for cacb private Man Uic sum of 
Sine Poiinils and Nine Pence 

I'nto ilie Said Lieutenant David Martin sent In JBnnary last 
*itb Twenty private men Twenty Daya on the like Sen'ii* and 
at (be like Rate the sam of Twenty Eiglit potiuds and six 

I'nto Scrjeont IteDJamiri Orpffory sent in December liist with 
Seren More private men TotirteeD Dayo on the like f^en-lce at 
tbe IlfttP of one nhillin^ atid three p>-ni-e per Diem Each tbo 
ma of Seren ponndn Ten KhiDint^ anti Six pence 

Unto IJentenant John Denton of Oranpro County sent in De- 
(nnlier lost with his EnH^n I>anipl Denton and Forty three 
prirnto Steo rIi Daya on the like Service at the Riitc nf Two 
Pliillini^ per Diem for himself and Ensign and one shillin;* and 
thre* pence p<v DHn for pai-h private Man the sum of 8*ven- 
ttvo Poaods fix Shillings and vis ponce 

Pnto Capt Beojamtn Tiisten of Oranfie Connly sent in De- 
mhcr l(\#t with his Lleolennnt Israol Seely and Thirty one 
prirale Men six Days on the tike Service at the Itute of three 
•dlltlngii per Diem for himself Two shlllini^ per diem for bis 
Uraletuitit and one shilllnir and three pence per Diem for each 
Irinte Man the Sum of Thirteen Ponnds 

rnto the Aforesaid Ensi;;n Tuthlll sent !n Derpmber Tarf 
with Thirty one private Men six I>ayH on the like Service at 
tlM> Rate of Two siullincs per Dlcm for himself and One shilling 
a»d three pence per Diem for each man the sum of Twelve 
PmihIs four ShilHnc* and Six pence 

Cnio the f^ald Ensign Tuthill Sent In Febmary )a«t with' 
Clerea private Men two Days on the H^e Pervlce and at the like 
B>(r the Roni of One pnand Eleven sblllln^s and six pence 

rmo Lieutenant Calvin Bradner of OntORe Connty sent in 
Draabev last with Twenty Nine private Men Nineteen daya 



on the like S^vice and at tlie like Rale Uie 8am of Thirt; six 
pouDdx uixtceu tSliillings and Six pi'iiee 

Unto Licutpnant Jolin Bull of Orange Connty Beat )n Janunr? 
Ia«t with Twenty priratc mt-n Twenty tliree Day? oo the like 
Berricf and at the like Kale the Sum of Twenty three pounds 
(ourleen ehiULngB nod Nine pence 

TJoto Ensign Futrick Eoutherlaod of Orange OoDnty sent In 
February last with Tweniv three private lien foortwn Days on 
the like Berrlce and at tlie like Rate the Sum of Twenty Oue 
rounds Ten RbilliDgs and Six pence 

TJnto the aforesaid^oti-mmt Bloom Pent in Fehruary bst 
with Nineteen PRIVATE men fifteen Days on the like SvTTlfie 
and at the like Rate the Sam of Klneteen Poonda six Shillinga 
anil three pence 

Unto Lieutenant Rnhen Smith of Dutrhess County Com* 
nuinder of a Detaefament of Militia of Ihe ftald County eent In 
September One thonsand aeren hundred and fifty five (o Sup- 
port the Forces on the Norlhem Frontiers of this Colony ngninet 
the Incuntioos of the Enemy for hiinwif and Twenty five M<'n 
Eight Days at the Rate «f three sHllinss per Diem for himself 
and two BhiDio^ for each priv-atc Man per Diem Uie Sum of 
Twenty one Ponnds and four Shilling 

I'nto Capt. Natlian Smith of Diitcheffl County sent (n An- -i 
(mat laat wllh Twenty four private Men five Days on tlie Itkp^ 
ft'ivice at the Rate nf Four Shillinsn for himsolf and Two 
ShiHinsa for each private Man per Diem the Sum of Thlrtt- 

L'nio Lictitfnant Mows TTan-I*' nf Dptrhpsa County sent I 
April last with IiIb Enalsn Euos Sfrad and Twf'nty one privat 
Men five Days nn Ihe like Service nl the Rate of three ShilliDiF 
per Diem for himM>Tf and rnwign Kacli and Two Shillings pc 
Diem for Each private Man the outn of Twelve Pounds, 

Unto Captain Francis Brett of Dntchcfw Connty sent la 
tember One thounnnd Seven hundred and fifty five on the lik 
S<Tvire will) Two l.ieutfunnld and One Ensign and Sixty Eicli 
private Men Eight Days and six private Men four Days at the 
Sate of Four Shilllng« p^'r Diem for him»<'If Three Shlllln 
per Diem for his Lieutcnanta and Ensign each and Two Bbilliii;: 
per Diem for Each private Man the sum of Sixty Klne pounds 
Two Rhillinga Including the Sum of Seven Pounds Two Sltll- 
Hngs paid by Ihe said Brett unto Polor Bogardofl for the Hire of 
hU Sloop to Tninsport the said Men to Albaov. 





Tnto TJeafenant Pclrus Da Doia of Dutcliess Couoty Sent to 
Er;jtemLer One thoueaod uvcd huodrcd and flfly fire with hU 
EnvE^a and seveotj- six prirate Men threi- Dk;b on (be like 6cr- 
Tice at the Bate o( Ihrco Kbillinga pt'P Diem for himself and 
FD»!ga Puch nnd (wo ehillint;a per Diem for eacb private ilaa 
the «am •( Twenty four Pounds and *ix Shilliogs. 

rnto tbp taid Lteuk-Dant Du Boib Bent in April Inst witb 
Twi-oi.r privale Men Six Davs on the like S*rvii-e euid at ib» 
Ube nate the eum of Twelve Pounds and Eighteen BbilUnza 

Unto the Baid I.ieutt'nant Du Boia for the IT're of n WIuDp 
to TraBt(p«rt tils ilea to Albany tho Bum of Fire Pouudis and 
Fifteen sbitUngs 

Colo Captain MnHhtat Marsh of DuUlioss Coimtj Bent la 
BepKuiber One thousand ficvoa iiundrcd and fifly five wilb ore 
Ueotenant and sixty four private Men tour Days in the like 
Service at the Kate of Four i^hillSngs per Diem for bimscltj 
Three shllliDgs per Diem for bis Lieutenant and Two Bhilllngv' 
per Diem for each privute )tan the Sum of T^'euly seren Poun'ti 

Unto the said Captain Marsh Bent in April last with Thirty 
rae private Men five days on the like Service and at the like 
BaU' the sum of Sixteen Pojnds and Ten shillings. 

Unto Capt. Edward Kulckcrbacker of Dutchess County pent 
la Sepiember one Tliousand seven hundnd and Fifty five with 
tbr«« SubaUerns and Thirty four private Men Fire Days oa 
the like Bervice and at the like Rate the Bum of Twenty PouQ'it 
fire Kbillings 

Coio the eaid Capt Knictcrhactcr scat In April Inst with 
fiflLt'D private Men live Days on (he like Butvice and ut ttttt 
like Rate the sum of Ki;:ht Poniuln Ten shillui^a 

Cnto (be said Capt. Knickcrtwirker Scat in August Inst with 
ooe Licutennnt nnd Bixteen private Men five Days on (he like 
Bervice and at the liLic Kate the earn of Eight Pounds Fifit-eo 

Cnto Capt. Francl* Keher of Dutchess Connty sent In Bep- 
tember One thonsand Beven bnndred and Fifty five with Twewly 
Nine private Men five Daya on the like Bervice and at the like 
Rate the som of Fifteen Pounds Ten Bhillln;:s 

Uolo Lieuleoant John Morris of Dutchess Counly sent In 
April last with Twenty one PriTate Men four Daya on the 
tike Berrfce at the Rate of three shillings per Diem for himself 
■ad Two sbillingB per Diem for each private Mtiu (he sum cl 
Kioe Fogods 



Cnto Lieutrnanl ITe&rjr I>etcr of Dutcliess Couotf Bcul in 
August last »itb Twenrr two Ml'o Five Uuj^s on tbi^ like KCr 
vice and at llie like Kate the sum of Clevva Pouiids dttocn 

Unto UvuteuaDt John Schroom of Dutcbesa County seat to 
Au(;us[ [ant nirh Foiirlt^o private Meo four Uay» on llie like 
t»LTvice and Mt tLc Hkc Bate the suoi of ISix Pounds uud Kluli' 

Uniu the nforc»iid Liontpuant Du Bois sent In AoKust last 
with fifteen prirute Meu H^-veu Duys on the like Hei-vicv lUul 
at the like Kate the cam of El«veD Pounds ft Eleven Sbillines 

Unto (.'aiKuIn Arnout \'iele of DutL-heaa Count}- eeot iu April 
last wllb Twealj four prlraie Jlen itiree O&jv on ilie like ber- 
vice at tbe Kate of Four sliillinKS per Dieoi for bimseir and 
Two sriiltiiit:» per Diont fur eacb Private Han the sun) of seven 
I'ounds and sixteen shlllmKa 

Unto LicutCQttnt Isaac Uemlae of Dutchess County tout la 
'August last with Sixir-i-D private Men M^ven Daja on the like 
Bervice at itie Rate of three shillings per Diem for himself and 
Two Bhilliogs per Uiem for eeeli private Man the sum of Twelve 
Pounds and Fifteen shilling 

Cnto Captain Coroelius Luj-ster of Dutchem County sent In 
November last with Twenty three private Men two Days on tbe 
like Serrice at tlie Rate ot Four SliillinBB ptr Day tor hiiiiHelf 
and Two shillln^» per Day tor each private Mao the Sum of 
Five Pounds and Two shiHiUfts 

Tnto tbe Baid Cnptuln Luyster Sent In Pepfemlwr One thou 
sand 8eveQ hundred and fifty live wltb three i*ul>«lt<TH8 and 
Eiiibty Nine pri*-ate men four Daya on the like Service and at 
tbe ULe Katr the Bura n( Thirty Seven Pounds and Four Shlllins-a 

CNTO the said Captuin I-uyster sent in April last with one 
Lieutenant and Fifteen private Men EiRbt Days on tbe like 
Ser»lre and at tbe like Kales the sum of Tbirteen Pounds and 
Fonr Bhlllin^s 

Cnto Captain Robert Emory of Dotchew Connly Bent In Sep- 
iember One tbowwnd i«even hundred and fifty Bve whh three 
BubaUems and Fifty three private Men four Days on the like 
Service and at the like Bates the sum ol T*-cnty three Founds 
sixteen Bhillluipi 

I'nto tbe said Captain Emory Bent In November One thoa- 
•and seven hundred and Fifty Ave with Twenty one private Men 




«ie Day on the like StTricc and at the Hke KiUes ihe Bum ol 
T»o |K)U[i<U six Bliillin^ 

Unto Captain Jaiiiwt Dickenson of Dntchowi County Sent la 
Septenber Uac tiiuutuind Heven hunilrv^] uud tifl.v live wltb Uin« 
Bilnltenu and Odc liuudwd and four private Men Six l>ajrs niul 
Ililrly oDc Men three Days on tLe like Service and at llie like 
Batis ihf Riim of 8*'ViMity five rounds Twelve Sliillings 

Lnlo Uie said Captain Dlckon^uu for one Liculenttnt ecnt 
in April Iftst with Forty live prirate Men ais Days on the like 
Berriceal the Kate of three Shilllii({» pi-r Diem for tlii* I,ieiit«i- 
ut and Two t^liiltln^t^ per Diem for each private Man the sum 
•C Twenty Beron Potinda Blght<N>n Riillllngs 

l"nto Capiaiu Ttioiiiai* Uinpdon for binisetf three Rulmltorni 
uiil WTeoty Kiplil private Men four Dayn in &-ptetntK.'r One thou- 
nod •eren hundred and Ftfty five For his Ueatenant and 
Twenty five private Men on*- I>fty In Novemltor One IhoHnand 
KTOB fanodretl wid firiy live Vor hia Lieutenant and Twenty five 
private Hen One Day in April lnf.t And for another Lieutenant 
and Thirteen private Men One Day at the said time on the like 
Service and at the like« the imia of E^orly Pounds and 
RIpven »hillin)r> 

Unto Captain Tliomas Wheelrr of Pntehew County sent In 
tpril last with Sixteen private Men five Days on the like Ser- 
Tice at the aforesaid Kates the sum of Nine Pound*. 

Unto Captain fTenry RonHekrans for himself Two fiubaltema 
ud Ptxty sis private Men four Days in Septemher One thousand 
•even hundred and titty five For himuelf and Twenty private 
JIf-n one Day in November One thousand wven hundred and 
tfir five And for hU Lientenant and F1fl«'n private Men three 
Day* In April last on the like Servi<?e and at the aforesaid ItateK 
Ue ram of Thirty Ave Pounds Eleven frhiilinpt 

Foto Captain William Humphry for himself and Forty 
tte private Mt>n five Dayn <□ Peplemher One thousand seven 
knodred and Fifty five For himwlf and Twenty five prlTOte 
Meo one l>ay In \ovei7it»er One tbonsiind seven liundrcd and 
nt'y five And for himself and Twenty Ave private Men Five 
Itay» In April last on the like Service and ut ihe aforesaid Itatei 
Ih^ soni of Forty Pounds and Four Bhilliuffs 

T*Vrfl Captain Henry Heennani* for himself two LieutenantR 
ud Twenty Eipht Private Men five Days In September One 
"ftmiMDd aeren Hundred and Fifty fivt^ For himself and sisteen 


priTate ^len four Davs in April la«t And for his Lieoteiuml 
and twelve private Men Six Days in August lutst On tbo like 
wrTioe and at the aforesaid Rat«8 the sum of Thirty Ot 
pounds Sixteen shillings. 

Unto Mt-yuJcrl PalmilitT fortho Hire of his Sloop ia Sef 
tember One thousand Seven hundred and fifty Sre to Traaspur 
part of the Militia of Duti:h«ii3 County to Albany on the like 
Borvico tho Sum of Tliree Pounds 

Unto Johannes IlurdwDbvrgh Culonwl of the Militia of Ulster^ 
County, For the Pay of Lieutenant Koab Eltingen and FonrU>ei^| 
private Men r>etache<t from the said Militia in March last to^ 
guard the Western Fruntiers of this Colony Against the Incur- 
sions of the Indians Mne Days tbo sum of Kighl Pounds FifteeD 
shillings and Six Pence being at the Kate of Two Shillings i>er 
Diem for the oflioer and one shilling and three pence for eact^y 
pnvaie Man ^ 

For the Pay of Ensign P«trus Hasten and Twenty five pri- 
vate Men for Ten Days in March last in the like Service and at 
the IJke Rates the Sum of Sixteen Pounds Ttvelve shillings and 
six pcnc« 

For Lieutenatil Elias Do Puy and twenty three private 
for Ten hays in March last in the like Service and at the 
Hates the sum of Fifteen Pounds Sovon shillings and sis penou 

For Ensign John Du M<.nd and fourteen private Men for Nil 
Days in April last in the like Service and at the like Itates tb 
sum of Eight Pounds Fifteen shillings and six |)ence 

For Ensign John Lafevor and fourteen private Men for Eigh 
Days in April last In the tike Service and at the like Kates 
sum of Seven Pounds sixteen Shillings 

For the Pay of Twelve private Men Sent to Sbandeken in 
February last for forty six l>ays in the like service and at thM 
like liates the sum of Thirty four Pounds Ton shillings ^M 

For the Pay of Two Expressei Sont to General Johnson six 
Days Each at six Shillings per Diem the sum of three Potindd 
twelve shillings ^m 

For what he is engaged to pay onto Cornelias Etmcndor|l^ 
for Supplying Provisions for the Indians in Ulster County fn 
April last the sum of Four Pounds & one sbilline 

For what he is engaged to Pay nnto Johannes Masten for sa^K 
plying the said Indians with Provisions the sum of Tbirtcea 

e UkM 



StiDdry dtsbarvecDCDtt mad? bj LItusolf for the said Ib- 

na tbe mm of Eisbteeo Poumls FiCtt-eD ehilllogB. 

For tbe Pftj of Abraham D<^'jo and Jacob Haavbrook Janlor 
for CaniQg Two Loads of Indian Goods for the said Iiidmiu to 
tbe Landlox the fiiui of Twcnt,r Khilliiigs 

Asd for MotKjr's Engai;ed bj bim unto Joba Bajard for DIs- 
huvemeats for the aw of the said lodiana while at his House 
fhe Bam of Two Pounds Two Shillings and eix pence 

rSTO Cajifaiu romclirm nornteock for the I'n.v of MmBi'If 
•nd Tblrly Men (?ent In Bcrcmbec laat to guard the Western 
Trtintier of thia Colony Against the Incumlons of the Indians 

T>-ntpen Dars at tbe Kutc of tliree shillings pi-r Diem for liini- 

f and one sbilllng and three p^nce per niem for each private 
Mao tbe Eum •£ TUIrtr four I'ouuds Eight Shillings and six 

VbtD Captatn John Berfer junior of Dstcr Coouty for tbe 
Pay of himself and sixteen Men Pent in April last on the lilto 
Serrlre Tbree Oay» and at tbe like Bates tbe lom of Tliree 
Ftands Kine Shilliuga. 

Unto Lieutenant Jarob Foombeeck of Flster fTonnty for Ibe 

Paj of himself and Nine Men Sont In Febniary Last on Ibe 

e Perrloe Five Daja at the Rate of Two ShillingB per Illera 

him»elf and one shilling nnd three pcnee per diem for encb 

Tate Man the sum of Three Pounds six Shillings and three 


' Unto Licnfenant Benjamin rioombcecV of Ulster Connly for 
Pajf of himwif nnil Rpvpnto^'ii Men Pent In May last on the 

te Serrlre sis Days and at (he like Ratt.-9 the Sum of Threo 

aonds fifteen aliiUinKS and Nine pence 

Unto Enwpd Jac.>b RnlBen TV WHt of TJldteT County for tbe 
Paj- of hiniBelf and Thirteen Men three days and one Man Two 
Days Seat In April la«t on tbe like Service and at the 
like Rate the Bom of Two Pounds aeveoteea ahlUlngs and thr«« 

^H Unto Serjeant Abraham Klaerwater of Ulster County Tor Mm- 
^Htlf and Fleven Men tbree l>ay8 Sent In Mfly last oo the like 
^Blerrire at the Rate of One obillinii and three Pence per Diem tbe 
' nni of Two Pounds Five BbillluKa 

Unto Oendrick Buydam and Jan LefTerta Esquires for the 
Cipenrc of «npponlnf; \ine of the People Called Neutral 
French brongbt here in May last from Nova Scotia and by hi* 



ExcelleDCf's order Id Conncll nenf to tlic Magl«(ratc« uf Plat- 
l>(i8b Id Kings Couiit.v aod for BuD(lr,r Disbui-aements for tbtt 
.Kiid People the aum of FifteeD Pounds seven kbilUutpi and four 
< pcuce 

Unto AbrBliam Srbencl: Esquire for the Expeocc of suptHirt- 
Ing five of the »aid People scot by his Eseellency'it order in 
Council to tbe Ma^Htmt<-fl of lUisbHlck in Klti^ Coinitjr Uns 
cum of Fourtoon I'uunds foar Sbiliings and four pence 

Unto Jaiu(^ DenioB Estjuire for ilii* Ex])pnce of supporting 
Ten of ILe (said People St-ul by bis Extellcucy's order in Co'iiicil 
to llie Magistrates of Jamaica in Queens County tbe sum of Two 
Pounds Fourteen utilllin^ and Eleven pence 

Tnto Cbristopher iJobiTt Esquire for the Exp«ic;e of sup[>ort> 
lui; Nine of tbe said People Sent by hfs ExcclIeDcy* order in 
Council to tbo MugiKtrutt-s of Flusliing in Queens County Ibe 
Sum of Four Pounds Two shillings and one penny 

I'nlo Raniuel Fish junior for the Expenc* of eiipportln;; T*n 
of the Said I'eople Sent by Ms Excellency's order In Council to 
the Magislrates of Xew Town In Queens Couuly the sum of 
Twenty One Pounds seven sbiliium 

t.*nto Joseph Kissam for tbe Expence of supporting Ei;;;lit 
of the said I'eople sent by tii^ Exceltpncy'e order in Council to 
tbe Mtigihtmtes of Henipf^esd in Queens County tbe Sunt of 
Ten Pounds Five ShillinKs and Seven pcni.-e 

T.*nto Pamnel Townseud for the Expence of supportinf; Nine 
of Ihe said I'cople sent by Iii*i Exwllency's order In Council to 
tbe Magistrates of 0^-stcrbn,v in Queens CouQty the sum of 
Ten Pounds and Thirteen Shillings 

Poto ElipIiak'I \Vi-€4iii« for the Expence of wtpporting Twelve 
of tbe («ild People Sent Viy bin Excellency's order in Council (o 
tiic Mugistrftten of Huntington* In Buffolk County the euin of 
Tblrtt-en Pounds 

Unto eolouel Ricliard Floyd for the Expence of supporllntt 
Ten o! the said People wnt by his Excellency's order In CuuucU 
tto the Magistrates of Brookliaren in Suffolk County the sum 
lAf Seien Ponndx ^Ix RbilliogH and one penny 

Cnto Nathaniel (taker Esquire for the Expence of aopporttug 
oeven of the said People Sent by his Excellency's order in 
i.'ouncil to tlie Tllagistrates of Easlhamplon in Sud'olk County 
the sum of Twelve Pounds Nine SblHltigs and 8e?ea Pence 





foto 'WlIHain Walton Esqutrc for the Dzpence of Bupportins 
Thirteen of the Kaid I'eople Sent by bis Kxcoik>ncj'« order in 
Coancil to the Magistrates of Richtnoud Count7 Uie sam ot 
Gervn Puundg Thirleea »liillin^ aud one pi-Diir. 

Cnto JacobuB nkt-ckcr for tbe Expt-nce of supportin;; Flfieeo 
of the said People ^nt by his l^xn'tlency's urdc-r in Couucll 
ta the Ua>:i9'traies of NVw ICochclle in Westchester County the 
Gum of Thirty PotiDde Eighteen ehillingH and Nine Pence, 

UXTO Gilbtrt Itloomor for the Kspence of »upporLiiig Four- 
teen of the naid People Scut by his Excellency's ordei- in <.'uuucil 
to the JIagistralea of Rye to Westehester Coonty the Sum of 
Twenty itir'_-e pound^i Ninetoen Sbiliiags 

t7Bto Solomon Finch for goinR Exprefis from Ootthon to 
UlnUJDlc Id JAouary last by order of Colonel Do Key the sum 
of Twelre Sbillinf'K. 

Unto Captain .)obn Wlsner of Orange County for Two G^na 
tod Two 8words by hiru imprcimed for the use of the Militia 
tmder bla rommand that were sent (o Riianl the Western 
>VaatiiT of this Colony aj^ainst iLe lucursiuns of the liidiuns 
and were lost io tlie said Serrice the Sum of (Ire Pounds 

Unto Doctor John Gale for Us Attendance oa and AppMca* 
tioDS ID tbe Sick and Wounded People at Minisiak who were 
wnt to gnard (be western FHontler ot tliU Colony the sum ot 
Thirty Ponnda 

fnto Xcbrmlnh Carpeoder for Tnlldlng a watch IJouse Xear 
lie Beacon at Itocfcaway and for farnisbinji luatcriiiJa for the 
■ane the i^om of Five Pognda Fifteen Sbillioga 

TTnlo Colonel Bcajaniin Hi^^uian for the Fxpence of Building 
• watrli noose Keir tbe lieacoa at the Narrows on Htatea 
liland the ^nm rf Twenty Pounda Fonrteen sbillinf^a 

CXTO Jonathan Ogdcn for hiti Services in taking care of 
fbe Colony Sloros of War at Luke George from the Second 
I>aT of Deermlier One thousand geven hundred and Fifty five 
to the Thirtieth Day of April One thoufnud seven liuudred aud 
Fifty six tbe liiim of Forty five Pounds 

t'ato rolo William CockcrofTi fur a Ballanee dne to htm aa 
Colonel of tbe Forcea of this Colony on the Srst Expedition 
Against Crown point And for sundry Exlniordinary i^ervioea 
hj bin] performed tbe sum of One Uundred Pounds and Eight 

yoLIV. W 


Tnto Captain Michael Tliodoy for hla Pay as Quarter Ma«'tcf 
of the Forces of this Colony under the Command of Colonel 
Cockerorrt aod for sundry dl»l>ur8cmc-n(s by blm Made to the 
Arniourcrx and Supplying Uaterials for them the sum of P>f^^ 
Two Pouoda Bixte<>n ^hillin^s and Eight pence Hj 

Unto Bartlioloiuew Lt> Itoux for Making a pcice of Pkle pre- "" 
scDted to Captain Eyre Principal] Engineer at Lake George the 
last Year as a Complimeat for his Kxiraordluary Service Id 
and about Erecting Fort William llenry the sum of Fifty (our 
Founds four Shillings 

Onto James Parker for Binding Thirty two Books of (ha 
Kecoi-ds in the Secretary's ofBce in the Year One thousand bctco 
bnndrcd and fifty four the sum of Eighteca Pounds 

Unto Doctor Peter Qanseroort for takln;; care of two French 
PrisoBPrs takes in PeptcniKT Cue thousand seven hundred and 
Fifty live at the Battle at Lake George nntill the Twelfth doy of 
May One thousand e«TeQ hundred and Fifty six the sum of Ten 

fulo I»aao Von Hook Junior for lodging and Tictnalllng 
Fire Sick and wounded French Prlsooera taken in the sold Ac- 
tion at Lake George in full of bis account the sum of Fifty three 
pounds Twelve slilllin^ 

TJnto Jacobus Van Slyck Esquire for teeplnfj and VictoaJIIng 
the ludion John with bU Family and Carrying them to Albany 
in October One thousand Beven hundred and Fifty fire the Sum 
of One Pound and Eight Shillings 

Unto Abraham Teatea junior for Lodging and Victualling 
Pierre Basignan a French Gi-ii1lomnn from Canada by order of 
his Honour the Llentenant Governor From February One tboa- 
•and seven hundred and Fifty five to April Following being 
seven Wcekfl and for his passage down to Kcw York the sum of 
Four Ponnils Fourteen killings 

Tnto Dirckje Van Buwren for a ?Jegro Man and a Waggon lost 
In the artion at Lake George In the serrlc* of this O>lony Id 
September One thousand seven hundred and Fifty five the Sum 
of Fifty Bix Pounds 

Coto Alexander I^nslng and Tflcholas Groot for providing 
Materials and for sundry DisburseriKMits towards Repairing Hie 
Fortifications In and al>o»t Behenectady by order of his Hoaoor 
the Lieutenant Governor in the Tear One thousand seven hao* 
dred and Fifty five the sum of Eighty fire pounds sixtPen Shll* 
lings aod Four pence 




Unto the HooonraMe Joseph Slorray flnij Wllllani Smith Ben- 
JudId Kicoll AND William Livtut;»lou Ivs'iuirca CommissioaL-ra 
•ppolnted by his Honour the Lieutenant Governor for Enileay- 
oaring to Baltic Lhc Uoiuids bctn'eeu tlil« ColtHi; and ihc MasMf j 
cboaet* JIaj In Conjuncliou with their Commiiisionera at Albany i 
ia the Year One thousand sevpn hundred and Fifty four in full 
of ibcir acvoont agaiuM this Colony for the said SerTice thf 
Sam of Ooe huudivd and Twelve I'ouiulfi 

Unto Captain John Slapp of Connecticut in the service of tliij 
Cotooy ou the first Expedition against Ciown Point for the 
Expcnce of Prorlsious for the Company raised by him from tiie 
lime of thdr being Rained to their on-ival in Albany the earn ol 
One hundred & Thirty pounda 

Unto Captain Bomuel Dimmock of Connecticut In the son-ice 
of tliU Colony on the first Expedition Agaiast Crown Point for 
the eotpence of ProvUlons for the Company raised by him from , 
£he time of their beint* Raised to their arrival in olbany the sum J 
of One Hundred aud Thirty Puuiidv 

ITnto William Walton Esquire of Richmond C«nnty for Money 
Eogsged by him for tvro Months service of two proper Pcrtcoas to 
ittend and vntch nt the Beaeon and Alarm Gun in Richmond 
County the sum of mxteen Pouada 

UdIo Thoma« Cornell Esquire of Qneenf* County for Money 
EopMnd by him for two months Service of two proper Persons 
toalt«)d and Wateh at the tk-acoo and Alai'm Qun In the said 
County Oic sum of olxteen Pounds 

rmo Johan Joost Petrie for nupplytng the Gnn-lson at 0«weKO 
with Provisions In tlie Year One thousand seven hundred and 
forty Eight the sum of Two hundred and Twenty Eiuht Pounds 

Unto the Captain Commnndinjr the Rangers employed on the 
Weittem Frontier of this Colony the sum of six Shlilinss per 
Wem for the time that he has been Actually engnffod In that 
Perrlre since the Kxpiratton of the One hundred Days first 
IIrai!led for that serrlce not exceeding Forty Days Unto the 
Two Licutcnnnta Commanding nnder the aaid Captain five 
FhllllnsB per D1«ti Kach for the time they have b^'en Actually 
EosaK<^ 'b *hat service not ExcM^inor Forty Days and Unto 
sixty effectlTe private Men three slillllncs per Diem Each foe 
the Time they have been nctnally EnjraRed In tlie aaid wrrice 
^- not Exceeding Forty Days To be ascertained by C.--rtlfi. atea 
^ftfnUD the Respective Colnr.ela from whose Regiments tbcy have 
^^bp«i taken j 



Unto the HoncHirable Joho Cliambcra Esquire for Months 
sdTRDccd bj him for tho Expeuce atteiidint; Uie appr^hcnillns 
and Convicting Owen SulUrnn \a,\i>\j Ejiwuied for coonicrfcSt- 
log lie Paper Ciirrancj of tlii^ Colony the 8uni of Sevent)- 
Etgbt Pounds Svo shillings and Ten pence 

Vnto Colo. Fitch Colonel of the Force* fiimiahed by thl« 
Cclonj on the second Crown Point Expedition for supplying his 
Table tbo num o( Vitty Pounds. 

Vnto Colonel Glazier I.lentonnnt Colonel of ihe said Fon-CR 
To Supply his Tabic the sum of Forty Poundfl 

TJoto Major Cursa Major of the sold Forces to Supply his 
Table the euro of Thirty Poundt*. 

l*NTO Joho De Pcyster and Philip Schuyler Es^Hlres Com- 
DiEsmries on the flrat Expedition Afratntit Crown Point for the 
Balanre of Iheih Aooounts against thin Colony in the second Day 
of August liut the sum of One thonsand Two hundred and 
wventy Eight Poundu oeveuteen shillings and Eight p«ncc 

rnto Abraham lyott junior Clerk to the General Assembly for 
moD(^ advanced by him for tiie Publick Svrnoe the sum of 
neventy Pound!* neven slilltin^ 

Unto Alexander T.amb Doorkeeper to the General AwembJy 
for providing Pirewoo*! nud for several other Dishnrai'ments for 
the use or the General Assembly the sum of Ten I'onnds. 

AND WHEREAS by means of the large suina of Mtmcy now 
n^qiilred for the publii-k Service and the Sum of Eleven tlion- 
Band three hnndred and Fifty Ponnds to be paid to the Offlimls- 
f!Hrie«i of the For<-p« of this Colony for keeping up a Regiment 
of Elgli^ Tlnndred of the said Forees till the Enxning Spring tn 
ori'er to be In ReadinesB for anion as <^rly as Possible the 
before mentioned Fund will fall »l»ort upwards of six Thnnsand 
Founds to provide for vrbich defleioney this Colony finds itself 
obliged to have Recourse to his Majestifs Free Giff of the snm 
Voted by Parllmeut for the Xorthem Colonys BE IT THERE- 
PORE ENACTED by the Aoihority Aforesaid that II Shall and 
may be l^iwfiill for the Tr^-asnrer and he Is hereby directed 
and Required out of the sum of Fourteen thousand Ihree hnn- 
dred and Twenty three Pounds Fifteen shtUlngs and tliree 
peree Sterling Remltfed to (his CoIoiit by his Miiiei*He« Orders 
to Pay unto the aforenamed Oliver De Lancey John Crnger 
end Beverly Robinson in manner aforeiwld sneh Snm of money 
BS after the Payment of the Bovcral other servicM Provided foi^ 







Vj this Xet ftball bo fflfiml wnnting (o make up tKe mli EleT>>a 
ttoBcand three Ilnndfei] and Fifty Toundx for the Clothioff and 
I^ o( Uie said Ilegimeut uotill ^he Ttiii-t; first da; of March 


And \f It Enacted by the aathorlty aforesaid That the Treatt- 
■r«r shall kiH>p Kxact Rook* of all his l'ft.i"i*'it» br Viiitic of 
tUi Act and a true and jost account thereof sEall Render on 
Oath to the OoTemor or CoDimaDder In cblpf for the lime being 
the Gonnrt) or General Auembtx vt-lien b; Ihcin or aaj of Uiem 
tkereaoto Beqnired 


' ICbapIrr iOOL of Van Sr-1iaa<4[. aixt rl]spl» 113 (voL 2) of LtrluettoD 
% Smllk, wticra tb« UUc only Is printed.] 

*Aa Act for the Payment of the Salary's 
of tbe (tereral ftfllrprs of the Oovernment to 
the limt Day of tki'tember in the Year of our 
Lord One thoasuad Bereo hundred and Fiftjfj 

tPaMieO DcL-omocr 1, 1T5G.] 

BE IT EKACTED by his Excellency tlie Governor the Couucil 
ud the General AsceniMy end it is hereby Kn.ioted by llie 
Aotborlty of the Same TUat Ibe Treasurer of Ibis Colony >ihull 
ltd be Ib hereby directed to Pay the several followin}; Bums of 
UoBej Out of eiich Muney'a as arc now in hSu tinuds Arlxen 
before Ihe first Day of September last by \'irtue of an Act 
Calltuled "An Act for granling unto his Majesty the seTerol 
"Datiee and Im{>ot>itioD8 on Goods and Wiirex and Ulercban* 
*llUe9 Unporied into \ln» Colony therein llentioned" By Vir- 
Hoe of one other act Entitled "An Act for Emitting Bills of 
"Credit for the Payment of the Debta and for the better Sup- 
"port of llie Guveniment of this Colony and other piirpofiea 
'therein Mentioned" And by Virtoo of one other Act Enlitulcd 
"An Act lo Hestruin Hankers and I'edlam within this Colony 
'from selling without Licence" in the llauner and to the 
Peraoiu h^ein after directed ito Wit) 

Unto Uis Excellency the GoTcroor for admlnlstrinf; the Gov« 
<nim<dit of this Colony from tbe Third Day of Hepteinber In 
Ihe Year of our Lord One thousand seren haodred and Fifty 
ite to (he ilrat Day of September in tbe Year of Our Lord One 
UooaaDd seven Hundred and fifty six the sum ol One thou»aad 
FItc Dundred and sixty Pounds. 



TTnfo Ills eaid EscelU-ncy llie Governor In ConBldomtfoT 
the differoDce In tbe Valuu of the present Currency from wb 
it was whco tbe Aforesaid Salary was drat nllowci] to fore 
Govei-nor* of tliis Colony tlic further eum of Two hundred an? 
Pwty Pounds 

Unto hit Said Excellency the Goremor for Provldlnn FJ 
Wood and Candles for his Majesty's Oari-lsou tn the City 
Xew York from the flrist Day of September in tie Year of 
Lord One thoosand seven hundred and fifty five to tbe fir«t 
D&y of September in the Year of our Lord One thousand acvt-n 
buudred and Fifty Six the sum of Four hundred Pounds. 

To the Chelf Justice of this Colony for hia service In th^J 
Station and for going tbe Circuits from tbe first Day of So^' 
teiiiber in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven huodit^ 
and Fifly five to the first Day of September in the Year of oar 
Lord One thousand Seven hundred aud fifty six the sum ^h 
Tliree buudred Founds ^| 

To the Second Justice of the Supreme Court of this Cotooy 
for bis Service in that Station and for golo;; the Circuits from 
the Brat Day of September to tbe Y'ear of our l^jrd One tboo- 
MUid Seven hundred and fifty five to tlie first Day of Septcmtxr 
In tbe Year of our Lord One thou»und Serco buudred and &i^— 
Six the sum of One buudred and Fifty Pounds. ^ 

To the Third Justice of the supreme Court of this Colony ' 
for his Service In that Station and for going the Circuits from 
the first Day of September to tlie Year of oar Lord One thou- 
sand Seven hundred and fifty five to tbe flrst Day of h\-pteml 
to the Year of our Lord Ose thousand seven hundred and fitt 
six the sum of One buodrod Pounds 

TO tbe Se^^retary of this Colony for Engrossing and Gnrolltl 
tlte Acts of the Uuvu-nur Coutu it aud General Assembly (ru 
the first Day of September to tbe Year of oar Lord One thou- 
sand seven hundrrd and Fifty five (o the first Day of September 
in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven buudred and fift 
ux tbe sum of Thirty Pounds. 

To (he Clerk of the CooadI for lils sentcea In that Stalla 
from the first Day of September to the Y'ear of our Lord Oje_ 
tbouaand seven hundred aud fifty five to the first Day of Se 
tember In the Year of oar l.ord One thousand sevea hondt^ 
aud Fifty Six Ihe snm of Thirty Pounds. 

To the Doorkeeper of the Council for his wrrioo In that 
8tBtion from tbe first Day of September to the Year of our 






One tliooRand soren handrcd and Fifty fli-e to the ttrst Pay of 
B^teniber id tlie Year of uur Lottl Od« lliouiMinit sweu liundred 
KD(i Flfljr Six the sum of Twenty Pouuda. 

To the I'ublick i'durer of this Coloii.t for hlfi iwnlce in that 
8tatiga fram tbe first Day of September io the Vvar of our 
Lord One tlw>(i»aiMl bcvcq lluudri-d acd llftjr five to tlie first 
Dmj of September in the Year of our Ixtrd One iIiouikukI seven 
hswln-d and Qtly six ttie sum of Fifty Pouoda 

To IbeOauK^r of Ltqiiors Subject to Duticn williin tlus Colony 
fnKD the first I>ajr of St^ptomber in lUe Year of oiir Lord One 
Uioiuaud seven tiuuilred and lifty five to the fli'st Day of ^i'|>- 
tntitterin (lie Yeur of oar Lord One UiuoKUid seron liaudred auil 
Fifty six tlie mim of Thirty Pounds. 

To the Laud and Tide Wuiti-r for his service in tliat Statlcm 
ftwn tbe lint Day of 8epi«ut*r in the Y<>ar of our Lord One 
tfaoaaaod seven hondrwi and fifty fire to the first Day of Sep- 
tnuber In the Yenr of oiir Lord One lUouaajul seven hundred 
■Dd Bfty six the mun of Thirty Pounds. 

I To ih* Indiiin inlerpreter for lils Sallary anH for all other 
Bervlce* which he has done by Order of bis Extflb-iicy tlie 
poTfmor fnjm the first Day of 8<-t»ieiaher In the year of oor 
Lord l>nL' tliv-taand Peveo hun<ir«l and l-"ifty five to the first 
I>B5 of Beplemher in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven 
hondfvd and fifty six the sum of Ninety PoundtL 

Vnto Abraluun De I'<M>ier Kwinire Treasurer of (his Colony 
fnc his s».-nic« In tliat Bialion fruin tlie llr«t Day of September 
In tbe Year of oor Lord One itKiusand Heven hundred and Fifty 
ittf to the first Day of September in the Year of our l»rd One 
^^tlmasiind iwvf-n huudrtd mid Fifty bIs the snm of Two humlrtxl 
^■Toands AND for the Extraordinary wrvtcs which he has been 
^^mblipd to perform ix'voiid the unnal Duly of liis office during 
^vlbe said Time the furttier Sura of One liutMlrml (Hninda. 
^H To Robert Oharles ICi«)iiire A^ieDt for tliis Colony In Great 
Uritaln as ft Reward for his Cure trouble nnd DiHpence In 
Atteckdin); bis Majr'tf(y and his Minislers of stale About the 
Affairs of this Colony from the first Day of September in liie 
Te*r of our Lord One thouBand seven hundred aiul Flfly fivt 
to the flrat Day of Sepiember In the Year of OUK Lord One 
IbBBannd aevea hundred and FUtj six the sua "! Two Hundred 



To Abnihato Lott junior Cletk to the OcncraJ AswflnWj for 
but SL-rviws Iw ihat Statiou from ibe lirst t>uy ut Sejtieinber ia 
the Year of our Lord Odc Uioutfand 8«reD bundi-ed und ilft; fivv 
to Lliv Htm Day of ^pt^iuber ia the Year of our Lord One 
tlwuoand sereo liundii-J tuid lift>- six Uie 8uu of Niuetj Oae 
PvuDtls sixteen Skiltlngs fl 

TO Alexaodci- Lamb Uoorkeoper to the General Assembly " 
for bis fk-rvices In iliat Staiion from the fittit Da;* of St-plember 
in tile Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred n&d fifljr I 
five to the fiiwl IteT of S<-plPinl>er lu the ^eai' of Our L^rd One " 
ttuMieaod seven liundi-vd uud 6ity irix the num of Thirl; Eight 
I'ouiids Five Bhillln^i) all which aforesaid Bums tstuUI btt )*uid 
ou Warrants Isautd bv the liover»nr in Coundl h 

AND be it further Eoacted by the authuiily aforvsaid That H 
the TrvuKurer Bhall and he is hereby directed to keep Exact 
Boolu of the seTeraJ ra.vmeuts which he ie directed to Hake by 
this Act and t^hall render true and Disttm:! accounts tliereof oa 
Oath to the Governor or Couuiutiulcr iu chief for the time being 
the Council or Geoeral AsBt-iubly when by thau or any of tbeia 
be shall b« Utueuuto rftjuiivd 

[CUAl'TEE 1035.] 

ICbapter lOSn, <it Van Scbnnck, and cbiiptw 113 (ToL 2) «( UThigsiao 
4t limllb, wtuf* tli* liU« oulr is prtuted.] 

An Act for the Payment of the salary's of 
the iK"vi-raI Ufllcers of the Goverumeiit from the 
first I>ay of St-iMcinlK-r in Ihc Veui- of oor Lord j 
One thouvand M'V(>n hundred and I^fty six tafl 
the fliat Day of s^epteiiiber iu the Year of our 
Lord One tboui«iuid neves hundred uud Fifty, 

IPassMI Deccmljcr 1. ITSO] 

BE IT ENAtTTED by hia Eicelleuoy the Ooremor the Coiindll 
and the Geuerol Asaembly and It la hereby Enacti-d by tlie 
Aulhority of the Same thai ihe Tii-usuriT of this (jolonj- ihall 
and he is hereby diret-ted to I'ay the eeveral followlnic muiiia of 
Uoney out of such Money's as bare or may come into Uia hands 
By Vh-tue of an Act Entituled "An Act for f;raullnK to hta 
Majesty tb« several DuiieM and " luipoaitiuns on goods Ware* 
"and Uercbandizea imported into Ihia Colony therein ilea- 




•rleili^'* Rj- Virtue of one oOiop Act EntMwled "An Act for 
•Emitting Bilta of Crvdil fur the Paymt-nt of the Dtbta aud (op 
" tbe better Hap|>on of Ibi* OororniiK^iit uf tliU Colony nod other 
purpoecs therein Mentioned " And by Virtue of one other Act 
Estitnled "An Act lo Ifo^t^lio lla«vk<.-r» and I'sdlarf wkUln ihb 
ColoDj- from t^vlling withoat License " In the Moaner aud to the 
Perftona hfTcinaiter dirci-led (to Wit) 

Unto hts F:xcclloncy liie Governor or to the Governor in Cbeif 
far the time being for admliiisteHug the Governmout of thla 
Coloay from ihe firirt Day of September in the Vear of onr Lord 
One thmiMnd seren hondred and Fiftj' six to the first Day of 
September WHiirh nill be in the Year of our I^rd One thousand 
acres hundred and Fifty seven Af!<;r the Kate of One thousand 
fin; hundred aud sixty I'ounds i>er Aunum 

Pnto bt!« Poid Excellency the Governor or lo the Governor 
in chrif for the time tieinfi In Considcrulion of the dirrert;noe in 
Oie Valoe of tlie prrsent Currency of this Colouy from what It 
■wan when the aforesaid Sallary vraa fin>t Allowed to former 
GoTeraor* of this f^ol')ny after the Rate of the furtbcr sum of 
Two hundred and Forty Founds Per annum 

Tnto hiB Paid KxieHi-nry the Governor or CominniidtT In 
chelf for the time being for Providing Fire Wood and CaudleB 
for hiv )(HJestlea Garrison In tlie CJity of Xew Yoric from the 
Bnrt I>ay of Scpteuilier in the Year of our Lord One thousand 
•rreo hundred and Fifty sis to th^ first Day of Sepleiuber which 
vfll be In the Yenr uf our L.ord One tlioumind wveu hundred ttud 
•fty seven the sum of Four hundred Pounds 

Tnto the riielf .TiiRlh'e of tlil!* Colony for (he time \M-ltig for 
hU Berrico in that Station and for going the Circuit* from Ihe 
tnt I>iiy of September In (he Year of our Tyord One thonHnnd 
■t-Tcn hondn-d and l'"ifty »ix to the (ln»l l)ay of S<^|»t'iul>er wbich 
wOI \*e in the Year of oar Lord One thousand seven hundred 
ind Flflj seven Aft£T the [tute of Thr^-c hundred Pounda Per 

To Ihe fei^nd .TuMico of the Supreme Court of this Colony 
tor the time being for his Serviee in that Klation and for ftoinc 
Ihe Cimilta from dip Br«t Day of September in the Year of our 
Lord OXE thouimmd wven hundred and fifty six to the first Day 
of September whirh will be in the Year of our Lord One thousand 
won hnndrrH] and fifly seven After the Rate of One hundred 
and FIft; Pounds Per annum 




To the tbinl Justice of the Supreme Conrt of tiAn ColOfiy for 
Ids Service Id tbnt Station and for going Lbc Circuits when 
•Uicre shall be Occasion for it from the first Day of Si-pteml 
Ir' the Vtrjr of our Lord, Odo thousand seveD hundred uod l-'ifl 
dix to the first Daj of Sc^tlcoibcr which will bc in the Yoar 
of our Lord One thousand i-evi-n baodi-c-d and Fifty seven Aiiee 
Uie liatc of One hundred pouodii per Aniiuui 

To the Secretary of this Colony for the time lieing for En- 
growing luid Enrolling the Acts of llic U<n'emor CouucU and 
General As»nmbly from the first Day of September in the Year 
of our IXH-d One thousand seven bundrod lutd ttfty six to the first 
l>ay of September Which will be In tlie Tear of our Lord One 
thoa!iaQd seven htiodred and Fifty seven after tlic Ilatc of Thirty , 
Pounds I'er annum ^H 

To Ibe Clerk of the Connell for the tiue being for his Servleei^ 
in that Station from the first Day of September ia the Year 
of our Lord One tbonennd reven hundred and fifty alx to tlie first 
Day of SeptemU-r nhicb will be iu the Year of our Lord One 
fhnn)>and seven tiundred and Fifty seven After the lEate of 
Thirty Pounds per Annum 

To Ibe Doorkeeper of the Conneil lot the time being for hls^ 
pervicc in that station from the firpt Day of September fo tb«fl| 
Year of our Lord One thousnnd fiev*!n hundred and Fifty six to 
the first Day of September which will be in the Year of oar^j 
Liord One thoumud »even buodrcd and fifty seven After the Itat^H 
of Twenty PoundH Per annum 

To the Publiek Printer of (his Colony for the time belnd for, 
lita Service in tluil Station from llie first Day of September 
In the Year of our I^rd One thousand isoven hundred and flftj 
sis to the first Hay nf t^eptemlier which will Ite in the Yt-ar of 
our Lord fine ihoueand seven hundred and fifty saveo Affcjr tho 
Ilale of Fiffy Pounds ner ODDum 

To theOaupT of Liijiiors subject to Duties within this Colony_ 
for llie Iluip beinfi from (he first Day of Septemlter In the Yeoi 
of Our l^rd One thnufsuid seven hundred and fifty fdx to the" 
first t)ny of i^i-ptemb^T whirh will tie In the Year of our Lord 
On« thoriiond seven hundred and Fifty seven After the Kstc of 
Thirty Ponnds i»er Annum 

To the I^nd and Tidowaitcr for the time being from the first 
Tiny of Septeml>er in the Year of our Lord One thousand seien 
hnodted and fifty six to the first Day of September which will be 




'- " ?- Te«r of OOP Lord One tlioamnd Bcven bnndrcti and fifty 
After the rate of Thirlj Pouude pL*r Auuutu 

ALL wblch Aforesaid sums sliall be paid by the Trensuror 
QmiHtIjt on Warrants issned by the (jorcrnor or Cominauder 
b chivf for the timp bein^ by and M'itli llic ad\kv and CoiiHont 
•( bis Slajesiics Council And the Keceijits of tbe said Several 
I'cfaoiu Indorsed oo tbe said Wnrni nts bIuiII be to the Treasarcr 
Cood Voacbcr* aoil DliK'liurgos fur so luudi a» ftbull bn tbcreby 
AciiK(wIedgL-d to be receired 

AXD be U furtticr Enacted by tLc Authority Aforesaid Ibat 
the Treasurer sbaJI and be is bereby directed out of tbe Funds 
Aforesaid to I'ay Uie screral otber Allowances following (to 

Cnto Abraham De Pcyster Ejiquire Treasurer of this Oolony 
tor tdB senrtce in that Station from tbe Qret Day of September 
b t&e Tear of our Lord Une thousand seven huudn^-d nnd Fifty 
Ki to tbe flnt Day of September which will be in tbe Year of 
0«r Lord One thousand «evca hvmdivd nnd Fifty »even After 
the Bate c^ Two Hondred Pounds per annum A^'D for tlie Ex- 
ttsordlnary icnriee which tie is now obli^^ to do and {>rrforu 
bejond the T'siial daty of his ofRre After Ihp Kale of the further 
Bui of One nundrcd Pounds per Aoaura WUiCII ^Id t^veral 
bms or fC M«cb thereof as idiall be really and trnly due Hhiitl 
be allowed to ibe said Abraham De IVyster or to his Exei-ntors 
w AdminiBtrators oa good discbarges for so Much la bis or 
tfceir Arenuota 

rXTO Robert Charles Ksnuire Acent for tliis Colony In Great 
Brltian as a lleward for his eare trrml.le and Diligenpe in At- 
tndlnt; opoo His Majesty and Mb Mioisters of state About the 
Affair* of this Colony from the first Day of srptemtwr in the 
Tear of oor Lord One Iboumind «pren ilumlred and fifty six 
to the first day of September which will be in the Year of Our 
l«rd One Ihoowind seven nun.lrod nnil fi'tc «even After the 
Bale of Two hundred Pound* per annum WHICH wild sum or so 
■arfa lliervof a* shall he tpally and Truly due sliall be raid unto 
hfan Ihi' said Robert Charles or to bis Executors or Administra- 
tes by an order of the C.eneral Awenihly of this Colony signed 
ly Ifceir Speaker for the time belne and Not otherwise 

CVrO Abraham Lott junior Clerk of tbe General Assembly 
hr bis service in that Station from the first Ray of September 
la tbe Year of oor Lord One thousand scTcn hundred and Fifty 


six to Uie fin*t D.1V of SeptctubtT which will bi.- Iti the Yi-ar of 
our Lgrd Out thou»iuid kvh-u liuiidietl and Fifiy teven TWKLVl^, 
SHILLIXOS per Diem Ou a CcPtiCcate from ibe lieaeraM 
As»eiiibt>- Bign«d by their speaker fop the Nttcilwr of Das* li^i 
ban or uiay serve the Geuer.(l Assembly 

UNTO Alexander Lamb DoorkefptT to tlie General Assombly 
for hia service Id that Station from the first Day of Se)itemln'i^ 
iti the Year of our l^ord One ttKiuwuid sevt^a hundn^^ and (iftj^| 
six to tlie first Day of Si>n;eni bt-r which will be In tlie Yeai- of 
oar Lord One thouKind seven Hundred and fifty sevcu ri\^^_ 
^niLLJNOS per Diem on n Certiflcale from the General A^| 
sembly signed by thefr Speaker for the Number of Days lie haj 
served or May serve the General Assembly 

AND be It further FnactiMl by the authority aforesaid Ttiat 
the Ticacnrvr Khali aiid he !e hereby dirtited to ke^-p V.\:u 
Itooke of the aereral Payments which he Is directed to ilakt; bi 
tbia Act, And shall render true and Distinct accounts tlie 
on oath to (Jie Governor or Commander In Chief for the lime" 
being the Council or General Assembly when by tiiem or anj 
of them be shall be thvreuuio required. 


[CHAPTER 1036-1 

[Cbapter 1039, of Vao s<>haack. irliere tli« titte ouir Is printed. ChBiMer 
114 (vol Z) IJvlDjp^ou & Smltb, wbuTc tbg act Is priiiUi] In full. Bern 
rbnptfr (KiG.] 

An Aci forther to continue the Cnrrency 
of the niMa of Credit Emitted by Virtue 
AN .\l'r Eiitituled Ad Act fur ICmitling Bil 
of Credit for the Payment of tlie Debts and 
for the bel'.er Suppor.* of the Goveniieni of 
his Colony and other Purposes therein Men- 
tioned i 
[Passed Dtfcotnbw 1. ITM.] " 

WHEREAS An Act Eotltnled "An Act for Emitting Hills of 
Credit for the I'ayiuenl of the Debts and foribe better Support 
of the Government of this Colony and other pur|ios€8 the! 
mentioned" Pawed in the Eleventh Year of his Ma)esiie 
Reljni has by neveral 8uI>iM^|tient Acta been prolonged and Coi 
tlnucd uutill .*he third Taeiulay in April wbieb will be in I 
Year of onr I.ord One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Seven 
AND WHERE.\S the circuiMtances of the Colony bIUI reqolr* 




ihe aid of llie iDfortst Sloner Ailslng oa IJie Billx of Credit 
toued lijr Virtue of llie Acl lirst AforvsaJd for Suppoiiing Ihe 
Cuvcmmeot tliereof 

BK IT TUEKKFOBE EXACTED bv his ExMVn.j the Oov- ' 
ernor the Connril ami the GcTicnii Awnniibly and it l» hei-eby 
Eitactei) hy Ibe Aolbwltj of the Same That the time for which 
',he sold Intert-st Money fiiaiid« appropriated for the Sapport 
of Ihe Oovernment of this Colony by the iaM Subvcqnent Act 
■foccMid Rntilulcd "An A(-t further to prolong the Ourreocy 
■of thv Bill* of Credit Emitted by Virtue of an A«f Entitttled 
"Ad Act for EtoitlinK Bills of Credit for tbc I^''^^'^ of the 
" Itfbtn SDd for the better Support of the Oovonimeik* of Ihitj 
"Colony and other PurpoBes therein Mentioned" shall be and' 
fafrreby U deferred RemoTed and further prolonifed ontill the 
third Tuewlay In the Month of April which will be In the Year 
One tbouBand seven hundred and Fifty Eight Any thing in any 
of tbe Aforesaid Aftfs to the Contrary XolwlthRtamtlnK AND 
tbat at the litne tuxt MontioniH] one Fourth p«irt of the nald 
Bills of Creiiit and the remainder thereof In the Three neiP 
SncceedUtf; Years Shall be pnid in Caneelletl and destroyed at 
Ae times and Id the Manner (liree(<-d in and by an Aet Entilule^ 
"An Act for the more efleetnal Canrellinj; the BilU of Credit 
of thU Colony" Paiwcd in (he Twenty flrat Yenr of M* Majes- , 
Hoc Reign And that as well the wiid 6nt Mentioned Act an one 
other act Eniilnled "An art to facilitate and explain the Duty 
"of the Ixiao Oflicern in this Colony" Pawk^ in tlie itaJd 
Eleventh Year of hi« Mnjertlcs Keign And every the Olanw>« 
Article Matters and things in them Contained Khali be and 
hereby are Eniicted to continue and remain of fnll force and 
Virtue *J> all lulentu CoukI ni<^«t ions and porpottea whatsoever 
antil the third Tuesday in April Which will be in the Year of 
oar Tx>rd One thoutwnd wren htindred and Sixty One Any thing 
in tbe said Acts to the Contrary NotwtDi^tmidinfr 

AND be it further Enacted by the Anihority Afor'"«iid that 
Uw sail) Bills IH'iOXt; the time they are hen>by Enacted to 
rmain Current slinll continue to lie |iiit out at Interest in the 
•ame Manner and Method as in the nuid flrxt Meniioneil Act la 
dtrett<-d and that all the Interest Money which may Arisw on 
them during that time iiJuiII from Time to time be Imployed to 
and for tjie support of tbe Guvernuient of this Colony tn Bach 
Uanner as Phnll by Act or Arts hereafter to be povned for that 
parpoae be ordered oad directed and Not otherwise Except 


to much thereof as may bo Xccessarj for Sinking and CuBcel- 
liiiS the »aai of Eight thousand liftj Nine Poiiatia fuurteea iiliil- 
\lus» and Eleven ponce Emitted in Dills of Credit by Virtue of 
the Act first afarenaid tor I'a^in^; the Debts then duu frvui Ibis 

AXD be It furtlicr Enacted l>j the AutUoritT Aforesaid that 
11"? IxKin oflcers of ihe Cities and I'ouuiiea wltlitn tbl» 
CoIoDj for the time being ftbali be nod hereby arc fullj Author 
l7:ed and iinpowered to Alter the Form of all sooh Mort;;ii!;Cfl as 
Shall bv tbem or anr of them hcreafler be taken In IU17 uf lliclr 
oBlceB in Rclatioa to the time and Times of Payment in Buch 
Manner as to Make the (tame Anawerable to Ibc true Intent and 
MivBing of this Act Any Uiins in uny the Aforwsald Aets to 
the Contrary yotwitbatanrllnt:^ 

AND be it flintier I"nn.lwl by the Anthoritr Aforosnld that 
Whonaoevep the Loan Offlcprs of the serenil Cily's and Countie* 
of this Colony aball from the Information of any one of the 
Bupervizors fn Ihe Ito«iM>i-(ivt* Coiuity's of ihis Colony or from 
the Information of llie Justices and Vestry Men of the Clly of 
Hew York or the Major part of them hare Bnllieient Re.-U«n to 
Foppeet the Insufncieni-y of iuiy of the Si.*ciirUii's taken or to bo 
taken for any sums of Money Lent or to be lonl out of any of 
their serenii Offlcos cillicr as to the Valne or Tille of llie tiald 
Secnrilies they the said Loan Onicera shall be and hereby are 
impovrered and retjulred to demand pa>'meot of the Prim-lpall 
Sums Xotwlihstandin^ the dm- payment of ihe Interest ib'^rnof 
or Furtlier t^ullicient Sc<-nnty And upon failnre of dae Payment 
of Piieh Principal eumn or refnalnB or Neglecting to cive further 
irnfBcient Recurlty within Triiiiteen Pays After Sueh demand 
Made to proceed to the Pale of the Morljntge'l I-«nd8 op I0 Such 
Other Remedy as i» jtlren by the first aforesaid Act According 
(o Ibe Nature of the Case And therein to Pwinne llie Riilea 
and directions rrescrihed in and by Ihe Raid Act Anything 
therein Contained to the eontrary Nulwilhstondln:; 

AND be II Enacted by the Aiilhority AforeMld Tliaf If any 
of the Persons ivho become Feetirlti'* for the Loan oflircrs puP- 
Bnant to the tint aforesaid Art shall be desirous of Ireinc dlR> 
eharsed from continnlnir loosrer nnder their said Inin<cements 
tbeT Bliall iriTe Notice thereof In Writing to the suiR-rvixors of 
the Respeclire Counties or to the Mayi-r and Aldermen of tJi« 
BeBpectiTe Citlc« where they stand rnjiaged belwwn the first 
Tuesday of February and the first Tuesday of Starch One tJ)oo> 





MOcI P^TCB hundppd AND fifty i««}ven And the satd SiiperrlEors 
or ilavor aud AlUernipa Ittspeil ivcly Shall immeUfatirl; there- 
tftCT gire Sotlee io WrfllDg to tht- KespectWe Loan udlcera 
wbme aareUe* «o desire to be disebargctl that he or tbc.v do by 
tlie first Tui^uy of April them Next followinR providp and i^re 
Xcw ooreiy And In caw any of (he feiid I-oun ollictTS so Notlflfd 
*» afcH^iaaid PUatI fail in KivinK new Surety to the Satisfiu'lioo 
el the aaid 8apej->-!zor8 or lluyor ttnd Aldennen respectively 
by lh*t said Day Tln'n (he said WupervizorH or Mayor and Alder- 
nco reepectively Ehall proceed to the choice of a New Tx>aD 
«fllc<T or I/jan Officers In the Hooiu and Stead of Such bo fail- 
[Idc and In their proceedinirs (hereon Shall pursoe the direcil'ms 
'of the flrat Afoi-eaaid Art with renpcct to the choice of New 
tx«n oOicers Id the several Cenuti therein Mentioned Any thiiiff 
b this or the aforesaid acts to the Contrary yotvlthstandiDg 


[Ctupler 1037. of Tna ScbaacK. wlicr* Ibc tlile only Ik printed. Ct>iip- 
t>r n.'i ivol. Si of I.lrlnc>ron & Itmltli. vbfrv tbo act Is pclntctl la full. 
See diapter OtH. Co&iiuucd b; eliapler UMC] 

An Act further to continue an Act Kntl- 
tnlrd An Ai-t for iTranllrie Io hi" Hiite^ti- the 
aeTeral Duties aad Iropositionson OoodH Wares 
and Mert'liandi7.ei> iiuporlL-d into this Colon; 
thereiD Ueutioned 

(PaKScd DecfinlKT 1, 1750J 

WUKIIKAB the several Dutlps and ImpoHltions on soodn 
Wares and Merchandizes imported into thin Colony and grunted 
for the aop[iort of his Miijfuiies rioverniiieut in this Colony l>y 
the Above Ucotiont-d Act Uave by 8ubi<e(]ueul acts been Cun- 
tlaaed to the first Day of January >>>xt; And the Ueneral 
AMK-nibly being Willing to Make ProvlAioD for the further Sup- 
port thereof. 

BK IT ENACTKD by hi" Excellency the Oovernor tho Coon 
'dl and the tieucral A^itcmljly Aud it is hereby Enacted Ity the 
Aalhoriiy of the same That the Aboresaid Act Entilalcd "Aa 
Act for granting to hfa Majesty the Berenil Dntiea and Im- 
petitlona on Qoods Warea and MiT0faandir.c8 iiU{K>rted tiilo thia 
Colony therein Mentioned" shall be and hereby is (^untiaiteil 
Aai ever; Clause Matter and thing therein Contained Enacted 


to I* and Remain In force to all TufoniB ConstnieViona an 
purpoees wlialfwpver from tb^ said Arst Da; of Jaouarv Nes 
Dotill itie first I>a; of Januury wliicli will be in tlio Year oi 
oar Lord Ove thouEaod Seven hundred and Ftftj; Eight both* 
ida^B lucluslre 

fCHAPTEH 1038.) 

IChaptcr I03S, «f Yan Sdisack, vhitrt tbe tltto oa\f In prfa(<^1. CUJk_ 
tct U6 iroL 2) «f LlTingMtoB & Sinltb, where iti« «ci la prlnud In riiJt.1 


!An Act for approprialinf* tbe Stoncvs 
Balaed hy diverse Lutlvr.v's tor Ercctiuj; OQ 
founding a College in this Colon; 

[PaBsm] December l, 1T56L] 
■* 1\'HEREAR by diverae 'Acti of the (ioTprnor C-onncil an 
General Aftseinhlj- of thii) Colonr HeviTfll ewms of Money tiava 
been raised by Way of Lottery for the Erecting or Fonnding 
a College for the advaiiccnient of Learning In thin Colon,? 
(Which Sums of Monpy are now vested in the TruHtces appointed 
by An Act Passed In the Twenty Fifth year of his present 
4Iaje8tic» Iteiftn Entituled "An act for VeutinK in Trustees, 
"the Biim of Three thounand fuur Utiudred and Forty thrt 
"pounds Eighteen sbiMings rained by Way of Lottery for 
" Erectinff a College within tbia Colony " And hath by Ihein been 
pot out at Interest from time to time and not Yet disposed 
of by any Act for that purpose Made 

BE IT THEREFORE Enacted by his Exeelleney the Go 
cmor the Council and the General ABsembly and it is hereb 
Enacted by the Authority of the same Ttiat the one full and! 
e<|nal Moiety or half part of the said Money'a ralHcd by way 
of Lottery as aforcsnid and the Interest and Profits of the 
paid Moiety shall be and hereby ia Vested In the Governors 
of the College of the Province of New York in the City of 
New York In America and slinll and may be disposed of hf 
Ihem In Surh manner as to them shall seem best for ihe »d- 
vancement of Learning In *he said College and the Receipt 
of the said Oovernrtrs or Their Treasurer To the Treasurer of 
this Colnny for the said one Moiety or half part of (he Moneys 
so raised and the Interest thereof or any Recurily or sepunlies 
for the Same or any part thereof taken shall be good and snfi 
ficient diflchnrses to him for the same or any part thereof an; 
la either of the Said Acts to the Coulniry, thereof 











iHAstnndtng 'And tlie Baid OoTemors are ber^b^ fatlj (in()o«< 
cfcd and authorized in liieir own Name aa Cioveraors of Uie 
Colleee o( the Proi-tnce of New York in the City of New York 
In America or in the Name or Names of the Per»oa or Piirnon* 
to whiMO ffurh secnritv or Securitlca Is or ai~e t:iveD or Ma>le 
{ajable or ihe survivor or Hurvirurs of them or the Exocutora 
cr Administrators of Such Surrivor to Sue for and Becover 
the Mooers due on Soch Security- or tevurlties to and tor the 
ue of the ituid <.'ullvgi} 

A>'0 BE it furiher Enarted b; the Aathorit? Aforemtd that 
(he other full aod ci«al Moieij" or UuJf part of the said MooejB 
niaed by Way of Lotlerv as AforexoJd and the Interest und 
frodta of the said Moiety or such part thereof as Khali be requis- 
ite for that purpose shail be applied for and towai-ds the I'ur- 
cka«iaE \\t Necessary) a Sunjcient luid iii^uitable t^uantity of 
land in or Nigh tlie City of New York and for Itulldtne and 
Eiwtine there on a proper l'c»t Ilouso for the Reception of 
Bach Penton aa maj be infected with any Contag-iouH T>!t«tempera 
'And All the Residue of the »uid Money shall l>c imploded to and 
for the Erecting a New FublicU Goal in tiie City of NEW YORE 
In Lien of that which i* now in Uie City Uall of the said City 
and the Traaanrer of this Colony is her<^by nefjiiired to Pi»y tlic 
nne to the Mayor Aldermen and Commonalty of the C^ty of 
New York or tbelr order and the Beeelpt of the wUd Mtiyor 
Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York or their 
order to the Treasurer of this Colony for the xaid Itemalninc 
Moiety or half part of the Money's bo raifted and the Interest 
Ibrreof or any wK-urity or aectirilieit for the Same or any (tart 
hereof taken ahall i>e frM*d and Sufficient diachurjre to him for 
dte same or any part IhenHif any Ihlnj; in eiUier of the said Acti 
tn th*> Contrary thereof NotwithBtaiidins And the Raid Mayor 
Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York are horebj 
follT Authorized and impowered In Itielr own Name or in the 
Same or Namcx of tlie I'ei-son or Persons to whom such Security 
or securities are given or Made Pavjible or the Burvivor or snr* 
rlTors of them or the Executors or Administrators of Soch Sor- 
Titor to Rne for and Itecover the money due on suoli seeurlty or 
leenrltiea to and for the uses and and parp«»" aforesaid 

AA"D be it further Enacted by the auihoritx aforeBald that 
Vol. IV. 21 






the wumfll B«m of Five Hundred Pounds directed to b« paid bj 
the Treasurer of tbia Colony- iu and t>v an Act Entitoied 
"Act furtJier lo cuiitluae tiiv Duly of Excine and Uw Currcoc, 
" of the Bills of Credit Emitted tJi<-reoD for tbe purposeB in tlie 
^former Act and iiereiu Jdt-ulioued" Co tLv Trustcvn aforesaid 
for iind during the Term of se?ea Years from the first l>a.v of 
Janoary one thousand iwveu hundred and liftj four «hull Yearly 
and eTcry Year hereafter be paid by ihe Treasurer of this Colony 
to the aaid Govemi>r« of the Colk-gc of (he I'rovincc of >'ew 
Vork in tbe City of New Y'ofk in Amei-ica and tlieir SucoeeiaoT^j 
tosetber with all the Moueyti rcecin-d or that ui bei-ome due fo^| 
tbe Tuition of the Hcholars in (be seminary And also all Uw 
Uoney's r^-oc'lred by tbe K»id TrL-asurvr of the said annual Sum 
and not expended by tbe said Traateea except as hiMvln After 
U exwplMl and the »aid Govenmn* are hereby nuule liable and 
Charg(-able with any Coniract or L'ontracU eulred into or made 
by tbe said TruKtees wftfa the cblef Ua«tiT or any other Maeiei 
for the Instruction of Youth in Pursnaow of ilie Power an^ 
aiithftiiiy given them in and by IJk- itaid Act Kntiiiiled "Ad Act 
"furtlier to Continue tbe Dqty of Exrise and the Currency of 
"tbe bills of Credit Emlttc-d thereon for tbe piirpMCs in tbe 
" foi-mer Aot and hemu Mentioned " And ihe Said Triwtcea 
arc hereby Absolutely and Wholly diiicbiirced and Acquitted of 
and from such Contntct or Oontrax^ts And the Iteeetpt of the 
aaid Governors of the said CoIleKe or their Tiranorer Khali be 
from time to time a tirood and sufflciont diiicbarge to the Iteoa- 
nrer of this Colony fur the xume 

M£0\'I1)EU ALWAYS and be It Enaoted by the Authority , 
Aforesaid that the Treaftm-r of llilit Colony Miall and hereby ^^M 
directed and required to apply the sum of Five Hundred Pound^* 
pari of the Bald annual Sum now in his Hands or that SHALL 
flmt come into his Hands in pursuance of the itnld Art for and 
townj-dK aiuking And raneellinB the Pills of Credit of Lhi* Col- 
ony Emitted oa the Credit of tbe Uaty of tlxclse on Strong 
Uqaors retailed in tbln Colony 

And be it furihcr Kunrt.'d liy the Authority Aforesaid that the 
■aid Trustees are hereby disoharired of and from any further 
Trust Powers and Atithnrlties Riven or Granted to tliem in and 
by tlie said Acta or either oX them 




Xinlh St:ssiotK 

(Beptn Febu IS, 17S7, 30 Geori;eIl, 61r Chnrlts Uard?, Ooveruor.) 

TfTTAPTER 1039.] 

{CTiapf«r lfC&, ot Vnn Silu.nck. anil cltnpter IIT (vd. S) of LIvlngiton 
k SoUtli, wlwn l&e title ouljr U priuU-d.l 

An Act for app1.riDg Borpral Roma of 
Honey for the Fnynirnt and Ctotliing of Ibe 
Forci^'fl lo bv furuiKbi.-cl b,v liiis ('uloay tu Aot 
in roojiiocUon with nU M»Ji-ilieii Regular 
Troo{t« udO (Ik»h- of llio NV-iglilwHrinii Colony's 
AgBtDst thf Subj(-<!t8 of tlip Froni'h Kinn aud 
for provWInR otljc-r Kw:<wmirj''» n-quistte for 
the said Fones. 

rruHMl. F*hfTiary 38. 1757.1 

BE TT EXACTEI> by lils EioclSpnoy Ihe Governor t!ie Council 
ud rhf> Oen^ral Anscnibly and it in btTPby RnAOtod by tb« 
Anthortiy of tbc enmo Tliul ttie Treiixuivr of this Colony shall 
(ud be U hereby directed and Required out of the mini of Four- 
Urn tliotiKand three bimdri-d and Twenty Ihree I'onnds Fifteen 
ihilliogs and three peace Sterling Allotteil to thia Colony by 
IIli Uajenilefi Order Onl of the xtim Ki^nted by Piirllatneul for 
tbf Xorthcm Colony's To Fay onto Oliver Do l^ncej John 
Cncier «nd Beverly Robinson Esquires Conimissaries nnd Fay- 
mutm to the Forces In the I'nv of this ("ulony the several 
fBllowinp «tinie of Money VlZt The Hum of Pifieen thonsAnd 
buodred and Ki};bty Heven poundit Ei^ht Bhilllncs and 

Split piiMicc to b4> by them Applied in the Fnymenf of One 

id effective Men offlcers inebided for Beven Months End- 

Ig thu flrwt I>ay of Xoveral>er Next who are to be tmployed In 

CmjaoetioD with Uis Majesties Re^inlar Troops and ihoK'- of th? 

Ifeighboorine Colony's Against the t*iibj»>et8 of tiu? Fi^ench King 

fter the fullnwintt Hn1e« VIZt To one Colonet at the Rate of 
dneen Pbillini;^ pet Diem To Ten Cuplnins Tea Khillio);!! per 
Dfen Each Tlo Twenty Llenlrnftnts Seven fthillinf^s per Diem 
Ka£ti To Forty Perjeants one f^liitlinc and Eight pence per Diem 
Sacb To Tbirty Corporals one Shilling and eiz pence per Diem 

104 ia,WS OF THK COtUAY Uif AKW iUiUi- 

each To Ten DnimmPrs one Shilling and Six ppnoe per Dipm Ench 
And To Eight Iluudtv-d and F.iglii^- Nine private Ui-n one slilll- 
ing and iliret- pence per Di«u Each iK-duciion to W made for 
any deficienoy In that Numl>er by Death or otherwise which 
Forces ihey are directed to Pay in tiic City ot Albany Accordine 
to tlM> Number in Aotoal Service Which shaM be Ascertained 
by the Muster Rolls of the Se^'eral Company's Monthly delivered 
to the said Paymaslerji upon the Oath of the Several Captains 
of each Company or of the Commanding; Officer thereof at ihe 
time of such Muster Which Oatli the Said raymanters or either 
of them are Impowered and Itctitiired to administer in the Words 
following VlZt. I A, B, do Swear that the musier Boll here 
produced by me Is just nud true and contnin» no more nop 
otlier rersons Names than Such as are really and truly In- 
listed is my Company and nre now Aemnlly and Really in 
Beirlce nnder mc AgiUust tlie Babjecta of the French King SO 

AND be It fdriTiPT Entietcd hy thp Authority Aforesaid That 
the Treasurer Shall out of the aforesaid Fund Pay unio Ihe 
tutld Commissarii^ the Serenil further Sumn of Money following 
TIZt: The Sum of Four thonnind Four hundred and Eltflit 
Pounds Nineteen Shillings to l)e hM)iIoyed lu furniahinf; Nino 
biiDdred and Sixty Nine of the said Forc«« with tlie tolluwlnK 
CIolhinR VlZt. For emb Man one Blanket one Coat ONE pair 
of IJuckukiu Ureti-Iie* ooi- («iir of English Shoe* and Stoi-kinga 
and one pair of Indian Shoea and Stockini^ one Fell Halt and 
Two Shirts AND Eight hundred and Thirty Nine Pounds one 
Shillinft and Six pcnix to Supply the Hiid Fon-es willi Tents 
and other Camp Neceasarys OF the due dlsiioeitlon of nil the 
before mentioned neTeml Sums of Money they the »ald Conamis- 
•arle* sliall kc<^p Exact Books and a true and just Account 
thereof render npon Oath nnto hU Excellency tlie Qovemor or 
Commander in chief for the lime beine lo the Council op 
General Assembly when by them or any of them thereunto 

AND be It further Enacted by tl>e Anthorlty Afore«ald That 
the said Commissaries before they RceeiTe any part of th« 
Money's hereby directed to be |Hild unto them slijll F.n'er Into 
ileco];niumcc9 unio our Sover^-ign Lord ;he King His tleira and 
■nreesBors before one of the Judees of the Supreme Coart u( 
UtU Colony In the Sum of Twenty One thousand pounds with 




8afflcI«Dt Siirlly't Mcli !n half ihat mim ConUi I Innc^] it'iaU 
hey will wtHl aiitl truly Uuploy and apply ilie Moiicv'a lo be 
P w«l Ted by them aa atontaid lo and for the Sovt-nil and Uc- 
•peetiTe oaes and piirpo«Ci dirertc-d bj this Aft And well nud 
Xniy obeerTe do uJid perform all the dinvUons hereby requir.-d 
to be observed doae and pcrforioed b,r thetn Accordio:; to ihe 
true latent and in4>aii!ne of this Act Which Rfcogulzonces are 
t* he fllwi nod RiH-ordcd in the Wnpreme Court 

AXD be It fur-lier Enaclfd b.v the Authority Aforesaid That 
If eltbcr of Iho tSaid Coinmi^sarics Shall fail of impioying or 
Applyini^ ibe Mow^v'b so to be Reeeived by them In Manner imd 
forfhe Re»pe<*tlve uses directed by this Aft Or omit to obaeive 
do and Pprronn what in hereby ro<itiired to be Observed dons 
ud performed by them in Snch Caee or Csaea the Bald Bei-O}^ 
■iuccf fdiall be prmxt-ded upon In duo form of Iaw Again»>t 
inch Offender or olTL-ndcrs or biii or Ihc-ir Hurities in the sapreme 
Tonrt of this Colony wherein No Easoia Protection Waevr of 
law or more thus one Imparlance shall be altowi-d And llie 
■Kmey recoi-em) in Cooaequence thereof shall be paid int > the 
Trcttsory o( ihit Colony and be applied io and for •udi lT»es 
KB shall hereafter be directed by act or acts to be passed foe 
ND be It further Enart«i1 by the authorify afoiwald That 
ber of the &iid (.'omisiBsories shaJI happen to Die rciio>e 
it this Colony or rr'fiiw lo act accordlnjc (o the sevenil iiud 
respectire powers and Authorily's hereby du-i-ctcd lUid toijuircdi 
It aball aad may be lawful! to and for the- t^ovemor or Com- 
_Btnd(S' In chief for the tiuie Itein^ by and n-lth llie ndriic and 
aaacnt of his majestie* Council to }<omiiiate and Apimlut Some 
Fit PenKm or renwns in the place and Btead of him or 
Bo Dying Ibrmorinit orrcriiniiiE to Act anafnresaJd And Uie 
pennn or rersona So appointed shall be obliged to enter into Iho 
like llcco^ltances with the like 6uritlc« as herein Is directed 
to be done by the aforesaid ComraisBarles before he or they be 
latiltei: Jo Receive any part of the Money hen-in bi-fore nwn- 
liooed and In all othi-r Reftpects Shaii be a.** Subject to obserre 
4* aAd perform the wevcruJ diivclious of this Act as if he OS 
they bad been Xamed or appointed in it 

AND io the End iL;e aforesaid Commlnttarics may be Kn* 
■Bvraied to do and Perform .^be scTeral and Kespcctlve Servloe* 
ttf this Act Required to be done and performed by them respccfr 




Ively BE TT'EXACrrED by Uie AullioHty 'Aforesaia TbftT tEe 
eiiid CutumiESurieBSball beailon*<Hlto ilctaio io Uicir tuuids Uu) 
Bum of Two l*oiiDd» on Everj- Hundred PoDDds ihoy sbaU im 
ploy by virtoe ot this AcS and in that proportion for a givatiT 
or lesser Hum aa a Kewurd for Uielr Care and Trouble io tlie 
wTeral and lEotK-rtivo tSurvious hcn.*b; required to be dous and 
jHTformed by cbem 

A>U He it further Ennrfwl by Uie Antliority Aforesaid That 
tbe aforefiaid Sercral euma of Money directed to be | to the 
before tueDtioned Cooiuiiiti<arle« Shall lie jwild by the Treanurer 
at Such times and in Sucb prupurlioos as shall be thought 
»ces8ary and K.'ciiedieDt hy bis Excellency tbe Goveruor ot^t 
i*uuimaDder io cIiU.-f for the lime Iwing by and wijh tbe advii-e^ 
and Conaeul of his Majesties Council of thia Colony for perfonn- 
iDg the seTcral and lU^jM-ctive services directed by this Act. 

A^D be it further Eniu-tcd by the authority aforesaid 
the ROld Commisaiiries F^hail be and hereby are impon'ered 
apply all such Smo or sums of Money Clothing or other Neces- 
sary's as are Still in their Hoiids trna])plled or undispoaed ot^ 
of the Sereml Hunie directed to be p'<iid unto them nod Clolhin^H 
and other Neeessary'a to he provided by tliem by Virtue of aa 
Act I^ntitulcd "Au Aot to hjii'Iv sevM-ul Sums of MwK-y for tbe 
** payment and Clothing of the Forces In the Pay ot this Colouji 
"and for diR^-harflny llie S.-veraI PiiWIck l>ebt» iheivin MeQ^| 
"tioned" Passed in the Thirtieth Year of liis irrewnt MnjesdenH 
Bel^n towards Paying and <-'K\'hinR the Pon'es directed to be 
provided for by this Act Anything In the sold Act to tlie Cc* 
trary Noiwllhatanding 

AND be It furtlier Enaeted by the antliority aforesaid Tiat 
tbe Treasurer shall out of the Fund AtureKaid Pay unto one 
Able Surgeon t'l Im> appointed by his Exeellency the Covemor or 
Commander in Chief for tbe time being provldlnx ItiutHelf with 
Two able nnd ^nfflcient As.'tlstauts Io attend tbe Aforesaid 
Forces Twenty Two Sbllliogs per Diem for the Time that be 
Shall Actually attend ihe enid Forces not exceedlus HeTcn 
Mfoths to Commence from the (trsi l>ay of April Neit I'l 
a proper Certificate of his Kerriee fr«m the Commandins ofDi: 
of the «aid Forces. And unto the Paid Surgeon to jirorido hit 
self with a proper Chest of MMliciues and for the nae of bt 
Instruments for the Aforesaid K»enioe the further sum of Or 
Hundred Pounds. 



Kid be It rartlicr Enacted br thp aotliorit.v Afon^snlfl tlial 
tbe Trm»urrr sluill ki-up i-xact Books of the Pa^tnt-Qta be is 
dbnrted to Make b; Virtue of this Act And n true and Jtiitt 
Acet tliereuf Render mum Until to tbc Governor or Commaoder 
Eo cfacif for the time being to the Coundl and la tlii> rtenuial 
Auctubljr nrljea bjr them or on; of tbcui thc-reuoto niiuircd. 

[CnAPTER lOiO.] 

fOttpCer 1010, of Tan Sctraack, nii<l ctia|>tcr 113 (vol. 2) of LlTln(Ston 
A Bnli^ wlwrD iIm Utlo only is primod.l 

Ad Act for the Bpcedy and Effeetnn! 
Recruiting the Forres to be furniabed by thi» 
Colnujr to Art iu (.'onjuuvtioa with hi» 11» 
Jtsties Reguliir Troups and those of the 
UelRbboiiring Coloaj's a^-niiitst the Subject* nf 
the Fremh King 

[fswed, Pebroarr 20, ITuTJ 

WHKREAS it appears XecesKirj for hia MajeiiUes eervice and 
the BecoritT' and safety of tliltt Colony that tber<> be au Aug- 
nratinoD nuide to the Kurees now is the Pay of this Colony 
o( Two CoiMpUiU CoiniNiiiU'* of one IIundi-Ml effeclive Sleu 
EKch OOrers Included And that the Eight Couipanteti already 
niaed and Now in (he Pay of tills Colony be omiipIoaTed to 
Ibrir full Conii>1im<^iit of one Hundred Effective Men Each in- 
dadiDg o(Di-«T» to Act io Coiijunctlon witli hla Majesties KogU' 
hr IVootta and Uiokc of the Neigh bourlni; Culouy's azuinst 
the Subjev-ts ot the French King And It may so bapjM-n ihiu a 
Soffident Nnniber of Voluulemt may not olTer so Hoou a« the 
Bcnrice may require their Entering upon Action 

BE IT THEKEFOUK Ena<-ted hy his Excellency the Got- 
«rnor the t^ouocil and the General Assembly and it ia hereby 
Enacted by the .\uthnrity of the t^ame That ss c^oon as tt Shiill 
Appmr to his Excellency the Governor or Commuuder is Chief 
for the time being that the said Two Addilionul Companlea of 
one Hundred i-ffective Men Each Offli-era Indudetl c;iniiut be 
timely Coinplettted and the other Ei^^ht Coiupaoies Itecmitcd 
to their full Cnmplluu'nt by Volimteers it Shall and may b© 
LAwfoll for his ExcelleQcy the Governor or Commaader Id 
Clitef for the time being and b« ia hereby Impowered and 
authorised to S«upp!y the T>etti!ency by Detiichmenta from the 
IDUtu at tkia Oolooy ALWAVS PROVIDED that do mon 



Men shall be detarhcd from tbe Sereral Cit,v'8 and C(raat.v'i 
of tUU CvlODj- to Coui|>l««t the said Two AddiUonal CumiHUiies 
thsn acL-vrtJing to tbe following proportioiiit VIZ't. — 

from OiK Citjr aad Couotf of ^Nc-w York Tweut; £l|;bt E 
fctftiTe Uen 

Frgta tlie Citjr and Coimty of Albao; Thirt; foar Effective 

From Kingd County Five Efft-ctire Men 

From Quwiis CouHy Tweulj- five flTwIive Men 

From Suffolk County Twenty Ave Effectire Men 

From RirJiniond County Five Effective ili-n 

From Wc-stiliwflcr County T«-entj Ei^lii i:iTcctive Meu 

From Dalcbess County Twenty Seven Effective Mtai 

From CIsler County Fourteen Effective Men And 

From Orange County Xlnt^ Effective Men 

AND in caxe it sbull 1iu^ir-u that tlie Eight Companies itl- 
ready raised in tlie Pay of tlilg Colony cannot be timely Re- 
cruited to iJu-ir full Comiilimtiit by Voluntccra it Kliali iind tuay 
be LAwfull for his F;xc«'llt-nty the Governor or Commuuder 
Cliief for tbe time being to Supply tiie Deficiency by Detnel 
meuts from ttie Militia of tlie several (Mty's asd County's of 
Colony accoi-ding to tka aforamid proportions and not oi 

A\D be it fnrtlier Enacted that no Person or Perwonn w' 
ever Is or are by Ihin Act Exempted from bein^ dcUtcbed for 
tbe serrlce required by this Act Except ITie several lirancbes 
of the lA'psluliire and their Necciwury offii-i^Ts llis Majc^tEeB 
Attorney tJenenU Tlie Colony Treasurer Uigli PlioriffB and 
Clerlis of City's and County's Maifistrntes Ulni»tor8 of the 
Gospel and Pereons under Sixteen or Above sixty Years of afje 
Any thing cowtjilned In any Act or Xcts for R<-siilatiug; the 
Uilitia of this Colony to the Contrary Notwithstanding fl 

And be It fnrlher Enacted by the nuthoriiy sforexald tha^* 
the 8ovenil and rcvpertive Colonels or next Cotnnuinding olBcers 
of the Several and ReapecUre ReRiments of Militia within this 
Colony Hhall forthwith After Recei^InK hiit Exeellen<y> orJera 
for Detactiing the Number of Men Wantlni: Accordlnn to the 
Aforesaid proportionB f^end tfv all the Capiuins or Nt-xt Com- 
nandiag olBoer* of atl the several eom|>an!es as Well Itegi- 
nrnted as UnRegimented Troops of Horse included of the said 
Several and Respective County's to attend tbem. at aacb time 



■a3 ptace OS (he stid Colonels or Kest Commanding ofllcera 
•ball Ap|K>inI witli the aever&l and rcHpectU'e LUU on Oath of 
ttdr Compaaics and oT cvcrjr Oliicr [H.-r«oa in Uieip District ob 
B*«t not KxennniMl by thia Act From which li*ts the SeTCMil 
nd Bospcctire Colonels or next Coiomandiug oflkers togftfaer 
with tbe other Field officers shall proportion the Number of 
ili'a to be fiirnished by Eacli Comjiaiiy Itcspeclively According 
to the Numbers CoDtniued in the said Lists And tbe said riev- 
cnl ud Bespectire t;aptains or ><est Comnuuiding ofncers for 
(be Bcspcclire County's and lUe several and U^-spectlve Captains 
or next Commanding officers with tlie ossistiiiice of a Field 
oOcer for the CUj of New York sliall wlUiln six Days there- 
liter take tlio proper Measure for Detaching the Number Al- 
lotted to Each Company respectively by snch time as Shnl! be 
Rppolotcd by hU ExeellL-ncy the GoTcmor or Commander in 
ehlef for the time iK-ing for that Purpose Fjich Able bodied 
Van who 81iall bt-rure tlie i>ald Det^idimouts be >(8'le Entet 
Voluntarily Into the Baid Ber\'ice out of any of the Baid Com- 
pany'* to Ite allowed pari of llie Quota of Snoh roinpany And if 
any Uispote Shall Arise amonf; Any of (he said Company's oon- 
eeming the Number of Volunteers Enlered into the said service 
•at of the said Company's tlie name sluill be examinni into and 
tully m-ttled Ity Ihe Iti-sjuxllve t'oloiifta or other Ffi-ld oDiccTS 
•f the City or County where tbe dlKpnto mny Arise 

And be It furlher Enarted by the Authority Aforeeaid TUa* 
ttben any of ttie ^aid Captains or Next Commanilias Odicerg^ 
ahall order iheir Comiraniea to Hovi in order to raiae the Quota- 
of Ueo Allotl^-d to them r.eKpoetlvely Every Person I>nely 
mrned to appear eitlier personally or by Notice left at bis place 
9t Bcsldemv not only those b^loii^ng to the said Respectire 
Company's bnt Such otiiera as Reside wilbln the Said Beat or 
Pii^trirt not exempted by this Act Who Ehall not attend at such 
time and plaee as tiliall bo Appointed by the said Captain oi« 
eext Commandiug officer rt-sixxUvcIf shall forfeit and Pay the 
Sum of Ten Pounds. 

AND be it fnrtlier Enacted by the .Authority Aforesaid ThaS 
If any Person or PerM>n8 so l>«*tfl('lied shall Refii«o the Said 
Seniee he or they bo Refusing shall be deemed DESERTERS 
■nd shall be pn^-eeded Against and punished Accordingly 
ALWAYS PROVIDED that it Shall and may be Lawfnll for 
the I'eraoD so Detached as aforesaid to procure on Able Bodied 



Man to go !d his Room and Stead And on bin producing Sncb 
to the officer or offitws iip|K>inl«.-d to Command the ComiMmjr In 
«-liich tlie wiid Detiich<-d Terson was to go or to the Perron or 
P<>r£on8 appotitted to Uuitlcr tbo said 31en he tbe said Uufached 
Person Shall be dischaj-pttl from that sen-ice. 

AND be L* tnrther EuiiiU-d by tlie Authoi-itj Aforesaid That 
If any Person or PersooB within tlila Colony »hul1 after the 
orders for mnking the wid IH-twhtnentR dhall be issuwl anA 
before the Said Detachnu-nts be< «mi>ie«ti><l be found In any part 
of this Colony to which t]iey do not belong and shall not be able 
to render a Satisfactory Account of biui or themselves and tli« 
I{uKiiio»« he or Ihey are upon to the Ca|»*Jiin of tbe District or 
Bent within whose llmlta Ihey shall be found it Shall fln4 May 
be I^Awful) for such Cuptain or xiexf. Couimojidlng ORIocr to 
Iietiich Mcii iterson or Person on the aforesaid Serrio» a» part 
of the nnniher which be Is to furnish out of his Company. 

AND be it further Knacted by Ibe autborily aforesaid Th: 
tn Case any I'erson or Pei-sona whatsoever shall Harbour Secj 
or Conceal any Pei-son IK-taz-hed or inllst^-d a* aforciaiid an 
absenting himself from the said Service he she or ihey 
OfTendlnjt shall forfeit iho »am of Twenty Pounds 

AND be it further Enacted by the Anlh^ty Aforesaid Tha 
If any Pe:-(wn or I'erjioiis whafs<H?ver shall directly or tndir«ct)y 
obstruct tbe said Detachments l>eing made or shall diffconra«e 
or hinder any Person from inlistin;; Voluntarily into the said 
Pervli-e or Shall ander any pretence Wtuit^iever ollterwlse ihan 
by due prrtco*s of Law detain any Ruch Person who BbiillTiere* 
after lulist Voluntarily or be detached the anid Service tho' 
tlie Bald Person be servant or Ajipn'mii-e he she or they bo 
Offendlnc Shall Resp«'ctivel.v Forfril the Snm of Fifty Ponads. 

AND be it further Enacted by the authority aforesaid 
If any Captain or Next Commandlnir officer of a Cmnpony 
Klililia or any person properly Authoriziti to inllsl Volunti?e 
on the aforesaid Serviw <(r receive the Persons detached aba 
he proftpciitetl by any Master or Mii!tre«i of n aervanl or « 
prentice for delachln]; or lutisftnj; IiIh her or their servant or ap- 
prentice into the aforesaid Service or for KtrtiunlnR them in the 
•aid Service U shall and may be linwfnll for nnch omrer Po 
IMnchfnp or sinh Person Po IntiKlIni; or Ri^-lnltilnc Rurh fWl^ 
rant or Apprentice to Plead the Oeiieral Ikbiis AND (rive Chtfl^ 
Act In Evidence and the plnlnrlff or Plaintiffs In such Salt or 
Snlts Shall not HeeoTcr Id any Boch Bulu but Pay all Cost* 



!&XD be It fnrtlier Enat-ted hy Itii' fluthftrit.v aforesiild Tbiit 
■o more than ony I'tT»«n out of a Family atuill be dctiicb-^ 
ami when* an.r one of a Family sball before tbe said Detachments 
be uMnplt^ati-d ruter Volunlarily lulu llio iinid yvrviw uo oue 
iball be detached out of such Fuuiilj Lodgura to be accouulvd 
BO psrt of BQcb Family 

AND be it furtiicr Kuactfd by the aiilbority urorcsaid That 
If any Ctilont-I or Fii-ld ofllciT shall nc^lfict or omit to do what 
Is Eojorned falm or (hem by thU Act tkey Rball respectively 
forffit the sitm of One hundred Poundii And any Cuplain or 
gulKiIlcni officer or ofUcers who itlinll Dej;lei;t to do what 1b 
Enjoyoed him or thpin l»y tbt8 Act Ho or they «ball rwipecUvely 
forfeit the sum of Hfty Pounds Atid every oon Couimis8ion-.>d 
offlrer who shall omit or ne^flect the service reijuiii:^ of Idia 
by b[« Captain or next mmmi^ndiug officer in Exti^uting thh Act 
•lull rewptTtivi'ly forfeit the Sum of Twenty five Pounds All 
which Forfeiliires and aV. other Porfelinrea laid hy thin Aet 
kfaill be im III fil lately U-vied on (bo Ooodx and Chaltles of (lie 
Defanlters Kespectively *»r the Goods and Chatties of their 
Parenis Alaolci-s or MlMn^n^es by Warrant or Warrant)! Tanned 
hy one of the Judges of the Inferior Conrlfi of Common Pleaa of 
the re»j"eciive County or Coiiniyit where the said Forfeit'ire 
dull ArlM- or hy oue of (he Jnil):eM of the Supreme C-ourt in Uic 
City of New York on due proof lliercof made before bira Whi«h 
Warrant* «liall te diriH-ted to and Executed by the ShetllT or 
fiheriffs of tlie sCTpral Ci(y's and C-ounty'a respectively The said 
'. ires when Levitd shall be paid inio the bands of the 

^ ., i^ora of llie wiiiJ Ue!*pwtive Couutys or (he City Treaa- 
■rer of the Wty of New York and bo by them applied Ui the 
Bepaymeot of such sum or sums of money as the I'eople of Ihe 
Nitl City or Coiinly'tt ret<|H^i-tively shnll ralsa l>y Voluulary 
Contributioos Among theinKelves for Kncouraglntc able Uodiei] 
Mett to inlist Voluntarily into the aforesaid Service in Soib 
Buner ba tbey (he (uiid 8iipervtiM)rs or Mayor and Aldermen 
of the City of New York llcTpi-etively shall Judge Equitable 
And where no conds or Chatties are to be found the Defaulter 
or Defaulter* Khali Im? Committed to Goal there to Remain With- 
mt Bail or Mainprize for the spaec of six monthn or untill the 
■aid Forfeitures with all Costs aud Cborgea attending the samo 
ihall be fully faid 


'AND that noneo/ tls'Majestios Siibjpcta who arc Ini-lioefl U 
go upon tliu Semce aforesaid niny Ik* impeded or Dobartvd fronil 
Entering VoluDtarily Ihert-in BEIT ENACTED by the aatiorltT 
Aforefiaid Tbal no person who Bball iDlist or Enter himself qa 
Volaatcer in the said Service siiall during the itauie be liu)>I^B 
to be taken thervfroni by any Process or Ext'cution Whatsoever 
other than Tor some Criminal mnllor unlP!>s for a Debt or other 
just Cause of Actfoo and uuk*** before the Taking oct of inch 
Procesa or Execution (Not beinj* for a Criminal matter the Plain- 
tiff OP PlaiotiEfH therein or Rome oth^r person or Persons on bli 
OT their behalf ithall make afliiiavit before one or more Judi^ 
or Judges of the Court of Record or otlier Court out of whtcli 
Bnch procfsfi or Execution tibull Ifnuc or t^efore ttome Person 
Authorized to take affidavits in Purti Courts that to his or 
their Knowledge the original Hum Justly due and owing io 
the PiaintifT or Plaiiitiffs from the Defendant or Defendan 
In the Action or Cause of action on which such proo' 
shall Issue or the Original Del)t for wiiioli such Executioi 
Khali be Issued out Amounts to the Value of tlfty Pounds Cnr 
rent Money of the Colony of New York over and above all Coats 
of «uit in the same Action or in any other Action on which the 
same has been or shall br- grounded A Memorandum of wblc 
Oath shaJI be mnrkrd on thf l>ack of sucli i)roce«« ur Writl Foi 
which mpmomndum or Oath no Fee aljali tw taken And if any 
Person shall Nevertheless be Am>sted contrary to the Inten; 
of this Act It shall and mny be Lawful! for one or more Jnd 
or Judges of such Court upon Complaint made thereof by the 
Party himself or by any of bis Snperlor officers to Examine Into 
the same by the oath of the parties or otherwise and by Warrant 
nndi'r bis or their IlandR and seals 1o dhoharge Huch soldier so 
arrested or detained Contrary to the Intent of (his Act withont 
paying any Pee or Pees npon due proof made before him or 
them that such i«oldit>T so (irrcsted or detained was din-ly In 
Usted for the scrvic* aforesaid and was arrested and Itotiincd 
Contrary to the Intent of tlilR Act 

AND be It Enacted by (br anthority aforesaid Tliat any Per 
■on or Persons who are willing to inliat and shall Acconlingly 
Inllst for the acrvlee aioivsnid who are now detained In Qoa: 
npon Eiecntion or any Process in any Civil Action Wherein Ih 
Original Cause nf Action did not amnnnt to thi^ snm of Fifty 
Pounds shall upon producing a Certificate of snch his or their 
lalUtment to an; Judge or Judges of the Court from wbence 





thA I 



pTDCMfl Tiwnod be dlsclargod from Tmprlitonm^nt wUVouy 
i-fWyiDg Fee* PROVIDED XEVKItTIIKI-Et^S llmt soch cliscliarge 
■hull not bo df^cmed an Extinguisbnient of an; iiucU Debt but 
tiat any Plaintiff or PlalntUlB mn.r be st lIlK-rtj- to prooood to 
Jud^incnt and Exii-'uliou ugainst the Goods of iin_T Such Defcnd- 
•nt and also Agsiioiit their I'eriian or I'ctsour After Ue or Uiej; 
■tuill be dincliiirjrt^ from the said Senii!«^ 

AUli be It Enacted b.v tbe Aiitborltv aforc-Ratd Ibat no Penon 
or Persons wliulsot-vor who Shall Voluntarily inlist into tbo 
•vrrjce aforesaid shall be detaint^ therein longer than one Tear 
«r be liable to he imprfSJied or Delachod ui>oa nn^ Fututo 
Gerrice before the End of Two yeara thei-eaflir 

A^'D 10 tbe Knd tliat no ih^i-kuiik may be Ki^'ut on the aforesaid 
•errtce bot Buch as are able bodied and fit for tbe Duty ex- 
pected from them UK IT ENACTEtl by the aiithiiiity Aforesnld 
tint as well those that Knter Voluntarily aa tboiu^ tliat may be 
DETACHED sliall be Mustered Viewed and Examined by sucb 
Person or Persona and at such time and place aa bis Exwlleni-y 
tht (Jovernor or Comuiunder in CUi*!f for the lime belnR ShuH 
Appoint And la Case any of tbcm be found on euch Exiiminu- 
tSoa unflt for siioh Senice the Company or Company's Pro- 
4ndnff such nnilt Person or Persons shall be obltaed to supylj; 
tliHr places wicb other fit and able Bodied Men 

And >>e it further Kniicted by the Aufhorily ATorcaald thai 
all tbe Forces detached or Raised by virtue of tbls Act sliaJI 
br tobject Id all Cases to tbe like paius and Peualliea as Ftie 
clber Forcea raised in this Colony and now in the Pay thereof 
aubject and liable to 

[CIIAPTEn 1041.] 

ininpfiv IfMI. of Tan S<-h3sdt. and cbaplcr 119 <vcil. 2) of I.trlamMos 
A SnUUi. wticro Ui« tltl« onlj- U priutiil. CuuiUiUL-d tij cbuptcr lUOL] 

'An Act for regulating the Pilots, and 
Gstablisbini; their Piloluge between ^ndy: 
Hook and the Por.* of New York, and other the 
Purposes thei-elu Mentioned 

IPivMCfl, Keibmary 20, ITSTJ 

WHERKA8 the Bubjeetlnp lUe Pilots of the Port of New 
Tork 10 proper Hegnlations will tend greatly to the aafetj tuid 
Cooreaienc; of the Navigation ^o and from, tbe said Port 






sucb J 
i. orlj 

BE IT TIIEREFORE ENACTED bj his Exocirency the Gor- 
ercor the Council and the (ienerul Asat^mbty and it ia ber<-b7, 
Enacted by tlw- Autliorii; uf the Mine Tbut it mbull nod mn.v be 
Luw-rull for the Goveroor or CommaDder in chief of this Co'ou; 
(or the time being by and with the advice and Const-nt of hia 
SlajesUes Council to appoint one fit and proper Person to be the 
Uiii<ii-r, And Ihrre or iiioi-e fit and I'mprr IVrsond to V> ihe 
Wardt-na of the naid I'ort of New York Wh'> shall be calL-d b/, 
the name or stile of zhe Master and WarilenB of the Pori o( 
!Nen* York; And in like uiunuer to appoint aoj Co:nnii»!'L<>iiate a 
Sufficient Xuniber of Peraonn to be Branch PJlola for the raid 
Port who kLuII lie and heri'bv are hiipowereil lo Appoinr Finch M 
one Ilcputy under them. I'KOVil>ED that no pL-rson ehull ^ 
faereafber be Commit>«(ioaated as a Hranoh Pilot or appointed K 
lk-pul,r Pilot auiill be vliull hare bei-n Examin;^-d b*-rorc. aai 
Obtained a CVrlificale of his being diiely QuaJified for emb 
ofllce Dnder Uie Ixindx and fOflis t>f the Miutter and Wardens 
the »iid Port, or anv ibn-e or more of tUom. And if any Per 
not so CommiHsionuI<'d or appoiim-d ftlintl Pilut any 8hip 
Vessel ^ing into or out of (lie stUd Port from or U> Handy Hook, 
nbeu a Branch or Deputy Pilot OCTcre, iwicb peraou shall FurfelC 
aud Piiy the ttuui of Fi^e I'ouud«, 

AXli be it Eoaeted thai the several Etranrb Pilots of jbc said 
I'ort f^ilalt each at bis own t'X]>encc liud and provide one gi^od 
and ])ropfr suilini; Iloaf fit for the sea and one Row'ug fl»»ai: 
and at all (Inies between the drat I'ay of starch and the Urrt 
l>ay of November they tihiill k(^^> ul least tvo of the said sail- 
Boats at or Near i^andy Uivk, one of which Rlmll always, when , 
the weather pennils. be at (tea wiihoiil the ll<K<k wilU a Pil <t,fl 
ready lo go on lUnird any \'e««el n|H>ariog in the oHlnR: And" 
stiali Also, at all times belviL'i'n the first Day of November and 
tlic first Day of March keep at U-a»t Iwo \VhaJe Boaiti ai or 
Xear l^andy Hook for the more ready piillini; Pilots on Bonxd o 
taking jhem off from any VesEcl coming into or going out o 
Fort- And there sliall lie always AllcudinR nr It(-»,idfnt at or 
year the North Kafi Point of Saudy Himk, at least one Itrantb 
and Two Deputy Pilots unless otlu^rwise imployed ia Piloting 

AND to Eaoblp the snld Branch Pilots to defray such 7t*oe< 
■Wy Cliarges and to encoura^- them to gi^-e a due and Itegul 
Attendance BE PT ENACTED Tha( from and After the Pub- 
lication of this Act all Vessels bound Into or out uf the Port of 

:ir ■ 




yew Torfe through tbe Channel of Pan'Iy TlooV, IT<>«!*18 tmfler 
the buribfU of Fift.v Tods CaKPENTEIW Tonajje, Inniing 
Coast wise between New York tuii) Bout h west won! as fur as 
('.i\ie Fear Inclusive Kxwptn-ill »Iiiill be subject to Ilecxnve on 
lh>unl a rilut. and if a I'ilot otli^rs lus Pcrvire, the Mnsler of 
evt;r,v sudi Vessel sball be liable to i'ay the rilulii)te as shall 
be Established in pursuance of this Ao£. PKOVIUED that In 
Case the Veswia bound iDto tbe I'orl of Ni-w York, if the 
Pilot doc* nut Board tbe Vessel or offer his S^Tvioe without 
Bsndv liook he sboll be Intitules) to no moro Duui biilf I'Uot- 
Sffp, If not U-fure bIic Knlrrs Ihe Clmnuel betwM-n tbi- Kiist and 

IKfSt Ltank then be shall be Intitled to no Pilotage at all on- 
Ksa bv Agreement wltb Ibc Mnsler 
I AXf> be it Fnacted thnt if any Ttrunoh Pilot or his Deputy 
tfiall Xegle<'t or refuse !o give all Itie Aid and amlstunw ta 
Ua Power to any ship or Vi-sxel u{N.-urluK in dUtroM on Ihe 
Coast, or in want of a Pilot, aueh Bruneh Pilot. If the Governor 
or Commander tu chief willi the advict> and <'uiiRt-Rt of the 
COant-ii shall think lit. shall forfeit his i!runoli. Or be fiued ut the 
dlsrreiioo of tbe Master and Wai-dena aforesaid, or any three 
or morv of thein not exoeediug tlie «iiin of Tfu pounds; Whkli 
ckid Master and Wanlcns or any lUr«« or more of tliein are 
hm-tiy impowervd lu impoite such Flac: And also to M»ki- Kucb 
Pnidentlal lEuIes and orders ito bu approved of by Uie Uoreraor 
ar (.'oinmJUider in chief with the advice and L'oiiseut of the 
'ounrlD for Ibe better Reflating the paid Pilots, as lli«7 shall 
'Jtiil^re Xei'f-Hsary and Kxpedit-nt And tu inip(vs<- and loy any Fine 
for the l!ri-uv'li of suvh Rules and oriiers not exceeding tlii; 
flDin of Ten Pounds. 
AXU be it further Enacted by the authority aToreftuid That 
e Rates and Pitolagp to N- deniandi'd taken and Heieived by 
rh Pilots for Piloting or being present offerini; to Pilot, (Eat- 
[It as iR'for*' Ext'epie<l| Every Veiwel fnwa and without Sandy 
ook into the Port of New York And from the said Port T>own 
to Handy Ilook so far as tlie Vtwsels may proce<"<I anfely to 
shall be settled fix«-d and Hscertalned by the said Muster 
•1 Wanlens, so appointed who are hereby iniponered to alter 
id vary tJie t^hl lliites during the Continuiioce of tlJs Act. 
«> may be found most ExpedU-nt and just in order to have tbcm 
(tied hereafter by the Legislature on a solid and proper Foondn- 
tlon. Whii-h Pilotage so estabUslied by the Slafter and Ward- 
aforesaid Bhall and may be llvcoTered before the Mayor 



more I 

D<»piity Mayor « Recorder of tlie City at New Tort who ar« 
hereby respwtively impowei-ied and authorized to iivsi Try 
and DiMertuioe any Dispute or Controrcrs.v concerning Ui« 
name in a sumioary Way aiid to award £xet:ution then-upoB 
with Co8t« of Huit. 

A-ND WUEUEAS this act ia Calcalated and intended 
iinmedia.t)ely fur tbe ailvunla^e urni J'tewrvation of Stmiisers 
than Ve«8(U belonging to (his Port, the Uaxtens of which are 

.many of them able luid Kx[>iTieR(it'd I'ilolx Hiiil rt'ijiiire little or 
BO assUtiuice BK IT KKACTED That if the Maslvr of awy 
Vessel beloDgins to. or owned in thia Port SHALL chaae 1o 
bring up or carry down blx own VeK»el witLutit the amUliin<H- 
of a Pilot he shall not l>e obliged to Pay more than tlie one half 
of the Eitfabliiibed Kutes nor b« Plble to any Gxtrnordtmtry 
a'.Iowance that may be charged upon Eaeh Vessel from the Drst 
l>ay of NowniluT to Hie Firsi Day of March any tbitig in lUia 
act to the controjy Xotwlthiitanding 

AND to Ihe end llie fniil Ma»lor and Wardens may be dlnln- 
terestcd and im[>artiiil DirL-c'toriiu»by ihis Act isinfended liU IT 
ENAfTKFI that Neither of (hem ao lon^ nx they are Imployed In 
thin Trust shall be directly oi- indirectly Cuncerned in any PH"t 

'Boat or wIUi any i»ersou whatever C'unimiti&iuued as a Urunch 

RE IT ALSO EXACTEn tliat \\\f Tlranch Pilots of the Port 
of New York Alrvndy Appointed shall within one Month After 
tJie Pablii-allon hereof and the Uranch Pilots her-^after to lie 
appointed fhall before they take upon tliem the Bx'-cution of 
iineh ofHro resfpeelively enter Into Ib-cnsitlr.ance with Two wiffl- 
clent Knri-tiett to l»e Apprnvi-d of by llie Mauler and Wanlenn 
Aforesftid or any three or more of them In the penal nam of 
Fifty Poiin.lo Current M<Miey of tbix Colony CONDITIONED 
that unch I'ilnt xhall and will in all ihiniis iHlii;enlly and faith- 
fully iiPrfnrm and Execute the Tniwt reposed in him Awordlnj 
to the directions, true Intent, and Mi-aninf; of this Act And 
Aci-nnllnu to Kueh orders and Direi-tiitn« as be »hall from lime 
to time receive fniin the said Master and Wardenti of the I'ort 
of Xew Tort or any three or more of them. And on breach of 
onrh Tlecojml'ianee the reime shall and way Iw pnt in Siill at tbe 
reqneril of any parly complainius Who eliall Ite intitled to and 
RecfHre snch part of the penalty If reeovered, na shall 
Awarded and determined by ilie said Master and Wardens or 



■ay 11ir«« or more of them Who are hereliy Authorized to lalia 
OBfEnlroiicc of sucb Atiittor und Awurtl the dimiai^'s AceuMIn^ly 
PIIOV1DE0 ALWAYS that if Uie Branch IMlot Bo offtfnding 
Aall Pay to the party Aperfc^-wl Such Damafp^ as shall bo 
Xmtwmei by th« tiuid Uajtter and Wardens, or any tbrvc or mure 
of Ibem, with the Co«t« Accrued the proctieditigs apou hU 
BMOftntumce shall be t^tareil or diotrontinued 

AND BE IT EKACTKO thul the Maslt-r and Wardens of Uie 
rort of >'ew York for the time being, iihall be and they or any 
two or more of them nre hereby Aiipotntod Bnrvcvors for the 
nirvrring of all Damaged Goods brought into the said I'ort in 
loy thip or \*(>i<«el And in like mniiner with the MHistanct- of 
on«? gr more able Cari>enter or Car|M.'nler8 to Surrey ail VegiM-I» 
ihat ahull or may 1»p l>efiued or thoajihl iiulU to prowod lo Siti 
And tlKrrnpon shall give proper Certificates under their Hand* 
nd aeals as the Matter shall Appear to them, nn Rutr}' thereof 
titer shall Cause to be made in a Ltooli to be kept for that pur- 
puse For which Certiflcite and Entry their Cleric shnll be In- 
tituled to (he Fee of Eight Hhillln^ and no Atore. And no Surh 
Surrey ON aaeh Goods or Vessela p<>rformed or Made in any 
«<her Uonner tlian is herein diivvtcd aad preitcribed shall be 
Valid or AQthentiek 

HE IT FCKTHKR ENACTED that before the wild Master or 
Wardens enter upon the Execution or disrharge of the said 
sffio* they shall severally lake an Oath before one of the •Indues 
Bt the Supreme Court of this Colony in the Words fotlowlnft that 
U m 8ay L A. K Will Well trnely and impartially aceordiu^ 
to the best of my Skill and Understanding execute llio powera 
V>«t«-d In Me by Virlne of An Act of the Colony of New York 
Eniilnlcd "An Act for Iteynlating the I'llots and EstabllshinK 
(Iicir I'ilotage between Sandy Uoofa and the I'urt of New York 
and other the parpo«es therein Mentioned" SO HELP ME GOD 

AND be It further Enacted that the said Master and Wardens 
■hall kit'p an ofBce in the City of New York and provide and 
Keep a Clerk and a proper Itook or Books and therein shall Oaase 
Ke;nilar «nd Fair Entries to lie made of all their Transiadions 
nd proceedings in Virtue of this Aet (o which all pi-rsons may 
kare Recourse And all the XneA and Forfeitures Arising by this 
Art aluill and may be aaed for and Recovered by and In tha 
Same ot Uie Said Clerk before the Ma^'or or Keconlcr or any one 
.VoL IV. 23. 



6t' ihe 'Aldermpn of llio City of New Vort.'Who are hpr^Bj 
Aiitliorined and impowered 1o hear naU Delcriutne tlie «aine.1 
And all the Raid Fines and Forfeitures and sucb part of Ibe 
pi'Dttll; of any Hecognizant^ recovered and Unapplied an Aforr- 
B:iid sUall be paid iulo the Uunds of llie said &liit(U-r and 
Wardens or of anjr three or more of thera And by them apjilvt'd 
towards defrnvinR aui'li Newswirj" ExiM-nee* as they sbuH bO 
|iul to in the DiKcLargc of the Trust repo«ed in them. 

AND be It also Enai-red by the aullioHly nfort-Kaid That dur- 
ing' the Continuance of this Act it shall and may be Lawful! for 
the Go¥emor or Commander In ehlef of this Colony for the time 
bi-ing by and vtth the adrice and Consent of liis Majesties 
Council to appoint so many Branch Pilots ag shall be .)ud;:i>^^ 
Necemary for the safe Piloting of Vessels (when reqiiired]^ 
throngh the Channel in the East River Commonly called HKLL 
GATE to and from the I'ort «f New York The Master and 
PtV'ardens as aforesaid to establish the Pilotat^e and also to make 
Pi'i'h Rules and Rt-j;ulaiirtn« for the ordering and direction of 
the said Pilots as shall be Necessary and Expedient. 

This act to be and Continue In foree from the Publication 
hereof untlll the fintt Pay of Slarrh whieh will be in the Yt 
oar of Loi-d Ou« thousand seven Uu'udred and Flfly Elgbb 

tCHAPTER 1042.1 

rOiai>ter 1M2. of Vaa Sehaack. wbw* thi> llllft only ta i>rtnl<>d. Clai 
ter 120 (voL 2i of UvtnirKlna &, Smith. whMt' Uu act la prlnicU la toO. 
e«c cbaiiter 073. CoatLaacd bj ebapter liHO-l 

'AN Act to Amend an Act Entltuled "Xli 
\Kti for Re;;ulatiug the Miliija of the Culony of 
Kew York ' 

(Faased, I''el)niar7 26. t7ra,] 

•WHEREAS Id and by llie aforesaid Act it ia provided an 
diai'ied that at the Ikiit-one therein Appointed to be Ererted 
a Owaid or Wad-h shall be kept to give notice of the Appronc 
of any Enemy by S«?a Whenever the Governor or Comumnile 
In chelf for the time being Shall think proper lo order and direct 
Ihe Same Suob Watch to Consist of Detachments from the 
Slilitia of the Several C^inty's whert-in the aald Beacons are 
appoin1<-d to be Erected But it beinc judp-d more safe to hate 
the said Beacons f^onRtanily Watched by At Persons partjcularl 
!A|ipointed for that purpose 



BE It Enarlcd by his Expcllcnfy ilie Qovtmor the Counrll 
tad the Oeneral Assierablj- and it ia hereby Enacted b; the 
ikuthoritj of the Hime That wlK'never the Oovcrnor or Com- 

loder in Chief shall oHor such Watch to h* iicpt the C-olonel 
Next CoRiinandin^ oflicer of the Militia of the several nnil 
Brvptxtlve ConnlyH Wtu^re the Bt>aooD« arc Kre4:ted itball li« 
■ltd hereby are iini>oweri>d and AothoriEed to Appoint Two fit 
ud proper periwnH to ait<-ii(l and Watch at the Kuid Itt^'aty^iis 
for whose time and Atti'Dclance a IleaMuablo Allowaoco ahall 
be made by the Sup*>mrore of the said Several and fc'spenive 
CooDtr's who ttliull bt- arid hereby are imiiowercd and Kv<giiir>Ml 
to Cause the same to be UaUed I.e%-ied and Collected with tlicir 
other Connty Chart;eii and the said Persona bo appointed to 
natch and hai-e the can- and Cliar^i.- of (he vuid IU-ucodk shall 
do obs^rre and perform all the direetjons of the Boid Act under 
the penalty"* (herein Conlnined Any thing In the said Act to 
the Contmry Xotwfthxlandin):. 

AXD Wliereaa it ia Enacted and I>eclared in and by llie 
afore«ald Act That the Reverul Rfites renalliea Fines and For- 
feitarrs vhtch should Aniuc and grow due from the People 
called the I'nited Hrelhefen and from llie People Called Quakers 
■hotild be paid lo Iho Itexpective City or Couuly Treajsurei'S 
where the same Should Arise and that on Nonpayment thereof 
S«ch Treasnrera respei'lively Should forlhwith^e Applica- 
tion to any one Justie<^ of the l'e;i<:-u for a Warruot tu Levy the 
nme by Distress and Sale of the oCTenders Goods But It not 
being Metiltoned to whom the Said Warraiit should be dti'coled 
a donbt Las Arisc-u Touehiug the Exrrtitinn of the said Wr.r- 
rant for Clearing which Doubt BE IT EXACTED by the Author- 
liy Aforesaid That the *aid Warrjint Shall be direfted to and 
ExecDii'd by the (.Vmst allies of the restiM-ctive City's Towns Man- 
BTB or Precincts within whose limits the said I*eople dwell and 
Ecaide and the Money's levied by them Paid unto the respective 
aty or County treasuries according to the directions of the 
•aid Act And in case any of llie aoid Itate^ I'enallies Fines and 
Porfeliurea heretofore incurred remain yet unpaid the respective 
City and County Treasurers are hereby ImpowcnnJ Injoined and 
Bei|ulred to cause the same to be FORTUWITU Levied After 
the putilication of this Act 

AND WHEREAS in and by the aforeftald Act It Is Enacted 
Hid declared that WheneTer it Hhall l>e found Necessary to 
Onutftute and Appoint a Court Jdartiai in Any of the Hegl* 



monti of fhU Colony The Colonel slinl! relurn Wmwlf and lEi 
Next Copini.nnding offlcw of ttc Kcgiineot and Twenty Fonp 
oihcr Commisaioned otBe^ra of tils Ri>|i:imcnt to the Gorernor 
or CoRimander Id cliolf for ibc time being who SItall Conimls- 
siouatc uD<l<.>r the tireat Seal of tbln Colony Tlilrlfen out of 
the said Twenty bIx lo ho a Court Martial BE IT ENACTED 
BY THE At'TUOKITV AFORESAID That the raid Court ilaiv 
tial Shall Consist of Thlrlren of the Kidext of tlioM who shaU 
Attend to form the said Court Martial Any thing is the afore- 
cald Act to the Contrary NotwitliKtandlDg 


[CHAPTER 1013.1 

[Chapter IMS, of V«b Scfanaolc. irhfrc tho title only l» printrf. Oli 
tor 131 (vol. Z) of LIvlDgvlon It Smith. whiT* Uh act u glinted In liU L 
Set cl)Bi>tcc 1017. ConiiDDed by cbapt«r lOQO.J ^| 

' 'An Act to Kovlve an 'Act Eutlbilod "AJi 
"Act for the better ApprehendlUR and Seciir- 
" ing [icxeners from his Majos^ticK Fon-oj la 
** Korth- America " with an addition thereto. ^M 

n'wwd. Futirunry 26, 1757.1 

WHEREAS na Act Enlilulod "An Ai-t for the beller Appro- 
"bonding and HfciirinK I>eKerter8 from hia MajPHties Forct-a In 
"North America" made and passed in (his I*pe*«ent Thirtieth 
Year of bis MiiJeKllea Itelvm eipired on tb'' Orst Day of Jammr* 
la»1; And It Appearing Neecssary, [Mrticularty ut this Criti>:ai 
and Estraordiunry Conjuncture, that the Siitne be Revived fl 

BE IT THEREFORE Enacted by his Excellcney the Governfl^ 
the Council and the General A»ee»il)1y and il la ben'by Enarted 
by the Authority of the satne, That the aforc«alil Act Enittiile^| 
"An Act for the bi^tUT Apprebendin!" and Seeurinij D^fH.*rlvr^ 
" from hia .Majetities Forces in Noith AniiTlca " Bhall be and 
hereby is Revived and every Article Matter and Clause tfaerclD 
contained Enacted to he and remain in full Force to nil iniunta 
Conatnicliona and rurpow» Whatsoever, from the FabI !»,■«•. ion 
hereof uutill the lirat I>ay of .January whicli will lie In the Year 
of our Lord One thouanud ncveu hundred and Fifty El;:ht. 

AND be it further Enacted by llie Authority Aforesaid Thiit 
If any Oaptain of a private Vessel of War or Maater nf any 
Tradlnjf Vpiwiel Shall diirinB tlie Conilntianee of Ihln Act lalte 
«a Board and Carry oS or Transport out of this Colonx imji 


pFnrh Deserter or De«crterfi ao aro Mi-aDt luid infL-ndofl Itv (he 
Arori'saJd Act to be Appn'botnlwl eeizod AXD taken np the Said 
Penon or P«rw>D8 so ofTGOdins Khali for each Do^erter he or 
llifrKhnll SocarrvoIT Forfeit iiiid I'wj' t!ie Sum of l-'iftj Pounds 
Aod merj Boalmnn Ferr; Man or other PersoD or Persons 
wboduoever who stiall carr; Over aay River Creek ]laj or 
rerry wiCbiii this Colony op oat of Uiis into any other C«>lony 
MT Kneh T>e«erter or r)e3fTtera the Person or I'ersons no ofTtnd 
lij Shall for Each Sach Deeerter bo earried over Forfeit the 
Sdid of Ten ponnda Tlie aforetmtd respoi^'llve forfeiuireB to be 
wtcd for and Itcv^^iivered in any Court of llecord within this 
Colony by any Person or Persons who ohall sne for the same 
and appl'od In lilft her or their <ase and ]{<>neltL 

And be it Enacted that this act and the act flmt Above Men- 
ttoned Shall be and herel>y are extetnled and Shall be Oonstrned 
tt> Extend to the Forvos in the pay oS this Cuiony. 


(Cbaptcr lOM. of Tan Sc)iaa<4:. nod chapter 123 (rol. Ti of t.lTlns«toa 
* SmIUi. wh«f» tfa* tltla onl; U prliitvd. Sea cliapter lOIH Hcpealod 
br ctapto- lO&L] 

An Act to ninond an Act Enritided "An 
Act to limit and ascertain the Riitcs to be 
taken for Carriaiiies Imployed or irapresRcd la 
bia MajcsUvs Serrice in thia Colony " 

[Passed. February 2S, 1757.] 

WITEREA8 an Act Entitnled "An Act to limit and Ascertain 
"the Kates to be (uken for Cnrringos Imployed or impreHsed in 
*■ bis Majesties fienice in this Colony " passed in the Twenty 
Ninth Venj of his Majesties Rel^n In which the itates to be 
Allowed for the ii»i> of the WiisTK'*"* "ic Florxes and for the 
frrrlee of the Drive™ are not se[>arately asrerlained the Omls- 
rioo of which as tlie«ie are frequently fnml^ied by different Per- 
sons occasion" many di'xpiiti's and Contents 

nE IT TnKRFPfjRR Enacted by his Excellency the Goremor 
tb* Cooncil and the fJenemJ AsseiniWy and It is hereby Enacted 
hy the Aotbority of the same Tliat the one Third part of the 
Rate Ascertained by the afon^said Act for the Person im. 
fdoyed with a WaitROo and Two Horses shall be allowed to the 
IhiTer one fourth part to the owner of the wasKon and the 
ttcnuinder to the owner of the Uorites, except in the service 


from Flirt feSward to Fort WUliam Henry irhero the addilloi 
(Alloimnce of Two Hhiliiugs [H-r Jiiem bIuUI be dindfd betww 
the Driver of the WaRgwn and llic Owuer or Ownera of the 
norspff in two K<]ual 8li;in?8 AuWAYS l'ROViUKl> that »s 
lonR as lilt' Waggons nrrses and DriviTi do Continae In (he 
pnblicb B«n-ice a just SulMistence fur tbe Driver aad Horses 
and nepaire for the WBprg.>n shall tK- allowed from (lie pcj di 
to Each Driver U'»r«Ti und Waggon 


I fCbaptcr IW5, of Vnn Sehnn^k, wlipn> tbo Utlu only I* prlatM. Chnp-' 
tcf 123 frol. 2) of I.iTln^^NK'ii A SuilUi, irtier« Uie act Is priDlul In tull. 
SMdiaptcrs 950, DOS and 1DS5.1 

An Act to Revive an Art Entlhited "Ai 
"Act to ciiitlile the Crt-ditora of InBOlven( 
"Dobtora -who are ivilliDB to pive up theU 
"effwln to dispfliw of the Shbk- for the H4>ncrt^ 
"of the Creditors and to releaiw the Said 
"Debtors from Confinement" 

[raascd. Fcbmnry 2(V 175T.J 

WDERRAa An Art EnlKnled "An Act loennld.' thi^ Credil-xJ 
"of Involveot tK-btom who arc willing to give up I1i«lr efTet 
*to dittpose of the same for the benefit of the Creditors ntid I 
'Ti'li-nsi' the Bttid Ik'btors from Confinement" Made ami paiwi 
In the Tweiitj SinUi Year of hia Majesliea Reign expired hy it 
ovD Limitntioo (ns (o the liberlj of Cnilitors Petioning) on t 
first Day of Jannar^p last pa»t AND WriKUKAS such D«'hti> 
ore always projn^ Objects of CvnipiiKsioo and the suid Ael 
tuvioK by esperie-Dce beeu found to Answer all tbe good Ends 
and I'iirpo«*ei( liitenili-d ther«rlfy It la Coni-elved Eiiultable Ja 
and Itf-afionable that the name hUouIcI be Itevjved. 

BE IT THERKFORE ENACTED bj his Excellenej the flo 
tmnr the Couneil anu the General A»»enihly and it Is lu?ret»; 
Knaeted by the Anthorily of the same That the aforesaid A 
Cnitlnled "An Act to Enable the Creditors of Insolvent Debtors 
*• who are wlllinf; to give up tlwlr olTocIs to dispose of the Same 
" for the beneflt of the Creiliiors nnd to release the said Debtor* 
" from Confinement " Shall be and hereby Is Revived and Every 
Clause Article Matter siid thing tliereia Contaiocd Bc-enact 





■Bd Shall be and Rwnaln In full forrc in<l Virtue to all PCfENTS 
CoestructjoDs and purfvosofl vha tsoevtH- from the pnliliratioa 
bpf«»f nntlll the first Day of .lanimry Which will be in the Year 
tS our I.orJ One 1lintit>«iid Bcvcn biindr«d and sixtytbrep as to 
Ibf liberty of Cw-ditoic*- Petitioning and no longer but shall 
Ccotinne and be In foix-e a» to the Power of every Court Pcnion 
AMicnee or Assignees Appointed In Pursuance of the natd Act 
Btitill a fall and final ;icltli>Tiient and Division shall be Made bj 
Uiem AerofidinK to (be true Intent and Mi-Bninc of the Kald Act 
[notL Jumea De Lance;, Lieutenant GoTeruor.J 


(rtaptrr lOin, ftf Van ScUa^i^k. irliprc tlic Uile only !« prtnlWl. Oho^ 
Ut U'l yvoL 2) of UTirunttoa A Hmhli. wlier<> ilie net I* {trintcd la tuU. 
Bee t^ptcr 1037. OaDUon^d by chapu>r 10G5.| 

Aa Act farther to continue an* Act En- 

titol*^ an Act for Oranllnt; to his Majesty 
the 8i.-veral Duties aud IiiipotiilionM on gonf\» 
Warea & Uerebandisen Imported into tUa 
Oi>l«>Dj' then-in UeuliuneO. 

[Puwd-J. Deiymbrr 21, ITOT.] 

WHEREAS the aeTeral Duty's and Impositions on Oooda 
^''arra and Mcrrhandiz^-a Imported Into thi» Ci>>ony and gTiinteJ 
for the Support of his Majestiea Uorenimeut by the aborc 
Ucnttoned Act have by sabsequeDt Acts been Continued to the 
Cret daj of Janoary Next, and the OeuemI Awembly being 
(V'illine to make Provision for the further Support thereof 

BK IT ENACTED by his Honour the Lieutenant Governor 
(be Cooneil and tleneral Assembly and it in hereby Enacted by 
the Antbority of the snroe that the abovementloned Act En- 
tituled "\a Act for gntntiti^ to bis MnjCMty Ihc ttereral Duties 
■■and Impositiona on goods Wares and MerchandixcH imported 
"Iqio this Colony therein Mentioned" shall be and hereby la 
CootlDni*d and every clause Matter and thins therein contained 
Bnarted to be and remain in Force to all Intents Cooatructiona 
aid l*urposeH wbamoever from the said fir«l dny of January 
mnt antill the first day of January which will be In the Vear 
of Our I^ord One tboasaiid acron bundred and Fiftj >'ine, botli 
daji IrduiTe 




fCtmiitn- IfVlT. of Tnn Schnack. anil chapivr 120 (toL 2t of Llrlosston it 
Smitk, wbecs Uie UUe only la Driiile4Ll 

An Act for tlie Pavment of the Sutarlt^i 
and Set-rices llierein Mentioned to ihe llrst iar 
frf Hie|>teinb«r Ooe ttiouKatid Kcvcd Uundrod 
and Fiftf Eight 

[PaanMl, December 24, ITQT.] 

BE IT ENACTED by IiIb IIoDour tlic Lleuttnaat GovvnitM- 
the Council and the tivneral Aseeuibly and it Is hereby Enacted 
by (he Aullioritj of the Same That ilip TrfiUBurer of iJils Colony 
•hall and ht- i» hereby directed and rvquired Out of the Slooey'a 
arisen or which may arise by Virtue of tlie three followine Arts 
VIZt. "An Art for graniiu^ lo hie Majesty ihe w.'Teral Duties 
"and ImiKwitioDB on (iooda Wares aud Mercliiindizes im;>orli>i 
"iDlo this Colony therein Mentioned" "An Act for Emtllin 
" Hills of Credit for the Payment of the Debts and for Itie 
"better Support of the (lovcrnnient of tUia Colony and other 
" parposes therein mentioned " And " An Act to Restrain Hiiwt 
**era and PedlatR within IhlR Colony from Selling withou 
"Lieence" to I'ay the seA-erul following Sums of Money VlZt. 

L'niu bia nonom tlte Lieutenant Oorernor for AdministHn 
the Government of thlB Colony from the firKl day of Sepieiube 
One IhouuaDd Keven hundred and Fifty Seven to the first Da 
of Sepiember One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Elirht 
after the Kate of One tbouvaud Eight Uundied Pounds \n 

I 'nio his Paid ITouour the Lieutenant (JoTernor or Commanderi 
io chief for the Time being for providing Fire Wood and Caudles 
for his Majestieo Garrison in the City of New Vork from the 
tSrKt day of Hepleinhcr One thousand Seven hundred and fifl 
Beven lo the first day of S«-ptember One thousand t^uveo bundre< 
and Fifty RleM the anm of Four Quudred Pounds 

Unto the Swond Justice of the Supn-nio Court of ttilo Colony 
for his Service in that Station and for going the Circuits from 
the first day of September One thousand Seven hundred and 
Fifty Seven To the first day of September One thousand Seven 
fauudi-ed and Fifty Eight After the Rate of One hundred and 
Fifty Pounds per Annum And in Cone! deration of the Additional 
burthen of that office at present the farther Bum of Fifty Pounds 





V»io th* Third Jnslire of Hit Supr^mtf Conn of (his Colony 
for bi» Service in timt Htatiuo and for RoiuR the Cirrnita from 
the flr«t day of &.'ptember Ooe lh<)n»ntid Seven hiiiirlwd «Dd 
Fifty ScToa to the first day of 8*>i>(oin bcc One thousand Sevffn 
bnndr».'d and Fifty F.igbt Aftor the Rate of One Hundred Pound* 
per AjinDin Abu in Conai'Ieration of the A<l<Utioiial burthen of 
that oBlcr at preaent tlie fii-ilier Sum of Kifly rounds 

Coto the SecMtary of this Colony for the time Wns foe 
Eogroasing and Knrollin^ the Acta of the riovernnr f'onnril and 
Seaoral Assembly from the firat Day of fiepUMJibiT Om* tliou- 
nod Seren hnndred nrd Fifty 8ev«n to the first day «t Sep- 
traiber Ooe Ibonsaud ^ren hundred and Fifty Eight After 
Ihi" Ratip of Thirty Ponnds pi^r Annum 

DDto the Clerk of the Council for the time being for hlR 
P fff iw fn That Station from the first day of September One 
tkoQSBDd Sersn hundred and I-'ifty Seven to lh*> iSrat day of 
Septenilwr One thoiiftniid Seven hnndred and Fifty Eiglit afier 
thv Itate of Tliirty rounds per Annum 

CJiTO the Doorkeeper of the roiincll for the time bein^t for 
kit Perriee In that Ptutfon from the flrt<t day of 8<T>temb<-r 
Osc thoumnd Seven hundred and Fifty Seven to the first day 
at Repieniber One thou!<jiud Seven hundred and Fifty Elyht 
After the Rate of Twenty Pounds per Annum 

Unto the Publick Printer of this Colony for the time helnif 
for bis Service in tbat Station from the first day of 6e[>*ember 
One thotuuind Seven hundred and Fifty Seven to the (iritt day 
of Seprember One thotiutnd Seven hundred and Fifty Eight 
sflfT (be Rate of Fifty Pounds per Annum 

Unto (be Gujiger of LJquors Subject to duties wMhln this 
Colony for the time betn^ from the flrsl day of *^ptember One 
thoDSUid fieven hondred and Fifty Seven to the first day of Sep- 
fember One ihuu»nid Seven hundred and Fifty Eight after the 
Bala of Thlr.'y Puiinds per Annum 

Tnto the I-and and Tidewalter for the time being from the 
tnt day of September One thoMfi&nd Seven liundred and Fifty 
Rereo lo the first day of September One ttiounnnd Sevi-n liitn- 
4red and Fiftj Eight After the Rate of Thirty Founds pa- 
Ann om. I 

ALL which aforesaid sums chall he paid by the Treasurer 
Qaarurljr nu Wfrraats lasncd by the Ooveroor or Commander 



In cbelf for ihe time being b; and with the Advice and Com 
of lii» Majesties Coaocil And the Ueceipts of the Hald Bevera 
Persona Judoriwd on Itie Mild 'Wurrants sbal) be to the Trrui-' 
uri-r good V'uuohvrs uud (lisc-hurjrcx fur Stt mudi as sliall 
thereby Acknowledged to be receiwd 

AXD BE IT FURTHEtt ENACTF.IJ by the Authority Afore 
said Thiu llie Treasurer tihall aud lie is hfii-ljy direi-lvd ami 
Bequlred out of the Funds Aforesaid to Pay ibr Beveral otlib 
Allow(uitii>s following to Wit 

Unto Altrnham De Peyster Esqnipe Treasuper ot this Colon] 
for Ills t^ervice in (but Kiullon froui th^ llivt day of 84'[>tember 
One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty t^evi-n to the first day of 
Bojitember One thoasand 8cven hundred and fifty Eight 
after the Kate of Tno hundred Pounds per Auiiuio And for iht 
Kstraordioaiy S'ei-vice which he Iti now obliRfd to do and per** 
form beyond the (.isual dnty of his Office after the Rate of the 
further Sum of One hundred Pounds per Annum Wiiich Said 
Several Kiiuis or Ho miieli (hereof as Khali be renlly and Triil] 
due Bball he allowed to the said Abniham Do Pcyster or to hl| 
Executors or adminif-trators as good discharges for So much il 
bis or llioir Ai'i'ounts. 

Cnto Kobert CharlpR Ksqiiire lAgent for thlR Polony in Great 
Britain as a Ilewiird for bis care trouble and Dilif^encv ll 
Attending upon his Majesty and Iiis Ministers of state Aboul 
the Affairs of .'Ills Colony from tlie lirst day of September On© 
thousand Seven hundred and Fifty seven to the first day of 
September One thousand Seven biindred and Fifty Eiyht Af'W^ 
the rate of Two hundred Pounds per Annum Wbieb Said Fjn^H 
or So much thereof as Shall lie I'eallv and rrnly due Plinll lie 
paid unto liim tlie said Hubert Charles or to his Esecuinrs ot 
AI>MIN1»T11AT<)R8 by an order of the (ieneral Assembly 
Ibis C-oiony Signed by the Bpe-aiier for the time being aud oof 

CNTO Abraham T^ott junior Clerk of the Oeneral Assembly 
for his ServlM* in that Kl;i.'.ion from the first day of September 
One (bouKand Seven hundred and Fifty Seven to Ihe first di 
of September One tbourand Seven hundred and Fifty Elgh 
Trelve shilling per Diem on a C-ertiflrate from the Gene 
'Assembly Signed by tlteir Speaker forilie Nunit>er of Ua>B 
has Served or may A-rve the General Assembly 

Unto Alexander Lamb Doorkeeper to the OenemI As!*embf 
for bis Service in that Station from the (tntt day of Sepli>mber 




One tboosand Seven btjn<?n-d and Fiftv Soren to tlie Hret dny 
tt SeiitfiiilxT Vdk ibimsmid Seven liundred aod Fitly Eight 
Fix Bbillings per l>tem OD a C<Tt!floiHe from tbe General 
AMtrmblj Bi^cd bj ttieir K{M>ukor for the Number gf Days be 
kM Beni-d or may serve tbe Geneml As-<eiiiMy 

AND BE IT Fl'RTHER ENACTED by theAnthority Afore- 
nid that thi* Trcasui-er Bball and he U hereby directed ^o keep 
exact Books of the nevwal [laynifiits which \iv la diix-cted to 
Bake by IhU Act And shall render true and dUlinot Acefnints 
thereof on Oath to jheOoveinororComniniidiTln chief for the 
tlti>e belni; the Coundl or General Amembly When by them or 
lfi> of tbem be shall be thereunto required 


(CkBpt«r 104S. «r Tan Scbaack. wb«r« (Iw Utk «nl7 Is prlDted. Cltflpbec 
UO(raL 2) of iJ<rluc(iit>u & Snilib. wbrri- the ad U irrluU-d in full. Sve 
dnpur 1034. CaiiUi)U«il br cbiii'tM- lOTU.J 

* 'Ao Act further to Continue no Art Emi- 
tted "An Act for IU-i,'ulutiug the Militia of tbe 
Colony of New York " togf ther with tbe Two 
Acts ttierein raenHont-d n-spefting Iho Keen- 
tatiiig the Militia of New York wlib no Adill- 
tioa thereto 

(TiLMO)!, DMcmbcr 21, ITTiT.] 

DE IT ENACTED by his Honour the Lieutenant Ooveraor the 
Coancil and the UrucntI A^embty and it In hereby Knat^ted by 
III* Authority of the same That the Act Aforesaid Enliib-d an 
"Act for rcgulatins: the Milllla of the Colony of Now York" 
Ptned Id the Twenty Eighth Year of hiw MajeMi<-» Rei;ni And 
RliifliwiEe one other Act Entitled "An Act to eoutinne pa Act 
'Fnlilled An Act. for lEt^ulaling the Militia of the Colony of 
y«w York." with Bonie Additions IhtTeto " pu8tH.-d in the T«*-enty 
Xinih Y'ear of ids Slaje*ty"9 Reign And also one other Ai;t Entl- 
lied "An Act to Amend an Act Entitled "An Act for lUfffulat- 
lag the Militia of the Colony f»f New Vork" passed in the Thlr- 
tietb Year of his Mnjesties Reign Shull be and hen-hy arc coo- 
1l&n«i1 and Every CInu)'e Article Matter and thing in tlie siiid 
ikree Acts Contained Enacted to be and Reinalo In full force 
lod Virtue to all InieniR Const rut-t ions and Purpopcs Whiitao- 
tver from the first Day of January Next L'ntlll the first day of 


LAW^ or TUB COU>JNi; OF hew: iOitii- 

Januarr vblcb will be Id tBe jcar of our Lord One thousand 
sevCD huiidrcd and I-lfty Xiae 

And Wliereas iu ibe Couulicv of Ulster and Orange there pre 
BevcraJ plucos lobubiled which lie at a great dlBtaace from the 
Bespectire Colonels or CotDUiaoditig Oflit-era of the Rftgliaputa 
to the Haid Connties aod CouBcquently the wailing for (heir 
ot'dera Would Much expoHe Ruch places to the RnvaKes uf small 
Partlea of the Enemy BE IT THEKEFORE ENACTED by tb* 
Authority Aforesaid that the CaiitalnB or next Commiinding 
officers of the i^-venil and ]tci>peetive Companies within the Re 
spectire Conntle« Aforeanld Kearent to any Buch place as fiball 
be luvudfd sball iiniiioliutrly cull iopetlior his or their Com- 
pany or Companies and fortliwitli March tbem towards jind a«9^ 
their Utinoiit Endeavours to Repel and drive off tlie EnemjH 
And on the first Notice of snch Tnvasion shall dinpatcb an Ex- 
preui to the Comuiondlug oftiwr of one of the Respective UfRl- 
ments of the aaid counties with Iniclligeoce IbiTtfof and of the 
Number and Slotion of the Enemy aecording to the best Inform- 
ation be or they shall have obtained any thin;; in luijr- of the uttbl 
Acta to the Coatrai^ Dotwitbstanding 


[CHAPTER 10«.] 

(Cbapt*r 104l>, of Van Si-bancfc, aud cbapior 137 (ro). 21 of I.lTlnntt>n ft 
SmlUi. wlirri! Unt UUe ools U printed. Scu clui{>u»' HXSt. CiMitlnucd bf 
chapter lOU&J 

!fLD Act to Continue ao Act Tntltled "an 
'Kft for ErvcIinK and Ki'tiiblinblnjc a ^tiiinp> 
office Iu this Colony for Stamping all Vellu 
Parehnient Rud I'aper ebarged with (be nv. 
eral Dut/» Iberein Mentioned" 

[fass^d. December 24. 175T.| 
WHEREAS An Act Entllled "An Act for EreoIluR and Esiab- 
"llshine a Btamp office in this Colony for Sliimpinx all Vellum 
" Partimient and Paper charped with the Beveral Duty's ibcrel 
"ilrotioned" will expire by Its own Umilatlon on Ibe fir 
Day of Jiinuary Next and the aaii! Act having been found bun 
flclal to Ibis Colony 

BE IT TUEREFORE Enacted by hla Honour the Llenteoaof 
Governor the C«onciI and Ocneral .\»BembIy and It la hereby 
Enacted by the Aalhority of the same that the Above men- 
tioned Avt Eutitltd "An Act for Erecting and Establishing a 





•Btamp-oDce in Uiis CoIodj for Stamping all Vellam Parch 
"meot and Paper cliargwl with ilie ytveral dutiea tbcrein Men- 
"Wooed" I'assed In the Thirtictb Year of his Majesties RriBn 
a»»n be and herob.T ia Contiuued and L'vwy Clauw? Article and 
Vatter lh«.-neto ciwtained Euattt-d to be and rwnaia of full 
Pwce and Virtue to all Constructions lutcmtB and Purposoi 
vhataoerer from die firirt dov of January Next Uatill Ibt flrat 
I>a> of Jaaaar; vblch will be In (he Year of Our Lord Oue 
thoastml Seven huudred and Ilfty Mine 

[CHAin'EK 1O50.] 

fChfir'w lO-'A of T«n Sckaiiok. ODd rliat>tcr 128 (toI 21 «f LlTlmmon It 
iBltli, «rlifT« iJte UUe vuljr U prLactd. 6ee vlisftUir 1023. Coutlnocd bj 
tkafue 10004 

Ao Act TO CONTINUE an Act Entitled 
An Aft for laying aa Esi-iftf upon all Tea of 
foreifTO growth remlled wlthio Oiix Colony with 
an odditiuB thereto 

(Pawed, December 24, ITvT.) 

BE IT ENACTED ty bis Honour the Lieutenant tiowruor 
(be Council and General AsNemblj- And it Is hereby Kuncled 
bj the Authority of the mme That one Act pawed in the Thir- 
tieth YtrflT of his Maje«ties Reign Entitled "An Art for la.vlnjp 
"an Exdse upon all the Tea of Foreii^u ^■'owth retailed vrltliin 
"tbti Colony" Which will (uulern vontinui-d) expire on the first 
lij of Janoary Next, Shall be and hereby Is Continued and 
Krerj Ctaaoe nialter aud tblni; tbercio Conluim^ Euu'jied to 
bt and Bcmaln of Force to all Intents Constructions ;ind Pnr- 
posn wbatvoever trniill the lirHt I>ay of •litiiuary which will he 
In the Xear of our Lord One ihouisuud Seven hundred and Eifty 

AND WHEREA8 It le provided and Enacled In and by the 
Aforeoald Act that the several and Respective Retailers of Tea 
riull keep an Exact Accoiiiit of all tlie Tea retailed by tlieui 
tod llie same produce to the itespeclive Managers Attesting; 
thereto In the Manner directed by the Bald Act Which Pro- 
Titioo being found Inconveutinl by licwcou of thf disHunci.- iniiiiy 
Betailen live from the said Managers for Remedy Whereof 
BB IT FURTHER ENACTED by ttie Anthority Aforesaid that 
tt Bhall and ainy be Inwfull for the several and Reniii-ctlre 

Co( Tea during the Continuance of this Act to attest 



tlielr ATCOoBtB' before one of tlie Judges of the Court of Com' 
mon Pleas nithin any of the Respective Oouiitj-s of lliU Colony 
Whore such Rcfnilor* dwHl and RcHldo Which Accounta so 
Attested sball be Received and alloii-i-d bj tbc aforesaid Mui* 
flgcrs Any tiling in the first Mentloaed Act to tlie Couirarjj 

[CHArTER 1051.] 

(CbsptPT I05I, of Vao Schnaclc. and cUnptM" 12fl (»ol. 2) of I,lTlBe«toil & 
Bmtlli. wbcro lb<i act UpriDled la (liiL See chapter* EOS. 9S9, CoDtlaaed 
t>f cbaptcr 1243.] 

An Act further to ContiDoe an "Set En(i^i| 

tied Ao Act to Prevent the Exportation oflH 

Unmerchnn table flour and the false Tnring o^' 

Bread and Flour Cask ^ 

fPoseiH]. DMeiub«r S4. m?.] ^| 

BE IT EXACTED by lils TTononr the Lieutenant GoTemor 
the Council and General Axsi'mbly and It ta hereby Enacted 
by the Anihorlty of the Same That one Act Entitlttd "An Act 
" to prevent the Exiwrtation of I'nmerchan table Flour nnd tint 
" f aJ8e taring of Br«id and Floor Cask " paeacd to the Twent 
fourth Year of his Miijeiities Reign and by a subM-^iuent Ad 
continned to the flrst day of January Xext shall be and hcreb; 
U further Continued nnd Every Clause Mutter and Ihinu Uierell 
Contained Enacted to be and remain in full Force to all intents 
ConDtructioiM* and purpose* Whalttoever until! Uk* Ilrst day of 
January which v\\\ lie in tlte Year of our Lord Quo thousuni) 
seven hundred and Bixty five 

AND WHEREAS It is provided and Enacted in and by the 
sforesaid Act that all Wheat Flour Ilolted for Ex])artatioD shall 
by the Roller thereof b« made Merchantable and of due l\nt>^ 
and Honestly and nefl Packed in good Blrons Ca«ks well mi<dM| 
and of Staves well f!eai>oned with the Tare of the Cask Uarke^B 
thereon and Each and Every Cask thereof well and HuDQcienlly 
Nailed on the forfeiture of One shilling for Each Cask Made 
Contrary to the said proviti<iaD Which said Forfeiture of Ml<{ 
■hilling beiufT conceived too high 

RE IT EXACTED by the AiithnrHy 'Aforesaid that for aai 
anring the Cmitinuauee of this Act the Forfeiture for the sald^ 
offence sbBll be three pence for Each Cask and no moro Aoj 
tliinf; in this or 'be Aforesaid Act to Ihc CoDtrarj Noiwithp 




[CnAPTEB 1052.] 

[Chaptrr IlKS. of Tan Scli«a<-k, and ctiapier ISO (Tol. Z) of LtrtogiitaD 
4 Smith, wbi-n: ibe title osljr Is printed. Sec chapter 1031. ConttDoed bf 

Kn Act to coDtlnnp an Act Entitled "Ad 
" Art tor Itilk-Iing and Qaarteriog bia Uajeotja 
•■force* within tbls Colony'* 

[Pass«a, De«ein1>er 24. 175T.1 

BE IT ENACTED by hii IIoiiOMr Hip Lieutenant Governor 
Oc CouDCil and General Assembly and It Is hereby Enacted bj 
the Antbority of the same tlint on# .\ct Eolilled "Ao Act for 
Billftlng and Qoartering his Slajcsiiefi Forces within thla Col- 
ny" paRsed in the TliirlWb Year of his Mujeaties Keign which 
(nntesH continued) will Expire on the flrat day of .laniiary Neit 
■hall lie and hereby is CuutimtL-d and every clause Matter and 
thine iberein Contained Enacted to be and Remain of Force to 
all Intents CoDstnictlons and pun>ose8 wlintxoever until! iha 
ftrst Day of January which will be in the Tear of oar Lord One 
llivosand BCveo hundred and Fifty Nine 

[CffAPTER lOoS-l 

[Chapter lO^a. ot Tan Bchasck, and ctiapter 131 (rot 2i of Ltvlnxstoa 
4SiDltbt whcrv Ui* Uilv oaiy la prlnicd. Bxplr«<l Jnounrr 1, I7SIX,] 

, An Act 10 nepulate the Collecting the Du(> 
of Eseise on Strong Liquors relallei] in this 
Colony from the first of January One thouitaDi) 
seven hundred and Fifty Eisbt to the firm Day 
of January one thousand seven hundred and 
fifty Kine 

[Passed. Disc*mb« SI. t7.-.7J 

BE TT EXACTED by Ilis Honour the Lieutcoaut Oovernop 
tbt Council and the General Assembly and it Is hereby 
Enacted by tbe authority of the naiw Tlint Cornelius Clopper 
JHaior shall be And hereby is appointed Commissianer for Col- 
lecting the Duty of Excise of and from tbe several Retailers of 
nrotiR Li<iuor8 within the City and County of New York from 
the first day of Juiiunry One thouK:ind seveu liuiidred and Fifty 
Eight lo the llrst day of January One thoumiud seven buodr«J 
tad Fffiy Nine 


AND RE IT PURTHEn ENACTED by the AathorIt>"A{ore- 
■old That the »ii<] Coimuisstoner etuill ns 80on alter ibe 
Piiblicitlon of this Act as he chntl .Iiiripp Convpnii^nt Appoint 
the Bovcrol Retnilerg wilhin the siild City and direct and Asccr- 
Uin What Each Bt'tailer Bhall Pay for the said Duty from the 
flr«t day of Janunry One thcunnnd Boven Iliindred and Fifiy 
Eight to the flrst dtiy of January One thousuod wTen hundred 
and Fifty Nine ALWAYS PROVIDED that the whole »ani to 
be laid on the »cvoniI RctaJlera in the eaid City end Oftiinty 
■bAll be the full and Entire sum o/ Nine Hundred and Fittr 
four PoDods with the additional mini of One Hiindrod ponnda 
for bin CornmiMions which is to he at the Rate of Five I'onndt 
per Cent and for Incidental Clinrsen For which Said Sum of One 
Hundred Ponndu he shall Account on Oath And It It Exceeds hla 
ComtnlK^ions and Incidental Charces the Burptun thereof shall 
be Applied in Ease of the N<-xt Yean* Excise And (he »ald 8om 
of Nine luiiidred and fifty four pounds shall by the aaid Com- 
n)It<8ion4>r be paid unto the Trensurer of this Colony on or 
before the finit day of JanuaJ7 One thousand •even hundred and 
Fifty Nine 

AND BE IT FCRTITER FNAOTED by the Anthorify Afore- 
•aid That the sereral and respective Persons hereafter Named 
shall be and hereby are Appointed ConimiBfioners for Colleeti 
the iald Duty of Excise of and from the several nnd Re»pe«tl 
Retaileni within the several and Respective Counties of 
Colony And the Harbonrs Rays and Rivera reapeetively tfaere- 
nnto adjoining or belonginf; VIZt: 

For the City and t'ounty of Albany the Mayor Recorder and 
Aldermen of the nald nty 

For Kinf:s County Abi-almTft Bloom Ksqnlre 
For Queens County Valentine Hnlet Peters EfMiitlre 
For fiiilToIk County Richard Floyd Hagh Oelston and Samac 
Tjangdon Esquires 

For Westchester Counfy Edward Stevenson Enqnire 
FOR DuleheKs County James O Livlngsion and Bftnuu4iii 
iPilkin Esqnlres 
For trister County Johannes J Janssen 

For Orance'f'^unty -lohn Carpenter nnd .Tobsnnefl Poocprt 
For Rlrhmoad Count/ Jacob Bezcau and Uczcklab Wrifibt 



' and 



AXD BE IT EXACTED br the AnltioHty Aforesaid Thai Vaq 
Aforvsaid several and Kospt-clive Com mijtsi oners or the Miijor 
fart ci them mp«c'(ire1j sliall as soon as tiiey nutrenieDtlf 
mm alter the PobUratloD of this Act Meet iit Ihe County Hall* 
e( U)t>ir BCTenil and rcFpttlive Counlies or at such other jjlace 
■r Places 8S tbf? the said ConiiniKSloDcrs stiall reiipcctiTelj Ap- 
point fop iiottini; in Eso«utiou the Powera and anihorltlcs yiieo 
kf this Act at which time or nt 8ucb other time ur times as thej 
■kail Judge Ncccswitt (he said CommlMioncrs op the Major part 
sf tlieai rcspectlTelj eliall for their own Counties serernlly nnd 
B?itpcctirc)7 flx the Number and appoint the seventi Itotullora 
«ilhln tbf4r sereral and Respective Counties and direct and 
ABcertaJn What Each Retiiilor ehnll Pay for tlie wJd Duty of 
Cxelae fn4ii Ibe flret day of Jnnaary One tbousand seven 
bandpcd and Fifty Eight to (be tint day of Junnary One thousand 
KTCQ hundi-ed and Fifty Kine ALWAYS I'I{0\'1DED Tliat the 
tarn to be laid on the Several Retallera Id the City and Count; 
ot Albany oliall be the full and entire Bum of One hundred and 
TwrDty >MrT(-D Ponnds with the sum of Thirteen Pounds in 
additlun Ihereto fop the Charges of managing the some 

Ob the 8everal Retailerst in Kinf^ County Ihe Full and entire 
•on of Forty ponnds with the sum of Five I'ouudii lu additioo 
Uwrelo for the Charces of &!ana;;ing the same 

Ob the iSovcraf Ri-Iallori! in Quei-ns County the full and entire 
no of One Ilundrcd and Twenty five pounds with the sum of 
Tea Poonds lo addition thereto for the Charges of Uanaging 

Od tbe sereral Retailers In RufTolk County Ibe full and Entire 
•m of sixty i*onud8 with the «uu) of Sine Pounds In odditiua 
Qiereto for tbe Charfres of Miinaginc the same 

Ob tbe seveial Itetailertt In WextcheHler County the full snj 
eitir« sum of seventy pounds wEUh the sum of Tea Pounds io 
■dditlon thereto for the Cbar;^ of Managing tbe same 

Ob the n^veral Rr-tuilers In Duli-lic«« County tbe full nnd 
tstirv BUR] of Forty two Pounds with the sum of Eight Pounds 
h Addition thereto for the Char{;et) of ^lanaglng the name 

On tbe several lleliiilers In FNtor County Ihe full and entire 
Bom of Thirty Eight Pounds with Ihe sum of Eight Pounds lo 
AddltiOB thereto for the Charges of MauaglDg the earn* 
■Vol. IV. 25 

19 f 


On tL« BCTernl Retailwa In Ornnpe County the fo 
entire sum of NiuttLt-u Found* with the sum of tbrce Founda 
la tttlilition tLcreto for itie Charges of Munafiiug Ilie name 

Aud ou the M-rcral ItctaJters in Uichmoud Cuuuly (b*i fall 
and Entire Sum of Tvrentjr five Poundfi with the Kum of Thirty 
•hiltiui;» in Addition tht;reto for the Charges of Managiu<{ Ui« 


AXD BE IT FCRTnER ENACTED by the Authority Afore- 
tnid Tiuit the Afon-Kuid M-vtrnl aud r^^spcctlve Cortiiiiissicui-ra 
ehall before they Enter on the Esemilion of the Powers iind 
AutliorilIe« ^ivco b; this Act Eutor into Reeofjuiuuices nuio 
our Sovereign Lord Ibe IfiQ^ his Ileiroe und Kucn'twors before 
any Judge of the i;upit;aie Court or of the Inferior Courts la 
tb« following stiiua That is to Say 

The said Cornelius Clo|)iM>r Junior In the Fvnal sum of Oiu 
tJjonsand Nine hundred £ Rl^ht Founds 

Thp suid Vuk'iitinc Uulet Fvtcrs In the Penal sum of Two 
hundred and Fifty Pounds 

The said Abraham Itloom In the Penal snm of Eighty ^onnOa 

The tiuid Uii-hard i^luyd Hugh Gelslou aud Samuel l^uigdoa 
in the I'ennI sum of One Hundred and Twenty Pounds 

The said Kdwurd titovvusuu in tho Fc-uul sum of One hundred 
and Forty Pounds 

The suid Junios G Llvltig«toii and Diunardoa Fllkin in 
Penal sum of Eisbty four Pounds 

The said Johannes J. Jaosseo in the Penal Sum of seven 
Blx Founds 

The Bald John Carpenter and Johannes Boogert in the Penal 
Sum of Thirty EIi:ht Founds 

Tile said Jacob Hcneuu aad Uecekiuli Wright in tbc Fen 
earn of Fifty Pounds 

CONDITIONEI) that they shall well and Truly Pay to thft 
Treasurer of this rwlimy on or before the first I)uy of Juiiuar. 
vrfaieh will be in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven Inr 
dred and Fifty nine the sevcnil and Itespei^tlTe sums (o be laj< 
In Uauner aforesaid on the sevenil and Kespet^tive Rt'lalliTfc 
wilhln Ibelr veveral and Respeetlre Counties Exclusive of t 
SeTeraJ and Rospectivc Humn by this Act allowed foe 
duirges of Mnnapement 

ASD DE IT PfRTnER ENACTEn by the Authority 
'Aforesaid That the AToresaid Peveral and Res[»eclive leeiailers 
aball Fay tb« aforesaid SeTeral and Rei>peciive sums lai 







ba laid OR tliem Utitn tlio Aforcxaid n^vcral and ItpRpc<'n«'0 
CommlM-iuntTM on w lit-fore ibe flrst day of IXieuiber Ouc 
tbouKisd 8ev«i hundred uid dftj Kiglit For HccuriDg whldl 
I'u.ttueut lliu said Commiiuiiuai-ts shall Btspeclivelj obli)^- the 
■aid Beveral and Itt»iieclite Itctailera to give Such S«fiiritjr as 
tLft- ihfr said CoiuiiiLtttiuiK^n; shall Judge Necessary ALWAYS 
I'UOVIDED That suet) Retailers la the Cltj- of Nfw Vork as 
■ball Im; JCal(-d Uiree I'uuQds and Under and such in the sefd-al 
Counties as shall be i-ated at Thirty sbilHtigs and Under shall 
Mt be pcniiiHed or huve any lltnTly to U^tull uok-ss Uiey Im 
■edlately pay the several and Kespeetire sums they shall be 
Balvd to the afurexaid CuuuuiK^ioners Any thing herulu befors 
soiitained to the Contrary Notwiihstiinding 

A-VD UK IT FUUTllliR ENAOTKU by the Aolhority Afore- 
■^d That lo Case any i'crson or I'ersous ntuitsoerer other than 
n:f!li «» the said Coniniisslom-rs 8liall I't-nuit shall rresuine to 
Bell any Strong Liquor by IMail dirwtly or Indirectly he she 
or tltey ao OBeudiujc Shall for mcb Such ofTeuce forfi-it the sum 
•f six I'oands to be recovered by the said ConimisHioni-r OU 
CWnmlssloDers Res[M-cflvelT on the Oatl) of any one Creditablft 
Witness in a suuiuutry Way in the ("ilys of Ne\*' York & AtLuny 
before the Uayor or Uoiorder and one or More Aldermen of the 
P*M Cities respectively and io thc> Hevcfsi Cuuuty's before niiy 
J«stJc« of the Peace within the Raid Counties re«pei lively And 
If apoD Coiivirtioii the suid Forfeiture be Not paid the same 
d>sll be levied on the Goods and Chatties of the Offender or 
Offenders by Warrants nndcr the FlandB and seals of tlie IVr- 
■09S befoi^ whom such Conviction shall happen And if no 
E<wvls or Cliattles are found on nbich to distrain It shall bc 
ItKfall to the Persons who heard and determined the Cause 
to rommit the offender or Otfi'iiders to Goal without Hail or 
lI«lDprii« for the space of three Months T'niiiw the said I'cnal- 
ttn sre sooner dliu'harjred And the said Respeftire UaKistr^ites 
lt«ll be and hereby are fully im[ion'ercd directed and Itrquired 
to bear and determine ihaxe Matters in the Planner aforesaid 
ted to give Judbnn'^t And If need be to nward BxeoutloQ 
Aen^n and to lasue a Warrant or Witrnmts for the Commit- 
•eot of olTenderit a* the case mar require One third of Which 
Purfeitures sluill he to the Informer or lofonners One tliird to 
Ibe laid tVjmBilssioners And one Third to the Poor of the Town 
Vuor Precinct wfaere Ibe Offence shall be committed to b« 



paid Into the liaiidtt of ilie Ctiur^-Ii wui-Ji<ii» or OverseerB 
twor of llic said Kt'ejx^tivt! place or jiIikva by the oltict^r of 
ofScers by wliom tbc eame sliull bo levied AoytJiing Id any 
tilt Alia of this Colony to tlie ('■ouirary NotwitLstsadiag 

AND BE IT FL'KTUKK ESAWEUby the Authority Afo 
Mill that the Kvi*ral retailers who ihall be permitted and A 
loned to retnll by the- itaJd CuinmlKMuocr or CotumisiiicKii 
shiill before tbvy do 8o Uelail auy strong LI<)iior ent^T tnt 
iJwoguiiaacefl That it» to Say In itie Cily'» of Nvw Vork & AJ 
tuny before the Howpective Mayors ih(Te«f And in the levL* 
Couutrles of this Colony before two JutttlreK of the Teace in 
(tie Penal buiu of Twi-uty puuudit with Huflicimt l^ureties in the 
lilie Sum CONDITIOXED To keep An orderly House Accord- 
in^ to Law during the time they shall K- piTiuitlcd to Retail 
us aforesaid And thereupon the said Re8pe<'tive Mayors or the 
xaid Ju«llc<« tdinll Knmt to the I'erRon or I'er»on« who hare 
Entered into such Kecognizajjce* a Licc-nw under his and their 
Imtds and Reals to Retail Strong Liquors In Such Iloutie and 
pliirc as Khali be MvnlioucU therein during the Continuance 
of this Act Which Recognisances are to be lodged by the Person 
or I'ersonft before whom the Same bIihII be taiien (VIZl) Is the 
City's of Xew Ym-k and Albany with the Town Clerk and In 
the several Counties with the BespectWc Clerks thereof And 
upon Complaint of the breach of tbe eaid Condilioa It shall 
be lawfull for the Raid Mayors and Aldermen of New York 
and Albany or the greater Number of them And In the County's 
for the Justices of the (icaeral or Bpecial SessionB of the Teare 
to t^uppress tbe Licence or Licences of suoh OCTt-nder or Of- 

Aforesaid that in Caw any of the per»onH who shall he iieriiittted 
to Retail Strong Liquors as Aforesaid by the Kaid OoiumissioD< 
or Commissioners shall presume lo Retail before he she or the,i 
bare obtained it Licence and Kiitered Into Recognisances to ke<-p 
an orderly Itunse as Aforesaid he she or tbey so Offending shall 
respecllvely forfeit Ibe Runi of fix I'otinds for each olTence to 
be recovered in a summary way in the Manner before dircvti'd 
One half thereof to Ibe Informer or Informers and Ibe Other 
half to the I'oor of the Town Manor or Precinct where tbe tor- 
fflitore shall arise 



A37D that llie czpence of K-Siig qualineil to Ri-lait may be 
vltliio tliL- Itwunds of HoJeraUou BE IT ENACTED Uy itio 
Aolboritjr Aforesaid No more shall Ite taLi'D for a Licem-e 
SDd BecognlzAn<;e iu thv City's 06 New York aud vMbany lliuu 
ibe UmuU anil Accustomod Fees and in tbe Iteapectire Couulivs 
Ikui tbe sum of three stiiiiing 

AXD BE IT FUUTUEU ENACTED by tlie Autborlt.v Afoie- 
mU Tbat Budi Persons permittt^d to R«ta)i as aforetinid by 
the asld Commissi oiicr or Coninih<8ioiior8 Who retail 8lrmi^ 
liqoors oot to 1:0 draiik in their own Housea but carried elde- 
«b4-re&ball not be obiijjed lo Enter into nerocnliuiiu'es and lake 
Lidtccfl as afuM'i<aid A113' Ibiug coutuinud iu tlii» Act to the 
Contrary TCotnithstanding 

AXD BE IT ENACTED by the Authority Aforesaid That in 
Cam ail tbe eovvral sums for wbiib the Kicixe shall be lei. in 
the seTeral and Bespettive Citys & Couuty» of (his Colony «lia)l 
fftU ihort of the euins herein bc[on> rated oa the said Sercra] 
A respMtivc City's and (.'omily's with the aforesaid luildciital 
dtargea of letting aud Collecting the sauio then the Coaimis' 
lianer or Comtnissioner Aforesaid whtTe such Deficiencies nihiill 
Bippen shall be and are hereby iiuponered to call the Botuilers 
befoM Ibem and asficss and Rate Surb Sum and Hums ut>on 
Ihem SB shall be sunicirnt lo Uake up such Deficiency Wtiicb 
■id Additional Hums ^hull be Collected and paid in the came 
banner with the fcveral and Itenpertive Sums first laid 

AND HE IT FI;i;TIIER ENACTED by the Authority Afore- 
■aid That in Case of the Death oi any of the aforesaid rejn»ective 
CommiBsioners the Sui-vivini; CommiKsiouer or Comuilohioncrs 
mi«rp «uch Death may hn|i]>cn eliall be and hereby \b and are 
Tntit]«d to the whole Ilewaid and Vested with the «inie Powers 
DSd Authnriliea to EKcnite this act as if No such Death lind 
kai^feocd And in caM* of the Deiith of (ill the CoinmiMKioncrs 
•f »ny of the Ilespcetive Citys or County's then Uie Sheriff or 
Sheriffs for the Time beins of the Citvs County or Counlics 
ftbere sudi Hcjiih may hai>]>e» tiluill be and hereby is uud are 
Vnif^d with all the Powers And Authorities given to (be Coai< 
B>ti«ionert by this Act be under the same Refiulationa AND 
Itililled to the same Itewatd to nil Intents CoiiHtrui'lioiis and 
|>itfpnM^ Whatsoever as if they had been I'artieularly N'anK-d 
and A I'fKiinted In thU Act Any thing In this Act to the Conlnirj 


^a\n HE IT FritTnER EXACTED bv the Antliority Afore- 
BuiO Tbal uJI tbe Uouvvs to bu paid to tliu Tniixurui' of tlAts Col> 
OII.V b}- Virtue of this Act sliall be Imploy*^ for and towards Can- 
ceiIiD;:;11jf ilill»urci-edil frttuck and KinilU-d op->D tli- Hi!d Dniv 
of Esciec St the times Hud in (li« Mnnui/r directed in aud by im 
Act Kntilled ".\n Act fur the uiurv luuru i.-llL'i'tuul <Jani.x-lliiig ibe 
"Bills of Credit of this Colony " passed in tlie Twenty flrs; Year 
of hi» Mflje«Ues Itolgn And tu and fur uo Oilier ui»e ov purjiOse 
(Wbat soever 

AND HE IT ALSO ENACTED Thut (be Uetailers In the City 
of New Vurii sball Pay tbe Escixe Id ihi-ee several pavnu-nts or 
sooner an liie Comiuissioner aud Ibej- idiall Agree ritOVlDEl> 
ALWAYS That ^'otUulg in this Act shall be Coiiatraed to maki 
iVold AliridRo or fu any Wi»e le«wii the sevenil UiRbta and privi- 
Jedges UruulL'd unlo the Citys of Xew YorK and Albany by ihL'ir 
Botpectlve Charters Any tlilog coiitafaed in this Act to the Con- 
trary (liereof in any wisi^- Notwithstandinf; 

AND BK IT FiitTHKR KNACTKD by the Authority Aforc. 
said That the Trea»urer of fliia Colony shall be and hereby in 
directed and required nilhin three munllin Afler llie I'libMcA- 
tton of this Act to pnt tn 8uit tbe Hero^niiKiinceii of all |(i|i-b 
Persons who arc In «rrear on account of the Excise farmed by 
foriiLT Arts of this Colony Itrst givin? Two nionilM Notice of 
this dircotiou by Adrertisementfl to be incerteii In all the Pub- 
ll«k Xewe Papers in this Colony Ano where No Rec(^nilznnc«* 
are to be fmind The Treasurer shall be and hereby is Enablei 
Impowered aud AiitUoriKeil to bring snits iu his own X 
'Agiiluft nil and Every such Person and Personn who fdia' 
•Appear to Ite In Arrenron Account of the said Exclfte or ApaJ 
their Ileirs Eseeulor* or Adminisrrators And all tlie Money 
corervd in Conpequence of such Suit or witlsi nhall be Applied to 
the slntinj: and Cancelling the Hilts of Credit Enillled on the 
Credit of the Duty of Exeli»e at the limes aud In the Manner 
herein l«efore dln-eted And in dw^ the Treasurer shall Negli 
or omit to bring or enow snch Suites to he hronglit within 1 
time l.lniitted by this Act all ouch Sum of Money so to Arrear 
on the Duty of Excise wiiich he «Iialt t-o NeKlert or Omit to Sne 
for or Canso to bo Huei! for shall bo deemed Assets In hia hand* 
And he «hall be Charged therewith oi haTing actually Heceived 
the same 



[CHAPTER 1054.J 

tOtapter 10B4. of Van Sohnnc-k. vbfve xbe ilil« only Is printed. Cbaptrf 
123 ITOL Z> or t.)rlne«i(>D & Stullli. vrbere iIip net l» prlni«l In rulL 8«« 
dapt«r mH. Etplrtd Jnuunry 1, I'fo. I^ovldod (or by cluiiiU-r 122S.1 

An Aft furtlipr to Continue an Act Eotl* 
tnled An Aci to IEL-t;uliite the OuaKiiif; of niim 
Brandy anJ othor difttillt^d Liquors and Mo< 
las«e& and oitier (turpo-^vf liiorL-in Moiitioncd 

(Pansvd, December 24. IT.'n.I 

CE IT ENACTED b.r his Honour ilic- Lieutenant Qovf^rnop 
the Couurii and Ot-urrul Asm^ntldy nnil it i« bereLy Koiicted bj 
tW Anlboritjr of Ibe same tlinl one Act Fniliiiled '*Au Art to 
"Bt-Sntale ibe (iua;tin^ of Kiiiii Unindy and otbi-r distilled 
"Liiuora and MntasaeK and otber pui'|toseB tbetvin Mentioned * 
Passed In the Twentj foiirtb Yeor of bis MajfwiU'i* Reign, and 
kjr K Sutweiiiient Aet continued to the firs! duj- of Jiuiiiarj Next 
Shall be and hereby is furibep fontinuod nnd every riaiiBe Mat- 
ter and tbing therein Contained t^uacted to be and remain la 
ToTKX to all IntentB ContitpnctloiiB and Purposea Wbatsoeter 
from the said first Day of Jantinry next rntlll the first day of 
January whiob will be in the Year of our Lord One thousand 
Sexta bnndred and IJixty Uve 


ICfaaptrr I<BR. of Tun Seliaark. where tbe (lil« onl.v W nHntet Thnntt-p 
131 iToL n or UrlnRBton & Siuilli. where the act Is printed Id full Sm 
llapUr OOe. CODllotied bf cbni.tcr 1074.] 

An Act further to eonlinue (be Currencj 
of taie BilU of Crt-dit Emitted by Virtue of an 
Aet EntitulMl An Act for Emitting Billw of 
Credit for the Payment of the TJebta and for 
the belter Siipjmrt of the Governmont of thla 
Colony and other I'urpoxes therein Mentioned 

[PbsmkI. Derruilwr 24. IT^T.J 

WHEREAB an Act Enlilletl "an Act for Emllling Bills of 
•C.edil for the Puynn-Pt of the Debts and for Ihe IM-Iler Hup- 
*|wn of the Government of this Colony and otber purposes 
"Uiereio ilL-niioned" I'a»»ed la tUe Eleveulb Year of Uis Hap 



5wil<^ Rei:*i) Has by Bcvoml Bii1>t<o<iuL-iit Acts been prolon^c^l 
ana Cant ill ij<-(J uuUll llie Third TuL-sdaj In April whlcU will t)« 
In Ihe Ymr of our Lord One (liousand te\ea Iiiindrpd and FlttjH 
EtKlU AND WlIl^KEAS Uie anjuitwiauivs of Oic'Colon? SlllI^ 
TCt]uii-e the vVid of the JulwvBt Mou,^-v Arieing on tfie Uilla of 
Credit IiMioed b.v Virtue of the Act flr«t Aforesaid tor supporling 
the fiovernrnent thoreof ml 

'I HE IT TIlEKKFOltK KNACTF-l) by his Hononr the Llentoufl 
ant Ooveruor the Conuci! and the General Assembly and It is 
hewby Enacted by the Authority nf the same That the Time for 
which tic Mid Interest money stniida Appropriated for Ih« 
•upport of the Ooverniuent of this Colony by the last Subee- 
qaent Act Afoi-e^nid Entitled "An Act fnrther to rrolong th«« 
"Currency of the Bills of Credit Eniiiti-d by Virtue of an Actflj 
"Entitled An Act foi- Emitting Bills of Credit for the ruyment 
"of the Debts and for the better Support of the Oovemmetit ot 
"this Colony And oilier purposes therein Mentioned" Shall be 
and hereby is deferred Removed and fanher prolonged nntill 
the Third Tuewlay In the Month of April which will N" Id the 
Tear of our I,«r<i One thounuind Soren hundred and fifty Ninp .^ 
'Any thing In any of the Aforesaid Act* to the Contrary Not'^ 
wllhshindir;; And that at the time last Mentioned one fourth^ 
part of the Mid Bills of Credit and the remainder thereof in Ihe 
three next Sucoeedinc Year» shnit be paid tn Cancelled nnd 
dc^'troyed at the tiroes and in the Manner directed in and by An 
Act Entitled "An Act for ihe more effectual CancelUnjc the 
Bills of Credit of thiit Colony" [>asi*<('d In the Twenty first Yenr ' 
of His Majesties R^gn And that as well Ihe xaid first Men- 
Honed Act as one other Act Enlilnled "Ai Act to facllilatc flnilfl 
Explain the Duty of the I<oan-OfRcers \n thi» Colony " passed In 
Hie said Eleventh Year of his Majesty's Rei)*n And every the 
C1ati»e« Article* Matters nnd thlniia tn thein contained abalt he 
and hereby are Enacted to conliuiie and rtiualn of full force and 
A'lrliie to all Intents. Constructions and pnr|)Ofies whatsoever 
untill the third Tuesday Id April which will he in the Year of onr 
Lord One thousand eeven hundred and sixlv Two any thtn'f In 
the said Arts to the contrary Notwilhstnnding 

AND BE IT FCHTHErt ENACTED by the Authority Afore 
said That the taid nills durlni; the time they are hereby Enacted 
to remain Current shall continue to be pat oat st Interest In the 
same Manner and Slethod as In ihn said flrtit Slentloned Art Is 
directed And that all the interest moncj which may arhw on^ 



thno duHog tlutt time slinll from time TO TIME be {m{>Iovcd 
to and for the support of tlie Goreninient of tliia Colony lu such 
IfAnncr u shall by Act or Acta lioreafter In Ih> pa»»e«l fur ibat 
purpose be ordered aud dir«ctfd and nut Otlierwise Exi>oi>t »<» 
aadi thereof ob may be Neoeiwary for eiokitif; aiid CanroIIlng 
the sum of Eight tliausaod and Fifty Xine pounds Fourteen 
(billings and Eten-n Tence Emiued lu Hills of Credit l.y Vlrtna 
of the Act fintt aforesaid lor pojrlag tlie Debts then due from 
(his Colooy 

Mid That the Loaji ODiccra of tho scviTal Citys and <'i>iintyB 
vHbio thia Colony for the time Winft shall be and berpby ore 
fsDy Anthorizcd and impowerrtl to Alter llic Font) of nil such 
llortfHiges as Rball by tliem or Any of tliem hereafter be talcc j in 
toy of their Offices to Relation to the Time and tImi>B of Pay- 
ntent In sncb mannf^r aa to Malie th(^ ftnme Arisnenilile tii tlie 
Tnf Inieut and Me^nln^ of thl» Aet Any tiling in any tho ^Vfore- 
Bid Acts to the Contrary Kotwithsfandins 

AXD BE IT FPRTHER ENACTEn by the :\nthorlty nfore-' 
nld Tliat Whensoever the I-oanOfliiem of the BCTcnU City» 
ind founty's of this Cftlony fhall from the Information of any 
one of the snperrliors Id tlie ResjwctiTc Coiintloa of this Colony 
or frcMii the Information of the Jnsticee and Veslry men of the 
City of Xew York w (be Major part of them have suflldent 
Reason to Suspect the InsnfllcltTiry of any of the BecaritlcB 
taken or to be taken for any sums of Money lent or to be lent 
ont of any of their several Officca cither as to (he Value or 
Title of the said scourltics They the aaid I^an Offlcera shall 
be and hereby arc Imponered and required to demand Payment 
of llse Prinripal tmtna Xot withstanding the due payment of 
t&e Inli.'ies*t thereof or further aufllHent aeenrlly And npon 
failnre of dno payment of such Prhicipnl sums or refitftlnK ot 
neclcellnF; to jrive further eiifficlent security within fourteen 
Days A fter su^h di-mand Made to proceed to the sale of (he Mort- 
jaRe I.and8 or to snoh other remedy aa ia Biren by the first 
aforesaid Art accordintr to tho Xature of the f'ase and therein 
to porsne the Ruica and directions prCBCrilK'd In and by iho 
■aid Act Any tiling therein contained to the Contrary 2Iot>- 

AXD BE IT EXACTfiO by the Aulhorlty Aforesaid Tliat If 
any of the Persons who beeame secnrities for tho Loan oflicen 
Porsoant to the first Aforesaid Act shall be desirous of being 


dlscliargcd frnra Conllnning longer tinder thrtr said Engage- 
nivuK they shall give Notice lli^reor in Writing to ilu- iiui«t- 
vijiora of the R«ipwr[v« CouiilleB or lo llie Mayor and Alder- 
men of tho R*-!i|n-fiive City's whvro Uiey stand Knimgcd Iwtwcen 
the lii'Ht Tuesilajr ol Pi-bruary and the fli-st Tnesday of March 
One tliovsand sereo hundred and Fiftjr KlRtit And the stild 
supervixATR or Miivor and Aldcnncn Rc»|xHliToly shall Imme- 
diately lluTcafUT give notice in Writing to Uie Reapettive lioan 
Ofn<.'cni whose «on-tie« do desire to be diiKharged that he or 
they do by the first TueiwJay of April then next followinB pporlde 
and Rive new eurety And in e«w any of (ho raid I^aii officprt 
so notil)i_-d ax aforc«iid shall FAIL in giving new surety to the 
■atisfaetion of the said KiipprviiopB or Mayor and Aldermen 
respectively by the said I>ay Then the said SuperviKora or Mnyor 
and Aldeitiien respectively l^hall prot-i-od lo the Choice of » 
new Loan Officer or Loan Officers in the Room and utead of 
inch so foiling And in their proceedings thereon shall pnnae 
the dIrei-Hoiis of the fimt Afnresnld Act with respeet to the 
choice of Kew Loan Officers in the ftevcraJ Caaes therein lien- 
tioned Any thing in this or the afort»aid Acu to the cootrar; 

[CnAPTER 103«.l 

[Chapter' lose, oC Van Scliaack. sod cluiplcr 134 (rol. 2), of LlYln^loa 
•nd SmlUi, wticr« the UUe vnly u prluted.] 

An Act for Kainlng by a rubliclt Lottery 
for this Colony the Sum of one thoui>and one 
Hundred and Twenty Ave Pounds towards 
finishing a New Goal In the City of New York. 

(I>aM«d, Ucccinbof ^^, 17B7.] 

IK as raacb aa the fund appropriated for Ercciing nnd flnUh- 
Ing the publkk Goal in the Ciiy of New York, will pro\-e 

BK IT ENACTED by his Honour the Llentetiant GoTemor 
the Council, and the General Assetnbly. and It'a hereby ICnancd 
by the Authority of the same, (Imi a l.oilery be KreetH wttliin 
thU Colony, au>l lliat for and lowarclH Rallying the sunt of Due 
thuasand. One Hundred and Ivrenty Qvt pounds, it shall and may 
be Lawfull for any person or persons. Natirea or foreigners, 
Bodies poHlic op Coqwrate, to Contrihate. by paying at or before 
the Respocllve times by this A<'1 Utnlti>d In that behalf, lo any 
Peraoo or Persons hereio after lo be appointed for [hat purpoae, 





tb» Rttm of Oae pAiind Trn fthlDinRB, or Divers Ealire Sums of 
Od«.> Toand TcD Ktulliags, upon tbia Act, and Ihul every C-un- 
tiibutor or adventurer for evorj aut-h sum of Oaif Pound T<^ 
ilillHnjn, wlilt'li lif, kIio, or thev slinll bo iuiviuicp Rball bo iqUt- 
(.-strd In ^nrh Lott or »ltarc, of and in tlio «afd lx>ttcr.T ICstab- 
Iwliod by thU Act. aa is bereio aftor Uii-ectt'd and nppointi-d, ami 
Ibe Muue Entire Sama of One pound Ten shilliD)^ eai-Ii. ai« 
kerebr appKintHl to In- fit"' unto sucli I'eraon or Pei'iiwtis afor&- 
aald, on or bi-fon* the first Tut-sday iu April next. 

AXU «E IT FUKTm:K EXACTED bv (he Anthoritj- afore- 
nlA, tbat Measni Ebenezar Grant and Theodnrns Van Wyck 
■hall be Mnnaiwrit for l're(»arinK und I">i-Hv«rinK out Tickets, 
Bi>celrtDg tiie Honey fw the Ticltcts, and to oversee the Drawing 
9t Letts, and to onler, do and perform nueb oiber Klalters A 
thiuns a» ar>* ben>aftiT in and by tliin Act l)iiTrti*d and Ap- 
folntei) by Bach managers (o be done and perfonned; and that 
nch Manngera shall meet toffether from tlnif U» time, at noine 
pnblU-k place, as to them sh»ll s<'v»i most Convenient, for tlie 
Execution of the Powers and Trust in them Itepoeed, by this 
Act and that the said Manasero shall Cause Boolis to b*' pre- 
inrt-ij tn wUi'-li ever? I'i'af eluill he Divided or Dimlniiiiiittied 
into three Columns, and nfKm the InnemioKt of the «aid tl)reo 
Oolamn*. there shall l>e priolL-d tivp tliouKand Tickets, Kiimbcr 
me. Two, three, and so onwards, in Arithmetical progreaaloo, 
where rhe Comrofin Esresa Is to be one, udiIII ihev Rise to lh« 
Knmbcr of five Ihoutiand. and upon tlie Middle Column in every 
Ibe ra'd I'ookK, then' shall be piintrd fire tlioUKnnd Tickets of tbe 
■ame bn-Hitih and form, and Niimlicr(Hl in I,ik« manner, ard io 
the Ezlniue Coitimn of the said Books, th^re aliall be printed 
I third Kiink or aeries of Tickets of the Fame Xumlier. with 
tbose of the other Column*, which Tickets hIihII Severally he 
of an Glilnn^ figure, and in the snid Itouks shall be Joined with 
niillque lines llonriRhes, or Devices. In snch Manner a« the said 
Uanairer* shall think raostt Rnfe tind Convenient and that every 
Tieket in the Extreme or tliir^l Column of the said Honks, shall 
have printed thereon, liesldes the Number, the words foilowlnjf 
Videlidt, "The Possesfior of this Ticket, If drawn a prlxe, shall 
'4> Entitled [o the I'rixe so drawn. Hubject to i<u<'h dcduclion aa 
is DlnM-ted by an Ad of this Colony in that behalf. 

AND »K IT FrrtTHEU ENACTED by tiie Authority aforo- 
«ld, that the said Manaiiers shall Carefully Examine, all the 
■Id Books with the Tickets therein, uxd that the some be 




Conlrlvo«I, Nnmbercd and mitdo arcordlnR to On- True tntcot and 
U«itiiing of this Avt: and all and evvrj sucb MaaaRpr or Man- 
agers Re»[M>ctiTfIv, is And are hereby Dlrect<vJ and Rp(|tilrwl, 
npon >ii« or Uieir Receiving of Every or My Entire Sum ut One 
pound Ten sMlliRfTK in full pnyment for a Ticltet, frwn any pi.T»on 
or pereoB!) Cvutributinc or adventuring m aforesaid to Cut ont 
of the eaid Boo); or Boolia Ihroujfit the snid OMique I.IneK, 
flourishes, or Devieefl. indenlwiac a Ticket of (he Tickets in ttie 
said Extmnc Column, which one of the said MaDngerfl, shall 
rIro with his own Name, and he or they Bhall permit the Con- 
tributor or adventurer ilf It he dohlred) lo write liis or her Name 
or Mark, on (he two Corre»<])onding Tickets in (he same Book, 
and at the Mme time the said Managers, or one of thetn, ahall 
deliver uoto the said Contributor or adventurer (1>^ Ticket 
Out off, which he, she, or they are to ke<-p and use for tb< 
Better asoertaining and securing the Interests wblob he, she, or 
they bis her or their Kneoutors, adminlhinitnrs or aMii;^s. shall 
or may have in the said I,o(tery, for tlie mimtes «> by him her 
or them Oontribated or adventured untill the said adventure, 
by tiie DKiwinj; of I.otts, and the pfliment of each Tickets as 
shall be fortumtte stinll t>e fully Uetennined. 

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, thai the mid Mannge 
at a Meeting as nforetwld atuUI Cau»e all the Tickets of th 
Middle rolnmn, in ttie Books, to be Cut indentwitN* throui;l) 1h 
said Oblique Line« flourishes or Devices, and Cun-fuily Itolli-d 
ap as much a like ast may be. and made fast with Tliread and 
In Ihe prr«ence of such Contribiiters or adventurers as will be 
iliere present. Cause all the staiil T^tketa which are to be Ro!U-d 
np, and made fast, as nforeMuid, lo be put into a Box prepared 
for that purpose, and to be Marked with the T-etter (A) whidi 
la prewntly to be put into another siring Box, and -to be 
l,orkrt] op with two Different Ix>eks and Keys, t» be kept bv as 
many Managers, and Bealed with their seels. uDtlll the sni. 
Tickets are/o l>e drawn as is hen-ln after mentioned: and tha 
the Tickets in the first and innernKml Column of the said B-wks 
sluill Remain still in the Books for DiKcoverinii any mistake or 
fraud, !f any such should happen, to be Commlltvd Contrarj 
to the True indent and meaning of this Aot. 

AND BE IT FLKTIIKR ESAfTED by the same Authnriii 
that the Managers before mcnilon'd shutl Cause to t>e prepare 
other Books, in whlc^ ererjr Ix>af shall be divided or DIstiD' 
gvisbed in two Columns and tipon the liuiermoat of these £wo 






Colnmo*, there shall be printed five thonaoad 'nckcrR, and 
apoo the Oulermoot of tbe said Two Colunius, Ilierv stuiJl bs 
priolpd Btc Uionsand aJl nbicb shall be of t^ntd Length aad 
Breadth, na near as may be, wbioh two Columns in (lie mid 
Boobs ehall be Joiuixl wf.'.b some iWuriitbes or Ueviwih ttirongh 
which the OutermOBt Ticket may be Cat off IndcDtwise, and 
•hat one thousand and ninety f&ur Tlckeln. part of those to b« 
CvDlaint'd in the UutentKwt Column of ^ho Books Lflst men- 
tinned SHALL be Called fortuoate tickets, to which Benefits 
•Imll belong an lieretnnfler men.Tioned and the said Manngen 
shall Cautie tbe »aid Fortuimte Tickets to be writtea 
upon, or othem'ise Expre«sed, as well In figures as 
In Words at Length, in Manner following, that Is 
to say, npoD one of tlicni five Huudred pounds, upon one other 
ol ihi-m two Hundred pounds, upon two other of them Severally 
one Hundred jHiondit, upon Teu other of them seTcmJly QKy 
pounda.upon tlilrty other of tliem Severally Twenty pounds, opon 
fifty other of lliem Severally Ten pounds, and ujtoa one thntitiand 
of them Severally five ponndr, which sums 80 to be written or 
otherwise Espressed upon the said fortunate Ticketn will 
amount Id the whole to the »nm of Seven Thoumnd five Hud* 
dred pounds, whirh is the produce of five thousand Tickets 
iccording to the Valnntloti of one pound Ten shillings for Kadi 
Ticket, as IWore tinMitinned. 

AND BE IT FUKTUElt ENACTED by the aoihority afor*- 
Bsld that tbe Mnnagers before mentioned shall C«D»e all the 
Skid Ttcketts Contained In the Outermost Column of tlic Ixuit 
mentioned Books, in the presence of such Cuntributors or 
sdveotarers, as will tb&i be tfacitt present, to be Cnt out tn- 
dcniwise, thniiij;!i the said flowrlnlios or Di-vli'es. and Carifally 
Uolled up, as ueiir as may be alike and fastened with thread 
and put into another Box. lo be proi»nred for that purpose, and 
to U' Marked with the Letter (B1 which Box ehall presently be 
paf. into another stronti Box. iinil I^>cked up and Scaled in tlid 
manner as the Box Lettered (A) nnlili these Tickets shall also 1 
be drawn In the manner and form hereafter mentioned; And 
that no money tihall Iw Received from any Contribntcr or ad- 
THilorer towards this adventure as afon^«aid aii« the flrrt 
Tuesday In April next and the whole Business of R^OIinK up 
and CnUing off and pattlntr In the said Boxes (he ROid Tickets 
and LockinjT up and SealtuK the Said Hoxe*. chall be performM 
by the said Managers on or before ye said first Tuesday in April 


Next asd io the End Every person rouo^^uetl mnj be nell a»- 
Btired ihat tbe Counterpari oi Ihe iMuae XumbtT, with lua of 
bcr Ticket is put into tlie Box marked with Uie Letter tA) troni 
« tieiic« tlie same umj be dravn and tUa! other matteiv atv done 
SH Li-reb^ Dii\-vlul. hoiui* publick Noliflcntiuu Id prim aliiUl 
he Riven of the preoise time or tiniett of the Cutting the isaid 
Tickets, and pultinj; Ibvui ioto .'he Ituxu», to the end, that 8m-ta 
ailveoturera us shall be niindtHl to see the same done, tuay be 
present at the iKiiiis rherei»f: 

AND HE IT l-XUTMEK ENACTED by the authority Afore- 
said that on or before the flrrt Tuesda;- in April next, the said 
AiHnnsont, shall Cause the f«iid Sereral Ilexes, witli all the 
Tfckttjs thoKiu to be brougbt iu to the t:ity Hall of the City 
of New York, by Nine of the Clock in the forenoon of the same 
^ay, and shall then and there altfnd the eervlt-e in order for 
rbrawiug, with two OltTk!<, with Itouks prepared for that purpose, 
to Enter dowD all the fortunate Tickets; and ihe said Manae^frs 
twins prepared for Drawing, shall Cause the two Boxes Con- 
taining the said Tickets, to be Ik-verally taken out of tbe other 
two Boxes, in which they shall have been Locked up, ajid the 
Tickets Or l.ons. in the K<^|iectlve iuueruioiit Boxes being In 
the prestenee of the said Managers, and of Biioh mlventuren 
OS will be there rresenl. for the Satlirfactloii of themselves, 
well t&aken and mingled in each Box DisUocily, and some one 
Indillerent and fit Person to l>e appointed and Directed by the 
said Managers sball take ont and Draw, one Ticket from the 
Box where the sjifd Nnnibered Tickets shall bo as aforesaid put, 
ojid anotbor ladifTei-ent and tit person to be appointed and 
Directed in Like manner shall Immediately Draw a Ticket or 
Lott from the Box where the one tbouNind and ninety four 
fortunate and three thousand Nine Hundred and 8ix Blank 
Tickets elutll be promiscuously put as aforesaid, and ImraL-diatcly 
both the Tickets so Drawn, shall tn* opened, and the Number 
as well of the fortunate, as Blank Tickets shall be named aloud, 
and if the Ticket taken or Drawn from the Box, Conralnlog ttiii 
fortunate and Blank I.otis sball appear to be Blank tlitu the 
Numbered Tickets so drawn, wiLb Ike said Blank, at tbe same 
time drann, shall be wrote oimn Klnnk nnd shiHI both be put 
on one lilc and if tbe Ticket so drawn or taken out of the Itox, 
Containing the fortutaute and Blank Lotts sliull opiMwr to be 
one of the fortunate Tickets then the sum Written upon tnr-h 
fortunabt Tfcket ^whatsoefer It may be) shaU be Entered by 




ft* Clerk so api>olnt«<I, iDto the Rooks prcparpil for that pur- 
{»« tut^llitT with tile NunibiT Couit-ing up with the Niiil for- 
lunnle Tlrkor, and one of The nald Maniifn>rH oball m>l their 
Name AM a WiliieM to Every such Kntr;: aiid tht- h:i!i) fortoniite 
tad Dumbured Tickets so dravro together, sbnll be put >jp<>n 
uiotbtT file, and so lb« tuild Drawing of the Ti(.'kc'ls oliull Con- 
tlnae. by taking one Ticket at a time oot of each Bos and wilh 
t^nini;, uamiug aloud, and flieing tbe imme, and l),v Eutrtng 
the fortuoatc Lolts in micb manner ax is before niontiooed ontill 
the whole Xumber of one thonaand and Ninety fonr ffH-tiinate 
TIcketK, fthell be conipleatl.v drawn and tf the miue (.'aiiuol 1>c 
performed in one days time, the eaid munngers Bhall Caa»e tlie 
Boiea to be lacked up and fieal4>d in the ninnner n.i aforesaid, 
and adj'ium till (he next day and »o from Day to Dii.v, aiul 
CTery day (eicept Bundayt and then open the mime and proceed 
a* aLore, till ibe said whole N'umber of Fortunate Tickets »hull 
be completely drawn as afvreMiid. 

AXD To the End that the Adventurers may have nil jmsslhlp 
SatlsfarTioD In the due Repiilar, and Jiiitt Man:isemfnl. .(f the 
nid Lottery. BE IT ENACTKD by the Aulhoriiy aforesaid 
that the Mayor R«-order, Aldermen and (Common :i!ty of the 
City of New York, may and are hereby impowered to -ippoint 
every day during the whole Course of Uie Lottery, two or more 
of their IWxIv U> Insfiect all and every Transaction of ih<» naid 
lAiiiery hereby Hin-cted and required: and that Kach County 
In the l.'elony may, and are hereby inipoweied, if they nee cause, 
to Itepote two Jnntlce* of the peace or otiier Reputable free- 
hoMern, iff luhnbitauts for the nfitrerald Iiinpection with proper 
Certifli^'e* of their beinc »o Deputed, from thct next, or any 
8abiieqa<fnt OenfrnI SesBions of ihp peace and tlie «aid mannKi>m 
are hereby Din-cti.-d und l('i|ijiri>d to admit them, nnd ihe «nid 
llemltent of the said CofporalloD, to the aforesaid Inspection 
Accord in lily. 

AND UK IT Fl'RTnKR ENAOTED hy tbe Authority afore- 
•aid that Imnif^istely after TIIK Dmwins be finished, the said 
Manacrs are hereby Rcfjuired to publlwb in tbe Ni'w York 
Oaxelte the NumberB drawn against the fortunate I^its with 
llie PrUe* or 8nm» drawn by or beloni^inii to Each of them 
BesiM-ctively. and as ooon ax the Dmnlne nhnli be over, shall 
pay the said Bums to »urb perKons who shall prndnce Tickela 
with tbe nambers drawn against such fortunate Lotts, they tba 



tail] maoikgcrs, flret deducting SftccD pr. Cent, out of the eald 
fortunate Lotts, to be a{iplie<l as ttereia after Directed 

AND BE IT FUKTHEIt ENACTED by Uie Aathorlty afot*- 
said that if uoy person or perBons Shall forge or Counterfeit any 
Tli-ket or Tickets to I>e made forth on this Act, or alter any of 
(hi- Nambeni laii-reof, or bring any forgcJ or Counterfeited 
Tickets, or any Ticket whereof the Number U Altered kaowtug 
Ihc same to be such, to tlic said Muuas<CT8t or either of them 
ro the lotent to Defraud the Colony or any Conttibuter or 
auvenlurer, or the Executors, adminlKtniitors or AsslgnH of any 
Contributer or udveuturer upon tliia Act tlien every auch person 
or person (belns thereof Ponvicled in Due fond of lavi) shall 
be adjudgi-d a felon and altall Sutler Death, im in the Case of 
felony, without Benefit of Clergy; and the said SJaoaKers, or 
either of thero, are hereby Aothorlze.!, Required, and Impowereii, 
to Cause any pensoo or pemons. bringing sucb allt-red, for 
or Counterfeited Ticket or Tickets as aforesaid to be appr 
hendetl. and to Committ liim her or them, to his Majesty's Od 
of the City of New Y'ork to be protewled against for the 
felony according to Law. 

said that every of the managers hereby appointed, for pntfiog 
this Act In Execution, before his actini; in sucb Commiwion, 
shall take the Oath follonlnt;. Ttiar Is to sny. 

I A; B: do swenr, that I will faUhfulIy Execute the Trosf 
Repotted in me. and that I will not use any In Direct Art or 
means, or permit or Direct any person to use any Indirect Art ■ 
means to obtain a priie, or fortunate Tx»tt for myself, or an] 
Iiersnn whatsoever, and tiia* 1 will use the utmost of my Eu* 
doavours to pn^vent any undue or sinister practice to iio dc 
by any person whatsoever, and that t will to the best of 
Jud^uient. declare to whom any prize, or Ticket of Rlsht" 
does iw-lona Accordine to the True intent and meaning of th( 
Act of the Lieutenant aovernor. Council and General Araemhly^ 
passed in ilie Year of our Lord one thonxand Seven Hundn-*! 
and fifty seven in that bebulf: which Onth Khali be adinlni»> 
tred by one of the .Tustlres of the supreme Court of this Colony 
thority Aforesaid That llie Managers h.>n'by appolmcd, bcfora , 
they take the Oiilb prescribfd by this Act. or perform or Exe^J 
eute anv thing therein Contained, shall first rntcr into the fol*^^ 
lowing Becognitanr* to onr Sovereign L*rti the King, his heirs 
and SncMHisors ithsl Is to sayj Each of them before one of the 





Juticca of (Iio nuinrme Court, In Uip sum of Two Tlionsaiid 
five iluntltxij pounds, niih two Kufticioul H<h;uiilkij inieti, in 
bi\t that Sum, Conditioupd that Uii-j- sball and will, well and 
TnilT, Earli for tils part, Execute tlie Trust Kepoaed in lliem 
b; IIiIb Act, and well and Truly oltsvrvc do; and i»errwna all 
the Dir«ciioas tlnrebj reijuircd to be done and performed, by 
Ibem accordint; to the True intt^at and meaning tbereuf, which 
M-vtral KecoRiiizanuea are to be l>elivereii to the lYwiMurer, 
hj the Justices befoi^ nbom the same sbull be so lak(.-n (haviug 
tint Caused the same to be Recorded in (he Minnies of the 
Bapreme Court) in ordor to be Lodged fu the Tr«i»m-.v. 

AVD DE IT FCKTIIKU ENACTED by the Authority afore- 
•kid that the several l>educlionfi nf fifteen pounds pr: C<-nt uptiu 
the wlHtle Number of fortuiiute Tlokcis, shall Itunuin in the 
Hands of the ufoicvuid Blaou};c'rB, and be by iliem paid onto 
■ach PcrEoas, at such times, and iu such proportion, a» shiUI 
be directed by the Uayor, Kecorder and Aldt^rniuu of the City 
of Svw Yorfe, or the Major part of them, for the time beinu, 
for and towardx finfsbing tlie New Goal Now Erected in tbe 
Gly ot Nfw Yorlc in Lieu of that which is now in the City Hail 
of the said CKy, 8od for no othi>r use or purpose whatsoever, 
Mt vl which ^>T(i-thele«)(. (he mid Manugt^-ra Ehull retain in 
their own banda (in Case the Lottery be actually drawn) (he 
(»um of fifty poiinrls to (-ncli of them, nnd for eacli of tin.- two 
Cliyr]i.s Hix shillitig<t per Ui<.'m, I'or every day thry sbull be actu- 
ally Impi^yod in naid Drawint;: for each of tbe two (K^-sons who 
■hall Draw the Tit^-liets, three Khilllngs pr: Diem for crcry day 
they Bhall be so emplovtd. and sucIj further sum aa sbiill 1>l' 
Itrquisite for payine all Reasonable Charges for Printing Rooks, 
Tickets, and ndverli^tnoiit», and mich other LocidenU as may 
yecesaarily be Required in the said Lottery. 

AND BE IT FURTIIER ENACTED by (he Authority afore- 
laid that no fee or Oratuity whaixoever ebnil or may be de- 
manded or taken of any person or )>ermini), Cuntribulors or ad- 
Tenlnrera to Iht* Lottery aforesaid, by any Uantiger or MaDa},er8, 
or any other OfQcer or ORicer* appointed by thitt Act. for nn* 
tblug that shall be done pursnant to this Act, upon pain, that 
any OfficxT or person Offending, by taking any fee or Gratuity 
Contrary to thSa Act, shall forfeit Ihe sum of fifty pouud>4, lo 
tbe party Grieved; lo he Recovered, with full Costs, in any ot 
fate Uajesty's Courts of Record within tbia Colony. 
VoL IV. 87 ^ ■ 



5CS*D RE IT ENACTED l.y tlie AulhorUr AforCKiiM II 
Case aJt the said Ave tlioiiHaiid Tirkcrs, uliull not be sold iiad 
Di»{ioiM-d of tiofurv Iht raid Drat Ttit-tMlxiy In AipHI next tbatj 
then ihe Money thai baa been remvcd for any Tiefeet or TStkft) 
by Viitiii? of this Act, plmll be, by Uie mid Manajt, .-a. Repaid] 
to tb« [M-rtEon or persons of nbom th« same Bball have bet-i 
Kewiv«I, his ber, or tbeir Executors AdministratorR or assiinm, ' 
lie (the or tbey firKt prodrK-iiig ibe Btvei-al Tlrki-tR, for wbl«h 
•aeh payiuent ehaW be required: and tbe Lottery borcby KrecU-d 
and made, ahall from tlieiireforib, beronie Void any tbing in ibis 
Act Cwiluiiied to the <_.'<>utr«ry bereuf notwitbKltiudiiiK; And 
fo Buch Case the AforCKiid Be*-eral Incidents aball be paid for 
out of any Sfonies wliieh sbal) ht: approprinted for flnlHliinn and 
Couipleatini; Ibe New Goal Now En-cti-d in tbe City of New 
Yorl(. on proper Certifleates Signed by the said llauapers. 

pROVinED, AND BE IT ENACTED, (lint ia Cace the mid 
Otc Thousand Tieltels afon^said be sold and Disposed o* In 
manner aforesaid, l)efore tbe flnit Tuesday in April next that 
then the Munager shall proct^-ed to Drawin)! tbe Lotto in manner 
aforesaid, first Oiving publiek Notice thereof In tJie New York 
poBt Itoy, al I^east fourteen days before tlie Dmwincr the Same, 
any thing In thin Aet to the Contrary NotwltbirtandlnB. 

AND HE IT FLRTnER ENACTED l.y the Anlhorlty afore 
said Ibal if Either of tbe before mentioned Managers shall 
hapjren to Die, Remove ont of the Colony, or Refu.te to Act J 
AeoordiDR to the eevernl and Reftpectirc powers and .Vnthorttlc^fl 
hereby Direetetl and Required, it shjil! and may be lawful) to ■ 
nud for tlic Covernor. or Comm»nde-r in Cbii^-f for the (!me beiuK,^ 
by and with tbe advice and Consent of his Majesty's Council l^M 
Niimiii:ife and apjioint some other fit person or persons to be^ 
SlauHger or Mnnagero, in the place and t^tead of (lie Mimagcr or^ 
Managers so Dying Renioring. or Refusing to Act as afi>i«saidfl 
any lliing herein Contained to tbe Contrary ?«otwilh«t«iiding™ 
PROVIDED Ibat the pon-on or persons who may b." (ni appointe I, 
sbnll t>c Obliged to take tbe Like Oath Enter Into Ibe Lik 
Roi:otmiJtances, and Pnreliea as is hert-in directed to be done bj 
Ihe ManaBcrs, Nntued In IhUt Act, and h4> In nil Renpr-rlit, a 
Bnbject to Observe and Perform. Ibe Beverflt Directions of tbis 
'Act, as If he or ibcy bod been Named or Appointed in It 





inCT, of V«n ^ha^ok, irtxre tbi> tiua rnraiimpli only, o( tb« 
Kt ta priutvd. CliAttlcT US iroL 2), of Uvlacnioii & SiulUi wtiere tlic act 
h Vrloud la full.] 

An Act to Enahle the Mayor Aldpmn'o 
ami Cuiiiuiouullv of the (.'Hy uf New York (o 
roiso a Hiim Not Ex<;ei'(linf; Three Uioufiand 
Flvp bimdri'il TotmOs for Krcctliij; ltiirru<-k» 
for his Majesties Tn>.>i>B Providing tht-ni with 
Flrp-Wood and Candle* and other purposes 
Ihercio Utsitiouetl 

IPoMKd. D««Miib«r 24. ITST.I 

WHEBEAS the Free qnarterTng of Soldiers in tht- City of 
Xfw York liaK by Experience been found too une(|ii»l aa wtll 
t» loo b4>ftTy a burtlioQ for (tii? InliabitantH to hear in eiise of 
hImdi the C'oriioratiun have Erected ProiM?r and Convenient 
Itarmrk^ In addition to those Alrejidy Built and fumislict) [b*nn 
•ilh Cribs Jltds Hollers Tabli-s Itenrlien Firevnod r^indlrti sad 
Mlirr NfWiiitaryj AND WIIKRKAS llie oxiM-nxe of frw Quarter- 
tos of Officers at the Requisition of the Earl of l^udoiin together 
vilh Iho Nvot'SKiry and Conliiigi^nt Cbarjteft of the Cwri>omt ion 
taw so mnrh Exhauslod Tlioir Treasury Hmt they are at present 
iB^ibl^ to Vay and di»ciiar{*e the Dt-btn Arcriie<l in BulldhiK 
lUrracks an! fjriiiifliinK titeiii with Neri>«s'iirie« nlthout i|i(» 
Aid and Assislfuu-e of the Legislature Which Aid and aiisislanrt> 
tb» Corporal'OO of the City of Kew York iuive most huiulev 

i:i-: IT THEREFORE Enacted by hia flonnnr the Lieutenant 
OoTPTDi-r the Council uikI the Oonfrai AftM^inlily and U Is licrcby 
EaarlHl t>y the Authority of the Same llial it HhnM and mny 
be lawful! lor the Mnyor Rii-onler Aldermen and AHsintantH of 
tti«> Cliy of New Y'ork for the time IM-Init In Common Council 
eootrmd or bo many of them aa do Make a common Council at 
tinch lime MB th«^ shall Judj;i> most <'onvcnifnt after the PuMlcn- 
lioo of Ittiv Ac:l To order the RaUing a sum Not Exoerdiox Tli:->" 
Ihotimnd lire linndred Pounds hy a Tax upon the Estates Real 
tail p*-r»oi>nl of all and evepy the FneholderB Free-men In- 
kildraota Resldenls and Rojournen* within the Cily of New 
York Porauaol to Which Order io Common Council so made 




tbe Wayor of the naid City foi; the Time bting Bball 
forthwilli th«TPuiK.n Issue his Warranta to the ABses- 
•om and CoitLctoi-s of each KeBpectke Ward within llie 
said CUy for ihe time beinB to make socti assewfinrnts 
and C«lleclions and opon Keglwt Refuaal or Nonpay- 
ment the Hiid Collectorg are hereby Aiitliorljted to levj 
the Kinip hy dbln-wi and Sale of llie Goods and ChjittleB 
«iicli Person or Persons wlio shall Neplect Refuse or dehy 
Pay the Same 7e«1oriug to the owner the overplus if any lie All 
which 8imi of monoy to be lerled Collated and paid ax Afore- 
Bald Mliall be paid by the Respective Oillpctors nfore»aid nmo 
Ihe Mayor Aldermen and rommftnalty of ttie City afores.ud for 
the time beinR at their City Hall on the first dny of April N<xt 
between the Hoiir« of Ten and Twelve In the forenoon And be, 
by tftem Applied and dinpoRed of In I*aym*''>t and dUdiarK'' 
the Expenses In RuitdinK the said B«rraek» ftiniti»hlni; llie Kim^ 
with 'Svixneasy'B and other Coollngeut charges attending tin 

AND RE IT ENACTED by the AuHiority Afor.'«nid that (hiT 
uld Mayor Recorder and Aldertaon of the City of New York for 
the time being or the Major part of them shftll have Power 
and Aiilhority by Virtue of this Act and arr- reqnired to ad- 
minhter an Oath to the said AwwsRors and every of (hf-ro WpII 
Truly Ec|naily Impartially and in dne Propordoo aeeording to 
thebesl of their rndenttandinc to fltvewi and rate all and every 
the Freeholdeni Fi-efrnm Inliabitaots Renidi-nls and S-oJonmef* 
of thp RespM-tivp Wards for which ihpy are rhoopn AiwesFor*. ^M 
AND ItB IT FrRTIIEn ENACTED hy the Anlhority Afori^^ 
eaid (hat If the Mayor Rei-order Aldermen or Ax^istiinlii of Ihe 
City of »w York tnr ihe time belnR who are hereby required 
Imj>owcn-d and AutJiorixed to takf effei-tnal eare Hint Hiit* Art 
be dnely Exprntpd aeirordlnjr to the True Intent and menninn 
thereof tJiaJl deny refnuc NeRleet or delay to perfortn and Exe- 
rale all or any of thr* powero Dntlc<( and Atilhoriliex by thl^^ 
Act Re«iiiirpd of them nr any of thi^m to he done or If onjHj 
Pernon or Persons wlio an* or shall bp Hiosmi Assewiorw or^ 
Colleetora In the wld Cily of New York for each Re«peell 
Ward thereof ahnll Deny ttefiiae Negleet or delay 
make Rneh A«s(*Mneot an by this Art la rprjn 
or sliali IKtiv Negl**"'! or Refuse to Collect and Pay any sum or, 
Bams of Money In manner before incntinned laid Tax<<<l a 

and shall thereof be lawfaly Convicted In the Supreoit 



Onort he or tticr sJiatl Suffer such Paino by Fine and Tmprlsmn- 
■cut u b; llie dlwrretioo of tlie Judgt^ of tlic said Ovurt shsiU 
b« tdjodged 

AFORFSAID (liat over and above the Biiid Sum of Tlm>e tliou- 
■and and Five hundred Pounds to l>e levied nnd paid by Vlrtne 
of thiif Act the Sum of Nine penre In the Townd for the Cnl* 
lector* ehill be a^ecused levi*^ and I'aid to the BespccUvo Col- 
lartars for (^ollertinj; and Pavln;; the same Arrardini; In tlie 
true Intout and meaning of Ibis A.ct Ajiy thing herein Contained 
to the rontrary Notwithstanding 

AND Kli: IT FL*RTI]EB KNACTED hy the Xuthorily Afoi*- 
eald that the property of the Lands and Soil whereon the Paid 
Ilarracktt are Built and Erected or any other Rarraclifl thai flhall 
hert«ifter l>e built or Erected upon tlio Boil and properly belonp- 
tne to the said City ahall continue and remain to ho in Riifht 
Title Intereat and I'rnpertr belonulng to the Mayor AblJ-rraon 
and Commonalty of the City of New York for the timo being 
for tlic rvlief of the InluiMtnntfl of the (taid City from DillHtSn*; 
of Boldiera in time of War And to be I^ hired out and dis- 
posed of upon Rents or Otherwiae )o times of ppnce nnd at all 
other times when tbe eald ^rrlcc t>y Uillelint; of ftoldierR fbill 
not necesMirily reqaire the same as the Mayor Alderraea and 
Commonalty of the City Aforesaid (or the time being Khali 
think fit I 

[OITArTF.R 1038.1 

tChaitter 1008. of Van Krhnack. and cluiplcr 136 (roL ^ of LiTlngaton ft 
Sol.Ui,, where tbe title only la vdotcd-l 

An Act to raJse T-ery nnd CoUerf .*.h> Rum 
of Fifty I'oundx in the Clly and County of 
New York for sorvioea performed by. the 
Coroner of tUc said City and County^ 

(Pftued. Deccintier 24. 17^7.1 

WHEREAS John Durnet the present Coroner of the City and 
Coanty of New York hath taken (duriniJ.'he Spare of Near foor 
Y'ears) Twenty two Ini)(ie«tK on the Dead l{o<ty» of Poor I'ercoTia 
and adranced money for the said Services for which he hath 
reM-ire<l No Allowance or Reward and It heinn Concelred Innt 
and Reasonable that he ehould l>c allowed and paid for his 
Trooblc and Expence therein the sum of Fifty Pounds Includ- 


lected and Paid Id mauuvr following that is to Say Tlio flot^^^^ 
nine Tliouaaud I'oimds oq oi- buroit; l1i<; lirnt Tuc-ridiL,v in >'uveiu- 
ber wMch will be iu Uic Vcar uf our Lurd Une tliousand »evt>^| 
Hundred and Fifty-Nine And ilie like 811111 of Nitiu lIiuuitiUM^^ 
Founds on or bofore tLu lirst TdCtMiuy in Nuvvmbw whicb will be 
In Ibc Year of Our Lord One tbouaand seven hundred aui) Sixty 
Tbe gum of El^it tliou^nd Pounds 011 or bi-fore Ibe first Tues- 
day in Xovfml>ci- wbich wUI hv in lUe Vcar of our Lord One tlioo- 
Band eeren bundr«d and SiKly une The like Ham of Eigbt tboa- 
Mnd Pounds on or bt-fore tbe Qrut Tuesday in November which 
will be in the Year of our Lord one Thoutuuid seven and sixty 
Two Tbe like muiu of Eight Thuui«and Pounds an or before tbaj 
flrst Tuesday in November which will be in tbe Year of our lyord^ 
One ibouAand tacven bumlred and sixty three Tbe like Hum UF 
Eit;bl tliouBand I'outids on or before tbe first Tuesday in Novem- 
ber which will be in tJie Year of our Lord One thousand 8i-veB 
hundred and Sixty Four und TIic like Stini of Hl(^t 1houi> 
Pounds 00 or before tlie first Tucsdny iu Novvniber which will 
be lo Uie Year of our Ijord <!lue thousand seven hundred and 
Sixty five The sum of Twenty one lliousand Pounds on or before 
tbe Ijrsi Tuesday In Novtimbcr which will be in the Year of 
our Lord One Thonsund Seven hundred and oixty xix And ttie 
like Sum of Twenty one thousand Pounds on or before Ibe first 
Tuesday in NovcihKt which will be in the year of our Lord Owe 
thousanil ^eveo hundred and stiiy «icven Which Knid Smiw of 
Mine ThouKnnd rounds The said J^uins of Eight thousand Puundi 
And tho Wild Sums of Twetiiy one thousand Pounds hiTcby 
appointi-d to Ito paid on the Days and Tinicft bi-fore mcnlhint-d 
Shall be Yearly f{a<«ed levied and Paid Iiy ihe Fn-eholdcrs In- 
babifanis and Residents iu the several and KcsfccKve Oi;iea and 
CounlicH wiiliin Ihla Colony ditrlnf* the Nine V<'arB Above men- 
tioned Accortling to tlie Quota's and proporllous folluwing Ihat 
Is lo Say 

In the Oily nnd Toonty of New York yearly dnrinji (hp first 
above menlionwl Two years the sum of Tliree fJiousand Pount: 

In the Olty and County of Alhnny yearly during' Ihe said tluM 
the sum of One thonsand tind Five hundred Poimds 

In KInffs Cormty yearly darinc the said time the sum of Three" 
hundred and Ei(;hty Einht Pounds. 

In Queens County yearly during tbe said time the sum of 
Elcht hundr"! & three PmindR. 

In Suffolk Cotinly yenrly daring tiie said time the sum 0^ 
•Ix bnndn-d and Ninety Pounds. 





In BIc9i'moii3 Coonly yearlv dnring the said lime 
tt Two huadpwl & forty (our I'oiiiiil» 

Id Wcstrbevtor Couhi.t jearlj during the aaia lime the som 
of Eight bundrcd and tlin>e Pounds 

In rUter County yearly during llic said time tUc eum of 
Ai hundred and Xmety Pounds 

In DotcheM County yearly during the saJd time tJie una ot 
■Ix hundred and Forty two Pounds 

And in Orange Counti- Yearly during the Said time the «um 
WTvo huTidri-d nnd Forty Pounds 

For and tawarda the said ifumo of Eight TlionMnd Pound* 
diall be Paid nnnnnHy for the next above mcntioupd Five Ytiira 

In the Oity & County of Xcw York yearly the sum of Two 
thousand all hundred and sixty seven I'ounds 

la the City and County of Altuiny yearly during the wtid 
Hme the sun of Oae thousand three hundred oad Thln;r tlircc 

In Kings County yearly during the said time the sum of 
Three hundred and Forty five Po>iii<l!t 

In Qneeat County yearly during Ihe said time the som ot 
6eT(*n hundred and fourtf^n Poinds 

In fruffolk County yfnrly during the mid time the Bum of 
tfz hundred and Thirteen Ponnda. 

Id Richmond Connty yearly during the said time the Sum 
af Two hunilrvd and Sevonti-oo Pounds 

In Westchester County yearly during the said time the sam 
of Seven hundred and Fourtoen Pounds 

In Ulster County yearly during the eaid time the sum of Six 
bnndred and Tliirteen Poundn 

Id Dutchess County yearly during the said time the sum ot 
ftve hundred and Seventy one Pounds 

And in Omnce County yearly during the said time the sum 
of Two hundred and Thirteen Pounds 

And for and towards the said Sams of Twenty one tfaousanS 
X*oands Shall be paid annuallv for the two last above mentioned 

In the Cihr and County of New York yearly Ihc sum of Seven 
(honsdkod Pounds. 

la Ihe City & County of Albany yearly during the Mid time 
ttr sum of Thrc>e ThouRiiid and Five hundred Pounds. 

In Kin^ Tounly yr-nrly during the said time the sum of Ktae 

j'dred and Five Pounds. 


In Queens Conntj yearly during the said time the enm of One 
thousand Eight hundred and seventy four Pounds 

In Suffolli County yearly during the said time the sum of One 
thousand six hundred and Ten Pounds 

In Bichmond County yeai-ly during the said time the sum of 
Five hundred and sixty Nine Pounds 

In Westchester County yearly during the said time the sum 
of One tliousand Eight hundred and seventy four Pounds. 

lo Ulster County yearly during the said time the sum of One 
thousand sis hundred and Ten Pounds 

In Dutchess County yearly during the said time the som of 
One thousand Four hundi-ed and Ninety Eight Pounds. — And 

Tq Orange County yearly during the said time the sum of 
Five hundmi and sixty Pounds 

AND to the end the full Bum intended hy this Act may tte 
Effectire and Compleat BE IT ENACTED BY THE AUTUOlt 
ITY AFORESAID That over and above the several Quota's 
abo>Te mentioned there shall be raised Assessed levied and Col- 
lected the Bespectirc Sums following that is to Say On the 
Quota for the City and County of New York the sum of six 
Pence over and above Every Pound to be Retained in the bands 
of the several Collectors as a Kewanl for their Trouble in Col- 
lecting and Pairing the same to the Treasorer of this Colony 
And on the Quota's for the City and County of Albany and 
all the otlter Counties in this COLONY the sum of One shilling 
over and above Every Pound Out of which the several Collectors 
may retain in their hands iho sum of Nine Pence cm Each Pound 
for Collecting and Pflvin;; the same to the several County Trejts- 
urers And ihe remiiininj; three pence the County Treasurers 
Respectively mny retain in tbt-ir hnnds a£ a Reward for their 
Trouble and service in R<'ceivin;i and Paying the Monies Arising 
by this .Vet to the Trensuier of this Colony. 

AND to the End that iis»i«*S!;ments mny be made in Such 
Convenient lime by the assessors that the sums intended to 
be raitHtl by this ,\ct may l>e Collecti-^1 aad Paid at the Times 
herein after Meiiiioued and api'*''"'*'^' bi*! Ast assessments 
may be truely i^iually and lm|<i)rti;illy made as of Right 
they Onj;ht to K' UK IT ENAt'TKD I'v tlie authority aforesaid 
That the Mayor KiiMrder and AMcrnien of the City and County 
of New V^lrk or the ;;r»\tti'r Pan of them for the time being 
■ball Meet and assemMe at che City Uall ef ihe said City on the 
flnt Tuesday in June in Every Year during the nid Nine Yean 



■H then and tbcre twue tlieir Warrants to the neTi^ral an^ Re- 
•Ti etire assL-sscrs of the said Cit; and County to tiikc a Tni<> 
8&d Exact norniint ft nil Jlie Fsriilfs Reill ami Pcri-onal of nil 
tlie Frwboldcrs lutiiibitunts unJ Residt-ots witliin thr wveral 
Word* of the Bald C\£y and f-'onniT for nhlch thej at iIh* time 
of Issuing Such Wurraats ulittll be a«80«i*or or Asw^saors and 
tn»e £quall ajid impartial aMoesmnots to M;ik(? and (In- same 
at a day Ui tlw* mid Warraucs to be Prefixed liy the Mayor or 
fh'Cord>_T and Aldvnnen or the Alajor part of llicin theti Met to 
Kxbiitu! And nheu tlie said attflefutnientH oi'e by the said Aesi'fis- 
on CoDipk-ated and a full aecount of tbe Ninie fully l^a^t up 
acconliog to ihe Tound Valne of the said Kslaten So that the 
Quota with Ihe allowiiiu-e for the City and Couiily of Npw Vork 
be ap{tarCDt and made known The:) tlie said Maj'or Rceonler 
ud AldemieD or the Majm- part of theni ahall lafliie thi-lr War- 
rant* 10 the MTeral and resiK-clhe Coltoclora within (Ik- Mild 
Cily and Counly to Collect the (Jiiota with She allowance by 
thU ael directed, and tliat the same be paid nolo ihe Treasurer 
of tbia Colony on or liofore tlie lirnt Tiiewlay in Ndvcmber Yearly 
■nd every Year diirin;; .'lie said Term of Sine Years.. 

ANfl that asxeMinirut» may be truly Etjually and impartially 
Made and done BE IT EX.VOTED by the aiithoHty Hf<in-»iid 
Ihit erery a*ws'i«or that xlwll be Chosen and Elected wl'h'n 
the City and County of New Yoi-k during the Term aforesiiTa 
Shall before be Enters upon Ihe Performancea of the Duly and 
lerrire re<)nin-d of liira l>y lliis art lake an Oath upon tlie 
Holy Evaii^.-llMs of AlniiKkry GimI tn the Wm-ds FOI.I,(.»\V)N"t) 
ro wit I A. II. do swear that I will well and truly eqanlly nnd 
tmparilitlly and in due proi>orHon aceor<iinK to llie bi-sl of my 
Still Knuwti'dse and iiiid>'n>taii(llng Assi-nw and mie ull the 
Prfeholders Inhabitantx and ReKidents of the Ward for whirb 
1 am Ctio«en Aweiwor. Which Oa.'h the <aid Mayor Recorder 
and .\ldcmien or (be Mnjnr part of 1h<-in so met are hereby 
Itnpowered rei]uirc^ and directed to administer. 

AXI» for the Erferiual nsM'ssinc Cnjllectin^ and Paytnc the 
BenpecUre Qui^tn's for the City and County of Albany and all 
the other CoDDties in tbiH Colony to};i Iher villi the before men 
Itoned allowaiu-e 10 Ihe Colleilopa and i'ounly TreaHurcrM RE 
IT EXAfTEP by Ihe auihorlty aforesaid that ihe S<iporvlsor» 
of ibe aald Hiy and County and nil ibe otlnr Ri-spective Coun 
tie* In tbls Colony or the Major part of Ihem Resin-ctively Hhan 
Bwt oo tli« first Tuesday Id Jone erery year daring the said 


Term where the Majority of the aapePTlw.n( then M-.-t sh-iH 
cause the Ri-spective Quota's Rud allowancus aforenald of K:tcfl 
CO'iuty to l>e raiwjd nimpssetl levied and Colleuted En thi; satn^' 
manner as the other Necessary and Contlnst^ai Charges Ihoreot 
are And the Keepecttve Collectors are horehy r^uired nod In- 
jovaed to pay the Respectire Quota's to bo by tbom Collected 
unto the respective County Treasurers on or beforo the firrt 
Tiii-«day in Ot.tol>iT Yearly and E-t-ry Year during the said 
Tt-rm nud Each of the said County Treiwuivra are hereby Kn^ 
joiied and Required to Pay the Respective Quota's of tlicEiH 
Counties to Ihe Treasurer of this Colony on or before the ilrxt" 
TuewJay in November then next following Ourin;; th'* Midi Ti'rm 
AND be It further Enacted by the authoiity aforesaid That 
In Ca*e any of the ColWtors shall nejipot or delay to make 
their Respective Paynieiits to tlje RespecliVfi County Tn*asnr«,'ra 
for the space of three Months next after the ttaica appeintcd by 
this act the said Coonty Treasurers sball h-i and hereby are 
Enabled directed and Ite«iiiired lo Commence Actions In their , 
OUT! Kames Respectively for the Said Sum or Sums or such par^| 
thereof as shali be then unpaid !n the Conniy Court wber*" 
suclt Default sliall happen and Prosecute the same to Effeet And 
in Caw any of llif respectire Connty Treaaurera shall neKlect 
th«-ir respective Duties herein all such «uni or Sums of Money 
shall be deemed taken and Esteemed aflR>t4 In their hands 
Respeetlvely and they shall be dinrped therewith aa having 
reteived the same by the Tt«««v.rer of Ihia Colony who shall bl- 
and hereby is Enabled Directed and R<?<]nlred In his own uame 
to Comnifni-e actions for the raxne in the ^inpreme Toiirt of thh 
Colony within one Month after »nch l>ef«ult mnde by ANY 
of the County Trrasnrers Reapertively and Prosectite the same 
to Eff'-^-t And in case the Trr-nsnrcr of (his Colony shall n<-;:l«et 
his Duty hemn all such Sum or Sums of Money so buini; unpaid 
shall t>e deemed taken and Esteemed assets in his Tlandx and 
he shall be rhanreable therewith as If he had artually received 
the aame And in Case any of the Colleetors of Ihe City and i 
Connty nf Naur York shall Neglect or delay niakinf; their P»y^^| 
nients of th*> afon'satd Tax for one Month after the times dt- i 
rected by tliis act the siiid Treasurer shall be and hen-by is 
Enabled directed and retjuired in his own Nome to Commence 
Actions against such Defaulter or Defaulters and Prosecute 
Ihe same to FITeet And In Default of such Proee«ulion tba 
money bo unpaid shall be deemed taken and Esteemed oaseta In 


Ui HiLDia u If bo bad actually roctfived the same Any Lan 
Ci«go or Custom to ihu Contrarj notwitlistaiidltig 

AXD llE IT ENACTED by tlio Authority aToresald TUat 
■icii Mayor Kecordcr Aldunueii supcrviaors Asaewors Collcjtara 
or County Treaxurers vitliin thU Colouy as sliall Deny Kcluife 
Veglect or Delay lo do [<«rfonu and Extcute all or any of the 
ronera Duties and Aathorities t»y thla Act ix-qnircd of him or 
tkeiB to be dooe and itliall (hereof b« Lawfully ConticU'd \u iiay 
•f His Mdjt^stlea Courts of lUfoid he or they shall ouflur such 
Pains by Fine or Iniprisonmiiit as by tlie diiKrction of sudi 
Coon or Courts shall ho adjudged. 

AND BE IT EXACTED h> the aultiorlly afon-MiId Th:it tlTo 
Tteasarer of this Colony Shun out of the monies to be ralscil 
by Virtue of this act I'ay unto Oliver De I^ncey Beverly Itubiu- 
•on and Joho CrtiKt'i" KK<liifri-tt Wtiutn his U'^or the Ueiilen:inb 
Governor hath bwn plL-uM-d to appoint Paymasters and Com- 
alMarie* to the FtH-ces of this Colony the sum of Forty four 
thooinnd Pouuds to be by them a)>(>tifd lu the rarment of 
Two thOQsand six hundred and Ei};hty Effective men onii't-m 
bdotled who are to be implojed with the aror«»aid Forces of 
the Neijfhtwuring Colonies and a Body of Uis Majesties Regxilar 
Troops to Invade the Frt-nch Possewioos in Canada after iho 
toUowiog Kates, to wit — To one Colonel In Cheif to <m)>erlD- 
lestl A Command all the Forcest of this Ootony Twenty i^billings 
per Diem To thr^-o Colonels Commandants sixteen iShilliu^oi per 
IHea Each To three Lieutenants Colonels Fourteen RhllllnifS 
per Diem Each To three Majors Iwelre Shillings per Diem Each 
To three adjutants being Lieutenants Ten shillings per Diem 
Each To Twenty tieven Captiilns Ten Hhilllnes p<-r Diem Each 
To Fifty one Lientcnants *ev-cn ehillinfrs ptr Diem Each To 
one handred & Eight Rerceaots one shilling and Eicl't inmee 
per Diirm KACn To Twenty neven Druuiraera one shtllln); luid 
dx pence per Diem Kach To Eighty one Corporals one »ihilling 
and Mix pence per Diem Each And nnto Two thonnand Tliree 
Bnodred and seventy four Private Men one BhIIUnt: and three 
pence per Diem Each Dediiiti'.in to be made f<;r any deHciewcy 
1b that onmher by death or otherwise Which Forces they are 
beretfj directed to Pay aceordiDR to the Numtx-r thai shall he 
la actoal service and not otherwise Whivh Rliall be Ascertained 
ly the Muster Rolls of the RespecUve Conipunlei Monthly de- 
livered to the said PaymaBters npon the Oath of the several 
Oiptaina of Each Coui[>uay or iko OalU of tlie Coiuuiaodlus 



Officer Htereof at the time of moIj Slunter Wliich Oatli IJi* MJ 
Paymaster or Either of tli«n or «uch other Person as the Gov- 
ernor or Commjinder in Chief sliall api>nint are ht-rebv Impow- 
ered and Required to ailnilnlKter tn thf Word* followins ViaL 
"I A. B. l)o envar that (he Master Roll Iiei-e prodiitt-i) bv me 
" is juat and true and f'ontaina m> mnre nor ottnT Persons Niim^a 
"than such who are Really and truir inHsted Id my fwmpajiy, 
"and are now actnall; and Really In the fterviop on the PrL-sei 
" Exireditlon aKntiist the Freuch Sefth-iiieut* in Canada. So he! 
*' me God.— And the said Payraastem are herehy further r«|iili 
and directed to Pay to Tliree Doctors providing each two «hl 
nip«{st&Dt8 to attend the said Porrcs the siiin of Twenty foar 
shillings per Diem Each and also to Pi-ovide them with proiter 
Cbeshi of Medicines to the Value of one hundred & twenty lire 
Ponndit Each. 

AND BE IT FURTHER ■ENACTED by the authority aforo- 
■aid That the Treasurer rIuiII out of the Munioa aforeiKiid Pay 
onto Earh of llie said OLptainit or other olHcers property Author' 
iited to raise the forces the fum of Twcniy RhilllnfTR for Enoh 
able bodied man whom he or they resp<H?tiveIy sluill Encage to 
Tnllst Voluntarily in the said Service and to Each of the said 
Captains a» and fo^kp Eneouraeement to the men who shall 
IdIIm under him owkjkjP R^fipectirety the sum of Ton Pounds 
lu be paid by him l^^m Reapectlvely to Kacli and erery able 
boilled man who BhanVolunlarily inlist under liiro or them on 
the aforexnid cervlce Which aald resiieellve sum^ shall 1h> pai 
hy the Treaanrer on Warruiila Issued by the Oovcmor op Co 
niander In Chief for the lime being in Council. 

AND RE IT FITRTHKR ENACTED by the anlhorlty afore- 
«a<d that the Treiisnrer of this Colony shall out of the SJonlea 
to be raised by Virtue of this Act Pay unto the said Com 
missariea the sum of Fifteen Thousand I'ounils TO Im- by Ih 
Imployed In Purchasing Cloathing, Itlankets and otlicr Xeci 
•aries for the n«e of the Forces to be raised by this Oniony on 
;heafon'!<jid K^[>r' H'ou of the dm- dis;" si'I n > f all wlil-li aforft 
said Hums of Money they the satd I'aynutslers vliiill n-iider jnet 
and true nrrounts on Oath to the Governor or Commander In 
t^beif for the time U-lnv Ibe Council or Oeneral Assembly wlteB 
by them or any of tliera thereunto rei|ulrcd 

AND to the End the aforesaid Conunlssariea may be Eo- 
eooraged to do and Perform the severnt and Reapectire service* 
Kequlred to be Done and performed by Uieui ResiiecUvely UBIl 





EXACTED by Uie antlioritj aforesaid That the said CDiniDis- 
rtnem ahaJI be allowed to Hetaia in tlioir llHtid!* the ttuin of Two 
I'oaDds OQ Everj- Uundred Tuunds tliej Hliall Emploj by Vicloe 
«[ tiiia Act and iu tliat rro|>uriio» Tor u gn-aier or ivas^r Sum a* 
a Beward for ihi'ir Care and troubli? id the iM^veral and Re- 
ipectire services hcn^by retiuirt-d to be doue aud iHrrrunnc^'d by 
them- AND ItK IT LNACTKU by the authority aforesaid That 
the said Conunisxsiiies before tliey rct'eivu any I'urt of tho 
MOUlftS hereby dSn-uted to be [MUtl unto theta atiall Enter Into. 
Beeogniaaiices to our Horeri'l^n Lord the King blx Ueim aud 
Sooeesaon before one of the Jui])^<8 of the auprerae Court of 
tUi Colooy in ihe Rum of Fifty nine ibouAiind I'uimdH with two 
Mflkleni tjuri-tie« L-uch iti half that num. <JONl>iTIONEU that 
lhe7 will well and truly Imploy and apply the Monies to be 
received by them a« afor^^wiid to aud fur the seTeral and Be- 
Elective ones and IlirpoBt-M dii-eciwl by this A<:t Aud wi-tl and 
Inily to ob«cri'e do and Pei-fonn nil the Directions hereby Re- 
quired to be obw^ri'ed tloae and I'ei-fonaed by them Aotording 
to the True luient and nK'.ming of Ibiii Act. Which KecOg- 
nUances are to be filed :ind Ueeoriled in the Supreme (!ourt. 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the Authority Afopesuld That If 
dtber of tbi.' befurtfuamed Commiesuriea shall fall of imployinn; 
v>d applying ibe Money so to be reeeived by tlietn lo manner and 
for tile lCes{>ecIive Vki-h dire4.-tLHl by this Act or omit to obHerre 
do and I'erfonn wluit la hereby retiuin-d to hi* ob!«erv«-d done 
uti performed by them In Such Case or Ca»v« the itaid Itccog- 
BltaDt«s Bhall be proreeded upon In due form of I^w ai;alnst 
nch oflcaili-r or olfi-iidi-m or hix or their suretki* In the Supreme 
Court of tbis Colony Wherein no Essoin rrott>flion Wager of 
Liw or more than one Iraiiarlanee Hhall be allowed And the 
Mooey to be recovered !0 CouseijUfUce thereof shall be piiid into 
THE Treasury of rbis Colony and be applied to and for such 
am as shall hereafter be direeted by Act or Acts lo be paa»cd 
for thai p'jrfioAe 

AND BE IT KNACTElt by the nnthorify aforesaid Tliat if 
Hiber of the said Comiuissaries «buli hiipptii to Die remove out 
of this Colony or refufte tn act according to the several and 
Rcvpectire I'owenf and AulhorItie« hereby dlreeled and Re- 
quired it ahall and may tie Lawfull to nnd for Ihe Governor or 
CammsDder in Chief for the time being by and with tbe advice 
■od l'oi)!«^nt of liiH M!ii<-«ii<-K T'otim-il lo iiomiiiaie and appoltit 
Sgne otbcr tit I'erson or Persoua in ibe place and stead of bim 



or thttn BO Dying removing or RefufitDg to act na nforraafd so 
tMnc beraiu Conialneil to llie OiMilrary Kotwitlifitaii<)itis. 
PROVIDED that the, PeriioiiB or Pprsoiw who stmll bp A[ipoiatetd 
shall be obllsed to enter into the like Itecognizanres with thfl 
liko Suretiofl as herein is directed to be done by the Said Com- 
mi«aari«» Iwfoi-p he or they be IniKIed lo Hoeeivc any part of 
the money lierein mentioned And In all Respects be as Brfcjwt 
to ohsf-rre do and Perfonn the Beveral Dtrecllnns of IhU ac BB 
-if be or they had l)een named or appointed in it. 

AND IIE FT KUKTUER ENACTED by the autliority nfo 
•aid That tlie Trensurcr Bball Pay unto James Parker for Print 
inf; the Rills of Credit directed to be made Current by this act 
tho sum of Twenty five Pounds 

AND BE IT FLBTUKB ENACTED by the aolborlty ftfoiw- 
Bald That the aforesaid Sereral Sums of money directed to be 
paid to the l»c(uronK'ni:iou<M3 Cflniniii«oi-ie8 shall be I'ald by 
the lYeasarer of this Colony at snch time and In Snch Propor- 
tkms as xhnll be thought neceiiAary and Kxpedient by his Honor 
the Lieutenant Guvfinor or Conimaudor In Chief for the time 
beiof; by ajtd with the advise and Coment of bis Majesties 
Council of tliis Colony for performlDg the BCTeral ud BeepcctlTe 
SerrioeR directed by this Act. 

AND RE IT PURTDEB ENACTED by the autliority aforesaid 
That the Treasurer Shall out of the aforesaid Fund Pay the 
following tM^Teml tiiimit of Money Vtst; To the Colonel In Cbclf 
of the Foroea of this Oolony the sum of one hundred Pounds 
to forniah his Tables To Each of the three Colonels Commaud- 
ants of the Thn-e RallalionK of Ihio Colony ibe sura of Seveuiy 
Pounds to furnish their rea(>eetive Tables To Each of Ibe three 
Ifieiircnnnt Colonels Ihe sum of Fifty Pounds for the like purpose 
And to each of the thre« Majorx the kuu of Forty Pounds for 
the like Puri)<i*>e. 

AND \VHEREAif there are two Ceriain snma of money da< 
to tliia Colony the one for Provlriona delivered orer by I 
ComoilnaHe* of the Forces of this Colony by the ord<T8 of the 
Right Uononrable the Earl of IxiikIoud (o the Contractors for 
furnishing Ilia Majesties Troops with Provisions And tiie other 
for Ootxla Iii»iffht liy Sir Chju-le* FTardy Knight late Governor 
of this '.'olony with money Orant>-0 him by this Colimy for 
making Preaenta to Ibe Indian Nations and since delivered over 
to Sir Wjlliimi .JohnMn bis Mnjcwties Agent for Indian a(tnlr» 
to the Northern L>«iiartiuebl of America by iiir i;hiirlea 




•rder The said agmt KiifraR-lus to Ilcfund (lie Valne fJiercof to 
AIs Colai^ ills UiijOKlj- buvmj; matle ample rrovitUou forUiat 

BE IT ENACTEn hy \hc autliority Aforofram that the before 
oeutidafd CommtMaries Hliall be and hereby aj-e imiwwcred and 
dimtcd to Receive the talti Sums of nionej WhnlCTw tlipy 
aBooat to and give the Coluu; Crulit lor tiie eamc Ln thuir 


AND aa It Is Impracticable to hare the aforesaid Sama of 
Boney Collected so hood a» the Prceent Exigencies require, 

BE IT ENACTED by the authoi-ity a/or«wid that foe maklna 
tametiiate Payment fnr the «-nico« afortnaid Dills of Credit to 
the VaJao of One- hundred Thousind PoundB he forihwith Printed 
made and Issacd upon the Credit of the money to be RaiiKd 
and lerled l>y Virtue of this act and 'odgi-d in the Treasury for 
that Porpoee that is to 8a,v Eight Thoaaasd Billa of Ten Pounds 
Each and fonr thousand Bills of Fire Pounds Each and upon 
fttrj and Each of which Kills Khali be impressed on the Ri{;bt 
Hde thereof the Anna of the City of New York and under the 
Arras In the di(T<Tent Characters lhe»e Words ITS DEATH TO 
COrNTEUFEIT THIS RILU iWlUch Billa ahaJl be in the form 
fvllorwin;^. that Is to Say, 

By a law of the colony of yew TorV this bill sTiall pass current 
for fyonndR Xew Yorli the fifteenth day of April one 

IbanitAni] seven hundred and fifty eif(ht. Which t^id Bills 
dull be Siirned by Peter Van Urugh LIVDCGSTON Darid 
Clarkson r>o\|d Van Uome and Ilenry Cnyler junior Esn'<itn 
or any three of them and nunibered by one of them And in 
Caae of the Death nf any of the said PerRons the said Bills shall 
be sisned by the Majority of the 8nrvivoM of them 

ASD RE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid That Abra- 
baa I>e Peyater EfM^nire the Present TreaBurer of this Colony 
fn «ho«e bands (he Ktainps of the Armx of the City of New 
York and the other Plates are deposited Shall in the Presence 
of the SitncTs Afiireswid or the Major part of them deliver unto 
Junee Parker the said Stamps and Plates «-ho Is her<-by ap- 
pointed to Print the said Rills and nn them to impress the said 
l&nnii and Plates Which nhon tinno (he snid .Tnmes I'arker !>h.ill 
Bedelirer to the Ssid Treasurer the said Htamps and Pliites 
la Presence of the sieners aforesaid or the major part of them 
'And the Ileclcpt of the SHid Trt-asurer shnit be to the f«iid 
Priatcr a Sufficient diflch:ir<;e for tlie saue And the Baid Printer 
yol. IV. 29 



Ir hereby Boqulrcd and dirw^ed to deliver to the ripnprs fiervby 
appointed to ^t;;ii the said Itills everj ItHl of Credit by him 
Printed aJid shall upon his detivcr^- of tiic said UHU lake »n 
oath in the W'ords follonins Vist h 

I, A. B. Do declarp that from the linie the Lcttftrt WCP« cctfl 
and lit to t)P put into lht> Vrvsn for Priuliog the Bills of Credit 
now bv me delivered lo ya» anilll tlie Bills were Printed and 
the I<cttfr« Afterwards dIi<tTibul<^'d into the Boxes 1 weut at 
no time out of the Room in which the said Ijetters were witliout 
Locking ihem up so iliat t}ii>v roiild nut be come at without 
Violence, a futgc Kc.v, or other Art tlu^n nnlinown to mc antl' 
therefore to the best of m.v Knowb-dfie no Ccpiea were Printed 
of but in my pi-eseoce And Ihnt all llic IlloKnrs and other P.ipera 
wbataoever inipresKed by the said Letters whilst set for Prinlilig'j 
the said Bills to tlie best of my Lnowb-dKe )ir«' here deliverv'd 
onto you tojH'thei' wIUi the «tiimiw And in all tbinK» Ib/lutlng 
to this Affair I have well and truly demeaned rovself according 
to the tnie intent and meaning of l)ie I-iw In that Cose made 
to Uie tK'xt of n>j Knowktipr and nndens landing. 

Which Oalh all or everj- o/ the signers are hereby im[>ow?r'd 
directed and Required to adniinlskT, 

AND liE IT ENACTEiJ by die authority aforesaid That Oie 
Pereons herein appointed to Rtgn the «aid Bills of Credit shall 
take an Oath before a MaRiilrule of the City of Sew Y'ork 
each of them "Well and truly to perform what by this Act 
they ore enjoined as their duty and will kncningly Sign no mon 
Bills of Credit than as by this act is directed." And if it Shall 
happen that any Sufieniumerary Bills shall be left after Tl 
said Number shall be delivertM] to tbe »aid Ti-ea»urer in Muntie 
aforejiaid all Such Riipemumerary Bills Fhall be burnt and 
dr«iroycd by the said Hlgners or (he major part of ihem or 
by tbe majority of tbe Survivors of tbem in the Prwteuco of the 
Treasurer of this Colony ^ 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the Anthnrily aforesaid thflt tha| 
BillR of Credit Enacted and appointed by ttiis act to be Current 
tliall be received by the Treswurer of this Colony In all Puliliek 
Paj^menta and for any Fund at any time in the Treasary and 
by any Pemon within this Colony in all Cases whatsoever dart0(f 
the time they are Enacted to Continue and be as Effeciuully 
Current as any other Rills of Credit made Current io tnls Colon, 
by any Act of the GoTcmor Council and Qeoeral Aaaembly. 





liKD BE IT EXACTED hy tlie anlhority nforpwiia Thnt If 
ftnr pLTSOD or t'erKoiis ntintsuevor t^liull Couutcrfelt auv of (be 
Bills of Credit made Current by tlila act or shall altt-r any 
of the Itill» mnde Cnrrcnt ns afoi'etciid ro (lint tliev shall np- 
|irar to be of gi-cati-r Value Ihun bv tbix act tbf 8:iiue Uill or 
Bills »o altered were Enacted signed or numbered to pam Onr- 
nm for or bU;i11 Knowingly r«sn or pive to riirtnent any of 
Ite Rills aforcHsid So CouutcrfriU'd or altered Erery Person 
foiUj of Cotiiilerfellin^ or altering any of tbe Hatd IIIIU as 
afDrccatd or of Knowingly I'ii»«iiif; or givin); in Payment any 
■eh Coantefeit or altered Hill eball be Riiilty of Felony and 
belnir thereof Convicted Shell aofTcr the ralnn of Deatli willioat 
beoefit of Clert!^ And tho' sueh Connterfeitins altering or 
kBOiriu$;ly Pawiinc ronnterfeit Or altered Hills nhnll be done out 
tt this Colony Yet any Unind Jury wiibin Ihe City and Codntj 
ef Sew York Is hereby Im powered to present the name and to 
•ft forib In the Indictnienl tbe pljice where by their Eridenee 
ft a)>pearcd that the Fart was Commited which Indictment la 
hereby dei^lared good notwilbKinndlnj; that the place slted^ied 
bv out of this Co^Miy And the IVllr Jurieit on the Tryal of all 
foeh iMiieB iihalt be relumed from the Hody of the City and 
Coanty of Hw York any Liivr Ui<4ige or Custom to the Contrary 

AM» IlK IT KNArTED by thp authority nfoi-ejMtfl ihnt rhe 
Bills of Credit made Struck and Issued by Virtue of this Act 
•ball be and Remain Ciirrent nntill the flmt Taettday in No- 
Tember whirh will bo in the Year of Our I^rd One thootaad 
Beren Hundred and Sixty Kif;ht 

AKO HB IT FCRTHKR KXArTED by the anthorltj afore. 
■aid thiit none of the Itilla of Credit made Ciirri^^it by this Aet 
when they be<o<»e by any Monns Shiitrei-ed Tom or defaced 
Shall hare any Peices of Paper ParchnieDt or Cloth fanned 
Fewed or Pasted on them and in Case any of them be fonnd 
with Paper Parchment or Cloth Pitineil Sewed or Piisreil thereon 
the Correney thereof shall immediately Cease and they shall 
Bit lie thereafter accepted by any Person but the Treanurer 
who shall rectHve the »ime either in Pajnnent or Exchange for 
Dtber Bllla Anyihlnpln this Aet to the Contrary XntwithKtandins 

AND BE IT ENACTKO by thft anihority aforesaid Tha-t as 
fke Money to be raised levied and Ci»llecti-d by Virtue of thi* 
art shall be Paid Into the Treaeory Ihe Treasurer of this Colony 
for the time beinf; t>hnll he and lie is hereby directed and re- 
paired to use hia utmost Endeavours to Exchange the saiae for 




Blllf of Credit made Ctirronl br this Act Which Said BiOi ij\ 
procur»l shall be kept in iht? TreaBurj ready to be CaacelleJ ia 
DinuDor Oft 1b dirp«ted in nnd by an act IntitU-d "An act for the 
more effe?ctnal Cancelling the Bills of Credit of this Colooj* 
Paiwed in tht- Twenty fii-xt y«ir of hi* Mnje«de» Bt-ign. 

AND BE IT FUETUEK ENACTED by the authority afore- 
■aid That when the Treasnivr 'Shall hare Paid all the (UToral 
anma directed to be paid by this Act all the Residnr of thu_ 
mosey to be raised by this act Shall remain In ttie Trensnry 
be disposed of by Act or Acta hercaftw to be Pawed for tha^ 

ANI> BE IT PFBTnER KXACTEn by the nnthwlty Afore- 
Mld That the Treasurer nball keep Exact Booki of all his Re- 
celptrf and Paymenta by Virtue of IhlB Act and n trne and jnrt 
■cconnt thereof shall Itender on oath to the Qoveroor or Comi 
mander In Chief for the time being the ConncM or Oeneral A* 
setnbly when by them or any of thorn Iherennto required. 

AND to the End there may be no dellclenry In the Forces to 
be furnUbed by this Colony on the aforesalil Sorvlwr BE IT^ 
ENACTED by the Authority Aforesaiid that in Catv a snfflcien^| 
Number of Volunteer* do not offer by the Fifteenth Dny of Aprll^ 
oext to Compleat the foil number of Two thousand six himdrod 
and Eighty effective men inchnHnjt offlrers it Shall and may be 
lawful! for his Hononr flTG Lieutenant Oovernor or Com- 
mander In Chief for the time belnc and he la hereby Rnnbli>d 
and Impowered to Snpply the deflciency by TViaehment* to he 
made from the Militia of the several ajid Respective Cities and 
County's of this Colony where swoh dcfii-fi-ncy may happen 
ALWAYS PROVIDED that no more men shall be detached from 
the Said Several Clltes and Counties than nccordlnji to the fol- 
lowing; Proportions to Wit 

Fiom the nty ft County of New York Three hundred and 
Twelve effective men 

Fron the City and Coooty of Albany Five bnodred an d 
Fourteen Effective men ^M 

From Kings County sixty three Effective men ^^ 

From Queens County Two Ilnndred and Ninety Effeetire men 

From gaCTolk Coonty Two hundred and Elfihty nine KfTective 

From Itlchmond Connty Fifty five Effective men 

From Westchester County Three hundred and Nloety Foor 
Effective meo 



Trom Dutcbew Couoty Three liundred aad Kigbty oine Ef* 
fective men 
Fraoi Clster Coout; Two LundKrd and Twenty Eight EffecUva 

And from Onmse Comity, One hoDiIred and forlj, Six Ef- 
fectire meo 

AND BE IT FrnTHER e:^ACTFD by the ftnfliopity afon*- 
Eud tlwU no rci«un or Persons Wluitsoevor is or are by tlila 
(Act Exempted front betng detached for the m^rvlce n>quirx.-d 
hy this Act eic<>pt t!ie ai'Teral Branches of the Lo^n^tature and 
their Necessary oilict-rs Ills Alnjci'ties AUumey General and 
the Cokmy Treasurer High Sheriffa and ClerkB of Cities and 
ConnlleA, majrfstratis Alhiisters of the Gokik-J Persons uudt-r 
Sixteen or above Sistv Vfars of Age and I'ersons who liavB 
Actnally wrved In their own I'roiier rersoos iu ooo or boll* 
Ibe last Campaimis 

AXD nE IT FURTnEB EXACTED by the autliorify nfore- 
Bid that the sererul and Uesptjctire Colonels or next Cou- 
mauding offlcera of the «everal and Respective Hejhnents of 
llilitfai within this Colnny shall foi-tliwith after lEeceiviug lh« 
•tdersof BUIIonimr the Lieu teuaot Goreruoror tbeCommuuiUT 
la Chief for the time twing for di^taching tlie number of men 
Wanting Accordinfr to tbe afun-siiid I'roportiuna send for all 
Ibn Oaptalns or next Conimauding ofBcers of all the sereral 
Componiea as well ICe^iiii-nrt-d sji unKe;ciu)euti>d Troops uf Uorsa 
ladadrd of the said Kcveral and Kespecllve Cllles and Counties 
to attend tlicni at such time and place as the said Colonels or 
B*-xi Commanding otHc^H-s idiall apiioint with the several andl 
llMpectiTe Lists on oath of their Companies and of erery other 
Person In Ihi4r Oietrict or Iteat not Exempted liy this act From 
wldch Lists the sevcnil and ICuapcclive Colonels or next Cum- 
Bandlnfi officers together with the other Field ofDcers shall 
proportion Ihe nnnihcr of men to \h- fiinilMlied by each Company 
Bea|>ectiTely According to the Numbers CuntJiiued in tlte saiil 
Usta And the said Several and Respective Captains or next 
CMnmaiidltts oDIcers for the Kt^^pi'clive Counlies and lh^ si-vcral 
and Respective Captains or next Commanding oRleers with (ba 
aaaiataace of a Field officer for the City of N'ew York SliatI within 
Stl Days thereafter take the propi.T measures for Detaching 
tbe Bomber allotted to Each 'Vjuiikiqj Respectively by suciii 
tiike aa shall be Appointed by liis Donour the Lieatenanb 
Goremor or Commander in Chief for the time being for that! 




purpose Tiaih able b<Ml!i>J tnnn who nhnll beforft (lie BoTtl 
tiK'bmcuta be niadc^ ester Vuluntuiily iutu Ibe Hiid tivrvk-i.- out 
of any of the Bald Co(U[>iiDle8 to be altowpd part of tbe Quota 
Bucli Coiiipunj And if any Dispute ^hiill Ariiu? umoug any of 
said Compiinioti coni-cnilog itie niimttcr of VoliiDit-<-ra eawi 
Into Uie siiid Service out of the said Cocnpanios the eanie uhull 
be ExaulDc*) Into «nd Anally Settled by (tie Respective CoIodcIs 
or other Field UUicei's of tl*e City or County where Uie disputa 
may arine. fl 

AND BE IT rUBTIIER ENACTED by the anibority nfol^ 
6Hid tliat when any of the Suid Captains or next C4>niniaudin^ 
oftieers shall ordor (btir Companfes to meet in order to RaiKe 
the Quota of men allotled to them Respectively every Person 
duely Warned to appear either rersoniiHy or by Notice loft at 
his I'Incc of Residcuce not only those helonfdng to the Said 
res|>eclive Conipiinie;* but Bti<h otliem as Reside Klthiii tbe eald 
Beat or District not Exempted by tliis aet who nhall not attend 
at wirh time and Place a* »ha]l be nppolnred by the cald t"^ptj 
or ni'Xt Oommnnditig oflicvr Respectively eball forfeit ant] Pi 
tbe aum of Twenty Ponnds. 

AND RE IT FUUTUER ENACTED by the antborily afore" 
•aid that all Kri?e neijroo* and Mustee and Mulatto fm-nien 
within this (V>lony shall be and li«reby are made liable to \M 
detaxrhed on the aforesaid Service by rlie Captain or Captains or 
Dpit Commanding officer or otHcers wifbia wbose respt-etire 
Rentfl or Districts they do or m:)y Rejiide Notwithstandiag any 
Indeiiturc or Indentures Of servitude (hey or any of theui may 
te under 

AND Whereas iliere are many Persons la WTeml parts of tfafl 
Colony deserved from the wTvice in tlie two Inst Cainiwiicns Bb 
IT FL'KTHER EXACTED by the authority aforesaid that it 
Shall and mny be Inwfull for the several niilltin Cliptains or 
next ConimandinK ofIlcern out of or by whose Comjmny the 
■were inlisted or detached to taVe and si-lne ali such Desf-rier 
Deserlers wherever they can be found within tills Colony and 
Bend tli.tii on the afon-sald SERVTCE as part of the Qnuta to bo 
(umi?<Iied by their Respeclive Companieft. 

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by tbe authority afoffl 
■aid that if any Person or Persons being RetddeniB In any Conn™ 
of this Colony (tball after tbe Pnblleation o( this act be Inlistwl 
In or for any other County than that whereof they are Resideofl 
8ach Petaon or Persons tJo iullHted shall be allowed puff 




tf flbe Qoota of that Crtunty wbercof Uioy are Rt-sitlcnta sud 
tfaa; Disputes Eball arise between iwo County's od iluit Ht-ud 
Bo^ Die>)>tite Stinll b« ^laniint^ tnlo aud (iutUly settlod by siivb 
Ptnoo or I'tTBonB as Ufa Houimr the Li*-iiti-Diint Govemw or 
OoouiuUMler ill Cbeif Tor ilu- time txiii^ SliiUl a{>i>oiiit. 

AyO BE IT FlKTliEtt ENACTED by the authorily afore- 
ttid Ttut if any Peraoii or Prrtwna so dct]u:tietl Sbait Kefuae 
tlw aoJd PiTvlte li« or llj<-v »o Kcfimiug i>liiill he dwmed THwrt- 
trs aod Shuil be proccvdcHl ainiiast and runisbi-d aix-ordiut;)/ 
ALWAYS I'ROVir>Et> tliat It Hh.ill and mny l>e lawfuil for 
the I'erarm so dt-tuchi-d od Hfurt'Hitid to Procure un ubk- bodied 
naa to go in hia Room aud Htend and on liis Protluciogr '■nch 
to the offlcCT" or oflioers niipointiHl to Coinmnnd iJie Company 
lo wliich tbc said Lk-taclied Persoii was to go or to tlie PeniuD 
v Peraoiifl ap{>oiat<^ to niusltv tlie (uiid men lie tlie Hiid Ve- 
tarhvd J'crvou stuill be dix^-bnr^ed froai tlint twrvicc. 

A\D BE IT FfltTUEH EXACTED hy tlie autliority afore- 
aid (liat If any Perttou or IVrsoi'-H wltliln iliin Colony Sliull 
»fter tlie ordtms for making the said Detacltments sluill be Issupd 
and before the said i>i:-tiirlimenu* be Compleated be found in 
toy t>art of tbiii Cotouy to n*hii-h tliey do not belong aud shull 
not be able to t^Te a satlxfactory aivount of falm or themRr-lves 
and the BuFtneiw lio or tliiey are upon to the Oiiptaiu of the 
Dl«trii-t OP Beat wiiliin whose limita he or thpy shall be found 
It Hliall and may be [jinfutl for such Ca(>taia or next Command- 
Jag officer to Detach Such PcrHon or Persons on the aforenaid 
Herrloe as part of tbe Xuuiber wbluh he is to furoisli out of 
Ua Cotnpuny 

A^^> BE IT FURTBER ENACTED by the antliorily afore- 
nld Hiat In fasp <iny IVikou or Pvimini* wbiilfovViT SImll Mar* 
boor »tcrft or Conceal any person deuu-bod or inlisled as afoie* 
■aid and absonling himself from the said 8enire he she or 
tbey no orTi-ndin;: Shalt roi-r<-lt tbi- tmm of Twenty Pounds 

AXD BE IT FL-KTUEU EXACTED by the aiiibonty afore- 
•aid That if any Person or PcrscHif) whatsoever shall dfrtrctly or 
iodln-ctly obstruct the Hiid llt-lacliRienls boing MADE or 6ball 
discourage or binder any Person from inlisling Vuluntarily into 
the aaJd Herrice or slmll under any Pretence whatsoever other- 
wiie than by due I'ruc^tts of Law detain any bu<.'Ii PiTMon who 
■fcajl bet^aftcr inlist Voluntarily or bp dt-tarbed into the said 
•rrrice tbonjih the said Portion he servant or Apprentice he 
dkc or tbpy bo oHeiiding shall reKpecUrelv forfeit thu huiu of 
Fifty Pouuda. 


'' 'A'Sr> BK TT PrnTnER T:X.\rTEr> hr the flnlhonfr alfflj 
said Tbat if any Cai'taia or nesl Cuiuui:iD<liiig ofliixr of a Coni4 
pary of Militia or any Pernon Properly autliori/ed to In'lst 
Volnnt'-ere on llie ufon-sald Senice or Receive the Persons 
d*'iaclied sliall be Piosecuted by any Master or MixU-pwt of a 
wrvajit or apprentice for dPtacbiog or Inlisting his bcT or t]u*ir 
serTSDt or ApprvDlicc into the afor^-said Service or for RetaiuiD{ 
th*>ni Id tlie Said Service It shall and may be lawfull for sntl 
oflioor 60 Dc'lai-htng or «nch Person so Inlistlng or retaioins 
such Herrant or Apprentice to plead the OenornI T»Kue nod 
give (his act In Evidence and the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs in such 
Hail or Buidt ifhall not Recover m any Sudi Suits but Pay all 

AXn RE IT FT'ItTnER ENACTED by the anthorlty afort- 
said That if any Colonel or Field officer Khali negli-cl or uniit to 
do what is Enjoyned bim or tliein by this act they shall respect^— 
ively forfeit Ilie sum of Two hundred PoiindH And any Captal^^ 
or («ubalu-ra officer or officers who shall neglect to do wliMt 
tB enjoyned him or them by tbiii act he or ihey sball respective!] 
forfeit the wim of one bundi-ed Pounds and every non cou 
tDiwtioncd officer wbo idinll omit or NeRloct Hie service n-qnire 
of him by bis Captain or next Commanding officer in Kxocaling 
this act shall Respectively forfeit the snm of Fifty Poands All 
nhich Forfi'il iii-ea nnd all other Forfeitures laid by this net 
sbull be imttK-diulcIy levied on the goods and CIiatlic« of ilm 
Defaulters respectively or the romIb and Cbatllai of their Par- 
ents Maittera or MiKtrettsca liy Warmnt or Warrants Iswned l-y 
one of the Judges of the Inferior Conrt of Common Pleas of 
the respective County or County'ii where the Bald forfeftwre 
shall arixe or by one of (be Jud^os of (be supn-me Ci>urt in (be 
Ciry of Xew York on due Proof thereof made Ijcfore bim Which 
Warmjita fhall be directed to nnd Executed by the slierlff or 
•beriffs of the Si-veral Cities and Counties Kesi>ectively The 
raid forfeitures when levied shall be paid into the hands of the 
Bupervisors of the wild resp'-cflve Countiea or (he City 'll-eanura 
of tlie City of New Vorli and be by them applied in the Repuj 
ment of such i^um or aums of money as the People of the sat 
City or Counties Ri-ifpectively sluill Raise by VoliinraiT- Con- 
<ribalioii)i among tbemselveK for Enconraglng able bodied Men 
to Inltst Volautarily into tb« aforesaid SERVICE in Such mao- 
oer as they the said Suiiervisor* or Mayor and Atdernien of tbe 
City of 2(vw Vork reapvctively Shall judge Ei]uituble Aad wtie 





^pn gooda or ChatHp« (r.-e to be foninJ (he Dofaiilter nr Defaiilt^i-s 
PAaJI be fommiltcii lo Goal tlicn? to lleiiuiin wlUtout Bail op 
nalQ Prix* for the space of six Months or tmtill the said For- 
fritun« vrith all Coit^ and Charges attending the same &baU 
be (ally Paid. , 

AXl> tlmt nose of hi* Majostles Subject* who are Inclined to 
go apon the service Aforesaid maj be iinin-dtMl or debarred 
from Enle-rliig Voluntarily tliorfin oc ^ing IX-tacbwl prcveiited 
(row going thereon HE IT EXACTED by t^ie authority aforo- 
said Tbai no Penwn who shall inl.s; or wiler hiuiBeif a Volun- 
teer Id the raid Service or being LH^tuelicd tliei-eon Sliall duriuR 
tho nanie be liable to be taken therefrom by any I'roeess or 
Execution wbalwwver other IJian for soioe Criminal matter 
naless for a Debt or other jast Cause of Action and Unless 
before Vie takin;; om of surb IVocesa or Execution (not iHinR 
for a Crimiua! matter) the rialntiff or Plaintiffa therein or 
some other Person or Pereums on bis or their beLalf shall ma!(e 
iflldavlt liefore one or more Jad^> or Judties of Ibe Court nf 
Beeord or other Court oot of which Snch Process or Eseeution 
shall Issue or before some Pereou autlim-i/ed to take fQldarits 
Id Such Courts Uial to bis or their K»owled);e the orij^naJ Hunt 
Jaslly due and owing to the Plaintiff or PlnlulifTii from the 
Defendant or I>efendanls In the acUou or Cause of action no 
wbicb such process shall Issue or the original Debt for whi'.-li 
sach Exerution Shall be l^ued out amounts to the Value of 
Fifty Pounds Current money of the Colony of >'ow York over 
and abore all Cftsts of suit in the same action or >n any other 
aciioo on whlfb the snme has be<>u or sliall be (n^>unded A 
memoraudain of Whk-b oatb shall be mark^^-d on Ihe tmek of 
Boeh Process or Writ for which Memorandum or oath no fee 
siiall be taken And If any Pei-iton slinll neTfrthelesti be arrested 
Cootrory to Ihe Iiiteut of Ibis Act it Hhall and may Ik- lawfntl 
for one or more Judge or Judges of sneh tJoart upon Complaint 
made thereof b; the Party hlmnelf or by any of his Bnperior 
O0t?ers lo examine Into the winie by the Oath of the Parties 
or olherwUe and by Warrant under bU or their Hfnds and 
Seals to discbaree such f^ldier so arrested or detained contrary 
to the Inietil of this Act witliout Piiyinp any F.-e o:* Fee* uj^in 
dae proof made before bim or them that sneh Soldier so arrested 
or detained was duely Inlisted for the serviceM detached thereon 
as aforesaid and was arrested and detained contratj to the 
latent ol this Act 






CVyb BE IT EN'ArTETlby (Ti<- Aiinioriiy XforesaH Tlial ao; 
Pci-iwn ot rori<.oi>8 WHO arc willing to inlist and iihall acco 
Inl; inlist for the service Aforesaid or being detactio] Ijiereia 
who nro nww dL-(uitied in Goal upon KxecMtfoD or nn» I'nwess in 
anir Civil AnioD Wherein tlie Originiil Cause ut AciJon did nu 
Otnount to tte sum of Fiftj Tonnds Shall upon a Certificate 
Bucb his or their tolistnu'Dt or DL-tuolmiout being t'rodueed 
Bitj Judge or JudRes of the Court from whence t^ach Prow 
l»«ued be diwhnrged from linpHtinninent withont Paj'tng Fees 
PKOVIDED NEVERTHELESS Uiat aach discharge ahull n 
be deemed ao ExllngiiiiJmient nf anj fciiioh Dfbt but that an 
Plaintiff or PlaiiitilTa mu.r be at tiberly to proeeed to Jadi;metf 
and Execution aj^inst the Goods of any sucb Defendant an 
also aj.'niMiit their Person or Persona After he or thej; shall! 
be disi-har);ed from the raid service • ^M 

AND BE IT EXACTED by the anthoHtv Atoreaald Tliat jl" 
PcnoD or Persons Whatsoever engagiil in the &?rvice a/oreaaid 
shall be detained tbereia longer than to the first Daj of De- 
cember next. 

AND to the End That no Persona mar be sent on Ihe aforefiat 
Ben'ieo but such as are Able budied and tit ft^r the duly Expccted^ 
from th(«i BE IT ENACTED by (he Authority Aforesaid That a^ 
well tho«e tliat enter Voluntarily a& those that may be detaeh6^| 
shall be Mnsierpd Viewed and Examined by such Person Of 
I'lTWins and at Huch time and plane an hi» Hononr the Lten* 
tenant Goremor or C'tommander in Chief for the time being 
Bhall ApiKiIiit And in Case any of them be fntind on such Ex- 
amination unlit for such serrice the Comiiuiy or Comp«ntct 
produclne sneJi tuflt Person or Persons Btmll be obliged to 
tjupply their pliU'*'* with olhrr fit and able botlii.-d meiL 

AND BE IT KUKTllEU ENACTED by the authority afor 
said That In Ca*^ any Perstm or Perswus Whatsoever euj 
in the afort^-said service either a» oflic^-rs or Poldiera shall at 
time during the said Service drsnrt th^rerrora or shall 
excite Cause or Join In any mnllny or Beditioo Id tlie Company 
to Which he doth belong or in any other Compaiiy engageil In 
the said Service or shall bold Correspondence with any Itebel 
or Enemy of His Maje»ty or give them advice or Intelligatce 
by I<etter8 Me«i<uige« Bisoa or Tokens or any manner of way 
irbatsoever or shall strilie or use any Violence Against bis 
fiaperior officer h<-lng In the Eswution of his ofllce op shall 
Itcfose to obey any hiwfull Comuumd of his Saperiot Officer tbcj) 



tiuttt Hespeclirely Suffer Deatli or bucIi OTTIER Ponlslimout 
u shall be iuflu-ted by » Court Martini WbKh Court Martial 
Sball be hi'ld OonfltltulM) and Appointed by Conimi8!itnn from M» 
ntHioar the Ltentenant Gofertior or Comiuander is Chief for the 
time b*'tiig undi-r tlie Oreat S«il of this Colony 

AND \Vll£REAg It U apprchondL-d Lhut several able bodied 
mm hnve absconded and others mar before the naid Porc<t!t be 
Coonpleated abscond and secr^'te tiiengclvos to prevent their 
b^'ing detacbL-d on the aforesaid Service BE IT KNACTED by 
the aatltority aforcHfiid that the wveral and respective Militia 
Taptalns or nt-st Commanding otScers shall be and hereby are 
fully iropower«l AiiIhoriJM-d rc<|uired and dlri-vted with Such 
forw aji Ihey i^liull think Necessary to tnaJfe dilii-ent and Strict 
Beareb for all such absconded Persons belonging to their re- 
«IH-i-ilve Comcatiies or whofw.- usual liesidenee is nithin their 
n-spfctive distritta or Beats end take Heize and Secure all snch 
of the said Abseondi-d TentouM as lliey can meet with whei-t^'ver 
they can be found in the several and resjieelive Counties they 
bi>!ong TO and ttend thcia on the ufori-witd i^crvicc as part of the 
Quota to t>e furnished by their Itespective Companies and in 
Case any of the wild Absconded Per«ou8 dlialt not be found be- 
fore ihe March of the Forces to the General KendevouEe ii Sliall 
and may be Lawfull for |h« imid several and Kenpectlve Cap- 
tainii or next fonmiandiug Ofllcer* respectively vrilh 8ueli Force 
ts they shall liud necewary (o laUe Seixo and secure all such 
abaronded Persona as shall or may aflemiirds be fonnd and 
•end lhi*m on the aforesaid Service as Recruits for the Forces 
romisbcd by this Cfdouy on Ihe nforeitald liuporlanl St-r^lcc 

A>'D HE IT FUUTUEK ENACTED by the authority aforesaid 
nat Id Case any Sur^i^D or I'MsicIan or any proper number of 
aMlatanta for them btiug ap]K>inleil by h'at Honor the Lieutenant 
Uovemor or Commander In Chief for Ihe time being to attend 
the aftH^said Porces shall Itefuite Nei:lec't or Delay to ko upon 
the said Sn-rrlce Each Person so refusing neglecting or delaying 
■hall forfeit and Pay the sum of One Hundred Pounds for snch 
Befnsal Neglect or delay The said Forfeitures to be 8Ui-d for 
and Recovered by llie Treasurer of this Colony and When Re- 
covered lodged in the Treasury unllll the same shall be disposed 
of by some future act of this Colony. 



tCliapt«T 1000, of Tub Bcbnftck, Bad cbapi«r 188 (toL S) of LtrtiifMAB 
•ad Stoltb, wbcr* Uw title on]; Is prlntML) 

An Act to RftlM Lery nnS Collect a Snm 
not eroocdinK the nun) i>f Fivl- huadred potindn 
In Kiu^ County towards Riiilding a Kow 
Court boDBC and Goal In 8ald Count;. 

(PBMed. Unrcb 21. tTr.a] 

WHEREAS the Goal of the raid County was lately barnt 
down and liie Uourttiouse tliercor In ^o tiiucU out uf Kepatr that 
It Is ab«olutc-ty Neoeesary to Ituvu a. Sew Coiirttiouse auJ Qo«l 

BE IT THEREFORE EXACTED by His Honour the Lleutoi- 
ant Uovernor the Counul and the General ABsenihly nud It Is 
ereby Enacted by the authority of the aiunc, that It Shall and 
Jay be Lawfull to and for the Justk-es of the Peace of tJie Said 
County or the Major part of them for die time beinfc, and tbej 
ore li(>reby Enabk-d ini[>on*or&d and required iiumediatoly After 
the publicnlloQ of thlst Act, to Raiti« T^ry and Collect, ofl, from, 
and -jpon all and erery the (Veeholdera Inlmbitnnts and IIe«i- 
drntH within the said f'ounty a Snm not Exceeding the sntn of 
Five huadr*^ I'ounds towards defraylnR tlie Expe-nce of Rull^^ 
inc a New Ooai and Coort-Honae in the Said Conniy ^NTileh 
Burn or «o much then of as Shall he found N'ecfcsary for Cjirryit 
on and finishing the wnd Courlhoiiss «nd Goal shall be raif 
AsMMcd I.«Tied and Collected in the name iiinnnei' as the otl 
annua] Necessary and Conllngent Clwrges of the said Counl 

AVD BE IT FURTIIER EXACTED by the Authority a.fore- 
sald that the money so to hf ralju^ levied and Collected by V|ta 
tne of this Act tilinll by the several and Respective Collectn^l 
be paid unto Such rer»nn or PeriwnB, R^Vidlnjr In the Township 
of Flatbniih. at Bach time and Times as the said Jualleea or tl^ 
Major part of lliem shall direct and appoint to be by liim or thuaB 
Employed laid out and Paid for Burh Materials and Worltman. 
ship as Shall be Nece^Mry for the taking down the old and the 
Ituildinc a new Court House and Goal in the said County Of 
the doe Disposition of wlileh Said Snm of Five hundred Ponnd* 
or so macb thereof as Shall really and Truely cotne Into 



Bands of Burb Pcrfloo or Pemonii, Ro to be appointed 1>; Such 
Jiutlcc* tfacy (h« auid PcnioQ or Plthods HhaW Render an ao- 
cnuDt npon Oalh wheo thereunto required bj- tbe Baid Juiiticci 
or tbe major Part et tliem. 

[CliBptrr tORt. of Vno Scbaadi, and clia|)lef ISO (to). 7\ of t.lTlnic«toB 
nd Snttli. wber« ibe ao( Is prlDird tn fnU. Expired Jmniiary 1, 1703: 
BttlTBd uid cvnUutusl tn cbuptcr 121Z.] 

!An APt to prevent the brinfdnf; In and 
' SprL-ading of infectious Distempers la UiIb 

CPsHCd. Mitrcti 24. 17S8.1 
' TS ORDER SB mnch u may hf to Prevent the Email Pox 
(Tellow Fever or aajf uUicr ConUigious Distemper being brougbt 
into tLIs Colonjr 

BE IT EXACTED by hl« Honour the Lieutenant GoTcrnor the 
ICoaDcil and the General Assembl.v and it la hereby Enacted bj 
the Aulhnrify of tlie same that all TrjullnR Venwlif Transports 
sud others huring the xinull Pox VeMow fever or other Contar 
giouB ninlemper on Roard and All Pemnns Gooi)r and Mercbun- 
dizew WhatiKK-vcr t'ominc or Imported In Such Vi-ssels and all 
iVesselB coming from any Place ItifecSed with Such DiHteai|>er9 
Ehail not come Into any the Port* or narlM>«n!i of this Cltj 
or Doarer to It than the Inland Commonly called Redlnw'a 
Ivlaad KQd fihnll be obliged to Make their Quarenline there or Id 
•acb other pluve or Places for 8ueh time and in Huch Manner as 
the Oorerno'ir or Comninnder in Chief by iiDd with the Adrice 
and CoD)K-nt of hix M;iji-Kties Coiiiii'il Rtiall think Proper and 
Reasoaable to direct and Apfioint And tinlil Rtieh Vewell Person 
CondR and MiTcliiiadi/.e Shall hare ReBp^-clivfiy [icrformed and 
Ix" diiw-hariift-d from Siicli (Jiiarentine no Piich PenioDH Gooda or 
Sferehnndize or any of them shall rome or be bronfrbt on xhore 
T*nloa<Ied or gn or be put on Itoard of any other Vessell witliia 
tbia Colony or the Neij:bb(iiirinir Colony of New .leraey Unless 
Ibey Shall be flrat Permitted and l.ireowd by order from the 
floTorcor or Commander tn Chief 1'.rr the time beirij by and with 
Ibe Consent of the Council And »!! Mao.'em or Commanders of 
auefa Vcaaels and all others who shall prrxtime to put on abnre 
fnload or pnt on Board any other VeswII aa Aforewild any 
fttraoa w Persona Gooda or Mcrcliaodl&es Contrary to tbe True 



iDtcnt aoil Moanitig of this Acl huvtng first Xollce thereof eball 
forfeit tile satu of I'wo Limdr«d i'ouudii Curreut Mbaey of tliia 

Itii IT ALSO ENACTED by the nailiorUy aforoiwild that tlie 
Several BraDcJi Plloltt tK-lungin}; tu tlii« ColtMijr or aay otlier 
I'entuu or IVdwdb wlio shall be tli<>reuato Appoinled Aud St-nt 
by the Uovermiieiit tShiUI use theh- Utnigftt Eiulouvuurs tu liuil 
every Vessel couilii}; iulo this Colony from Bea And shall ask aad 
(Ivuiuiid of the Mi'ster or CommaDder of every KucU V'esHel 
wbetlier they have eunio froui any I'luw Infoeled with (lie 
small I'ox yellow Fewr or other iofectiuus Distfuipec or hure 
any PertioD od board iiifeeied nUh aay eudt Disteiiiper And if 
lie Klinll ke lufonned ILc sjiid VeirSell hulh come front any Plaee 
infected with the oinall J'ox Velluw Fever or any other Con- 
tdjiitous L>iHteiiipvr or hutli nay I'vitwii or I'crsonH t!^iek oo Hoard 
with any »uch J)islein|>er they Rball iiiiuiiMliately iiive Notice 
10 the Commander of the Said Vi-ssil! of th« Penally aforesaid 
uud forbid hia soias any fartlier With hia Vesitell than Bed- 
lows iKland nforuttnid and iliat he Aucbor there unillL he shall 
bavc further Directious from the tioveraor ami Couneil of tbift 

^Colony wtiiti (o do iiinl bow to Conduct hlniscilf aud also to fur 
bid his putting on shore I'nloadiug or I'ntting on Board any 
Other ViTtKell any Perw)u or G<M>da out of hitt Suld Veswell 

'under the Penalty aforeifjiid And any itnmeli PiloU or any other 
Penum thereunto appolnicd Negleetini; bin or their Duly therelD ^M 
Shall Itehirt-etively forfeit the sura of Fifly Pounds And if any ^I 
I'ei-fcOn or I'ersonn Khnll come on Shore from sm-h Ve«sell it 
8ball and may be Lawful! by force and Violence to Compel such 
JVrcou or rcrnons to Hetum on Hoard the J^aid Vessell or to 
Dl*^POSE of tht-m in some other I'laee Ui oidor to prevent the 
Infei-tloo and If any Person or Perwm» who may happen to be 
Jnfeitcd with any of the befui-e mentioned DiKtem|«-'r» tho' tbey 
beloii); not to any Vessel! nor appear (o have been ori Hoard of 
any itueb Vessel, Rurh Person or Persons are and tihujl be 
deemed within the Mi-Hn!n)t of tills Aet 

AND RE IT ENA<"TED that in Case any VcBsell dhall come 
from any Plrtce Vi«Hi-d with Such ContaKlous Dlaleinpers oi 
have any Person or Pcrxons on Hoard Actually tnfeeled with 
the •mall Pox Yellow Fever or otlier Contajjloos DIatetnper 
lAnd the Commander of Biich Vessel! upon Demand Made as 
aforesaid shall not make r Irtie diitcovery thereof Pncli Cwn- 

[auudef Shall forfeit the sum of Two huudrvd pounds And the 



GoT^raor or Commander id Chiof of this Culony ib hereby 
Anlfaorized unci iiapoweri-d to Appoint Sonic Surg^-on or Phi- 
riidan to Inspect all VphwIk and IVrsoDx ^nspi-ttt-d of having 
on lio«rd or being Visiu-d with any such lafpctious IJieteuipert 
AMio ia hereby Required ini media lf>I.T to go on Board such Veit- 
sell and Make Ktiit-t Enquiry in to the rr^miw-s and lU-port tb« 
tame Accordingly For which Eutiuiry and ExamtnaiioD BUcb 
SurseoD and rblslclan shall be paid by (he Muxter or Owner 
of (br said Vpititelt the sum of Twenty Eight abtllings for EacJi 
Sorh Esaminnlion. 

AKI> HE JT FLRTIiER ENACTED by th» Anthority Afore- 
nid thai the aforesaid Finea and Forfetnireji Shall be One 
lliird for any I'erMiii or lVr*oii!i who will S.ii.' for and I'rowecnte 
thi> aame to EfTeet And the other two tfalidB to His Majesty bia 
Ilfirs And KticfttflorA lowardit the anpport of his Government 
In Ibia Colony and l>e paid into tlie TM-a^ury for that purpone 
acrordlncly This act to rontinni* and Remain of Force to the 
flrn Day of January Oac Ihout^and Serco hundred and Sixty two. 

(CHAPTER 10fl2.] 

[CbartM 1092. of Van Pclinack, and cbuplcr 140 <vot 21 of LiTlncstoa 
and bffiltb, wlicH! Uic Ullu vuly U i>rlutc<l. Qcvlvnl by cbut)tcr 1DT&] 

Ad Act for raising by a Publick Lottery 
iie sum of One thousand one hundred and 
Tweory tivi' Poundii for the use of the Coipora- 
tioa of the City of Albany. 

|PaM«<l. Marcli 24. 1TS8.) 

TNARMrrn as the C-orporaimn of the City of Albany i« 
jnr-atly in Ucbt Occasioned by the last War, and by rvaiton 
of the rrewnl unable to dischar^' tlie Rime 

HE IT THERKFOHE ENAC-l'Kll l:y ht» noiionr the Lieuten- 
ant GoTernor the Council and i\w GcDcrul Assembly and it \» 
hereby Enacted by the Authority of the Mime That a Lottery 
hr Erected wl'liln Ihii? Colony and that for aud towards raiitln;; 
Ibe Bom of One tliousand one hundceil and Twenty live Puiiuds 
It Phall and may be Lawfiill for any Pernoo or Persons Natire* 
or FocHjtnerB llodtcs Politick or Corporate to Contribute by 
Paying at or befon- tbe Respective times by thi« act limited in 
that lH4alf to any Person or PerK>nB herein after to be ap- 
pointed for that piirpo!M> the irnm of One Pound Ten i>hitlini;B 
or diverse iotire iSuuis of One Puuud Ten shillinijs upon Ibis Act 



oo'l that everj Contribotor op Adventnrer for every Soch Sum 
of One Pound Ten Btiilliu^x Wlikti bv sh« or ihvj sliaJl t^ 
advniK^ sliaU 1* iutLTrcsti-d in Stich Lot or flhare in the wiid 
Lottery Eflahlished by thiK Act an \n Itfre'xn after ilin.'cti-d uad 
appDiiilvd And the suiue Entire suidh of One Pound T(*a »hilliugs 
Each HIV hereby Ap[ioiiited 10 be Tnid uuto Such I'crtKii) or 
IVrfona arormaid on or before tlie first Tuesday in August next 
AND be it further Enacted by the authority aforemiid ibat 
M-»P8le^ir» llniTuen Gans«voort and Gyi«lK>rt Fonda of ihf C.iy 
of Albany shall be Msinagers for I'repurins and doliverinp oot 
Tlrkets, rm'ehinj; the money for thr- TlrLetft, and to oversoe the 
Drawing of Lots; und to order, do and ^lerform 8ucb other 
mntlers and things an are bemafte/- In and hv this act appoi'ited 
and dint-li-d br Such Mnnniren* to be done iind IVrfonncd; and 
tliat H'lch SlanagfTB Shall Meet together from lime to time, at 
Borne Publtck place, a» to Ihein «hnll «eeni most Convenient, for 
the Execution of the I'owera and Trust in thein repo«ed by this 
Act: And that the anid mana-rers shall c^iuae Boc4is to be pre- 
pared, in wliloU eve-ry leaf !»hall be Divided or l)lRtin);ni»hed 
into three Columii. and upon thi> innennu^l of the said three 
Coluni« there idiall be Primed Five thousand Tickets Number 
One Two Three and m onwards in iVriUimeiieal Prftj^ression, 
where the rommon Excewf is to lie one untill ther Riw to the 
number of Five Ihourand: mid upon the middle Column in 
ev»ry tlie »nld Books thm-e i>1ia)l be Printed Five thouMnnd 
Tickeli of the Same Ilw-adth and form, and numlien-d In like 
manner; and in the Extreme Coluinu of the *tt\i\ itiK>k)< there 
shall be- I'rlnted a third Raok or Series of Tickets of the Same 
DombtT with thiwe of llie otlier Columns. Wileh Paid Tii'ket« 
Fhall Severally be of an oblong figure, and in the i^aid lluoka 
Hhnll be joined with oblique Lines Flourishes or Dencea, In 
8ucb manner as the said Mannp'm ^hnll tlilnk most Safe aiul 
Convenient; And that every Ticket in the Extreme or thlrfl 
Column of llto w»id Itooks. shall Ivave Printed thereon, besides 
the Number, fte Words following VIDELICET "The powsesaor 
"of This Ticket if drawn a Prize Shall tie Intlllei) to the I'rlze 
"t^ drawn Subject lo Puih Dv'iluctiuns as is directed by no 
"Act of this Colony in that beli-ilf." 

AND ItE IT FrRTHEB ENACTED by the Atilliority AforewiliI 
itbat the Said MaunsiYt* t>ball carefully Examine nil the Said 
[Booka, with the Tickets therein, and thai the same be contrived, 
[■nnibcrcd afid mode according (o liut True Inteot and steauing 


UlWs of tue colony of xew yokk. 


of this icf! "AbO (ill ana Every wich nmnaRpr or ManapTa 
K^>ectiTcl,r, ifl nod atv Iiltl-Uj' dircett-U and lU'^uIred, u|iou bia 
or ibeir receirinR of eFery c»r any entire Bum ot Ouc I'ound 
Ten SliDlEogm iu full PaymonI for a Ticket, from any Persoa op 
Penwns coutrit)uttti[; or advunltiriDg iw afort-iMiid, to cut ont 
of the aaid tiooh or liooks throngb the Mtid Oblitgiie LineK, Flour- 
ishem, or Devicoii, InOfutwijie, a Ticket of the Ticketa lit the 
nld Extromv Colnmn, which one of tbf suid uiiimtg(>r» ahull 
■i^ with his own name; and he or thry aball p<!rmit tlte Con- 
tribaier or AdvoDtur(.T (If it be de*)lretl) to wrlle liia or her 
nuue or Mark on the two cornwponding Tickets !d tin; Siime 
Book; and at the n^inte Time the ttnid Mauaj^rs or one of tb<-in, 
•ball deliver anto Ibe said Coutribiitn- or Adventurer, the Ticket 
M cut off, which be, Ae, or tbey are to keep and nse for the 
better aacertaioio;; and Socnciiij* tlic Interi'st which be, abe or 
tbey, bif^ her or their Exciitunt, Admiuixlrutorx or AK«i}:u>>, 
ahall or MAY have in the Said Lottery, for the monies so by 
bini, liPT, or them rotilrilnilcd or adventuivd, until (he i>»*.<i 
Adrenturt^r. by the dniwjnc of Lotx, and Uiu I'ay'ix^*"' '*^ Huch 
Tickets as shall l>e fortunate, shall be fully Determined. 

AXI> BE IT FCRTIIKR ENACTED, That the 8aid Mauawra. 
at a Ueetluf; as aforesaid, shall cause all the Tickcta of the 
middle rrolnmn In tlie Itooka, to l>e cut (ndenlnlite tbtmigh lite 
said Oblique Lines. Flouriiehes or UerEci-)!, and can-fully rolled 
ap a« much alike as niay be. and made fast with Threaid; and 
lo tbe presence of injrii rnnrriliutera or Adventurers a* will 
be there prcfcnl, cuukc all tlie Haid Tickets which are to be 
rolled up and made fast as aforecuild, to be put into a Itox 
prepttrcd for (hat I'lirpoite, and to be marked with tlie Letter 
1A) which is presently to be put into another Btrmig Box, 
and to be locked up with two different Locks and Keys, to li« 
kef)t by as ninny MunnKcrs. and f^i^^iled wl>li Ihclr senN. untill 
the said Tickets are to l>e drawn as is herein after mentioned] 
and (bat the Tickets In the first and innermoat Column of llifr 
nid Ilnoks. Sliall n-inain Btill in tlie llo»ki» for discoverlns any 
mistake or fraud, if any such should happen to be committed 
cootrary to the trne Intent and Meaning of tbia Act. 

AND nK IT FfUTIlICK ENAOTICD by the same Aull.orKy 
that ibe Managers before mentioned, shall cause to be prepured, 
other Itooks, Id which Erery I^ai sball be divided or distlQ' 
fished in two Columns, and upon the Innermost of these («o 
Colamui there ahall be printed Five TbouMiud Tickets^ and 

(ToL IV. 31 



ti[ion the outermost of tbe said two Cohimnft, there Rbalt 
pi-JDied Five TIiouksuiiiI ; nil which ehall bo of EqimJ Leuj[ili 
and Itreudtli as near aa maj be: wbirb two Colmuna in Out 
suid Book atutll be joioed n'ltli Some Flour)«iies or Devicen,^ 
tkrotigh nhieb tbc out<.'rmo«t Tii-ki-t ma.v )r' cut off [odeotwlite^fl 
and ihal One Thoamnd aod Xinely fonr Tickets, Part o( tlioet- to 
be coBtaiuml in ibe ouicriiiuat Coiunin of tin." Hooks Last mea^^ 
tloiH-d, ahall he called fortunate Tickets, to wbich Ik-ai-atit sbulfl 
belong, aa herein after iiifiitioni>d; AND tbe tuid Managers 
shall cauae tlie suid fortanuti- Tii-'kets to be vrHtlPD u{>oo, or 
Otherwise exprt«wd. aa well la Fifnin» as ia words at Length, 
in Manner following. Hint itf to wi.v. ii)rnn one of them Five 
Ilundrvd I'onnda upon one Other of them Two llundr<-d I'uunds; 
qpon two other of them sererallv One Hnndn^ Founds; apon 
Ten Other of tbc-m aeverallT Fifty Pounds, upon Thirty OtheJ 
of Uiem ScvtTallt Twenty Founds; upon Fifty Other of them 
severally Ten Pound)*: and upMi One Thooaand of them Sevtr- 
ally Fi»*e I'oands; which Sums 80 to be written, or Oilier 
wise esprewed upon the Said fortunate Tickets, will Amount 
in the whole to the Miin of seren ThooKind Fire Hundred 
Pounds, whii-b is the prodnce of Rve Thoiistuid Tickets, aceord- 
Ibb to the Valuation of One fjound Ten BhilHiigB for Each Ticket, 
OS llefore tneDlioD<-d. 

AXB BE IT FFETHER ENACTED By the Antbority afo 
snid. Thnt the Slanaperw before mtmtkMted. Khali cause all 
Maid Tickets containi'd in the oul«Tinust (^oltimn of the 
mentioned Hwiks. in .'he Presence of such Cootribnters or Ad-1 
venturers as will tlten be tliere preflent. to be rot oat indent- 
W'se, throiigli the said Flourichea or r>evlce«, nnd cnrt^ullj 
polled up. as aear as may be alike, and fastened w'ih Thrcai 
and put into another box. to be prepared for that Purpose, aai 
JiO be niiirkf^Hl with the I-ettcr (Bl whieh Box shall be preju-ntlj 
be put into anotlii-r Stning Box. and looked u|> and Se^jtli-d In (hi 
uuinner as the Bos Lettered (A^ until these Tickets shall nisa 
be drawn, iu the manoer and form hereafter mentioued: An^ 
that Qo moner shall be reet-lvtil from any Contributer or Ad- 
Tenturer -'owards this Adwnture as aforesaid, after the Orrt 
Tuesday In Anpiit nest: sod tbe whole Business of rolling up 
and catting off. and pttiilng In the said Boxes the said Tickets. 
and lockinj! up and scaling the said Boxes, shnll be performed 
by the raid Maaacers. 00 or before the said Qrst Tnesdiiy It 
Aufii'st Bcxt, And to the £od every Person concerned may. 



*tll a»uivd that the Connterpoft of Ihe »aine Nuinher, nith 
Iiis or tier Hckel, is pul Imo ilie box Biarkfd with Ihe Lener 
(A) (roiii wh*-oee iW wiinc Diiiy be drawn, and that Other 
Hatters are dune us hen-hy dii-eeled. tionie ptihlk JJotiflt-ation In 
Print fhall be givun of the PKECIKE Time or jimea of th« 
tiiltlng th*- paid Tiokpts. and putting lUt'iu into Ihi- lloxcfi. to the 
End that such Advent uii-rii a» bhall he minded tc see the Hiune 
done, may he ppw*cut a; tee doinc therei>f 

AXD ItK IT Kl^ItTHER KNACTKli b.v the Antliorily afon>- 
Mid, Thai on or before Ihc first Tufsdaj- in August iiexl, the 
Vanaeera shull cauisc ttie said several Boxes, with aJI the 
Hclii.-l!* ihun^'in. to be brought into tJie Tilv Ilal) of the City 
of AltMrnv br Sine of the flock In (he Fon-ooon of the aavae 
ItaT, and shtill llien and thvrv ullend the Ben-ice, ts order for 
dra»-)ng, with two Cli-rks, with Booljs pi-eimred for tliat Pur- 
pose, io enter down all the fonunale Tickt'Di. And llie said 
Uanagers beiDe prepsrod for Druwiii^, ehall cauwe the two 
Itoxe« ContalnliifC the said Tii-kel«>, to be Scvemllj- 1»kcD out of 
lilt- other two Hoses in which they shall have been locked op; 
and the Tickftts or Ixits in the rcsiiettive Innt-niiost Hoxea, 
heiiif; Id iho I'lVM-nce of the said Muna^rx, and of such Advirn- 
(arm as will be there prts^nt. for tin- satbsfaiUoo of them- 
■elves, well shfiken and nilii;:lcd fn Each Dox distinctly; and 
mme ooe [ndllTtMx-nt and ht IVrsou to be apiHiiutedand directed 
br the said Maonfiem. shal' take ont nnd di'aw one Ticket from 
■he Kox where the said n»mtM-rpd Ti<kflR shiill lie ax aforcBaid 
pot; and nn<i!lier liiditTei-ent iind fit IVriion to l>e api^iointol and 
directed in like Manner, shall, immt'diatetj. draw a Tickel "f 
Lot from the Itox where the One Tbonsand and Ninctr four 
foriuna^'e. and Three TliniiHand Xlne Imndrfd and i^lx bliinlf 
Tlrtelx ithnll be proiufiteously pat as aforeifaid: and iuiui<'*ly 
both the Ticketx «ii diiiwn shall he opeoetl. and the \umher »» 
«eil of the fortunate as blank Tickets, shall he named alond; 
and if the Ti<-ket taken or dr»wn fnnii the Itox. ponta'nhiK the 
fcir'unale nnd It'iink Lnln. Shull Rjiiiiiir to be ItlanK, then the 
nnniN red Tick* t -jo drawn, with the said Itlank at thi *:r[-e 
time drawn. rtHlI be wrote npon Tllank, nnd sliall Botli l»e put 
no ont- file; and if ihv Titket »o drawn or taken out of the Hot, 
rontuinlDif the forhjnoie and Hlitnk Loin shull appear to he nui- 
of the fpitniale Tlrki-ts, then (he snm written npon auch for- 
tunate Ticket, IwbatsopTer il may bei shall Ix" entered by the 
Clerk to appointed, into the Books prepared for .'hat purpose, 


topetber wifb Hie Kamb«r coming up nith the said fortoiuttll 
Tivtiet; And one of the eiiJd ntann^i-s «tiall SET cbt-ir >*ames u^ 
a \viinc8s to evtrj such EntTy, Aod the said fortunate and nwn- 
bered Tickets bo drawn togetlier, shall be put upon auoiher 
File; and ku the Bald Drawing ot tbe Tickets shall cuutiuue, bj 
taking one Ticket at a Time out or EiUrh Box; and with opi-aius 
nninlng aloud, and llUng Uie Mime, and hy entering tlio for* 
tuiiatc Lots in such Mauuer as ia bclcre mentioned, until Ui« 
whole Kumber of One Thousand and Xinely four forliinate 
Tickets shall be rnnipWih- drawn, and if the mine cannot be 
pcrrormod id one day's Timo, the mtid managers shall canse the 
lioxes to be lo<-ked up and sealed in the Miuiner ax iifi>rb»aJd, 
and adjourn till (he uext iJav, and so ftora Day to Day, and 
every Day <except Sunday) and then open the same, and pro- 
ceed as above, till the said whole Number of fortunaie Tickets 
aliall be compleatly drawn a% uroresaid. < 

AXU to the End that the Adventurcra may have all possible 
eatlsfaction in the due, regtihir, and just .Management of tliw 
•OJd Lottery; BE IT ENACTED by the Autborily aforesaid, 
That the Mayor, Recorder, Aldenuen and Cdntiiooally of tlie 
City of vVlbuuy may. aad arc hereby impowered to appoint e»ery 
I>ay during the whole Course of the LoUory, two or uiore of 
their Body, to inspect all and every Transaction of the said 
Lottery hereby directed and re<iHlred: And that each County ia 
the Colony may. and are hereby impowered, if they see Caus^ 
to depute two JuRtices of tlie Peace, or other reputable Fit 
holders or lobabilauts for the aforesaid In»[>eetinD, with pro[ 
CerllBcates of their being m deputed, from the nest, or an] 
subsequent IJeueral Sessionx of the I'l-oce; tind the ttaid Mauagers 
are hereby directed and required to admit tbem, and the sai^— 
UumU-ra of the t$aid Corporation, to the aforesaid Iuapeetii^| 

AND »E IT FCRTOEn ENACTED by tlie Authority afor 
nid. That Immediately after the drawing be Bnishi-d. the tu! 
Managers are hereby required, to publish in the New Yor 
Caxette, tbe Numbers drawu HgainsI the forlunntc I^ola. with tl 
Prisma or sums drawn by or belonging to each of thi-m res 
ively; and as soon as the Drawing shall be over, shall pay 
said 8um8 to such Person who shall produw Tickets, with the 
numbers drawn agalmtt such fortunate Lota, they, the nid 
Vonagers first deduetlog Fifd^n (ler Cent out of Uu) nid 
fortoiuLte hula, to be applied as herein after dlnxtciL 





' AND BE IT FCnniEn EXACTED hj (lie Aalliority afore- 
nid. Tlmt U anv I'lthou or I'ernoDH sIulII fvi-go or (.'ounterfcit 
u; ticket or Tickets lo t*o mudv fortli oa Uiii> Act, or alter an; 
of the Kumbera tlieiTof, or briag any forced or CoiintrTft-iteil 
Tlckem, or tuiy Ticket wLeivof tin.- NuuiI)lt is altcrt-d, knowing 
the aasav to be suefa, to ttte Baid Managers, or ettfaer of lUem, 
to tbe lutc-ut to (k-frutid Ibe Cori>o™iioii afort-waid, or any Con- 
Itibator or Adrcnlurer, «■ the Execulors, AdniinisUiUors or 
Assisns of an; CoDtributer or Adveticutcr, upuu Hub vVct; tbc-n 
every uwii I'cnton or I'l-riwna itKioj; tbereof convii-tod in due 
form of Law) abaJl be adjiid^d a P<-lon, and shall sufTor Doath 
*9 Id the Caso of Felony, without Ueuetit of Clergy: And the said 
Mauuigera, or either of them, are hereby required 
aod Impowcred, to cause any I'erKOn or {'erHona, bringing such 
altered, forged or eounierMted Ticket or Tickets as aforesaid, 
to be apprehended, and to coinaiiit him. her, or them, to hts 
Majesty's Coal of the City of Albany lo be proceeded agidost 
for the said Felony According lo T-aw. 

And be It farther Enacted by tbe Anthorlty aforeiiald, Tliat 
erety of the Manjiitera lien'hy appoinied for pntting this Act In 
Kxecntion. before his aeiing in auch Commismon, aball take the 
Oalh following tbut is to say, 

I A. B. do swear that I will faithfully exeriite the Trust 
ivpoaed In nie. and Ihnt T will not ufte any Indirect Ai-I or mean*, 
«r permit or direct any Person to use any indirect Art or Means, 
lo Obtain a Frite, or fortunate Lot for my self, or any rcrson '. 
wfaatBoerer; and that t will use the utmost of my Eud^^avouni 
10 prevent any nndue or sinister Practti^ to be done by any 
Person whatsoever; and tliat I will to the Uest of my Judgment, 
deehin* TO whom any I'rize. Lot or Ticket of Iti^ht does h<*long, 
Arcording to the true Intent and Cleaning of tlie Act of the 
TJenienant Governor. Council and General .\Ksenibly, Passed in 
the Yeair i*t Our lx>nl One Thousand seven Hundred and Fifty 
Kigbt in that Ilelialf: Which Oath stiall be Admiuiatered by one 
of the Judges of tbe Court of Common I'leaH of the said County. 

Aalhority aforesaid, That the Hanagers hereby appointed, before 
they take the Oath prescribed hy this Act, or ijerformed, op 
Execute any Thing therein contained, sbtill first enter Into the 
following Becrtgnizaneefl to our mverelgn T^rd the King, his 
hfirs and Suceessors. that is to Bay, each of them before one of 
tbe judges of the Court of Comiuon Pleas io the County ot 


Albonr, tn the swm of Two TbonimnfT Five nuuOrcd Pounils wll^^ 
two suftkieDt Securities eau-li, in half that sum, Cou- 
diifoatMl, that Ihey xliaJI and n-UI, well nud (ruljr each for liis 
part, Execale [he Trust reiM)«ed hi thi-m b>- thia Act; aji>l wvll 
antl truly observe, do, aod perform all the diit-ctioua thtTPbjr 
reqniretl to be done and pi-rronuL-d by lliem, Act-ordlog to Uu 
true iDlfDt and Meaniug thereof, which soveml'ltciogntiutticea 
are to In- diOivtired lo the Tn-astiiTr, by the Judt;e before whota 
the same Shall be bo tak^s (havini; drsl Taused the rame to be 
Recorded lu the Uiuutes of the said Court) in order to be LodgeilH 
fo the Tn^asnrr. ^| 

AND BE IT PCRTHKR ENACTED by the Authority afore- 
aaid. That the seveml IX-iluctiuns of Fifteen Fouuds |>er Cent; 
upon the whole Number of fortunate Tickets, tiliall bv the ufore- 
»ii!d Mannsera, be paid unto the Mayor, Kecorder and Aldermen^l 
of the City of Albany, or the major part of them, for the timo" 
bc-iaff, for and towards paying; the Debts of (he said Corporatioo 
Accrued as Aforesaid. Oiil of Which, nevi-rtlifU-s*. the said Man- 
agers Shall retain in their own Uands (in Cai^e the Lottery he Ac 
Itially dmwD) the kimh of Fifty Founds to each of them : And for 
each of the two CleriiB, six Bhillliigs per Diem, for en-ry Da/ 
they shall be AetiiaJly em|iloyed in »ud DrswinR: for each of 
the two Persons who shall draw the Tickets, Tlirra Shilllnm 
Diem, for every day (hey SHALL be so employed; and siiih fur- 
ther sum oa shall be reqninite for payinf; all reasouable 
Charf;e8 for printing ItookH. Tiekets, and AdvertiReraent«, and 
such Other locidents aa may NccesMirily be required io the said 

AND BE TT FirilTIIER ENACTED by the AulhorHy afore- 
uld. That DO Fee or Uratuity what£oevLt, shall or may be de- 
manded, or taken of any Ferson or Fersons, ConlTibuters or 
Adventurers to the Lottery afrtrpRald. by any Manaf^er or Man- 
apors, or any other niBcev or Oflii-er« apiioltiled by thin .\et. for 
any Thiniir that shall be done pursuant to (his Act; opou I'ain, 
that any Officer or Fernon offending, by taking any Fee or 
Gratnlty. contrary to tbi» Act, nhall forfeit the sum of Fifty 
Pounds, to the party Grieved; to be recovered, with full Coata, 
In any of hln Majesty's Courts of Re*-ord wilhlu this ("olnny. 

AND RE IT ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid. That la* 
Case all I he said Five Tbonsund Tlciceta shall not be sold or dla* 
poaed of before the said first Tuesday in AuKu^t next, that then 
tba Money that tUB b«eo received for any Ticket or Tickets b]i| 




Tlrtne of this Art. Rhn!l lie, br tli<> saUl Slanapprs, ropaid to th« 
|M:rsoD or rcriK>ii!< of wliom (tic xtiiuc xtiull buvc bi*4-u n-ceivcd, 
Uk. her or their ExecutorB, AdmtDutrators or Assif^s, be, she, 
or thtry first pruduriii}; the itev«^ral Tii'L:<^(» for wbicb otii-b pu..v- 
IB<*Dt sball bo r<^^uin-d: sntl tbe Lolttrry hortrby (^n^-etod und 
Bade, shall, from iheocefortb become void; Anv tbfnt; in this 
Act. conhiini'd lo Unf ConMnrv bcix-«)f iiotwiMiMlaridin^. 

PROVIDED, AND BE IT EXACTEO. Tliat io Case tbe said 
Flrp Tlioiisaiu] TIck^tK aforenaid, be Hold nnd dis[>ottcd of In 
UnDDPT nforL'iiaid. bt'fon- tbe Orfit Tupvdur in Au|:ux1 doxI. that 
then the Managers abalt proceed to the drawing the Lots, Id 
Uuoner afon-sald, first givin;; piibltck Notice thereof in the New 
Vorii I'ost-HoT. at least fourteen before the dravriy^; th« 
Btnie; Anj Tbin;; in tbU Art to the Contmrj □otwItbstnndlnR. 

AND HE IT rintTUEit ENACTEI> b,T the Aiitbority aforc- 
■aid. That if either of Ibe before-mentioned Managers shall 
happen (o die. remoye o<it of the Colony, or refuse ro act Accord- 
Ing to tbe several nnd renpeetivi- I'owern and AiithorilieH hereby 
directed and required, it shall and may be I.Bwfull to and for 
the Governor, or rommander In Chief for tbe Time Ivelnjt:. by 
and with the Advice and ronsi>iit of bin Majesty's Council, to 
nomiiuiltf and Appoint trnme Other fit Person or Persons to be 
Manager or MiinaKen, in the Place and Rtead of the Mauaser or 
Vanagem so d^ing. remoriuc;. or refusing to act as Aforesaid; 
any Thing herein ronlnlned to the eontrary notwilhsrandinfr. 
Provided that the Terfion or Persnns who may be so Appointed, 
sli.ill be obliged to take the Like Oath, enter into the like KecoK- 
nir.unre* and sureties, as la herein direrted to he done by the 
Managera named in thi» Aot; and be in nil Refi)>ei'tK. as snbjeet 
to observe and perform the several Direettons of this Act, a> 
U he or they bad been named Or Appointed in \t- 

[CHAPTER 1063.1 
(RMpter 10i3. of Vnn f^hnaec. ami cbnpuv HI (voL 2) of LlTlnptoa 
* Smltti. mbett tino title only to printrd.l 

An Act for Payment of the Debla of this 

(Panwl. Jun» S. 1TSS.I 

BE IT ENACTED by bis Honour the Lieutenant Governor the 
Council and the General .A.aBembly and it is hereby Enacted by 
tbe Aathortlj of the same ttmt the Trcaiiurcr of this Colony. 


Shall and lie is hereby Dire«'ted to Pay the eereral ^unis o( ^ 
inoD<.*>' falluniug out of tlic foUuwiug ek-vera-l Fuu<Ih, to Wit, ouc 
of the ballaooe of One thowRmd oue Uuudred und t^eveu?;' three 
Pounds Four StilltiiigR nod one hnlf {rennv Still In his liundii 
uiui{)|>li€d of the Sum of FourtL-eu thoiiBiind thri'V bundred and 
Tni-Dtf thren PMinds Fiflj^eu iibillin(;s and tbre« Pcdck; Sterltog 
Kcmtltc'd to this Colony from Kuylniid And out of lJi« muDi-.v» in 
hlft hands by Virtue of the three following Acts VlZi; "^Vn Act 
" for l^i«oliUf; and Ksdihlishio^ a Stamp otlli-t- iB this Culouy for 
"Stiunpin;; all Vellum Patvlunont and l'a|)er i-harRfid with the 
"Ri'voni] Duliw thert-ln Mi'nrlonfld " "An act for laying an 
"Excise upon alt Tea of forricn Growth retailed williiu ibis 
"Colony" And "An Act for ItiiUiu? Paying and Ctoulhing Twa^i 
" thousand Kix hundivd and Kigtity elTevtirc men ofBcvra In-^J 
"oluded for forming an Army of Twenty thousand men with" 
" the Forc-es of tlic Nfigliboui-i»g Colonys (o Inviidi.- the Frwich 
" PoBfleRsionB Id Canada !q Conjunction with a Body of his 
" Majesties Regular Troopa and other Purposes therein men- 
"tioned" Vizt. 

ITnto Sir Charles Tlnrdy Knight late Oovemor of this Colony 
opr to his order for niuney'H advanced by bliu for Malerlals and 
\V«rkmaiit»b{p to thi- Ilouiie in Fort George in rbe Years One 
thouitand 8even hundred and fifty 8lx and one tliouKUid seven 
hundred and flfty Seven t)i^ sum of One hundred Fifty Six 
Pounds four (•billings and Six Penee. 

Unto Volrliert P: Douw for Providing Fire Wood and Can- 
dles for h!s MaJesUes fiarrlson in the City of Albany from the 
first of September One ttioiiwind seven hundnil & Fifty fire to 
tlie fii-st day of September One thousand seven hundred & Fifty 
six the sunt of Two hundred Pounds. 

1'nto the said Volekert P. t)ouw for providing Fire Wood for 
hN Miijestie« Oarrlcon at Srhonectady in the latter part of the 
Year ()n» (houMtud Seven hundred and Fifty five the Sum of 
Thirty Pounds 

I'ulo the said Volekert P. Tlouw for providing Fire Wnod 
for his Majesties CarriMin at Fort Bunler In the Iniler jmrt of 
the Year One thousaud Beven hundred imd Fifty Fire the 
sum of Twenty one Pounds 

Tnto Jnlm men for Materials and Worfemanahlp to the ITonse 
In Fort George in the Year One Ihmisaud S*vcn Hundred and 
Fifty feven the Sum of Five hundred and Sixty Pounds 

UNTO liohei-t <niarlei« Ks^piiw Agent for this Culouy in Great 
Britain for Sundry DisbursetDC-nts for the scrvloe of this Colony 





darlnc the Yeari One tboHWiiid seven hundn'd & Fifty four, 
Onr tiioQRaiid seven butidred and Fift.v five aiid one llii^iiKiiud 
wt\ea hundred and Fifty Six a^i per bt* ncconnl Uie 8uiu t>1 Three 
hsndred aad Tweiiry wvea Pounds three ybillinKS RevpD Pence 

L'nio the Kiid i!ol>erl rharles for lil« Fxiraordlnary Trouble 
fa Ibc scrrtee of ttaiB Colony during ibe said lime tbe further 
Ban of Two bmidred PouDdH. 

Tolo Ihe Corporation of (be Citj of New Yoric for sundry 
Di»barse<Dent« for bii> Mujestiea Troops and otlier publick 8ef- 
Tiii** nt (be Ite<|tieBt of tb4> General Aaoenibly tbe Sum of One 
hundred Bisty tbree Pouads oue ■bllliuK uod teu pen<.-e half 

Uoto Jarob noelet for the expenre of Rinding Forty Heron 
TolhimnB of old Hecords of thio Colony for blx Kerviee in allend- 
iae tuid Examining the same And for TranMiiiioc Sundry old 
Dutch Papers tbe sum of Fourteen T*oiind)« and Eight dhillint;! 

Ualo Ephnuin Kin^ Juuior for tbe ex|H-nce of curing bifi 
Hand maimed in the service of tlilM Colony and for his Support 
whilst under the Suriceouit Ilundit the Hum of Twenty PouodK 

'Unto William Nicoll Eti(|r. for the expence of 8Up|>ort1nt! siirh 
of Ihe People railed Xeutral Freneb a* were unnbie to Sul>«ist 
themselves in Sulfolk Co«iuty iiceordinc to tbe several atcounlH 
br»a(;ht tii from Sontbold Fastbatnpton Southampton and Hunl- 
bgloD Since the last Provision ninde by iicl for tbe wiid People 
the aum of one hundred and Ei^ht Pounds licvcu t!:>billiu;^8 aiid 
one Penny. 

Unto HenjVimin Benmi*n Emtniro for the Support of such of 
the Raid Petfjde in Rirliuiond County as were iin:ible to Subviat 
1bein*>e[ve« neeordhiK to (lie Herend aceouutM brought In from 
Oie said County Since the bi»t Prwviwiyn nmdf by ai-t for tbe 
«a(d P'-opte the suni of aixteeD Pounds Tbirte«xi iihillings and 
Bine pence hwlf Penny 

fnto Honjuniin Kicoll Eiuinlre for his Si^rrlce an attorney at 
\mw in defending the Cause of this Colony Against Arcbibald 
Kennedy Enquire Collector of hiit Miijevties Cuftoini* In .this 
Colony who bad Beixed a large Quantity of Oun Powder Pur- 
cltB»ed for blx Majestiea Serrlre in tbe defence of this fkilony 
under pretence of it's Ix-ing Illecully Imported the snui of PEfly 
four Pounds Two SbillingR and Seven penre. 

Cnto William LlTlncoion Kaquire Attorney «t Ijiw for the 
lllte Berrice the sum of Twenty three Pounds and Nine Shillingfi 



tJnto Jolm JfcEvers Esqr. 'AUoraejr at I-iw for tlie li 
Bervice tlit- Kuni of Twenty thrco rounila and Ten Shilling* 

L'NTO Colonel Beamslf}- Glasler n-lio commaiKlet) tiie Furc«a 
of tliis Colonj- &8 Colonel la tbv last Cuoixiaigu for furtUstiiag 
Iti-s Tabic Ltie sum of Fiflj PuundB. 

I'nto Joiin Coe and John 1". Smtih for tlip KxjioiiCP of Trans- 
pordng Several of (lie I'l-wjile t-ulk-d Xfutrul l-Viicb inw OriiBriaj 
Couutj in tlic Year One thousand Seven hundred and Flfl.v Sij 
and Suppurtiug them tiiere tlte sum of Two Pounds R,Dd tturtet-n 

I'nto Isaac WiHet E»qnire Rlieriff of WestcheBler Connty 7od| 
Ills onn n<;eoiint and for nhut In- tititiid»( <'lun';:<'d with by tteveriil 
Other rerxouB for the Kxjwm-e alli-utling tlie Trunsportuli-i^ 
and Ifointenance of Forty fonr of (Iil* People called Nculr 
Fipnrh in Wesiibi'fli-r County in llie Year one tboiisiind Hevir 
hundred and Fifly t^ix the BUin of Sisly Eigiil ruuit(!» *evvi 
■hillinRii and Tt>n [leno* half (lenny 

I'nto MiHiric? I^tl Knir. SlierilT of KinKS Counly fur IiIm oni 
l&orount and for whiil he slii'idit i-hargid with by St-vi-rnl I'ri 
9(ma for the Biipport of Mindry FrcnHi I'rixonera of War Kint.-^ 
the Commenowncnl of the rres**nt War And Sundry of \hi 
People calbxl Neutral Fnnrli unable to provide tov their o^ 
Subsisteuoc Since ll.e last i'rovUlou made liy act »» per h)^ 
General noHirint the Simi of Two faundn-d and Sixty ti[x IVuodI 
foiirteeo nblinnfEx and one Penny linlf jiejtny 

I'nto Thomua ilincliinan uf Qnei-nii County for T^dgtnif nai 
VlcttmilinK Twenty fonr Frem-h Prifionera of War iK-'inj; UlUeei 
froni the Sixteenth of An;;iit<t One lliouHiind seven hundred iinj 
Fifty Seven to the Twentittli of SeptenitHT followlnti anil for 
Ihe maintenance of nix of the People called Xeulrul French 
Id Au;:iiE)t and Si>ptenil>er One thonrand Beven hundred and 
Fifly S*'rcn at the Kate of Seven Shillinin* per Week Each the 
snm of Thirty Elcht Pounds tlirce ehillings 

Cnto William Sacket of Queens County for I/odginc and 
Vtctnalling Two French oJTiccrs from the Twenty fourth o( 
January One thousand seven hundn-d and Fifly t-Ji^ht to Ihe 
fourth of April following al Seven Shillings per Week the snm 
of Seven Pounds. 

Cnto JotiD Loaie of Qneeoii Connty for Lodging and Victi 
ling T«-o French officers fourteen Weeks av per bis accouni 
dated the Twenty Fifth of January, One thoueand Bevcn bun< 






dr«l and fif(j Elglit at the Urilc of sevtn Shillings pL-r Wcck 
die tjoin of Tea rouudB two HliillioKs 

l"nto JoUd Foster of Quot-ns (.'rtHiiijr for Iod);inf; and Vlctii- 
altlQg Four l''n.'in.b ciffictTB from the Twelfili of August One 
tli(iu:*iuid Her^n Lundrt'd aiid Kiftj- Stven to the Ufteeatb of 
tlie Hnme tnonili at itie ICute of evvi-d Hhilltugs pi>r Wcvk and 
for rcniining iLeir Itiifrpipo the sum of EiKlHcen Stiilling)i 

Cnto William Dt-utvo of tjiit-pnn Couiily for Ixxl^lDg nnd 
Victnnlitni; I-'our Frciicb officiTS from tbe Twelftb of August 
Owe th'iuvand St-rfii bnmlrt^ and Fift^ Sfven to tin- rifti?i'nth 
OF (be same Month at Ibe lUtv ot tifevuu tibililugu per Week 
Ibe itum of Klxtem 8hillinga 

I'nto Jouah Itonds of ijiiwna rmjofy fof I^Klnn and Vlctn- 
allinj; Four Fi-eneh OflU-ora three Weekn and two Twenlj nne 
Wivka as per bis Acc«>aat dnlt'd tJie Ninlb of March One 
tboaaaad Sorcn hundred and Fifl.r Ki^ht nt tbe Rate of wwn 
ibilllngs p<f Week eaeJi tbe »\im of Kli;)ilecu I'ouuda Kigbteea 

Unto .ron>pb Bell* of Qiiwns County for Lodslng nnd Victua)- 
Hd5 Two Fix-m-b odieefit Twelve W't-ekn and Four lluys us |»r 
bis areounl dated the Thirteenth (if May (tne thnuaind Keven 
hundred and Fifty F.ljiht at the ICalc of oeven Kliilllngs [ler Wei-k 
Cucb the niin of Ei^ht I'nuudH Sixteen Kliillings 

ITnto Joseph I.awretii-e of Queenx Couuly for lodging and 
Ticiualling Three French OflloerB from (be Twenty fourth of 
Januorjr One thoosand ncroo hnndml and Fifty Eight to tha 
Tnenly fifth of l-Vhruary following iin per hix ucroiint daled the 
ltiirt<>enih of Mny One tliousaod wven hundred and Fifljr Eight 
at tbe Rate of seven Shiinngs per Week £acb tbe Sum of Four 
['oddiIr and NiDi'tet-ii i^hlllingii 

Cnto liirhnrd I'iufold uf Queens Connly for Lodging and 
Vielaalllog Two French Officers from the Twentieth of i^ptero- 
ber One tboufiand Seven hundred and Fifty Seven to tbe Twenty 
foDMb of January One IhouAand SeTcn hundred and Fifty Right 
and from that Ihiy to tbe Fifteenth of M«y following According 
to two H«-Teral AcconntB at Seven shiDing" [wr Week Kach tbe 
8am of Twenty thre« roundn Sixteen Shillings 

Unio Nathaniel Moore of Queena County for lodging and 
ictnalling Two French Officers from the Twentieth of Septem- 
On* IbouKind seren hundred and Fifty Seven to (he Thir- 
titfh of January One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Eight 
isd from the Tbirt> first of Kald Month to tbe flfUentb of May 




Enoniy from tlie First of AwRust One thou»im<l SeTen hnnflreJ 
and flfly Sis lo xhv Second of August Odp tliotituind fit've 
linRdred and Fiftj Kereo by order of ilw ttuid O.lonol as i 
account (Jk- sum of Fortv four roiimls Eighteen BlilHings 

Tnio Lieutenant Andrio* Wilbwcl; for himst-lf and Comps 
of Militia for Marching lo the Frontiers afon-Miid against i 
EncHij- in April One tlionsond Seven hundred and llfly Beren at 
per account the Snm of lifly four rounds. 

tlnto the Riltl I.loutenant Andrios WlUxwli for lilmsflf nnd 
Company of Mililia for ilai^-liiipg lo the said Frontiern against 
the Enemy In Auguwt One thoiiwind S<*vfn huudn-d & fifiy 
Sert^n as per u<:<:ouQt the Sum of Oni- hundred and Forty Oojl 
Pounda ^ 

Unto Captain Jeremiah H«oRehnrtm for himsMf and Company 
of Militia for deveral Marcho« on the said Frontiers against the 
Enemy from (he Fourth of April Onf* Ibounnnd Seven hundred 
aod I'Tfty Seven to August followiug by onler of Colonel John 
Van Ri'uwi-laer a« per areount the sum of Two hundred and 
Forty Pounds and Two Slillllngs 

TJnJo Captain Peter Wageuer for himwlf and Company of 
Militia for Rcreral Marches on the Frontiers nforenaid against 
the En<>my from the Tenth of September One thousand Bereo 
hundred and fifty five to the Twenlieth of Novemt»er One 
thousand seven hundn-d and Fifty Seven hy order of the Field 
offleers aa per account (he Sum of i^ve hundred atul Fifty on 
Pounds fonr Shillings 

T"\TO Captain Wiilinni Warmoot for himi«olf and Companyl 
of Militia for Several Marctiea on the said Frontiers again 
the Enemy from the Teuth of September One thoiiaund 8«V' 
hundre<l and Fifty Six to the first of Frlmiary One thouNind 
Seven liiindred and Fifty Kiglit hy order of rolonel Johnson, 
as per account the sum of Four hundred and Seventy six 
Pounds seven Rlillllnga 

L"nto Captain IVter Conyn for himself nm) Company of 
Militia for several Marches on the said Frontiers from IhBl 
Twentieth of Felininry One tlion«iand Seven hunilred and Fifty 
Eight lo the Eishtcenth of Marih following against the I-'ncnty: 
by order of Colonel Johntwu as per account the Sum of Nloel; 
Pounds Elei'en Shilliniis 

t'nto Lieutenant Willinni Van Ness for hiinwlf and Company 
Of Mililia for mnrehing to the said Frontiers against the Enemy 



In March One fhousand Fovod hanilrc<l and Fifty Seven bj 
fttiler ot Cuio. Keon&claKt as per ut;coiiui llic suiu ot Furt^- i'uuuds 
tixtcvo sliilliuga 

I'ulo Cuptnin John Saundera for liSiust^'lf and Company ot 
Uililia for uan-tiiDg to ttte said Fruuiii-ra agiuD»t the Euem; 
Id Febninrr Uutt by order of Colonel JoUdsod as [wr account thft 
6tiin o( Five t'ouuds two aliilliogs 

Unto John Uayiint Van V,p9 fui* Ferrlap^ of men and Horses 
of thr Alililia of Uicf Counij of Altmny ot«r the liiver at ScUd- 
nectadr iu the vearOne tiiouBaml Spvpti liundrwi aud Ufty t-eveo 
la dt^ottiir^o of Uis a^'counl of Fi%'u i'ouudii Hovcntt-^n shillings 
Ukd two Peace against Ibis CcHoay tbe sum of three I'ounda 

I'nio rii[>iain Jolio Winnc for lilinsi-lf and Company of MiHtla 
for ecvtrral niardit-s on lb«f said I'ruuliL-rK at;<iiust the Eocniy 
from the Tw<>nl[L'tb of March One thouitand 8eveo hundred and 
flftv Kcwn lo the Twcniy tiocond o( August foiI"»iriK by order 
ot (?ol(invl Itensselaer ai> per account the euiu of Ninety Tno 
FouDdB KiKhtfen Shillings. 

I'dIo Ltcau-nunI Jiteobns Van A.ll?o for himsrif and CompanT; 
of Mllllia for s4?Terai Marches oa the said FroiititTH a;;iiiiiHt tha 
Ennny from the Twenty-tiret of March one tbousund ISereii 
hundred nnd fifty Rt>Tcn lo the Twentieth of Aupist fotlowlns: by 
order of CoJnnel ItensKoliu-r as p<-r account thu sunt of Ooo 
hundred and Twenty Ihree Pounda four sbillinRS 

L'nto t'nptnln HenOrlck M. ICooeobnon] for bim«e|f and Com- 
pany of Militia for several marebes on the said Frontiera againsfi 
the Enemy from the Twcniietb of March One iboiiwind Serea 
hnudnd and fifty Seven to the Seventeenth of Angust foilowiug 
bv order of Colonel Ileniwehier aa per account thu sum of One 
kuodn'd and RIs T'oiinds Kiiibleen oliillinca 

Unto (-'^ptaio John l.e;;;?M for h)rasi-lf and Company of MilUIaT 
for marching to tbe GERMAN Flats against the Enemy from the 
fourth (o the fourlecnth of April One thotinand Seven biindred 
and fifty Seven as per account the «uin of Twenty Two Pounds 

UdIo Captain Nicholas Vincher for himself and Company of 
Militia for manhlng on the ki'uI Frnntier« When Fort WTIIimn 
Henry was di-Mlruyt-d Irom the funrtb to the Twentieih of Au- 
mil hut against tbe Eoemy by order of Colonel Rensselai^r a> 
per accoinil the Sum of Eitrbty three poundii and Six Shillinga. 

Coto Captnin Hannen Knickerbaoker for himself and Conn 
f*ny of Militia for sevemi Marches on tbe oaid Frontiers againsn' 
tbt EoetDj from August In tbe Year Ooe thousand seven buD« 



dred nnd Fifty Sis to (be Twenty seventh of Murcli followinf 
by ordur of Colonel IU'ii«'la(,-r ax ptr uccoJUt tliu i>uui of Twi 
£f»ht PouudK Eigbt Shillings. 

Unto the fiatd Captniu Kuirkorbnckcr for himself and 
pany of Mililia (or murcbiDg on the said Prmitiers A^;iiuHl the 
Eitecuy whea Fort ^^'UllalIl iJenrr was attacked and destroyed 
from the third to the Twenty ;:^4.>cond of August last hy ordt: 
of Colonel It<-ii-'iclner as per account the sum of Kitfbt; Fin 
Poandii Ten Shillings. 

I'nto Uentonant Uerril MnmelUisof Captalo Jotio D Van Ben- 
■elaer Troop of Uon^« for biiu»L-lf and party of Militia under 
his Conimnnd for MarebinK od Uie said Frontiers against tbc 
Enemy Whcu Fort William Uenry waa attacked from the Tweiit;^H 
Thinl to the Twenty SeveDth of Man-b One thousand 6er<^H 
fauudred and Fifty seven by order of C^jloncl Rensclaer as per 
Bcconnt the sum of twenty three Pounds fifteen Shlllin^a. 

L'nto l.ieutenaut Jotiu tileu of Cjqitalii Iteuswelaers Troop of 
Horse for himself nnd I'arty of Militia under bia Command for 
marching to Ibe Oemian Flats nKoi'>''t the Enemy from the 
Third to the Thirteenth of April Cue thousand Heven hnndrMl 
tnd fifty xerPD by order of f'nionvl UuuKseluer as per account 
the Sam of I-Mfty three Founds. 

Fnto Captain John B Vau Reoe&elaor for himitrlf and OoIl^ 
pony of Militia urulcr his Comm.-ind for marrhing to FtMt 
Ednord against the Em-my when Fort William Ilenry wa*i dfr 
stroyed from the fifth lo the seventeenth of August laid bjH 
order of C>alDael Ri^ixiwlner ns per account the sam of Nlliet7 
Uirt* Pounds twelve Sbillin^rs. 

t'nto Lieutenant Cornelius Teymese for bfraself and party of 
Uilirla umler his CoDUnuid for mnnhint; to the Northern Fron- 
tiers Afnttnsi the Enemy when Fort William Fleory wasaitihcked 
from the Twentieth to the Twenty Eight of Marrb one Ihousand 
aeTMi hundred & fifty Seven by ordiT of Cflliuiel R'>Tisselner as 
4per neewinl the som of Soveoteeo Founds and Four Shtllili{[a. ^ 

I'mo the Kiid Cornelias Teytnese for himself and Pany «ifl| 
Militia under bis Command for Marehloe to the Oirman FlatSi 
.Ipilnst the Enemy from the fifth to the Thirtrenth of April 
One thoosaod Seren hnndred and fifty .^even by order of ColuUr 
Keas^pUcr OS per Accooot the sum of Twenty two Pounds Tc 

CKo Lieutenant Pirct Van DerbeTdcB for himself and Parly" 
of UUttlA under Mi Command lor mircluns oo Che Morthcri 




Thmtlera agsEust th(^ Kneniv xr)Km Fort Williaoi ricnry wa* 
deairored from tlip Sisili to the THentiHh of AiijjuBt last by 
onicr or OltHiel It«t8»elapr ntt per account Utc sum of One inm- 
dr«d and fourteen I'untuJij lirieen utiiliiDga. 

L'oio l.U-uii-nanl William []o»;ui fur )uu)i«clf ami Party under 
fcU Cofomand for Scii-cral Marclic-s to the Ooniuin Flittx Uirauist 
{tie Eoeiuy, to Wit in Aaj^iist One tliouoaod t^veo Iinndr^-d and 
fifty Six ami from rlie third to the Thirle^tnlJi uf April Oae 
tboDsmd t^vpn linndn-d and fifty Sevon by (M-di^r of Colonel 
Briii»e]»<>r 312 per account the sum of t:!ixty Eight Pounds and 
four Shllllni;^ 

I'nto En(ii<ni Samuel Pruym of Caplain Itnidt'e Com[iany for 
blmseir and Parly of MilMia und<>r his ('oiumand for marchinR 
to ihr Frontier* apiln»t the Kneniy when Port Willlaai Ilfnry 
Viat Attuclit'd Hiid IH-Mt rovt^^l rn>iu ttit- fourth to the Kightii-nth 
of August lant by order of Colonel RenRnlfrafr as p«r acov>uiit 
'Jie sum of Fifty three Pounds Ki;ftili:-en 8hUlinf;». 

Unto Ensijni Kyckert Van Vraiucl;en for l>iniM>1f and Party 
of Mllilla under lila Command for tnarcbinj; to the German Flats 
apiinst the Eueiny when Osne^o was destroyed In Aaf^utit One 
tlioflftand Sei-en hnndn-^1 and Fifly Six liy onler of <*olon'-l Kena- 
•tlaer as per account the »uu of Thirty five Pouuds tlfteeo 

Fnlo Meii*enent Rimon -Tohnnnitt Vewlcr for himnflf and 
Party of Militia ondpr his r'ommanil for Miii-rhinj; to tlii" North- 
cm Frontiers against the Fneiny when Fort William Deory was 
attaclied from the Twenty sei-ond to tlie Twenty KtKhth of 
Mardi One thousand gcven hundrnl nnd fif-'y Seven by order 
of Colond II>-nf>t>elser ns per account the sum of Twenty one 
Ponntls and Peren thillin^ 

Unto Li.-Ltenant .John Fryw formerly o serfwuit In Captain 
Rradls Com|>nny for bimwelf and party under hi« Command for 
Ifarrtilnif to Fort Edward ncainxl the Enemy when Fort 
Willlnm tlenry waet attacked from the Twea'leth to the Twenty 
Seventh of Mnr.'h One tbouKanil t^even bnndn-d nnd fifty St-^vn 
by order of Colonel Rfnwwiaer as per account the Sum of Thirty 
Ponnds and EiRht ShillinfT". 

Toto .liihn IlantuTi Eserutoj- of n.-inii TTannen lately deeeaBed 

forSev-eral 8umsof MONEY advanct-d by the said Llaiis llaus n 

on seTeraJ Oceasions for the Serrk-e of the Goremment in the 

Vear Doe ihouBaod Seven Imndret] and Fifiy five as per account 

.Vol. IV. 83 


ttie sum of Fortj three Pounds KinetwD sbllliDgs and Niii(^| 
Fcucfc ^1 

L'Btu l>and Van Derlit.7<li.*ii for oitnu^y adraDved b^ lum for 
aevend Expri^attes in Mav uaid lixfpleiuber Uoe tbuusuid iSvvuQ 
buudn<d aud tiftjr Tivc luid iu April and Novvtuber one tbousajid 
tfcTen liundred and Fifty Six («■ ibe J^rvji-e of lUe Oi>vcrumfiit 
u per ui;<:ouut Um; Sum of KItveo Touiidii SixtuoU SbilUugs iui4^ 
Dim> pcuoe. H 

I'mo Abraham Peek for goms Ex{)res» from Albany to New 
YorL iu April Out- thuusiuid tivwu buudnrd aud flUy Six by or- 
der of the alderueu of Albuiijr as i>er accouat the Sum of Six 

UNTO Captain Thomas Ellison for himself and Company of 
Utlitla for uarcbing to the Relief of Port WllUam Efenry in Au- 
gust One tboQsiutd m-vcu butidred u'ld (iTty sevt-u and attending 
on Duty at Fort Kdward till discbarged ^Vud for Moop hire 
and for Tran8|>ortlng his men lo Albany the sum of Fifty one 
poottda twelve Shillings Aud ulso Tor money advujiccd by him 
(o several Private men for Itanging and Guai'diug tbe Western 
Frontiers in May and June in the Year aforesaid as per ai'Count 
the further sum of Nine Pounds. 

I'nto (Captain William Nealy for blmself and Company of 
Militia for marching to the Uelief of Fort William Uenry tn 
August last aud ailendlsg on Out; at Fort Edward till dis- 
charp.-d as per aceoun*. the Sum of Twenty two pounds Nine- 
teen shillings. 

Vnto Captain J<AaBnts X^wkerii for himself and Company of 
Uilitia for marching to the ilellvf of Fori WUIUim Henrv in An- 
gust last and attending on Duty at Fort Edward till dtwhai 
as per accuuni the sum of Five Pounds two Shillings. 

rmo O-aptain Jonathan Qaasbroerk for blmwtf and L'umpat 
of UlUlla for marfhinc to the Relief of Fort William Henry In" 
Aognst law and attending at Fort Edward on I>uty till dli»- 
chuiied .Vnd for sloop hire and Transporting his Men to Albany 
•■ per •ecoQDt the un of Foiineeo Pounds four Shillings. 

Cnto CkptalB Jokaanee ULirdenbergfa Jnolor for hlms>'ir and 
Company of Mililia for Marching to the Relief of Fori William 
Hnry in Angust lust and attending on Ihitr at Fort Edwnnl till 
diaebarevd And for 81oop hire and Trmns{MirltRg his Men to 
AHMUiy u per accoont tbe wun of Twenty (oar Pounds looneen 


fnio ('taptaln Wlinam lUwIand for himself at>d Company ttf 
Militia (or raarcfttns lo For! Kdward by order of Ovknel EUlwo. 

a Au- 




•od lUtcnain* on Dutj llierc till discliareed In Aupist last aa 
|H.T account Tlu- sum of Thirty Utreo ]>i)iiiicl.s sovon SliillingH. 
, Unu> CapiuiD Matthew Uny and Cwujiany of liungcrs iwsted 
OD the Wt-stern fronli«-p« or (his Colony from the tieventh erf 
Jane One ifaoiisand iSovon hundred and flfly Scvpn to the Twenty 
Eixib of ScplL-mhiT followinf; a» per dccuiuic Iht* Sum of Two 
Lundrvd and Xinety pounds four shiiiiugSk 

I'oio Jo»fph Decker Scneant in Captain Sniecdf^ Company of 
Bftlltia in l.'t«tw Coonty for hluaetr luid parly of I'rivatL- Mi-n for 
Guarding the \V(!»tM"n Frrmti^^rs in October hist a« per account 
the Bom of Two pounds twelve ebillings sind Six I'flnce. 

Uoto Eiuign Matthew Ray for lilmself and parly of MIHtia for 
BarehUij; after the Kuemy when Uogcr lltaniHcp'H l-'amily wore 
BiDnlfred in L'lWcr County as per ACCOUNT the BUin of Two 
J*oands Foarteen shillinf^ and 81x Pence 

Unto Jacob Ter Wllllpfn Coqioral in Captain Tfny's Company 
of Mftilta in Ulster County for himself and Party for Ranging 
and Goarding tlie Western Frootiera tn September and Ortobcr 
laat as per acconnt the Rum of One pound and Fifteen Shilling 
I'Dto George Oillaspy Serjeant in Captain Day's Coniiwiny of 
Ullitia for hlmaelf and party for Oiinrdinf; the Western Fron- 
tifra in October last as per account the Sum of One pound Bix 
Ebillings and three Pence 

Unto the said Cnsign Mallhew'Ray' for himself and notnpany 
6f MllitU for Hangiiiji: and (luardinjt Ihe Western Fronticra la 
October last as per account the sam of Thirty Are Shillings. 

Unto the said Captain William \ealy for hlmxelf and Coin<> 
|«ny of Mllliiu for Rnnclnt; and Seoiiring the Wooda on the 
IWcstcrn Frontiers on the P'scoi-pry of some Piims and Tracta 
of the Enemy Indiana in June laBl: by order of Major Colden ag 
per arcouat the Sum of Two pounds Afteen Sbillin£« and Nino 

Unto the said Captain Johannes XewVerlt for himself nnd 
Ci>m[tany of Milllia for rtani:ing and CuardinR the Weslfrn 
fVontiers Several times in the Month* of May & October OoC 
IhouKind Seven hundred and Fifty Seven by Several Ordert* 
from Colonel Klllson and Colonel Clinton In full of his account 
tbe mim of Fifteen Founds Sixteen shillings & three pence, 

Unto Lieutenant William Falkener for himself and Company 
Bf Militia for Ranc'i^? find Ouarding the Western Frontiers in 
Uiy One thonsand Seven hundred and fifty Seven as per do* 
count the mm of Fixe Pounds Tcd Bhilliogs and three peace, | 


TJnUo MosMi ItoM In CapfaiD Eorlanda Cotapan.r of Militia f 
himself St Pai-tj detached under lilit Coniuiuud for Uaiigiug aii 
Oaarding the We«tern FrouU«r* in October last as per eccouat 
tbP sum of T»-o poiinttfl twelve Shillings and Six Pence. 

Unto Daniel Rutlerd-ild ^TJertnt in Cmptuin Borlundx Com- 
pany of Alilitia for himself and party under liis Command fi 
Ban:;ing and ttuardinn the Westi^m Frontiers in Oi;lo!)er l;tsi 
as I'or ftC(.-oii nt itie kuoi of Tlircv I'uuad* seventevn sbilliu 
and Six pence. • 

Unto (leortie Itootli io CnT^taln Rorlanda Companj* of MllUIfli' 
for bim^i-lf and I'arlj for Kanging and Ouardin); tbv Wrfitern 
Frontiers in October last aa per account tlK sam of Five Foouds 
Eight 8liilltncH and Nine Pence. 

Unto Litruti-nunt Willijim Bull for himeclf and Company of 
Militia for Ran;;ini; and Ounrding the Western Frontiers 
May One thousand Seven hundred and fifty Seven as per accou 
the tnm of Une pound Elevcu shillings and His pimoe. 

Unto James Crawford Serjeant in Captain EtorUinds ContpAfi; 
of Militia for bimself and Purly for Hanging and Guarding the 
Western l-'Vontiers in October last as per account liie sum of 
Tbirteon Pounds In-o ghilHo^ and Six Pence. 

Unto Thomas Simeral Serjeimt in Captain Itorlands Compnn; 
«f Militia for bimoelf and Puny for Ran^iDg and Ouanliog Ih 
Westi-rn FnHitit-rs in OftoIxT hwt ait per aceuuat the Sum 
fiix Pounds Eighteen Shillings and nine pence. 

Unto Captain Benjamin Sineedes for himself and Company of 
Uilitia for Ranging and Guanling the Wcxlcrn Frontiers t^er- 
era! limes since the CommpiuTmeut of the Prwient Wur as pi' 
aceount ibe sum of Ei^l Pounds Fire Shillings and Six Pence. 

Unto Johsnnra Rooea In Captalo Smeedes Com)»iiny of ^IIIiil^HJ 
for blms^lt and party Detached for Ranging and lluardini; tbcH 
Western Frontiers since the Commencement of the preM>&t War 
as per accooot the sum of Three Pounds Six Shillings and three 

Unto narcn't Cool In Captnin Smeedes Company of Mililfs for 
himself and party delachi-d umli-r bis Command for Bani^u 
and Unardine the Wesiem Fronliem since tbe Owimcni-emfii 
of the pTMKnt War as per aceouDt the sam of One Pound Fivi 

Unio Lientesant Zarbariab Hoffman for btmaelf and Comr 
paay of Uilitia for Baagisg and tltuudlnp (be Western Fronttcn 
Since the CoaiBeaceaieiit of tbe prv«eat War aa per accounl 
the saBi of Tea pooada twelve Shillings and Six pcaea 









Tnto thfl esid Lleutonnnt Hoffman fop himsMrlf and Paity 
IK'tachi^d to Uepair to ibe C'onuly of Albany in the Year Ou« 
(houKUDd Seven huuilrt-tl and l'"i(ty five hy oriivr of Colonel U, 
Uaiiit>erji as per acoouot the sum of Three pounds and Bix 

Tnto Abmham Smeedea of Captain Bmeedea Com[Hinj of 
llililia for lilmscif ood Part^ under bis Command for Ranging 
tbe We«iern Frontiers Sint^e thp CcMninencetneut of the pre»i'iit 
W&r as per account the sum of One Pound t^ight Shillings and 
>'ine Pence. 

Unto Jacob TerwllUgcn Corporal In CaptaJn Smeedes Com- 
pSBj of Militia fur himself and party under his Comntand for 
Buigios aad Ouarding tbe Western Frontiont In the Month of 
Hajr in the Year Cm- thouMnd Hcven liuudred and fifl.v Six us 
per account tbe Sum of Ooe pound Seven shillings and Six 

Unto Hendplck Van de Mark Seijeant (o Capt. Rmeedes fom- 
paojT of Unilta for bimsi?If and party under bis Conmiand for 
marching to the County of Albany in Septemljer One thousand 
8eves hundred and (lf(y Areby onlerof Colo. C Chaiubent a« per 
account the sntn of fCigbt Pounds. 

Unio the said Ilendriuk Van Ito Mark fop himself and Party 
sader his Command for RASCISO and GunrdinR tbe Western 
Proatiers Bince the Coinmcncement of the i'r<'wnt War as per 
•ecoaat the Sum of Four pounds Eleren shillings and three 

Dnto Jo«oph Deeker Corporal in Captain Smeedes Company 
of Uill'Ia for liimsHf and parly under liis Command for Ranging; 
aad Guarding the WeslL-m Frouliers Since the Commencement 
of the Present War as per acconnt the sum of One Pound and 
Ten shillings. 

Cdio If^aae Terwilligen Corporal In Captain Pinoedea Oompanj 
of Uititia for himi«elf and parlies under his Command for Rang- 
ing and Oiiarding the Western Frontiers since the Commence- 
nent of tbe pres4-nt War as per account the sum of Three 
Ponnds and Ten Bhilliugs. 

Cnto Aliraham TenvilliKen Serjeant In Captain Smeedes Com* 
paay of Uililia fur himself and |>art,v under bis Command for 
Banging and Uuardiof; tbe Westvra Frontiers Since the Com- 
■racemi-nt of Ibe Presunt War as per account the sum of OD* 
Pound Tbfrtcco Shillings & nine peace. 



Unto KDsigD Cornelius Boboonmnker for himself anil Cohm 
panv of Milttin ander tiU Commaiitl fur Kangin^ sad UunrdiDg* 
tbf W»-*Utu Krontk-ns Since tho Cwmmi'nci-'iut'iit of llic l^resenl 
W»r as per account the 8am of Fourteeu Touads and Tbirteeo 
Shilling. ^ 

t'ato Captain Thntnaii Allison Junior for himself and Coo^ 
pan; of Alilitiu ua^lvr bis Command for aiding tlie Forces oa 
llm Nortliem Frontient in Noverolier One thouKand SertMi hun- 
dred and flftv Ovc as per account the suoi of Four Pounds aod 
FourtOL-n shillingH. 

Unto Knsign James Clinton for himself ond party of Militia 
ondi>r Ins Command for Ranging and Guartling the Wirstvrn 
Frontiers Since the Commenrfinent of the Present War, as per 
account thu sum of Five Pounds and 8ixtL-cn sbillingH 

Unto Peter Uullender Serjeant (or himself and Party ot 
Ulliiia. under his Command fur Itanging and Gnariling the 
V\\-»lcrn Frontiers «nce the Commencement of the Pre&ent Wa^_ 
as per ncronnt the sum of Pwir Pounds Ten shillings ^M 

Unto Lieuti^-nant James McL^i^rT and Lleutonnnt James 
Hamphrera for themsw-lves and Parlies under their Command 
for Ranging and Guarding the Western Frontiers in the Months 
of .lannarv Fehrunrv and Marrh One thousand seven hundred 
and Fiflv Pix as per account the sum of Thlrtjr Pounds It 
shillintt* and Ihn-e Pence. 

Unto John Thomaon Serjennt in Captain Ellisons Conipaay 
Mltltla for himself and piiriv for Ranging and Cuanliiig llie 
Western Frontiers In the Months of Fchmarr and June One 
thousand seven hundred aod titj six as per account the Som of 
Five pounds five shillings 

Unto Captain Jonathan Tlaaahroei^k for himself and Ootn- 
pany of Militia for marv-bing to the Conotv of Alttaoy In tit 
Tcmber One ibo«inind Seveo hundred and llfl.T (Ive to aid Sil 
W*nXIAM Johnson as per account the snm of Four Poand»^ 
Eight Shillings. 

Unto I.ieatenant Ramnel Denton for htmM'lf and Compan; 
Sliliiia nnder his Command for Rangiui* and Guarding the Wr 
cm Frontiers Since the Oommmeemi'm of the preseal War 
per account the snm of Poarli.'en Pounds Sixteen shilllDgs 

Unto Cnii^a Samuel Sands for himself and Compan.r of Mllltla] 
coder his command for Ranging and Onnrding (he Western 
Pronliers Since the Comneneemrnt ot (be Present War as pep 
•ccooBt the snm of Five Pounds Sixteen shillinfa 

■ of^ 



Toto Tsoao FowW Serjeant Id Caplain llaasbroftcka CSwm. 
fay for himself & party of Militia under bis Command for 
Bsngiag anil Unardin^; the WeHtero Frontlcra Binre the Cam> 
MOicetocot of the J'rt-sent War as per acconnt two Pound* 
Ten ihilllngi 

Cnto LlL-otenant I-cwta Dubois for himself and Company of 
Ullitia andf-r lilx Commiiml for RanKinc and GiianllnR the West- 
era FmnlkTs Binop the Cominentvinfnl of the Prem-at War ob 
per acconnl the sum of Two IVjunda Sixteen Rhillings 

Cnto Jfhiel Clock Serjeant In Ctiptain IliiasbroeokB Compan; 
for himself and Parly under bis Command for flauKluK and 
Goardinc Die Western Frontiers Since the Oommencemei-t of 
the Present War as per account tlic aunt of One pound and Ten 

Volo Lieutenant William Rnll for himself and Parties under 
bis Ctnnmand for Itaiifiin^ and (tunrdtng the Wetttern Frontiers 
In the Months of Janaarv April and November in the Year One 
Ihoocand Seren hundred and Fifty Six as per account the Sum 
ItfXiDC Pounds three Shillings and Six penee. 

Unto Captain Jonathan Smith for himself and Oompsny of 
Mdlltn under bis Cooimnud for Itangiug and Ouarding the West- 
ern Frontiers slnre (he rommencenient of the prew-jit War as 
per account the sum of Seven Pounds three Sbilllng« and Six 

Tnto Llwitenunt W'illiam Falkoner for himself and Partlm 
of llilitia under bis Command for Banging and Ouardlug the 
Western Frontiers In the monthn and Januarr and May One 
tliniiMnd Seven bundred and FIftv Six bb piT Ida accounts (he 
torn of Eight Pounds Five Rhillings 

Cnto l>anlel Ilulterfeild Serjt. for himself and parHea of 
Militia under bis Commond for Hanging and Oiinrdlnj; the 
We*tem Frontiers In the Months of Jununry and Mar One 
thonsnnd Seven hundnHl and fifty Six as per account the snm 
of Three Pounds Ten shillings 

Futo EnsiRn Thomaa Bull for himself and Company of Militia 
mder his Command for Ttnngliig and Guarding the Western 
Frontiers In Deeemtn'r One tbouKand Seven hundred ANr> flftj 
fire as per account the sum ofi Fifteen Pounds Eleven ShilUnga 
A three Petiee 

Fnto James Crawford Junior Serjeant for himself and partv 
•f Militia nnder his Command for Ranging nnd Ounrdlng the 
n'rttem Fronlien In January One thousand Bcven bundred 


nnd Fift; Six as per account tlie sum ot Two Potuids oo« aMUiafl 
& lliree I'ence ij 

Unto IJeutenant W'illiam Nealy for liimself eunl Compnuy o( 
Blllliia undvr bis Couimand for maii-tiiug tb the Coant; of Al- 
bany in Uie months of September and Noremlter One Uiounnnd 
Bi-Tcu bundled and Fiftr flv-e iu aid ot 81r Willinm Jobneon us 
per account tlie sum ot Twenty Seven pouoda Two shillings and 
Nine Pence. 

ttito 'William Crawford Serjeant for hSinwlf and Partr of 
Uililla under his Cominaud for BanKlng and Ouardlne the West- 
em Frontiers in Blay One tboasand Seven hundred and fifty Six 
as per accouHl the sum of Three Pctinds and Qfieen ffliHiings 

I'nto Ileojumio Booth Serjcanf for himself and Party under 
his CofDTnnnd for Ranf;inK and Ounrdln;; the Weatron Froniien 
fo June Oue thoiiMind i^Q\<'n )iiiiidn-d and fifty Six lA l>cr bi» 
arrount the sum of seven tiliinin;^' and Sis Pcnee 

I'nto Captain Samne! Crawford for himself and Company fo 
Hanging & Guarding the Wt-slem Fnmtiers In Ai>HI 175*J ul 
pfr account the sum of Iilve Pounds Eighteen ebillinga aud 
Kiup Pence 

Unio Daniel Brown for himself and party of Mililia foi 
Hanging & tiunrdini; the Western Frontiers in Febniiiry one 
tboiiBftud B«rea bundrt-d and Qfty six aa per occoiuit tbe sum ot 
One Pound Five Shilings 

fnlo John Whniiey Serjeant for himself and parties of Militia 
for Ranging & Guarding ttie WeBteni Frontiers in Uwumber 
Id Ihe Year One thousand Heven hundred and Bfty fire na pcf^ 
ocrounl tfae sum of Four Pound KIx SbllMngit and .'.hree Penc«l| 

Vnto Lieutenant John Miller for himself and Comp. of Militia 
under bis Command for Ranging and (Juarding the Weatent 
Frohlieni in March One thousand (<c-v"en hundred nod Fifty Six 
aa per account the sum of Six Pounds sen'O Khitllngs and dIub 

Unto Lieut Tliomns Oolditmltb for hlmaelf and Comfuiny «f 
^Illitia under biB Command for Ranpng and Ouarding the 
■WeF.-ern Frontiers In March One fhoncand Seven hundred and 
fifty Klx as per account tbc sum of KIght Pounds sixleen slil^ 
UngH and Six Pence 

Vnto Lieutenant Jamea MeXeal for blmnelf and Party of 
Btllllta under hlit ComniiuMl for Ranging and Guarding the 
T\'f#lem Frontier* In April One thousand Seven hundred and 
flfly Six as per account the sum of Four I'ounda Four bhilUag* 
and one penny ^| 


r IT^'TO Lleiilonaftt .Tolin Stiller Tor liimsoir and party of SlilUia 
voder faU Command for Itauging ami Guarding the Westom 
Fnarier* In XovemI»or One thou&and Beren liundred aaid fifty, 
Sis M |>er account the mm ot Hevea Pounds five Stiiltioge and 
tine Pence 

I'Bto Cuptnin' JoliaanM Newkerk for hiroaelf and party of 
UUitiA for Slarcliinp loward die County of Albiuiy in October 
t'tte tltonnuid seven bundi-L-d and fifty five by order of Cobmel 
C3tatnbeni as ocr account >!lie sum of 'Shin Pounda ten sbll* 

Tnto Ensign Adam >'ewkerk for bimsuW and Parlies ot 
Ullllia under hU Command for Itanging and Guarding the 
AVi-stem Frontiers In tbe Montbs of Januarr ULirch May June 
and July tn the Year Oce tlioui<innd Scvt*n buntln>d and Fifty 
Kix an per act-ouat the sum of Tn'cnty five Pounds one atdlling 
and Nine pence 

t'oto Frederick Fackert (n C«p(aln ?feT>kerkV Company of 
Militia for him»rlf and par.'y nnder his Command for liiuigiiig 
and (jaardinff the Western Frontifru In May One tbunsand 
RfTcn handrd and fifty 6lx as per hU account the Sum of five 
pounds five Hbillin^a 

Unto Lieutenant Johannes Krann for hlmwelf and Parties 
snder bU Oominind for Hanging and Guarding Che Western 
Fronti'-m Since tlie Commencement of the Present War as pp 
aecouivt tbe Sum of TbLrleen pounds Eleven »Uilling:s and Six 

I'nto tTohnnnea Mole FVrjeflnt In Captain VewKerka Com- 
pany of SJililin for himself and parlieB under hia Command for 
Rooglns and Gnanling the Western Frontier* iu the Months of 
January February May and June One thoam.nd Reven hnndred 
•nd Fifty sis as per account the sum of fire Pounds Scventeea 
■Itlllinga and Six pence 

Tnio Benjamin Constable PerSeant in CapfaSn Newkerka 
CV>mpany for bimeelf & parlies under his Command for Rangtnj; 
and Giiai-dlnc .lie Wealem Frontiers Since the Comnu-nrement 
fif the present War as per aeoouibt the Bum of Seven Pounds 
three ebillings and nine Peuc« 

Pato Renjamin Comfort Serjtimt In Captain Newkerts Com- 
pany for hlniseif and Party under bis Command for Itan^ng 
and Qaarding the Wevtem Frontiers idnm the Commencement 
•r the rre<>ent War as per account tlie sum o( one pound anil 
fre BLillings 



Fnto John ilolx^n Corprtrnl in Ciptain Newtorts Company 
of Alilitia for himtietf ami rurt,v unilei- Iiih commaad tot Ihinaixig 
and Qoardlng: tlie Weatepn Frontiers Since tlie Commencement 
of tlio present War as p«r avcoiuit Uie Bum of One pound and 
live Shillings 

0oto itenjiunln KUierwater Serjonnt In Captain Newkprka 
Company of Milltin for bimwlf and Parties under his Command 
(or Kiingiu}; ajid Guarding Uie Westt^m FronlitTs Hince Ihe 
Commencement of the present War t» per account 1^ sumi 
of twelve Pounds one ShiUiug & three pence 

Vnio Lieutenant Hendrick Van Keuren of Captain Harden- 
IxTghfl Company of Mililia FOR lilm^elf and Party under his 
Command for Rnnplng and Guarding the Western Frontiers In 
llurch One thouNind Soven hundred and fifty six aa per aocooot 
the 8um of Three Poundn 8ix slillllngs 

Unto -lolia Mnsler Serjeant in Captain Hardenbergh's Oompan; 
of Militia for himself and Party nnder his Command for Rin^U] 
and Guarding the Wesieni Frontiers In December One thonxnn 
Seven liundred and fifty Six as per account the sum of Tvi 
pounds Tw»-'Ive abillings and Six Pence 

Unto LieuTnonnt James Kain of Caplaln Tlar^ciibcr^* Com 
pany of Militia for himself and Party und<rr his Command for 
Ranging and Guarding the WeeXtva Fronileni Since tlie Com 
menccment of the Present Wur a» per account the sum of Fo 
Pounds Sixteen Shillings 

Unto Coroelltw Cool Serjr«nt fn CaptTiin Tlnnl.'nber^* Com-! 
pany of Uilllla for himself & Party under his Commaad for 
Ranging and Onard^jg the Western Frontiers Since the Com- 
meneemeot of tiie I*re«ent War as per account the sun of Three 
rounds and Ten shillings 

Unto Lieutenant James Graham of Captain Da^id Hay's Com- 
pany of Uilltla for himself and Party under hU Comtnontl fur 
Bwng^ng and Gnarding the Western FrontierB Since the Com- 
ntencrmeBt of the Preecnt War as per account the sum of Two 
X*OQnd9 one Shilling 

Cnln Ucnt<-nant Direk Ro«a In Onptnln Hay's Company »! 
llDltla for himself and l^irties under hU Ctmimand for Ranging 
the \Ve»ieni Frontifcs and also fluardlnc Meswenrs Bruyn 
Clinton in ^BrreTing the Bnad from Mini^lnk lo Rocbe«ter i 
order to Erect Blockbooaes lo the Months of April and Uay 
One tboOMOd Berra hundivd and Fifty aix fn full of his account 
tb« som of KiBt roaaits Blx fihlUlnss and Six Peace 



' tlolo Ensign Mathew Kay of Captain Hay's Company of 
SUIitla fur bimsalf and rarticH ander h)a Command for Guarding 
Ilif Western Frontifr« Since llu' roiuun-nemiont of thp TTcwnt 
War as i>._t uciuaat (lie sum of Two Pounds ten nhilliuga and 
■evea pvnce half penny 

TToto David Craiye of Caiittiln Tliiy's Conipiiny of MlUtla for 
himself and Turty uuder his Comiuajid for (lumdiug tUe \Vv»t- 
en Frontiers Since tlio Cnnimrui-<>incut of tiie Trwent War an 
per account t)ic snm of Fiflei-o aliilliogs 

Fnlo Gt-orge Borne Serjeant In Cifitain Hay's Company of 
Militia for liimxeif and Parly under bio Coniiunnd for Kunming 
and Guarding the Western Frontipra Pince tliP CommcncoiHent 
of the IVeseut War att per account tlie Bum of Two Pounds.— 

Unto John WilLin for hIniMolf and Party for scoutiut; on tlie 
We«tprQ FronlltTS in Jnly One ttioosand ReTea bundrt'd and 
Fifty Six us iHT account the Pum of Flfleeii aliillini:!) — 

Futo John Barin for Iiliiucclf nnd J*aity for »i!OUtitig on the 
W'es»lum Frontiers Since tlie Commencement of the PreR4a)t War 
■B per aceount the som of One T'nnnd & fifteen ShiltlnKS 

Unto .lames Gilli'j«ii,iy for hlmtteif and Parties for Scouting 
oa tie Western Frontiers Sinoe the Commencement of the 
PivMiit Wa.- a« i>er account the lum of Two pound* two 
•billings & eix pence 

Onto Samiisrtn Sammons Serjeant In Cflptain Unr'n Company 
of Uilitia for himself &, Party under bis Command for Hanging 
and Guanlinc the Western Frontiei-s Since the rommeurenient 
eC tl»e Pri'sent War as jK'r iiceouut the sum of Three Pounds 
Eight shillings and Xine Pence 

Cnto Natlmnlel Hill of Cii-ptaln Hay's Company of Militia 
tor himwir and Party under hi» Coiniiinnd for Ranging and 
Guarding the Western Frontiers since the Comnienceiuent of 
the I'r(-«i-nt War aa per account the sum of Sixteen fiblllings 
tad three pence 

fnio Captain Bteplien TCottingham for himself and Party of 
iniilia DetnclM-d under IHs Conim.iJid for Ranging and Guarding 
the Western Frontiers in November One ibnuHnnd Seven bun. 
drwl and fifty Six by order of Colonel Hardenbergh as per 
•ecoant the sum of Twenty five Pounds Fire Bliitlings and tbree 

Cnto Iwine T>ecfcer Lieutenant In Captain Jacobus PcLama- 
ler» Company of Militia for liiinn<elf and Party under hi« Com- 
■nuul for Banging and Guarding the Western Frontiers In 


Decemlwp One thoiiwmd Seren hnndred and Fifty Sli by orfler 
of the sflld Colouc-1 a» per account Uie aum of Niac rounds 
Twelve SIiilliogB 

Unto .lolinniies Sn.vdpr Scrjcfliit in Captain Delamater* Oora- 
pany of Militia for himst'lf and party under his Command for 
Banging and OiinnJini; the Western Froutiers in May One 
thoiiEuind Seven hundred and flfl.v Seven by order of the Said 
Colonel aa per account the Bum of Four Pounds Ten shdlln]^ 

T'nto Knsljm Isaac Pnvis of Captain Xottinshaiaa Compan] 
of Mililia for himself and I'arty under his Cmnniaad for Raiii;in| 
and Qnardlnj; the Western Prootlcrs in June One tIiou»and 
Keven lioiidr<*d and fltt.v Seven b,v order of tlie Raid Colonel at 
per account the Sura of Twelve Pounds Fifteen sbilUuKa — 

I'nto Captain .Johannes Revier Junior for himself and Parly 
of Rajigeni Including three men detached out of Captain Jacob 
Hoombeecks C-ompany for Ringing and Ousirding the Western 
Frontiers from the firnt of June One thonwind seven hundred 
and Fifty Seven, to the first of Septetuber following by order 
of hia Honour the Lieutenant ("".ovemor aa per account the aum 
of Four hundred aud Seventy Sine Pounds fourteen shillings -^H 

Unto Lieutenant Abraliam Dejo of Cajitain Josiah Eitingl^ 
ConipanT of Militia for himi«elf and party detaclied under hU 
Command for Bunging and Oitirding the WcBtem Fmntiora in 
the Month of June One thousand Seven hundred and fifty Heven 
by order of the Kuid Colonel as per account the sum of S«tcd 
ponndn Eight Shillings and Nine Pence. — 

rXTO Cuplain .loliaiincs Bevier Junior for himself and Party 
detached under his Command and for Ranging and Guarding 
the Western Frontiers Since the Commeneement of the War by 
order of the said Colonel r« pve account (he sum of Xine Pounds 
Eight shillings and nine pence fl 

Tnt/) Captain Stephen Xottingliam for himself and Partj^ 
under bis Command for Itiinging and Guarding tlu- Western 
Frontiers In October One thouKOnd seven hundred and fifty 
PeveTJ hy ord?r of the said Colonel aa per account the sum of Ten 
pounds Sixteen nhlllings and three pence 

Unto Captain Johannes Crespall for himsolf and party under 
his Command for Ranging and Guarding the Western Frontiers 
in October One thousand i^ven hundred and fifty Seren by 
order of the said Colonel a* per account the sum Tea Pound* 
Sixteen shillings A three pmee 

Tnto Abratiam Post Serjeant In Oaplaln Wynkoopa Company 
of Militia for himself and party under his Command for Ranging 




ud Goarding tbe Westeni Frontiers In the UoaUu of June and 
Jul/ One LbouMkud SfVcti liuudiH.>d and fifty ScreD, by order of 
tbe Bald Colonel aa per acvouut the sum <tt >'1dc Poimdit mid 
fiftwu Hlilllinga I 

Unto Captain Cornelius Von Bauren Tor lilnutclf and port; <rf 
Ullllla uuder Lis Coiuiuiiiitl fur Itungiu^; and Unurtliun tbe 
WvBU-ia Fronlk-ra In (Atobt-r Owe tbuutuud Bcvcn buudred ft 
flfiT Beren oa per Account the tiuiu of Two pounds ^>Vfutc<Sk 
kliilHogs ^ 

Uutu IK-ojauEn Low for bimBcIf and Tarty nndcr his Command 
for Ranging & Uiiardloj; tbe Wcsiorn Froutk-rn in tliv Month of 
^'orember Uue Ihoutand Hcvi'u bundn.d und lift.v 8L-r(.>D ob per 
ftcooont tbe amu of H'lx rounds &<.-veuti.-i-u tSbillings and Six 

I Dto Jafobas Low for himiirif nnd I'arl.T ondM- his Cuminnnd 
fof RanBini* and Qiiardi»;r the Western Fronliera in December 
Od« thoiiiiand eeren bundrod and fifty Beren \»t account the 
m irf Tnent.r tno l'u:iudi> Tt-u ^hUliiifi" und Dine T^^'nce 
TTnto Jamb Bt-hoonmalicr Ensifrn for himself and Parly of 
ititift onili-r bit) fommand for ItiinKin;^ and Oujinline the 
'•■lilprQ i'ruiitiers In May One tbuuMUul ^ev<.>n huudn-d and 
fifty l^T^n. by order of Colo, tlaasbroeck as per account the Sum 
of seven l'iitiHd« fonr Sbillinc* — 

Unto Jai'oboa Bush Corporal in Captain noorDb<yocfca Com* 
\«nj of Mililla for bimnelf and Party under his Command for 
KaDgrDg nnd Oiiarding ibe Western Fronliem in May One thou- 
d ^'('\en hiiniirf<l and I'ifty six HA per account tho Huui ot 
ircc Poiradtt Ten nblllinf;*! 

I'ntrt I.k'ur^nanl JiUHilnnt T>p Tuy Junior for hlmwlf and Parly 
of Mililia niid<>r bis <'ommand for ICantdng and (Eiinrdinn tho 
estem Frontleri* in May One tbon!<nnd Seren hundred and fifty 
ven as per ncconnt tbe sunt of Three Poiimli* PIx SIiIIHd^ — 
L'XTO Pfirim ■Si-bowimaiier in Capluin Jacob IIo"rnhe*'ck» 
rnnipany of Militia for himBelf and party under his Command 
for ItnuKln;; and Ounrdlnj: llie M't'stern Prnnliers Id Oftol»or 
One tbriuKnnd u^ven bnudred and urty Sc-vcn as i>cr account the 
sum of Thirty Sbillin:ni 

I-'nto Jacobns Oosterhondt Serjeant for hlmoelf and Party of 
Uilltia under W» Command for Kantrinjr and Ouardins the West' 
em Prontlers In October last as per account tbe sum of Thirtj) 

IvBtD Joshna Cnnrklyn of Oaptnln TlnnRbrooVit Company of 
litis for himself and one Private Man for Ran^ng and Bctmt- 




log OD the Western Frtmliers lo October \b»t as per account the j 
Sum of KifU-vn abillinga flj 

Unto Jacob Ofiles for biuiself and one private man more of™ 
Captain llau^brut-i-ke Comp;iii.v of Miliiia for ICitii^nug uutl Scout- 
log oo the Western FroutU-i** in October ta«t aa per account' 
the 8uni of H^veuteeu 8hilliDg8 und Hix pence 

Unto Patrick Uogan of Captain Jliiasbroeck* Company of 
Militiii for biniiielf ami I'orly uudvr his Command for ICiixigltig 
and (imirdiag the Wvstem Frontiers in Octotfor last Uft per ac- 
count theeuni of One pound two 8h(llii);n and ^Ix pence 

Utilo ^Villinln KtMwurtb of Captain llau»broecka Oimpanr of] 
Uilitia for hiurndf luid I'oi-ly under hU Command for Ilungins 
and Guarding the WeitlfrD FrontierB fn October last aa per ac- 
count the Kuui of Two pounds three shiitings and nine pence MJ 

Uuio John SiniHon of Cajnain Uaaitbi'ooks Company of MilitiA^I 
for lilmitelf and I'art; under his Command for Ranging and 
Guarding the Western Frontiers in October last aa p»rr accotutt 
the Sum of Three piMiiid^ St-ven ShlllinRs and S>lx pence ^i 

Unto Jacob Low. JobaDDeo Frere. i'hilip lM.-boonm»ker, An-^| 
Ibonj Dumond and Johannes Van Eden aa Guides to Captain^* 
Porters Company who were writ to* and Guard ihc West* j, 
ern Frontiers in the months of December January and Febrnarj^l 
last as per account the Sum of Five PoundB and Seveoteea ^ 
all ill ill g» 

t'uto Captain Jaeob IToonibeecIt for himself and fVnnpunT of 
Utlilla under tiia Command for Majrhing to Fort Edward fw the 
■vsistance of Fort William Henry when nttacki-d by the Kn^ny 
and attending on duty there till disehargid in August lust a* 
per account the Sum of Nine Ponnda 

Vnto Captain Btepfacn Nottingham for hiinKcIf nnd PaHy of j 
llllitia under bis Command for marching towanl Fort William 
Ilenr.v when Altackt^d by the Enemy iby oi-der of Colonel ITardcn- j 
bcrghs) and attending on Duty till Ulscharged !a August lantj 
an per acfouni the sum of Seven Pounds A Thirteen Stiilliuga 

I'nto JameK Fulton a» a Guide under Lkul.-nanl Paiiiel Siil-^y 
Itran and Lieutenant Van Ingen AXD Com])iinies in aniirding^| 
and Ranging the Western Frouliers from liie Twenty thin! of ^^ 
OetobtT to the Klitth of February last aa per accouut the Sum, 
of Sixteen Pounds four ff^illings 

TTnto Jacob Niece for himself and Son John KWe as Gnldca' 
under Ensign William I>omilng and Lieutenant Peter Vno 
Ingim and Companlea in Banging and Ouaj^ing the Wwteni 



PronHeTB from the Tw«'nHrth of OctobtT One thousand Sercn 
tiODtln-d find t'Vty Bcren to Ihe Sixth of February following 
aa per accounta tht- Simi of Thirty (hrc« I'ounde. — 

I'nio CorDvliufi Tcrwilligen as a Oiiide uodtT Lienfi?iiaiiE Peter 
Van Inf;«) and CoinpaMy in Guarding and Ranging llie Wc»t- 
ern Frotidcru from the Twenty fifth of Norenib,?r One thooAand 
Bcvfo bandrod and fifty S^'vtii U> ihe sixth of Febninry following 
as |ter account the Kum of Eleven I'oiiuds and Two Khiliinga 

l^nto John Graham an a eiiid<> under Lienieiuknt Van Ing&n 
and Company in Ounrdingand Iluniiiu): Xhv WuKtiTn Frontiers 
from the Twentieth of October One thousand Seven hundred 
and Fifty ft'vcn to the Sixth of Fi-bniary following as per 
account the sum of 8ixti:'eQ PuuudH and Ten «hil1in;:it 

Fnto Captain CornpliuH noombeeck and Company of Militia 
for Rpvenil Miirrhrf* up to Alluuiy on Pe\enil Alurm« in fiep- 
trmber and NoTcmber in the Year One thounaui-i Seven hun- 
dred and Hfly Are by order of Colonel O. Chambera a« per ac- 
count the sum of Forty two roniKln and three Shilling* 

I'nto Capmin Cornelius Uoornbeet-k for several BeniceB done 
iiid Sums of Money Espeoded In Relation to the Indians to 
Ulster County by the order of Sir Charles ITardy late Governor 
of this Colouy In the year One thousand Seven hundred nud 
Fifty five, aa per ftcrount the Sum of Seven Pounds 

T'nto fTiarles nardenbergh for Transporting sex-eral timea 
r»rt of (h<f MlUrln of I'lster County up to Albany In Augiiitt One 
thansand Seven hundred and fifty Swen when Fort William 
ITt-nry was attacked by the Enetuy aa per accgunt the sum 
of Eici't Pounds. — ' 

I'nto ilichael D*'Voe for transporfinir part of the Militia of 
lUter County up to Albany in August One thousand Seren 
hundred and fifty SiMen when Fort William Henry wa» at 
X'ked ait per arronnt the sum of Nine Pounds 

fnto Kjfberl Dumond for Transjiorting part of the rollltia of 
later County op to Albany In August One ihonaand Seven 

indred and fifty Seven when F^trl William Ileury was at- 
icked as per arcount the sum of Four Pounds. — 

TjDto Captain Petrns Fleermans of Dutrhess C-onnty for him- 
Hf aod Company of Militia under hit Ccimmand for ntur<-h!ng 

Albany for the Relief of Fort Willi:im Henry when attacked 
the Enemy in March One thouBand Seven hundred and fifty 

ten and attending on Duty till nischarged aa per ACCOUNT 

iSDOi of Tweoty Pounds Eight Shilliuga 



Unto Enripn Witmeffar of Chptaln Dcl4iTnftt«'s Company of 
UilUia for hiiuKelf nud Party detached under luB Coraaiaud for 
uarchine towards die Northf^ni FrouHen* on an Alarm when 
0«wego was attanki'tl by the Enemy in the Year One tbouiand 
Bevea buudred and Fifty Rix by order of Colonel HofTman and 
atteodioi^ on Duty till Dbehnrgnl as pt-r account the Mim of 
Six I'oiind* twelve SUilliuss 

Cnlo I.ltfui«iant Bi^niiits of Captain Johnsons Company late 
deceased for himself & I'urtieK under lilx Comuiiind Tor meveral 
Manheft on Alaniis ionarde the northpim Frontiers in tiie 
Voars One (houxnnd 8ovcn hundred and Fifly five. Ono thou- 1 
i>an(I Seven hundred uud lifty i^'iK und niie Lhouxnnd Ht-v^a hun- 
dred and Fifty fieven by ordefs of the Field olBcerB of Doichet^s 
County ne per account the Sum of Font; Pounds and Six j 
Sliil lings 

Unto Captain Franoia »lrap fop himself and Party tindor 
Ms Command for Maretiinj; to the Xnrlliern Fi-onUera on an 
nlann In March One lh(Hi>:tind Kevi^u hundred and Fifty Seven 
by order of Colonel noffnian a« per account the sum of Forty 
nine Pounds Tt-n idiillinKa 

L'nto Captain ThoinuK Wtieeter for himself and Peroral 
parties of bin Company of Millda for S«veTftl Mareheit towarda 
and on the NortlnTO FrontiTS on iw'venil alamiH In the years 
One thousand Seven hundred iind fifty five One thousand Seven j 
hundred and nfty Six and One thousand Seven hundred nndj 
Firir Seven as per account the sum of Sixty one Pounds Nine 

rnto Captain Simon Freir for hirawlf and Party of SJiHtla^ 
trader his Coiuinund for Marc-hlni; In the Relief of Pon! Willitim 
Jfeury when attacked by the l\i»'niy in Mnieh One thousand ; 
Seven hundred and Fifty Sov^n by order of Colonel nolTinanj 
nnd atlendlu); on Fluty rtll disrhiu'ged as jter account the MUm 
of Sixteen I'l'undA Sixteen SiilllinKi* , 

Unto Captain John C«ieklin for himself nnd Varfy of Mtlllinfl 
under his Toromand for Mai-ebinc to the Itelb^f of Fort Wiilijim 
Henry wtiMi attacked by ibe Enemy in March One thousand 
Seven hundred and Fifty Seven hy order of the said Cob>nel 
HulTman and atlendln); on r>u(y till difteharged as per acc4.>uat| 
the HUin of Eighteen Poand« Ten Shilling 

L'nto Lientenani Frederick IlerringiT of Captain Xehar's 
Company of Militia t(v hlnuwlf & I'arty under his Command for 
marching lowania the northern Frontiers on an aiarni lo Mj/r 




tvmbcr One (boiisntxl Rptph hundrod and titty Ave U per 
sccouDt Ihi.' Sum »! iSix Poimds Fifletm Bbilliaga 

Unto Lteulesaot Jacob Ilecrnianft far bim»eir And Part; 
ttadfT his Command for marcbing To Fort Ednard for Ibe Relivf 
of For£ William Lli-tirf wlicu atia«.-lie<.l l>j' tlie Enemy In August 
Ooe tboiifiatid Seven bandred and fifty 8eveo tind atti-ndiDg on 
dot; till di«ctiar^ed as p«r accoUQt tbe sum of Twenty H'uke 
Pounds 8prea sbilltDi^ 

ONTO Lieutennnt .lohaaDes Halp of Captain tlnropbrr-ys 
Conpimr of MilltlK for hlnmWf and I'nrty tinder his Ciiniiiiiiud 
for Man-Iiing to Albany on an Aiunn in Marrh One IboiiKund 
fifxea liiiiidred am) lifty Kevt>n as per account tbe Sum of 
T«i*Dtyfbrve Puuiids Nine Rblllln^ES 

Cnto Captain Thoaiaa Whwlcr for bimself and Company of 
'Millll.t iindfT tiii* Ccinmnnd for Mai-t-Iitng up to Fort Edward <m 
an ■larm in AnK^st Unv thouKiind K<^'vtMi bundnNl and Fifty 
Bfien as per actxHiut tbe Sum of Sixty two Pounds Nlocter-n 

Tnio Captain Robert Erohrec for tUmtielf and Company of 
UIHlfa nndtr his Command for marcbins lowards Ihc Sortlnyro 
rr<iDl)>.*rs on an alunn in Mnn.-h <_lnc lliiin)':ind Suvt-n hnndred 
and fifty gevca as per account tbe aom of Sixteen I'ouodai four 
Bhillln^ t 

Cnto Captain ITrndrick Tlp^rmans for himself and Compflny 
of Milllia iimlcr h!» <'oiiiinnud T'lr iiiari-bitig towiirdn uud on ihe 
Northf-rn Frnnliors on an alarm in March One thouxand Seven 
hundred and Fifty Seven as per account tbe Huni of Elglii!/ 
Poundfl Sixlern SliJtlings 

Unto Liculcnaot Pelrus DiiBois for bimiwlf and Party of 
Ullitla ondfr hla Command for niart-ltins up to Albany for the 
Relirf of Fort William Henry wbi-u allnrkfd by the Enemy in 
Uarrh One thonsand Seven hundred and fifty Seveji by order of 
Colonel HolTman as per account llie Sum of Nineteen Pounds 
Two Sfaillinga 

Tnto Lieutenant Simon Kool .Tnnior for himcelf anil Patty 
under hia Coiumand for marcblnji up to Albany on an alarm 
When Fort William l!enr>' waa attacked by the Enemy In 
Uarrii Hue Ihouaand Seven bondr^ and Fifty Seven and at- 
lendinp on Duly till dlwharceil as per account the sum of 
Porly Two Pounds Ten shillings 

Untt) Ijiwrenre Wjllsi-e an ofticPT In Captain Artiont Vielo's 
Coupany of Uilitia for himiu-ir and Party under his Command 

Vol. IV. 33 



for maivlilng up to Albany oq an aJann m Anpitit One tttoni 
Bvvea liundn^d and Fiflv Six by Order of Colimcl IloSmftU, 
per account the sum of Thirteen Founds fire Shillings 

Unto Captain Franda Brett for lilmself aod Company" 
Slililia undi^f hiit Command for Marching np to Alhuny on an 
alarm iu itiiin'li One thousand B<.*t'en hundred and fifty Sevea 
■When Fort William Ilenry was Attacked by the Knemy lut per 
acrount the Sum of Twi-nljr Seven Totinds Three 8hilling8 

Unto William Oostrande Serjeant in Captain Nehara Com- 
pany of Mllltia for hiiusolf and Party under Ids Command for a 
march to the Northern Fronliers on an ahum in Pcbraarj- One 
tlionwuid Seven hundred and fifty live as per account the Sum 
of Three Ponnds , 

Tnto Captain rornelius Lurster for himBcIf and Company 1 
of Blilltia under his COMSIAND for MarrhinK np to Alhany on 
an alarm in Marrh One thousand &^ron hundred and fifty Seven 
as per account the sum of Sixty Six Pounds — 

T*n(o Captain Thomas Lanjidon for himself and Company of] 
Slilltia nnder bla Command for Murohing up to Albany nn the 
Alarm when Fort William Henry was attacked by the Enemy' 
In Marrh One tbouwind Seven hundred nnd Fifty Rovon na per 
acronnt the sum of Thirty Six Pounds fonrtecn Shillings 

Unto Lieutenant Mottes narrSa of Captain Nathan Smiths 
Company of Militia for himself and party nnder Ills Command 
for marching to the norihern Frontiers on the alarm in March 
One thousand Seven hundred nnd fifty Seven, aa per account 
tlie sum of Thlrte«» Pounds Nineteen Shillings 

Uuto Ennlgn Enoo Mead of Captain Smilbn Company of Mllltla 
for himself and party onder bin Oummnnd for marching to the 
Frontiora on the alarm when Fort William Ilenry waa attarked 
by the Enwuy In March One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty 
Beven as per account the Sum of Nineteen Pounds Ti-n shilling* 

Unto Captain laaac De IjiMater for himiw'lf and Seii-pral 
pnrtiea of his Company of Militia for Several Marrheg towards 
and on the northern Fr<>nli«>rs on wn-ral alarms to Wit in 
epptembcr and November One thousand Svveo hundred and 
fifty five In April and Aneust One thousand Seven himdn-d and 
Fifty Six and in March One IhouHand Seven hundn-d and fifty 
Seven by orders of Colonel tl ofTman as per account Uie tSom of 
Thirty five Pounds Nine ShllllngB 

Unto Captain John Concklin for himself anfl Tompany nnder ' 
Ua CoDunand for marching op to AJbaoy, in September 



QtoORODd 8i.>Ten tiundrcd and Fifty five on an aiarm wIicd flie 
Euvtaj attacked General Johnson at Lake Oeorge bj order ot 
Colo. IIoiTinan as |ior accouat ttic suu of Twcut^' Tour i'ouud» 
Bixte<;D Bhilliogs ', 

Unto Lleuii-nant 3(att1ti>w Vnn Kouron of Cnptnin Concklia's 
Company of Militia for liimm-lf and Party under his Command 
for uan-hlnK to AllMiny on an alarm In .\|kHl One thuuxand 
Sweo hundred and flfly nix as por account tlie flum of Kio9 
ToandB Eleven Shillings and three Pence 

I'nto Eui<ilg& Klias Van Hun^cholca of Captain Concklln's 
Company of MJIilia for hinmelf anil Parly's under hia Command 
for marchln([ np to Alliany on iM'Tf-ral alarnin to Wft in Novem- 
ber One tliouHund wvcn huiidr<^^ and fifty five and In Augiint 
One thousand Seven hundred and fifty Six by order of the aald 
Captain Coin-klin as per account the sum of Fifteen Pounds 
6ixle«ii Sbilliugfl 

Cdio Captain JoM>ph TTlrks for blmHelf and Rereral ra.-tieg 
of bis Company of Milhia under his Coinmiind for svveral 
Uarchea on the Northern Froaticrs on Several Alarms to Wit 
ta September and November One thousand Keven hundred and 
Wty five and in March One thousand f^t-veu hundn-d and Fifty 
Srvtti by order of t'olon**! Hoffman aa per account the aum 
of JCinely Eight Potrnds four t^liillings 

Unto Optaln Zaehnriaa IlofTman fcr blmself and several 
Tartiea of bis Coiii[inny of .Mllilta under hiit Command fur 
manbing up to Albany on several Alarmato Wit in September 
one thousand 8even buntlred and Qfty live when Genera) John* 
son was nttaiked at Luke Georjie by the Enemy In August Oa« 
fbouaaud Seven hundred and fifly Six when Oswc^ was at 
tack*.-d And In Au;:ii)it One thousand Seven hundred and fifty 
Seven When Fort William Henry w«i* allurkeiJ and Ih>'8triived 
by (be Enemy as per account tiut sum of Forty islx Pounds Ei^bt 

Unto Captain Natfcan f^mith for Mroself and Company of 
Ullltta under hts Command for Marching up to Fort Edward 
in Augiiet One thousand Seven hiindix'd and fifty Seven when 
Fort William Uenry was alluekcd and denlroyed by the Enemy 
and attending on Duty till ditK-harged aa per account the aum 
uf One hundred and One Poiinda Twelve Shillings 

Unto Doctor John Kitteman for sundry medleiuett and PlaUlera 
for the militia at Fort Edward In Augimt One thousand Seven 
hundred and Uftjr geven when Fort Williiuu Henry was at- 




tacnod sod tN^trojred by the Enemy aa per accouat the Sum of 
Four rounds Tn-elve SliilliuKS aDd three Vcotx 

Unto tlie Execiilors or admiaistrAtora of George Dokojr de- 
ceacL'd for wvtTuI Expri-siscs from Orange Couni.v tcwXew York 
Id D««ember One tbousand t^'ven btindred and Bft^- five un 
Id Jtiuuary One tbouttand Heven hundred and Qtiy Six in fu 
of bis account tbe i^uiu of Four Pounds 

Unto Colonel HenjamlD Tu8teti Taptaln Daniel Case and Cup 
tain Jolm Uull for ihuik^j advanced by tbeni for JIateriaU and 
Workmanship in [iuilding and Coniplcaling Two UlockbouxeA 
number One and niimt>er Two on tlie \Vei>tern Frontiers Id 
January last by dirveliuo of bis lloiiour the Lieutenant OoT- 
eroor as per at-count tbc siira of One biintlred Pounds Unto 
Lieutenant John Di'Ddon for blini^-lf and Pnriy under hli 
Comniand fw utlending and Uuardiiig Colonel Clinton and 
Colonel Dekay in iayint; nut the Oround and llxinj; the places 
for Ereeting (he ttaid III ock houses Pursuant to an order of 
Colonel Dekay in November One thouHand Seven hundred su 
fifty 6e\eD as per account Ibe Bum of Six Pounds TWELV 

Unto tlie Executors or Administrators of Colonel Thomas 
l>«kay deceased for itcreral Services by bin) done and perfornie^l 
by orders from ihe Governor in tlie Years One lhou§;ind Si^ien 
hundred nnd nfty live ami Une thouxiind Seven hundred and 
Fifty six as per account tbe Sum of Sixteen Pounds M 

Unto Buvth Diititiin In raplnin Wesentw* Cmupany of MHIttd 
for Money En<;u)^-d by hio for the Puelureage of One buadrcil 
and fifteen Uoraen of Colonels Oekey's Reslnient near AlhaojH 
In the alarm when I-'wrt Wi'iliatn Henry was attacked and De- 
stroyed in August One thouwind seven hundred and lifty Seven 
as per account tbe Rum of Four I'ounds Seven obillinfrs 

Uuto (ieorge Bloom and Thomas Ellison for Ouardio; t^ptafo 
Oeorge Dekay from ao»hea lo Minisink with an Esfiress from 
his Exeeilem-y Sir Charles tiardy in December One ThouMod 
Seven Hundred aad fifty Six as per accooot the ium of Two 
Pounds. — 

Vnto Peter Carter. David Ilenjiimin, Philip Head, nnd Frrincls 
Armstrong for Onardinj; the Said Oeort;e Dekay from Oonhen lu 
Minisink with an Exprew* froin bis Said Kxcellency in Junuiiry 
One tbonHand Seven hundred and fifty t^tx as per account tbe 
Bum of Four poanda 



r tTnfo the nld Pffter Carter wlio hroke lils ]og la the nforesnld 
Serrfcc In Considtrratioo for bis loaa of liitK; aud Kxpeucc to the 
fiargiMiD the Biira of EiRlil Pounds Six Shillinga 

Unto Janion Ka»re and Kbcncuir Uibbcit Berjeants fn <%pfaIo 
3ohn Calls Coinpanj of Militia for tlieuselrcs luid Parties onder 
thtir Respective CoinmiindK for Uiiurding the Bloekhnnwfi nfurO' 
■aid (a llic Months of I-'ebruarr and illarcli laei as Per iLceount 
tbo stini of Fort; Six Poiindn four slillllngs 

Uolo Colonel Vincent Mutlhows far a party of Ouides to (lie 
BfRulars J'osk-d at Ooshen from the Seventeenth of October 
One thousand Seven bandrcd and Fifty Scvon to the Twentj; 
Tliird of Febroarjr following as per account the sum of NinetK 
6t-T(-n Pounds Ten shillings 

Unto Captain JoIid Wosenor and C(mipan,T of Militia oodep 
fal« Comniaud for Kantpng and Scotitint; on the Western Proa- 
tfcrs !a Slny and October One llioiixiind i^even hundred and Fiflj 
Scren Id fuil of his Account the Sum of Seven Pounds Thirteen 
•LIllinfTS & nine pence 

Unto Colonel David Gardiner and Major John Salman for the 
ForefaasInK one Ilan-el of <iun Ponder for the nse of the Orent 
Guns in Suffolk County and for Providing mateiiaiti and making 
Carriages for the ftame Great Guns the sum of Twenty one 

Cnio the Exeentors of .Tom*i>h ConekTlnfE (!<w«ieed. dipfaln of 
I Company In the late Expedition for Koduring the French Fort 
at Ckvwn Point for his InlititiDC Ttro Private men in Ihe naid 
CoinpaDT In Ihe Tear One thonsand Seven hundred and Fiftv six 
not yet l»uid for THE Sum of Tn-o Pouu«)»i and llkowitic for one 
I>rnm Elcad famished by him the further Sum of Eifrbt Shillings 

Pnlo Oliver Del-nnfey and .John Ciivlers K^iquires And the 
Ciecutnrs or administrators of nuns TTannen deceased for Ital- 
lonee of their Afcoiinls ReBperiing the sale of the PrnviBJon 
Granl'N] liy the fJovomnient of Pt-nsvlvania for the Servire of 
the late Expedition against Crown Point the aum of Thirty Six 
I'ounds Three shiilings and nine Pence three farlhlngs — 

Unto Toimls Somcrndyck for the use of bis House for thfr 
General Assembly bv Reason ot the small Pox bclnR in the City 
of Spw York from Hereniln'r One thouiiand Seven hundred and 
VtUy Seren 1o June foUowinp Ihe sum of Twenty five Pounds.— 

Onto James Parker Piibliek Printer for what he has been 
•hHp'cI to do Since the Commencement of the PreBent War be- 
O;ond the usual Duty of his office ijie buio of Fort; Pounds 


TTnto Abraham tott Junior (or sandr.T DiBburs^nenta for *li^^ 
D*o of tlie Gi-oeral Ansoiublj tlie Sum of Sixteen Touuds Firid'n 
ahilliDgB and One PeoD; 

Uhco Alexander Lamb Doorkeeper to the General Aswmblj^ 
for the Expencc of Fire Wood for the Qeaeral As«euibljH 
and Sundry Repairs to the aasemblv Chamber in the Citj Hall" 
tke simi of Kleven ['otinda thre« etbillinut* Hod three i'ence. 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authoritj aforonaid that fo 
anfmertn^ the Expenre of ConiinKeiirie* and Eximordinat 
Extg»>ni:ii'« that mnj- hiii>pcD for the s^vrvlee of thiB OjIoii.t from* 
and after the Publication of thia Act Warrants may Issue for 
the aame on ibe Trfsiaiirer from time to time If drawn bv h!> 
Honour thv I.k-utcnant OoTi^mor or CunimandiT In cbi'if for tli« 
time being with the advice and Connent of the Council Whii: 
thi- TreasHrer in ht'reliy ordered and directed to Pay out of il 
Fundx ufurcKuid I'UOVIDED the amnuut of said Warrants 
nf»t eTceed the sum of One hnnOred Pounds and if no part or 
onl.v part tluTwif Rhall l>e Itequired for sorh Special Servlt 
Either the Whole or Itcfifdue »hall Itemuin in the Treastiiry 

AMI BE IT Fl nXHER ENACTED by the authority afore 
■aid that the Treatmrrr shall i;eep exact Rooks of the w^reraf 
raynients which hr tliis Art hi is ubliiifd to make and flhati 
Header true and Distinet Aceuunts tbprrof opon Oath to liia 
Ilnaour the I.ieuK-niint Gurernor or Commander In Clielf fur 
the time be^uar to the t.'ouncil or lo ^be G^Deral Assembly whvo 
bj tbem or uijr of them thereunto Kvijaircd 



, or 



[Chaptvr 1O04. of Vsn SHianck. and rbniiirr 143 'toI. St of T.lrlncii^ 
4k SmKli. wh(«* Ibe lltte odIj Is itrlDled. Rw cliapter 1011. eiiilre 
Jaauary 1. 1728, PraTlilcd (or br cbaplrr lOSS-l 

An Act to Revive «n act Entltiiled "Ai 
*'Act for RcBulating the Pilols and EnlnltllNt 
^Ing (heir Pllotnge between Sandy [look unil 
"Ihp Port of New York and other Purpows 
"therein mentioned." ■ 

IPsswd. Jane S. 17SS.| ] 
WTTERRAfl an act Entitled "an act for ReRUlatiaf; the Pilots 
"and Kftlablisbini; their Pilotajfe tM-lneen iiandy Ilook and the 
"Port of New York and otber Purposes therein Mentioned" Is 
Expired by its own Limitation and the Same havlog b«ea found 



r BE IT EXACTED by Iil* Ttononr the Ueotenant Gorernor 
fhe Council snd the Gra^ral AsKcmblj- and it l» lierpby Eoncicd 
by the aothority of the same that the Raid Act Entitlol "An act 
■for HfRiilatlng tbp Pilots and E»tnbli»hinjr their Pilotage be. 
"twcien Sandt Hook and the Port of Now York and otlier PaP- 
■po«<?« thorcfn mentioned " shall be and bcrobj is Revired und 
frerr article mattc^r and thine therein Contained Enacted to be 
of Force from Uio Publication hereof uutlll the first D&y ut 
(Taiinary Mext 


'Eleventh Semon, 

{B^on Kor. 14, 1753, 32 George II, James De Lancej, Lieol 


I ICbapter 1083. of Tan Sehudc wbrru the gile only i<t prlntrd. raiapt«» 
U3 iTol. 31 of LiTinsKiQB & toiltli. wbcfo Ui« Mt U prlni«d IS fulL 
Omuoaed by chapter lOOa) 

'An Acf further fo Continoe an act Ea- 
tltulcfl "An act for granting to Lis Majesty the 
"several Duties and Iiu[Ki8ilii>t>R on itiooJIs 
" Wares and MerchandiwM imported into this 
"Colony therein Mentioned." 

[PnsMd, Dcc«n)t)«r 10, 1758 J 1 

' WHEREAS the Several Duties and InjpoHJtion* on Ooodv 
m*ares and Merchnndiws Imported into tills Colony and ^^nted 
for the sapport of bis Majesties Government by the Above 
mentioned Act have by subiMHiMont Acta be<;n (continued to the 
first Day of Janaary Next And the General Assembly being 
nrililns to Make Proviaion for the farther Sjipport thereof 

BE IT ENACTED by his Honour the Lieutenant Governor the 
Council and the General Aiuwrnbly and it is herel>y Enacted by 
the anlliority of the ftamc That the (ibore menlioned Act En- 
tilled "An Act for {^'anting to bis Majesty the several Duties 
*aDd ImpiMiiions on Goods Wares and Merchaodlces Imported 
"faiD this Colony therein Mentioned" shall be and hereby is 
Continued and every elanse matter and thing therein CoDtaincd 
Enacted to be and remain IN Fort-e to all Intenta Conalructlong 
tad Purposes whatsoeTer from the said first Day of Jasuarj 


■fit rntill the first Day of January- wbich will be In 1' 

or our Lord Ooc Uiousand seven liD&drcd and Sixtj. — both. Do^s 


fCHAPTER 1006.J 

fPhnptrr lOBB, of Van Sohnaok. and chapter Hi (vol. 2) at LlTlnfatoa 
4 Smltb, wtier* the tlUc oa]j u prlntad.] 

'An Ac( lor the Payment of the Palarlci 
of tbe Bpverai ofQccrs of Ibe (.JoviTtiuieot to 
tbi* flnst Dajr of September One thousand Seven 
hundred and fifty niuo and other Services 
therein mentioned, ^d 

[Passed. DMemlicr le. 1753] ' " 
' BE IT ENACTED by his nonoor the LU-alt-nanl Goreroor 1h« ^ 
Council and the Gwieral Asst-nibly and it ia boreby Enacted bjfl 
tho authority of the Bame that the Ti-eawiircr of this Colony Shall 
and he Is hereby directed and Hwiiiin-d Out of tbe iloiiits Arispo 
or which may Arise by Virtue of the three acta follo«in(r VfZt: 
"An act for grauiliiK to hia Majesty tbe Several Duties and 


"Credit for the Payment of the Deb(« and for the Ix-Ker Bup- ~ 
''port of the Qorernnitut of this Colony and other PuriHrsea 
** Ihrretn meotlone*)" And alito "An art to K<«1rain Hnwki^r* 
"and Pedlars withfn this Colony from Hi'lllnj: without Licence" mji 
to Pay the Several Sums of Sloney following VIZt H 

UNTO his Honour the Lieutenant Governor for administrlnjp 
the Government of this Colony frrim the llrst Day of September 
One thouBHnd Seven hundred and fifty Ei)>lit to the first Day of 
6«*|>leinber One thousand Seven hundred and fifty nine after th9 
iBate of One thousand and Eiglit bundml Pounds per Annum 

UNTO hIa Said Honour the Lieutenant Governor or Com- 
mander in Cheif for the time b^-lnp for ProvidiuR flre wood and 
Candles for h!a Majesties Garrison in the City of New York from 
and to the time Aforesaid the Sum of Poor hondred pounds 

UNTO his Said Honour Uie Lieutennnt Governor for his Ex- 
traordinary Charges and Expencea In going three times to 'm 
Albany on tbe Publick Serried in the Team One thonsaod srveii ^M 
fau»dr<-<I and flfrv aeren And One thotisand seven hundred and 
Afty Eight the Bum of Three kuodriMl i'oiuida. 

"Impositiona on Good» Wares and Mi-rchaudiEes lm{Hirted into 
"this Colony therein Mentioned" "An act for EtniltinR Bills of 




'"'VktO Itc Recand Jnatlc* of rtie Piiprwne CooH of tliU Coluny 
for hlx t=orTic*: in Lbut SI;i(luo aod fur goiug (lie Circuit» fmui 
asd to the time afcresaid After ibe Rati; of Oiii> bundred aud 
Piftr paijii<l!i per .niintiin Anil In Co Qsj deration of the additiuaul 
Bortbco of lbut oDice et Present Ibc turlhcr sum of Fifc.v Poonds. 

UNTO the tbird Jastice of the Supreme Court of tbis Coloity 
for bis Rcrvice Id tbat Starimi and for goln^ the Ciniiits from 
■od lo tbc said tiiru- After tbe Itatu of Ont- bitndrpd I'ounds 
per uonra And in C«nmderatton of tbe ndditional Burtbca of 
fkit nfllfe at Prcsont (lie further Fiini of Fifty Pouada 

UNTO lUe ticcrvtary of tbis Coluujr for tbe lime l>pln^ for 
Engroanng and Enrollin}; tbe acts of the OoTomor Cound! and 
Oeopral Aitw>niblT from and to tbe said time after tbe Rate 
of Thirty Pounds {ter annam 

L'NTO the Clerit of tbe Conndl for the time belns for Wa 
Smice in tbat titation frnni and to tbe Raid due after the 
Rale of Tbirly pouudtt per aDDum 

UNTO the Uoorfcoeper of ibe rouncU for the time being for 
ih wrrice In itiat Htntlou from and to Uie ttald dmc aft(.-r Ux 
Bate of Twenty poandH per Annum 

UNTO tlie Piiblick n-inlep of Ibii) Colony for his Service tn 
tliAt IstatJon fnnn and to tbe time uforenUd aftur tbe Hato of 
Fifty ponoda p4>r Annum. 

I'NTO Ilio (iiiascr of l.iqnor* Piibject to Pntio* wilbtn !lil8 
Colony for bis St-rviee in that t^talion from and to the said time 
After the Rate of Thirty Ponods per annum. 

UNTO twf> Land and Tide W«ilei-« for their Sorviees in tb:it 
Btstton from and to the ^aid time ^Vfter tbe Itate ot Tbii-tj 
fanndii per annum each of tlie:ii 

L'NTO Ihe Truslit-s of the Corivoratlon of Kinirnton in (he 
Countr of Ulster for and towards EreCJug three Blockbouses In 
tbe Town of Kin^ktou lo Rueh jilneeit as his Honour the Uvu- 
tenant Governor ebull direet for the Pruteetion & security of 
the wild Town thp siim of One hundred and Fifty Ponnda. 

UNTO raptnln Itol^rt MKilnnia to En.ible him to I'ay btg 

I'pbts Contracted by Itefjon cf his loosing an Ann in an En* 

i:ag>?nient with the Knemy near Fort William Henry when that 

Fortress nns dt-Hlroyed and blmxclf taken Prisoner and Carried 

to Franco In the Vesr One tbuuimud 8even hundred and Fifty 

leren the fium of One hundred Pounds 

■S!NTO -lobn Wells of Outcliesa Coonty for Paylnjt the Ex- 

^■ice of Coring UlS ISun Kamuel Wells Sent np to Fort Edward 

■ 36 



when Fort William Uenn- was dt-slroyed by the Enemy onilfl 
at the said Fort Edward by Rt^aiwa of a FalHe Alarm Sboti 
through the Ann the Sum of Pivo pounds and fourteen ShiUiut;a 

A.LL which aforesaid Sums Shall be paid by the Tr<*ujiorer 
In manner following, lo wit, the Aforesaid Sums 1o Hla Honour j 
the Lieutenant Governor for Ex|>cnce« of his Voyages to Albanyfl 
To Hie Trustee* of the Corporation of Kingston To Captnld" 
McOinnis and to John WelU by Wiirrant from the Governor or 
Comiiiaiid«r in Cbeif for the lime beinj; by aud with the advice 
and Consent of his Majesties Council And the other Sum* 
Qoarterly on WaiTanI« drawn in innnnM- afor^'wild and tlie 
Botcipts of the aforesaid Several Persons Endorsed on Ihe Ite- 
spcetire Warrants shall be to the Treasurer good Voucher* 
and Dlscbnrees for So much as Shall be thereby Acknowledged 
to be Received 

AKD be It Enacted by thf anthorlty aforesaid that the Trea* 
arer Hhall and is hereby directed and Required out of Ihe FiiadflH 
aforesaid to !'ay the Perenil other Allowances following to Wit 

VNTO Abraham lu^ rey»tpr Kwinire TnMUurer of this Colony 
for his Sen,'ice8 in that Station from and to the time aforesaid 
after the Rite of Two huntli-ed Pounds per annum And for the 
Ex Ira ordinary Service which be is now obliged to do and p<rr- 
form beyond the Csuall Duty of hln ofDee after -the Rate of tbe 
furrher Sum of One hundred Pounds jwr annum Which Said 
Several Sums or So much thereof as Shall be ReiiUy aQ<] Truly 
due shall Ite allowed to the Bald Abraham De Peyitter or to bit 
Executors or Administrators as good dist^'horges for So much 
In his or (heir Acctnnpts 

CXTO Robert Charles Earjulre agent for tbl« Colony in OreatB 
Britain as a Reward for his care trouble and diligence in attend-^ 
Ing upoii His MajwJy and his Ministefs of State about the 
niTairs of thU Colony from and to (be llin? afor(^!iaii.l after the 
Rate of Two hundr<^ pounds per annum which said Sum or So 
much thereof as shall be R«nlly and truly due Shall be paid 
cnio the Said ROBERT CHARLES or to his Ezei'uiors or Ad- 
mtnlMrators by on order of the tiiiieral Aasembly of thii 
Colony Signed by tbe Speaker for tbe Time beiag and not 

VNTO Abraham Lett junior Cleric to the Genera] Assembl a_j 
for his Services in ttiat Station from and to the time afi>reMti^| 
TweWe SbillingB per IHem On n Certificate from the OeoenS 
Aiwembly Signtrd by tbefr Speaker for the number of Oay^hgfl 
has Served or may serve the General Assembly ^^H 



rXTO Aloxandep Lamb Df>orfe«?per (0 ihe Genfrnl Assembly 
for his SctriceB En Utal Slutloit frtun imd to thp tinic iiforeHuid 
til ehiUiaga per Diem on » CerlUKate from ihe (len^ml 
AneniblT Ki^nc-d by their Kpt^nker Tor (he number of Oars he 
bat 8t*rvi-d or may wrvc the General Asfiembl.r, And 

UNTO the icild Alexander I^anib for finndry TMshurwrnents 
for the use of the Gene-ral Anit^nibly Uie furlliei' Bnm of Ten 

AXD be I', farther Enacledby the anthorilyafope«iid that the 
TreaBMirr fiball and he Is hereby <ilre<;(ed lo ki-cp Exacf IJooks 
of the Several Payments which be- is directed to make by thii 
Ael 4Qd sliall render true ind distinrt aecounm thereof upon 
Owth to the Governor or ronininnd«T in Chief for the time being 
the Conneil or General ABiwmbTy wtien bj them or any of £beia 
iie shall be thereunto Required. 

fCHAPTER 1067.1 
fCttnr'er ItMTT, of Van Scbonek. ami ehapter 145 fvoL ?l of L1rtnc»toa 
4 Snltb, wb«c« the title onlr !• printed. Bxplml Jnnuanr I. 1700.] 

An Act to Repulate (lie ColIecHni; .the 
Doty of Eiriw on Strong Liquorei retailed In 
thi« Colony from the first Day of January One 
thouHand Seven hundred and Fifty nine to 
the ftpRt Day of January One thousand Beven 
bundred and Bixty. 

IPaB8«l. December 10. ITKi] 

BE IT E\ACTEr> by his Honour rhe Lieotenain* Governor 
the Council und the General AseeniMy and It In hereby Enacted 
by the Authority of the same that Cornelius Clopper Junior 
shall be and hereby Is ap(toiiited ronimlsaioner for CoIleclln(f 
the duly of Esoise. of and fruai !he wveral Ketallers of strong 
liquum within the City and County of New York from the first 
day of Jiiiiiiary ont- Thoimand neven Hundred and PIfty nine (o 
the first day of January one Thousand se^'cn Hundred and 

AND BE IT PTBTHEn EXACTEH by the Anthorlty afore* 
sflfd. That the said C-ommissioner sliall. as soon after .''he pub- 
lIcAlloD of this Act nsi he shall .1nd(;e convpnient. sppnint The 
apTeral Ketallers witliln the said City, and din-ct and nsrertain, 
what each Itetailer shall pay for the said duty, from the Drat 
day ot January one thonaond seren Hundred and Fifiy-nine, to 


tlie Brst day of Jantiary one thoasand seven Uumlred and SIsty: 
aluavs provid^-t), Tbut tlie «-|iolo sum to be laid t^n llu: tteyeial^d 
Kt'tailers in llie Baid City aud County, ftliitll be tbe full an<lV 
tutire sum of Klne Hondred and Fifty foar puuudi with the 
additional kuiu of cue lluu<]iTd pounds for Ills Commissions, 
nliicb is to be at the Rate of Five poundH per Cent, end (or 
lucidental Charts. For which )>aid sum of one tlnudred pound* 
be shall account on Cutb: and if it exceeds his CouimUsions and 
tncidentaJ Chart^es the Riii-plus thereof shull be applied in Kaxt? 
of the neit year's Lscisc; and the said »<ani of Nine Bundr.-d 
and l-'iftyfour pounds, shall, by the said Commissiouer, be paid 
onto the Treasurer of this Colony, on or bcfoi-e the fii-si day ul 
January one thousand H.-ven Uuudi-ed uud Sixty ^M 

AND BE IT rURTlIKK EXAtTEU by the Authority afort^ 
laid. That the t^-ierul and respective p<Tsons bert>atter uajiied, 
ebali be, and hereby arc appointed CommUsiouera for Collecting 
the Oiity of Eicciuc, of and from the Kevera) and O'spi-tilve lie- 
tailers, within tho several and re«pfctive Counties of this Colony 
and the Uarbour«, Ita.vs, and lilvera Kwpectlvely ihereuulo 
adjoining or belonging vis 

For the City and County of Albany, the llayor, KccordCD 
and aldi-rmeo of the said City. , 

Fop King* Cfluuty, Abraliiim BlrtOfn, Kt'intrc. 
I F"or (iueens County, Valentine ITulet I'eters Es<]uire. 

For SufTulk County, Richard Floyd, Hugh Gchtton, 
Saniuel Langdon, Estjuirc's 

For Westchester County Ednan) Stepheosoo Esqulro 

Por r>ut«-hess County James Q. Liriugetou and BarnafdiiS 
Filliin. Eivjuires. 

For rister County Johannes J. Janeen. 

For Orange County Viueent ilattbews Esqr> oad Joliann 

And for Richmond Coonty Jocob Reseat), Ilezclitali Wrisht, 
and Joseph Beadell Esquires 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the Aothority aforeoaid That th 
aforesaid several and ItesperlU'e Commiioiioners, or the moj 
part of them, respectively shall, as soon as they eoiivenlent 
can. after (he pobllcaMon of this Act, meet at the County Uul 
of their several and respective Counties, or at such other plai 
or places as they, the said Commissioners sliall respc'-livel 
api>oint for pulling tn Esecutinn the powers and i\utli4>riUi.-s 
Sfvcn by this Act; at which Time, or at such other Time or 







times, aj the; sliall Judge Qec««uuu7 the sold CommlasIonprB, 
er iLi- mujvr part of tLi-iii rc5|»ecliYeIv. hIiuII, for llii-'ir ovca 
Couuues in-vt-nillv aud rt*»i'ftlirtl,v, flx the number, and appoint 
tbc iMtrvml Retailers ^rltbio their eerenil and rr«penlive Cuunti^ 
•ud direct and .iRi-«rluiu, wbnt fin\i Itelnilcr elinll paj for the 
taiij Duty of Excise, from the fmt (lav of January oae Thouwnd 
MveD Hundred und Fift.r nine, to Luc- firiic day of Jannary one 
tlioimuid twvfn Hundred and Sixty, alnnvR providt^l Thnt the 
•cm lo l>e laid on the nevcial Itctiiilcrs in the City and C^mnty 
of Albaiijr shall be the fuJ) And entire sum of one Bundred and 
Tnentyseven I'oiinda, with the em« of Thirteen Pounds in 
AddiliuQ thereto, for the Charges of tnanagini; the came 

OK the eeTeral Retailers En Kings County, tfae fttll and entire 
mm of I^orty Pounds with Qie Bom of Five Pounds in addition 
theri-to, for the C1iarf;efi of nianaj^ii); Tlie mnie. 

OJi the several Retailers in (Juei-n's County die fnll and nitire 
Mu of one TTiindred and Tnenty Ave Poiindfl i^iih the xum of 
Ten Poonds in uddilioo thereto, (or the Churls of tnanagmtf 
Ihe Kime 

(tN the ftpveral Retailers in Suffolk Connty Ihe full and entire 
sum of ii^ixty Pounds with the Knni of nine Pounds in additiuD 
tkrreto, for the Cftnrpe* of ni»na'.;iTit* the same 

ON the several Retailers in Westchester Connty the full And 
entire anm of Seventy Poiinds with th? sum of Ten Pounds tn 
addition thfr«-Io. for the Chargeo of nii>nn};ing the same 

ON the Heveral Keluilers in Outehess County the full and 
esUre mm of Trirty two Poundw. with the sum of Right Pounds 
in addition thereto for the Cbarue* of ninna;;Init the siim« 

ON llie Mveml Retailer!' in Ulster <;ouiity the full and r-iitirn 
sum of Thirty eijfbt Potinds with the anto of Eight Pounds la 
addition then-to. f-T fhf Ch;iri:i's of r;»iuii.'''D;: the same 

OS ih** «-vepiil Kctailerrt in tlrans'i County Ihe full and entire 
■on of Nlneti-vn PuiindK. «iil. th>- sarii "t three Pounds in addi- 
ticn th«r>?:ii. fnr ihe rlmtLi-s ot mitna!.-in'/ th(* same 

AM' oa ihe B»-rfnil Retailers in i; V'dKmnd County the full 
and entlri* sum nf Twenty Five P.«uiids with the sum of thirty 
^hl^il);.'S tu .i<Ulition tbtirclo fur the Obarpes of munaging the 

AM> RE IT FCRTHFR FN,\CTEI> hy Ihe Authority afor©. 
Mfd That the aforesaid Reveml and respective CommlsHlonera, 
rimll, before they enter on the Kxecation of the powers and 
AutbofUieB givea by this act, enter Into BecogQizancea gut© 






our S0Ti>rpI^ Lord Uic Kiag, bia Heira and Successon before 
nay Judge of the Supreme Court or of ttie in^vrioor Courts, 
the following sums, Thut in to sa; 

The said Cornelius Clopper Junior, Id tho penal Bum of 
(TbouBaad Nine Buudred iiud Eight I'ounda 

The said Valentine Hulet Tetera, is the penal sum of Two 
Hundred and Piftr Pounds fll 

TliC said Abraham Bloom, in the penal sum of ElglitT Potnid^^ 

The said Richard Floyd Hugh Oi-ltson and Haniuel Langdoa 
lo the ponal sum of one ilundrt-d and Twenty Pounds 

The said Edn-ai-d Stephenson In the penai sum of one Hunc 
end Portr Pounds 

The said James Q. Liringston, and Barnardus F!lk!a in the' 
penal wim of Eighty four Pounds 

The said Johaaaea J. Jansen, io the penal sum of sercnty alz 

The said Vincent Matthews Esqr. and Johannes Boogert, 
the penal sum of Thirty Right Pounds 

The said Jiicoh Iti-M-au Ilt-^wkiah Wright, aod Joseph Beadell^ 
lo the penal sum of Fifty Pounds 

CONDITIONED That thej^ shall well and truly pay to tito 
Treasurer of this Colony on or before the first day of January 
trhich will be in the year of our Lord one Thousand seveu Ilun* 
dred and Sixty, the scvL-ral and respcctire sums to bo laid in 
Uiinner aforesaid on the several and respective Retailers, within 
their several and rosijective Counlies exclusive of the several 
and respeetiTe sddu by tlds act allowed for the Charges of 

AND HE IT FCRTRER KXACTEn by the Authority ofore- 
said That the aforesaid several and licKiH'clive Retailers shall 
pay the aforesaid several and respective auma laid on or to be laid . 
on thrm unto the aforesaid several and respective Commlitsioa- 
era, on or before the first day of IX'cembcr one Thousand seven 
Hundred and Fifty nine. For securiug which payment the satd 
Commiitsioners shall rexpertlvely oblige the said several and 
respective Retailers to give such security as they the said Com- 
mlssionerB shall Judge necessary, Always provided That aucll 
Bclallers In the City of New York as shall be rated Thrw 
Pounds, and uud'-r, and surh in (he several Counties, as shall bl 
rated at Thirty shillings and under shall not be permitted 
have any Liberty to retail ualess they Imroedhitely pay the ser- 
eral and respective sums tbcj shall be rated at, to the aforesaid 




Commlerione™, anj Thing herein before contalnftd to tie Gmk- 
ttmrjr Dotwjttutandiu); 

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Aothority »f©re- 
nld That is Caw* any {K-rson or PerBona whatsoever other than 
•Dcb as the said CounniBsioaerB shall permit Khali |>[r«uRie 
to aell any rtrong Liquors by Iletail, directly or indU 
rectJy, he, ahe, or they so offending Bhail (or each such 
•ffeoce, forfeit the sum of six jfounds to be recoTered 
by the Bald Commissioner or CommissioDers respectively oo the 
Oath of any cue creditable Wttnpsa in a summary Way, ia th« 
Cities of New York and AHjuny bt-fore the Mayor or Ilecorder, 
sad one or more Aldi-mieti of the aald Cities respectively; and 
tl die several Conntles, lH>fore any JiiHlice of tbv peace within 
tbe mid Counties respectively. And tf upon CoDviction the said 
forfejtnre. be not paid the same shall be levied on the Goods 
ud Cbaltles of (he offender or offendem. by warrantH andor the 
Bands and seals of Ih*^ p^'ntons lK*ri(re wliom Hiioh Conviction 
tball happpD, and if no goods or Chatties are fonnd on wUch 
to destraJo, it nliall be lawfnll to the perNon!), who b4>anl and 
dMemlned the tll^use, to commit the offesder or offenders to 
Goal, wltbont Ball or Vainprixe, for the spac» of llree Monlhs 
ia]«S8 the said penalties are nooner dlscharired. And the said 
wpfclive Macinlrates nhntl he. and hi-rehj are fully linyowered 
directed and required to hear and determine those Matters, In 
the Manner aforefiaid and to f^ve .liid|cment; and If need be, to 
nwnrd Execution tberi>on and to issue a Warnint or Warrants 
for the commitment of offenders an the case may require, one 
third of which forfeitures shall b« to the Infonner or Informers 
one ITiird to the said CommiMloners and one Third to the poor 
of the Town, Manor, or P«H'inet where the offence shall be com- 
Bitted to be paid into the Hands of the Church Wardens, or 
aversei^rs of the poor of the raid respective plaoe or places by 
the Officer or Officers by whom the same shall be levied; any 
Tblntr In any of the Acts of this Colony to the Contrary 

AND BE IT FritTHER EXACTED by the Authority afore- 
n)d Ttiat the several lli-liiiters who shall be permltlod and 
sllowed to Retail by the said Commissioner or Commlssionert, 
iksll, before tlu-y do so retail any otronf; Liqnor, enter into 
BMojpi Seances; that is to say. In the Cities of New York and 
Albany before the respective Mayors thereof, and in the seveml 
Counties of this Colony, befors Two Justices of the peace, in tLe 


penal Bom of Twenty pounda wUb BufficienVanr^ii'Mi In Uie Ul^| 
sum, CoBdltionL-d tu keep an orUerlv tlouse according to Lafl^ 
daring the Time they shall be permitteft lo retail, as aforeaaid. 
And thereupon the said respective Maroni, or the Raiti Jui(llc<g|H 
nUall grant to the person or pcrii'Mis nlio liuw onten-d into buc^I 
Becognizance a LJcenoe tuder his or their Hands and sealA to 
retail strong Liquors in such House »ucl place as sliull be 
onenLioiied thi-ii-iu duriug the Coutinuance of this Act. Which 
fieoo£niz»nccfl are to be lodged by the person or jtentonH bcfure 
vhom the Konic shall he taken, riz. in the Citic-H of isrw York 
and AllxiDT, with the Town Clerk, and in the several OoDuttes 
vith the refl;>ective CIcrka thereof, and upon Com[>lulnt of the 
Breach ot the said Condition, It shall be lawful for the sai^ 
Mayors, and Aldcrmeu of New York and Aibiiny or tlie greaK 
Kumber of them; and ia the Counties, for tfa<^ JaKticeti of (he 
Ceneral or «ipedal Se»s!on» of the ))ence, to Suppress the Licence 
or Lirenccs of such offendor or oflendors. 

AND BE IT KURTnEH ENAtrTKD by tHft Aulhorlly a/ore- 
said Tliut in case aaj of tlic pcrxona who shall be pomiitttM] to 
retail stronf; Liquors ns aforesaid, by tbe said CwnmiHsIoQer 
or Commissioners, shall presume to retail btfore he sbo. or they 
bave obtained a LIcooce and entered Into Re<:oKnlziuice9 10 
keep an orderly House as aforesaid, he. she. or they to offending 
sliaM respci-tively forfelr the sum of Six pounds for each offence 
to I'C recovi-red in a summary' way In the manner before dlrcet^Kl, 
one hnif thereof to the Informer or Informers and the other 
half to the poor of the T«wn, Maoor or ppe«inct where the 
forfeiture shall arise. 

And that the Expencc of being; (luaUlled to relati may b« 
within the Kounda of Moderation BE IT ENACTKD by the 
AulUorily ufon-snld that no more shall be taken for a Llc*'oce 
and Kecognlzaoce in the Cilies of New York and Albany rhuu the 
usual Riid necuNtomed Fees; and in the rcspcedre Counties tbao 
the sum of three sbilllugs 

AND BE IT FUBTUER ENACTED by the Authority afore» 
said That Nu<-h persons permitted to retail aa aforesaid by the 
said CommttMiioLer or rVimniisKinnrrs, who retail strong Litguors^j 
not to be drank in their own Houses, but carried elsewhert^H 
shall not be obllRr-d to enter Into Recopnlxaaces, and take IJ^^ 
cences as afon^«Hid; any thing cocluiued la LUla Act lit tiia^ 
contrary notnithstanding 



tSD RE IT EXACTED by the Aiithoi-iiy aforesaiil That In 
ease all the Bereral »um» for wlilcli the Excise i<hall be let ia 
the KTpraJ and rcspevliTC Cities and Coiuitioa of this Coinii,r 
ihail fall short of the BUms herein before rnied ou tlie ^fitr) 
WTeml and rettpeetive Cities uiiil Cu'iiilioH with the aforesaid 
iacidcntat ChorgL's of letting and Collecting the same tlien ihe 
ComniUaJoner or Coinnii»iioner« aforfsnid, where such Defi- 
drariCfl #hi>II huppen Khull hv and are hvn-liy im{>owiTi-d to rull 
the Retailers before then., and assess and rate such anm and 
•oms tijmn lll>:^ll as tfliall lie Biiflki' nt tii maki- it|i SHcli Di-lirlem y; 
which said additional sums, Khali be Colk>ctt^^ and piiid id the 
came Uunner with the {tereral and re^pirotlve BnmK.flnit laid. 

A^'D BE IT FURTUEK ENACTED bv tlie AulhwKj fttore- 
said That in case of the Death of any of the aforesaid respectiro 
CommUslouera, (lie surviving Conmilastoner or CoinmlRslonor* 
where snch Drtlth may happen nhatl be and ht-reby is, and aru 
eulltled to the whole Rt-ward. and vested with the saine powers 
and Aotborities to execute this Act, ua if do such Dculb had 
faafipfned and In Case of the Death of all the ComniisKioQers of 
•ny of the respective Citle* or Counties then the Sheriff or 
Bheriffs, for the T^me being, of the Citiea Coanty or Cunnli*--B 
where such Death may Happen shall lie and liereby Is, and are 
vested with all the powers and Authorities giveo-to the CM'n- 
•loDerH by rbis Act, be under the same Kcpulatioas. and intituled 
to the same reward, to all Intents, and CuustrucliouH uud piir* 
poMT wbatsoerer, as if they had bevn particularly named and 
■{ipuinled in this Act, any Thing in this act to the Control-/ 
not withstanding 

AXD BE IT FURTnEK ENACTED by the Authority afore 
said That all the Monies lo be paid to the Treasurer of (his 
Colony, by Virluu of tb!s act. shall be emploved for and towards 
etocelllng the bills of Credit slrnck and emitted opon the R'lld 
Doty of Gxi.'li^, nt the Times and in the Manner directed In 
taa by an act, entitled an act, for the more effectual caneelliog 
the Bills of Credit of this Colony, parsed in the Twenty Brat y<nr 
ef bis J(njf«ty's Reign, and to and for no otJicr Use or Purposa 

AKD BE IT FUItrnER EXACTED That the Retailers !n the 
City of New York shall pay the Excite In three several pa^-ments, 
or woner as the Commiiisloner and they shall agree provided 
Always That notliing in this act shall be Construed to mnk« 
void, abrldce, or in any wise ifssen the eevcral Rights and prirl* 

Vol IV. 3T 



|«geft sranted'oDfo'the Cities at New York and Alban; bj Uieli 

rc»p«:liTe Cliarter*, any Thing contained In Ujia act, to 
Contrary thereof in an» vri»p DOtvritht^tflnding 

AND RE TT FURTHER ENACTED by tlie Authoritr afor&_ 
mid That the Tn-asurer of this Colon? shall be and h<TeV\r 
directed and required Three ilonths after the pahlicatton~ 
of this net, to put in suit live ftc«og^iMl»c-(^1 nf all such persoiia 
who are in Arrenr on Accoaat of the Excise farmed by fonner 
Acta of this Colony, firat RivinR two Months Notice of lliis 
Direction, by advertist-meDls to hv iuwrtcd in all the publii-k 
l^ewapapcra tn this Colony, and where no Recotn)iKauci>a are 
to be found, the Treasurer shall be and hert-by is t'Dabloi, iin^ 
powered, and Authorized, to bring BuitH in his gwn Name ai;aiii£t 
«ll and every such person und iM'riwna who aliall apear tu be 
In arrear on account of the said Excise, or against their Heirs, 
ezceutors or Admlnistralora, and all the money recovered 1b 
Consequence of such suit or suits shull t>e a]>plied to titty sinking 
and cancelling the Ritia of Credit emitted on the Credit of tlti 
Duty of Exciw, at the Times, and in Manner herein iK'for 
directed, and in case the Treamirer sbaii neglect or omit to bring 
or Cause such suits to be brought wiiliio tlie Time limited I^h 
this Act, all mich sum or sums of money, bo, in arrear on ih^| 
Doty of ExtiRe, Whlih he sliali so neglect or oniK to »nc for 
or Cause to be sued for, shall be dewned Assets in his Bands 
and lie shall be Charged therewith, as havini; actually r«colved 
the same. 

[Cliat^tcr tOM, ot Tan S<h,iH('li. nml diiiiilrr 1*6 (toL 2} of LItIoi 
ft Siaiib, wb«r« lb* UUc oul;r If pclated. Set clinptcc lOlDi Ex 
lanaanr 1. I7C0.1 

'A"n Act further to continue An Art 
tlftd "An Act for Erecting and EstabliiUiing 
" Stamp ofllce In this Colony for 8ta 
"ail Vellum Parchment and Paper charK' 
"with the H^-veral Duties therein Mentioned 
with an addition thereto. 

[Pnn^wl. Dfc«mt>er 18. IT5SI 
BE IT ENArTFD by his Honour the LientPtant Govern 
the Council and the Gcneml Assembly and it is hen-by Knact 
bj thft Anthorit; of the same that the abore mentioned tot 



Entitled "An act fur Kiwtin? and EstabtisJiIng a Stamp "office 
■ill lliia Cfllwu.v for istaiii|jiii^ all Valium I'arcliDu-nt and ru4>et 
"ch«rst»<l wtlh tbe neverfll dulltw tliwein Mt-ntionod" paKM-'d 
la tbe Tblrtieili veor of lii« Mujeatiea Iteign shall t>e luid livi-eby 
ta lurtbiT Couiiuu<-d, And Kverjr C'Iuukc urtic-le and uiuttcF 
tbcnita Coniaiai'd Enac-lpd to be and ttouiain of full force and 
Virtue to all Intents OoDxtructionii and Purport's Wbalsoover 
from tbe Qrst Du.r of -lauuar.v next untill the first Daj- of Jan- 
naty wbfoli will Ix" tc tU<; Year of Our Lord One tl)ou>i:uiiI 
Seren bundrvd and Sixty 

AM) WIIKICKAS It htm it^mc times liappvnpd ttiat rcrftons 
Ihro' Inadvertency and without Intending any Fraud to tlie 
Oovernmont havi- Writ and Exocut»Hl luKU-uuiL-nts or SuItiTCtl 
tbe same to I>e Executed to Ibcm on Pajier or I'archmt-nt cbaigvd 
uith tbe afiirenaid Duties not 8laniped according to the Dii*?^ 
Uons of the tM.<furtinention(.-d act 

UE IT EXACTED by tbe authority aforesaid that In nil Oases 
vbeK it ban so hit]>[«'ai'il or wbt-ro it mav hvr<^iiftL-r happen that 
any iVneou or renvons tbro* Inadvertency and without luii-nd- 
iag any fraud to the Govurnmeut have or Shall Write or Cause 
to be Written on Paper or Parchment any Instrument or In- 
atrnmeuta Cbarseable with any of tbe befoi-e inculiom-d Dulles 
and ezeeute tbe Mime or Suffer them to t>e Executed unto them, 
before tbe name be dnely Kliiuiiied and the Duty I'uid actord- 
Inc lo tlie din-cilons of the wiii! Act ; If siich Person or Persona 
Sballordocoi»etotbeManaf;er)i Ap[H>intcd In oiid by Ibe said 
Act aiid make nffidavtt before them or one of lhi*ni. who arc 
hereby impowered to take Ihi- same. thrA the said Inatrumeuts 
were Written and Executed thro" Inadvcrlencj- & without In- 
tending nn.v Fraud to the norernment a&d Shall then Pay the 
Dolj Ctiarged on tbe said IteHpei-tlve hifttrument or Inxtru- 
neots tbe said Managers Shall be and bei-eb are impowcred 
and Required to Stamp the tiald Instniment or Inalnimenia with 
the Stamp Proper to the same and the ftitld I'enton or I'ei-sons 
•o makinK affidavit a« afor^-naid Hbull be Exempt from any 
IVnalty or pi^uiiUyf* laid by the aforesaid Act for wrttin); or 
OlQidnK to lie Writt on Paper or rnrcbmeat nn»tam|)ed snch 
Instrument or Instruments, nnd Exei'udni; or RufTering the (tame 
to !« Bxeculed unto them any thing in tbe aforesaid Act to Hm 
Coutnu? h'otwltbstauding 



[OHAPTER 10C9.] 
[Cbsptcr lOaO, of Vaa ucbanck, aud chapter 14T ITOL 2) ftf LlTlniJ 
it Bicltb, vhore Ihe title onlj lit iirlnnsl. St-e i^baptcr lOflrt. V«n Sotuac 
aad UyiDgntaD A Smltb, sUU) lUat tli^s act contlBsoJ Ibo cxcbo id 
QQlU JanDitry 1, 1100, but tbal Mr Lyiiseo, tbe nanaKer, dyin,; bvfora thai 
rime, a b«w act wa» puswd wllb itltuiliir ptoTlaloiuh irhicti U 

'An Act ftii^licr to continue' nn sr 
titnled "an net for lajiog so ICxtiee upon all 
Tea or foreigo growth Itetalktl witlilo Uiis 
Colonj;" with adtiilioDS thereto^ ^m 

BE IT ENACTED by liia rionour tbe IJentPiiant GovernoL 
the CooDcll and Iho Geucral Aiiscnibl^' and it is hurebjr EnactdH 
by the authority of tbe same That one act PasiieiJ In tint 
Thlrtiptli year of lii* Majesties Reign Entitled "AN ACT for 
"laying an Excise upon all Tea of foreign growth retailed wltb- 
** In* thi»' Colony " and by a Snbw^iient Act ContiniifO to tlie 
flret Day of January Next Fb:tll be and hereby ia further Con- 
tinued and every Clause matter and thing therein Contaiiw^| 
Enacted to be and Remain of Force to all Intent* Const mot ion^^ 
& piin)0«(eB wliaiwiever until) the firgt Day of January wliitli 
will be in the Year of our Lord One tbouHind hctcd hundred 
ontl 8txty. 

AND WFtERRAB H Is provided qnd Enncted [n and by the • 
aforeanld Act that tht Sevpr^ill & Rexpective Retailers of Ti^H 
Hball keop an Exact Aecouiit of aU the Tea R^'talled by Ihi-i^ 
and the same Prodoc* to the Respective Managers atteHlitg 
thereto In manner dirr-rted by the stild A<-t Which Provlxln^^ 
being found lGcoiiven!ent by Rcavon of tbe distance man}^ 
retailera live from the M»QM(;era for Remedy whereof. 

HE IT KLIKTIIER EXACTED by the aorhoHty aforesaid 
that it Shall and may be Law-full for the SeveniJI and Re- 
Bpeetlre Retullerfi of Tea during the Conilnnance of thia Act to 
attest their acconnts before one of tb« Judg^-a of the Court of 
Common plena within any of the Respective Counties of tbia 
Oolong where 8ucb Retailers dwell and Reside Which aceoonU 
•0 attested phall be Received and allowed by Ihe Afdretkiid 
managers, any thing in the ttm ueutioaed act to tiio CouLrar, 
not withstanding. 


'IIXD BE IT FCBTHER ENACTED by tlie anlbwlV"ftforfr 
nid ibat every I't^i-ftOD and I'ertKHis whomsoever who after tlie 
fnt da; of JuDuarj next sliall Soil any Part of a Chest Bos 
l^b BaK or other rarl:a;;e of Tea Bhatl be and hereby is and are 
declared (o hi- u Kt'luikr 9r Hi'lulU-ra of such Tea Allbo' the 
Qoantity Sold shonld be one Hundn.'d pounda Weight or Up- 
wardx and Sbail bo aud bcri-by are mado liablv to Pay the Datj 
laid by the aforcKaid act for (he same The Managers or Collectors 
appotoled to Collect the said Uuly bv\tig to allow Sucb Prrsoa 
Of Pernona ko aelling surt Tea as afon?said five per Cent for loss 
of Weifiht to be rompiit(.'d from the Weight Specified in the 
Original lavoicc of each Chest Box Tub Bag or GtbcT Puckai^c a* 
aforesaid and the said Person or Persons so Relllng Rtich Tea 
as Aforesaid shall bt> and hereby Is and are made liable and 
Sobjoct to all Such Penalties and rorfeltiiros laid In tbe aforft' 
aaid Act As Pcpkous t^-llini: sucb Tea under tbe Quantity of One 
bnndred Pounds Weight' are Subjetrt and liable to for not Com* 
jilylsj; with the Direelious aud Provinlonx in the auld act McD* 
ttaocd any thing in the said act to the Contrary notwithstanding 

[CHArTEB 1070.1 

■fCfcsptBf tOTO, of Vsn 8cliaack. wberi* the title- «d17 Is prhitcA CliiDtctf 
lia (ToL 2) of LWlDfStoa ft Smith, when ilie act is itriuied in fuIL S«a 
tLi^ler IfHS. CoatlBiiciI b/ i-Laptcr 1D02.J 

'Ad Act fiirlher fo Continue fln 'Act En- 
titled an act for Regulating the Militia of tbe 
Colony of New York, together with the two 
l&cts tbirrein Slentioned resi)ecting the Regu- 
lating the MiliUa of Kew York with an Addi- 
tion ihcretou 

"rPsxwJ. Dcwmbor Ifl, ITNtJ ' 
fBE IT EXACTED by bis Ilononr the Lloalenaat GoTemor 
Cotincfl and tbe GeneraJ As«eiQbfy and it Is hereby Enacted 
by the Authoriiy of tbe same that the .\ct aforei<aid Entitled 
"An act for regulating tbe Militia «f tbe Colony of >'ew Yorit" 
Paawd In tbe Tn-enty EiKhth Year of his Majentles Relgo, and 
Bkewise one other act Entitled "An act to Continue no act En- 
** titled an act for Heculating tbe Militia of tbe Colony of JS'ew 
"Yorii with some Additions thcivto" Pasted in tbe Tweatj^ 
Ninth Yi-ar of bis Majesties Reign, and also one other act En- 
'BO act to amend aa act £;utitied an act for Uejculatlng 




** the ililitla of the Colony of New York " Passed In the Tblrtlel 
Year of liU MajesUea Beign, Sball b« and Iien-bj are Coailnued. 
aod everj Clause Arti>-le matter and tblag [a the said tbrre 
acut CoDtuiDcd Eaaclcd to be aod remain In full force auc 
Virtue to alt Intont-i Con nt ructions and PurpoHf>fl wIiaisM-Tei 
tvota tlio first da; of January wbicb will be In the Year of our 
Lord One lIiouHand »evoD hundred and Fifty nine nntill tbe 
first day of Jimiiarj O'ae llioueand aercn liuadred and RJxty. 

AND WHEREAS In the rountles of Ulster & Omnse there are 
Sc-veral places inhabited whit-h liu at a grL'ut distance from the 
Resjiertlve Colonels or Cotniuandtn^; oflicHTf) of the Regiment ht 
the said County's & Couacquently tbe waiting for (heir order* 
would much expose 8ueh I'laf'ea to the Kava^s of Small Parties 
of the Enemy. BE IT THEKKFOUK E>"ACTEI> by the author 
ily aforesaid that the Cai>(tiInH or next Coniniundlns ofDrers of 
the 8EVEI0\L and Respective Companies within the RespeetlTB^ 
C-otintiea aforesaid Nean-sl to any such Place as shall be Invade^H 
Shall immediately call together bis or tbeir Company or Com*^^ 
panles and forthnilb March them towards and use their ulmost 
Endearours to Kepell and drive off the Enemy aod on the fint 
Notice of Such Iova«lou shall dinpatch an Express to the Com- 
manding officer of one of tiie Respective Regiuieuts of the said 
Coanlies with Intelligence thereof and of the number and 
motions of the Ecemy arconling to the best InformatioD he or 
they Rhall liave Obt-.iincd Any thing In anj of the said Acta l^ 
the Contrary Notwithstanding 


XCnAPTER 1071.1 
tChapter 1071. of Van Scliancb. wbere the tltl« only Is printed. C!i3ttt» 
HO not. ::) ot LIvlutiBluu & Suillb, «-ti«rc Uic act is tinntcd la lull. 8w 
dutfiia IKiS. CMiUaed bj cliaptor UM.i 

''■ 'An Act further to Coatlnne an ael Entl^ 
tied "an act for Billeting and Quartedug UU 

"Uajestles Forces wiihiu tlits Colony " 

traswa. Dwrembw 10^ 173&I 

■ BE IT EN.^CTED by his Honour the lieutenant Governor 
the Council and the General Assembly and it is hereby Euncle 
by the authority of the Bame That one Act Entitled "An ac 
**for TtUIetIng and Quartering Ills Majeatles Forces within tlus 
"Colony" Pa«!rtJ in the Thirtieth y«ip of his Hajesllea Reign 
(which will Expire on the first Day of January h'ext) aball be. 



ud fcercLj la Continued and evcrf ClatDW matter aod thlug 
tbtr«ta Cootiioed Enn(rt(><] to be and Remain of Force to nil 
Iilents CoustructioDt and Purposes wbatnoever UDtlll tbe first 
1>MX of Jaaasr; Ooe thoueand aeven hundred and Sizt;. 

[CHAPTER 1072.1 
IChoptf?r 1072. nf Tan Scbaack, where Il» tlllo only l« prlnt«J. Chapter 
ISO tToL S) of Llvlumiua A Smilh. nrhcrc the act U priuied In fOlL BM 
diaftet 1011. Coullaa«l b; cbaixer 1007.] 

!An Act to Rt-'vlve an act Entitled "an net 
*fop the better upprehendiot; & swuring I»e- 
"nerters from h)» Majestlea Forces io Xortli 
l&ujcrica" wiUi udditioua thereto. 

[P«38«d. December 16. ITSS.) 

WnEBGAS an Act Entitled "an act for tJic l>etter appr**- 
'bending and et^coring Deserters from his Majesties Forces in 
"JCortli Ammca " made and Pas5*il Id the Thirtli-th Year of 
Ids Present Sluji-ntii-it Uoign Expin-d on tlie first Day of January 
lut aod It appearing necessary Partlculurly at ibis Critkal aud 
EstruurdiDuy CunjiiDCture that tbe eame be Revived 

Itiv IT TllKKKFoRE Enacted by hia Honour th<- Lieiitennut 
Governor tbe Councii and the General Aiwembly and it in hercljy 
Knccted by tbe authority of the aaoie that the aforeaaid a<^t 
Entitled " aa ai-t for the tK-tl^^r apprcheiiiliug aud securing !>«• 
" serlers from bis Majeetica Forces in Korth America " shall 
be and U hereby Revlvi-d and every article matter aud Clause 
thereiD Coutaini-d Knaetc-d to bs In full force to all loteuts 
Constrnttions and Purposes whatttoever froni the Publlcaliou 
bercof nntill tbe first bay of Jauuury Which nil! be in the 
Tear of Cor Lord One tbouKUud acven hundred and t^ixty 

AND ItE IT FI'RTHER Enacted by the authorily atorcsuld 
that If any Captain of a private Vessell of War, or master o( 
viy Trading Vessell, shall, during the Continuance of this act, 
\akv on Itoard and Carry oIT, or Transport out of this Colony, any 
■acb Deserter or Di-serters, as are miMint and intended by tbe 
aforesaid act, to be apprehendi>d, Belied, and taJien np; the 
■aid PersoQ or Per»oti» t^o ofTruding. ebuli, for each Deserter 
he or tbey sbali So carry off, fcrfeit and Pay tbe sum of Fifty 
Poanda: And every Boatman Ferry man, or other Person or 
Feraona WhomHOf^vcr, Who shall carry over any River, CrccJi, 
Bajr, or Ferry wiUiia this Colony, or out id thU into any other 


Colony, nny Buob Desorter or r)i.Hiier(er«, tlie Person or Pera 
RO offt'ndiug, shall, for each Such DetMrler 80 Carritil ovvf 
Forfeit tbc t<um of Ten Pound*. The aforwwid Respective for 
fpllureji, to be sued for, and Itecorered In any Court of Bword 
within this Colony, B,v any Persoo or Person* who Shall Sui:_ 
for the wiine, und applied to bl8, Lit, or their own use. 

AND BE IT EXACTED that this act and the act firet abov 
nentioned, Shall b*. and hereby are ExtcuJcd. and Shull W 
Consuued to Extend, to the Forcts fn the Pay of this Colony. 

[CnAPTEB 1073.] f 

[Chnpter 1073. of Tod S<'linach. aiul chapter 151 (toL 3) of LlrlnsstoB ' 
A Smlib, nlii-rc th« title only la inluted. Ejij^lnd Jan>iary 1, ISOa 
TUed tw bjr cbapier lOOO.J 





An Art to Impower Jostlced of the Pfl 
to Try Ciiuaea to the Value of Five Pounds and 
' under, 

tFaK*<td. Dcc«tulM>r 16. IT^IS.) 

' BE IT ENACTED by H!a Honour the Llsutcnant Ooveroor 
the Council and the G4.-UL-nil Aswinbly Aud it U b^reby Bnacteil 
by (he Authority of the same That all Actions Cbbm aud Cam 
of l>ebt Tre«p88S aud iCfpk>viD whervEo the stun or tbiug 
tniinded for cause of Action dhall not exccpd the sum of FIV 
rOCNDS (excrpt Sui;h Ao'.tous oa are h(rrel>y Excepj*^) ahnll 
ftft<r the I*ublication of this Afft be and he-vby arc made (>* 
Dizoble before any one Jiietite tf the Peace oJ noy o' tlie Coiintv' 
wiibin this Colony and (be Raid Juvtic^-s are hereby Htfip-cJivelyj 
loipowered and Required upon applieatloo to Either of thpt 
Uade for (he rt-eovery of ouy Surb Dfbt or Demand to Ifiaue ■' 
trammons or Warrant as the Case may require directed (o ibe „ 
Constables or to any one of tbcin of the Tovru lliiuur or Previnctlfl| 
where the Defendant dwells or can bs found coraniandSnp blm^^ 
<o brlnK or cau»e Buch Defendant to come wf(h the Plaintiff or 
his Attorney before hitn at the time and in the mnnner followtnjr 
that la to Say: In case where such ProceBS shall bo in the Niitarcj 
of A Capias forthwith after the Service tliereof bnt where t^l 
Bumoions shnll be Tasiied then on pome wrlahi day therein to! 
be Expressed not less than »lx nor exeeedlnp tweke Days from 
the Bervlce of Bach Summons and at the time appointed for 
bearinR sunb Cmise or on 9vt.-h orher Day as snch Justice Bbnll 
thiolt Seasonable to appoint not ezveedtag Bix Days the sold 

re J 


m V 



Jnstfoe shall proceed to hear and Exjuainc the Allogatluns aud 
EridcfDCGfi of tlic PlutBtiS anJ Dufcudant aud wttUio Twelve 
dajs after give tiU Jml^^nient iliereu[ioa iu Sucb manner aa &Liull 
Appear to blm agi-ei.-uble to Kquity uud Jiutice togeUiEir with 
sncli CoBis as aie tiei-eisafter Allowed. 

ASV UE IT ENACTED by ibo aulhoritv aforesaid That tlie 
Process agaiust all Freeholdem and lubabiiuuta liavint; 
sliall bf by suninious oul>- which ^hull he »i);ued by the Justice 
that shall Uraut it and served on the Person of the I>erendant or 
a Cop; thereof left at hia or her llojiic or pkiee of abode lu the 
Preseuee of H<mie of the Family of su)(al))e Age aud discretion 
(who bIuU be iufonued of the Contents thereof — ) at least ttlx 
da\« tn-fore the time aiipoiiut-d fur heariu}; uud in case the 
Dtfi'iiJaut ilolh not appi-oi- at the time and place that shall be 
apptiluled in such Suoinions tht^o on Oath or AITInnutiou made 
b; tiic Coustuble that the iutid i^uiomuiis was diiely served in 
the Manner aforesaid and No Suffiiient Reason appearliif; to the 
•ait) Justice Wh; the said Defoadnot did not appear on the day 
appointed in the said Suninions the said Justice shall Issue his 
Warrant and proeeed la the same Slanner an above is directed — 

PROVIPED ALWAYS and be it Enacted by ihe aothopity 
Aforesaid that if an,T such PlalntitT so appl.rinc Rhall upon Oath 
or Adlnuation de^^lnre that be or ithe doeM 8incerel,v believe that 
if snch Process be only by suinnii»iEi A{:a)nHt auch IVeeholder or 
luhiibitant bavins a Family h? or »he will be in danger of l.oo»- 
iog the Debt or Deniaud thereby or that be or she doth really 
and Sincerely believe that snch Freeholder or Inhabitant will 
depart the City or Connty or »vth('pwlse abscond la-fore such time 
Then the said Justice shall lifsue ont his Wammt in such man- 
ner as if the Defendant bad not been a I-'nt^h older or Iiihabilunt 
harlnmr a Family And It any l>«-ft-uilant Hhall require a longer 
time than is first appointed by tbb sa!d Jnslice and will If re- 
paired give Knfticient Secarily to appear and Ktasd Trj'al on 
mcb other Day us shall be appointed Thon the said Justice 
1« hereby Impowered and Kcquired to adjonm the Tryal of mich 
ntOEfr lo any Day ho shall think most fTonvenient not eiceedinn; 
twelve Days nor Icias (ban Ihii-e from that time unle«)s the Ju»- 
Uce and Parties shall otherwiFe Conwnt and agree 

AXn RK FT FURTOER ENAOTED by tlic authority afore- 
■aid that in every Action that *hall hereai'ter be brought In this 
Colony by Virtue of this Act it shall and may l>e tiawfull for 
titter of the Parttc* to the salt to demand of the sold Justic* 



tiat Sacli Action he bycd "by a Jury And upon'snci T>emana 
the said Justice is liorcby requireil and coDimandt-d to ls»U(^ a 
Warrant to the Coiistahlps or Constable of the Town Manor 
or PreclDCt whore tlie i<ainc amj' ]isp;)«n Commimding him or 
them to bring or cause to come at Such certain time and place 
as shall be in the Warrant Kxpresseil six good and lawfiill men 
of the CountTs respoftivelj- being Freeholdcra who appearing 
the said Justice shall adminivter to Each of them an Oath in the 
Words following VIZT: Yoii glinTl well and truly try this mat- 
ter in dilTcrenct' between A E. I'lainliff and C. D. Dcft^ndant an^H 
a true Verdict shall gire according to Evidence SO HKLP VOO" 
OOD and after the six Persons bavc taken the Oath aforenaid 
tlipj shall sit together and bear the several Proofs ami Allcp* 
tions of the parties which shall be delivered in Puldick in their 
rresencc after which they ehall be kept together In some eon- 
Tenient Private place nntill they all apree apon a Verdict which 
shall be given in to the said Justice who la hereby Ri-qnirt'd to 
give Judgment Agreable to Such Verdict and to award Execu- 
tion In the Manner herein after directed The Cnstsof thp.lury to 
be paid with tlift otlier Costs by the Party against whom their 
(Verdict shall be found. jH 

* AND UK IT EXACTED by tlie anfliorTTy aforPFaid ihat iff 
Vho X'lainliff in any sucli Suit or Action shall lie non s<:ited or 
dlscontinne or Withdraw bis Suit without the lei ve of tb^H 
(Defendant then Jndgment sJiall Iw given against him for ih^* 
Corta accrued or if he shall api>ear lo be Indebted to the Defend- 
ant then Judgment shall be given against him foir the paid PH 
or Pemand and C^oRta as llie Ca»e may require, and WHKI 
lEVER Judgment sliall be given against Either Plaintiff or Vt 
ft-ndant In any of the before mentioned Cases the .lustice that 
rr<jnonnccd IJie Kftld Jndgraon^^ shaJI grant Execution thereupon 
directed to one of the Constables of the mid Town Manor or 
'Precint Commanding him to levy the Debt or Demand and 
Coat on the Ooods and Chatties of the Person against whi; 
Rieh Execution sball be granted And for want of Kufflcir 
effects whereon to levy the Execution to lake the Dotly of the" 
Peraon against whom such Kxeeutlon shall be Granted and him 
or her Convey and deliver to the Keeper of the Common Gool 
inf the County Which Ril^ C<>nBLabIe after his taking BBcb 
Goods and Chntlles into his Custody Chy Virtue of such Exeen- 
lIon> shall give Publiek not!ce by an Advertisement po.t op at 
the most Poblick place of the Town Manor or Precinct vlien 





' ncli Goods ^nll he taken of the sorti of tlie Goods and tlie 

^^me and place nLere and AVhen t3iey sliall be exposLKt to Sale 

^K least live Days before the Time appoiik'.ed for selling tlitra 

^ftid at the lime and place so appuinlid for soiling them shall 

PVipose them to sale by Publick Veadae to Uie Uighest bidder 

I atid Pa; (he muuey aceonlln^ as shall be directed In Ibe War- 

rsnt OP Writ of Eiecotion and retorn the Oveqdus if any be to 

the Owner and for vant of BuRiiU-ni Goods and CbatUes 

Whereon to lery the Execution the Constablu to whom any 

nch Execution afaal! he diret-tod shall accoiding to the Tenor 

of the said F.xecUijion tnke the Ituily of the Person against 

whom any such Execution shall be grunted And Conrcy and 

deliver him or her unto the Ke»-|KT of the common Goal, of that 

' County Which said Goal Kfepor is herehy Commanded to Keep 

Mch Prisoner in his aaff Custody in the Common Goal natill the 

I Dt-bt or Demand wltJi the CoBts shall be fully paid or nntill 

I he or she shall he from lliem-e deliven.-d by due course of 

Law PKOVIDED NEVEKTUELESS ihat Xo Execution of any 

Ji'd;;ment Riven by Virtue of tliiit Act Rliall Iksul- ag:ain!tt any 

I Freeholder Id le«8 than Cue or delayed iuu;;er than two months 

I after Rivioj: the «aid Jnd^nnent nnlesA the Parly to whos« 

^^^vour such Judgment shall be given shall Uake it npiicur to 

^■le said JusMce On Oa^b or affirmation that he or she ia in 

' danger of ioOBihg their Debt or Deiunnd If t*uch delay be 

flHowed In which rase the Justice shall Issue his Warrant of 

Execution Immediately is herein before Directed Unless the 

Party agiilnst whom sueh .Tiiclfniir-nt shall he given sh:i1I tliere- 

upon give security to the Piirty in whose favour Judgment 

Wenf. to Pay the full of the Debt or Demand and Costs at or 

litfore the Expiration of One monlK 

AND [IE IT rrUTHEIt ENACTED by the authority aforo- 

eld that if any Person or Persons Whataoe^'er shall Commence 

I sue or Prnwcule any Bult or suits for any Debt or Ik-mand made 

^Cogniuilile as afun-«ai(l in any otlior miinnei- than in dlrecti'd by 

^Bils Act and shall obtain a Verdict or JudgnK«£ lliereon for 

^Tlebt or Damages which wllhout Costs of Suit shall not amniiut 

to more than Five Pounds money aforesaid (no* having CaowMi 

an oath or affirmation to he made before the obtaining a Writ 

and llli-d the same In the Clerks office) that he she or they so 

jBialiing oalh or affirmation did truly believe the Debt due or 

^^AMAGEB sustained exceeded the sum of Fire Pounds Money 

^Boresoid he she or they so Prosecuting shall not Becorer nor 


hSTp any Costs In Pnoh anit Any Law TTsafie or riiBtom to the 
Contrary in any wise Notwltlislaiidlug PROVIOKD ALWAYS 
tliat Dfitlicr this Act nor any thing herein contained shall be 
dwmed Conntrned or iindprstood to extend to Rwch Actioni 
wliercin biK Majesty his n^'irs or Rucc«'»«or8 may he onnoenied 
or wliere the Tides of Land shall any wise come In Question 
PROVIDED ALSO that nothing in this net shall Eitlend fo 
nuittPts of account wIktc the Kuni Total of sueh act-ouut sliall 
exceed In the amount or Value thereof the sum of Twenty 
rounds And that no .iMstice of Iho Peare beinp a Tavern Keeper 
aliall try any Cause hy Virtue of thl« Aet nl Iiis own TTouHe unj; 
tiling herein Contained to the Contrary Kotwithstundtng. 

AND BE IT EXACTED hy the anthoritr aforeaaid That no 
{pwiler or other Teen shall be allowed Taxeil or taken In m'tioaB 
hroiight in the manner by this act dir<-ct<>d than is in this act 
appointed to he taken (\"IZt.) JITSTICES FEES a suminons nine 
penre a Warrant one shilling and bIx i»ence A Judpnent one 
tthtliiug Administring erery Oath or attestation six Pence A' 
summons for Eridence Six Pence Every Exenition One shllliug 
and six i»ence tiwiiing the Venire Facias to Summons n Jury 
one alitiling Swearing tlie Jury one shilling and Six Pence 
EVIDENCES attending on summons or olhcrwtse Two Shillings 
per Day and Bo in Proportion, for a longer or shorter time 
COXSTARLE for serving every Wan-ant or summons for One 
Miles Riding or under One shilling Every UJle more six Pence 
serving every Bxecutioo for each Ponnd two ahiDiogs summon- 
ing Every Jnry three shtHlngs Jl^RIES for all Causes Tryed 
one shilling per Man All cuubi-s when summoned and (be Cause 
not Tryed six p4^ce per man PROVIDED that the whole Cos' 
to he Recowred or alloircd In any one Cflii!»e or artion nha'I 
Not Exceed the sum of Forty Shillings AND PROVIDED tUji 
nothing herein Contained shnll extend to oblige such Justices 
of the Peace within this Colony a* are njemlv-ic <>f his Mujestiet 
Council to take C«gniE;mco of any such Cunses Mailers or things 
as are hy this act provided for bat that they shall be at lil>eriy 
at all times to net tliert>lo or not as to tbcm shall seem Dtilng 
any tiling heroin Contained to the Contrary nofwitbstandiug. 

Provided always that nothing In this act contained shall ex- 
tend or be coMirued lo exlend (o abridge alter or lessen the 
Powers Rights and Privilcdgea njid Method of Proteedinga of 
the Mayors Recorders and Aldermen of the Cities of New York 
Albany ood the Uoroogb of Westchester or &n; of them wblob 



at m 





ej or any of thpm werp ptitltled to before ttf* making thereof; 

IT thing berein to (hp Contrary XotwitlislaDding:. 

A>"D BE IT FrnrnER exacted by the Authority atorc 
nil] that thU Act shall be of force from the PuMt<-atlon bereoC 
uaiil the first day of January n-hich ehall be ia the year of OMtj 
Lord Ooe Thouaaad seven huadi-ed and slxt;. 

fCnAPTER 1071.] 

maptKr 107*. of Vnn Schoacfc, wbera the iHle i>nly 1* prInlM. Cbant^ 
tSti (ToL St of LiTlncsion Jl Suiitb, n-li«re Ibe act is printed lo toll Con* 
Uniud bj cliaptcr 1100.) 

'An Act further to continue the Currency, 
of the Bills of Credit Emitted by virtue of aa 
act EnCEtJed -'aa >Vct for Emitting Bills o( 
Credit for the Taj-mcnt of the Debts aad for 
the belter Support of the Government of this 
Colony and other Purposes therein ileulioned" 

[TttsaMl, Dec«Dil>or 10, 17553 

WnEREAS an aet Entltulcd "An act for Emitting Bills oC 
Credit for the Payment of the Debts «nd for the beirt-r Support 
of the Government of this Colony and other Puriwaes thiTtln 
Uentloned " Passed in the Eleventti Year of his Majeatlea lU'ign 
lia* by st-veral fiiibni-fiiient Acts been Prolongid uud Coulinucd 
nntlll the third Tuf«duy in April Which will be in the Year of 
Our LrH-d One tliouiand Beren hundred and fifty nine AND 
WHEREAS the Circumstances of tin; Colony still require the 
aid of the Interest Money arisiuK on llie Bills of Credit Imued by, 
the Acl first afiiresiiid for Supiioiliiii; the Government thereof. 

BE IT TUEREFOltE EXACTED by bis Oononr the Lieu- 
tenant Ooreruour llie Council and Hie General Assembly and 
it It hereby Enacted by the authority of the same that the 
Time for which the said Interest Uoney Standa appropriated 
for the fiipport of the Oovemment of this Colony by the lust 
fiutwequent Act afwresiiid Enlitkd "An Act further to continue 
the Currenry of the Bills of Credit Emitted by virtue of an 
act Entitled an act for Emlltln}; Bills of Credit for the Payment 
of the Debts and for the Ijetter Support of the Ooverumont 
of tbia Colony and other roiTio«e» therein Mentioned" shall be 
and hereby Is deferred, removed and further Prolonged anllll 
the Third Tuesday in the Month of April which will be in the 



Tear of our Lord One UiouBnnd Keven nim<Jrpd and Sixty 
thtr? iu auj of the oToivwild acts to thv Contrary Notwti^ 
RtODdiag And (hiit at the time last meotioBed One foarth part 
of the wild BitlB of Credit and the rpmnlnder tliereof in the 
next Uiive Succeeding Yt-ars ShaJI be paid in Cancellod and 
DestroTpd at the times and in ihe manner direefed in and h.v 
an aet Ivntituled "An act for the wore cffeetual Cunceltine^ 
" the Bills of Credit of this Coloay " rassed in the Twenty llr^tfl 
Year of his Majcslies Keign And that as well the said flrst^ 
mentioned Act AS one other Ai-t Kntiih;^ "An Ai-t to facilitate 
"and explain tlw l>ut^' of Ihe LoanofHecm in this Colony" 
Pansfd the Said Elert-nth YVar of his Jlajpsliwi Reign and 
every Ihe Clausea ArtidfS matters and Iliiii^H iu tliem coniainr-d 
Bhall be and hereby are Enacted to Contiane and remain 
Full force and Virtue to all Intents CnnatniciionB and Furpoai- 
whutscM-rpr uniill (he third Tu<^>fiduy in April Which will t>e 
the Year of our Lord One thousand siTcn huodriHl and Six 
three any thing In the said Aels to tlie Cnulrary Xotnithstandi 

AXD be it furtli.T Enac!'_-d by tbv aiithurlty Aforeaaid that 
the (laid Bills during the lime they are hereby Enacted to Be- 
main Current phall eoDlluue to be Tut out at ln(<^'«it in the 
tsami' manner and Mcthml aa iu the said flrM mt-ntioucd Act is 
directed and that all tlie Interest mouey which may arise on 
thorn during that time Khali from time to time be impltiyi>d to 
and for the Support of the Government of this Colony In Such 
manner as Shall by act or acts heivafter to be pcufsed for that 
purpotie be ordered and direettd and not otherwise except so 
much then-of aa may be Nei'-eiwary for t^inVin;; and OaucelHng 
the Bum of Bight thousand aiid fifty ninv foundx fourletti Shill- 
ings and Rleven pence Emitted in Bills of Credit by Viriup nf 
the act first aforesaid for Paying the Debts then doe from this 

AND he It further Enacted by the anthority n?orefuii(^ that thir 
I,oan-oDlc«ri of the »i'vi-ral Cltleit and Counties within this 
Colony for the time being shall lie and herel-y are fully oulhor 
hed and impowered to aller the form of all Such Morigaget; n» 
nh»ll by them or any of them hereafter l>e taken In any of their 
offices in Relation to the time and times cf Payment Iu such 
manner as to >tal;e the sam*- answerahli- to the true intent and 
meaning of this act any thinj; in any the aforesaid Acta tg ttie 
Cootrar; Kotwithstiuidittg 


LAWS OP TUB coLoxy OF KEW youk: 


f^tMri) be It farther Knactcd by tbe aulUority afor€«(iid that 
Wbensoever th« Loan ofliwrs of Uie Several Cities a&d Coumlea 
viitun tbiB Coluoy sbail from the i>'F0RMAT10N of uu; one 
of ibe sapervi^orx in Uie lU-spective CoUDtics of tliis Colony ob 
troiD tlie Informatioa of tbu JtiKlices nnd Vei^tryiuvii of Ui« 
Cily of New York or tJie Major Part of them hare Sufficient 
Bi-ason to Suspect the lnsufK<-ieucy of any of the Kecui-itif* 
taken or to be taken for any flams of Money lent or to be lent 
out of any of tbeir screi-al offices either aa to the Vahie or Titia 
Ol tbe said »^curitie« tbey tUe suid IxNUi-offioLT* shall be and 
hereby are impowered and Reciuired to Demand J'ayment of tho 
Principal sums nulnittiKtandin;^ the due IX^'tu*^"^ ^' )li3 li>' 
resi thereof or fuitber sufficient HecDritv and npoo failure of 
Ine Payment of soch rriDci]Mill sauia or rcfusiag or Neglecting 
to Rive farther Sufficient Secoriiy within Fourleen Days after 
ch demand mudt* to rrocei-d le the sale of the Mortgagi>d 
nda or to such other Remedy aa Is gircn by the first aiore- 
nald Act According to the naliin? of the Case and therein to 
^Pursue the Ruloa and directionn I'rescribod in and by Uie said 
^■ict Any thing therein contained to tht* Oootrarv Notwlth* 

^F A>'D be It further Enacted by llie anthority aforesaid that 
If any of the Persona nbo t)e<-ome Securities for the Loan oOiccrs 
Par»aant to the lirxt aforesaid ac^t Kball be de«(lrous of Ijeing 
discharKed from continuing long^-r under their said EuKage- 
ffi'-ntx they shall give notice thereof In wrltini; to the saperruwra 
of the Respective Countiea or to the Mayor and Aldennen of 
the ReKpenllve Cities where they stand Eugaged between the 
flrat Tuesday of February and the first Tuesulay of 3!arch io tlie 
L^t-ar One thousand seven hun<lred and Fifty nine and the Haid 
^^bporvig^ors or Mayor and Aldermi-n Rc«[iej-tively sliail imme- 
I diaiely thereafter give notice. Id Writing to the liespcctive Loan 
^^Aicers whose Sureties so desire Io be dtscharged ttiat he or 
Hftey do liy the llr«t TucMlay in April then next following provide 
and give New Surely and in Case any of the said Loan ofBc<?rs so 
! Boiitied as aforexatd Shall fail in giviug new surety to the satifi- 
I (action of tlie said RupervUoi-s or Mayor and Aldertncn Respect- 
ively by the Kiid Day then the said Su|M<rvi8ors or Mayor and 
Aldermen Resj«>*tlvely Shall proc^^d to the Choice of a new 
Loan oOlcer or Loan officers In the Room and Stead of such So 
failing and in their Proceeding thereon shall Pursuo (he DI- 
KiUufiS of the first AFORKtj.UX> Act with Respect to the 



'Choice of New T.oan offlcer* Id the several Caws llit-relo men- 
tioned Any tiling in tliia or tlic Aforuuud Acta to tiie Coa- 
trar7 ^'otwitluttauding 

[CnAPTER 1075.] 

[Chaptcf 1073, of Tu Sidtiiack. and ctiapttr 1S3, or Livlncstoii 
'SmlUi, vlwre ilie set Is prinuid in full. Aiii«nd(^ baiI ibc puialty I 
vrctunl by ctutiilcr ISthl I'viuUt; uilUsatcd lo SudoUi «a4 Quc«as cuDlk* 
ttoa b; cUsftoc lUIXJ 

tin Act more Effccttially to Prevent the 
Kllllu); of hvvT, and firing {lie Woods wittila 
Uil< Colon/ 

(Fa^scd, Dw«mber 10, IT5B.J i I 

BE IT ENACTED by 1>Is ITonmir the Lieutenant Governor 
tfae Couuci) and the UeDtTal AsHembty and it is hereby Enacted 
by the autliority of the staiiie Thut if iiuy l*i-fson or Persons after 
the Publication of this act Shall Kill or detitroy any Wild Ruck 
Doe or Fawn or any otlier Son of Deer wlialBoever at any time 
In the months of January February March April May or June 
every ttuch I'eri'ou Khali for every such otTeuse forfeit the sum 
of Three Pounds for every such lluck Doe Fawn or other Dt^T 
BO killed or destroyed as aforesaid, coniniry to the trae intent 

■and meaning of (his act The one Iialf when^of nliall be to bfni 
or hep wbo shall iufonn and Sue for the satoe before any one 
Justice of the Peace in Such County where the offence shall tie 
Committed who is hereby inipowered naii I{Li]iiin:-d to hear and 
dctiTDiine the same, and to Convict ihe o/feiiiler or olTenders 

f'by the Oath or nffiminlion of one or More Credible Witnesses 
PROVIDED that such Conviction be made within two Jlontlis 
after such offence Coiuiiiitied, .Vud the other half shall be to the 
Poor of the Precinct where the said Offence shall be committed 
AND for the Itetter ConviotinR of Offenders a;;iiinst this act 
BE IT ENACTED by the .Authority Aforesaid that every Per- 
son In whoRe Custody shall be found or who Shall Exfiose to{ 

.Bale any Green IH-er sUins Fre«h V'euison or Deera Flesh at 

lany time in any of the Months before mentioned nnr) Hhall bo 
Convicted thereof as aforesaid shall be deemed Guilty of tbe 
■aid offence. 

AND WIIERFAS several Idle RtroUng Popsodb com? oat of* 
other aoreraments Into Borne parts of this Colony and Cos* 



tinoe InrkiDg About in Private In the Wooda and Kill And 
desiro; Ilie D(.-«r for the sake of the Skinn only leaving the 
Pl«sh In the Woods to Kot and at the name time firing the 
Wooda to the Manlfefli iQJurj of ibe lohnhitants of thlB Colony 
for Rcmed; wbrn-of ItE IT I^XACTED hjr the Authoritj- Afore- 
said that from and after the Publication of this act If an; Per- 
•DO or Persons uot bi-iiig an Tuhnbitiint lUttiding in this Colony 
■hall ctMOC into the same and Kill or detitro; anj Wild Buck 
Doe FawD or othor Deer and K-iug thiTuut ConvicKsl as Afore- 
said erery sach Person shall for every snch offence forft-lt and 
Pay tlip sum of Five I'ounds to be Ri-coveriH] and appliud lu the 
moQUi-r before mentioned »nd for want of Effects to answer the 
afort^aid Fine of Five Pounds (o be Commlltod to the cominoQ 
Goal of the Coanty where such offence shall be Committed for 
the space of three Munihs if not soouer dhicliargcd by Paying 
the said Fine of Five Pounds 

AND BE IT PURTHKIt ENACTED by the authority aforesaid 
tha.t if any Person or Persons from and after the Publication of 
this act Shall wUrully aet tire to the Woods in any part of ihls 
Colony and be thert»of Con»'icted t>«fore any ono of his Majesties 
Justices of Ibe Peace dweilinst in the Coanty where such olTcnoQ 
Bhal! be Coramitled every such Fenwu shall for every sucb 
ofTcnce forfeit and Pay the anm of Five Pounds and be liable to 
all 8uch Dani!i<;es as any of the luhiihiliints in THE Counties 
•hall or do suffer by such Firing the Woods as aforesaid and tor 
want of effects to |>ay sucJi Fine the Offender or offenders shall 
be cocnntirted to the Comnmn Goal of Iho said County where such 
otTence sliall be Comuiiin-d for the spare of three Months utilexs 
ttie said Fine and all Costs be sooner Pnid Which Que shall be 
ili»[>ot>ed of In like Manner as the before Uentioued flues in this 
Aet are directed 

ALWAYS PROViDED and be it further Enacted by the Ao* 
tboriry Afon.-«aid that neither ihis Act nor any thing therein 
CoDtainod shall be taken or ConxlrtK-d to hinder any Persoo 
from Firing the Woods upon his own Lands Provided such do not 
Ruffer tfie said Fire to Rim off the same upon Pain and Penalty 
of the Pamages nforesiiid. 

AND BE IT FfllTllER ENACTED by the Authority Afore- 
•aid that one Act Entilled "An Act to Prevent Kllllns: of Deer" 
Passed in the Twenty fourth year of his Majesties Bcign shall 
be and bereby U Repealed. 

.Vol. IV. 39 

[CHAPTEn 10TC.] W^M 

fCbaptCT H>7fl, of Vflt) Srham-lc. nod rhnpItT 15* fToI. 2> of L1*1(l|nt«II ' 
A Smltb, wbcn thu UUe only la pTfDtcd. Expired Januarj- 1, ITflt.J ^ 

Ad Act to Begalate the Taxing of BcalH 
snd personai Estate* in tlie City & County of 
^'EW YORK, CoIloctinB Hie Taxed and for 
Prt-vt-niing Disputes Between Laadlonls, and 
tbeir leaaata. ^H 

trasscd. Deccmbw IS. ITSl] '^^ 

'' WnEHEAS the method now need in the Citj and County of 
Kev York ia Taxing Real & personai Estatc-s is found to he 
t'ncePtain, & Unequal, BE IT ENAOTKD by liia Honour the 
Lieutenant Governour The Council and Gc-ncral Assemhly, and 
It is hereby Enacted by the authority of the Same, That ail 
Real Estates in the City & County of New Yorli, Shall from ft 
after the puhlicalion of tlii» Act he Rated or asseeaed, at two 
third parts of the Rent, or Yearly Income of the Bame, nnd if 
It be occupy'd by the Owner or Proprietor shall be Assessed 
on Oath in like proportion, aeeording to what .^he a.*i«e8«>r, 
shall judge the true Ineoine might be In CaM the tuune were 
Rented out. And be it further Enacted by the antliori-^y arot«>^ 
said, That for the more Eqiml and Just Taxation of personal'H 
F.)itatei<i, in the eoid City and County, that at all Umec from A 
Af.'er the pRblii-:itjoa of tlila act, when any Tax ia to be Leryed 
In the said City & County ITie Aiwexsors of the Sereral Wards 
before any Assessment maile shall meet togplher Settle, and 
•ftree upon f^ome one Mcttind or Rule for tlio Rating Uie per- 
sonal Estate* of the person* to be tusod in the Beveral wards. 
Thai ia to say at what rate any Rom ngrei-ii on by them shall 
he Taxed, tliat pertwns of Equal Ki<itiile<8 in the DiHerant: wards 
may be Rated fn tbeir assessments at Equal Sunut aeoordlng 1 
which Settlement the AwieHaors of the several Wards. Phall 

asses* every i>en(on in his or their Respective warda seperately, 
and Distinctly from their Real Estates. 

And be it fnrtluT Ennrtcd by the AuthoHIr nr>Trewiid, for" 
the preventing of Dispute* between Landlords and Tr-nants si 
Relating to the rMit<i(>»sion of lAnds, and Tenements, That i J| 
Caae any Tenant holding any Lands of Tenements by [Mimf^5 
Lease, from Year to Year shall nnl Agree widi his I^andiord or 
some person by him .\ulliori7.'d un or before the first day of 
Febnjary in every Year for a C-ertain Pum of Money or Rfnt for 
the Year Ensuing, or in Case llie said Lands or Tenemimts ba 



leld bj I<a*e for Years, ffliall not wltliin thi-e** Montlis bffore 

the Expiration of Budi Tm-m make sumo tut-ttivr AKi'eetutmt 

with tbe Landlord for die same, Tbat tlieu it sliali and may be 

Lawfull for anj I^udlord witb wtiom uo »uch Agreemeut biu 

beeo ouult^ In Case be sees fitt, to warn tbe Tenant at any time 

before tbe Expiration of bl? Term lo Quit tbe possession u( 

sucb Lands or Tenprnnits, at tbo tlnd of tbe term, and in Cuse 

e Tenant In porswince of sucb ootice, or waitiinc, sball not 

seubl;, and guiet))-, YtriUd & DetivL-r up tbe powK-Mlon ot 

SDcb Lauds ft Tenements, It aball iind maj he lawful), for any 

I Justice of ]'i^c6 or Aldenm-n Of tbe said Citr upon Complaint 

to bim made bj sucb Landlord, to Summon nucb Tenant 

Imediately before bim to eliew Caose wby oiicb Loiids, and 

^ iCDemcnlM kIioviIiI not be l>(:-livi.>i-'cl to xucb Lnndlurd, iind if no 

I 8afadent Cau»e be Shewn by such, tenant to Issue his Warrant 

under his Iwnd & Se«I r)irtHl<^ lo any or Ei-Mier of the Con- 

^■tables of the ttaid City, Comtnundluf; him to Turn oat or Re- 

^ftiore sucb tenant from ihp said Lands or Tenc^menls, and to 

^■h-livor the poMeMlon of tbe aame to Sucb Landlord so Com- 


And be It Pnrtber Enacted by the autbority Aforesuid. That 
from & after the pnblk-ation of Thin act it shall not tie Uiwtull 
for any Tenants In tbe paid City ft Connty Iwtldinfi; Ixandi« or 
Teoemeutii us ufon-iciid lo 1ch«c tlie wimc, or any part thereof 
to any under Tenant or Tt-nauts whatsoever nop to pemiiti or 
SQlTcr the Same, or any part thereof to be OcoupiwI held or 
Knjotfd by any pi-rsou or [m.ts«>iii» uiidor ttiura, as tenants with- 
out tbe Consent of the Landlord of sutrb Tt^ant flrat liad In 
Wrillut:, nnd In Case any sueh Tenant shall without Consent 
ot his landlord, as aforesaid, make any under I.euse, or permit 

Kir suffer any I'erson to hold under bim Contrary to the true 
IraninK hereof It fihall nnd may tie Lawfull for such T^ndlord 
o Coiiii'oll sucb Teainit fo [wiy him Double the Rent agreed a{Hm 
between them to be Heeover'd by Distress, as herein after Di- 
recletl, or by action of Debt in any of his Majesty's Conrtn In 
Ibis Colony, wh^n- the oame Shall be CocniJ«ib!e, Provided All- 
ways, that nothini; herein Contaiu'd, Shall be Construed to Re- 
slrain any sacb Tenant from keeping lodgers only in Bnch 

A\D Be it Further Ennrted by the Authority Aforewiid. Tliat 
from and after the publication of thia act It sball and may be 
Lawf'ill for (be Colh-ctor, or Oolleetors of the Tanea In the City 
Md Connty ot New York, In Case Tbe Taxes of any Lands or 



Tcaf^enb, thaU not be Impdialely palfl in fli'o Said City 
C'ouBtjr, on Demand made of iJie same, horn tbe Teuanl, To De- 
•ifaio aaj- Goods and Ctiattclls on the pix-iuiMit (Tliat may in 
any olhcr Case be Destraiued by I^w) for the Baid tas or Tuxcn 
and the Goods & CliiUtles, So iK-slrahifd to sell and Dispose of, 
In the maaucp hereafter Directed and it U hereby Declared, 
that in all Cases in which the Taxex of the Leased preniines shall 
be Demandi:^ of the Tenant and i>hnll he paid by him, or shall 
be icvyed by Distress as uforeeuid, it shall be Lawfull for Uitt 
Tenant In all Cases unlesii by Agreement he is to pay the Taxes 
of the leased premises to lK-d«ot the Same oiil of Uie Rent. 

AN'D BK IT FUKTUEK ENACTED by Uie authority afore- 
said, That from and after the publication of this act, that where 
any Goods or Challles shall be Dostralncd for nny KonI Ite&crr*d 
and due upon any Demise Lease or Contract whatsoever, or for 
any Tax or Taxes, ivhafRoever to the said City & County and 
the Tenant or Owner of the suid Good)«, 8u Doslrain'd shall not 
wilhin live days next afler euch Dlatreaa taken (and Notice 
thereof wllh Canst of suit taking) T^ft at the Dwelling House 
or most notorioos place or the premises. Charged with the Rent, 
or Chargeable by this net wiili Tax or Taxes Distrained for Re- 
plevy the same with suDieient security lo be Given to the SherlD 
or Constable according to Law, That then and in sach Case after 
such Distresa, and notice as aforeitttid, unit Kxpiration of the 
Sflid fire Days the person so Diftniiuing xball or may with the 
Sheriff or Under sherilT or with the Constable of the Ward lo 
which such Distress shall be taken, who arc hereby Reiiiiirr'd to 
be aiding, and assisting therrin, Catii*- the 0<»k1h and (;haitli>«, 
Bo Deslraln'd to be sold, for the best price, That Can be Gotten fl 
for the same towards Batiufnotion for the Rent or Taxoa for ^^ 
wlilch the Klid Goods or Chatties shall be Distrainei] ft of the 
Changes of such Distress and sale leaving, the Overploa If any 
In the hands of tlie sheriff, lender sbcrirfH or Constable for the 
Owners u*e, Provided Allways and be it further Enacted, That 
In Case any snch Distress and Sale as aforesaid. Phall be rnnde 
by Virtue or Colour of the Present act where Nothing is due, or 
no DIirtre«i Anght to be made by the perwin ntnking wioh Disires* 
THAT then the owner of suHi Gftods and Chatties DistrjiinM i 
as aforesnld his Executors or administrator* Shall or may by< 
action of Tre«[Ki»» or upon the Case to be bronfcht aptlnst Ibfrj 
Ivrson or Persons so DiHtniinlng any or either of tbem bis 
their Exeeutors or ndministnitnre R<-(*4^>ver double the Valtte of 
the Goods so Distrained with full Costs of SolL 



' 'AXI) to Obviate mdip difncultio* tliat maty time* Occur Id 
th^ Recovery of Rents Where the Demisea are Not 1),t Deed BE 
IT FCRTHER EXACTED by th« A urhorll.v AforesaW thai trom 
and after the I'ubllcatioo of this act it ehall and may be lan-fafl 
for any Landlord or LnndlordH whi>ro ihe agreement not by 
Diefia to Recover a Reasonable SatiKfaction for the Landv Tea«- 
meats or nercditamenta held and Occupied by the Defendant or 
befeadania in an action upon the Case for the »f^ and Occiipa- 
tior of what waa bo held or Enjoyed and if in Ertdenvo on the 
Tryal of such ariioc Any Parol Dfini)>e or any aniwmcnf 'not l>e- 
log by Deed) Wliereoa a certain Rent was Reserved Shall appear 
lh«r Plaintiff in Boch action »bal( not therefore be Nonsuited Bnt 
nay make nM thereof ns an Evidence of the Quantity of the 
l>umaj;e8 to be recovered 

AND be It further Enacted by the authority afopeooid that 
from and after tlie I'ublictition of tliis Act In all actlena of Tre- 
posit or upon the rase brou^jht Hgniust any Perftou or Persons for 
any nistress aelznre Kile or disposal of any Goods or Chntllea 
tn Virtue of this Act It Bball and may be lawful to or for the 
Defendant or Defendants in Such Action to Plead the General 
bane and give the Special matter In Evidence Any Tavt or 
Uaatre to the Contrary thereof Kotwithstandiu;; and in Cas« 
the Plaintiff or Pluin'.iffa in Sucli Action shall become Non- 
suited Discontinue his her or their Action or have Judgment 
against him her or them the Defendant or Defendants Shall 
Recover double CoBta of suit. Tbis Act to be in force from 
tb<> PuMtcaHoQ tberi-o( to the first Day of January One thouEOud 
EevcD hundred and ^ixly-ono. 

[CnAPTER 1077.1 

[Chapter lOTT. of Tan Sduisrli. amt rtmptet l&S (v«L 3) of LIvlnSBton 
ft Smltb, wltere tlw Uite 00I7 la prlnud-l 

Ad Act to impower and Enable the Mayor 
Becorder aud Aldermen of the City of Keir 
York for the time being or the Major part 
of them to order the RaisluK a sum Not Exceed- 
ing; Twelve buniircd Pounds by a Tax on Es- 
tates Real and Personal In the said City. 

IPM««d. Dmember 10, ITZi.] 
WHEREAS the very extraordinary expence of Pinlshlne the 
new Goal. Punhasioi; the Ixluiid commonly called Bcdiow'a 
Island for a Pest House, Defrayiog the unavoidable Charges 




of^Ee*?^orporat!on topPllior with the heflTy BiiVtficn of 
Wood Camlk-s ami otiicr ^'t-feBsarii** for h'us M;iji'»ties TrootM(J 
Quartered in this Citj have not onl; laid it DodiT the diMi};r« 
able Xi'ces8itv of taking lar^e Stmts of Mont-r oo Interest but' 
hare rendered it uuablf uitLuul tlic aid of llie fxrglslHture to_ 
carrr the said Serricea through aa the Publicli Welfare reqalrnsj 

BE IT TIIEnEFORE EXACTED hy his Dooowr the Utn- 
tenaut Govei-nour the CouDcii and the Ooacral Ainm-mbly nndl 
It is hereby Enarted by the anlliority of the Same that the Mayor 
Recorder and Aldt-mien of llie City of New York fiir the time 
bi-ing or the Major pari of them whereof the Mayor or Reeordec 
to be one Bball hare full Power am! authority and are hcn^br^| 
fully Impowered and authorised on the second Tuesiluy In Jano'^^ 
ery Kext to order the It^iisiiig a snm not exroedinp Twelve 
faiindred Pounds by a Tax opnn the Ei'iatefi Real and Persoual 
of ail and every the Frevlioldent Fn-eiiicu Inlmbltiuilo Ret^iduutx 
and SojournerB witliio the City of Kew Yorlc towards Payment 
of the Extraordinary Expf-nws and Cliargos aforesaid And atldl 
the same to the Kum whii:b sbali then be UaieL-d for the Mlnlsterf 
and Poor of the said City Which Tax so to tie laid diaJI be I 
rated and amewcd at the Hime time And by the Vetdrtmen 
who Shall Rate and Asfiess the Tax for the ilioister and- Pooe^' 
of the Hiiid City ami ehnll be Rated together in one A8c«ifnienl^| 
made of the whole The Vi-etry Mt-n tiri't tiikiii); tlie Oath Pre- 
Bciibed (o he taken in and by an act Eutitle<i "An Act to Enable 
" the InhaWlantu of tlic City of New York to Chu»c two Ve!<tr; 
"Men for each Re»i>ective Ward within the said City" Mad 
and Passed In THE Nineteenlh Year of Ilis Present Majeatleg' 
Reijni And the Kttid Tax tk) to be uindc Shall be Collected I^vii-'I 
and Paid at the same time and in the same manner as the Ta 
for (he maintenance of the Minixler and 1'oor of tlie aaid Cil 
bath be aecuMloined And by Act or Acts of Ihlet Colony in or 
arc Dh-cctcd and cnjoyned to be Collected L^-vied and Paid into 
the bands of the Cbiirchwardena of the said City for the lime 
beinp Who Khali be Accountable for Uic Bume to tlie said Mayor 
Recorder and Alderman or the Major part of them whereot 
(he Mayor or Recorder to be one And Pay the name by Warmo 
or Warrants uailer their hnndd and Seals or tlie hands and 
8eal8 of the Major Part of them wheix-of the Mayor or Reeoriler 
to be one Directed to the nald Cburcbwardena Accordisj to the 
Porport and Tenor of such Warrant or Wnrrant* 

AND be it further Enacted by the aalhurity aforesaid (ll; 
ever and above the aatd Bum of Twelve hundred Pounds to 






'MS tml Pnid lir Virtue of this Act tliP snin at Throe ponrp in 
lie Foonds as a RM?artl to the Consttibles for their Exlraordi- 
troulile Bliall l» AmphwiI I.cvled and Paid to the Reopect- 
ConBtat)I<;i« for Oollei-ting and Faying the wime and no more 
kdvrdlug lo the true Intent uod McHoing of this Act Any 
thiDET btrein or in any other act or Acts CootaEned to the CoQ- 
Irarj- h'-reof In anv wine Xotwithstiindin^ 

ASD bv it further Enacted liy the aiilhoritv aforesaid that If 
tbe aaid Mayor RccordcT and Aldermen the Church watilenft 
H'catirtncn or Constablea of the City of New Yorlt aforesaid 
nio are lii-reliy Authuiiz^^i] impoweii-d and Ri-'iHired to take 
Ti>rtiial care that thin Act be Executed According to (he tni« 
tfllent and Meaning thereof or any of them (shall Deny RefoBc 
_or Dt!ay to rerform Execute and Comply with ail or any of 
lie Voven Aattaoritlex sod Omios la tills act fsiveo and Re- 
)nlred to be done and Performed by them or any of them and 
thrill thereof be lawfully Conyleted In any Court of Record tn 
thin Colony he or tliey so denying Itefunin^ or delaying to Per- 
form (be Dnties aa aforeMid shall suffer Sueh Paina AXO 
PennltloR bv line and ImpritMiiimern an by (he discretion of the 
JnEtires of the said Conrt shal! be adjiidned to be sined for and 
iecorered by the t'erson or Porsonfl aggrieved thereby or by 
ly other Person or Persona who Shall Sue for and ProsecntO 
be tamt to Effect 


(Obnpter 1078, of Tan Schnack, and chapter IM (vol. S) ot LlvlnsttOI 
1 Smiib. wbete ibe t.'Ue only ie virtotcaL 8o« ctupi^r lOOS-I 

An Act to Revive an act Entitltsl "an act 
"fftr milling ty a Pribltik t^tu-ry the Rum of 
"one thousand One hundred and Twenty five 
" pounds for the ti»8 ot the Corporation of Ui4 
•* City of Albany." 

(Pitwujil. December Xfl. 1 rss] 

WHEREAS the Drawing of Uie Lottery Eiveted & Estab- 
H«hcd by an Act Enritled "An Act for Raiaiug by a Publicli 
"Lottery the eum of One thouauDd One hundred and Twenty 
"(ire Pounds for the use of the Corporation of the City of Al. 
" bany " Passed in the Thirty first Year of hia Majestic* Beign 
eould not be accompH«hed within the time limited by ttie said 
Act by reason whereof the eaid Act Expired before the tald 
Conxmtlon could take tbe benefit thereof 


BE IT TITKREFORE ENACTED bv m» Honoar flie Llenten- 
ant Govcriiwur tbi.' Couix'il and the tJi'Deral Aswmbly and it is 
hon-by Enacted by the Autbority of tb« same that tbe Said Act 
Entitled "An act for UalsinR by a Publick Lottery the sum ol 
"One tliouiand One biiudred aud Twenty Ave Pounds for llie 
" Udf of tlie Corporation of tbe City of Albany " «liall be and 
hi-rt-by is Iterived and every Clause Matter and thing therein 
Contained Enactt-d to Remain of I-'orce nntill the Firet Tuesday 
Id April which will be in the year of our Lord One tbouwuid 
seven hundred aud Fifty Hint' 

AND BE !T FURTHER EXACTED by the Authority Afore- 
tefd that Instead of the first Tuesday in Aiiyust One thonaand 
seven hundred and fifty Eight as ia directed by the Aforesaid 
'Act the Di-awIuK o' the itaid Lottery ^hnll bej^n on or before 
the first Tuesday in March One thousand seven hundred aud 
fifty nine 

AKD all matters Whatsoever directed by Ui& Mid act to l>o 
done and perfoiined by the said flrnt Tnesdav In AuRust One 
thousand se-veu hundred and Fifty Eight If done on or before 
the first Tuewlay in March One thousand seven hundred aud 
flfly nine shaJI be good and Valid to all Intents constructiou* 
and I'urpo««* whatsoever any thing In the saJd Act to the Coo- 
trarjf KotwithsOinding " 

[CnAPTEB 1079.1 

[ObAplcr lOm, of Tnn Scbaack, aod cbspWr JST (vol. 2) ot Uvlusstoo 
Ift biiilUi, A'bcrt tbc UUa only Ik priiitcd.l 

An Act to impower the JHsttcos of the 
Peaev and Aldwmen of the Bor\ingh of West- 
j. Cliester County in Conjunction wiih the Super- 

visors of the Kiiid County lo Ascertniu and fix 
tbe Place for ErectinK a New Court Honete and 
Oool for tbe said County and for raising a 
Bum not exceeding the sum of One thousand 
Pounds on the Ketlities Real and Personal of 
all the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the said 
County for and lowajda Erecting the said Court 
Couse and Qoal 

trassed. Drc«int)«r Id. ITUJ 

•WHEREAS the Court hons* and Goal of Weatchester Conntr 
talh lately by accident been Consumed by Fir* it becMDea 




■ecnsa^ that anolli^r Kliottld be Built aa well for holding of 
Coarts as securing o[ I'rinoucra 

BE IT TUEKEFORE KNACTKD bj hia nonoiir the Urn- 
tenant Goveruar ihv Coundl and the Oeueral Aseeiultly imd U ia 
herebr EDacU-tl hy the .iiiltinilty of tlio Kitiric lliitt llic Jiistlpea 
of the rcac« Aldt^rmeu of the Borough aixl Hnperrisors of Wv«t- 
chKitrP Coiintj- or the Mnjor fart of thi-iu nw lien-by Required 
to Ueet at tbe House of Doctor Robert Gralinm In the sntd 
CoaDl; on the Fourth Tuesdaj- next aft^r the rublJcatloo of this 
act. and dien and IhiTc, thf.v or the gruater nuiiibor of thwii tUeu 
Pn-«L-u( wbetlitT Justices Aldemipn or Bupcrvisors shall asrer- 
tain and fix Home Convenleiit ptufc Id the said County for 
Ewctlnj: a New Court Ilousf and Go&J (or the uses and Purposes 
afar»uid as to them Shall ?e^m fit. 

AND UK IT EXACTKD by the authority aforesaid that for 
Balldini; and Erecting the same roiirt hoiioe & Cnal and for no 
other use or Purpose i\-hn1«oever It Shall and may be lunfull to 
and for the Supervisors of the Raid County and they are hereby 
directed and Re^iitred to RAISE Ijevy and Collect of and From 
(be Sereral Freeholders Inbabitants and Sojourners within the 
said County at such time and time;* a» to them shall Seem most 
Convenient p. Bum not Esoeediu)' the Sum of One thousand 
Potind)( which Said stum Shall be Rfllt»ed levied ainl f'olh-cted In 
the same manner as the other ncecKsai^ and Contingent charges 
of the Said County are, 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid that the 
money bo to be Ritieed by Virtue of this act slial! from time to 
time be jHild by the Several and Re(«|iective Collcctorsi uuto Such 
PerFoufl aa Shall by the mid Supenrisors be nominated and 
appoloie^l not more than the NomI>er of three for onlertng and 
din-cfinu Iiow nnd In what manner the snid Court house and 
Ooal Sliall be Made and Erected and the s;iid Persons so ap- 
pohiti-^l and nominated are hereby oTiliKed to Obwrve the Some 
accordingly uud also Shall and may frtKn time to time Inspect 
Examine and audit a.11 the several and RespectlTe aecompts for 
Workmanship & materials to be employed for and towards mak- 
ia|f and Kn-ctin;; the Court house and Ooal before mentioned 
and of the due disposition of the tinid Sura of One thousand 
Pounds or So much thereof as Sluill come Into their hands they 
thff mid Persons So Appointeil as aforesaid Shall render a true 
acroant tljereof upon Oath unto the Superrlaora atoresfUd whea 
tbereoDto Bequirvd 



(COAPTEB 1080.1 

rcii«pt*r lOBO. of Vnn Soliaotk. adiI cUnpter 158 (rol- » Of L1»Ioj»toa' 
A SmlUi, wbvrir Uw UUe only 1* prlnUKl- Expired JnniiarT 1. 1T80.1 H 

An Act to itnpower and Enable tbe fiupcr- 
•risom of Qut^uK County to Itaist- \>y a Tar on aJl 
B«U and I'LTHoniil EhiuIps id the B»id County 
Rucb Sum or Hums of luotiey as ihey sbalU 
Jud];c N<^T<.-itMiry Hud Kx|>i-dieat for relieving 
sufh Parts of the »aid County aa are Bur- 
thened with the Quartering bU UaJesUeij 
Cegular Troopa 

[raxMHi. Dpcwnbar :«, ITTMl 

■WHEREAR a large Number of Ills Jlajestk-a Regular Troops 
arc quarlerod upon tlie InhiLblliuita of some parts of Qu<.t-ns 
i>3uutr by Reafton wliereof tbey ure under a neoeMity to IVo- 
Tide IluKpitiils for tbe Sick Holdiers with Bfddint: Fitv Wood and 
Caadtea and other Rec|uisitie8 for the Haine and Guard 
houaes with Fire Wood & Candles for (he same And 
are otherwlw greally Ilurthfncd with iirovidiuf; Quurlera 
for the ofliwTs aud Bwlditrs whilst other parts of the 
said County by Ihelr itlt nations are Exempt from tbe 
Baid BurtbenK aud hardships and it being Conceived lU'iiMin* 
able tbat the Parts ho Exempt should Contribute towards the 
Relief of such Parts of the wiid County as are so Iturlhencd. 

BE IT ENACTED by bis Ilonnur the Lieutenant Governor the 
Council and the General Assembly and U is hereby Enacted by 
the Authority of the same that the Supervisors of the sutd 
Counlj of Queens County shall be and hereby are enabled Im- 
powered and Required to Raine Burh Sum or Sums of money 
by a Tax on the Real and Personal Estates of all the Frt-ehotde 
Inhabitants and Residents of Queens Coutily as they Shall Jud 
expetlient necessary and SnfBcient for defniyinp the Espeaca 
n-bich has already or may durinn the Continuance of this Act 
arise within the said County by meana of ProvidlnR nospitalB 
with all Xecesraries and Requisites for the Bame. for lh>' $ICC 
Boldiem who have been or may be Quartered In the suid County 
and for Providing Guard houses with firewood and Candles for 
the Same and for all other Expences arising bj bavlDn the said 
Boldlera Quartered io tbe said County 



'ASO bo It fiiriiier Enaclcd by the ntitliority aforesaid that 
lwf»ji(l eutn yrfJuiusof tiioui'/ao lo be Ituiw-O iu tht- said County 
bhall r* raiM.-d a»i«'»efd ColWu-d uod Paid In ifae same Maimer 
«»|U.- oilier rniitinKeiit Omrgt-s of the cutid Cwiim.v ««• And tbe 
■aid tfum and Sums wf inuBe.\ so raiitod levied uud OdIe<;te<1 sball 
tj ttte Collector* be paid unto Stich Person as (lie raid Super- 
TiMira shall Appoint and be Issufd by their Warrants and not 
Oilier* Ipe Whiih i>a\ii Person Shall ae.ownt with the 8H|M'rvii*or» 
W a!l Hueli moneys mo put into bis hand)t AI-WAVS PKC 
^"n>EI) ihat at least four of the Snpervisors of the naJd Cotmtjr 
Phall ogrpe to the IlaisinR and Itwolnjr all sueh Sum or Sums of 
UoDey before the same xliaH be ItttiKed or IbsuhI. 

AXI> be It fwriber Knucled by ^he Authority AforewUd Ihat the 
Bald SuperrUors Shall and they arp hereby Required and Dlr«>eted 
to meet iit the Town nf Janinlen In the siild Co-jnty on thr Third 
Tiiewlay in Jjmuary next and frot.i time to time Ihereafter during 
the Continuance of this Act aa «hall appear Necessary for pot- 
tin"; in Execution the Power* and Aulhorillea vested In them bj 
thi" Act 

This Act to fonrlnue In Foree nnllll the flrst DAY of January 
Ooe llioujtand Svvea hundred and Sixt;- 


IChapfer IftSl. of Tbo Schaaclr. aixl etwptpr Jflft (toI. 2) of I.lTlnirBtOD 
• Stoltn. wbcri! tbo act Is printed In talL CoDtlnnrd br chsptcr 1103.1 

'An Aet to reolrnin the feeding and Biirn- 
ton the GraM and Cutting the Timber on cer* 
tain Beaches and Islands therein Uentloned. 

lPn»«*d. D«*iiib«T 10. 1158,1 
WHEREAS the Proprietor of (he Townships of Brookhaveo 
Duniitiston and IsHp In Suffolk fX»unty have by I'elilion to the 
General AwH-mlil.v reprii*enled th<^ irr<^t damaRes they austain 
fa) ^eir I<ands and meadows Adjoining to and Itorderlng oa the 
(T^at t^udi Bar, on (be south side of Nasaau Island by IU-ukod 
of the fre<|nenl OTerllowlng the Kaiue by the Wativs from the 
8«a let thro' the U«-aebes and Inlands lying Oppo«Ite tliert^-to, 
(Veaaioaed by the Fei>dlnj; and Burning tlie GRi«a and cutting 
the Timber growing on the said Ik'ttche«nnd Islands And Prayed 
that the fe^-ilitii: and Burning ihe gn'asR and Cutting the Timber 
on Ibe said Beacbea might be restrained 


BE IT ENACTED by hiB Honour the Lientenant Gorernor 
the Council and the General Assembly and it is hereby Enacted 
by the authority of the same That from and after the flrBt Day 
of May next no Horses Neat Cattle sheep or H(^ BmaU or great 
aha)] be Buffered to go Bud or feed on any of THE Beaches or 
Islands lying between a Certain Gut or Inlet Called Mastitk 
Got to the Eastward and another certain Gui or Inlet called 
Hantington West Gut to the Westward, and in case any Horses 
Neat Cattle sheep or Hogs small or great Bhall after the said 
first Day of Augusi next during the Continuance o( this Act be 
found on any the said Beaches or Islands it Shall and may be 
lawful] for any Person or Persons Whatsoever to take Seize and 
keep the said Horses Neat Cattle Sheep or Hogs as and for their 
own Absolute Prc^erty any Law Usage or Custom to the Con- 
ti-ary Notwithstanding ALWAYS PROVIDED Siat this act nor 
any thing therein contained Shall be Construed to Debar or 
prevent any Person or Persons Whatsoever having Meadows 
on the said Beaches or Islands from carrying on uwng and feed- 
ing so many oxen and Horses on the said Beaches and Islands 
as shall be necessary for Carting and Stacking their Hay during 
the proper Season of getting and Securing thereof 

AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED by the Authority Afore- 
said That if any Person or Persons Whatsoever Shall during the 
Continuance of this act Set Are to or Burn the old Grass or Cut 
any Timber on any of the said Beaches or Islands, he she or 
they SO offending on due proof thereof Shall forfeit and Pay 
the sum of Five Pounds to ary Person or Pereons who will Sue 
for the same to his her or their own proper use This act to 
Continue in Force untill the ftrst Day of May in the year One 
thousand seven hundred and Sixty 



Firgt SeMion. 
n Jan. SI, 1759, 33 George IT, Jamn De tiiDCCv, Lleob 

rCHAPTEK 1082.] 
tChflptcr in$3. or Vno iih.incK, tvhrrr Ibe till* only ta prlntMl and 

cliapl«r ICO (VOL 2) oC Llvioffsioo & Siullb. wbcn tlM ict li prlatcil lo 


tAa 'Aof for liaising a Suppi; of One boo* 
'divd thousand I'ouuds for levying Pav'^K uud 
Cloathing Two Uiousaod b.'i bitndred and 
Eighty eflentive mev otRccre Included for form- 
log villi Hie Fotcvt of Ibe Neigti boa ring 
Colonies, an Army of TiKcnty Oionimnd meo 
To Invade In ConjnncHon with a Body of bis 
Majwty'* ttegalar Troops llie French PoB«e»- 
siong in Canada; Far EmittinR Bills of Orodlt 
for the like Bimi; and for linking nnd Cua- 
celling the said Bills lo Short Periods. 

rPawd, Uuoli 7, 17091 

' IWTIEREAS nU Mnjesfy ha« been pleased to order an Eipedl- 
tloD by a« Army of Twenty thoiiHaiid i'rovinti.ol Forws* in tTon- 
JnncllM with a Body of his Majesty's Regular Troops for In- 
Tsding Canada and Carrying War into the neart of the Knemlea 
Poesesslona And ibiM bis .Muji-nty's loyat f'olony being beartJIy 
dtopoved to Exert tbemselvcs to tlieir Utmost on this Impordant 

BE IT ENACTED by bis ITonoar the Llentenant GoTernor 
the Council and the Genpral Asaetnbly and it is hereby Enacted 
by Ibe atilboriiy of ibe Bome that for and lowardt* leryinc >^y- 
ing and C]o;i.'.liing Two (bouKind nix hriudrcd and Eighty 
Eifectlve men officers Inelnded to acl in the said Expr-dllioo 
*ilh the Forces of the Neighbouring Coionlea and a Rody of hia 
Majfsty'H Heguiar Troops There be givi-n and Orantc<) unto his 
Majesty his Ut-irs and Buccestiors the Sum of Ono hundred 
Tboniund Poanda Which Shall he asfieflsei] Ralwed and levied 
Dpon tite Entatea Rfal and IVraonal of all and e^-rry the Free- 
boldcrs luhabilnnts and Resid(1^ts irithin this Colony and 
Bhall be Collected and Paid in manner following that is to 6^ 
The Sum of Twelve Thousand Pounds on or before the flntt 



Twwdaj in NoTombpr 16 this presont Tear One thousand s^veo 
liPDdred and fifty yiue The Sum of RIercn tbousuud ronnilnon 
or before tlie first Tuosday iu JJovoihIhm- wbtch will b« lii llie Year 
of oar Lord one tboasoud seven liiiudrod and i^ixly TliC like Sum 
of Eleven tboumnd Touiids on or BKFORE J.he first Tuesday la 
Nuvt'tnber nbich will Ik- in the of our Lord one tLouiuind 
Beven hundred and Sixty one The like Sum of Elcren thousand! 
rounds on or before the first Tuesday In November which wUl| 
be in the year of our Lord One thouwind seven houured and 
BlxiT two Tbc like Sum of Eleven lhou»and Pounds on or before ^^ 
the First Tuesday in NoTCtnber wbicb will be iu the Year offl 
our Tx>i-d One thousand seven hundred and Sixty three The like 
Sum of Kleven ihouH.'iiid founds on or before the lirat Tuesday m 
Id November which will be in the Year of onr Lord One thoii-^^ 
«and «evou hundred flnd f^Kty four the like Sum of Rlevea 
llioutiaad Pounds on or befm'C the first Tuevday in Novemtvof 
which nill be to the year of our Lord One thousand seven 
liuudred and Sixty five Tbfi like Sum of Eleven thouMind Pounds 
on or before the first Tuesday in November wbicli wHI he in 
the Year of our Lord One thousand wven hundred and Sixty. 
rix And the like sum of Eleven thousand Pounds on or before 
the flntt TueMlay In November which will be In the Year of our 
Lord One thousand se^'en hundn^^ and Sixty-seven Which Saidi 
Sum of Twelve 'niousand Pounds and said Sums of Eleven 
thousand Pounds hereby appointed to be paid on the l>ays and 
times before mentioned Shall be Yearly Raistd Levied and paid 
by the Preeholdem Inhabitants and Renidenta ia tlie several 
and Respective Cities and Counties within this Colony during 
the nine Years above mentioned According to the Quota's and 
proportlona following, that Is to Say; 

In the City and County of New York during t!ie~ first above 
mentioned Year the sum of Four thousand Pounds. 

In the City and County of Albany during thu said Year tbej 
Bum of Tno thousnd Pounds, 

In Kings County during the salil tlmo llie'iram of Five Hun- 
dred and Seventeen Pounds six Shillings and Eight pence. 

In Queens County during the said lime the sum of One 
thouHtnd and Seveuty Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Four Pence 

In Suffolk County during tbe said tima the sum of Nine hiu>- ^i 
dred and Twenty Pounds. ^M 

IN Richmond County during tie said lime the sum of Tlirea^^ 
Jiondred Jt Twenty five pounds Six Shilliuga and Eight PenoOi 





Westchester Coanty during tlie Siiid time (lie som of One 
thousaiid aiid ^vc-uty I'ounds Tbirtieeii E>hi)Unt;a and Fonr peuc* 

In UlKin- Couul; ilurin;; the suld tiue tliv »um of Kloc liun- 
drpd and Twemj Poiiuds, 

Id I>uri:lii-Ks CvuiiO' (luring tfa« Said time tlie Sum of Eiglit 
kandred and Fifty Six Pounds. 

And [n Orange Coiiiitv during the Bald time tlie Sum of Three 
bondred and Twi-ntv Pounds, 

AXD for and Towards the said Sums of Eleven thousand 
Poands Bball be paid Annually tor and during the Eight luet 
abore mentioned Years 

Id the City and f'ounty of New Yorlt yearly during the sold 
time the Sum of Three thonsiind ti\ hundred and Sixty six 
Pounds Thirteen Kliillings and four Pence. 

Id the City and County of AllMiny Yearly during the entd 
time the Sum of Oue thoutiand l^iglit hundred and Thirty three 
Pouuds &ix t^billint^ and Eight pence 

In KiuEs OuntT yearly diirlni; the Mid time the sum of 
Four hundred and tjercut^- four pouuds four tihilliugij ajid Five 

In Queens County Yearly durlnc the Kild time the Sum of 
Nine hundred and Eighty one pounds Eight tShilliags and Eleven 

In Suffolk County Ymrly during the oaid lime the Sum of 
Fight buudred aud Foity three pounda six Sliillings and EighB 

In Richmond County Yearly during the said lime the sum 
of Two huudred and ninety Eight Pounds four tihilliugs and lire 

In Wentrhesler County Yearly durlnj; Ihe said time tiie Pum 
of Nine hundred aud Eighty one Pounds Eight tibiUings und 
Eleven pence. 

In Ulster Connty Yearly dunufr the fald lime l£e sum of 
Eight hundred aud Forty three Pounds six tjlullings and Ei};bt 

In DntrheiER Connty Yearly during the said time Ifae Sum of 
Se^en huudi-ed and Eighty four Pounds Tbirteen Shillings and 
four pence. 

AXI» In Ornnffe County Yearly flurlnp the raid time (lie Sum 
of Two hundred and Ninety thrt.-e pounds six SbllUngs and 
Eisbt PCDC& 


' AXI^ to" tbe End Hip full Sum latcndwl by this act may hi^ 
EBetUve and CcrapleaC BE IT EXACTKlt by Uie autborlty i 
aforeaulO That over oud above tbe Several Quuta'B above meo- H 
tiooed llippe shall be Raised nHitessed levied aud Collected lUe^i 
Bi-siic-clivo 8um)i folloniug tUu.1 la to Say On tiie Quota for the 
City and County of New York the Sum of Tlipce [wncc orer and 
aboTc every I'ouud to be Ketained in the hands of tbe several 
CoIIoctore aa a Rt^nard far tlu-lr Trouble in Collecting and pay* 
iDg (be Hune to the Treasun-r of this Colony ^Vnd ou the Quota*! 
(or the City and Couniy of Albany and all tile other Counties UtI 
this Colony the Sum of Ki)^ht I'enoc over and Above ereryi 
pound Out of which the several Collectors may Retain in Uieir ' 
hands tht.* t^um of Six p^uve on Each Vuund for Collecting and 
PayinR tbe same to tbe Several County Treasurera And ibe re- 
maining two innite the County Trejisurera ItespetUvL-ly may 
Betain in their handn aa a Reward for their Trouble and serriee 
Id RvM-iring and raying the Moule« Arising by this act to tbe , 
Tn-asurer of tbia Colony. ^1 

AND to llio End that awMwinenta may b* Made In (tnch Oon-" 
Tenient time by the Assessors that the Sums intended to he 
Rained by ibis Act may ho Colleeted and Paid at the (imc»J 
herein After mpniioned and appointed ^Vnd that AsM-sameats* 
may be Truly Eipially and Impartially made a» of Right they 
SAID that the Mayor Rei'order and Aldermen of the City and. 
County of New York or the greater part of them for tlic Timfl 
being shnll rae^t and Assemble at the City Hall of the said Cityl 
on the first Tuewlay In June Every Year during the said Nlnel 
year* and then and there Issue their Warrants to the several and 
Respective, AwieiworB of tlie «aid City and County to take a 
True and Exi«c( aci-onnt of all the Estatt-s Heal and Fer»onal of 
all (he Freeholders Inhabitants and Residents within tbe Beveni(^| 
■Wards of the Piild City and Cmmty for wbloh they nt TIIE 
time of Using Sueb Warrants ulinll be oMessop or sstiessors and 
true Equal and Impartial Ass^'ssments to make and Ibe same a 
a Day in tbe Mild Warrants to be Preflx'd by the Mayor or ttv^ 
eorder and Aldi-rmen or the Major part of Ihem then met to 
Exhibit and when the Paid Assessments are by the said aa- 
■esFcra Compleaied and a full aeeonnt of the Same fully CtaM 
np according to tbe pound Vnlue of tbe said Estates so that the 
Quota with tbe allowaDce for tbe City and County of New York 





Be apfvaront and made Known Tlicn *hc saiti Sfayor Ri-cnnlfp 
and AMcrtiifn or the Major part of theiu Sbiill jEsiie llii-ir 
Warrants to the spvcral and B(*ap^<;tire CoIIec(or» within the 
eaid Ci(j' and Coiinlv to Collect the Quota with tlic allowan.-p 
by tills act diri'Ptcd and that the same be paid unto th<> Trcasnror 
of tliis Colony on or before the first Tuesday in Noviinbcr 
Yfarly and every Year during tbp Baid Term of Nine Years. 

AKD that aoRefUtnien ta may he truly Er]uaJly and Impnrliiilly 
made and done HE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid that 
evpTy Assessor that fihall be fhoaen and Elected within the 
City and Connty of New York during the Term aforesaid Shitll 
before he enters npon the performnnce of the Duly and 8irvli-e 
Reciulred of him hy Ihix act tnke an Oath upon the Holy 
ErangelUts of Almighty God In the Words following to Wit. 
I, A, n, do 8we»r Hint I will well and truly equally and Itn- 
partially and in due proportion According to the liest of m? 
Bklll Knowledge and understanding amv»a and Rale all the 
Freeholders Inhabitants and Resldenta of the Ward of whii'h I 
am Chojien Assessor SO FIKLP SIR GOD. Wllicn Outh the 
said Mayor Rerorder and Aldermen or the Major part of Ihem 
BO met arc hereby Impowercd Required and dlrcetcd to Ad- 

AND for the effeolnal Aesessiag Collecting and Paylne the 
Respective Quota's fnr the City and County of Albany and all 
the other Counties in this Colony together with the before men- 
tioned allowanrea to the Collectors and County Trenanrers BE 
IT EXACTED by the Authority aforesaid that the Snpervls'ira 
of the aoid City AND County and all the other respectivo 
CouDtfofl in this Colony, or the major part of them Respectively 
•hall Meet on the first Tuesday in June every V^-ar during the 
said Term of Nine Years Where the Majority of the Supervi^tara 
Iben Met ahall cause the respective Quota's and Allowances 
aforewltd of Each Connty to be raised AsSMsed Levied and 
Collected in the same manner as tlie other Neceaaary and Con- 
tingent Charged thereof are And the respective Collector* are 
hereby reiinired and Injoyned to Pay Hie respective Quota's to be 
by them (.'ollected imlo the respective County Trenanrers on (..• 
before the flrst Tueaday in October Yearly and every Year 
during the said Term and each of the said County Treasurers are 
hereby Injoined and Required to Pay the Respective Quota's of 
their Counties to the Treasurer of this Colony on or before the 
.Vol. IV. 4L 



urst Tucsdiij la Sforcmbcr then next following duriug (lie Si 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the Anihority afon^naid that la 
Case any ol tlie Collfctors Shall negk-et or tJoliiv to Make UiHr 
nc»I>L-ctive raynientjf 1« (be l{esi)ective County Tri'asurpiB tor 
the Bpacv of (hrt-e Monlha next after llie limes appoiotetl hy fhia 
Act The said County Tr«i»uivr« Shall be and hereby are Kn- 
nbled directed and Itetjtiired to Comuipnce Artiuna in their own 
Names rifflpectlrply for the wild Sum or Sums or Such part 
thereof a» Shall be thea Unpaid in the County Court whepw Sncb 
Default may happen and Prosecute the ratne to elTeet And In 
Casc any of the Rt«pi-ctiv« County Trt-ai^urerif shall negleci^| 
Iheir Kespedivc duties herein all surh Sura or Sums of mone^^ 
slull t>e deemed taken and esteemed Assets In their luinda 
Respectivfly and they shall t>e Charged therewith an harinc 
lU-Cfired the same hy the Treasurer of this Colony Who shall b« 
and hereby Is Enabled directed and Kei|uired in hie own Namt 
to Commence Acliona for tlie name in the Su|.reiDe Court of 
this Colony within One Mouth After Such Default made by any 
of the County Treaxurere itospectivelj and prosecute the same 
to effect And in Case the Treasurer of this Colony eliall Neglec 
his duty herein all Such Sum and Suras of money so bt-iug m 
paid Shall t>e deemed takf-n and Esteemed assets in hti) biwds 
and he Shall be Charircable ttierewith us it he had Ai'tnully 
Received the Same And in Case any of the Collectors of the City 
oad County of Kew York Sliall N^^lect or delay making their 
I'a.nuents of the aforesaid Tax for one month after the times 
directed by this Act the Said Treasurer Shall be and hereby !•_ 
Enabled directed and Required in his own Name to Commenc 
Actions against Such Ditfanlter or Defaulters And Prosecute 
SAme to effect and in default of Such Prowculion the tnonej 
no UDp;iEd Shall be deemed taken and Esteemed asM^-ts in bis 
hands as if he had aclnally received the same Any law Usapc ■ 
Custom to the Contrary Nolwilhsiiindlng. 

AND be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid thiit Snch 
Mayor Beconler Aldcnnen Soperviwtrs AsRessors Collectors of 
C-ounty Treasurers Respectively within this t^lony as Shall 
deny Refuse Noph-et or Delay to do Perform and Kxi-oule all or 
any of the powers Dutii-s and Aiilhortties by this Act requir 
of him or litem to be done nnd ahall thereof be t^awfully Con 
rioted in any of his Majesty's Crturls of Record lie or they shall' 
Buffer Siici Pains by flne nr Impriwoninent as by the discretiuit, 
of 6acb Court or Courts shall be adjudged. 






.• or 




I be it Enacted hy the aiilhority afnreitnld Tbaf thi* Trons- 
Brer of this Colimv Shall out of tlie Moncv's to b* Itnixi-i] bv 
Virtue of tliis Act I*av ualo Oliver De Lanrey Beverly Kobinsun 
ud Johu Cragpr Esqiiirefi Whom Iiin ITonour the I.iputeniiiit 
Goremor haih been pleaw^d to appoiot CoiiimiBsarios & I'ny- 
■tastrai To tlw Ft>ree« of tlus Colony the Bum of Forty foor 
thousand pounds to be by ttipm npiilyed in the Payment of 
Two tboiiftand Six hiiiidri'd and Eighty efToctlve men onii-e^n 
lorluclt^ who are to be imployed witJi the Forces of the neif;l>- 
bosriog ColonteR and a Body of his Majostj's RpRiilar Ti'imps 
to Inrade llie Frenili P<i»i».'X';ions in Canada, after llio folluMiU}; 
Bates, to wit, One Colonel in Cheif to Rnperintend AND Coin- 
nand all the For(«8 of thh Coloity the Buui of Twenty ithilltn^ii 
per Diem To Two Colonels Comniandantfl eixteen 8hillin};i« ;>-'r 
Diem Each To Two Lieutenant Colonels fourteen ShillincR per 
Dietn Each To Two Major* Twelve 8lill!in?)i per Diem Kath 
To Tn'o adjutants being Lieutenunta Ten Shillings per Diem 
Eacb To Twenty Keren OaptainH Ten Bhlliinfta per Diem ejiih 
To Fifty one Lientenants seven Shillings per Diem Each TO 
Two Qnarter maaters three Hhillinpa per Diem Karh To one 
hnndred and Etght ^rjeants one shilling and eight ponce pr>r 
Diem Each To Twenty seven Drummers One sbillin;; and nix 
peace per Diem Each To etshty one Corporals One fhllling 
and six pence per Diem Each And unio Two tbou«ind thri'i- 
huodt^ and seventy fowr private men One shilling and thnv 
pence per Diem Each Deducllon to l>e made for any detlcirufy 
in that NnmlKT by Dealh or othomays Which Force* they are 
hereby directed to Pay Accordinc to the nnrot>pr that nhall Ik- 
fo Actual aervlce and not othcrwiRi> Which Shall be attcertaiuM 
by the Master Rolls of the Re)«[>Oftivi' Comiianicji Monthly deliv- 
ered to ll>e said Paymasters upon the oath at the several Cap- 
tains of KacU Compuny or the Oath of the Cotnmandlnj: ofliccr 
thereof at the time of such Mti»(er Which Oath the said Pay- 
mastertt or Either of them or Such Other Person as the Oovernor 
or Commaader In Chief nhall appoint are hereby Impowered and 
Required to administer in the words followinff VlZt: — I A. It. 
doBwear that the muster Roll here produced by roe la jiiat and 
Troe and Contains no more or other Pcrnnns names ilcin Such 
who are Really and Truly Inllstcd in my (Company and are now 
Acniany and Really in the service on the Present Expedition 
txatnst the FVcnoh Rctilcmenls in Canada Ro help me Gmt. — 
And the Baid paynuisiera are hereby further Required and 



direcfccl lo Par To fine Cliaiilaiii attcndinf; the aborcjafil ForcS" 
twHvc SbiHinc^ |ior Uicui ami lo ihtee Hurgeoua PtovidUig Each 
two able awi»»tunts to attend tbe 8atd Forces tbe Ram of 
Twciilv four 81nlliQ(;fl jwr Difin Eiu-li And Also to provide thoni 
with proper ClicM.8 of Mf<Ii(.-lDL-fi to ihe Value of Ouc liundi-ed^ 
and TwoDlj five poiinda Each fl 

BE IT EXACTED l.y thp authority aforesaid Uuii thft Treas-^ 
arer Rhail OUT of the uioni«s aforesaid I'ay onto l-^th of the 
Raid Captnias or other ofHcern Properly Authorlecd to l^ulsc 
the Forces the Sam of Tnt-nty ehillitifni for Each able Bt>rtled 
Man ^Vboiu bo or tbey Rt-'spectively Kjjnll enf;a(;<! to ialisl Voluii- 
larily into tl»e Said Hervive Aiid to ea<'h of Hie aaid Captainj 
aa and for an Knfoiirag^nieflt to the mk-d Who Hball lallst imder 
hfoi or tbcui Ib-Hpvt-tirely tbe Suia of Fiflfen poundtt to be 
paid by bim or lliem Kespeotively to each and erecy able boditd 
mail nbo ^hall Votuniarily iulist under bim or them oo tbe^^ 
aforesaid Berrtce whii-b Said Bespei^tive sums shall be pni<l^| 
by the Treamirer on Warrants Isantwi by the Governor or Cota-^ 
mander In Cholf for tbe time bein}; In Cutincil. 

ANn be it Enacted by the authority aforeHaid that the Trow- 
nrer of thia Colony shall oiit of tite monies to be raised by 
Virtue of thia act Pay unto the Baid OmimiBsaries the Sum of 
Fifteen Ihouitand T'onnda lo be by them Imployed in Purcbasing 
Clolbing UliinkelK and other Xe«-«i*iiripR for tbe Ufte of the 
Forces to be raised by this Colony on (he aforesaid EzpeditiOD 
of the due disposition of all Which nfoit-said Suraa of money 
they the said Paymai'tere Bbnl) Header Jo»l and tme AecouiiU 
On Oalb to .rhe fiovemor or ("ommander in Chief for tbe time 
being the Council or t)ie General Ansembl.v when by them orH 
any of them tbereunto Ke'juired ^H 

AST) to the end the aforesaid CommiMuiries may be Ei>oonr- 
agi'd to do and perform the Beveral and Kespectire serTicea 
Required to be done A Performed by thi-m Itt-spectlvely HE IT 
S:ICACTRD by the authority aforesaid that the luild t'immis- 
surita e^bal' be alloned to Retain in tbeir hands tbe Sum of 
Two ponnds on eiery hnndri-d Pounds lliey shall Iraploy by. 
Virtue of thifl act and in that Proportion for a gr«-aler or l^wwrj 
Bum aa a Reward for their Care and Trouble In the ivTerul and 
Bespeetire Scrficea hereby Required to be done and perfortaed^ 
bv them 

AMI t>e it Ennfted by the anthoritv Afftn>»«ald (ha* the Paid" 
COUUI&SAUIEH before they Beceire any part of tiie Monl 

Ulwh of the coLoxy OF HKW yoiuc 


feteoj directed to be paid nato tbcm sball enter into BeoAsnlz* 
uaKxm UDlo uur :^vt-i-ei^u Lord lliv li'ms Ub Hviia uud hul-lc*- 
sen bt-rure oae of Uie Judges of the tiu|irviue Cwuit of tliis Col- 
•Bj' Ui iLtf riuin of Kifi; Mne tbuusuud I'otiadu with two iSiiffl- 
ckut tJurcUc* wich in half that Sum COXDlTIOXJiU lliat tliuy 
will wi 11 and Trul,v Imfiloy and upplv |be Muuk-s to be Uuceired 
bj :htfm on ururvsuid to mid fur tliu >M.-vvrul aud U<.-i)]ieclive uses 
und I'ur^njeve dirt;cted b; this Act iuid vivU utid truly to ObsiTVo 
liu and IVrforDi all the dirLitiuus hereby lleqtiired (o be ol>- 
KTTt-tl done and [lerfoi uied by them Aci;ordiiig to tbe True lolenc 
and Meaning u( Ibis act Wbk-li Kvco)^lxancea are to be tiled uud 
Hecorded in the t^upn^nie Court 

ANU belt t:tia(aedby the authority nforcsald that If as; of the 
tforenatned Cominisituric« tiliull full of imtdoyiug and apply- 
ing Ibe money no to be receiTed by theno lu niuitner and for 
the I{c«|HCtive uwa Directed by this net Or, ouiil to obsene do 
or )ierfonn what i:^ hereby Required to be observed done and Per- 
fome«l by them In tiucli ("iiKe or Cases the said I(<^^oipiiK;uiee8 
sball be proceedi-d upon in due form of Law v\gainst Such of- 
fender or offenders or his or their Suretiefi in the suproam Court 
of this Colony wherein no E-ssoIn I'roteetion Wager of Law or 
more than one Imparlunre Htiall t>e allowed and the money to 
be IficoTered in Conseiioence thereof Shall be paid into the 
Trrasurr of tbia Colony and be ai>plied to and for Suib V*t^ 
IS Shall be hereafter directed by uct or acta to be pasaed for 
that PurpoM. 

AXU he It Enaetej that if Either of the said Commissaries 
■hall happen (o Die iteniove out of this Colony or Kefuse to act 
sccordinfC lo Ibe taereral I'owitk and authurilieK hereby dtreclcd 
and tteqiilred It Shnll nnd may be Lawfull to and for the Gorer- 
Dor or Commander In Cbeif for the time being hy and with the 
tdTtce and CoDiicBt of his Majesty's Council to Nominate and ap- 
point SOME other fit I'erson or Persona in the pluee and Slead 
sf him or them So Dying Ki-movin(t or Refusing to Art as Afori> 
aid any thing herein Couttim-d to the Contrary Nutwithaianiiing 
PROVIDED that the Person or Persons who Shall be uppoinied 
Bhall be obliged to enter into the like Reengnixances witJi tho 
lile Sureties na herein is directed to I>e donr hy the said Cora- 
miMarlea before he or they be Inlilnled to Ke<-eivc any part of 
the Money herein Mentioned aud in all Respeeta he as Subject 
to observe FV) and fierfonu the several diri-eliims of this Act aa 
Uheor tbey bad been named or appointed in it. 



AND te it forllier Enacted by the autLoritj aforesaid tiar 
the aTuix-suid ik-vei-ul Suuio ut tiioue; dirttted lo be I'ald to liie 
before memloucHl CouimUmries Shall be paid by thu Trtiuiiurer 
of thia Colouy at S\icb time und in ^ucli Troportioaa aa Shall be 
thought Xece8«ar^ aud Exi»edic-nt bj- llis Honour tbe Llvutt-uaiit 
Guvurpvr or Coiumaoder io Chief for the tiiiiu Lieiug by aud 
with the Advice uiid Conwut of bia ilujcsty's Council of tbi 
Colony for performing Uie Several and ItespeeUve Svrvio: 
ilirected bv IbiH Act. 

AND be it further Enacted by the anthority aforesaid That^ 
Ui« TreaKuror Shall out of tliL' aforesaid Fimd I'ay the fi^illowiug 
Sums of Money iVlZt;) To tiif Colonel in Chief of the Forces 
thU Colony the- kuui of One liuiidrcd Pounds To cai-h of the Tw^ 
Colonels Coounandanls of the Two BattaliouK of tbis Colony II 
Sum of wvcnty Pounds To funiUh their Respective Tables anil 
to each of the Two Lieuti-nant Colonels the Sum of Fifty Poundil 
and to Each of tbe two Majors tlie Sam of Forty Pounds (or 
tbeir Respective Tabk-a aud Camp neees^ariesw 

A\D be It funher Enacted by the auiborify aforesaid Tha^^ 
tht Treaauror Shall Pay unto William Weymaii for Printing ti^M 
Bill!' of Credit directed to be made CuiTcnt by this Act tbe Sum 
of Forty Pounds. 

AND aR It H impracticable to bave the aforesaid Sums of 
Money ColU'ctM as w>on as the pre^eul Exigencies Iteiiuire UE 
IT F-XACTED by the authority afortwaid that for niakinc Im- 
mediate Payment for tbe itervii-es Aforesaid Itills of Credit to 
the Value of One hundred thonwtnd Pounds be forthwith Printotj 
made and Isauc-d upon the Credit of the money to be raided and 
levied by Virtue of this act aud Lodj;i-d in tbe Treasury fur thai 
Purpone TItat in to say Five thousand Bills of Ten pounds Each' 
Six thousand Itills of Five Pounds Each and Ton thouj<uiDd of 
Two Pounds Each And upon every and Eai-b of Whivh Billt 
Shall be Impres»ed on the Itight Side thereof tbe Anns of the' 
City of New York and under tbe Anns in different Characlerfi 
titese Words 'tis Death to Counteifeit this Bill Which Bills ShnlM 
be in the Form followinfi that is to Say BY A I>AW OF THE^ 
KENT FOR rotlNDS New York the second day of April 

One thoummd Seven huudred and nfly niuc Which Said Billft, 
Shall be alined by Nathaniel Marston .lobn Morin Scott l^w^ 
rence IU*ade and Andrew Barclay EB^inlres or any three of thenil 
and numbered by one of thtun und in Case of the Death of any] 



of the tail VBrmtaa ^tt said nUU $h«II b« S^ <4 l\T <h« 8«^ 

AXD be it Enxled br th? anlhoritv «f,>rw«aM tfwt Ah^hrtm 
DePeyrter Esquire tfie Prcs. Dl Trc.ismvr of lliis i»im\ ti\ vi-I».hik» 
haods the Stamps of ihe Amis of tho »1(t t»f Now V«'rK aDiI \\\* 
other Plates are deported sliall in 1Ih> Pn'Xi-mv of \W ikifcno(% 
aforesaid or the Uajor part of duin Ot'liwr uutit Wtltltim \\>,v- 
mao the said Stamps and Platea who Is ht^rt'li.r H)it>i<ti)liHl 1u 
Print the said Bills and on Ilieni (o Intprtwi tl)<> mhUI AriUH niu) 
Plales Which when done thp ojiUI Wllllnm Wr.vnmu olioll Uc 
deliver to Ihe Said Treasurer lln> snid Sdimiw niul I'tiili'o in 1ln» 
preeeoce of (he Sipnors nfrtn»Niid or tlie Mnjvtr pnrt of llu'm 
and the Receipt of tlie anid Tri>nRiiror uliiill lie to 1lii< nnttl rriiMi>r 
n SuBicient discharge for the »nuu> nnd the linid I'l'InliT l« tu'Miv 
Reqaired and directed to deliver lo (lie Hi;:iierN Iicri'liy A|))mllilfd 
to Bign the said Bills everi- Itiil of ('rnlll h.v lihn IVlnli'il AND 
Shall npon his delivery of the siild IIIIIh tnko nn OhIIi In He 
Words following VJZt; I A. B. Uo dc.liire that fnm llic tljiif 
the Letters were 8«<: and fit to be put Into the I'rcHH fur rr|iillii(( 
the Bills of Credit sow bv me delivered to .vfiti iinltll (li(< ttlllM 
were Printed and the Letl^Ts nftei-wfinlH dUli-lbiili'd Irild III" 
Boxes I went at no time out of the Boom Iti which llir- mm)') 
Letters were without T^>ckint; tliem np m> llmt 1lir-,v cmilil uui 
be come at without Violence a fiilm- Kfy or aiUir iiM (hi'« 
unknown to roe and therefore to the Iwnt of inv Kn»pwlc*)if no 
Copies were F'rinted off hiLt in my pn-wnce find lh»r nil Ui* 
Blotters and other Vaffrn whalWHrvcr iiripr<-»>«<d by (In- xtiid 
Lett<>rs whilst Set for I'riniing 'he Mid BIIIm to ri.c b'ot 'it mr 
Knowl^Jjeareher*- d*-li vwl 'into yon t'<K"'bcr mUh I In- Hliirnpx 
and io all tbiogn Rt-latinic t<t tbii nfJair I h»vc m'-II nnd Truly 
4aD^aa*4 my »»^If acrcrding to ihe Tni*- ioi'-nf an'I M'^nini 
of tt* I^w in fhj»r f'aj"*- Mu'lf to th*- t^-«f of kij Ktniitfffl<tf Mwi 
rDd*-*AEdiBr !W> nKT-P MR fiftli Wki'-ii fK,t\, aU m f^'-rv '4 
tfc* FEeh^ts arft Eier%fc.y ImfK/w^ed Hxt'-'M^ and I^^-'j'iic*! (o 

0»ra. V?tr% i ^;!*^rarI» (i< 'hi* '"';'? *>? \'-*n» V'-.'",( FUii-h r,* 'iii^rn 

41 -ji*£r !J'ir- id'i ■v'll RTnow tijI' ^ijn .V'l ■ni-,-" '^i; • ••/ ''--^l^f 
*iaa. u* ir ''"'' ^ '^ ■" itir"fr"t md ' ■• ,Jii;) : uir.'.pn '"i;*f ..i; 
s<ig«!S3iim£rar7 liiils ■thall ln> ii-f^ a'.>f IV **i»l N mi vp *tn»,l 


be (li'liyer^Hi to the said Treasiiri-r in mannor afnri-said AM Sucirt 
tiupLTii uiuL-nirj- UilU 8liall be burnt and destixf^t-d by the iSutdJ 
SlgDers or ilie major part of tbetn or by tbe Majority of Ibei 
Survivurii vt tbtfiu iu tlie I'rateuge of tbe Trvunurvr of tUiM 
Colony. 1 

AJS'J[> be It Enacted by tbe authority aforextiid That the UilU 
of Credit Enaiied noJ appointed by ihia Act to lie Curreol 
fthall bv Itirmvfd by the Ti-ctisurer of this Culoiiy in all Fublk-k 
Paymirnts and for any Ftmd at any time l\ (be Treasury and 
by any IVnwn wHliln tbis Colony iu all Caws wtiatsoovt-r dur- 
ing tbe time tbey ate Phiaoted to Oootiniie and be us effectually 
Current ax any other ntlU l>f Credit made Current la tills Colony 
by any ott of the (Jovemor Council and (Jeneral Assenibiy. 

AXD be it Enacted by tlie authority aforewild that if any. 
Person or i*erison« whatsoever ShuJI Counterfeit any of tho 
Billa of Cri^dit made Can-ent by this Act or Shall Alter nny oC 
tbo Bills made Current a» iLforeiHiid so that tbey 8hull :k)ipeaf 
to be of greater Value than by tbia act the same Bill or liltis 
■0 Altered Were Enaoted signed or numbered to pass Current 
for or shall KnowiOBly Pass or give in PajTueut any of the Bills 
aforesaid w Counterfeited or Altered every Person guilty of 
Counterfeit ing or altering any of the iiald Bills as aforesaid orj 
of Knowingly rasping or giving In Payment any Such Counter^ 
feit or altered Bills Rhall be guilty of Felony and being thereof 
Convicted sball Suffer tbe I'uins of Death without ben<-Rl of^J 
Clergy And though Such Counterfeiting altering or Knowingly^J 
PuMing Counterfeit or altered Bltls Khnll be done out of tbl^f 
Colony Vet any Grand Jury wllhiu the City and (3ounIy of NeW^' 
York la hereby impowered to Present (he same and to Ret forth 
in the Indictment the place Where by their Evidence it appeap^) 
tbat the Fact was Committed which Indictment is hereby Ue- 
clon-i] good notwithHtandiog Hint the place alledged be out of 
tills (\>iony and tbe Petty Juries on the Tryal of all such lasuel 
shall be Returned from the Bwly of the City and Couniy of Xewl 
York any Law Usage or Custom to the Contrary }<otwitb- 

AND be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Billi 
of Credit made Struck and Issued by Virtue of Ihlfl Act Shall Ih 
and Remtiin Corrt-nt untlll the first Tuesday in Xoveml>er wblt'h" 
will be In the Year of our Lord One tbousaad aeren hundrcil. 
and tixty Elebt 







WSD be it farther Eoacled b7 Uie atitborlt; aroresaid that 
Done of the Kills i>f (.'ir-dll nwUe Current bj lUis act wlu-n ihey 
tn-cmin- liy anv means Sliaiiort?d Tom or dtfaceO shall ixaxc any 
pcicea of Pnpcr I'archmvnt or Ctolh pinned scnx-d or Postctd on 
UwTtn Mud in Ciuie an; of tht^tu be found with Paper Parehnii-nt 
or Giotto I'lom-d sowed or I'aslod tlicnxtn the Currency thereof 
iball Itumodlalel; ixam and tb^y shall Dot be ihen-ufter acieptvd 
bjr any Person hnt th« Treasurer who Shall Receive the Same 
eilht-r in Pavnieiil or ExcbaoKe for other liilU au>- Mog in this 
act lo the Contrary KotwithslundiDg. 

AND be it Enawed by the authority aforesaid that as th9 
Honey to he rai«-d levied and Collected by Virtue of this Act 
eliall Im? paid into the Treasury the Treatmrer of this Colony for 
the lirae being ehall bv and be is hereliy dii'eoled and Ke<|ulred 
to Qse his L'tmust Kndi-ai'ours to Cxehuuge the sniue fur ItilU of 
Credit made (Current by this Act Which Itilis So procured sball 
be Keitt in the Treaxui-y Heady to be Cancelled lu Manner a» li 
diroctcil in and by an act Entitled "Aa act for the niore 
EiTeolual Canoellini; tlie Hills of Ci-eilit of (hi* Colony/' Passed 
in the twi-uty flrst Year of hbi Maju«ty'H Itelgn 

AM> be it further Enacted l>y the authority aforesaid that 
nht-n Ibc Treu.surt*r Shall have paid all the aerenU Soma 
I'lri'cted to be paid by this act all the Rtrsidne of .'.he Money to 
lie Kalaed by this act Shall Itemaln Id the Trcanury to be diii- 
putH-d of by Act or AcHa hereafter to be pansed for that 

ANU be It further Enacted by the authority aforesaid that 
the Tn-asurer Shall keep exaet Btwks of ail bis ItwelptB and 
Pfl\Tiieuis by Virtue of this Act and a True and .Just Acronat 
theri'of sltnll render on Oath to the Governor or OomnuiDder in 
Cheif for the time being Jhe Council or fieneral AsDiinbly when 
by Ibem or any of tJieni thereunto I{e<|uired. 

A>'r» W> the End there may be no defldency In the Poratt to 
be furnished by this Colony on the Aforvsaid Serrice BE IT 
E\A(-rED BY THE ArTllOItlTY AFORESAID liial in Case 
a SuffirSenl Xnniber of VohinteerH do not offer by the foartti 
day of April Nex.t to compleat the full Number of Two thousand 
lite hundred and Eighty Effective Ineluding offlcers It Sbail 
and may be l-awfull for his Honour the T-Ieuienant Governor or 
Commander in Cheif for the time being and he is hereby Enabled 
and Impowered to Popply the deficiency by Detachments to be 
aude from the Militia of the Several and respective Cities and 



be (!fIiTtTi»d to the Willi Trtiiwurcr in tunDiipr ufur('«iid All Rnn 
tiupetnuiufi-ary Bills Shall be burnt and deetroyi^ by the Bald] 
tjigufi-a or tbe tuajor part of them or by tbe MujoHty of (he 
Sui'v'ivora of ttu:m iu tbe Pnaetice of tbe Treasurer ut thb' 

ANI> be it Enacted by tbe sutbority aforesaid That tbe Bills 
of Oi'dit tuiK-tfd uiid a{>poiD(L*d by (bis Act (u Ho Current 
»ha,II be Received by the Treanurer of this Colony in all Publhrk 
Paytucot* and for any Foad at any tiuie IN ibe Trvtiaury and 
by any Person wltbin this Colony in all CasPB wlialsoever dur- 
ing the time th<-r iin.- Cnacted to Continue and bt.' its cfreclnultv 
Current an any otber Bills ttf Credit made Current in tilts Colon; 
by any act of the (Jovemor Council and fJi'ncriil Aiwcnibly, 

AND be it Enacted by tlie authority ufure^aid that if anjtj 
Person or Persons wtiaTsoevcr SbaJI Counterfeit any of tl 
Rills of Crv'dit made CurivnL by this Act or Shall Alter any ( 
tbo Bills made Current as aforesaid so that they Shall appei 
to be of greater Value than by tbU act the same Bill or Bills 
■o Altentl Were Enacted ai^ed or nauibered to pass Current 
for or shall Knowlu^^ly Pas* or give In Payment any of the Bills 
aforesaid so Counterfeited or Altered every Person Ruilty of 
Counterfeit iu; or altering any of the said Bills as aforcKaid or^H 
of Knowingly Passing or giving In Payment any Sncb Connter-^| 
feit or altered Bills Sliall be gulUy of Felony and being thereuf 
Convicted shall Suffer the Pains of Death without lieneflt ofi 
Clergy And though Such Counterfeiting altering or Knonlnglj 
PaaaJng Counterfeit or altered Bills shall be done out of this' 
Colony Yet any Grand .Tury within the City and County of Kew 
York Is hereby Impowered to Prevent the same and to St't forth 
in the Indictment the place Where by their Evidence it appean*' 
tliat the Fact was Counnltted which Indictment is hereby dt^J 
clared good notwithstanding that ihe place atledged be out o( 
Ibis Colony and the Petty .Juries on the Trya! of all such Issue 
aboil b« Iti-turued from the Body of the City nnd County of Nci 
York any Law Usage or Custom to tbe Contrary Notwith- 

AND be it Enacted by the authority aforewiid that the Bills, 
at Credit made Stroek and Issued by Virtue of Ihia Act Shall 
and Remain Current untlll the first Tuesday in Novemtjer whicl 
will be lu the Year of our Lord Ooo tbuusaud seven huudr 
aad sixty Eight 




AND be i( fai-ther Enacted by tliP autliorily aforcwiitJ lliat 
none of lb* Bills wf (;ri-dit made Curri'iil by lliU acT wlieu tUcy 
boL-onie hy any nipjins BUailt'Pwl Tom or dt-ruccJ Bimll Unw iiuy 
p«ioes of PapiT i'urclimfiit or Cloth pinned sewed or Pasted od 
tbtnii mid In Caxe any of tlietu be found nitb Fa(M.'r rarclmiODt 
or C'loih I'iDin^il scwi-d or Pasted tlit-reon the Curreni-y thereof 
•ball ituuied lately cease and Ibey shall uot hn thereafter aeiejited 
by any Person bat the TreasmxT who Shall Ileeeive the Same 
«ithi-r in I'uymeni or Exebange for other itilln any iblug In thl* 
act to the CoDti-ary >'otwfth»landios. 

AND be it Ena(v'e<i by the auUiority aforei^Id tlint as the 
Money to be raised k-vii-d and Collected by Virtue of thla Act 
sliall be |>aid into the Treasury tbe Trcaftun-r of this Otlony for 
the time belDj; tiliall lie and he la hereby directed and iieijuirt-d 
to use hi« L'tmuKt Eudeatvunt to Exchiiuge tbe ^anie for [tilla of 
tlredit made Current by this Act \\'hich Bills Ho prot-ured skill 
be Kc}it lu the Treasury Ready to be Cancelled in Manuer as il 
directed in and by an Jict Entitled "An act for the more 
EiTe<^iial Canix'lllDi; ilte Hills of Credit of this Colony," Passed 
in tbe twenty titst Vear of hi« Majesly'u Iteijpi 

AND be it fnrtlier Enacted by tbe aiiUioHty aforesaid that 
Mhen tbe Trea^urvr Hfaall have paid all the several Kuum 
lUrected to be paid by this act all the Ueoidne of .the Tiloncy to 
lie Italaed by thia act SImll Remain in the Treasury to be di»- 
puaed of by Act or AuU bureafter to be paeised tor lliat 

AND be It further Enacted by llic authority afon-said that 
the Tn-uKurer Shall keep exact Books of all his lUx-eiptti and 
Payments by Virtue ot ihis Act and a Tnte and Just Awouut 
thereof »hall render on Oath to tbe Gorcmor or Commander In 
Cheif for ihc time l>eiag 4be Council or OeneraJ Assembly wbeo 
by tbeni or any of them Hiereuiito lto<|uired. 

AND I* Hk- Knd there may be no deflcieney in the Forces to 
be furnUbed by this Colony on the Aforesiild Service BE IT 
a Suflkient Niiinl»er of Volunteera do not offer by the fourth 
day of April Net; to compleat the full Number of Two thousand 
five hundred and Elchty Effective Including ofDcers it Hball 
and may be Lawful) for his Ilonour the Lieutenant Governor or 
Commander in Cbelf for the time bcins and he U hereby Enabled 
and Impowered to Supply the deficiency by Detachnienta to be 
Bade from the Militia of tbe ^'veral and reapectire Citica and 



CoiinllMj of tilts Colony where snch PcflcioncT mAj happ^ 
ALWAYS I'ltOVlUEl) ibat do more Men Shall be detarlml' 
from the snid Sewtal CitieM uuil Couuiles than according to 
tlie followinf; Propoi-tioD8 to Wit 

From the Vily and Coutitj of Hevr Tork tl»ree hui«ire«l aadj 
twelve elfective men 

From tlie Cit.v and Coonly of Albany fonr hnndred & twent 
four L-ffeUire men 
, From Kings Connty Sixty Eight Effective men 

Fmni Qui'ons County Tliroe Jmmlrwl EfftM^tive men 

Fi-om Suffwlk Couuty iwo liuudn-U aod Eighty >'ine Effectirt i 

nKD fl 

. From Rii'hmond County Fifty' one effectlTe men 

From WesichcsUT County TUn,t hundred and Klfflily nlne_ 
Effective men 

From Dutchess County Tlircc handrrd and Eighty nine Effe 
ive men 

From Ulster Connty Two biuidred and twenty Eight effectlye 
men And ^h 

From Orange County One hundred and Tliirty eiTecllTe TDt^n ^[ 
AN1> be it further F.nacted by the anthorlty nioi-esaid tliiit 
no Person or Persons wbatsoovcr la or are by ihia Act Excmptid 
from Mng Detached for the Service Reqnired by Ihlsuct excftp 
tlio Several Bmiichos of the Lepislatorc and th^-ir Necem 
officers His Majesty's Attorney Oenfral the Colony Treaanr 
nigli Sherlfs and Clerks of Cowrts Maclstrftleti Minister* of i 
Gospel Persons under Slxtfen or Above Sivy Years of age-' 
and PerBons who have actniilly Served in TUEIU own Proper 
PerBons la the Provincial Foroes of this Colony la the Cam- 
paign of the Year e<-veiitei.'U hundred and fifty bcvpd. 

AND be it farther Kuai-ted by the auihority aforesaid that 
tlie Reveral and fb^npeellve Colonels or Next Commnndin:; Of- 
ficers of the several and Rf«|>eetivc Ri^^inientit of Militiu miiIiI 
this Colony shall forthwith after Ki'ctiving the owlei-s of hi 
Honour the Lieutenant Governor or Commandor in Chelf for Ibo 
time bt-ing for deiachin;; the Numlicr of men wanting accordiii 
to the aforesaid ProporLions Stnd for all the Captains or nes 
Commanding offlcers of all the several Companies as wi-tl Re^' 
mented as onKegimeuted Troops of tiorse Included of the said 
Several and Resp4H-tive Cities and Counties to attend Ihero at 
Boeb time and place as the said Colonels or Next Commandtni; 
officers shall appoint with the Several and Respective Lists oo 





Oath of thetr Compaiilcs and or every other Person in tUoir 
District or Beat not Exempted b^ ttiis act Wliloli Oath Uie 
Colooel or Xoxt Commanding officer in his Rcsitective Coudiv 
■hall be iind Is ht-reb; InipuwiTed Co admluixtcr in the followiDt? 
Words I A. II. Vo sn*«>ur tbat the lAst I now di-liver Coiit»iDi) 
the names of all Ibe mi u from Slxlwn Ypars of Age to Sixty 
tDOt exempted by An Act Kntltlvd " an act for Raising a Supply 
"of Odp huQilred Ihootuuid I'ootids for levying Pitying & Ctontb- 
"Ing two tboiisnnd six ImndrcMl and KIphly pffcctire men, of- 
" flcew TDclndpd, for forming with the ForccB of (he Nriglibouring 
"Colonies, an Army of twenty thouBand men, to Invndc witX 
"a Body of bis MajemleR Regular Troops the French Possessions 
"Id Canada; for Kniitling Itiils of Credit fur the like Sum; and 
"for iinking and Cancelling the said Bills in Short Periods.") 
In my Company or Beat According to (he Iwfit of m,v Knowledge, 
Frofn wliich lists the several and Respective Colonels or next 
Commandhig ofDcers together nitii the otlier Field officers shall 
firoporlfoii the number of men to bo fumlxhed by cftrh Cowptuiy 
Respectively according to Ibe Xnmbers Contained in the Baii 
Lists And the Rnid Several and Res()ectiTc Cnplainn or Next 
C-ommanding officers for the Itespeetii-e Cities and Connlies 
with the Assistance of a Field oflioer of Each Respective City 
and Connly obnll w!(hiu Six Days thereafter take the |iroi>er 
UesBnrei for Detaching the nnmbep allotted to Each Company 
Ke*[>eetlvely by soch time n» Shnll 6c .\ppoliiled by ni« Diinfinr 
(he IJeutetinnt Govi-rnur or Commander in Chcif for tlie liiuc 
being for that purpose each able bodied man who Shall before 
tl»e 8AID petachmenls bo made Knier VoliinlarllT Into the 
said sertire out of any of tbe suid CompunieH to be allowed part 
of the Qjota of snch Company And tf any dispute Shall arise 
amoof; any of the said Companies coneerulng the Number of 
Volunteers enlert-d inio the said wtvIcc out of the said Com- 
panies the same Shall be Examined into and finally settled by 
the Renpeelive Colonels or other I*"ield oOlcerg of the City or 
County where the dispute may arise. 

AND be it further Enacted ay the anthority nforesnld (hat 
vben any of the said Captains or next Commanding officers 
•Itall order their CompnnieH to Me<-t tn order to Raise the tjiiota 
of mco Allotted to them Reepeetively Every Person duely 
Warned to ap[fear either Personally or by notice left at bis 
place of Residence not only tbo»e belonging to the said Re- 
qtettin> Companies but Such others as Reside within the said 



Boat or T):?lrict not Esempted bj tliU Act wbo Shall not Atten^f 
at siicU time and plave as tstiiill be appointed by tlio naitl Captain" 
or next Commanding officer Kenpeuriwly Sliall forfeit and V»x . 
the sum of Twcnlj Pound* Or if it Sliall apiH-ar by a. propeiS 
Certllicate tliat iIk orTondor or offendors in or are one of the^ 
I'eople called Quaki-rs they sliall on account of the tuuder Itcgard 
the I^giKluture of thin Coloujr hn« to Hcrupelous Conncieuce^H 
I'ay the Hum of Kight Pounds, and no more. ^ 

ASJ) be it further Enacted by (he authority aforptaid that 
all Frt-f Negi"oes and Sliistcf and Mnlattoe Freemen within this 
Colony dhall be and hereby are made liable to be deuiched os^ 
the Aforcnaid service by the Captain or Cuplains ne next Coiu-fl 
inanding olllcer or officers within whose Respective Beats or Di*- ^^ 
trlct» Lhey do or may Keoide notwithstanding any Indenture or ti 
Indentures of serrUudo lliey or any of Uiem may be under. ^| 

AND Wherea* Bome Persona in Several parts of this Colooy^n 
huTe deserted from the Rervlce in tho former Campaigns BK 
IT PURTHER ENACTED by the Authority aforesaid that it| 
Khali and may he lawful for the Keveral Militia Captains or Next^ 
Commanding officer* out of or by whose Company they were In- 
lirted or Detached to take and seixe al! such Dwertcr or Desert- 
erB whereever they can be found within thlR Colony and sentl^ 
them on the aforesaid services aa part of Uie Quota to be far- 
oished by their Ffa«peclive Companies. 

AKD be it furtlier EKSeted by the authority aforesaid that if 
any periion or Persona beiuR Residents in any County of this 
Colony shall after the Pnbileatlon of this act be Inllsted In orH 
for any other Coonty than that whereof they are residents" 
such Per»on or Persons no Inlistet) aliall be allowed part of the 
Quota of that County Whereof they are Residents And If any 
Dispute itliall arise between two Counties upon lliat head such 
dispute shall be Examined Into and Anally settled by iiach Per- 
son or Persons as his Honour the I-ientenant Oovemor or Con- 
mander fo Chelf for the time being sliall appoint. 

AND be It further Ennjcted by the authority aforerald that 
If aty Person or Persons within this Colony sliall after the or-^d 
derv for mnkin;; the said Detachments be Issued and before OieHj 
said Detachments be Compleated be fonnd In any part of thta 
Colony to which they do not belong and shall not be able to give 
m Palisfartory Account of himself or themselTea and the Bus! 
OPU they are upon to the Captain of the District or Rent within 
whose limits he or they shall be fonod It Shall and way be 



Lawfull for Soch Captain or next Comraonding officer to detach 
•ucli i'crsoD or Peraons ou ibc afoiv:Mii(l tSen'ice aa part of Uio 
number be U to furui»Ii out of bis Uompanj. 

AND be it fortbcr Enacted bj the auihoriiy aforesaid tbat If 
may PEB£ON or I'enoos Bo Detached Sbali Befuse the said 
service he or thfj so refusiog tjhall be deemod t>f«ertera and 
Bball be proceeded n^alnst uiid piiuii^ht-d at'cordiuglj ALWAYS 
PBOVIDED that it shsll and way be lawfoll for the Pltkod m 
detarbed as aforesaid Co procure an able bodied man to go in bis 
Boom and Blead nud on hi^ prodaciog tjucti to the officer or offi- 
cers appointed to Command the Company In Wblch the Said de- 
rbed penoD was to go ur to the tVrson ur I'eraouB Appointed 
Blaster tlio said Diun he the said detached Person bbaU l*« 
dlwhnrscd from Uiat Senice, 

AND be it further Euadcd by the autbority aforeeaid Ihat In 
Case any Person or PerBona whatsoever shrll harbour Secret or 
Conoeal any I'enon Detached or Juli!«tod as aforcmid and ab- 
senting himself from the said senice he Bhe or they tio otTending 
aliall forfeit the Som of Twenty Pounds. 

AXD be It further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that If 
any Person or Persons Whatsoercr sball directly or Indirectly 
Obstruct the said dctachuicnts beiRK made or Stiall diBconrngo 
or hindvr any Person from lolisting Voluntarily into th«.- xatd 
&TTice or shall under any pretence Whatsoever othcmiHo than 
by due proee«a of Ijiw detain any sucb Person who Shall here- 
■flcr Inlist Voluntarily or be detached into the i»aid Scrvico 
though the said Person l>e aer^'ant or apprentice he she or they 
wo offending 8hull Respectively forfeit the sum of Fifty Pounds. 

A-XD be it furtiier Enacted by the authoiity afon-Mild that 
if any Captiiln or next f'ominamling offlcer of a Company of 
Uilitia or any Person properly Authorized to Inlist Volunteers 
on the aforesaid service or Receive the Persons detached sliall 
be Proxf-ciileil by any Master or Mi^treos of a f't'rvajit or Appren- 
tice for detaching or Inlisting his her or their Servants or Ap- 
pn^nlice in (he AFOKKS.VID Kei-%ice or for Retaining them 
in the said senice It Khali and may 1>P I^wfiill for Sorh officer 
so detaching or such Person so lolisting or Retaining such 
Bervant or Apprentice to plead the General Issne and give this 
Act In Evidence and the Plaintirf or Plaintiffs in Such Suit or 
Suits sliall not Recover in any such Suits but pay all Costs. 

AXD I* It further Enacted by the Autborlly aforesaid that 
it May Colonel or Field Officer shall neglect or Omit to do What 



is EnjOTned him or them hy this «ct the? shall n^specUrdj 
forfeit the sum of Two hundred I'oimds and anj mptain or Sob- 
iilu-rn officer who shall D<^lect to do whut i^ Enjuvbrd bim bj 
tilts act shall forfeit the Sum of One hundred Pounds And everjr 
XonCommiswoncd officer who shall Omit or Kcglttt the wr 
xicc Required of him by bis Cuplain or next CoiumandlDc officer 
in Executing this act shull forfeit tiie Sum of I'ifiy pounds AH 
wliich forfeitures shall be ioimedlately levied od the Goods and 
Chatties of the said Defaulters Itesijectively bj Warraut or 
WorpaDts Isiiiied by one of the .ludjjes of the Interior Court of 
Common I'lcas of the Keupeetive County op Counties where the 
Mild forfeilure ulinll arise or by one of the Jnd;p-a of the Supreme 
Court in the City of >'cw York ou due proof made tbereof beloi* 
him Vi'hich Warrants shall be dirivled to and Executod by the 
sheriff or Sheriffs of the several OUies and Counties Respect- 
ively The a:ud forfeiture when Levied shall be i>aid into the 
hands of the SuporviKors of the said B«^>ectlTe Oonuties or (be 
City Treasurer of the City of Kew York and be by ib«n applied 
for nod towards the rn\iiient of the netessary Cbarpt-a of each 
Itespoctive City and County and all other Forfeiture* laid by 
thix act shall immediately be levied on the Goods and CbatlleS 
of the defaulters Hespertively or onthe Goods and Challles of 
their Maatern or Mistresses by Warrant or Warrants under tho 
hands and seals of the Captain or next Commandiot; olScer of 
Kaoh Itespeirtlve Company to be by him applied either for the 
Encouraging of Volunlwrs or towards Uie Iteiiiibiit'i<«*ment of 
tbose in bis Company who bare Contributed TEIEICETO And 
[-where no Goods or Chatties are to be found the nforesnid PO' 
faulter or Defaulters B»^^p(-ctively shall be Comniiited to Goal 
there to Iteinain without Bail or MainprUe for the Ppnce of six 
Months or untill the said Forfeitures with all Costs and Charges 
attending the i>ame Shall be fully iKtid 

AND that nonu of his Majesty's Subjects n-ho are inclined to 
go upon the service aforesaid may be Impeded or debarred from 
Fnlering Voluntariiy therein or tu'lnj detached prevenled from 
doing thereon HE IT ENACTKl) by tiie authority aforesaid 
That no Person who Bhnll Intist or Enter himself a Vnliiiitecr tn 
the said »ervli-e or Wing detached (hereon Ghall during the 
Fame he liable to ho talion tlierefroni by any Process or Execn- 
tloD wnintsocrer other than for Some Criminal matter unless 
for a Debt or other .Titst rause of Action and nolms before the 
taking out of Such I'lucesn or Kxccution not t>elng for a Crimintd 






SJaHer the riaintiff or rinln(iff« tlicrein or some otlior Pemoo 
or lVr«oEs on his or tliMr bcliHlf Shall ruako affidavit before one 
or more Jud^ op Judges of tlifc Court of lU-cord or other Court 
out of Which aoch Process or Ex<>cntioti flhall Issue or before 
Kotne PM-Roa Anihorizcd to take iiff!davil« In such Courts that to 
his or thfir Koovled^ the Original Sum justly due and owing to 
(be Plaintiff or I'laiuiirfit from ttio Oefeudnnt orOefeDdMnlKin (he 
Action or Cause of Action oo which Such Process Shall Issue 
or the OriRioal Debt for which anch Elocution Sliall be Issued 
oat Amounts to the Value of Fifty Pounds Current Money of 
the Colony of New Vork over and above all Co«ts of Suit In the 
Bame action or in aay other Action os wtuch the same has been 
or sltall be grounded A memorandum of Which Oath shall be 
Unrked on the back of Such Proceas or Writt tor which Memo- 
randum Or Qiith DO fee Shalt be taken And if nay Person Shall 
NevenhelcH be arrested Contrary to the Intent of this act it 
Shall and may be lawful! for one or More .ludse or Judge* o( 
8ocb Court upon Complaint made thereof by the party himself 
or by any of hU Stipcnour uflicera to Examine Into the same by 
the Oath of the Parties OK Otherwise and by Warrant nnder hit 
or their hands and Seals to disclinrge Such Soldier So arrested 
•r detained contrary (o the Intent of this act without Paying 
any Pee or Fees upon due proof made before htm or them that 
neh Soldiers So Arrested or detain<Ml Was duely inllsted for the 
■erviee or Detached thereon as aforfsaid and waa Arre8lj.-d and 
detained Contrary to the Intent of this Act 

AND be it Enacti'd by the Authority sforeHaid that 
any Poraon or Persons nho are willing to InliHt and 
ahail accordingly Inllat for 1he scnrioe afon-sald or 
being detached therein who are now detained in no«l 
upon Execution or any Process In any Civil action 
where the Original Cause of action did not amount to the Sum of 
Firry Pounds shnll upon a Certtfleate of Such hl» or thi.-lr In- 
lislmeut or Detachment being produced to any Jud-^e or Judges 
of the Court from whence such Process Issut^ be dlu-barged 
from Im prison mL-ut without PayinK fees. PItOVIDKD NEVER- 
THELESS that Such discharge Bhull not be deemed an Ex- 
tlD^isbment of any such IMit but any PlainllfT or PlainlifTs 
may be at llbeny to proceed to Judgment and Exi-eution against 
Ibe Qoods of any such IH-fendant And also aeainat their Person 
or Persons after be or they shall be discharged from the Miid 
■errlce In the same manner as if Such Debtor bad nut been 
, Bclcased from lmpn;<oumeoL 



AND be It Enacted bv tbe nutborlty nforeafild tlint no rerson 
or IVrsoDS wlialBoerer eogagod id the serrice aforesaid shaJI be 
detained therein ionj?er than to the first Day of November next. 

AJil) to the End that do Porsons lua; l>u sent on the .Uore> 
Ktid Serrice but Bucb a» are able bodied and fit for the duty 
Kx[M>L-ted from tbem BE IT ENACTED bv the authortry aforc- 
Hnid tha.t as well those tbat Enter Voluntarily ait those that may 
be detached shall be muK(crL>d Vicwt^s] and Examined by «uch 
Person or Persons and at Such time and Plare as bis Uanoor 
the UeutODRDt Goreniur OU Commander in Chief for the time 
bein^ shall appoint and in Case an; of them be found on Such 
Fxuniination unlit for Sacb Serrice the Oomitany or (^mi>ttnii'« 
Producing sacb unfit Person or Persons shall be Obliged to 
Supply their Places with oth«r fit and able bodied men. 

AND be it further Enacted by the authority aforesaid that in 
Case any Person or Persona WluUsiwver en)r«Ked In the afore- 
said service either as otDcere or Soldiers Shall at any time dor- 
iUR the said service Desert therefrom or Shall l)e(nn ExcilA , 
CauM.- or juin in any Mutiny or seditiua In the Company to which 
be doth belong or In any other Company Eni^^ed in the saU 
Service or Shall hold Correspondence vrltb sny Ridrcll or Ent-my , 
of hla Majesty or give them advice or IntelHsence by I.etUf«l 
Message* stgw or Tohens or nay maimer of way whatsoever or 
shall Strike or use any Violence against his Superior officer \hiat 
in the Execution of lti« office or Shall refuse to obey any Lawful! 
Command of bis Superior oQlcer they shall respectively SofTer 
I>eath or Sucli Other Punistmient as shall be Inlltcted by a 
Court Uarthil Which Coun Martini shall be held Constituted 
and appointed by Commiaaion from bis Honour the Lieutenant 
Governor or Commander tn Cheif for the time being under Uusj 
great Seal of this Colony 

AND Whereas It is apprehended tbat several able bodit'd 
men have absconded and othent may before the said l^orces bei 
Oompleated abscond and set-ret themselves to prevent their 
beinjT Detarhed on the aforesaid service HE IT ENACTED tiy 
the autliorily aforesikid that the several and Uespoctlve Mililtn, 
Captains or next Commanding officers Shall tie and hereby arel 
folly lui|iowered AolhoriwHi Re<|oired and Direi'ie<l wHJi MnchF 
force as they Shall think Nec'-tti>ary to make dilltieot and Strict' 
Beorcb for all Such absconded persons l>elongnog to their He- 
■pcctive Companies or whose nxnni ll<-sidenee Is within their 
Bespective Districts or Ueuts aud lake fiubic oad Kticun: nil 





■odi of tbe «aid abEconded Fersans as tfa^r can Mcpt with 
pAcreTer Ihev CAN l)« foiiud in tlie ik-vi.'ral niid Re»[ie<;tiTe 
Couotle* they belong to ani) teni tlicm on the aforcBaid Bt-rvice 
aa part of the Quota to be furnlRbed b.r ttieir Respective Coin- 
patiiea and in Case Anv ot the sitid ubtK-ond«-d iVrnoiiK iihall 
not bp fonoiJ before the March of the Forces to the OeDvral 
Kendezvous It Shall and may be lawfull for tbe Raid SeTeraJ 
and It^-Kpt-ctire C»]ituiua or next ConimaDding oBIcers KexiR'ct' 
Ivel; witb Snch Force aa they Hhall find oec«Bsar; to t»ke aeixe 
and Beciire all 8iiob ub«coiidi-d roritoDS aa Bhnll or Mn.v aft^r- 
^ «-ards be found and send tbem on tbe aforesaid Service as 
^Becruita for ihe fon.-t'a fumlabcd hj ibis Colon; oH tbe afare- 
^Hkld Imirortnot tierricc 

^H AUD be it further Enacted by the anlbnrit; aforesaid that 
^To Case any PiirRioii or I'hUician or any projKr Nurat>er of 
assistants for lliem being appointed by bia Uooour tbe Lieu- 
tenant QOTernor or Comniaiider In Cheif for the lime being to 
attend the aforesaid i'orii's Htiull Itefuse Neglect or Delay to 
^jo npDD tie said service Each IVrtwn So Refii»inK NeKleciinj; 
^Kr iJelayiog fjbull forfeit and Fay tlie 8uin of One llundred 
^Voiinda for micb Ri-fntuil Ne^Iert or Delay the said forleilurea 
^Bd be Hucd for ;ind ltcc<ivcr<d by the 'iYeosun-r of thiK Culuuy 
[ And when Recorered lodged in the Treasury iiolill the Saine 
ahall be dls|io8c-d of by M>me future Act of this Colony. 

^K [cnArTivU 108.1] 

F [Cl>af»t«r 10S3, of Van Srhanrt. where iti* Uil» only Is i>riDt<>d. Cliai^ 

^^ttr Ifil (voL S> of LivmcvtGD & f^tulib. where tlx- m-t Ib itrlDlod Id full. 

^^kcTtred hj cluplcr lUH. Expirvd Jsuniujr 1, 17(H. Pruvl<l<-(I for by 

^^Mpter 121C.1 

^^ An Act for Regulating the Pilots and Es- 

^^1 tablixliing their Pilotage between Haudy llook 

^^^^^^L and the Fun of Xcw York, and Other purposes 

^^^^^^P therein uenlioned. 

^ "" (Pnaeed. March 7. liM),l 

^B WHEREAS (he Rubjecting the Pilots of tbe Port of New 
HsTorb to proper ICcgululiuus will UMid jtreally to the 8jif<.-1y aud 
Conrcnleacy of the Narigation to and from the satd Port. 

BE IT Til KtlF FORK KXACTED by ni« Honour the Lieu- 
teaaat Goreroor tbe Council and the General Assembly and 
It is tiereby Enacted by tbe Aolbority of tbe aame That it 
A fVol. IV. 43 


(tliftll and may be L«wfn!I for the Gavi^nw or CiMKniaiiJ^r In 
Chief of this Colony for the time being by and with the advi™ 
and Consent of ltl» Majesties Coaocll to appoint one fit a«id 
proper PersQo to be Uuster and three or more fit and proper Pit- 
sons to Ix WardeOB of tlie said Port of New York WUv* »hall 
be called by the Nume or 8tilc of the Muster and Wurdais of 
the Port of New Yorli And in lilie manner to appoint .lad 
Commtseiunute u (^uQSl■ient Number of Persons to be Branch 
Pilots for the said Port Who shall be and hereby are inii>owei-ed 
to Appuinl catdi one Deputy under them PROV'n>EU Chat do 
Person shall hereafter be Commi»Bionalpd an a Branch Pilot o? 
appointed a Deputy Pilot TJntill he shall have been Examined 
bef(MT; and Obtained a Certificate from the muster and Warden* 
of the wiid Port or any three or more of them under their handa 
and Seals of his being dtieh- Qualified for ituch oflice and if any 
Person not So Commissionated or appointed shall Pilot any 
Ship or Vewteli going into or out of the nald Port from or to 
Waady Hook when a Branch or Deputy l^lot offers Bach Person 
aball forfeit and Pay the sum of Fire Pounds. 

AND be It Enacted that the several Branch Pilots of the 
ftaid Port! Shall each at his own Rspence find and provide one 
good and proper Hailing Boat fit for the sea and one Bowing 
Boat and at all times between the first Day of March and 
the flr»t Day of November Ihoy uliiill fci>ep at leant two nf 
the aaid Railinf; Boats at or near SANDY Hook One of which 
shall always when the Weatlier Permtts be at sea without (hs 
said Hook with n Pilot, ready to go on Uoctrd any Vessel! appear- 
ing in the aCdng and shnll also at all tinier between the Hrd 
Day of November and the firxt day of March keep at least two 
Whale Boats at or near sandy hook for the more easy puclng 
Pilots on Itoard or titkint; tliem off from any V.-sfftl coming' 
Into or going out of Pont, and there shall be allwa,vs attending 
or Resident at or near the Northeast Point of Sandy Hook at 
least one lEmneh and two Deputy Pilots unlees ottierwiM 
employed in Piloting Vessels. 

AND to enable the said Branch Pilots to defray snch neces- 
sary Charges and to encourage .Miem to give a dne and Recohir 
attendance BE IT ENACTKD tliat from and after the Pibll.a. 
tlon of this act all Vcsttells bound into or out ol IJie Port of 
New Yorii through the Channel of Sandy Hook (Vessels umbT 
the Bnrthen of Fifty Tons Carpenfers Tonage Tradlnvr C'Iia*- 
wi»e butweeu New Vorii and iKtulh westward as for us Cape 





ir Inclasivc fxcciited) shal! lie SMlijwt to Rweive on B<WLrd a 
Vllul and if a I'liot offera hia &rmce Uic Slast'T of t-Terjf bikIi 
T«st-U sliall be liaWc to Paj the Pilotage aa shall be EsUib- 
Hsiiod Id PorBuancc of ihia act Trovidwi lliat Id Casv \'e*- 
tvls lioiitiJ Into the Port of New York if the PSIoJ does net 
Board ihe A"eBsell» op offer Iiia Service wilboiit Baudj liook h© 
«h:ill be lolUM to no more than half Piloliige If nol befor-> she 
ealvn the (."haniiul bct«o«n llie East and WcBt Bank llion he 
chall be rntitled to no FUgtage at all Unless b>- Agreement 
ivilb (he Slaxter. 

AND be it Enacted that iT any Branch Pilot or bis Pepaly 
ehnll neglect or Kefuse to f;tre all the aid and luwistancf in his 
Power to any ship or Vi-well appearing in DlBtreflS on Hip Toaat 
or in want of a Pilot snch Branch I'iioL If the Oovt-ruor or Com. 
mander In Chii*f wllh (lie advice ami Cousf-nt of the Cmnnii 
sLull think Bt Sball foifeit bia Bnmcb. or be fini>d lit Ihe Itla- 
crctlon of the niasier and Warden* Aforewiid or any thric or 
more of tbrm not Exceeding {be audi of Ten poundx Wbii:b enid 
Slastcr AND Wardens or any tbree or more of ihein iuv litrt-by 
Intivowered to Inipose sui-h Fine and also to make iiiu-b Piii- 
dfultal Rules and or<ler8 (to be approved of by the (lovenior or 
I'onniiander in Chief with the adviee and OoDiM.'nt of Ibe Cinin- 
cll) for the Letter RegnlalinR ihe naid PiloU aa ibev shall jadge 
Nt'csRary and Exp<Hl!irit and (o Impose ntid hiy any Eim* for 
the breach of such Itulce and ordera not Exceeding the som of 
!tea Ponnds. 

AXt> b«> It foriher Knarled by the nirihorily afrrpHatd Thafr 
flte Rilv« and I'ilii'age to be demanded taken and Reci'iveil for 
I^loting, or being present offering to Pilot (except a« before 
Tsf^pii il) Every Vi-nst-ll from and without Sandvhook into t!ie 
Port of New York and fi-um Hie csild Port down to Saiidyho k 
Po far aa ibe Ve*«ella may prot'i-cd pafely to rea shall be aetll d 
flsed and ascer.'alned by the faid Master and Wardeng fo ap- 
pointed who are hereby im]towiT<xl to Alter and vary the tnid 
n^iteR during the Conlinannee of ttua Act as may be found m >st 
Expcdlnrt aod Jnst in order to have them fixed bereafier by (he 
Lesifllntare on a noHd Fmnidalioii Which Pilotage so Estab- 
lished by .*he majtier and wardens aforesaid shall and may be 
'Itecovered before the Mayor Deputy Jlayor Recorder and Alder- 
men of the City of New York or any one of them who are hereby 
BespeeliTcly Impowercd and aiithorlEed to hear try and deter- 
Dlae any Dispute or Controrersy Concerning the same (n a 



emninary Waj and to award Execution Uiereopon with Co«»8 
of Soits. 

ANO Whorcas this Act ia Calculated sud Intended more Iinme-i 
diatelj for the advaolaRe and iKCMcrvation of sti-aasprs than| 
Vw!»c(s belonginR to this Port the masters o( wlilch aru tiiaii.v ' 
of Iht'tn al>le and Experienced Pilots and IlLtiuire little or no 
AssiBiancc UK IT ENACTED that if the Maiiter of any Vessel*^ 
hclosgJQg £0 or Own^ in this port shall Ctaa^e to bring ap orfl 
carry down hiti own Vensell withont Iho a«alstance of a Pilot" 
he «liall not be obliRcd to Paj Dion; than one half of the Estab- 
lish'^ Kates nor be liable to any Extraordinary AitowaniNJ that 
may be Charged upon Each VeBnell from the llrisl day of Novem- 
ber to the first day of March Any thing in thia Act to the Con- i 
trary Notwithstanding:. H 

AXIJ to the end the said master and wardens may be disinter- ™ 
ested and Impartiai Dirwtora a» by this Act is Intended BE IT i 
'ENACTED that nettber of them so long as they are Imployed H 
to this Trust shall be directly or Indirectly Concerned In any i 
Pilot Boat or with any Persoa vhaierer Comulsisioned as a 
Branch Pilot 

BE IT ALSO ENACTED that the Branrh Pilots of the Port 
of New Yorif already uppointcd ahull within one month after 
the Publication hereof and the Branch Pilots hereafter to he 
tppoinlcd Khali before they take npon them the Exe^-ulion of 
each oOSce Jlcspeclively Enter into Kecognixnnocs with two 
fiufflelent snreties to be approred of by Hip Muster and Wardenn 
aforesaid or any three or more of them In the penal Sum of Fifty 
ponnds Currv-nt money of this Colony OONDlTiONEI) (hat such 
Pilot pliall and will in all iliingB Diligently and faithfully per- 
form and Kxerure the Trust Reposed in him According to (he 
directions True intent and Meaning of this act and according 
to snch orders and directions as be kIiuII from time lo time Re- 
ecive from the said Master and Wardens of the Port of New 
York or any three or more of them And on Breach of snch 
RecognlKance the same shall and may t>e pui in ^ult at the re- 
qneitt of any pai-ty Complaining Who filiall be Inlitled to and 
BeceWe Such pari of the Penalty If Recovered as nhall tie 
awarded and determined by the »aid Maatcr and Wardens or 
any three or more of them Who are lierebv authorized to fake 
CognlKtince of fiicli Matter and award the dnniages accordingly 
Provided ALWAYS that If the Branch Pilot Ro ofTendina shall 
pay to the party agjjrieved Such damages as shall be assesied b; 




the ntd Master anO Warding or ehv (hree or more of thorn with 
lilt! Cosus AccruwJ the iirowfdiDjjs upou Bucli Recogiilzouce 
sliall be Blajtsd or dlwroniinued. 

AKD bf ii Kuaitfd that lUt- Master and Wardens of the Port 
of New York fyr the liim; being slialt be uuti they or anj IMfo oc 
more of ihcm are hereby appoliiiod nurvi-yors for the Biirveying 
of all damaped goods brooKlit into the Raid I'ort Id any ship or 
VfaseJI and id like manner with the .-V»8i»taucf of oue or more 
■ble CarpeDter or Oarpenterg to survey all VESSELLS that 
Kball or njay be deemed or ihoufrbt anSt to prorocd to Sea and 
tbereupoD Shall five proper C'eriiflonies under tlieir banda and 
•eala as the ninlter shall appear to them an entry whereof they 
•hall Cause to be DiaJi* in a Itook to he kept for that purpow. 
I for whk-h Certificak- and Eulry thoir Clerk shall be KDlilIe<l to 
a fee of Eight gfaillinfja and no more aDd the Master and 
Wanlens shall be allowed nl thi- Rate of Twentv shillin^a Fach 
per Day and in that projtortion for half or a Quarter of a Day 
and no Sarvey on Such OoodR or Voits^lltt performed or made in 
any other manner than la herein dlrevtctl and Prescribed shall 
be Valid or Anthentick 

AND be It further Fnarfcd thnt before the said MflBter or 
Warden* enter upoo the Eset-ution or discharge of the natd ofDce, 
They ahal) Se-ferally take an Oarh before one of the JudK**!* of 
the Sii[trcme Court nf this Colony In the Words foltowiD^ that 
Is to t^ny I, A. D. Will wril truly and Imgiartially aeeurding 
to the l)e8t of my nklll and T'lidpnitandlnir Exeonte the powers 

Iested Id me by Virtue of an act of the Colony of New York 
atitled "An Act for Iteftulatins the Pilotv and Entablishinff 
their Pllotaire belweeo Sandy Hook and the port of New York 
and other pwrpodon (Iifrein M<-ntioned " SO HELP ME OOD. 
AND be It further Enar|e<l that the aaid .Masler and Warden* 
•hall keep an office in the Cfly of Npw York and provide and keep 
HB Clerk and a proper Rook or nooVfi and thort-ln nhall Cause 
^Be^iilar and fair Entries to be mndu of all their TranMctiona 
and Proeewlings In Vlrtne of this aet to whlrh all Persons may 
liare Reeourae Which Ck-rk so to t*e appointed \» hereby Tni- 
I i.p ow»red and authorized to Receive all the lllotage money which 
■ball from time to time become due to nil or any nf the Pilots 
^^T Vlrtne of this act and on B'.-fosal of Paymfnl In his own 
name to »ae for the aaroe bpforc the Mayor Deputy Mayor Re- 
corder, and Aldermen of the ?ald City of NVw York or any one 
al tbem, W*ho are hereby Respectively Impowered and authorized 



to lienr try nnd Determine the same in a Snmmary Way bdiI to 
award Execution therk-ou wilh Costs and to Ki-op a dlsiinrt 
and st-pt-rate account with Each sod erery of the said rilols 
of all siicli monies as he gtioll or may B«cc-fvL- to their use, and 
EVKKY three months to Pay the same to thtiu aevorally Ite 
taining In his bunds four per Cent for hU Tronhle and all tbo 
finus and forfellort-n arising by tbis Act shsill and may be Sned 
for and Kecuvfred by and in the Xame of llie said Clerk before 
the Mayor Deputy Slayor Itecorder and Aldermen of the Said 
Chy of New York or any one of them Who are hereby author- 
ised and luipovkx-rt-d to hear asd dctenuine thtf same and all the 
Bald Pines and forfeihirea and Snob part of the Penally of any 
Becojinlzancf recovered and rnapplied as aforesaid sliall be 
paid into the hands of tlie said Master and Wardens or of aujr 
three or more of thctn and by them applied towards defraying; 
Buch Keeessary Ezfiences as they shall be pn( to in the ilisebnrjt.- 
of tbe Trust reposed in tlieiu And the sold Clerk la hereby 
ordered and Required to Enter into Bond with good Security 
to the said Master and War<IeH« in the sum of Five hundred 
Founds for (be faithful discbarge of the duty and Trust Iteponed ■ 
In him by tbis act ^| 

AND Be it further Enacted Ibat the Pilotace which Shflit or ™ 
nmy become due to any of tbe Pilots who lake the Clmrge of 
any Vessels Outward bound sliall be paid or Secnivd to be paid 
to the said Clerk before thi- brealiinR fJi-onnd of suoh Veasell tn 
tbe Port of New Yurk and in Case tbe Pilot for who!«e u»e sut.-k 
money Is paid uliali fall in Doins his duty the Money to lie 
Beturned or the l!ki:un(y to be \'oid as may happen to be (be 

BE IT FCRTnER ENACTED that (he Master or Owners of 
every VeweH Roing onl of this Port shall pay to the Clerk of the 
Master and Wardens of the Poti of New York In Case he or they 
shall carry off any Pilot or Deputy Pilot for Ibe use of nucb Pilot 
or Depufy Pilot after (he Hate of Etsht pounds per ninnlb 'till 
he can Return to (his Port Providt^^ liie Pilot or l>eputy Pilot 
Performs tbe Duiies required by this act- 

AND be it also Enacted by tbe aulbority afore^ld thnt dflrioz 
the Continuance of this act It Shnll and may be lawful! for tbe 
Lieutenant Governor OR Commander In Chief of (his Colony 
for tbe time beioK by and with the adrice and Consent of bis 
Majesty's Ouncll to appoint so many Branch Piiata as sball 
be Jodped Necessary for the safe Piloting of Vessels (when 



;nired) throagh th« Channel in the Enst River commonly 
calU-d Iiell|;n(c to and frota rli<* Tort of Ncvf York th« Master and 
Wardeos as aforesaid to Ealablisb the Pilotage and also to make 
Mrh Ifjilcft and lU-giitiiilnns for lUe Ordering and Direction of 
tbe said ri'ots aa shall be necesaary and Espcdivnt, 

Thl« act to bo ojid Contlniii> of Force frpm the Publication 
hereof antill the first day of J:iniiarv Which will b« In the ;ear 
Lord One Uiouaaud ac^aa hundred and &ixty one. 



ICbsptv 10M. of Van Schaack. and cbapter lUS (ml. 2) of I.lvlacBtoii & 
Bmltn. wbcra tlw title only is printed. The acu rvpcated are cItapUfK uT^ 
lOK and lOU. Expired January 1. ITGO.J 

1^ An Act for imprpsrinp tbe screral Per- 

H lonn and things uud itei>euliug the several Acts 

H tbereia Mentioned. 

■^ IPasswl. Mnrrh 7, ITM.] 

WHEREAS we are boond both by Duty and UrutJtnde to 
aid and Assist !Iis Maje«ty in this just and Necessary War 
ondertakeD for the Prote^^tion of thesv tiis AmerlL-au Colonies 

Kainat a Cruel and Merciless Enemy 
BE IT ENACTED by his liononr the Lfeutonant Oovcmor 
e Council and the (it^nf-ral Assembly and it is hereby Enabled 
by the authority of the Hame that It shall juid may be (.awfutl 
for any Person or Persons appointed and impmvcred by the 
Ueutennnt Ooremor or the Commander In Cheif of this Colony 
for the lime iH-inj; by Warrant under his 81)^) Maiiniil and SciU 
at Arms Issued by and with the advice of bis Majesty's Council 
to Impress any Ship Carppnters noiise Carpenters Joiners Saw- 
yers \Vh*-cl Wriphts and their and any of their Servants or 
Apprentices liuttoes Rrows and oil other Vcssells and all Mate- 
rial* Ne<-ewary for Building the Same and any other Artificers 
CI -K.,gf^,rs op Workmen Horses Wunpons Curriapi-s and Drivers 
h the Lieiilenanl Oorernor or Commander In Chief for the 
Ifcing by and with the advlcf? and Conwnt of his Slajesly's 
icll Phall jndsre neoesaary to be imployed for the S«'rvice of 
dajcstics Army Paying Ihc raniil Riilcx and Market Price 
be same in Ready money and every Person Neglecting or 
Refnsing upon Kiioh Impress to be aiding and assisting in the 
Be(]nln>d service acrording to his Capacity and nbilily Shall 
Her one Montlis Imprisonment without Bail or MainPiize 


"BE It FURTnER ENACTED by the ^ofCoHfy "aforeaaitf" 
that wlieo any Waggon Uorse or Driver uhail be liiiprviuwM b/ 
Virtue o( this oct the Person who Shall have the Qoveroors War- 
rant for the name shall and ia Uertby obliginl to Tay unto the 
Wuggoner or the Driver For every Waggon or Bk-d Drirer and 
Pair OF Hoiw« Twelve Bliillings per Day of Which Four Shill- 
ings 8hall be for the ose of the Drirer Two Sfhlllinss for the 
nse of the owner of the Waggon or Bled and Thn-y Shillings foe 
the uRe of the owner of Eacti Horse And In going to the place 
where they shall be Itequircd to take up their (iritt Loud from 
the Place Ihey are Inipreosed at Or Returning to the aame they 
shall bo Intitled to one Daya Pay for every Twenty four Miles 
nod fn that proportion for a greater or Stnalier distuncc Not- 
withslaxtdiug any thing iu lliis Aet Contained to tho Contrary, . 
thcn^f ^ri 

AND t* ft "furllicr Enacted by the authority aforcMid that^ 
CTcry norse Waggon or Sled Imprrased as aforosaid iduJI beforo 
it goes into the service be Valued or appraised by tiiree IndflTer- 
ent Persons Kominaled or Cbusi>n by one of His Uujesticfl 
Justices of the IVacc In the County where such Horse WnggOB 
or Sled is w are fmprpswd Which llii-ee Persons shall be 
sworn by the said Justice Equitably and truly to appraise the 
siime ac<^ordlng to the best of their Knowledge Which appraise- 
went t^hail be Reduced to Wrilingand Signed by the Afon:-)>;iid 
three Persons and tlie satd Justice and given to the owner ot 
the said Qorsc Waggon Cart or Sk-d And in Case Uio said Wag- 
goa Horse or Sled sliould bo: lost or destroyed in the said Bei^^B 
rfce or not Restored to the owner thereof (he Person or PeiS^l 
sons who shall have the tlovt-rnors Warrant for Impressing tliS 
same shall be and Is and are hereby Obligi-d to Pay nnto the 
aforesaid Owner llie Sum or Bums of Money the said Wuggoa 
Bled or Horse shall be so Valued at and the luiid owner U ht-rebj; 
Impowered lo Sue for and Recover tlie xauie. 

AND be It Enacted by the auUiority aforesaid that the acB 
Enlilk-d "An Act for Impressing Ship Carpenters House Oa^ 
I>cnters Joiners Sawyers and their Servants and all other Artl- 
ficiers and Lnbourent for the Building of I'attoes and also for 
Impressing Horses Waggons Radoes Scows Steersmen all other 
things Necessary for Transporting men Carriages and all nece* 
saties for Erecting a Fort or Forts nigh Crown Point on Itls 
Majesty's Lands and other Forlificntions within this Colon 
and for limiting AND niicertuiDing the Prices aad Bates ot 


■iKt«rUla ReqiiUUe tJicrcto "Passed tn Uic Twenir Kiglilli nn^ 
tlu auoiLer Act EuHtlud "An act to limit and aKcvrtalu tbe 
Bate* to be takmi for Carriages IniplOTod or Impressed in -bis 
iUjcsty's Bei-vii-o in this Colony" Passed iu lii« Twenty Ninth 
fear of tiiii prtTscct Majesty's Reign, and Also another Act 
Entitled "An Act to ana-od on act EnlUled an act to limit 
and acccrtain the Rates to t>e taken for CarriHgcs Imployed or 
tnpressed is his Uajenty's Service In this Colony" Pas»^ in 
the Tbirtieth y«ar of his Majesty's RHgn vbiill be and hereby 
ara BepvaJed and declared null and Void to All l&teubs Con- 
itroctloos and Purposes Wlialsoover 

AKD be it furlhop Enacted that this Act shall W In forca 
from and after tbe Publication hereof 'till the first day of Jan- 
vary ISext and uo lunger. 

[CILVPTEB 1085] 

tCbti>t«r 1085, of Tsn Scluack. snO cbaplcr 1(3, (toI. Z) of LlTlnKBtoi 
ft Snlth, »bcn tint Ullc only I* prlnlrd. Bopnk-d bf chapter 114$.! 

'An Act for Conflmiing and Rendering 
Effectual the Bevcnil Aseii^minits salex and 
Conveyauoes uade of the Real Estaivs of Huc)i 
Insolvent debtors who liare given up their ef- 
fects for the benefit of their Oeditorg In Ptip. 
suance of an Act Entitled "Au Act tu enable 
" the Creditors of Insolvent Debtors who are 
" nillini; to Rive np their effects to dispose 
"of the same for the benefit of the Oredilora 
"and to release tbe said Dcbtora from Inipri»- 
' "ooment" or in Pursuance of another Act En- 

titled "An act to Kiiahie the Assi^ees of 
" InMolvent Debtors more eflfectually to dispose 
"of the Estalex of such Debtors for the benefit 
" of their Creditors " and for other purposes 
therein Mentioned. 

[Pa»(Kt. Uarcb 7, tTj9.] 

WHEREAS in and by the eald Act Entitled *'ao Act to 
"Enable tbe Creditom of Insolvent Debtors who are willioG to 
"give op their elTects to dispose ot the same for tin; benefit 
'of tbe Creditora and to Release lb@ saJd Debtors from Imprison- 
"nent" made and passed In the Twenty Ninth Year ot his 





Present MaJMly'a n*-Ign It la Ihcrtin and tlierebj among otBw" 
Tbitiga EoiKifd and dedarftl tliai tbe aseii^nee or osaigobca 
of Uie Estate of siicli Debtor or D«b(orB wbo by tbc Ka!(l uctj 
Is are or tiliall tc lulitltd to the bvneflt thereof on bia op lUcir] 
Compliance with tlie TurmK and ComlltionR iu tbe Kald act] 
Ueotioaed and espiDtK^d «bal] lmv« full I'owcr aud Aatboril^l 
to &>eU and dittpose of all the Estate of Sucb Debtor or Debtors 
and to Exevute good ojid Suflkieiit l'wd« for the Juiiiii- AXU 
VVIIEKEaS BCreral S!es*u;ipen or Dwelling houses Eud Lola of 
gronnd Lauds TcnementR and IIiTf-dltHinontB have been granted 
CoDve.vt-d and utofigucd hy Such Dc-blora, un well bv \'irl'ie of 
tbe said first meotioued act as b; Virtue of the other act Knllik-d 
*'An Act to enable tbe assignees of IniHilvent Debtors inure i 
"efloctually to dijfpone of lb« Esiutes Of Such Del>t«i-» for ibej 
" benefit of their CrwlitorB." Also p;>«aed in the TWENTY nUitli 
Year of hts I're^^nt Uaji.-siy'g Kvlgu And port wberL-or h:tve 
hy Snch a&ingiiee Ur assignetrs been accordinijl.v soid and Con- 
veyed aud the nioueys Arising from Such Sales dlstributi^l 
amougot the Crtditora of Such Debtor or Debtors AccordUig 
to their Respective dividends Bucb assignees as well as tbe 
I'ersous purchasing of them Huppo^ing (bat the sales and Con- 
vevances made by them in pursuance of either or both of ibe 
said Acts were a Bar In Law against the Reco%-ei7 of Dowcf 
by the Widow of any Such Debtor or Debtors after his or Ihi'ir 
Deaths iu Coufid'-uce whereof feiiich Purchases were made aud 
Executed AND WIIEUEA8 since (he making and ExecatinK 
the said Sales and Conveyances by such Debtors or as(ii);iieei 
some doubt had ariwn whether such SaW and Couvi-yauces 
of such Debtors Real Estate was really a bar iu Law a^^ust 
the Recovery of Dower hy the Widow of soch Debtor afler bb 
Death Which after such dit^lribudon as aforcxaid may be at- 
tended with great Inconveuiencies both to £uch assignees and 

UE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by his Uonotir the Lieulen-H 
ant Oovoruor the Council and the General As»embly and it Is 
hereby Enacted by the autbortty of the same that all and every 
the Rit«I}:nnientH sales and CuDve%'»nc(^4 bervtofure made by any 
soih Debtor or IM>lor8 assijitiee or Assignees of the Real Estatfl 
of any ^ucb Debtor or Debtoni shall Ih> and is aud are hereby ^^ 
declared to be a SulScient Dar both Lu Law and Equity against H 
any Claim of Dower made or to be made by the Widow of such ^ 
Debtor or Debtors whose Estate or Estates bath or hare been to , 


or Conveyed by Virtue of Iwth op either of tbe aald acU 
and ll»at ilie I'brchasor or I'urcliaaors of bucIi Estali* slmll and 
amy bold ood Enjoy Uie same acqaUtcd and dlscliarycd of any 
•och deoiand Bui that 00 Widow of any l>ebtor whose Esuile 
■hall lien-afior he assigned sold or Couvcyod to Virtue of Either 
of the said acU shoJI after bla Death be barred of her Dower la 
the Premises so audgned or Conveyed unices she shall freely and 
Vuluntarlly Uelease her Right uud Title of Dower thon-iu to 
Socb sKslgiiee OR AsMguec-s asy thing in either of the said acts 
or to this I'tL-w-nt act to the Contrary tben-of notwidistaadiny 

AND WHEltEAS the suid Act Entitled "An x\ct to Enable 
" the Crvditors of Insolrent Debtors who are Willing to give up 
*• th^ elTectfl to dispose of (he same tor the benelit of the Credit- 
"or* and to IMea>*f the said Debtors from Imprisonment" did 
expire by its own Limitation (as to the liberty of Creditors I'etl- 
tloniag) on the nr»I day of January iu tlie Year of our Lord One 
thoorand seven hundred and fifty seven and vss Intended to 
be Revived as to the Lilwrty of Creditors Felitiftning until the 
first day of January which will be in the Year of our Lord One 
thoosand seven hundred and Butty three by an act Entitled "An 
act to Itevlve an act Entitled nn aot to Enable (he Creditors of 
isolvent Debtors who are witling to give up their Effects to 
ispose of the Mime for the benefit of the Creditors and to Re- 
the said Debtors from Coiirmemeut " Pasned in tlie Thir- 
Iteth Year of hU Majesty's Reign Ilut the True title uf the xaid 
act intended to t>o Revived being misLiken in tbe act by which 
It was intended lo be Revived Some diJirmte may arise whether 
the act BO intended to be Revived is at pn-Beut In Force or Ex- 
pired for Remedying whereof BE IT FIJUTHER ENACTED by 
the authority aforeoaid that the sold Act Entitled "An act to 
" Enable the Cretliiors of Insolvent Debtors who are willing to 
**lllTe ap their effects to dispone of the same for the benefit of 
"the Creditors and to Release the said Debtors from Imprison- 
" ment " fhall be and Is hereby Revived and every Claupe article 
matter and thinjr then-ln Conrained Re Enacted and shall be 
and Remain In fall force and Vlrtnc to all Intents Construction* 
and Purposes Whatsoever from the Publication hereof nntill tho 
flmt d;iy of Jannary whiih will be in the Year of onr T^rd One 
thousand seven hundred and sixty three as to the liberty of Cred- 
Itoni PelilSoning and no longer but Shall Continue and be In 
fnree as to the P<iwer of Every Court Pertion nsslsmee «»r as- 
iience* appointed in Pursuance of the fc'-ald Act untill a full and 



fltutl settlcmeDt and Division shall be made bj them according 
to the True iutcat aiid nieaniug of the 8uid act. 

AX1> WUKKKAS it maj- for llie Iteasun aforcHaid also admit 
of Borne dispute wlittber tbe »aid uct KulJtled "An act lo Knable 
ttie aMiguccs of lusolvuut Debtors more effwiuallv To dis|>osc 
of the Estate of such D(.-biorit foi' tbe benefit of their Crediiois'' 
did uot bt-'Comi.' obtwlcto aud of no Force uu the Kxiiiratiun o( 
the said act Entitled "An act lo Knable the Creditors of In- 
•' solvent Otbtwii who are Willing lo give up their Effects to 
" dispose of tbe atune for tbe beuefit of tbe Creditors uud lo 
" BelesMi the iiaid X>et>toni from Imprisonmeot " upon which 
it did d<^p(:'Qd and was made to Explain and Ilcnder more 
effectual for prfwuliou Whei-vof HE IT FAKTUEK ENAOTEU 
hj the antboritr aforesaid that the said Last mcotloned an 
Eulitl'_-d "An act to Enable tbe ai^Bitnieea of Inuolveut Debtors 
more Effectually to dispot* of tbe Estates of such Debtorn for 
tbe benefit of their Creditors " shall be und is herebjr Itv-euucted 
and made of the same force and effect IJiat It would have bivii 
if the Bald act Entitled "An act to Enable the Cri-ditora of 
Insolvent Debtors who are wtlllng to give up tMr effeetn t* 
difipose of the same for Llio benefit of the Creditors and to 
Itelease the naid Debtors from hupriKotnuent " bad teeu duet,v Re- 
vived or had Originull.v U-cn without Limitation And all a««i;!ih 
ments Suin Coavevaueea Dividends and I'roceedlnKS What 
soever had made or Esecnted bv Virtue of the said act En- 
titled "An act to Revive an net Entitled An Act to Enabh> the 
Creditors of laaolrent Debtors who are williug to give up their 
Effects to dtiipuM.' of the same for the benefit of the Creditors 
and to Release the said LK-btors from Confinement " are hc-rehjr 
Ratified and Confirmed and deelared as good and effectual in 
Law to all Intents Coustruetlona and I'urpoees Whatsoever as 
they would Iiave been if the said last meution«d Act bud Revived 
the act Uietvbj Inteudud to U Revived by its true Title. 






tChBptcr lOSBk ot Vmn Scfaanrk, and oh(ip(«r l&l <toI. Zi of UrlnKStOD A 
9mUh, iilwr* Uh Utl« odIj is printciL Expln-d January 1, ITOO.] 

'An Act to Prcveut the Itu.vlnj: Excbanslnj 

or taking to Pun-Q of or from bu> Indiau or 

IndiaDs Aujr Arms, AmmuDiltoD or Clouiliing 

in the Couutk-s of Albao; Ulster Dutchess and 


[raiM«d. Uardi 7, 1159.] 

Whereas the Buving Excbanping or takin;; id Puwq from 
the I&dians Anna AmiDUDitios or Cloalhing to tbe CouatWs of 
Albajty Ulster Pntcbess and Orange huth beea stti-uded with 
man; IncoDvpnli^mii^ for Ri-niwly is-hereof 

BE IT ENvVCTED by Ilia Honoor the Lieutenant Qoremor 
the Council and tbe Oeneral Assr-nihly and It l» Uercbj Enacted 
by tbe aothorily of the same That in Case any Person op Periwua 
whatsoever within the wild Connries after tbe I'tiblic^lion of 
thia act and during the Coalinuance of the aume Hhall directly 
or Iiidlrvelly Boy Exchange or take in Pawn any Amis Aniniu- 
Bitton or Cloatbinc of or from any Indian or IndiaJi» Every 
Pervon or Pcr)>ons So offending and being thereof CoDvicted 
before any one Justice of the Pence of the County where the 
offeDoe may be Comniilti.-d upon the Oalh of any one Credible 
Penon Shall for every sncb offence forfeit and Pay the sum of 
Twenty Pounds One half (hereof to the use of tbe Poor of tbe 
Coanty where surb olTender or offenders ^ball l>e Couricted 
and the other half to the use of tbe Infoniier to be leTii>d by 
dlalreas and raie of tbe Offenders Goods by Warrant under the 
land and seal of the Juntioe before whom Hiteb Convictluu shall 
be made and where distress cannot be made upon the offender 
er offeqiders Id this b^-hnlf it i^hall and may be lawfull for tbe 
said Jiisltce and be la hereby Required and directed to Commit 
such offender or offender* to tbe Coouty Ooal there to Etemula 
without Bail or mainprize for tbe t^paoe of three mouths 

AND that the eood Intent of thla aet may not be fniHlrated 
tiy the secret and Clandi-stine Practices of Persons for the salie 
»f I-riTate advantaKes BE IT EXACTED by the authority afore- 
ttld tliat it Shall and may be lawfull for any one of the said 
Josdces of the said roiinlles aa often as he or they shall tutve 
Jut Caflse to Suspect any I'crsoa or Persons within any of tbe 


«ald Counties to liare offendMl Against ibis Xjiw to Sammons 
auch Pfi^oD or i'ersi>tii« uDd udtnttiist^r an Oaiti u[)on the Hoi; 
£vttagvlist8 to Purge themselvea from the Said Suapiciun ia tbti 
Words follonin^ (o Wit I, A. I), do swcur tlutt I hare not 
direct!/ or lndinM;tlj by myself or any other for me from and 
after the PubltcntiOD of an act Entitiltl "An Act to Prortfot tbe 
Buyfog Kxchanging or taUitiR in Pawn of or frotu any Indian h 
or Indians any Anna Atuuiuni'.ioa or Oloalblog in tlit Oountie»^|^ 
♦f Albany Ulster Dutcbeaa and Omnge" Bought Rxchnug*^ or 
taken In Pawn auy Arms Antmunition or Cluulbing of or from 
any Indian or Indians Wbatfoever wltbln any of the Mid 
Counli<>s 80 help mc God. And every Person or Persons so 
Buiqxrcted not appearing upon Buniiuon;^ dnely made or Appear- 
ing, either Confewiug the aforesaid Facts or Refusing to take 
the aforesaid Oath SImII forfeit the sum of Twenty Pouiiila or 
tTndftgo the Imprison men I aforesuid; Tlic forfHlurc to be leried 
Diridi-d and disposed of in manner aforesaid PRO\'TI>KD AL- 
WAYS that no furft'ituro or Imprisonment sbnl) be Inflieled on 
Any Person Whataoerer in this behalf for not appMuing upon 
Bommoni antill an affidavit be made ot the duo ScrHce of tfac 
sold Summons upon the mid Susiwrted Person or Persons be- 
foPB any one Justice of the Peace in the County where sucll 
fiuapccted Penou or Persons may dwell Reside or be found by 
the Constable or officer who served the same. 

This Act to Continue and Remain In force from the Publication 
bereof untiii the first day of January next nod do longer 

(CnAPTER 1087.] 

ttion ^ 


[Cfaapl«r tOST. of Tan SeluiBck. and cbaplei lOS (ri>L 2) «f LivlB(stM 
It SatfUi, wtisn Un Utte only Is printed.) 

An Act for Emilling Ilill of Credit to tlte 
amount of One Hundred and Fifty tbousaad 
pounds to enable his Majesties Geoeral to Pay 
the Dclils Cootractetl and to Carry on His Ma- 
jesties Service in Nortli America and for Si alt* 
iiig the same within twelve months. 

(Pas«c<l. Jul7 8. 170».T 

WHEllEAS nis Ettv'IIrnt^ Jliijor Ocnera) AmluTct Com- 

Blander in Cheif of His Majesty's Forces In North America hath 

by his Letter of the eighth day of June One tbouHand seven 

huDdr«d and fifty nloe Qepreseoted to his Honour the Ueif 



ChuiiT Oovemor llia^ CiMiisIOfrabto Expcncos liare Noppsaarily 
l»een Incurred for the pi-cjiararious of the Caiiii«ligu Tlmt the 
Uilitarj V!aa ExltaoitUi] and tlutt lari;e demands were Dujrijr 
and I're^singlj made Dpoa the Deputy I'ayma^tcr Qeoer-al 
and that the Agents of the CoDtractoi-s for money were uoable 
to furnish the Samn Neceuary to curry on Uis Uajesty's service 
That therefore the General in thia DiBtress was Compelled to 
bare nei-onrso to Uim and to Request him to Move (be Coundl 
and Qenoral Assembly of this Colony for a Louu of One huudrwl 
and Fifty thonitand I'ounds Nev Vork currency in Bills of the 
Colony Itedeemable within Twelve Months after their date by 
mouey'a as hereafter directed to be Paid or arrisini; from th& 
frodaco of Itills of Kschnn^ to be drawn by the eaid Deputy 
Paymaster General on the I'aymaiiler General of hia MajeitUes 
Fore** All which having been laid before tlieni by ITi* Ilonours 
message of the Twenty sixth of June His Uiijesty's faithfoll 
and I^yall subjeets of the Colony of New Tork ever Willing 
aod •olieilona to give freah proufH of llu:-ir Duty to the King 
and of their Zeai for nis Bervice and that nothing in their 
Tower may retard the fieocral Operatlona or the Success of his 
UajeKliea Anna Have in this Hxigeney Hendily & ChearfuHy 
Igi'eod to the said Loan notwithxtauding so large an Kuiissiuo 
might poftsibly effect the Credit of the Paper Cnrrcncy which 
this Colony hnth always been car<-full to pi-eserve. 

BE IT TUKKKPOKE Enafl^ by His Honour the Lieutenaiit 
GoT<pmor the Council and the General Assembly and It Is hereby 
Enaeted by 1bi> Authority of THE same that Hills of Credit 
to the Value of One hundred and Fifty Thoiinand Pmmda cor- 
teot money of New York shall forthwith after Uie I'ublicatlon 
hereof be Printed as followeth (VJ/I) Three thoasand Bills of 
Twenty four Ponnda each Three thonxand Bills of Twelve 
Poands each and seven thoomnd Bills of 8ix Pounds each Upon 
which Said Bills shall be Impressed Ibe Arms of the City of 
New Tork on the rlcht side of every of the said Bills and undes 
the Arms io different Characters these Words 'Tis death to 
Connterfeit this Bill and the said Bills shall be in the fonna 
following that is to Say Three thousand of them Thus By a 
Ijiw of (he Colony of New Vork this Bill shall pass Current 
for TWEXTT FOUR Ponnds NEW YORK the Twentieth of 
3aly One thousand seven hundred and tlfly nine. Other Three 
ihonsand of them. thus. By a Law of the Colony of New York 
this Bill Shall pasa Corrent for TWELVE POUNDS NEW; 



TORK Uio Twentiptli of July One tlmiisritwl bi^-cb Lnndrefl rai 
fifty Bine. And wvcn thousand of Uii-m Thus Bj a Low of llie 
Colony of New York this Bill shall pasii CuProot for BIX 
POUNDS NEW YOItK iLe TwinlieMi of July One thminana 
seven hundred and fifty Nine, WaiCH Raid Bills ithall be nigni-tl 
hj Alcmieurs John Van Cortlandt TbeodoniR Van Wyck Iaaa« 
KooBOtelt and Peter Stuyrcsant or any three of Iheni and 
nnnibered by any one of them and In Case of Uie Death of any 
of the said Ppritons the said Ittlls Shall be signed by Utc Uojor- 
ItJ of the Snrvirors of them. ^^ 

AXD be It Enarted by (be flHtliOrlty «rftre«ftld tliAt t1ie «Ud H 
RIpner* are hereby directed and impowered npon the delivery 
to them of the faid Bills by the Printer thereof to admiulBlef 
onto him and be Is hereby direeted to take an Oath In the Words 
following VlZt: 1 A. B. do dcelare that from the time the 
lettera were Set and fit to be put Into the PreM for Printing the 
Hills of Oredit now by me delivered to yon unllll tlie Itillit were 
Piinted and the Letters afterwards dislHhiiled Into the Boxes 
I went at no time out of the Room in which the said letters were 
without locking them np ro tliat they could not be ctaae at 
without Violence a False Key or other art then unknown to 
me and therefore to the best of my knowledge no Copies wen; 
Printed off bat in my prescenee and that all the Blotters and 
other Papern whatsoever impressed by the aald loiters whilft 
Bet for Printing the said llllls to the best of my Knowiedi;? 
are here DELn'ERED onto you together with the E^taropn and 
In all Ihings Relaring to this affair I have well and Iruly de- 
meaned myself according to the True Intent and Meaning of the 
Law to that eaae made to the best of my knowledge and Cnder- 
■tandlnc SO HELP ME OOD. 

AND be it Enacted by the authority nforesatd that the Per- 
•ons herein appointed to Sign the said Bills of Credit shall tnke 
an Oath before a Jlagistrate of the City of New York eaeh of 
them well and truly to perform what by this act they are En- 
joyiied as their Duty and will liuowincly sign no more Bills 
of Credit than as by Ibis art Is directed nad if tt Shall happen 
that more of the sold OIlls Shall be Printed than by tbia iirt 
ts Directed when the Said John Van Cortlandt Tbeodorus Van 
Wyck Isaac Roosevelt and Feter Stuyvesant or any two of 
them have Signed the number hereby directed to be Issued they 
■hall immediately Burn and destray all the remainder. 




ana ' 

l\XD he It Ennctfd by Iho authority a/ore»aI<I tlmt ElUha 

GalluDtlet or Bucb uUier I'eraco an Uie Major part of Ike said 

filgners of the naid RiIIh of Cr<><IIl 8haJI agne with flhall ebgriivc 

rdiag lo the dirtx-lions he shnll R«fi>ire from the Slajority 

the «aid Signers ulue Sianips (w the hidea and Tops of (he 
said Bills and »liall dolivcr tlirm to the Treasnrer who shall 
in the prewnc* of the Majority of the said i^i)piOT8 deliver them 
togcthw with (he stamps of the arois of tlie City of >'cw York 
now Id his Custody uiilo \YilliiUU Weyniaii upon his Itccpipt 
fw the »ime And wheo tlie said WtlliiuQ Wcyiuun liu» fiut^h'^ 
and Coiuptcated the I'riDlin;; the Qnaiifitjr and Sorts of Uills 
by directed to l>e Htmeli and Is»ut.-d he sliall redeliver the 

d Slsm[>i! to tho said Sicni'rs nnd Treuxun-r who are hereby 
Beijnired and Directed to Heal them up with their several Seala 
and they are so to remain in the Treasury untlll they shall be 
ordered to bo made use of by any fulure Act of the LegiMlalure 
uid the Receipt of the Said Treasurer to the Said Wtltiani 

Rt-ymrn utmll Ik* a midii ii-nt diwliarjie for Stu-h Redelivery. 
AND be It Enaeted by Uie authwily afori-said that the Bills 
Oedtt Enacted AND appointed by this act to be current 
loll be ReieiTod by the Tna-surev of (liis CVditny in ull Publlck 
Payments and for any Fund at any time in the Treasury and 
by any PernoB wllliiii tliia Colony In all cases whatM>ever ilurlnt; 
the time they are Kum-ted to continue and be as efTeiluitlly 
Corrent as any other Bills of Credit made Current in this 
Colooj by any Act of the Gorcrnor Couucil and General As- 
I AND be it Enacted by the aut'iority aforesaid that if any 
^Bpm>n or Persons whatsoever shftll CoBnierfelt any of the 
^^ills of Credit made current by this Act or ihall alter any 
of ibe Bills made current as Aforesaid so tbat they shall appear 
to be of erenler Value than by this Ait tlie 8ame Hill or Dillt 
to sttered were I^nacted signed or Numbered to pass eurreut 
for or shall Knowingly Pass or dre in Payment any of (he 
Bills aforesaid So Counterfeited or altered every Person uniHy 
of Counterreitiuf: or altering any of the Said [tills u aforesuid 
or of knowingly passing or giving Id Payment any such Counter- 
feited or nllered RIIls Shall be Guilty of Felony nnd being 
ereo* Convicted «hall sutlr-r the Pnlii* of IValh without bi-neiit 
CIptct- Aod tfaoogh snch Counterfeiting altering or Knowingly 
Counterfeit or altered Bills Shall be done oat of this 

iVoi. IV. ib 


Colony Tct any Grand Jury within the City & County of NewW 
York Is JitTfltv impont'i-ei] to prv«fut the eame and to Set roitb V 
in the ludictnient ihv place where by their Evidejice It appeared 
that the /act was comnihted Which ludlctiucut in hiTel>y de-HJ 
clared good NotwithBtauding that the place alledsed be <^^tV| 
of this Colony And the petty Juries on the Trjal of «11 Buch 
Isaaes tthHll hu Iteiurned from the Itody of the City and C-ouiity 
of Kcw York Any Ijiw L'»age or Custom to the C<«itrary , 
Kotwithstandiiig. ^1 

AND he it Enacted by (ho authority aforcBaicI that the Bltla" 
of Credit innde Htruck and litMued by Virtue of this Act shall be 
and Reiiiiijii Current from the Day of the date of itae same for 
and during the Term of one whole year j 

AKD be It Enact«d by the Authority aforesaid that the Baid H 
Rigiiei-B Shall aud they are hereby dlre<^ted and Reijuired imrae- " 
diiitply to deliver all the aforewitd Kills of Citdit by th<'in Nura- 
t>ered and ultrned as aforesaid unto tne Twaaorer of this Colony 
to be raid out by biro as by this Act is dire4ted 

AND be it Ruacted by the authority nforexald that the Treas- 
nrer of this Colony for the time being after be ohuJI have Re- 
ceived the Billa of Credit herein before directed to be deltrered 
onto him shall and he i« hert^^y din^-cled and Reqnlrei) to I'ny 
the same unto Abruham Morlier Ewjutre Deputy I'aymnKter Oen- 
cral or to the Deputy Payn^mter Oeneral for the time beiag, 
npon his drawinfr and lodKiU}; tn the handii of the uaid Treasurer 
a Sot or BeUt of Bills of Exchange nt sixty Days Sight on the 
Paymaster General of Ilia Majesty's Forces for the sum of Ji 
Throe hundred and Pevenly five thouwind Spanish Milled Dol- H 
lara equal to the Sum of One hundred and fitly thousand Pound* ^ 
New-York Currency, by the Consent and npprotjallon of the ^J 
General and Commander In ohelf of all HIa Majexty'a Forces ^ 
in North America signified in Wrillnfi under his hand and alw> i 
opon aJMurancos In Writing under the hand of the said General 
or Commander in Cheif that this Colony shall be kept harmless 
and Indemnifled off and from all CoWst Cliargcs and Dnmajrea 
that may happen or accrue by means or on account of the l.oan 
by this act granted wntlll the Said Money shall be fully Re- 
placed in the hands of the Treasurer of this Colony. 

AND be it Enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Bllla 
of Eichanjro wo to be drawn and lodged in the Treasury by the 
Bald Deputy Paymaster nenoral be made Payable to Abraham 
De Peyster Esquire Treasurer of tbia Colony or to the Treaaonr 



bereof for the tUut beinff And if it sliould bo baii(.en that the 
looej for the ntuomit of tbt- said IIIIIh Sliould uot Iw paid iulo 
Treasury In the time limited by Ihix Act Thi^n aod in Such 
it Bhall luid may U ;awfiill to and for the k'M Treasurer 
and he is hereby dlreclcd and peqiiSred to Kegoliate the name, 
and the mont-y Arisioj; in Con»e<lucui;e OF such Ncfjotintiim he 
Jhall tjsc his Ulmost EndcarouPB to Exchange for Bill* of 
Jit made Carir-nt by this Act, whii-li Bills So procured ahoJI 
kept in the Treasury ready to be Cancelled Id ninniier as Is 
greeted in and by an act Entitled "An act for the more ctTectaaJ 
lucvlMog the Bills of Credit of thU Colony" pa«wd In the 
weuty first year of his Majeiity'i* Keig^n 

AND be It EuuctL-d by the Authority aforesaid that the Bald 

laiirer Shall keep exact Books of all llie R*;5peetiTe Re<^eipls 

'•nd Payments by Virtue of this Act and Inie and .Tnst Ao- 

cotnpta f^hall rebder thereof upon Oath to the Lieutenant Got- 

emor or Commander In Chelf for the time belnR the Coanei) or 

>nenil Assembly when by them or an; of tJiem thereanto 

eq aired 

[cnAPTEn inps.i 

(Cbaptn- 1068, of Tan ScliDRek, irhrre ih* fttut two iwniKrsi>ba of tbt 
Mt mn prinlrd. Cbuplcr ItiO tr*H. 2) of LlTlogaton * Smltb, vhcn tlie act 
b tr\uu4 In faU.1 

An Art for pemovinp ihe Prisoners from 
the City Hall of the City of New York to the 
new float Built by the Mayor Aldermen and 
Commonalty of (he 8«id City and for apfro- 
priatin;: certain parts thei-enf to the uvex and 
purposes of a Common Goal for the City and 
County of New York. 

[Pnntod. Inl7 3. nSB.} 

' 'A'nERBAR the keeping of Prisoners In the City Tlull of the 
■aid City ia found very incunvenieDt and the Mayor Aldermen 
and Commonalty of the said City have for that and other 
Bea«ons Built and flni»tht-d a new IlouKe in the Commons of ttie 
aid City aod have provided proper and C-ommodious appart- 
ueota within the Some for Goals and the Safe Custody of 

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by his Hononr the Lien, 
tenant Ooremor the Oonncil o»d the General AswTiibly and It 
l>bcn:l)J Enii;:tcd by the Authority of the same that from and 


'Atiev th« time hMrln after limited ttr tlie Hemoral of PrlioDcni 
the Slwrlfl of the City and Coonty of Kew York ehnll not at 
any time coofinc or Vo^p any Prisoner or PrisoriprB in the City 
Hull of the city of New Y«rk nor occupy Ihf »amo for anj) 
other Pur[>o»e or Pnrpoaes whatsoever And tfaa£ from benc^ 
forth the .two Cellar Uoom« under the West stdeiiud lowarda the 
Bear of the said Houap lately Built by the Mayor Aldermen and 
Comtnoiiatty of the eald City tlie three Rooms or apartuei^s ia 
the West i^ide of the same LIoum.- in the Middle E^tory and the 
b!s Rooms Id t>te Tliird Btoty in the said Housie shall be the 
Goal or Goals of end for the ^Id Citv and County of New York 
And that the SherifT of the said City uud County for the time 
lieing (thnll have the Li^plnn; of the 8«me. 

AND be It further Enacted by the authority aforeeaid tliall 
the sheriff of the Said Citf and County shall remove aJt his pris< 
oners from the C1t; Uall uf the Haid Citj' to 2he Goal or Goals 
provided by this Act as aforesaid When and as soon as the Balil 
Mayor Aldermen and t'ommonnlty by order of their Board and 
a Copy TIJEKEOP to be served on him the saiue shall direct 
and Shall there keep them the said Prisoners and every of tfaea 
in ^fe Custody untill they be Uvspcctively discharged by doe 
Courvie of Law. 

AND be It further EuacTed by the authority aforesaid that Ib's 
said sheriCT skall not be liable to any action or actions uf Escape 
or other action at Liiw for the removing of the said Prisoner* 
or cirher of them and that If any action Plaint Suit or Informa* 
tion shall be Commenced or I'ruficcuted agaitiKt the said Sherif 
for reraovInK the said Prisoners or either of ihem In pursuanco 
of this act That It shall and may bo tawfuU fur him to plead 
the General Issue (not Guilty) and upon any Issue Joined may 
give this act and the Bpecial mailer (n Evidence and if th9 
plaintiff or Prosecutor shall become oonnuit or forbear further 
to Prosecute or SuUer a discontinuance or If a Verdict pass 
a^nst the Plutntiff the Defendant sbull Recover double Costs 
for which he shall have like Ilcmedy as la Case where C<w»ts by 
Law are i^v..-d to Dufeudunis I'RUVIDCD ahvn\-s and it ia 
hereby ENACTED that in Case any Prisoner or Prisoners Shall 
Escape from the Custody of the 8aiit Sbi-rifT hi the lime of hia 
her or their Il^^'Uioval and the said Sheriff eliall nut Retake him 
her or them and actually ConAne Sach Prisoner or Prisoners In 
the Coal or Goals Providi-d by this act within Sisly Days after 
Sucb Escape maile tlie said Blieriff shall be liable to all actiwaa 




«r T»c*pn In tht fiuae ■aw»p M W urouKI 
kan le«s tf tkn art kftd eoi bf«o madr. 

AXS be it fattlwr Esartrd by the aulboritT nhtreMiM thitt •* 
■MB ■■ tte «id chmff thAl) hare rncOYcd bis l*ri«>iM>t« trvw 
tteCftj Ball af the «alil CIit th« »x\<l ^botiCT ntiAlt ilHWrr atl 
tW Eft* «C tte suae tojbe Majvr Aldvn]it.-D aud L\t»imo»Alijr 
of tbe Clt7 of \'e« York or Sacb Fenoa u Uw; ihnll A;>puluC 
tB BtcOn tbem. 


(CHAPTER 1089.] 

I. of Taa Scttoark. oad cbapivr 101 fnL V Dt LlTlns*t4m 
dw tiUa got; to irinusl.J 

Xn Act for Xatiimlltlng Uio toveral Vqt* 
•o&s Uierviu Mculluuvd 

(r&Mi-d. ]aly s, ITon.) 

t;^ WHERE AS Nicliolns De Roodo, Jncob Oranf, A 17 Viiii (lul* 
3er, Jobn Italtus Deoch, Jolmnncs KnouH, Dnvlil FMlrti-.v, Allibiiul 
lilstell, John Goo<Ibardly, Jobn Si'bii«, Oottll(>(t WulliniiiHi'r, 
JoLu S<-baHtian 8tP|iIi.iiiy, Daniel t'lirUtlitn Kui-lor, Joliii I.uil' 
•ig Daockel, John Will, Jobn Sriclol, AilHtn PcHitlu*, Curl HtH<v« 
erdiz, Peter Phwoikprt, Hiiiiiu4'I Fulkciihiin. JoUii lliililiiia 
8flDg)cr, Jacob Hpiui'Icr, Liiilnl); Oroatiiiiiiii, tllclinvl fl(iiiM> 
«urtb, Oeorjt AJnics, Fri<Hlriolc W'ei«». <JaH|ipr AoUlnitor, Mai* 
tbeus nallvnmaiiti, Casiic-r ICaixiier. Outibart '/.U-glvr, Miillhi>ui 
Sebaffer. Geori* Uubner. Jacob tlutli, I^jiiRrtl Kantloli, ]'li<rr« 
Lagi-ar, Peter RutiKon. Tbillp I^jrdkU, II^'iiiHck Hf.vwcr, Juba 
Bpinrich, GcdUt. FvnIinanO Dittiotiacr, M»iirl(B Ooi-tx-l, 'l»ary 
AQcb, Jacob Cians^r, Georg llaxia, Cbriiilophcr I'rini, llifliirlcb 
Cloaa, Godfrled I>*ldelxicb, Pierre Iiii|>riiil l^aurfn* K<-iiian, l^-rjr 
Moaes. Johaonra Fpnm^^rnbtrr^b, Gr-ur^t^' Hlaniiu, <iM»r(fu Kiutw, 
Fraacli Ruppert, Adam Rappvrt. Jobannra WVrt, Ulirlmr-I Oal* 
KagCT, Jjt^ira* Eddaas. Ualtbia* Link, I.ti'^a ^'l■tt■>r. I'lilDIti 
Heiorirb Klicn. I'aol B«?lt»T. IZaaa Georjf CMlx, Mli ha<-l Hiiwvll, 
PMtT Vvtx, Aadreaa fioHder, Gvorge Illp. HUfAtf-n Hip, Cnrti- 
raedt Cim Ula te iy i. \kboia« RHuUTer. Jobs Wolf R"H-t. %V|). 
Uam Oeiiac^ J«ta UtudH llilkr, JehaBDM Elfleabrr^M). it'-ury 
Boboer, JabaxMa Orardoa Daaafaaaa. Johaao'v Hjff^rt. }i>^- 
Ba«iia EeO. J«l« Tbiiiaai Vllkr. AmoUo* 8«lbarii, P«t«ff 
TnidtiA, J«^Prti>rlMfaaai.O«rIarb Sfryw.Joha mMamaii, 
filiM Wte4ra F'Hi M^<y, Willlaai Roelder. Joba Pl*^ 



MartiD Smith, Felix Keller, Jacob Keller, Hoflolpli K<»IIC'r, Utnvf 
KtlkT, JuQ Joo»l Kuck, Wi'iiiiuu Ucilucli, Jacob Brmmer, Ua- 
dolpb Voncker, Johannes Hetefau, Jolia Ueorge Vonlau, William 
t^uLcr iluuior, Jobuuuca Wolgcuiootti, Tcier Buusloy, Joli» Kr«d- 
ericfe tieiger, Tbeodorus Stiaad, Ulnck Sliaad, CoJ^per Huber, 
Ca«pcr Clocii, AndivaM Weigie»er, Tietcr Stegeler, rtiilip Kull 
man, CoenraaJt L*aigevelder, BaltusErgftsinger, Pbil^ Wciolt, 
Fallt-rus Wii^t-Daer, Jacob Algnjer, Uartiu Lieslacr, Bastlius 
Keyseryckjl-'llEUKHlCK Kukrigh, l>auiel Lustv C'uaper Overj- 
SiT, Michael DolTinao, Carl Iloffmao, Jury Uoffman, William ArIi, 
and Fredericil lilciu, bave by Ibcir st-veral l*etiUons Presented 
to tbu Oenf^ral Assemblf desired tbat tlie.v nia^' be oatunUited 
and become Lli»! SJajf»lie» leige Subjoi-tn within thia Colony 

BE IT EXACTED b.v his Ilunoor the Lieutenant Governor tli« 
CouueiJ and the Oenoral As^t'mbly and It Is hereby Enacted by 
the authority of the luime that tbe abovenanied Several I*e^ 
sons and Each and Every of tbem, shall be and hereby are de- 
clared tobeniu'urallwil tn)Hll rntciit8Ciin.-itrucU(in!iaDd Piirpi'^ei 
.Whatsoever and from henceforth and at all time^ hereafter vhali 
be Intituled to have and En)oy all the RIgbta and liberties, 
Privileges and advantage* Which bis Majtrsty's Natural Horn 
tjubjecbt in this Colony have aad Kiijuy or Ought to bave and 
Enjoy as fully to all InL-nts and I*ur[>u8es whatsoever as if ail 
and ICv<Ty of them bad been Born within lliis Colwiy 

PKOVlDEL> AI.WAYH and it i» hereby further Enacted by 
tbc i*ame authority that all and e^vry and Each of the before 
moDtiuUcd Persons shall take the Oaths appolaled by Law in- 
stead of the Oaths of allegUinre and HUpn-inicy KulMcribe tbe 
Test and Make Itepcat swear to and subscribe the abjuratl 
Oath in any of his Majealy's Courts of Kecurd within this Colony 
Which Oaths tbe 8aid Courts are hereby Ileiwired upoo applica- 
tion to them made to admiuister take Sutixcriptious and Caaae 
tbe Names of tbe Persons So Bweariag and subscribing to be 
Entered upon Record In the said Courta and the Raid U-fore 
mentioned Persons are Each of them hereby Rc<i»in'd to Fay 
the several anms herein after mentioned that is to Say To the 
speaker of the General Assembly the Sum of Ten Shillings Ta 
the Judge of the Court the Bam of Six Shillings And to the 
Clerk of Sueh Court the Sum of three Shilling*. 

AXD be It further Enactod by the authority aforesaid that 
If THE Said Perwons or any of (liem having so Sworn and Bii 
■urilrt^ as aforesaid shall demand a Cenilicate of his or thel 
being Entred upoo Record la the manner herein before directed 

:be iji 




r^» Ctnirt BT Conrt" In Wlilcb Buch OafhB nnfl 8til«CTiptioiia 
! dMll he made are hereby dircctod and Heqaired to emnt aacb 
oader tfae hand of the Judge aiid tva\ of Ilit* said Court or Coorts 
in Wbich Socti Ouths and Subscriptions as aforesaid shsli be 
! Bftdc CnuDtfr»i^'Di>d bj the ClorL of the ftuid C-oui-t for Wiiitik 
Certificate each of tlteiii shall Paj orer end above the sama 
beforv Ucutioucd the sum of sis ShilliDgs One hulf to the Judse 
of sQcb Court or Cruris aod (he oilier half to the Ciei^ tiierwf 
Which Certificate or Certificates shall at all times be to i'd9 
PersoD or Persona Iheii-tn named a Sulticlfnt proof of hia oo 
their being Naturalized bjr Virtue of lUia Act io as full and 
Effectual a mouoer aa If the Record aforeaald was actual'j) 
Prodiici>d by the Person or Peisooa ao named in Such OerliBoates. 
PUOVIOKl) ALSO and be it further Kiiacted by the authority; 
aforesaid that such of the Persons hereby naturalized as shaU 
not take the Outtis Test and abjuration to manner herein 
before directed within twelre Months next after the Publication 
hereof stuiJI liaro no manner of benefit by this act any thing 
therein Contained to the Contrary notwithRtandins. 

AND be it Enactf^d by the authority aforesaid that the Publicic 
Printer of this Colony 8ball and hereby Is directed and Re- 
quired to Print this act aa if the same were a publlek act of tliia 


^^^r 'Second Session. 

rDcc 4, 17S9, 33 George If, James Dc LaDCcy, aorcnior.l, 
(Chapter lOOO. of Van Srbaack. wberc ib* till* only Is prtoted. Chaptw 
IGS iToL 21 of LiTlnprnoD St Smitb. wber« tbe act Is priuied In foil, ilaa- 

Sbj cfaspttf ii2(i.] 
An 'Act further to rontinue an act En- 
titled "An act for };ranting |o his Majesty tho 
^_ ** STTcral Dutii-s am] Impositions on goods 

^f "Wares and MercliaodlEes Imported into thia 

r "Colony therein Mentioned." 

IPusmL DKcaOMT 21. 1TS9.I 

WHRREAS the scrcral Du(!e« and Impositions on goods 
Wares and Uerchamllses Imported into this Colony and granted 
fof the 8op|)ort of his Majesty's GoverumcBt by tbe abore men- 


thousand •even baodrcd and Fifty nine to tlie first Day of 
tenitwr One ttioiiKuid m-vc-d Luiiilred uod S\xty after the Bale ' 
Tliirlj- pounds per annum 

L'NTO Two I-and and Tido waiters for tlic-ir S*r\'Soe» In tUat 
Station from tlie first Ihiy of Sepleinl)er One thoumuwl Bevto 
bundn^ and fifty nine to the first Day of KcptemlirT One tbou- 
saiid )M.-vou bundrt-d und i^ixfy after tlie Kute of Fortj- pouadi 
ptT annum to eacb of tlient 

ALL wliicli afcH-csaid Sums of money shall be paid by Ths 
Trt-asurer Quarti*rly on Wnrraiitg I»tued by the Governor or 
Commander lu i-h!ef for the time bein;; by and with the advica 
and Consent of bis Majesty's CounHI and the Receipts of the 
seveial IVi-.ioiiK cndor»c-d ou the said Warrants shall be to th9 
Tri-asurer UOOD vouchers and Ditteharges for so much as ah^ 
be thereby acknowledged to be received. 

AND «L- IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid That the 
Treasurer Shall and he is heifby dtPM-led and Itoiuired out of 
Ibe PuncU aforesaid to p»y the several allowances following, to 

CNTO Abraham Dc Pej-ster Ewjuire Treasurer of this Colony 
tor hU fierrlces in that Station from the Hrst IHy of September 
One thousand Seven hundred and fifty Nine to the first Day of 
September One thuiitiaiid neven huodn-d and Sixty after the 
Rate of two hundred pouuds per annum And for the extnt- 
ordinary Services which lie Ik now oltliged to perform beynn^H 
the usuull Duty of his ofHce after the Itate of the further Sui^l 
of One hundred pounds per annum WHICH aaid several Snnu 
or so much thereof as Shall be IteHlIy and truly Due shall he 
allowed to the said Abraham De Peyster or to his Executors or 
adtuiiiUlmtors us good dlseltur^iies for so much ia his or their 

UXTO Rol>ert Charlen Es<|uirp nsent for this Colony in ffreat 
Britain as a Heward for hi* eare trotiMe and Diligence In attend- 
\ug tipoo his Majeaty and his Ministers of State about the afTulrs 
of this Colony from the 6n.t of September One thonsand seven 
hundred and fifty nine to th-? first Day of September One tboo- 
sand seven hundred and Sixty after the Bate of Two hnndred 
pounds per annum Which finid Sum or no much thereof as shall 
Ik- Really and truly Dne Shall he paid unto the said RolR-rt 
Charles or to his Execvtore or Admini«t™ioni by an order of 
Ibe General .Assembly of thl^ Colony Signed by llie Speater for 
the lime beiuK ^^d not otborwlHe. 


UNTO Abraham Lett junior Clerk of the Ocneral AKifL-mbly 
for bis (jcrvifes io that Sialloo fi-wm llit- Thirty' flrsl l>a.v of 
JiiDuarj One thouaiind Scvvu bu'idrvd and fkUy nine to the first 
l^»y of Sr-iiUiii l>er One.' t)iaus:iQ'J seveD hundred and Sixty 
Tweot.T BhitliiigH jicr Diem unO tio more ou u Ceriiltcate from tlie 
Ueaeral ASSEMKLV Slgiit^ by tlie speukur for the number of 
r»n.r» he Ima stTVL-d or may nerve the Oeneral Assembly Any 
tbinK In any former act to ibe contrary Nulwitbi<tan(ling. 

ANU UNTO Alexander LamI, Doorkeeper of the Ucneral A*- 
biy for his Scrvii-e in tbiil Stalion from the first of Septem- 
ber One thousand seven buttdn-d und Fifty nine to the Ortit Hay 
of BepterubiT One thousand seven hundred and sixty Sis Sbil- 
llnj[« per Diem On a Certifieate from the Oenerni Assembly 
vlfOied by the speaker for the uuitiber of Days he huH served or 
Slay derve (he Ucnenii Astfcmblj 

AND UNTO the said Alexander T.amb for sundry Disburse* 
nenta and extraordinary servieea for the use of the Geucral Aa< 
Kembly the further Rum of Twenty pounds. 

AND BE IT KNACTED by the auUiority afnrewld That the 
Treasurer shall and be ia hereby direeted to keep exaet Itooks 
of the Several Pnynients whlt.-h he is directed to make by tUla 

ct and Bbull render true and <!i»linet aecounts thereof upon 
iftlb to the Oovemor or Commander in Chief for the time being 
the CoUDfil or the Oenenil Aitsemhly whea by Ihem or any of 
them he shall be thereunto required. 

[CnAPTEH 1002] 
[Cbapter 1003. of Van Scluiack. nlKTo tbv title onljr t« printed. Chapter 
(roL 2) of LlTiDctioo ft Sniltli. wbere tbe act ta prialed Ui tuU. Cod> 
bj dwptor 1128.J 

An Aet further to eontlnne an aot Entitled 
"An act for regulating the Militia of the Colony 
" of New York." together with the several actj 
therein Mentioned reHpectlng the regulating 
the Uilitia. , 

[PacMd. December 24. ITSd.] 

"' BE IT ENACTED by his honour the Lieutenant Governor the 
Cooncii Biid the General Axsembly aud It la hereby Enacted by 
the authority of the same, that the Aet aforesaid Eutilled "Ad 
act for ReeiilatinK the Sliliiia of the Colony of New York" 
paaaed ia the Twenty cisht year of his Uajesty's BelgQ, as alao 


one other Act entitled "An act to continue an act eniiUed an net 
for Regnlallug ilit Militia of iliv Colon> ot ^■ew York wliL some 
additions lliereio" piii.8«J in the Twenty Ninth Yew of Ws 
il«jeaty'» Rolgn, na fl)»o one otltt-r act Enlilied "Aii Act to 
amend an act EniitlH an act for ReRulatiug Hit; .Militia of the 
Colony of New York " puiwed to th« Thirtieth Year of hif 
Majesty's Rciga a* likewise one other Act Entliied "An act_ 
"further to continue an Af,i Entitled "An act for regtilating tbefl 
"Militia of the Colony of SEW YORK top'thcr with Ihf two^ 
" acts therein menti'.ni'd r<*Bpectfnc the regulating the Militia of 
"New York with nn addltloa thereto" pawed in the Thirty seo- 
ond year of hia Majealy's Reign shall be and hereby are coo- 
tlnaed ond every Clause Article matter and thing in Ihe said 
fonr acts contained Enacted to be and Remain In full force and 
virlue to all Inteiilit CooDtrurtionH and piirpo»e8 wbutsoercr^H 
from the first Day of January next nntilJ the firnt r>ay of January™ 
which will he to the Year of our Lord One thooKand Bcveu Uun- 
'iced and sist^-one. 

[CHAPTER ions.) 

IChiiptOT- lOPO. of Van fsohiuni;, and ehaplrc 171 (vol. 21 of I.lvl 
k BtaXxh. wbcr« Uh Utt« uoly ts priuied Cxplnnl Junuory 1, 1700.1 

Ao Act for laying an Excise upon all Tea 
of foreijtii jtrowlh retailed within this Colony 
during the tiine therein mentioned 

tPiiis<4. December 21. 17S9.1 

BE IT ENACTED by his Honor the Lieutenant OoTernor the 

Council and the General Aasembly and it is hereby Enacted 
by the authority of the name that there shall be laid for bU 
iMaji-flt.v's une from the first day of January next for and dnrlng 
the Term of one whole year from theni-e an Exclw upon all Tea 
of forel)^ Qronth retailed throughout this Colony (to vrlt) 
for and niion every pound of such Tea sold and diMiMwed of by 
"Way of Retail the sum of six pence and So in Proportion for 
every greater or leRser Quiintlly n-talletl as aforesaid 

AND be it enacti^^ by the- autliorily aforesaid That ercry 
Person or Perjwns whatsoever who after the said first Day of 
January next sliall sell open or Divide to several PcrsoaK any 
Chest Box Tub Bug or other Package of Tea Shall l>e and hereby 
Is and are deilarr-d Retailer or Retailera of Tea within (he 
mcaaliig aud Intent of thia aut and the Mnaa^rs or CoUeiHors 




U~ . ~ ' ' — '". > 

|i7potDf(^ to Collect tliP nalil Piif y shnll allow Such Pereon or 
Fl'trBons eo «ellliig v[X-ning und Dividiug T«i as afaix'said five 
per Cent for Iom o( weiglit to be comiiiited trom the Wdgbt 
rfl>^*clfiwl In thp Original Invoice oJ Wth Chest Box Tub Bjig or 
Hptlier pairkngf as afoivaaid 

B AND be it Eoactcd bv the aulliority aforesaid That Bpnjaniin 
p!ls;;Ke of the Cily of Xew Yorlt lirrcby la impnwered and 
paritlinrizod to grant and to give unto all and ovcrj- Terwa aud 
KTsons re«l<IiDS witbm tliis Colon.v (except within Hie City and 
Counly of Albany) who oball apply to hiiu for that purpose a 
Licence or I-lcenct-s authuri/.iii'; bim her or tbein so aj^tlyiug 
(or the same to Hetall Kiich Tea n)>on the Pa.Miieiit of kIx pence 
ax aforesaid upon the sale of orery pound of surh Tea by them 
sold and rebtiled and bo in proportion for any gi-eatcr or leaser 
<juautity SO by Ihtin Iletailt-d 

AND BE IT rVKTHER ENACTED by the aulhority afore- 
said (hat Volkerl P. Douw of thi^ City of Albany shall be and 
hereby is Impowered and anthorized to grant Hoeh Licenses av 
aforesaid to all and every I'cnton or Periions Applying for tJie 
same who Hball or do Iteside vitbin tlie City and County of 

ANP he It Ennrfed by the anthority aforesaid that the aer. 
Cral and Bespectlre IVrvons who nro by Iblft act auitmrlxed luid 
Impowered to fprant IJM'nces to the several and Itespevlivo Be- 
tailcra of such Tea within tliclr Several and ReitpeetJve Dia- 
Irlrts are hereby also appointed mnna^>ra for collecting and 
irnihering In the said dntr do an aforesaid laid npon nil niicli 
Tea so as aforesaid sold and dIs{vo»ed of by Way of Bctail 
wiibln this Colony Which manaRers before they enter upon the 
JVrfdnnancP of the scrvlfes reipilred of thorn by this act Shall 
each of them take the following Oath (riat) I A. B. Will 
well Truly nnd failhfiilly arrordine to the ntroost of my power 
and nblllly Execute perform and Do all nnd every the Dutii.-* 
and Services rciiuind of me by an act Entitled an act for laying 
an Fxcioe npon nil Tea of foreign growth retailed within this 
Tolony dnrtni: the time therein menlioncd SO HELP ME OOD 
WLich Oath it sliall and may be lawfiill for either of the .ludKea 
of ihe aupreme Court or either of the Judges of the Inferior 
Courts of common pleas of the aevernl and Itespeetire Cities 
to administer tn the aforesaid several and respective matiagers 
bereby nominated and appointed as aforesaid And they the 
lid managers shall at the some tlute enter into Reco^iznnces 



fnto oup RoTOrcifrn Tj>r^ tiu^ K!na; his be]r« and Sucowwo™ T^W 
Mil The Buid Iti-iiJiimiD Illagge in the sum of Two thc^uitaad H 
pounds widi two HulBcipiit Huii-iies each in hulf llmi etim And 
the euid Volckert P. Douw in ibt' Hum of One ttiousaod ponnds 
with two Surulit-a earh in half that mim for tho fitithful disc a 
chargo of their Reupwtive lYusln and that they will Pay into H 
the TKEAtsntV all mirh Gams of moiicT as they ahall Reoftlre 
by Virtue of thia tu-{ (.iin»imiit to the llin'olions thereof Whirli 
Raid Rfco^izaDf<.-» lUiall be lodged in the Trcamjry of Uiis 

AX1> be It Enacted by the anthority aforpwiid that it ahalt 
and may be lawfull for the tmid several and n^specUvc man- B 
oyort afort-xaid or any or either of itn-m iiprtu {cratiiine of every ™ 
License or l.irensea aa aforesaid to demand and recejvo of th» 
Ei-talk-r or [{etuilers of giich Tea aa afoPi«il<l to whi*m he or 
they shall in^nt aucb Liccntie or LiceuKes the sum of one shilliDg 
and 8lx pence for eaeli !.i(H>nfle ao panted. 

AXD I* it Enacted by the aulhority aforp*iiid that the afore* 
Mid Persons who are hereby .Appointed Mnnatfers ahall and 
they are hereby required and directed to qualify tbenii<elves as 
hoou as may be after the roiiimencement of this act on Pjiin 
of forfeilinR the anra of One hundred Pounds to be recovennl 
with full Costs of Suit hy action of Debt or otherwise tn the 
Biipreme Court by the TrensurtT of this l^tihiny and npplii-d to 
and for the )>upport of his Majexcr's Government In ihis Colony 
by act or acts hereafter to be i>a»(ed for that purpose. 

AND be It Enacted by the authority aforennid That If any 
Pej-Bon or Periwu? Whatnot-viT shall presume to sell Directly 
or Indirectly any anch Tea by Way of Itetail from and after the 
flrnt Day of .Tanuary next fe\eept lie she or they so ttellinR and 
n^'aiiing do apply for and obtain a License or LIcenrT^-s for tliat 
pnrpose tn the manner as herein Before Is dirveted) he she or 
they so olTendlnc shall forfeit and loose the snm of Five pounds 
for every offttie*' to bo IUt.ov*'ri-d In a Kiiinmary Way before 
any of bis Tllajesty's Justices of the Peace with full Costii of suit 
by the aforfwatd majiaiierB rpspeclively and Shall also forfeit 
ail such Teas as shall then be found Id his her or.iheir Put'setti'iun 

AXD be it Enacted by tlie aulhority ufon-suld that all and 
«very Person or Persons who shJill ajiply for and obtain a 
License or I>lcenBes to Bell and dii<pose of such Tea by \Vay 
of Itctnil as afnrewaid Phall and he slie or they ar*- heri-by re- 
quired aod directed to keep an Esaet account of all such TVa 





vlifch be she or tkej shall Retail fi-om the said ni'Rt Day of 
Jattiarj neU imtill ilie first Day of Jaiiu<ir,v uhicli will be Id 
the Yt-ar of our Lord One tliouiiund Heveii biiDtlrpd and Sixty 
C>»e and be ahe or llit-y ftliall ujton tlie |>ajiii«iu of the money by 
|tlLs act laid upon all «u«'li R<.-tui)ei] Tea produce the said Ac- 
coiQt (o the ttinniip^rs aforesaid by wbom they wore Respect- 
Iv«ly LiccDBcd nkb whom FJe »»he or ibey shall Bcltlf .rbeir 
mccounts And ibe Raid tv«i»eclivc mnnafceni are hereby ditflcted 
an] Re<piired befort- the Sottlement of atiy aci-ount op at'<oiinl8 
wilb any or either of the (lald Retailer or Retailers of such Tea 
admioiwer to mieh Itetuiler or Itt-lDilerft an Outb or nffirma- 
'tiftn as the Caw- may bappea to be to the following eff'-ct (VlZt) 
Tliat the accoiial ho prmluoi-d by Mm her or them In a just full 
and iierfecl ai-couril of till Ihe Twi of Fon-ipi (:rowtii Mild by 
|IletalI by him her or them from the flrtu Day of January next 
Ibe Day on which ^ueh t'eirlejiieul xhatl tie no made \Miicb 
ortb or affirmation it Ih hen-W declared luwfull for the afore- 
^r*>^id Mnnnjrers respectivoly to adminiHter 
■ FROVIDED AXD RE IT ENACTED by the authority afore- 
^haid That whensoever the Rolniler* of Ten an nf<>n<)uiid HbntI 
^nuke up and l*ettle their acconnts with the afon-Haid Kiiqu'ct' 
Ire Itanatrers if they cud make it appear to the Katlffai'tlon 
of the Raid Miinn^rers Resjicctltely that the Excise of any of 
^^hc Tea reluihd by them as afore^utld has aln>ady been paid or 
^Becttred to be paid by any other I'erKoa or l*er«ons such Retailer 
^^or Rptailcra shall be allowed so much In his her or their ac- 
iconnts as he she or they shall so make appi-ar to have been 
^hiefore paid or secured to bo paid 

^^ AXD be it Enacted by the autborlty aforcHaid that if any or 
eidier OF the Siiid Kelaih-r or Ihtallerft of muh Ten shall neg' 
lect or refuse to keep 8ucb account and the same to pmdnre to 

Ee mid Managers Respeetiiely lie she or they RO offending aliall 
*H*-<-livi-ly forfi'it and bn»>c Ibe fiini of Fifty pniuids 
AXD WHEREAS it may prove very inconvenient to many 
the several and RespectlTc lletailera of Tea aforesaid to 
I attest their iieeoiinlj* befoi-i- the mnmiKers as afon-wiid by reason 
^kf the distance many Retailers live from the said manacers for 
^Bemedy whereof BE IT EXACTED by (he anthortty nforecald 
That It shall and may be lawfall for the wveml and Respective 
retailers of Ten durins the ronliniiance of this art to attest 
tiielr accounts Before one of the Judges of the Court of common 
rica» within any of the respective Counties of this Colony where 




BQcli Retailers dwell and Reside which Bc^^oanfa^ wo atteatrd 
stiall be Received aud allowed by the aforesuld Uoiisgei's wj 
thing herciD to the ContraJ-j NotwitliBlaDdiiig 

ANU «C IT EXACTED by the nutboiity uforesiild that caefi 
and evei? of the retailers ot auch Tea aa aforesaid ahaJl I'aj, 
tin- said Excise umo the af'in-ajiid iDunagvrs rf!ii^Kt<.tivfIy In 
haJf Yearly Paj-ments whiiU Sums whvn Received by the said 
managers Khnll forlliwith thereafter by theta be paid Into db« 
TreaBury of this ('olony togciht-r with all the moaiea aiiiuag bjii 
the gnuitiag of l.iic^iisi-s aa atorcsaid 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid That U 
from and after the Comnicni-ement of IMh act any l*enR)n on 
Per:!OtiH wtuLtsoc-vcr tibull oj'piisv iiidU-st liinder or Ubsbuct aoy 
or either of the said managers in the due Execution ot tlin 
Powere and aullioritiiv glTeu and gmaltHl unto them by this 
act every Person or Persons so iloiuf; shall forfeit and loose lot 
every such offence the wira of Fifty Pounds. 

AND HE IT ENACTEli by theauthorKy aforesaid that the 
•everal aforesaid forfeitures (except forfeiturea by the miuiagers 
theiuselTea) Shall ItE Sued for and recovered by the aforesaid 
managers respectively in any Court where Such Causes are 
properly Cofcnizable and when Recovered paid Into the Treasury 
together with the produce of the sale of all Huch Tea as shall 
happen to be forfeited by any such Retailer aa aforesaid and 
■ball remain there untlll th«^ siunc be dI»iiot*ed of by Act ur Acts 
hereafter to be passed for that purpose. 

And be it Eaacted by the antliority aforesaid that all the 
Uoniea arising and to be paid to the Treasurer by Virtue of this 
act »hall i-eniain In the Treasury uutiil the same shall be dis- 
posed of by act or acts Uercitfter to be made and paaacd for that 

AND RE IT tTVAfTTD by the authority aforesaid Tliat It 
ghnll and may be lawfull for the afiircwUd oianafiera to retain Hi 
their own haada oat of the monies to arise by this act the fol- 
lowing sums <\17a) The said Itenjamin Rlugpe the Sum of 
ElKhty pounds as a Reward for his care and Trouble in perform- 
tnf; the several Services required of him by this act And the said 
Volckert P. Donw the anm of Twenty Pounds together with one 
fnll fourth part of all the fines and forfeitures which he the Raid 
VolckiTt P. Douw shall Recover by Vlrtoe of thla act aa a Ee- 
vard for his care and trouble in performing the scTeral services 
required of hiu) by this act' 



XAWs oe: the coloxy oe ^"E^\^ yoee. aca 

> BE IT EXACTED hj the aothorUy afoi-esaid That ill 

of the said managers bhall bappoo to Die ReiMovc out oil 
dIoo; or refuse to Act it Hliatl and may be lunfall to anil 
; Oovernor or Commander in Chief for liie time heing by, 
1th the adrice and CouHe&i oT hia Mujestj'g Council ly ai" 

iome other fit I'ersou or Pcrsoos in tbe place and Stead oC 
■ them t*o Djing remaringor Refusing to act l'UOVIDET> 
he I'eraon or Persons who ebull be appointed Rball ha 
to take the taune Oath and enter into the like Re^-ogniz- 
I'ith the like Sureties a^ bereio Is directed to be done l)jj 

d manap^rs and iu ail Heitpvetfl be Subject to oboerve do 

rform the several Direciions of this act 

) be it Enactt^d bj the «uunc authority that the Treasurer 
:eep and he i« hereby required directed and ordered to keep 
Books of all his Rereipla by Virtue of this Act And a 
md joat account thereof shall Render upon Oath UNTO 
DTeroor or Commander in Chief for the time t>eing the 

I and the Oeneral A wembly when by them or any of them 
lU be thereunto required 

[CnAPTEn 109*.] 
iter lOM, of Van Schniiclc. wb«r« ib* illle ont; Is printed. Chnp> 
(voL 2) of Uviussiou & Smtilu wbere tbe act Is iirlnied In fuIL 
ptcrlOtl. CouilnDcil ti>- obnpter 1120.] 

'An Act forllier to continue an Act EnH* 
tied "An Act for Uilloiintc and Quartering bis 
.Majesty's Forces within this Colony" 

IPaxsod. December 24. 1730.] 

EXACTED by his Tlononr the Lieutenant Governor the 
and the Ceneral Assembly and it in tien-by Enacted by 
thority of the Kinie That the Act Entitled "An act for 
g and Quartering bis M-ijeKtv's Forces within this Col- 
ia»sed in the Thirtieth Year of bis Majesty's Reign shall 
hereby U continued and every Clause matter and thing 
coQlAJDed EnacH-d to be and Remain of force to all 
Construetioua and purposes nliutsuever Dotil tbe first 
Jaonary One thousand Seven hundred and eijcty one. 
[Vol IV. ill 



[CHAPTER loas.] 

[CbiptcT VKS. «f Van Soliiuiric, where tbo title oolj I* printed. 
X73 (vol. 2) of UvltiCRton & Smitli, wb«r« the act L> pruited in (oil. Sw 
cbupten 611 & 880l Cootluucd Vr clia[>icr 124Q.] ^ 

^n Act farther to contlone an nrt V.a- 
titled "An aft to lay a Duty of Tonagc on the 
" Vesftpls and for the time therein tntntinaed" 
together vrith one other Act tbi;rclD mcD- 

[Psned, December 24, 1750.] 

WHEREAS an Art entitled "An art to lay a Duly of Tonnaga 
OB the Vessels und for the time therein meiilloued " [iukimnI la 
the Eighth Year of hU Majesty's Reign At Ukeniae an other 
Act Entitled "An act furtbei in ^ntiuue an act Kuiltled An act 
to lay a doty of Tonnage on the Vessels and for the time tliercia 
meotloaod with an eiplajiation and nddttion thereto" Paued 
Id the Twenty-fourth Year of bis ;-;.ijeBty'B Keign will both 
expire the first T>ay of .Tntiuary next und the General AsseniMy 
being willing for the Reasons in the said two Acta contained 
to continue the Knme for a I.on);er time. 

BE IT THEREFORE ENAt.TED by his Honour the Lleic 
tenant Governor the Council and the Oeiieral Axsembly and It 
fs hereby Enacted by the authority of the same that the n 
Acts AFOREJfAID tihall be and hereby arc conliniied and eve 
Clause Article, Matter and tiling in the said two Ada cod 
tained Enacted to he and rrniafn In full force and Virtue to a( 
Intents Constructions und ptirposes whntsocrer from the pn 
day of January next untlll the first Day of .Tanunry which w|! 
be in the Year of Our lx>rd One (hou8;ind seven hundred 
Sixty five. 

[CHAPTER I09fl.] 

IQiapter 1O06. ot Van Svtiaaek. sud cbspter 1T4 (toL Z), UrlncsloB & 
Bmtllt. wliere tt)« set ts prlntml In fnlL Bco ctanplcr Ki. ContlBUcd br. 
duiirtw 1322. Atui^iMled and valldaied bj cbapier 1149.1 M 

lAn Act further to continue an Act Fin- 

tituled "An act to prevent fraudH in Dclilor*" 

together with the Art therein Mentioned. ■ 

tTsHed. December SA. 1T59.] 

BE IT ENACTED by bis TTonour the Meutenant Governor tlie 

Conncil and General ABsembly and it tx lu-rcby Enacted by the 

aothority of the same That the Act Eutituled "An act to pr«- 


T«nt Frands !n Debtors" and Hfeirlw the Act TntlHea "An net 
to prevent frandit In Df'btors wUli nn addition ihcreto" the 
tint ponsc-i] tn the Twenty fourtb Year of bin Majesty's Roign 
anO the latter in tbe Twenty nev^^nih Year of bis Mnjr-sty'g R<>ign 
■hall W anil bcpoby art- continued and evi>ry clauxc Article 
Sfatt*r nnd tbing in the said two acta (-ontalned Enacted to be 
and remain In fnll force Vntlll tbc first Ttay of J.iuimry wlitrh 
will be in the year of our Lord One thousand Scvtu bundrvd 
and sixty aeren 

tCnAPTEB 10»7.] 
ICbaplMT 1097. «f Vnn Scbiiai-lc, wbcrc the title only t* printML Chapter 
ITS <roL S) of LlTlnsKton A Smith, vbere lb« act !■ prliitGd Id tiia £c« 
diapttr ion. ContlniUHl hj chapter 1130.3 

An Act to continue an act Entitled An act 
for the bettt-r aiit'n-bi.-iidiiis & Bccurln^ De- 
Berters from biB Majesty's Forces in America 
tc^tUer with tbe act therein mentlont>d. 

[rniwud, Dwomber 24. I TOT, J 
BE IT ENACTED by hia Uonour tbe Lieutenant Qoveraor 
the Coiinirll and tbe General .\sRemblT and It Is hereiiy Enacted 
by tbe antborily of the same That the Act Entitled "An act for 
"the better apprrbeuditig and sc^urtn^ r>e8erter8 from hl» 
" Majeaty'a Forces In America" Passed in the Thirtieth Year 
of bis MajeHty'fi l{(-i}:t) Ax also another act Entitled" An act to 
Revive an act Entitled An Act for the t>etler npprrbending and 
"PecHrinjt Dcwrters from bis Majesty's Forces in North 
"America" Passed in tbe Thirty f^-cond Year of bis Majesly't 
Roitm bIimH be and hereby are eontiniied and every Clause 
Article matter and tbing in the said two acts conltilned Enacted 
to W and Remain in fall force from tbe first Day of January 
nest nntlll the first Day of January which will be In tbe Year 
One thousand seven hundred and Sixt^* o&a 

(CnAPTER ions.] 
[Cbspt«r tOQS, of Tan 8<-bascli. auU cUapier ITS fvoL 3) Of LlvinpKiit 
4 Smith, when tb« set In primed in fuO. 6e« clis^er 72.1 

An Act to extend an act Entitled An act 

for preventing Trepasses to the County of 

fPsftSFc). Dfcembcr 21, I'SSS-I 
WHERE.^S an art paused In the Elerenih Year of King 
William the Third for prvveutioj; Trcpasscs in which Is a Clauso 



exempting the Connt; of TTlater from the TrlvIMget ot fhc 

BE IT THT?REFORE E>'AGTFJ> by hln Honor the Llentwiant 
Governor Itic CoudcII and (tic GeBeral Aeiiembly and it is borebj 
Enacted bj the Aolhorit; oi the snme That the »fti<1 net Shall 
after the Publication hwvof extend to and bp in forct- in Ibe 
Countj' ol Clotcr Notwilbatandinfc tbe said Exempting ClaoEe 

[CHAPTER 1099.] 

iCbapt«r lOSO. of Tan Si'luuck. -^rhcrc tbe title oaXj l« printed, dv 
177 iTi>L 2) of Llvln^taa ic Smtili, wli«ro ilw act Ik primed tn (nlL 
chapter tan. Contlnnml by <-hapter I2J7. Expired January 1, 17W. Pro- 
vided tor by cbapter 1532.1 






An Act to tmpower Jafttlcea of the Pc 
Hajorit Recordcrg aud aldorinon to Iry Caueccl 
to the value of Five puunde and under and for 
Bepealiog an act therein Mentioned 

[Puiui-d, Dcwmbpr 24, 173*1 

WnEREAS It has been found by experience in the Conntie 
that bave hnd the benefit of Trying Causes by Jiietices of tli« 
JViicc to tbe Value of Five pouudH and under to be greatly 
advantageous to the Inbabitauiti being thereby Enabled H]K-cdIly 
and at Small expenoe to coiiie at Justice and It bi'ing apparent 
that the Cities and Itorougb will be equally l>eneflted by bavins^ 
the same pririied^'e for which Ibey ore ver>' Solldtoaa. HH 

BE IT TnEltKFoKE KNACTKl) by liin' Hniit.ur tlie IJeiit<!n- 
ant Governor the Council and the General .\ssembly and It 1^^ 
hereby Enacted by tbe authority of tbe Bflme That all Actional 
Cases and f'au»'es of IK'bt Trespass Tn-siMiKs on Ibe Case and 
Replevin wlierein the Sum or tiling demanded for Cause of Ae-_ 
tlon shall not exceed the nnin of Five Ponudu (exeept sacb Ac 
lions as are hereby excepted) Shall after the firnt T>ny of .lanii-' 
ary Next be and hereby are made Cogni/.able before any one 
Justice of the Peace of any of ibe Counties or the Mayor Re- 
corder or aldermen of the Cities of New York and Albany and 
Borougli of WN'nlclioWcr Respeeiively witbio this Colony and lb« 
said Ousticea Mayors Recorders or Aldermen are hereby B*- 
sppcllvely impowered and Required upon applloation to eitbeC| 
of them made for tbe Recovery of any such Debt or Demand K 
Isjine a fiummons or Warrant as tlie Case may require din>^lod 
to the Coostablea or other proper oDIccti or any one of thCE 



City BorouRh Town Manor Precinct or DiHlrlct where the 
l^cffudaat Dwells or cun be fouud Cominuiidlu]; liiui to bring or 
Ciiuse «uch IX'fendaui to coiue wUb the Plaintiff or IiIh Attoiut-j' 
bffor» blm at lUe liint- und iu the mnnut.-r following, tliat in to 
fiav, in Case wht-re amh Process itbull be iu the Nature of flk 
Capiaa forthwith afl«r Uitf stTvlce thereof but where the Sum- 
lUuDS »ball be Issued then on some cciTitiu Diiy (horein to be 
espresM-d not LEt?S lliau nix uor uxcoeding Twelve Da>s from 
tbe wn-ive of nuch Satnmons and at the time appointed for 
liMriDg such Cause or on eiurh utti^r Day us such Justice Mavor 
Recorder or Aldvnniui shull Ibinli itcHsoDable to appoint not 
exceeding six Days the said Justice Major Ili-coi-der or Aldcr- 
mno shall proceod to hear and tCxaniiue the ullegutiouBand Evi- 
dcDces of tbe i'laimiO' and Defendant and within Twelve Dkt\» 
thereafter give bis judgment thereupon in such Manner a« shall 
appear to bim ugmtible to Equity and Justice together with 
such CostN as are herein after allowed 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authorltj- aforesaid that tho 
Process against all rreebolders and luhabilants having Family's 
Hhall be by RuninionR onfy wblnh shall be signed by the Justice 
Uayor Recorder or Alderuian that grautcd it and Men-ed on the 
Person of the Ueffndiinl or a Copy thereof left at bi« or her 
Hoaee or place of abode in tbe preitence of some of the Fumily 
of siihatde age and Discretion (who shall be informed of tbe 
Coateols thereof) at Imst Six Days before the time appointed 
for heating and in Case tho Defendant doth Not Appear at tho 
lime and place that sbail be appointed in Such Summons thcQ 
on Oath or uBirmation made by tbe Constable or other officer 
that the Paid Bommons was dudy cerved iu the manuer afore- 
said and no SuOicieut Reason appearing to the said Justice 
Uayor Recorder or Aldt-imau why the Drfendaul did not npiM-ar 
on the sold Day appointed in the said Summons the said Justice 
Mayor Rcctwdcr or Aldormiin shall issue his Warrant and pPO' 
ceed in the same manner us above i» directed 

tburity afon.-»ald That if any sncb PlaintitT so applying shall 
opon Oath or affirmation declare that he or she doea i-eally and 
iincoTt-ly believe that If such process be only by summons against 
■och Freeholder or luhnbilnnt having a Family he or she will 
be Id danger of losing the Debt or Deuiand thereby or that he 
or SHE doth Really and sincerely believe that such Freeholder 
or Inhabitant will depart the City County or Borough or other- 



wise abscond before such time thon tlie said Jnstlce Mnj-nl 
ICvcur<ler or AldL-rnmu eliull Issue his Warraul in 8ucli lunuocr' 
as if the Defendant bad not been a Pn-ctioider or lubabitant 
Iiaving u l-'nmily Aud if niiy iK-ffudunt oUail Rc>(|iiire a loti;:^ 
time llian ia first aii[>omted by tlif Hiiid Jutitii'^' Mayor lleuurder 
or Aldi-rman aud will if rt-quirod give Sufficient security to ap- 
pear and Stand Tryal on such otlier Day as KhiiH be 0['|>oiut'-J 
Uifn the i«iid Juylice Mayor Hevyrdur or Aldt-rrDaii is bereby^ 
required and isipowered to adjonm the Tryul of such Cause t( 
any Day lie shall iliiuk most coiiveiiienl not exciM-iJIng tweht^ 
Daya nor less than thrt-e from tliat lime uu!f»» tbe Justicai 
SJnyor Recorder or Aldrrinoii and Puvtica shall otherwise a( 

AND BE IT ENACTED by Ibe authority aforesaid Ihat il 
every Action that sliall hereafter be brought in this Colony l>j 
Virtue of this act it i^hall and may be f.«wf»)l for either of th« 
p<arties to ibe 8uit to demand of the said Justice Mayor Re- 
corder or Aidermait that oiicb notion be tryed by a Jury and 
upon Bnch demand the said Justice Mayor Recordi-t or Alder- 
man Is hen^'by Required and Commanded to Isane a Warmnt to 
the Constables or other otHcer of the City Dorough Town Manor 
Precinct or District where the Bame may happen commandinj 
them or him to brinR op caune to come at such certain lime an^ 
place as shall be iu the warrant expressed alx good am) lawfuU 
men of Ibe City Borough or County Kespectirely being Free*| 
holders or Freemen who appearing the said Justice Mayor K 
corder or Alderman shall adininisler to each of them an Oatl 
in the form following, (A'lZt.) You sball well and truly try this 
matter in difference between A, B riaiutiH aud C, D Defendant 
and a true Verdict Shall give according to Evidence SO BKLP 
YOU UOD and after the »\x Penkins liave taken the oath afor 
»aid they shall sit together and hear the several Proofs nai 
allegations of the partlea whirb Shall be delivered IXpuMickl 
their prewnce after whiib they sb^ill be tept together in wmeT'oo" 
Teiiieut private plare unllll they ail agree upon a Verdict whirl 
nhall be given Iu to the said Justice Mayor Reeonler or Alder 
man who is hereby Required to give Judgment agret-able to soch" 
Verdict and to auard Execution In the manner herein after 
directed the Costa of Ibe Jury to be paid with the other Costa 
by the Parly against whom their Verdict sliall be fonnd. 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid that If 
the Plaintiff In any such Suit or action shall he noosnited nr 
discoDliauc or withdraw his Suit without the leare of tbe D&- 




fMdant thCD JudgDicDl Bliall tw ^%'en nfcniDst tilin for the Cost* 
aixmed or if be shall appear to be Itid'ehlei] to 'the Defendant 
tlit-D JuOKiiK-nt »liall be glvea n^^nlnitt tiiiu for llic Debt or 
Dvinmid oad Costs as the Cane may requiw? and wht-neTcr 
JiidKiucnt Hhall be jtlvea agnlnst either platntifT or Defoudaiit 
Id any of tho before int-atluued Cawa The Justice Mayor Ke- 
i-or<ter or Aldenuno that pronoiinivd ihc snld JiidnfiiK-ut Hhati 
Dl Exccation thereupou directt-d to one of lUe Conslablcs 
other proper ofTiwr of the Baid City Barroiiiih Town Manor 
Tetliiot or bisliict coinitmndiDe him lo levy the Debt or De- 
^^asd and Costs on the piods and Chatties of the Person against 
^hhom such Execution shall be fcranted and for want of sufficieot 
^Bffecta whereon to lery the Eseoution to take the Body of the 
^frersou n^inst whom such Execution Hlittll be grantfO and him 
or litT convey and deliver to the Krepcr of the common Goal of 
the City Borough or County Whl'-h Raid Constable or other 
proper ofHrer afliT bin taking such g^uods and Chu((li-s into his 
Custody (by Virtue of such Execution) HbaJI pire Publick Notice 
by an adverrixenn-nt put op at the most pnbilck place of thy 
Ciiy Borough Towu Manor Preoinct or District where such 
goods shall be taken of the iM>r(8 of the goods uud the tim*! and 
^Miace where and when they sltall be exposed to sale at least Are 
^B^.vi* tx'fore rLc tlnn- appriinleil for ttelling them and at the time 
and place so appointed for selling TUE3I shall expose tbem to 
sale by pnblick Vendue to the hiRhcst Iliddi-r and pay the 
I tnooey according as tdiiiil be din-iled in the Warrant or Writ of 
^BSxecufion and return the overplus if any be to the owner and for 
^^<ant cf KufFicient goods and <'h»1Ie«i whereon to levy the Exe- 
cution th? Constable or other ]irui»er oHlcer to whom any such 
Kxecutloo shall be din-rted shall ncoaitling lo the Tt^nor of the 
exid Execution take the Itody of the IVntou against whom any 
nrb Execution shall be grunted and Convey and deliver him or 
hf^r to the Kct'|ier of the common <5oal of that City Borough or 
County which said Goal kei^'per is hereby commanded to keep 
j Sacb Prisoner In his Bafe Custody in the common Goal untill lh« 
I I>ebt or DcmanJi with the Cost* shall be fully paid OH untill he 
or she shall be from thence delivered by due course of law 
PROVIDED NEVERTHELESS that no Exceutlon of any Judge- 
ment given by Virtue of this act shall iHSue agatnitt any Free- 
holder in less than one or delayed longer than two months after 
giving the said Judgment Unless the party In who«ie Pavonr 
Judgmvot Shall be given shall muko it appear to tlie «itld 


Uofftice Mayor Recorder or Alderman on Oalli or nmrrantloB 
tUat be or stic is in dungi-r of lousiog their £)cbi' or Uimaud if 
Bucli delay be allowed Id wblclt case tUe Justice Mayor Recorder 
or Aldcnuau Sliull Ishul' Iiis Wurrant of csit'iilioD iuiiuediiitclf 
lis livrein before directed Unless tlie parly ni^nst nboiu auch 
Jadgcie&t Sbnll be given shall thereupon give Si-curity to the 
Party in whose favour Jnd^^ient went to Pay the full of tie 
i>ebt or Dcmjuid and Cosis aX or t>etorc the cxiiinitlon of one 

AXD RE !T EyXctED by tiic auHiorily afoi-esald ttiat H any 
rer»ou or Persons wbai«oi?ver nliall C'omuieuce Sue or Prosecute 
any Suit or Suits for any l>«bt or Dcmuud made Cognizable u 
ItCorewUd in nny other mannor than is directed by this act 
and BiiaJl obtain a Venlk-t or Judgment tber«^on for r>eM or 
Pantftges which Trttliout Costs of suit Bhall not amount to 
viorv than five pounds (not tiaving caused an Oath or afllrma- 
tioD to be nixide bt^'fore the obdiiuing u Writ uud tiled the >ajne 
in the Clerks office THAT be she or lliey so making Oath or 
aftli-nialion did Truly bt-lit-ve Hie Debt Due or damage* So* 
tuiuvd exceeded tlie sum of five pounds) he she or they so 
prosecuting Bhull not Recoi'er nor have any Costs In such Suit 
any law Usage or Custom to the Contrary in any wise Not- 
wllIiKtaodiug PKO\Il>ED AL\\'AYS that neither this act not 
tnj thing herein contained shall be deemed Construed or 
uiidervtood to extend to such actions whetvin bis Majesty hia 
Heirs or successors may be concei-ncd or whore the Title of 
I«ndssli»ll any wise eonie In Question PROVIDED AI^O that 
aothing in this act shiUl extend to uiatti-m of account where 
the sum total of sucli account shall exceed in the amount or 
iValue thereof the sum of Twenty pounds and that no Justice 
of the Peace being a Tavern 1(m'|><.t shall Try ux^r Cause by 
Virtue of this act at his owo llouitc any thing herein to the 
Contniry notwithstanding 

( ANO HE IT KNACTED by the nnthority aforesaid tha* no 
frreater or other I'ees shall b« allowi-d taxed or taken in actions 
brought In the manner by this act dlrecled than aa in this act 
is appointed to be tiiken (VIZtl JUSTICES Fees a summooa 
Vine pence A Warrant One sliilling and six pence a Jadgment 
One shilHug adminiKtring every i>ath or affirmation six penc* 
Every Sxecution One shilling and ^Ix p<-nce a stimmons for 
evidence six pence Iiwuiag (he Venire faclaa to summon a 
Juij One Bbilling swearing the Jary One shiUiug and six 





aw EVTDEXCES Attending on pHniiiionsor olterwTse fwo 
jdiillings [M.T da; and so :r proportiun fur a longer or HltortCP 
CONSTABLE OP oUier proper ofllccr for serving every 
irraut or eummonB for ose miles Truvo) or und(;r one sittlling 
_eteij mile more sir jioiice wiving evrrj" Eittution for Kwry 
»UDd tvo 8lii)lings Hiimnioning evi-r.v Jury three sblUings 
ritlES for all louses li-yed one Bhillins [iot man wliea 
imnioniHj and tlic Caiiw nol Tryt-d frix pence per man PltO* 
VIDED that the whole Costs to lie Kecoveix-d or aJiowetl la 
»ny one Caiine or action Shall not exceed tlie mini or Fort^ 
tJiillioea ASD I'KOVIUEl> that nothing therein contained 
11 extend 10 obii;;e such Jiislicea of the Peace within this 
1107 as ure Mv-uiIk-i-b of his Mcjesty'n Council to tnl^e Cognl*- 
of any Such Causes Slaitera or Thinps AS are by Ihin act 
divided for bat that tbi-y shall tie at libeny at all times to 
let therein op not as to tbem lOiall Rcrm Htiing any thing hereia 
[onlalned to tlie rontrary nntwilhstandinf; 
AND HE IT KSACTED by tlie aiilhority aforesaid tlin* one 
frtain act Entitled "An act for eRinbllsbinK and RcciilatiDg 
[Courti to detennine Causes of Forty Shilling* and nndcr ia 
'this Colony " iHiRscd in the Eleventh Year of bis present 
Inji-sty'a Iteign t^hnii be imtnediuLely after the CommMicemcnt 
tJiis act Be|>ea1ed and every Clause Article matter and ihlnR 
the Kild act Contained hereby made null and Void durinff 
ke Continuance of this act 

AND RE IT FniTUKR ENACTED by tlie anlhority aforw 
lid That this act be of Force from the firat Pay of .January 
next nntill the first thiy of .Taniinrv- wlibh will he in the Yeafl 
Ona thousand Sevto hunureil and tSixty Four. 

t IChnr'er lion, of Ton Scbancb. and ctinpier ITS (vot 2) ot Livingston 4) 
ttmltli, wbcfc Uic act Is printed In fulLJ 

^n Act to prevent the nelllng of TicVefg 
fo tbiit Colony of any Lotteries Schemed or 
(Erected in any other Colony 

IPaswd, Deceml>er M. 1T59.J 

r TVHEBEAS the eelling and disposing of Tickets taken oat 
«J lotteries Erected and Schemed In the Netiihlvouring Colonic* 
|(whicli sereraJ pereons have of late set on foot and practiced] 




bfltli been found Manifestly prcJoatcUI and oT Pt-niielooB Coo-^ 
Beijaence to the InliabiluuU of this Colony for pruvention wbcrwf 
for (he future 

BE IT ENACTED b/ liU Honop flie Lieutenant aorernor Uw j 
Cvuncll and Uie Qeneral ARseuiblj aod it tg ht:reb7 Euact«d^| 
by the authority of ihc mime That if any IVrsoii or IVtsoub ~ 
■whatsoCT'or iifter the Publication of this act sJiall pveeume to 
Bell or dispose of any Ticket or Tickeia in this Cktiooy taken] 
out of or from the Lotlerr or LotteriL's Ertttcd or Hcbemeil 
in any of the Noi»hb')iiring Colonies under whatsoever name 
Title or I>9DoniinutioD the BOine may pasa lie She or tfae^ 
ahull Respet-tivcly forfeit and I'ay for every Surh Ticket so 
sold or di>t|>o«tP(l of a» afore^uld the Hiim of 8ix pounds to be 
rrcovcred by any Person or Persona who shall and will Rne| 
for the same In any foiirt of Record within ttiU COI/iNV 
One half of which foi-fi-ilure to be paid to the luformer and 
other half to the Chnrcli Wai-dens or overReers of the Poor 
of the City Town or rrocioct wb«re the Said forfc4tore Bliail 

' tChaptei not, of Van Si^haack, awl cliapter 1T!> froL 21. or MrTngSl^a & ' 
■nutb. wberv llw tiUo only Is ptiatcd. Expired Janoar; 1, ITUIJ 

'An Aet to Regulate th« CotlectinK tLaj 
Duty of ExclBi> on alrouK Ufjuors retailed In 
this Colony from ttu- first Day of Juuuury One 
thousand fieren hundriMl and Blxly 1o the fimt 
of January (me thouauud uevea huudrvtj and 
gisty one ^ 

r BE IT ENACTED tj hla Honour the Lieutenant QovH-rnaf 
(be Council and the tjtnerol AetHiubly and It Is lit^i^by Euutied 
by llie authority of the same That Cornelius Cloppcr junior shall 
Le and hereby fs upiioiutcd Coiumlwloner for Collecting ihe 
Waty of Excise of and from the sfveral Reiailera of strong 
I<i(|uors within the City and County of New York from the 
first Day of .Tanuary One thousand seven htmdrwl and sixty 
to the ftrst Day of January, One thousand eeven hundred £j 
«lxty One. 

AND fcc it further EnncfM by the Authority A'fon«in(d tlialf' 
Ihe said Conimi^toloner shall as soon after the I'ubUcalton of 
tbta act aa he shall Jadge convenient appoint the several Bfr 




bilori vUhin the B-ild Citj find dirrct and asoprtaln what 
cacli netflller sbnll Vay for tlie said Dutv fri>iu ibe (hitt Day 
of Jauuary One tliouaaiid eewa buudrird uiid 8isty to tlic first 
Dny of Jiiniiurj One tboiiKiind siii'eu huiidreil and tilxty one 
ALWAYS rROVIDED Hint Ibe wbole Sum to bi- laid <m tlio 
several Kftalk-i-s in Uie said i-"uy and County shiUl be the lull 
and Intii'e f'um of Nino Intndn-d .lutl Fifty four Foitnda witU 
the uddilionnl Bum of One bundr<.>d Pounda for inridpnial 
cbiirgcB and Ills Commissions w]i(<.'b luxt U to bi- at tlio Itntc of 
Dvo per Cent For wbiirh Said Som of One bnndn-d Pounds be 
sbflll accoitut on Oaih And if it exceeds bis Coininit^ons nud 
Ini-idimtal charpea the Sorjiluti tlii't-oof Shall he applk-d in cane 
of the 2J«t Years Kxi-lRe and Hlp Said Sum of Nine liundred 
and fifty four imundH shall by the said Conimiiisioner bo paid 
unto tbe Trrosurer of this Colony on or brfore the Brut I>ay 
of January Odi> thousand sovun hundii'd and Sixty One. 

AND be It furiher Enacted by the Anthority Aforesaid That 
tlic BC'veral and resp^'cllve Persons hercjiftor nnmed shall be 
ftjid hereby are aiipointed rinuniisBioiiera for CoHectinR Ibe 
Doty of Excise of and from the several and R<:w|H^-tive R«- 
tfliliTS w-itliin l!io pfvt'vnl niid ltcs|i(i'tivp Conntiea of this Colony 
hereafter mentioned and the Ilarbtmrs Uays and Uivers respect- 
irely thereunto adiointng and belonRins VIZt 

FOR the City and County of Albany the Mayor Recorder and 
Sildermcn of the said ('ity 

FOR Kings Counly Alimham Bloom Esiinlro 
t FOR Qneena County nenjamin Tunneeml 
' Fur SiilTolk County Richard Floyd Dugh Gelstoo and Sawael 
ILnndon Esq ui res 

FOR Westeheater Connty Edward RfevenBon Esriiitre 

Fi>R Dutches County James O. LiviugHtun und Ueraardus 

FOR Ulster County Cnpt. Jonathan HaasDrouck and Joseph 

For Orange Couoly Major William 'Thompson and Johannei 
Boof^ert and 

For Rli-hmond County Jacob Keseao Ilczckiah Wright & 
Jopeph Beadle Eaquirea 

AND he it Enawed by the authority aforesaid That the afore* 
iu!d aeverall and respeetivc Commissioners or the Major parr 1 1 
them respect ivolj- aball as noon as conveniently they can after 
the PublicatioQ ot this Act meet ut the County Uolts of their 



sereral and respective Counties or nt Such other place or plawi 
w the.v the said CommissicDi-ni eliall resjiecUvelj- app-^lnt fori 
putting in exvoutiou the Powtrn and imUiorlUes given bjr Iti'i 
Act At which time or at such other (irncB as thcj •hall Judsff , 
uec»'«»arj ibe aald Commisaioner* or the Major part of tln-nil 
respectively shall for their own Counties sevfnilly and reuppcl- 
ively Qx the Suniber and appoint the BO^t^ral Ketailera xTitlilo 
their several and Respective Counties and direct & ascertain | 
what each Itetailer shiill pay for the «ald Duty of Exciw from ' 
tJie flrr.t I);iy of January One thoHsand wven Iiuudrt-d and Sixty 
to the tintt Itay of J«n«nry OXE thousand seven hundred and 
sixty one ALWAYS PKOVDED that the sum to be laid on the 
Sfvej-al Retiiilera In the City and Co'inty of Allnany ehall Iw ll'« 
full and intiru t^um of One hundred and Twenty aeren Pounds 
with ithe sum of Thirteen Pounda In uddiUon thereto for tlM 
chiirgoK of nianauinK tlie same. 

ON the eeveral Retailers in Kings County tlie full and Inllrc 
Sum of Porty pounds with the sum of Five pounds in addiUcnt^^ 
thereto for the charj;:efl of nionnKin^ the i>ULnie | 

ON the several Ketuilers in Queens County the full and tn^ir« 
Rum of One hundr«l and Twenty fire pounds with the sum of 
five pounda in addition thereto for the charges of managing the 

OX Iho several Retailer* In SufToIk County the full and lntlr«^ 
Snm of sixty pounds with the sum of nine pounds In udditio^| 
tliereto for the charses of tuanaging the fiame 

ON the several Reliiilers in Westcheater County the full and 
Tntire sum of seventy Pounds with the sum of Ten pounds In 
addition thereto for the cli.iri;;eH of manngiug the same ^M 

ON the aeveral Reuilers in DutchcKs County the full nn^B 
intlre sum of Porty two Pounds with the sum of Ei^ht pounds 
In addition thereto for the cliarRPS of mnnnf^nj; the enmc 

OX the several Ri'tailers in UlMer County llie full and Intlre 
Sum of Thirty Eight Pounds with the sum of Eight Pounds la 
uddiilon thereto for the Charges of managing tlie snmv 

OX the BOverul Reluilers in Orange Couuty tlie full and Inllre 
Sum of Xineteeo Ponnds nith the snm of Three pounds ia 
addition Ibereto for Die Charges of miinaging the same. 

ON the several Retailers in RictimonO County the full and 
Intire Sum of Twenty five pounds with the sum of Thin/ 
sbillinga la additloa thereto for the charges of tumoagiog tiis 
Biune ^1 


iKT) be It further Enn«ed bj the authority uforewili! that 
the afor^wid Beveral ntid rtsi>ecilve Coiumisiuoners nliali before 
they etufr on the Eiecutioo of (Le Powers aud authorities given 
b,T this Act enter into Kt^^-ognizaQcfs uoto our 8over«l(tn Lord 
the King b!a Heine and Suocisjtym ht-fore any Judge of the So- 
pretax Court or of the Inferior tJyiirU lu the roUowing Bums that 
b to say 

The Riid CftrnHIiis Clopper Junior In the Peqal Sum of One 
tboa&and Nine iirXDRKD and Kisbt Pounds 

The Baid Itenjaiuin Townisend in the penaJ Bum of Two hun- 
dred and Ofty Pounds. 
The Raid Abraham Rloom iu the Penal Sum of Eigbtr Pnunda. 
The said mchord Fl<i,vd Hugh Geltson nod Samuel Landon In 
the penal sum of One hundred nad Twenty pounds. 

The Raid Edward Slcvennon in the penal Bum of One hundred 
and forty I'ounds 

The ftald .Tames O. Llringfiton aiid Bemardus FilLius In the 
P*-nnl Rum of Eifrhty four poiiiKls. 

TUe said Jiniattian IIua8t>n>uck and Joseph Qoshcrle in the 
Penal Sum of seventy six Pounds 

The mid William ThoiiipKou uad Johaaaes Boogert In the 
PrniiJ Sum of Thirty Ki;:ht Pounds 

Hie said Jacob lU-neau Uezetiiuh Wright and Jo«opb Beadle 
1b (he Pt-nal Sum of Fifty poundfi 

CONKITIOXEO Hint lliey Hball well and Truly Pay to the 
Tn-SHarer of this Colony on or l*fore the first Day of January 
wbirh will be in the Year of our T»rd One thousand wren 
hundred and sixty one the several and respective nums to be * 
laid la manner a« afnreoaid on the several and respective 
Rirtailers wi their several and Kexpectix'e Countits exclusive 
of the Kevenil and Rt'spectlve sums by this act allowed for the 
charges of management 

AND Ik- It further Enacted by the authority aforesaid that 
fbe aforeftaid several and Hcs(Hi-live llctuilei's shall Pay the 
aforeMild several and resix^-etive sums hitd on or to be laid on 
them onto the afore«uid several and respeetlve Commissioners 
00 or t>efore the first Day of DecemtM-r One thousand Beven 
hundred and sixty For oecuring which Payment the said Com- 
mlMJonrrs shall respectively oblige the said several and re- 
spective Hetaller* to give Such ftecurity AS they the said Com. 
mlssloners shall judge Necessary I'ltOVlDED that sucb Bi-- 
tailers to the City of New York as Bbalt tie Bated three pounds 


582 raws OF THE COLONY OF N'EW. YOUK, ^| 

and QDiler and soch to tlie sevenO CoonHta as sliall 6)e Baled at 
Thh-t; 8bJll[u(;« aud nuder shall not be pcnnftted to lia?e 
libertf to IMail unlesii thej iuijiMlIatclj Pay the several and 
lespeclivB suiu« ihej^ shall Ik.- Haled at to the aforesaid Com- 
TDi»S)oni-rt an; thing hema bvfore CoDtaioed to the coutrux 

AND be it furlhpf Enacted by lEe aDthoritj aforciaW that 
lo Caiw any Pereon or I'or^ona whatsoever othvr thito audi as 
tho Bsid CominiiMiionera shjill permit shall presume to »ell any 
•t'lin^ Ui]uorei by Itoiuil dircoily or iudir»'elly Iho off'.-oJvr o^ 
offenders aball for each Such offi'iee forfeit th« gniD ol si 
Pounds to be Itt'Cuvt^rL-d by the siiid CommissioDer or Co 
aloners reeiK.-c lively ou the Oath of any one Credible WitoeRa 
a summnry Way Id ihe Cilk-s of Nvw tork and Albanf before 
Uie Mayor or Kecordcr and one or more aldermen of the said 
Cities respi-cllvely and In the several Cunutles before iOj 
Justice of the Peace within tbe said County Kvspcctiraly and U 
npon Conviction the said forfeltuic l>o not piiid tbe same shall be 
levii-d on the gouda and Chatlcls of Uie offender or offendem ty 
warrant or WarTants under tlu; hands and seals of the Persons 
before whom such Conviction shall hai)iM>Q and U no goods and 
Chatti-Is uTv found on which (o di.-<tniin It Sball be lawfull for 
♦he Persona who heard and determined tlie Uamie to commit tliO 
offender or offenders to Goal without Ball or JIalnpri7.« for tlie 
Bpace (rf three mmiths unlem the Penalliea aro boouci- dLxohorged 
and the said roApectlvo Uaglftiniies fdiall be and are liereby 
luUy impowered directed and rwiuircd to hear and determine 
tbo9e uiallfTS la the niaaner aforesaid and to give Judgment; 
and if need be to award Esecution thereon nnd to Is»uo u ^Yar^ 
tant or Warrants for the Comnillment of the offenders as thfi 
ease may require One third of which Forfeiture Rliall be to tlie 
Informer or Informers One third to the Bald C'ommissioncnj And 
one third to the POOR of the Town Manor or Precinct wbe 
the offenne shall be committed to be paid Into the bands of t 
Church Wnrtlins or over»eer9 of the Poor of the said respecti 
Place or Places by tbe officer or officers by whom iJie same shal 
be levied »uj thin? In any of the acts of this Colony; to tlio 
eontniry NolwitliKiundin^ 

\SD l>e it further Enacted by tbe anthorlty aforesaid tHoB 
tbe several Retailers who Rhall be permitted and allowed to 
Heliiil 1>y the Mid ('ommi»-4iunf-r or C^iiiiiil^;ri!onen» shall befocv 
tbe>, do BO retail any strong Li(|Uor enttrr into Uecoguiz. 





tJiaf is to *ay In llic Cities of New York ana Mbany Iwfore tb* 
lvei«ctiTc ituyors thereof and Id the »eMTa) OoDDHfs of tliiH 
Cblooy befoa- two Justicen of the Peace In the Penal Sum of 
TwFDtj pouDda with HuQlcieot Hureties In the like Sum coo- 
lUtHined to kofp no ordi-Tly Hous:? jiccurdtng to Liiw duriaf; tbe 
Hme thej sball be permitted to it^tiitl &» urom>nid and thvre- 
Mpon the wiid Itespi-ctlve ilajora or the aaid Justicea Shall grant 
to Sach Person or PersOiDH who have entered Into stich Recounts- 
ancv & IJi-euse under his ov their banda and Heala to Betail 
Stron;; Liiiuont In Hurh nouM- and Place am Khali be Mentioned 
thrrein during ttic continunnee of tbla Act Whkh Ileeogniimucea 
are to be ItKl^ed by the Penwn or PcrHons before whom the same 
iball be luken VIZt In the Cities of New York and Alt<an.v with 
the Ty>WD Cleric and in tbe several Counties with the Respective 
Clerks thi-t\-of and ujion Co[ii|ilniiit of tbe broach of the said 
Condition It shall be Inwfull for the said Mayors and Aldermen 
of New York and Albaiij or the greater Number of tliein and 
in (he Counties for the Jaslices of the General and Special 
•esvioDR of the I'eace to Suppresa tbe License or Ueenses ot 
luch ofTrader or offenders. 

AND be it fiinlier Euncted by the anthorily aforesaid that In 
Cnae any of the Persona who shall be permitted to Retail Strong 
liifoors as afore«ntd by (be said roinmUsloner or Corainijwioo- 
m shall presume to Retail Itl-^FORB a T.iceni-c be obtained 
or D lU-eogni/^inw be Entered into to keep an Orderh- nousa 
the Person So offending shall forfeit ihe Sum of Six round* 
foreni'li offi'nee lo be Rerovered in a Sunnnarr Way in the man- 
ner liefore din-rtcd one Imlf thereof to tbe Informer or Informers 
and ib« other half to the poor of the Town Manor or Predoet 
where tbe forMlure shall arise 

AXD that the expenee of b<'lnff Qualified to Retail may be 
within the bounds of Moderatioa BE IT ENACTED by' the 
BBlhority afore«iid Dmt no more nhnll be tnkeii for a Licence and 
RecofinlKance in the Cities of New York and Albany than the 
asnal and aecnxtomed Fees and in the Respective Counties tliaJl 
the unni of Three shllHnps. 

And be It further Enai-ted by tbe authority aforesaid thaH 
rarh Persons (|>ermUted to Relnil a» afon-Mttd b.> the wild Com- 
nlssioner or CommlBsioners) who Retail Strung Liquors not to be 
drank in their own houses hnt carried Elsewhere shall not b« 
•bllRed to enter into Itecognizaneett and take Licences as aIore< 
mW Any tiling contained In this act to the Contrary Notwlth< 




'AXD be it Enactcil bj Uie aaOioiiij aforesaid tliat Id CaBO 
ell th'> several «unis for which the Kxct»e ttball be let Id ilie 
Bcvi-ral and RespfcUvc Citk-a & Uountics of lliis UoliMijr bIwII 
fall Bbort of tlic ^unie hervin bi-fwe Hutcd on the said B^rrera^ 
BDd Re»ppctivc Cities and Connties n-ilh the aforesaid inriOi.>nt^| 
Ci urgCM of Icltlng and Coll cttn;; thu s-niiU' (ben tbf CommiHi'ianer 
01' CommissioDerK afon^snld wlier« »iich deJlciencies t^hall ba|>[H.'D 
Bball be and are hereby impowt-nrd to call the Relallera Iwfore 
tbem and nsftC^R and Rate sucb 8iim and sums upon tbeio at 
■hall be sufHcieut to make up aoch Dolicitmcjr Which tstid addi- 
tional 8uui8 ahall be Colloct<?^ and paid in the some manner with 
the several and R(>«}>ei:-live SnniH firvt laid 

AKD be it furthur Enacted by the authority aforpaald that In 
Case of the Death of any of the aforesaid ComnlHslonera it 
fSurvivinK Commissioner op CommisMoniTS where Bucb Dcafl 
may bappi-n ahali hv and iK-r'-hy is and are IiititU-tl lo the wtio!^ 
Senard and Vcf-ted with the same Powers and autliurity 
execute tbiH act a* if no Htioh Death bnd hap]>ened and In eaa 
of the Death of all the CommiMuuacni of any of tbe reapectji 
Cities and Ojuntied then tbe Sheriff or Slierlffa for the lime 
beini5 of the Cities County or Conntk-s where »uch De».!h may 
ba|i|>en shall be and hereby Is am) are Vested with all ilie 
Powers and Authorities given to the Commiseionera by this 
act shall be under the sanae Recularions and Iiitiiied to tbe 
Siime Rewards .to nil ]uk-iit« ConslruolionB and Purjiosea What- 
80o\er as It they bad boen particutnrly named and appoint<-<l 
this act any tldns in IhiB net to the contrary Notwllhslandiii 

AND be it foplher Enaetei! by .'lie authority oforesiiid That 
all the monies to be paid tbe Treasurer of this Colony by 
Mrtne of this Act BliiiU be Imployed for and iowarda Cancelling 
the Bills of Credit Htrack and Emitted upon the said Duty of 
Ex'-ise at the times and Id the manner directed in and by aa 
act Entitled "An attf for tho more effectnal cancelling tlie Bills 
of Credit of this Colony " passed In tlie Twenty first Year of his 
IUajci<itys Keipa and to and for no other nse whatmiever 

AND he it further Enacted that the KvUiilers in ^he CHy 
New York shall pay the ExcJse In three several pa.nnenta 
Boomer as tbe rommlssioner nnd rhey shall agree PUOVIDEl 
lAI.WAYR tliat notlung in tliis Act 8hal! be Connlrae*! to mat 
Void abridge or in any wise lessen the Mvcral Rights an4 
rriviledges cranted unto (be Cities of Niw York and Allmny 
their resfrtHilve Cbarlers any thing contained In UiU act to 
Contrary thereof notwithstanding. 





ICHAPTEB 1102.] 

ICbapter UQ2, of Vno Sclmack. wli«rf> Ibe tlll« cnlT t« planted. CtuptCT 
Ua (ToL 2| of LtTlnsftoD ft Jtmltli, \rbei« Ute act Is iiilnied lu fillL Tta- 
tts coalluucd bj diaytcr 1133.} 

'An Act fnrltiop to cooflnne fhe Currency^ 
of thv liille of Ci'L-dil Luiillcd l>.v Viriuv of ilq 
act tenritted "Ad act for Emittitig Bills of 
"Credit for the Vs\\mcM of the Bebts and fop 
" the better »uii]i<>r( of the Govt-rurui-Dt of lhl» 
"C&loD.v and other purposes tb«reia Ucq- 
tioaed " 

[Pasa«il. Dw-cmtMT 21, 1709.] 

WITEREAS an act «itr(l.?<J "an act for Emitting Bills of 
■Credit for Ihp ruynifut of the Hubls iind for the better Sup- 
"port of tlie (jovernmeDt of this Colony tind other puq)U«e8 
'(lierein luentioned" passed in Ihe Elevontli Year of his Maj- 
tsty'a Reifm has by several Subsequent acts been Con'inued and 
prolong4^^ utilill (lie third Tuciidny in AiiHI which n-i)l be la the 
Tear of oar I^H-d One thoiiKand seven hundred and Sixty AND 
WUEIEEAS the cir(;uniKl»nroa of the Colony still riHtuire Ihe 
tld of the Interest money arising on the Hills of Credit Issued 
by ihe art first nfo'^sald for HUii)»ortiog the fJovernment thereof 

BE IT TUEREFOKE ENACTED by his Uonour the Licuteo- 
tnt Corernor the Council and the General Assembly and It la 
kereby enact<^il by the authority of the same That the lime for 
which the said Interest tnoney stauds appropriated for the Sup- 
port of the Ooveroinent of (his Colony by the last Subsequent 
let aforesaid Entitled "An act /nrllier to coiiliniie tlie Currency 
•f the Bills of Credit ewit-ted by virtue of an act 
entitled «a act for emlHlna Bills of Credit fop the 
Payment of Ihe Debts an(? for the better Btipimrt of 
the Government of this Colony and other purposes there- 
in Mentioned" shall he and hereby l» deferred removed nud 
fnrihcP prolonj-fd I'ndll the Third Tueisduy in (he Sl<)nlh of 
April which will be In the Year of our Lord One tbonaaud seven 
hundred and Sixty one any thint: in any of the aforesaid acts to 
the contrary notwltbstandins And Hint at the time last men- 
tioned ono fourth part of the said Rills of Credit iind the re- 
■al&def thereof in the next three Succeeding Years ahull be paid 
.Vol. IV. 43 



I lire 

in Cancelled and Destroyed AT llie liiuoa and to tli.> nmoBcr 
(llrecivd in and by an act KntltlwJ -'.Ui act fof llic uiwtx- ttttw_ 
"tual taucelliD^ tlie Kills uf Credit uf [bis Colon}-" pasHfd 1| 
Uie a'weut>- lli-8t jear of his ai;iji-»tj'ij Keign And lluil us wct 
tile said iiiat nu-iiliuued act ua uue otlier w:l Eutit't'd "An acj 
" to facilitate and explain tlic Duly or tlie Loan officers in Uiii 
"ColoKj" I'iissc-d in tliL- »u:d Eleieuiti year of liis Maj«.*6t.T*l 
Beigu and evt-rv the Ciniii^os uitit^^leo Mailers and TbingH 
tbeiu conlallii-d Ktiall l>e a "d lieivt>r arc Enacted to Cant^bae and 
remain in full force and Virtue to vVII luleots Construmtui^di 
«ud {itirposea wbaieoevci ontill llie Tblnl Tuesday iu Apr^l 
which will be in the Year :f our l/iird One lliuu^ind M-vim ban- 
dred and sfsty four any thing in the said Acta to the Contrur/ 

AND ItE IT ENACTED T>y the iinthori(y aforcsuld that the 
fald ItillH during the lime ihey are hewhy Knack-d lo n'tujil 
Current shall conlimie to be put out at Intrrest in the ann 
tiiHDQ'>r and Slcthod att in llif »jiid ISrtti mcnttoiKXl mt Is din'ctf 
And that All the Interest tnoiiev which may arise on theni durii 
that time sliall from time to lime h*i Imployed to and for tlie 
nnjiport of tbe (iOTernmi'nt of tliiK Culuuy in such uiannor as 
shall hy act or acts* lier\-after to he (Missed (or that purpose be 
ordered and directed and not otbervise escept "o much (heieof 
as may ho Neoi'ssary for sinking and Cancelling the sum of Eiyht 
thoumind and tlfty Nine pimnds foiirtei-n sliillin;:)* nnd Eleven 
pence Emitted In Bills of Credit by Virtue of the act first af'>r& 
iaid for Paying (he IK'hls (hen due from thin Colony 

AND UK IT EXACTE0 by tlie aiilhorily uforr^ald that 
Jjcma ofTicer)! of the several Citten and Coai.Uefl within thiH Cc 
ony for the tinif being shall In- and hfvliy are fully impowcred 
and nuthrtri/.i-d to niter tlie Form of all ani-b Murlgage«t as Shall i 
by them or any of them hereafter lie tauen In any of their oftfcv^^ 
In Retatiiui lo Ihe time and linieo of Payment Iti uneh niannpr n^^ 
to make the wime an»wenibl»? to the True Intent and ii!i';iuinir of 
UiIk *ct any thin; la any the aforei<4iid acts to tbe contrary 

AND ItK IT ENACTED by the authorlly aforewaM that win- 
soever tbe Loan ofilc^rH of the several Ciliea and Counties wlihiii 
this t^'olony shall from Ihe Infonualinn of anv of iti.-Snpc'viinir 
iBtbe ItcspctlTeC-untesof IhiBCi l.ny or from the InfomiftHoij 
of the .lHxlSrt-8 and Vestrymen of the rity of Ni-w Vdi-k or HU 
Uajor part of them have vuflicieot Itcason to Suspect the It 




ntBdcncjr of aoj of the SocuriticB takt-n or to be tnkcn for anr 
BOBu of Monoj Lent or to be lent out of auj o( tbeir several 
cfBcea eitbor as to llie Value or Title of tUc sai<) Be<-uritio« the;- 
lUe Kiitl Loan officers «ball be iitiil hcrt^b; are iuipowered and 
Bt-quired to ilt'iiiuud rayo^'-'Dt of the priucijiall auus notnUh- 
Riiodioe tlie due I'ayrneul of the Tiitereat thereof or further 
SnlScicat &e«ui'ii,r and uimjh failure of the due i'nvnient of bucIi 
I'riotlpull Huma or Itoftiaiug or uvgleollaK to Rive furttiei- miffl- 
cicDt security wtlhin fourteen T)ayg after Kuch Demand tuadc to 
proewd to the sale of the Mortgaged Lnnda or to such other 
HeraHy as is gWy-a by tlitr lirst aforesaid act aeoordiii;- lo the 
Nature of the Case and theroia to pitmue the Rules and I>Sn>c> 
lions prescribed In and by the xald net uuythtng therein contained 
to thr Conlrarv notwitlislaiidinc. 

AND BE IT FL'KTHER EXACTBD by the anthndty afore- 
Baid (hut if any of the IVrsonH nlio bemme xecn rit i'.'S for the 
Loan offirerti puT^itant In the firKt iifurcHaid net itliall Ih* dcslmnft 
of being diwharf^L-d from continuing longer under Ibcir said 
EntraRfraents Ihey shall Rive noilce thercfrf In Wrltlna to the 
i^iilK-rviwrs of ihe re»p<f1ive Cotuities or to the Mayor and 
Aldermen of the Respectire Ci*Je9 where they stand ensaped 
berween the first Tui-wJay In February nnd the fiml Tuesday !n 
March in the Year One thouwind seven hundred ami Sixty and 
the said Bapervixors or Mayor nnd Aldennen Itespeelirely shall 
burned i.-itely therr-after gire Witlie In Wriiinp to the respective 
Loan Offict.-ra whow t^ureiies so desire to be dixchargi-d Ihat be 
or they do by the first Tuesday in April llien next fnllowing 
proride and give new Riirety And In cnw any of the Loan 
odi'^e™ aforesaid so Xotiflcd as aforesaid shall fall in giving new 
8arely to the Sallsfin'tlon of ihe SAID SiiporTlsfirs or Slaror 
and Aldernien respeetively by tJw *iid Day then Ihe Kild Sujjer- 
TiHor* or Mayor and Aldernien respectively gliall proceed to 
the choice of a m-w I.nan <iflii-i-r or Lonnnnicera In the Room 
and stead of such So failine and in their proceeding (her<-OD 
sliall pnmue the Plrectors of the first afnrejiald act with lEespect 
lo the Choice of New l.oun ofTic<T'4 in the freveral Cased therein 
mentiotipd any thing la this or tlie aforesaid acts to tbc con- 
ittrj notwithstanding. 


[Cn.VPTEE 1103-1 
[ClHvtw llu3. or Van thluiai^ vtitcm tbr U(l« oml; Is iirlDWd. Oliaput 
181 (voL S) of LlTiDcston ft !«mii h. T/Ii«r« tti» act Is printed la folL Co» h 
tlDued tgr clmpur HU. Expired Januarr 1. 1T65.] | 

Ad Act to ReBtrain Hawkprw and PodUr* 
from KL'lltu(; wiUiuut Licvuce in tbiii Colony 

[Piuwed. DcornilK-r If*. l7S{i.| 

BR IT ENACTED oy his Hottonr the Liouti'nant Oowrant 
tlie CouRcil iind the Qt^iipral AKminhl; and It Is lif^reby Fu:ii'-<d 
ky tbc- aatliorily of tbe same Tbat from and after tlie finit l>ay 
•f January next tbere shall bo niinwer«d ttnd |>ald nuto Ills 
4Iajt'»l.v Ills Heirs iiud SuccesBors by every Uawker Pedlar 
petty-Cbapnian or other Trading Pprsfm or Pen<onB ^Ing front 
Town to Town or to other mens houHes and TraveUng eittwr 
on foot 01- nith Horse or Horses or other lieai^ts of Itiirdca or 
with any kind of Curringf? or otherwise wltbin thia Colony of 
New York iPXi'epr as hereafter U excepted) Carrylnir lo sell or 
Espovinir to Kale »ny Ooodn M'oroK and ItlercbnndiseK tlie resppc- 
tive Dntfes followint;tliHtiRtoi«y Kvery Person or PersonF ee'n; 
on foot as afon-said and Carrvlng to »■!! or Exposin;; to n\9 
any Qoods Wares or Mercha-ndlxc* a Daty of iwveD Pontids Ten 
ihiliinKs jtor Annum And every Person and Persons So Truvulllng 
■with borsp or Ilorsca or other Beasts of Burden (except as he"-©- 
•fter Is Exeepted) Carrylnp to Hell or Kxpo«lQg to snl* any 
Goods Wares or Merchandizes the like Duty of erven Ponn'ls 
Ten 8biinu{;8 per annum for each Horse or other Itenst of 
Burden with which he or she »hrJl so travel And for Every 
*Wagp>l> ("art «*ed or other CarrUiKe the further aiim of Five 
pound* per annum over and shove the tiaid sum of seven 
pounds Ten shllHtigs for the said Pedlar and the said sum nf 
seven pounds Ten Bhllllugs for each Horse or other Beast of 

AND BR rr ENACTED by the authority aforesaid That every 
Pedlar Hawker or petry Chapman and other Trailinj; Persion or 
FersouB to Travelllii;{ as aforesaid within this Colony shall lake 
a Licence from the Treasurer of this Colony tor the time Lelii;t 
and In order therr-to shall deliver unto lli^ said Treasurer a 
Noie in Wi'lina; under his or her hand or nnderthe hand of some 
pernoo by bim her or th^m aiithorlxed In that behalf how nod In 
what mguuier he or ah* will Travel and Trade Whctbvr UN foot 





or idth one or more Horses or otber ReaRt bearios or flrawin;; 
BunJcu or witli any son o( Carriugf aod attonJing to uucb 
N'oliflralioD he or bIic sliail pay nnto the Said Treasurer for the 
time bpinK ibe full Ram or Sum* ttbovciiictnioned ami upon 
Paymfnt thereof to tbe eaid Treasurer he is to give a Licence 
snder his hand and Heal to tbt- rerxou or Pemons making ftoclt 
I'ajTnfnt to travel with hia or ber Mares for Pale for the tcnn 
of one Year eltb<T Single or with oae or more Homes or with 
a CUTiago according to tbe sum of money paid bj> such Pcraun 
or PerBODs for which Lii'on»e IIhtf- xliall be paid by the T'craou 
to whom the same shall be gi-anti-cl tbe sum of tbn-e 8hilllD|;» 
and DO more Orer and above the Duties aforesaid and which 
Lliense and mfthod of Obtuinin^; and granting; thereof shall bfr 
good and effectual and that the Treasurer for the time bciDS 
shall Ice^p a dlMlnct account of the Duties to be received by 
Vlrtoc of this act 

AND BK TT KNACTED by the nntlmrity aforfRfttd That If 
any socb Ilawker I'edlar Petty Chapman from and after the 
Mtd first Day of .laniianr nest nnd during the continuance 
of this Act be found Trndlnji n*t afnn^^aid 'vithoiit or coR' 
trary to such Lif^^nse such person Shall for each and every 
rich otJeaco forfeit and pny the sum of Fl/ty pounds Cur- 
rent money of this Colony Tbe one moiety thereof to the In- 
former and the other Moiety to the poop of the Town or plaoe 
whLTein mich ofTender shall be diiwovered and that every Per- 
son Bfi trading who upon demand made by any Justice of the 
pface t^berirr Conatable or any other person wichln this Colony 
here he or she sbnil so Trade sliall Itefuse to produce or 
ew his her or their License for so trading to be granted as 
Ifnresitld Tlmt then Person so Refusing shall forfr-lt five pounds 
to be paid to the oversvi-ra of the Poor where such demand shall 
be made to tbe use of the Poor of the place and for Nonpayment 
IbiTt-of shall suffer one Months Iniprisoimient 
A-ND BE IT FUHTHKIt KNACTED by the authority afore- 
Id That if ANY Person or Persons shall forge or Counterfeit: 
any Licence or Licences to Travel with Such forged or Counter- 
feited Licence for the purposes oforesjiid Such Person Shall 
forfeit the sum of Fifty ponnda One Moiety thereof to his Ma- 
Jfety his Heirs and Rnccesnors to be applied as tbe Governor or 
CoiDuander In Chief for the time being the Council and the 
Ceneral Aawembly of this Colony shall hereafter think lit and the 
olhcr halt to him or them that shall prosecute or sue for Ui^ 



same to be recovprvd br Arllon of Drbt Bill Plaint or Tnfnrnia- 
tiou, iD Ui« wuprenie op un.v of lUe Inferior Courln of ttiU Coloo.v 
In nliitfh No t^Miin i'rotwtion Wager of Law or mot* tlutD one 
Imitarlnnee xlmll be allowr-i]. ^ 

AXD BE IT PUitrilKK ENACTED by the uiilliorUy afore-" 
raEd That if any Person or IVrsons Shall be sued UoItttlM or 
Troubled Tor pultiti;; In Kxe^^'utiun any of the powers conciincd^ 
in tbia aci or for duiug any matter or thing purwianl tlieivw 
Such person or rersons shall and may pU'ad the Qt-nenU IsMie 
not Guilty and give (lie spwiiil Hatter in Evidence and If the" 
plaiutftr or plaiDtifr8 shall berome Nonsuit or disconlinue his or 
their action or If a Verdict t'thnll paus ajfalusl him or tbem the 
neferidant slinll np«M>ver Treble CoHts for which P7xwiilioii RbuH 
Ii«*ui' in Surh a manner as iu other Ctises where Costs are al- 
lowed to l>c-fcndiinr», 

AND RE IT FURTHER ENAfTEn by the antboritr aforp-| 
Raid Tliat il Shall and may N.' lawfull for any Pf-rson or P*?i-«w>rn 
whatsoever to seize and detain any anch Hawker I'edlar or peltj 
Chapman or other Tradinp Person or P^-rsons as aforesaid who' 
vhall b« found Tnidiin; without a I.ircnoe eontrary to tlie true 
Intent and mpaninR of thin Aot And bim her or them m seizedi 
to earry before one or mon- of his MnjcWy'R JnntiiH-*! of the Pearcf 
of the rounty or plare wliere sucb offence or offence* ebnil be 
commilteJ Whicli ^aid .Iitatice or JuRtieea of the |»enec is aodj 
are hereby Aatborizfd and Strli-tly Kt-qittred (either t'PON the 
Confewlnn of tKe parly offend iup or due proof of any one or mon'l 
Cpwlibte Witnesses! ujion OiVth Wlib-h Oath be or they in and 
are hereby Impowered to administer that the perxon so broncht 
iM'fore liini or tliem had So Traded an aforewiid And if no ench 
IJeence shall be produced by naeh offender before the sild Jngllce 
or Jimtlees) by Warrant under bl» or their bands and seals orj 
tmder the hnnd and seal of one of them to cause the mid Sam I 
of Fifty pounds to b" forthwith levied by fUstres* and snie of] 
the offenders goods Wares or Merchandizes Bf-nderinf; ihe Over- 
plus if any bo to the owner or owners thereof Afler trtie De-J 
diiellon for the Itfiinnnnlde rhnrjre of takint; the aaid r'(»tres» 
and out of the sale to Pay the said lU-spoctive p^'ualtiefl aud 
forfeitnics afore«oid 

ANP in onler to prerenf Ihp srfrlns of FnnefVKwarr Tmnble to 
Ony Person or Persons who shall suspeet any sneh rTiiwUer Pedlar ' 
Petty Chapman or other Tradinir Perwm Tnidlnu withont 



FATD That upon Ri-fuKiI of pctxluctiig sotli I-lconw to any 
i'erson or Periions demuuding tlie Same and it be alterwards pi-u> 
ducvil tu cliC Justlcv ur JuKtivex Hiioli od't^Ddvrs for Suib ItcfuMiIa 
Shall forfeit and Pay to the Person or PerBons deiuiinding the 
same the sum of Thirty Sliillings Curimt dioiil'v afoivMild 

AND HE IT FUKTUER EXACTED by the' authoritjr afoi*. 
said that the moniea to uriw hy Virtue of ^lis Act sliull be ap- 
plied 38 tJie Uovei-nor or Comuiandpr in Cbeif for Uip lime 
U'ing the Couucil and the General Aicseuibly of this Ci>lon>^ 
shall hereafter think flt and not oiUerwinc. 

atithority aforvKuid ^at neither thlD uvt oor any thint; thereia 
c'lutaiRed shall extend to prohibit any Pevmrn from selling any 
i'iish Fruit or Vlciiiuls or to hinder «uy Peraon OU Pei-sons who 
nre the Real Workers or ninkera of any Goods or Wares of his 
her or their own mnnnrncliirin;; in uiiy piiblltk innrket Fair nr 
Eleewhere nor uiiy Tinker GiiiRii-r f'ocper PInmmer Taylor or 
other Person Usually Trading iu mending or making of CloalliB 
Ki-Ulo« Ttilw or hotisehoid ifoods Wlmtw^ever from iroirij: about 
and Currying wl;h him or them prt-pcr matL-riuls for Making 
and mendinK the Same 

afot«said That neither this act nor any thing therein i-ontain'dl 
dial) eiteni) or be Construed to give any power for the 
ijBlceiining uoy Iliiwker Pedlar or Per^y Chapman to sell t-r 
^B>09e to Sale any Wares or MerehaudixeM In the Cillef of Now 
^■rk and Albiiny oiiy thing herein contained to the Coatrurj; 

^^ROVIDED LIKEWISE that any Person or Persons eomlnR 
fo any To«-n or Towns wilh a Cargo of Gootia and Mtrihandizn 
and bringing the Same into a houKe )n 8u<-h Town where th>'y 
are to lodge or Reside at leaitt the Space of Thirty Dnys and d a- 
poring of tiielr goods or Merehandizes in Suoli house only Sucb 
I*er60D or Persons shall Not be deenu-il o Hawker Pedlar op 
IVtlj Chapman within (be meaning of this act Any thing thcrL>lii 
to the Contrary NolwiihKttindiug 

THIS act (o continue in force from .'he first Day of Jannsry, 
next to the Srst Day of January which will be In the Year of ous 
LArd One thonmnd Seven hnndred and Sixtv five. 




[cn.vpTEn 1104.3 

• ICbapttr IIM, of Vsn ScIiA«ck. -wbtre Uie llUe only l« prfntixl. CUaplcr 

182 (ToL 2) of Lirlncirloii & i:ailth. wbtru Uie net Is prluied In fulL flM 
Atpt«r ML Ci»iUiiucd by cbnp^er irJO-l 

Ad Act to coBtlnoe an act Eotttled Aa] 
act to enable Uie Ma.vop Iteputj Mayor Ee-j 
cordtT and AlJormcn of llie City of New Torts 
for tlie time being or Ibc mnjor part ot them 
to vaiae u Tax for mending and keeping io 
repair iLe TublU-k \\cM» and riinips In iJe 
•aid City to ttio South ot Fi-esli WuU-r 
other purposes therein Uenlioned." 

irnsscd. DKetnI>cr 21. 1739] 
RVHEREAS an act Entitled "An to enubic the Mayor 
Deputy Mayor liecotder and Aldermeo of the City of New 'Vwb 
for the rime beinR or the M;ijor part of rhem to Haiite a Tax for 
tnent^iDfj; & Keeping iu Repair the Poliltc Wells uud Puiiii>s in 
the said CUy to the south of Fresh Wftter and other .the pui^ 
pOBes therein mentioned " Passed in the Twenty sevenfli year of 
his pri-wrnt Majeslic* iU-ign will expire by il» own Limitation on 
tbe first Day of January next and .Uie aald act bein^ found 
necessary A uKefiill 

BE if TUEUEFORE EXACTED by his nononr tlie Uenten- 
«nt Goremor the CmincU and (ho Geitei-ol AusemMy and it laj 
licreby Enacted by the authority of the same Thai the aaid 
»et and every arliirlc Clause iiiatler and Ihing IhpTeln Contained 
sUall be and hereby is conUnncd and to be and remain in foil 
force to all Intents Constmelions and Purposes whatiioeveri 
from the Pnblii'atlon hereof untill the first Day of JanuiilTll 
Tn'moil nil] ba in the Year one thousand Seven hundred asd 
Kxtj fiTa. 

' CChapter 1103, of Van Scluwck. ^I.cra toi: tuio only is prtnt&l CUapUp' 

183 1«L 2) of Li»lnK«oi» ft SoiUh, wli«P- the ai-t is prtnipd tn fuIL f^M 
Emptor lUl. IteDdcred more etfectual bi Io Onmxo cottnir by cbapta 
1303. Expired Junuarjr 1, 1TC5. rrorUled for bj cbapter 12S(1J 

'Ad Act ror.*her to contlnna An Art Hn^ 

titled A\ dft for the destroying of Woln 

end Pnnthei-p in Ihe Counliea ot UUtcr 

Dutchesa and Ornnce. ^ 

IPititscd. DMvmticr 2i. ITTA) | 

^'IIKREAS the art fnr tlie deslrnying of Wolvea and Pan* 

Ibers io the Coootles of I'Uter Do^cbess and Orange Passed inj 








ae ttxteentb Tear of IiU Majt^'stj's He\go and coDtl&ucd b; 
•cTent) Subs^uent Acta has beeo fouad oscfull 

HE IT THKKEFORE ENACTED by bU Honour the Uenteu- 

aot Gpvfroor the Council aD<l the Gf-nvrsl A(i»eiublT ond It Is 

^ereb; Enacted b; the autbort*; of the same That the said Act 

ball be coulinuod in full force 'till Ibe llret of Januarr whlt:h 

^hall be in the Year One thoosaod aeren buudrvd and SIxt; 


[Cbapln- 1100, of Van Si'linack, uDd clinpicr l$4 of t.lvliificton A Smith, 
wbvrw tbo a<.-t la iirlnti-d la full. Kxpir^l aa to UraiiKe county, Jaau^iy 
1. inO. PruvldHl for tij- cliiiiiter llOG. CouUuu«d ao lu us It rcUt4» to 
Gbt«r cotutf tqr chapter 14'Ju.] 

An Act to prewDt Damagea by swine in 
the County of Orange and aome paru oC 
cuter County. 

[PoMed. Docvmbcr 24. 17Q0.I 

WHEREAS Several acts have been pasoed for preventing 
l>uiuat;et( bj owinc Which by vxpiM-lt.'OL'e have been fouud bene- 
ficial uud as the lu&t act for tha.1 purpose will expire the hrst 
liny of Juuuury uext. 

BE IT TUEKEFOKE EXACTED by hla Honour the Lieuten- 
ant Governor the Council and the Ueneral Aasembly and it ia 
bvrvby Euucted by the authority of the luuue Thut from and 
after the Qrst Day of January One thouBUiid seven hundred aud 
■Uty it Shall and may be lawfull For all aud every the Inbabit- 
Biil« livlog in the tJuuuty of Urau^^e and iu the Township of the 
New Fuliz and the Neigh buuibuod theteunto luiuexed and iu the 
PreciUL-u of Shawangunck Walkili aud Uighlanda in Ulster 
Countv fruHi time to time and at all tlineit thereufter during the 
Cootloutince of thin act to take Keep or Impound [In any I'ound 
er place within the said County of Orange and in any pound or 
place In the TowuHhip of the New raltn and the Neighbourhood 
^theret;nto annexi-d aud in the I'ri'eincls of 8hawunguock Wal- 
^Kill aud tlighlands) All such Swine great or small which Shall 
^Ko at large and i;el into their or either of their Conilieldv Ur- 
^Pfebards Canlcns AIrad<fW6 and othi.-r luclosures Coulrury to the 
Tnie lirfent and Meaning of this act Cntill the owner or owners 
of Huch tjwtne i^hall Vaty and Hatlsfy to the I'eraon or Periiona 
who shall HO take or Impound thciu the sum of Three Shilling* 
FOB the Trosposs of every nuch Swine t>eside the DaniHgt.-s »uch 
^^tXMua or Persons shall have susiaioed by means or Reason of 

^m BO 


Bvtch Trcspaw op Trespassea wliich dBmagea shall be aflrcrtain''a 
by nay Tlire« Freelioldvrs nitbia tlie said Cvuut^ Towu und 
I'lv^-luciu or tlio inujur |>art of tlium 

AXD BE IT FURTHEU ENACTED by the auUiority afore- 
said that Id Ca»v tlic onoer or onuvra of «ucl) tSulue tto token 
lif^'pt or Itupouuded aa afuresuiil shall or Will not within Twooly 
four liDiirs after Notice of such toicint; kci-piiig or Jiupouudln? 
Itvdt^'L-m bin ber or thui;- Swine by paying the pL-niilties luipoM-d 
by this Act Tliat in Piich Crise it 8bnll and mar be lawfiilt for 
tlie I'erttoii or i'vrsous Ho taking and lni|>ounding 'fiavh Swine to 
expose them to open Sale to the lit;;besi Bidder aui the moo^'y^^ 
ai-lslsf: by «uob Sale to di»poBn of Tbe one half to Ms her or^f 
llieir own propt-r use nod the otlici- half to th'- ovorKL-crs of the " 
I'oor of ibe Town or I'rwincl whei-e such Hale shall happ^'u for 
the use of the Poor wtlhin the same 

AXD HE IT FriiTllEn ENACTED that if (be owner or own- 
ers of Kui'b 8wine ImpouiiJt^^ by Virln<.- of tbis Act be not 
known the Periion Imponndinf; the same shall adrertise the said 
Swine ID the most iiublick part of the Town or Preolnot for foor 
Days and if ihpn tbe owner Hhall not appear to rcdcptn them the 
itaid Swine shall be sold in tbe Saum luanner as U notice bad 
been e.l\»a at nbore directed. 

Tills act to Continue and be In force from the flrst Day of 
January One tbonsand Seven hundred and Sixty uniill the first 
Day of tiaiiuary One thousaod and seven hundred and sevenQl 
and no longer. 

(Chapter HOT. nf Vaa ttcbRitrk. whrfc (li«- UUe onlf Is prtnttnl. Chapter 
1S5 (Tol. Zl vf LlTiDKHioD it Smitli, where Iho act U {>rliiItMl Id lulL Soa 
CtuptV IVOO. CouUdimmI by cluipt«r 123L.I 



An Act to continoD fin act EuMth-d "an 
art to enconrag*' tbe taking and destroying ol 
.'Wild Cuts in lb« County of Suffolk 

[roMFO, U«ccnib«T 24, t iSa) 
BE IT ENACTED by hU ITonor the Ufnlenaot tiuvenior the 
Council and the General Aji»eiubly and it Is heix-by Enacted by J 
the authority of the same that tbo act EuUtled "un act to ctt^^ 
rour»p> the taking and destroying of Wild Cats In tbe Couniy^^ 
of Sudolk " Paem^ in tbe Twenty ninth Year of hl« Mujesty'sj] 
Rel^n 8ball be and ben-by is continued luid erery Chia»e arild^H 
matter and thing therein Contained Enacted to b« and resialn^l 



•f force from fln» flrsf Day of January npxt Undll Ihe first Day 
of •Janriarr uLiih will be in the Year of oar Lord One thoasasd 
■cren buDdrcd iiud Siiijr fire 

(Cbapt«r 110$, of Vu SduAck, vhcn Ui« iltlc oalj l* priDtod. Chapter 
1.S6 (toL 3) of LiTinsxion & ifniltti, irli«r^ tL« Kcl i» prlaietl In InlL 
Sm clMipler 106L Cgutluisd bj cbap'.er 1S07J 

'Ad Act to toutlno* an act Entitled "A'tt 
set to restraia the feeding and burnlns the 
Grass aud Culling the Timber «a cvrtiUD 
Bvaclics und leluads therein mcutioned " 

(PiUitcd, DocfwlxT 21, ITSOi) 

BE IT ENACTED by b1« llonor the Lieiilenimt Oovernor the 
Council and the Genei-al Aracmblv and ii in liercbv Enacted b7 
the authorliy of the nunie That ihu act Entitled "An avl to re- 
strain the fe< dint; aud BuroiuK the Gi-Bfla and Cutting tlic Timber 
OB certain Ik-ucheit iind iittanda Ihereiu Mi-nlioned " I'uMw>d in 
the Tlilrt/ oeeond Year of his Majesty's BdRn Shall be and 
hereby ia rontiuued snd every Clause Matter aud thing therein 
contained Enacted to be and remain of force from Die Thirtieth 
of April next (0 Ibe flret Day of January nhich nili be in the 
Year of our Lord One thousand scYeo hundred and Sixty tJireo 


frbaptw tlW. of Van Scliaaek. wIktc Ihe lllk only Is rrlnlci niaptrr 
m (ToL 2) of l.itIiis>(od & Sailih, vhtn ibt act 1> ptlDted Ui (ulL See 
cbipurisa Ki4»Ued Jatiuarr 1. 1~0J 

'An Act fui-thcr to condnne an act: Entitled 
"An act Id fuco^rae:? the dcstruying of Wolves 
" in the Couni/ of Albany." 

irasstd, December 21. nza.) 
(rniEREAB an act Entitled " an act to cnconrage the deBtroy- 
h|t of Wolves in the Cotinty of Altany" pa^tsed In the Twenty 
foorlh Year of his Majesty's KeiuQ will expire by its own liuiita^ 
Hon on the t\rst l>ay of January next and the said act havios 
be«i found by experience to be vury usefull and DeneficiaJ to 
tbe Baid County 

BE IT TIlEREFt^RE EXArTETt by bis Honor the I.ieutenanfi 
Goieroor the Council and the Qenei-sJ Assembly aud it fa hereby 


Enacted by the aotliorlfy of llie Samp ihaT the tljove menlton* 
act EntltleO "an acl to fiu-onrage tUc di'Sirojipi; of wolv^-a in 
"the County of Albany" Shall be and heretjy is conlinoed and 
erery Clause Article and tiling therein Contained to be nod 
reuiuin of Force unlill the Srat Day of January which will be iu 
the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy 

[CHAPTER 1110.] 
(Cbapter 1110, «f Van Schatirlc, and cUnL>tcr 18S iTOi 2} of lATlagttom; 
* Saltb, wliere Uia UUa only la Drlntcd.] 

S\n Act to Impower and Fnable (he May 
fiecorder and Aldt-rmen of the- City of Newj 
York for the time being or the major part ol 
them to order the Raising a 8uni nut excecdlnc^ 
Tw«]t(> hundird I'ounds by a Tax on Eat 
Ileal and Personal in the said City. 

[FUMd. D«c«mber24, 1759l] 

' WHEREAS the very extraordinary cxpcnce of finishing the" 
New Uoal, PuivliasiDg the Island commonly calU-d Itedlowa^j 
Island and Oulldlnga Pest hnuse lliereon Defruying the iuULvoid^| 
able charges of the Coqioration togvihor with the heavy expeuce 
of Firewood lilanketa Candles and other XeeesiMiriea fur his 
Uujealy's Troops Qriarlercd in tbia City have not only laid it 
nnder the disa;;reable neceMily of taldnn large auuis of money 
on Interest but have KindLTud it L'nabic without the aid of 
the Legislature to carry the said service through as tlte publick 
welfare Rei|uires ^^ 

BE IT TUEREFORB ENACTED hy his Honor the Lle*B 
tenant Governor the Council and the Oeneml AsKerabty and it 
is hereby enacted by the authority of the same That the Mayoi 
iRecorder and Aldermen of the City of New York for the timfl 
being or the major pan of them Whereof the Mayor or Recordc 
to be one shall have full po-ner and Authority and are hereb) 
fully loipowered and authorized on the Second Tuesday lo 
January ueit to order the Raising a ^uin not exceeding Twelve 
hundred |>ound« by a Tax CPON the Katati?B Real and IVrsooal 
of all and every the Freeholder!* Pi-eenieo and Inhabitanta 
Residents and Bojonrncra within the City of New York toward| 
Payment of the extraordinarj expencea and Cbargea aforesaid 
and add tlie same to the sum which Shall he raised for the 
Uiniater nnd Poor of the 8aid City which Tax bo to be laJd sliall 

1 it 




■led antf assciwcil at the same tlmft nnd by tlie Veslrymen 
Uball Kate and assi'ss the Tux fur the minister Jt I'oor of 
kid City and slrnil be Rated together in on? nssefsmont made 
It wliole The Vestrymen first taking the Outh prestrlbed 
p taken In and by an aci Enililfd ''Ad act to enable the 
^ibitanls of the Cily of New York (o Chuae two Vestrymen 
I ench Itesjiecilve Ward wiihin llie said City" made and 
j^ la the nineteenth Year of bis present Uajesty'a Reifpi 
[the said Tax eo 1o tie mode shall lio Collccieil li-viod nnd 
|at the &tme time and in the same mnnner aa the Tax fur the 
ttejiRQce of the Minibticr and Poor of the «aid City hath 
■ accnstumed and by act or acts of this Colony is or are 
^d and rnjnlned to be Collected levied and paid Into the 
of the Chan-h-Wardi'Ds of the aaid City for the time 
Who shall be arroumablf for the same to (he said Mayor 
der nnd alderuitn or the Major pari of th<-m \Vhere^if the 
or Recorder to be one and Pav the same bv Warrant or 
i'ants under thHr bauds und si-uIm or the hands nnd seala 
K Majtir part of them wherrof the Mitvor or Ri-corder to be 
BIrected to the said Chureh -Wardcaa according to the pur- 
land Ti-nor of snch Warrant or Warrants. 
ko BE IT FITRTIIER ENACTED by the authority aforesaid 
I orer and above the said Sum of Twelve hundred ponnda 
I Lovii'd and Paid by Virtue of thi» ACT the wini of Three 
le In the Pound as a Reward to the Constables for their 
.ordinary Trouble, shall be asNpftsed T>cvled and paid to the 
Ire Consiablea for Collecting and Paying the aame and 
re arrnrdinjr to the True Intent and meaning; of tbla act any 
lierein or in any other act or acts Contained to the Con- 
fc hereof In any wise notnilhstnndinf;. 

RD BE IT FrilTnKR EXACTED by the Bulhorlty afore- 

That If the said Mayor Reeordcr or aldermen Ihe Clmrch- 

fletis Ve«lry Men or Conslables of the Clly of New York 

F«a1d who are hereby authorixod Irapowered and Required 

ihe efTcctnal <"'iire that ihls act be Rxpruled according to 

nVne Intent and meaning thcrv-of or any one of them shall 

» Refnae or Delay to perform Execute and Comply with 

pr any of the powers niithnritle» and T>nlies In thin a^t 

B and Required to t>e done and pt*rformed by them, or any 

^em and thereof ahall be Lawfully Convicted in any Court 

lecord in Iht" Colonv he or ihey so Oeiiving or Refiisliiif 

Wajiog to perform the Duties as aforesaid Shall suCTer sucli 



Paini and TmnUW by fine and Imprtsonmont as fey Hip fliscpo- 
Hon of the Justices of tlie Raid Court aball be adjndgPtl to be 
«n<^ for and RecovpK-d by the IVrwon or Persons iiRilcTrd 
tlirn>)>y or by any nthfc Person or Periwas who stuill iSuc fur 
uid prosecate tbe aame to effect 

tCHAPTER 1111.1 
[Clitpter 111!, of Van Scbaact:. irUen the iWU- only l« prlnt«4. OlutlrtM- 
^Iffl Irol. -2) of MrliDTsinn & Smillt. wl)i*TC Uie act Is primed io (ulL Can. 
Dued bj diapter 12^J 

An Act fuMUer to continue an act EntilleJ 

An act to prevent Damages by, Swina io 

Dulclit.'ss County 

IPosscd, Dc«nib*r 21, 1730.1 

BE IT EXACTED by bin ITonoiir llie Lieutenant Gorernor 
tbe (.'onncU and the GeneraJ ABsembiy and it ia hereby Enacted 
by tlte Antliority of the (tame That " an act to prevent D.imaKea 
by swine in Uiitchtiis County" pjisjied Id ihc Ninelrcnlii Year 
•f liis present M^ijesty's Keign and continued by a 8ubseqD<ut 
act but which will <-xpire on the flrat Day of January Next Bbull 
bi* further continued in full forcf^ until! the first of January 
Which f^hall be in the Vtar One thousand seven hundred aud 
Blxtj fire 

[CHAPTER 1112.J 
(CliJiptnr IU2. of Vmn Rcluark. Mhrro tbe tltto onlj Is prlotcd. Cliaptor 
IHO tToL Z) of UTluEstoo tc l*niitt), viwru Ike Qm 1^ pumi;r»ptis ol Um 
act an printed.) 

An Act for leryinK Paying and Cloathiiig 
Tiro thouMinti six hundred and Eighty effeoc> 
ire men ofllcers iurUidcd for foruiiug an Army 
of Twenty tho-joand lutm witb th? Furce.i of 
tlie Nci{;iibouring Coluntcs to Reduce In Cun< 
juDrlicD witb bia AlajeHly'a Rognlnr Troops 
Montreal and otlior l'o»l4 b«lous>ng to lh« 
French in Canada For Emittine Ltllla of Credit 
for the aum of Slx.^y thonannd Pounds and for 
sinking and Cancelling the said Uills lo Short 

[FasMil. Uarcb 22. 1TO0.) 

f fWHRREAa bis Majesty hath been pleaaed to direct an Ex- 
pedition agaioat the French by an irruptiun into Canada by an 





Arm; of Provincial Poroea In ronjnncllon wUh & Totly of Wt 
]il»je«t;'B Uritish Trttups iu ortlcr to reduce Monlrtriil and uU 
ollivr !'o»l« lielonitiDg to lltf French lo those i>art8 And this his 
Majesty's lorol Culunj tn-luc hi-oi'iily (ll»iK>scil lo exert its* If lo 
its utmost In a!>Hii>lini; oq this So i*r^nt ami InlerfBllnn OcvaHloa 
HE IT TllKliKI'iiHE KNACTKH by hin llnnour llie tieut-a- 
■HI Governor the Conncil and .'bv Generul ABwmhIy and It [« 
hereby Enarti-d hy the aiiihnrlty of the same Tliat ior An3 to- 
wardA Ifvyins Fayinf* and I'loathin'; Two tliouxnnd Six Imndred 
and Eighty i'tT4H:li»e men ofljccrB imliidMl (o att in liw B:*id Ex- 
pedition with the ForcPH of the XHchbouriuig: Col»<nI>'« and t 
Itody "f his Mnj^fi'y's Brilinh Troojta thfre be civcn and pninted 
onto hia Majesty \n* ll<'ira mid Suoi-essors th<' num of Sixiy 
thounond Pounds Which shall be assessed Reused and Levied 
mmn llie Enlaien Ileal mid Fereonal of all and every the Free- 
holders Inhithilanis mid Ke»ideni8 niltiin this Colony and shall 
be collected and paid in manner fnllowlnj; that Id lo Say tlie 
ram of tfpven thoniinnd five linndred Fouudit on or before the 
lirKt Tuesday in Novenihti* in this present Year of oiir I.oi-d One 
thotiMind Re\en hundred and Hixly The like Hum of seven thott- 
sand Five hundr«*<) Founds ou or bi-fore the first Tuesday in 
Nwvenib<'r which will l>e (n the year OF our Lord One thouKind 
Kven hundr<-d and Sixty one Thr like Ham of si-ven Ihotiiiaiid 
Are hundred founds on or hefore the first Tuc«d«y in NoTemh'T 
»hiidi win be In the A' ear of our l-ord One thousand seven hun- 
dred and «i\ty two The like sum of seven jhoiinand five hnndn-d 
^^nnds on or before the first Tuesday Id Novemlxrr wftleh vrit) 
^B In the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and 
^w>ly thnv The like sum of Mrri-n ihoui>and five hundred Founds 
on or before the first Tuesday in November which will be In Ihe 
I year of onr Lord One Ihouwiiid seven hundred and Sixty fonp 
The like 8nm of wvi-n thousand five htmdn-d Founds on op 

«fore the first Tuemlay in Xov<-riibiT which will tie In the Year 
onr Ix>rd one thousand Keven hundred and six>*y five The like 
m of i^vcn Ihonoand live hundred Pounds on or before the 
Mr*t Tuesday in Xovenibor wliieh will be in the year of tmr Lord 
me tliODMod 8even hundred and «ixtj six And the like sum of 
wen thonsjind five hnndrnl Foimds on or before the flri't 
Tt-ewday in November which will be in the Year of onr LortI 
One thousand seven hnndnnl and Wixly seven WHICH said 
eral sonis of wven tliouxand five hundreil Founds hert-bv np- 
Died to be paid on the Ua^s and tlmea above merulouvd shall 



be Yearly liaised levied and Paid by the Preelmldprs InhabU- 
tuitH and KvKidcuts in the several Cities aud Counties witiiin 
this Colony during tlie Eight Years al>ove tnentinnetl ucconling 
to the Qiuiua luid pro]K(rtioUB following, iliii.'. is to aay, 

IN the City and County of New Yorti Veurly daring the above 
mentioned time the 8uiu uf Two Ihuutiand five hundred Ponnds. 

IN the City and County of Albany Vvarly during the said 
the sum of One tliouMuid two hundred & fifty pounds 

IN Kings County Yearly during the laid Ume the mm 
Three hundred and Twenty three I'oundfl 

IN tjucen* County Ywirly during the said time the sum of six 
hundred and sixty nine Pounds Ten RlitHlngs 

IX Suffolk County Yearly during the «iid time the sum of Rre 
hundred and seventy five pounda 

IN the t'ounty of Rtelimond YeaHy duHng ihe Bald time tlie 
•utn of IVo hundred and three Ponnda. 

IN the roHDly of Wf-nlrlie^ier Yearly during (he said time 
the sum of Sis hundred aud sixty nine I'oundB Ten l^billinics 

IN the County of I'lxter Yeariy during the said time the soia 
of Five hundred and Seventy five Pounds 

IN Dutchess County Vearly during the said time the soo 
of Five hundred and Thirty five Pounds And 

In the County of Oninge Yearly during the time the aom 
of Two hundr*^^ Pounds 

AND to the end the full sum intended by this act may be ef* 
fective and Complete UK IT ENACTED by fhe aiitbr.rltj- nfope- 
said that ot(t and aliove ihe several Quota's abovemenlloncd 
there shall be Raised assesm-d Levied and Collected the rc> 
spective gnms following, that la to say. On the Qnota for the 
City and County of New York the sum of fliree pence over and 
above every pound to be retainwl in the hands of the (teveral Ool- 
leetors as a Rewnnl for their trouble in Collecting and paying 
the same to the Treasurer of this Colony And on the Quota's for 
the City and County of Albany and all the other Counties in tills 
Colony the sum of F.lght pence over and above every Pound ont 
of whleh the several Collertors may Retain In their hands the 
sum of six penee on Each Pound for Colleeiing nnd paving ilie 
aame to the several County Treasurers and the remaining two 
penee the County Treasurers ReapecUvely may retain In thrfr 
hands as a Reward for their Trouble and service In Receiving 
and Paying the monies arising by Ihia act to the Tivaaui-er of 
tUi Coioo^ 




Anny of Provincial Forces In Conjunction with a IJody of hla 
U^ijesty's British Troops in order to reduce Uontreal and all 
other Posts belonging to the French In those parts And this his 
ilajesty's lojal Colony being heartily disposed to exert itsflf to 
its utmost in assisting on this 60 great and Interesting Ocrasioa 
1!E IT THEREFORE ENACTED by hia Honour the Lieuten- 
ant Governor the Council and .*he General Assembly and it is 
hereby Enacted by the aiitliority of the same That for anH to-, 
wards levying raving and Cloathing Two tlioucand fix hnndred 
and Eighty etlective men officers included to act in the said Ex- 
jtedition with the Forces of the Neighbouring Colonics and a 
ISody of his MajeF.ty'8 Britiah Troops there be given and granted 
unto his Majesty his Heirs nud Successors the sum of Sixty 
thousand Pounds Which shall be assessed Raised and Levied 
ui)on the Estates Real and Personal of all and every the Free* 
holders Inhabitants and Residents nithlo this Colony and shall 
be collected and paid in manner foliovi-itig that is to Say the 
»nm of seven thousand five hundred Pounds on or before jhe 
first Tuesday in November in this present Year of our Lord One 
thousand seven hundred and Sixty The like Sum of seven thon- 
sand Five hundred Pounds on or before the first Tuesday In 
November which will be in the year OF our Lord One thousand 
seven hundred and Sixty one The like Rum of seven thousand 
five hundred Pounds on or before the first Tuesday in Noveuibi-r 
nhich will be in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hun- 
dred and sixty two Tlie like sum of seven thousand five hundred 
Pounds on or before the first Tuesday in November wfiich will 
he in the year of our Lord One thousnnd seven hundred and 
Sixty three The like sum of seven thousand five hundred Pounds 
on or before the first Tuesday in Novemt>er which will be in the 
year of onr Lord One thounand seven hundred and Sixty four 
The like Sum of seven thousand five hundred Pounds on or 
before the first Tuesday in November which will be in the Year 
of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and aixiy five The like 
Sum of seven thousand five hundred Pounds on or before the 
, first Tuesday in November which will be in the year of our Lord 
One thousand Seven hundred and sixty six And the like sum of 
seven thousnnd five hundred Pounds on or before the first 
Ti'esday in November which will be in the Year of our Lord 
One thousand seven hundred and Sixty seven WHICH said 
BTveml sums of seven thousand five hnndred Pounds herebv ap- 
pointed to he paid ou the Ba^a and timei above mentioned shall 



cornier and aldermen orth^ Mnjnr i>art of iliem so met are bcrebu 
iii]])on'ered Itc<|utri.-d imd (iir^rlH to ailniiuistLT 

AND (or Uie effectual awteiittini: CoIWIing and Paying llie Re« 
ap«'ctiTe Quota's for tbe City uud Count; or Albany and ntl lh«j 
otljcr Counties in this Colony together witb the before nieo-i 
tioncd aJlonanee to tlie ColWn-lors nnd Comiiv TreasiirerB BI 
Superrisors of the raid City- and County and of all the othii 
r('i«[XH'tlve Coiiiilii'8 in this Colony or the Slujor part of ihemj 
IteBppttively uliall meet on the first Tuesday in Junt- evui-y Vc 
durin^r the »aid lerui of Eigbt Vi-nrs where tbe majority of 
Riipervisors thrn met §liall cause the reai»pctive Quota's and al*1 
lowanres aforfSHid of each Couuty 1o be raised Aawfised Levied 
and Colleeted in the same manner as tbe other oveessary and 
Coniin^ent cbnrges thereof are nod the respective CoIIertora are 
hen-by nxiuin-d and Enjoyned to Pay the respective ijuota's 
to be by them Collected unto the Respective Countr Treaaarprs 
on or before llii- first Tin'sday in October Tearly and every Year 
during the said Term And each of the anid County Tpeasiirvrs 
are hereby Enjoyned and lEt-quired to Pay llie respeetlre Quota's 
of their Counties to the TVeasiirer of this Colony on or befom-l 
the first Tueisdny in ItoTtiubcr tliCD Uext following during tbttj 
■aid teno 

AND be It further Enacted by (be antborhy nforeratd (hat (l 
Case any of the Collectors shall Negleet or delay to make their 
reitfieftlre Paymenta to the Ite«i«*ciive County Treasurers for 
the space of three months nest after the limes appointed b^ 
Ihiit act the said Cnanly Treasurers shall be and hereby are . 
Enabled directed and Keiiuired to Comtnenee Actiona in tht^r^M 
oivn names H«>«ipeeJlvely for the raid Sum or Hums or Bacli port"^^ 
thereof na shall be then unpaid in the County Court when* such 
default shall happen and proaeeule the same to effert and in 
Case any of tbe (^'ounty Treasurers Respectively shall neKleet, 
their Respective DnlIi-« herein all itneh Puin or Poms of moncrl 
shall be d,-emed taken and est^-enied acsctj- In (heir hands re- 
apectlvijy nnd they shall be charged therewith as bavlnjr re- 
reived the same by the Treasurer of this Colony who shall 
nnd he Is hf-i-eby Enabled directed and R'-qiiireil In his own 
name to commence actions for the same hi the Supreme Court of 
lliia Colony within one month afler sneh default made by any 
of the County Trejisnrers Re*ii>ecl i vcly artd proBecnte (be sanieJ 
to cffeet And tn case the Tix-usurer of thi» Coluny shall neglecrj 



duty berpln all nucli Hum or f^nms of money lo Mnp nnpald 
Sball hv tlwaivfi lakea aud EBteeuHtl AsHcts in bia baudn tiD<l Uc 
tball be cliargealile Ut^rcnltli as If be bad iic-tuallr rvceivi'd tbe 
•amo And Id caiw- anjr «f tbe Collectors of the City sod County 
of >.i-w York shall »iil(-i;t or d<^'lay inuliln); their I'a,\-nwDl8 of 
the afort-Niid Tax for one Month after the time DIRECTEI* by 
tliis act the said Twasiircr nlmll be and hereby Is enabled dl- 
rutttl and required in his own naiue to commence actions 
apain&t such defaulter or defatilter» and jirowcute Ihe Mine to 
tOrrt and in default of such I'ruM'cution the money eo unpaid 
ahali be deemed taken and esteemed asHetH In bi» bands as if 
he bad acluuJIy Received tbe huuc any Law Uea^e or Custom to 
the Contrary nofwithslandins 

A>'0 BS IT ENACTED by the authority aforesaid That mich 
Mayor Recorder Aldermen Su|ht» f itor» Assetwiors ('ollectors or 
County TiTasiireni respectively within tbl« Colony an vhall deny 
Befuse >'e]i;lect or delay to do perform and Execute all or any 
of the powera dalW and authorities by this net Reriuircd 
of him or them to be done and flhiill thercmf be law- 
folly CV>nvlcted in any of bis Majesty's Courts of Record In this 
Colony lie or they Hball siiffer Ruch painwhy fine or ImpriKonment 
a> by the discretion of such Court or Conns shall be adjinlged 

AND UE IT ENACTfCD by the authority aforesaid that for 
BlRblnn Immediate piiyment for the services arnresald RIIIb of 
Cre<lit to tbe Vulm- of Hixty Ihimmind Poirndx be forthwith 
Primed made and issned opon the Credit of tbe Money to be 
Raised and Levied by virlae of this act and Lodged In Ihe 
treasury for that piii-po«e That i» to say Two tbntiKnnd and Ave 
bnndred Hills of Ten Poiinda each Three thousand IliMs of Five 
pounds Each and Ten thousand Bills of two paanda Encli AniJ 
afn>a erery and each of which Itills shall be ImprrsiH-d on the 
ricbl Hide tbereftf ihe arms of tbe City of New York and under 
th« Arms In differ.-nt Charactera these Words "Tis DEATH TO 
COUNTEKFEIT TIlIS BILL Which UillH shall be in the forma 
follnwinf:. that Is lo Sny Two thousand Ave hnndred of them 
tbna By a Law of the Colony of New York this Bill shall pasa 
Corrent for Ti-n ponnds New York the Twenty first Day of 
April One thousand seven bnndred and sixty Other three 
tbonaand of them thns By a Law of tbe Colony of Xew York 
this Bill shall paas Current for Five pounds New York the 
Twenty first day of April One tboasand seven hundred and sixtv 
Tea itiousiUid ol them thus By a law of Ihe Colony of New 



Tort this Bltl sball pans ciirivnt for two pountli New York tie 
Twenty flrnt day of April One tlioiisaiid seveD buDdrcd and 
Sixty. Wliioli ItlM.S *ball be aicned by MosaieurB .lohn Boff; 
Junior Robort O. Livlti^toa. Kllas Desbroases and Jolin Va 
Home or any three of them and noraberwl by any one of lh*i 
aiui in cdif^' of tbv D^aih of «ny of the said Persons Hie said Bill« 
Gball be sif^ned by the aiirvivors. 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the anthority aforoanld That 
AbrubatD De IVynter K»f)uire the pn'scni Treaflurer of tbl) 
Colony in whose bands the slanips of the arms of the City of 
Hew York and the otlier pial«a are depofiitfd ahall In tlw 
prt'scnce of the si^ora aforesaid or Ibt- Major part of them de- 
iirer unto Williitin Wi-yman tho wild Stampa and platfn who Is 
ttereby appointed to Print the Said Itilli and on them lo impme 
the ^Id Arm* and Plates Which when done the said William 
TlVoyman sliali ItedelUer ro the said Treasorer the aald Stamps 
«nd plates in the presence effeetaalty Curn-nt aa any other 
of the siKners aforeaaid or the major part of tJiecD 
and the Receipt of the mid Ti'eusurer shall be to the 
said Printer a Bnfllclpnt discharire for the same and the 
aaid Printer is hereby Rcipiir^-d and dtreotfd to deliver 
to the signers hereby appointed to n'sn the said Billa every 
Bill of Cn-dil by him Printed and Sbull upon bit delivery of (h^H 
aaid Rills take an Oath in the Worda followlnR VUt I. A. B d^ 
declare that from the time the Letters were wt and lit lobe pot 
into the Press for printiDR the Bills of Credit now by me detlrered 
onto you 'till the Billa were Printed and the T*tlerH afterwards 
diittributrd into tbe Boxes I went at no time out of the Room Id 
which tbe mid Lettera were wifhnnt locklnc them up so that 
they could not be come at without Violence a false Key or other 
art theo unknown to me And therefore to tbe best of my 
knowledge no Copies were Printed off but In my presence and 
that all the blotters and other Papers Whatsoever bnpre^se 
by the said I^itera whllat set for Printing the said Bllla to ( 
best of my Knowledge are here delivered nnto you lopeth 
with the Stamps and in all tMog9 relatlne to this affair I ban 
■well and tnily demeaned roy self act'ordlni; to the true intent 
and mctuiiuf: of the Law in that Case made to the liei-t of m, 
Knowledge and nnderstanillng SO HKLP MK (!0D Which oaf 
all or every of the signers are hereby Impowered directed a 
re<|nirpd to adnilnl.'tter 

AND BE IT FCRTHKR ENACTFD by the anthorlty afo 
•aid that the Persons HEREIN appointed to »lga (he Haid Bllli 





«r Crf^If uliall tnlc nn Ontli bcfrtro a ITngisfnite of the Citj of 
li'ew York each of thoni Wei! and trulj? lo perform what b^- tbl4 
Act tbry are enjorneil os iholr Dol^ nnil will IcnowiOKlv sign ao 
more Bills of Credit thas as by thif> act is dirpctei) And if it slinll 
happen that any siifK-rntiini^rarv niltx Rbnll l>e left after the said 
BUtobrr shall bo delivered to the Baid Treasurer la roaniicr 
aforesaid all each SnperDiiinpi-ary BJIIn nball be burnt and de- 
Blrovi-d by the snhl si^ntTs or ttie Major part of them or by the 
Uajorily of Ibe sQirirors of them in tbv prcitence of Ibe Treasa- 
rer of this Colony 

AXD BE IT ENACTED by the aolhorlty aforesaid (hat tho 
Btlla of Credit Enacted and appointed by lliia act to be Ciirr^t 
aball be ftecMved by the Treasurer of thIsColnny )■ all piblick 
payments and for any Fund at any time in the Tn-uiiiirT and by 
any Person within this Colony in all Caaea whatsoever daring 
the time they are iOnneted to eontinnc and be as otTeclnally Cur- 
rent as any other Bills of Credit made Current in this Colony by, 
any aet of the fJovernor fonncil and Oeneral Assembly ' 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authority afon-xald that If 
any I'eraon or Peniona whatsoerer shall Counterfeit any of thi,' 
Hills of Credit made Current by tbia act or riiull alter any of 
the BIIIh made Current as uforexuid so tluit they sliull api>ear la 
be of RTeater Value than by this Act the same Bill or Bills ko 
fiKored wer<? Enacted Hijined or Numbered to pass current for 
or shall Knowingly Pasa or gire In Payment any of the Bills 
aforesaid so Counterfeited or altered, every Pemon Guilty of 
Connterfeitinj: or altcrinp any of the said Bills as afor^'suid or 
^of Knoningly passing and giving In payment any sarh Counter- 
^^Mt or altered Hill shall be guilty of Felony and belu^r thereof 
^^■oorieled timW Suffer the pains of Death without beneQt of 
^^Elergy And Ihongb such founterfeiting altering or Knowingly 
pat-sing Counterfeit or altered Bills shall be done out of this 
Colony Yet any Grand Jory within the City and County of New 
York is hereby impowered to pi>e8<>ut the same and to set forth 
!n the Indictment the place w)i>ere by their Evidence It nppeand 
that the fact waa committed 'iVhieb Indictment iti hereby de- 
elared |!ood notwitlistanding that the place ALLEDCiKI) bo out 
nf this t'olony And the jn^ny Juries on the Tryals of all Srteh 
irsuos shall I* retnrncd from the Body of the City and Connty 
If New York any Law usage or Custom to the contrary notwiUi> 



AND BE IT ENACTKD by the autlioril.r oforewiid that \h< 
Kiili* uf Cn-dil oiudi- Struck and l»»ut^^ by Virtnt; of Uiis u< 
sbull li« aiid KemaiD Current uiilill ibe tir»t Tupsdaj id Nort-ni' 
ber wliivti will be in tbc ye&r uf our Lord One tbousaod 8cv< 
liuLdri.>d and sixt,? Kifibt 

AND HE IT KNAiTED by (be authority aforesaid tliat u 
Uk- Muui-y lo be ruiiMt] Levied and ColIc4.-(L-d by VirtiK' of lliil' 
act shall be paid into ilie Trpasary tlie Treasorw of tblK Colony 
for the time being «Iiali be and be is hereby dlrecu-d and Re- 
quired to use bis uiuost EudfuvourH lo uxeliunKe the name for 
Billa of Credit made Currant by tbis act whicb Bills ao pro- 
curi'd (iiiiill In- kejit in tbe Treasury rp«<Iy to b<* Canpelled la 
matiner as is dirpeti-d id and by an act Kntilk-d "An lu-l fur tl^ 
more eHeotiial Cancelling the Billn of Credit of Ibis Colony 
pafcscd in tlie Twenty QrM Year of litif Majesty's Helen 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the autliority af<n^«Mid That of 
the Monleit aliodcd by Ills Majesty for tbls Colony oQt of Ihe 
Two hundred tliouKand founds sti^rlinf; granted by Pai'llauent 
for the northern rolonies thpre skill Ik? and bereby is appra- 
priiUed for Ihe services aforesiild the sun) of Thirty tboUKund 
Pounds And also of tbe Mouiea ariHon or whicb may arisL- by 
^'irlul• of tbe three following acts To Wit an act Entitled "As 
net for granting lo hia Majc*ty llie SCT-eral dujifs and Impwil- 
tions oo goods Ware* and niervhandiM>s importnl into Hila 
Cidony theeein M(-nlioned"AD aet Entitled "An net for Euiit- 
tinp Hills of Cncdit for the rayment of fhe Di-l.ts and for the 
belter 8-ip[M>rt of the Ooverninent of this C.ultmy and olher pur- 
poses therein mentioned" And an act Enlitled "An act lo rp>. 
strain Ilawkcrs and I'edlara within ibis Colony from selling 
withuut Lit-euse" there shall be and hereby la approprlaicii for 
Ihe said Her%'!ces the bum uf Ten thousand pounds to be applied 
as hereinafter directed an," thing in the aaJd three acts tu Ibe 
contrary Nutwidistandlng 

AKD HE IT ENACTED by the authoriiy aforesaid that the 
Treasurer of this Colony Phall out of any of the monies aiore- 
raid in his hands Pay unin Jolin Crug<-r Beverly Iti^blnson anil 
Peter Van Bmgb Livingston Eaqnires whom his Honor tbe 
Lieutenan-t flovernor hath l>eHi pleaw-d lo apTwiint Cotnmls- 
Kirles and I'ayuiaMers to Ibe Forces KaiMi] in this Colony the 
Eum of Forty four thuusnnd Pnuoda to be by litem applied in 
Ihe Payment of Two thousand six buudret) and Eigliiy elTectIre 
ntCD uDli-era included who arc lo be imploycd En ttie Espt^itioB 






Id afler the following Il!i.!o« (o wit To tliree Colonpla 

'stvCD «tiiMiii;;s per Dit-m each To three Lieuteuaut CtlunelB 
fiiiirteeo Blii[liD;;8 per Diem enrh To three Miijora Twelve Bliil- 
j\h jtiT Dii-m i-iicli To Ibiti" uiljuluuls bi-ing I,ii-\ili'iiaiiirf Tfii 

iilllngs por Diem «it-h To Twemj iw^vui ('aplaina Ten t*hilti>j|;B 
Diem each To Dfl; one Iiir>uti-n»nl8 seven tthillm;:e per Dk'm 

cli To lhri*e Qiiiirtrr M;i«.'i-rn ILici- Hliillinps per Diem t-ai-h To 
titiiidn><J nnil bligbt tk-rjcHiiiK line shilling and Kight pt>nc« 

r Diem each To TAventy wvpti I>niiiimer8 ooe ftlillllng niiil stx 
ce jMT Dk-m cHth To eiirlit.v ouc (.'orporiils one sliillin^ and 
pt-iicc per llivm eaeh and unto Two lUousasd Uiree liundred 
ao4 aerenly fotir private meo one shllllug nnd (lirec pence |>er 
DietD each Dediifrrlrtn to be made for ar,r dvUfk-nr.v In that niim- 
ber.bjr Ikvitli or oIIiith iw Wliii-h forces the** an.' luTfliy'tcd 
to I'uy according to the nuD'ber liiat nhall be in aotiial si-trlc ■ nad 
not oihero-isewbichBliall iK-asi^rlalried by the ilnster Rolls of 
the respective Coniptinics monthly delivered iinio the naid 1*ity> 
tnaetent npon the Oath of the several ('aptalns of emh Company 
or the Oath of the Commanding offiix'r thereof at the time of 
turb Mii»ter Which Oulli the said i'uyuiuslcrB or either of them 
or GPch other IVreon aa tlie Ouvcriiop or Commander In Clielf 
fliiail appoint are hereby impowired and required lu adniintKlcr 
Id Ihe Word» follawinK VIZtlA It, Oo^wearlhatihe Muyter 
II lit-re prodnrcd by me i« just and True and contnina no more 
other peraoaa uamea (ban fiicli nho are Ri'^illy luid Truly 
lollslcd tn my CoMiiunn iitid arc now actually and Ueully in the 
•ervice on the prt-N-nl Fxpidition (40 IIHIJ' .ME (lOU And the 
•aid PaymaBiers are hereby further Kt-qiiired and dii-erted to 
Pay lo one Chnplaln ntlendlnR the above Bald Forces Twelve 
Ftiitlinga per l»ii-m and TO three Sur^eoiis providioR each two 
able asaifitnnia to attend the said Forces tlie auni of Twenty four 
f^hllUnca per Diem each and also to provide tliem with proper 
Chesu* of Meiliciiies lo the Value of one hundred and Twenty 
Ave pnnndn emli. 

AND HE IT FT^RTnrit ENAtTTEDbv theaulhorlty aforesaid 
ihat ibeTreaKuriT shall out of Ibo tnonleaaforesiiid pay to every 
■Deer or other IVrson who xhnll proenre to be lulialed and 
nvorn Into tlie said service an able bo«lii:'d Vohint<>er the sum of 
Vwenly xhllilnKs and lo each of the Niid (*ap<ain» aa and fur an 
eneoaract-ment tu the men who shall luliat under him or lluiu 
TMipertirelv itie sum of Fifti*en pntnidR to In* paid by him or 
J^m r?a|>erlively to each and every ablebudicd uian who ahall 





Volonfarlly Tnlist under Iiltn or tliMJi'respecUvely on tlie afonv 
taid Krvice VVbkh eatd rcspi-dive iuus sbull Uc ptxid hj lli» ^ 
Trpasarer od Warrant;* Issued b; tbc Governor or Comuuuiderfl 
in Cbicf for the lime twing in Council ' 

Ay.D BE IT FUKTHER ENACTI:;]) by Hicaafhorily aforesaid 
tt:iit tlie TredBurer of Uii« Colony iiliall out of the monies afor««ald 
Pay unto the Said Comtniasnries the sum of Fittooii llioti^jn'1 
pounds to he by tbfui Iiiijiloyed iu pui-cbu.sing Cloatbing Hlanlc- 
ets and oth«r Xoccseurics for tlie use of tlie Forres to be ralaed 
by this Coiony on tbe aforesaid Expedition of the due disposilioa 
of all wlifcli afore!«aid Hutn« of money tiiey tiic said Paymasters 
sbull render jast and trne accounts on Oath to tbe Oovornor or 
Commander in Chief for the time belnjt Ihe Coiirioil or the Gen- 
eral AMenibly when by tbem or any of tbem thereunto required. 

AND to tbe end tbe .aforeoaid CommiBRariee may lie encour 
R^ed to do and perform tbe eereral and Itcsp^cUre ttorriees re- 
quired to he done and perfonned by them pwipectively BE IT 
EXACTED BV THE ACTnORltV aforesaid that tbe Rotd 
Couiiutfl«ii-ie« 8ball be anon-<>d to retain in their own bands tl 
sum of two pounds on erery hundred pounds they shall imploj 
by Tirtue of thin art and in that prnporlion for a greater or l^e*-" 
aer Sum as a rewurd for their care and trouble in the several 
and Respective services hereby required io be done & performed 
by tbem. 

AND BE IT ENACTED by the authority aforesRld (bat Ihe 
Mid Commi!tt<nne« befnre they receive any part of the fiinnlcs 
hereby directed (o be paid nnto tbem shall pDler into Reeojtnls- 
anoea to oar sovereijni Lord Ihe Kin^ his Deirs and stn-ivttiHfrH 
b<-fore one of tbe .ludRes of the sitpream Conrt of Ibis Colony In 
the sum of Fifty nine Ihoiitiand pounds with two SuBicient Sure. 
tics e